Settling in with a crab cake at new McFaul’s on the water in Essex – or is it Middle River?

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Glen McFaul and Terry Cook welcome Nestor to the new McFaul’s Oyster & Reel on the water at the far edge of Essex on the Middle River at the former Sue Creek on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by the Maryland Lottery and Window Nation.


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Nestor Aparicio, Terry Cook, Glen McFaul

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. I got the tie out I got the beer roll and I got the crabcake app and we’re gonna be false. We’re no longer at the Iron Horse tavern. I just got the full story from Glenn on all of the Oreo background and the Ernie Tyler, Jimmy Tyler, Freddie Tyler, and I tell you what, I got a whole veteran group here, Terry Cook is bartender we’re at the Oyster in real I keep saying I keep five times this week. I said we’re gonna be the real Western laws warehouse. Not No, not No, no, you want to go there? But we’re not not today. We’re not going there. Now oyster and we’ll sue Creek Essex Middle River, split it up any way you want. Terry as a former contestant on The King of Baltimore sports. How long have you been?


It’s been a long time about a decade.

Nestor Aparicio  00:48

A few guys that didn’t MF me because I had a contest for guys wanted to be stars. A lot of them MF me and went off into the abyss you became like a Facebook friend and a bartender and you deal cards or play cards. And you’re like a huge

Terry Cook  01:00

sport we’ve stayed in touch all these years. Always have something in the in the pot each other working

Nestor Aparicio  01:04


down on the water and boating community and all this and you came over here and I started seeing I’m like, oh, Glenn, Kristen able to play so when’s it up? And then it opened around Christmas time. And I hit you. I think before it even opened, do the crab cake tour. I should come out there and be a part of this what I’m doing this summer and even tell you this. I’m doing 25 oysters in 25 days. So part of the crab cake tour was to get out and do this during the plague right? places are closed down. I wanted to meet people be out have friends, real friends on the show, have business associates on the show and get out of the damn studio. Get off a zoom right? And have a beer have a crab cake meet some people. But the first summer was my 30th anniversary and radio and I thought what’s the gimmick? Well, you know, I’m a I’m a Vince McMahon at heart. Right? So I’m like, It’s my 30th anniversary. What if I ate 30 crab cakes in 30 days? So

Glen McFaul  01:56

not to interrupt you. But what about 25 moistures in two minutes and 50 seconds

Nestor Aparicio  02:01

with hot sauce with whatever you want bad ideas. This guy’s got bad ideas, and three crab cakes within three minutes as like indigestion before my yoga class. I can’t do that. I don’t think you should have reserved so I get 30 crab cakes in 30 days and last year I did 31 and 31 days I did I did 31 Brewery I did 38 breweries actually 31 days all over the state. And then this year I thought what am I getting since we’re 25th anniversary of NST is August 3 and gratulations oh thanks man. We’re gonna do 25 oysters in 25 days so putting the oyster name on this in a crab community right like you got to crab on and Sue Creek oyster and real the oyster thing has become I think over the last decade a big big part of Maryland cuisine right? is what keeps the crabs alive right your oxygenation Yeah, but you’re like you don’t waster

Glen McFaul  02:49

Well, we stress moistures from the very beginning McFaul Zion was Tavern and wishes are what keeps everything alive. There’s a great fact where John Smith came up the bay and if you replace exactly what he had with today, you’d have within 48 hours clear water so that’s how much you know work the the noise sir does oyster and real is my oysters my dad’s favorite. And Thanksgiving and McFaul Thanksgivings we get a bushel a SIRs a third go to steam a third go to the grill Thurgau is a fresh shock and real McFaul thing we’re fishermen so oyster and real was name behind this one now your other place and more dedicated water though like I would have never heard of no dedicated towards my father and his kind of whole deal and then the Iron Horse is more my grandfather

Nestor Aparicio  03:41

right on Yeah, well this is feels like your baby a little bit right? Yeah.

Glen McFaul  03:45

Well, this is it is it is it is and the way sir and real though is so we’re going to bring more fish here. We’re going to have oysters centric. You can see we have a couple oyster bars set up right here and serving

Nestor Aparicio  03:57

crabs out here serving crabs and so that’s not coming to the other location not doing crabs. Yeah, want to make sure that we’re not

Glen McFaul  04:03

yeah, we’re just not not not yet but you know, one day maybe

Nestor Aparicio  04:08

a lot of crab houses up that way. I’m just saying we need to get to work and live up in that neighborhood. So you know, I know where we are. We’re in Essex in Middle River you brought me I described before it gets cold I want to like I want to talk crab cake a little bit because I’ve eaten so many of them and yours is one of the uniquely pan fried ones and I think that’s an east side thing I think on the east side we fried crab cakes migrant eastern shore they look at me lights How could you share fry that delicious crustacean with a delicate meat that needs to be lightly seasoned with some creamy something something something and serve with a light tartar? That’s one thing I didn’t have a crab cake the entire first month without tartar coming on the side. I’ve never eaten tartar and now not right and that sucks not and he’s bald,


actually. Which is your sauce with cake. Yeah.

Glen McFaul  04:58

Like I do mustard we never

Nestor Aparicio  04:59

heard of such thing that


not not not to talk about a competitor, but I was at pappases one time and this 90 year old woman said, Oh my gosh, you’re very old school, aren’t you? And I said, Yeah, I guess what do you mean by that? And she goes, I’ve never seen anyone else other than people my age. But what’s your sauce on? The Peppermill?

Glen McFaul  05:21

James Owens, Stever Pappas, we love Oh, they’re

Nestor Aparicio  05:24

one of my client. I was up in Bel Air opening their new locations given me a chance. I had Barry Glassman on the show that day, I had Mickey kachelle on the show that they lived in the neighborhood. It’s give me a chance to come in the neighbors. You were you are here. As I said, though, to your operation, I said, Yeah, it’s a boat. I mean, this is a really a destination. This is a remote, uniquely remote area. And you and I talked about me growing up to swimming in Rocky Point. And porters when I was a kid and coming down this way. You have to know this is here. So I’m I’m glad I know it’s here. What was it when you found it two years ago? Why have why had I not been here in years.

Glen McFaul  06:01

This was the SU Island grilling crab house for a long, long time right next to the Baltimore Yacht Club. And it was one of those things where as you’re coming out here, it was such a small little area narrow area to get into


that from a boat stamp from a boat stamp

Glen McFaul  06:22

that it was kind of tough to get into but like those who are navigators of boats were like no problem, you know, right water deep enough.

Nestor Aparicio  06:27


Glen McFaul  06:28

Well, all the way up to the point where it’s not

Nestor Aparicio  06:30

okay, right on, explained all this to me, when I went to Bill Hicks state, you know, his beautiful $10 million, which he sent sold, about three years ago, right for the plague, he moved out to Ohio, but he built that place down there. And when, as he was finding it, building it, he and I were very good friends, we would go out on his boat together. And he would explain to me see that piece of land over there. It’s worthless, the waters only this deep in front of it. So you know, like, these are all these places on the eastern shore that you could put a $10 million house except if you didn’t want to vote, because like some of it is only this deal. If


you have a $10 million house, you usually have a $3 million boat and you got to pump

Glen McFaul  07:06

water on the right price by 100. Grand and excavation.

Nestor Aparicio  07:09

Brian explained this to me 15 or 20 years ago when he was living, Mr. Chesapeake dream and all that. So and I said to you in the first segment, I grew up down here all the time, and I hung some chicken necks over Bear Creek, and I saw men throwing catfish out of the back river, you know where Eastern Avenue where I grew up. But I didn’t spend a lot of time on the water and I had, it’s lost on me just how much water there is. And the potentiality that if you love water, how much fun you can have. And a kid like you had that kind of fun here when I was at Memorial Stadium, running around with your uncles and grandfathers will autograph all that. So but but you ran around on this creek and now you get to live on it.

Glen McFaul  07:50

Yeah, so after after soccer on Saturdays, we rushed out here and my dad made sure I only played football and you know, we’re only this he didn’t like summer action sports. So it’s a mess with his game in mess with this whole thing here. And the funny thing is, I have three girls and a little boy now and and all these little sports are like just consistently taking up everything. But down here from June through August is a special time for the top of the bay, the bottom of the bay. There’s so many things to do. There’s so many places and cool places to go to. And it’s almost like you have everything. Even if you’re just kind of you don’t have everything. Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  08:37

mean for me, I did the tour two summers ago and my dear friend, I won’t give his name up. I’m supposed to stay with him down at St. Michael’s and he got COVID And you know, my wife’s susceptible and like all that’s two years ago, and I didn’t have a place to stay and I put a APB out. I mean getting placed on Friday and Saturday in August in eastern forget it’s 400 hours a night to stay at the bakes in right. So I put an APB on my friends month on to our friends the Pipers I love them dearly. They have been a part of Calvin stadium in the crabcake tour. They reach me said hey, we got a boat. We’re gonna be in Harvard, St. Michael’s once you sleep on our boat for a couple nights and you can go do whatever you want. Now we want to add a suicide bridge. We went down past Cambridge to Blackwater. We went down to you mentioned Tillman. We went down to Hooper’s island had an unbelievable crabcake could Hooper’s island you know, I mean, like serious blue oyster shells piled up as high as the salt as you’re going into the tunnel. So I did all this stuff stay down there but I saw the boating life and I lived and slept on a boat for a couple days. My wife grew up on a boat on a on the lakes up in New Hampshire so my wife was a boat girl a lake boat girl. I was in Ocean City chase girls Boardwalk. My wife is going next week for seven days to

Glen McFaul  09:45

100 miles per hour. We were like 75 man, dude, I mean, I

Nestor Aparicio  09:49

was at the beach man. I love the sand girls water music. I’m just saying. My wife next week taking her family on a vacation family vacation. They got a freaking cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, they’re going hiking up and I’m not doing that don’t go to the beach, you know. So I mean, and I’m 55 now so like, as you get older, the things that you love you love more for you, you literally came here as a little boy and you know, like literally and and you’ve got a vision for what it’s going to be the next 25 absolutely freaking cool, man. That’s, that’s why I do crabcake tours are your stories like that? Yeah, you know,

Glen McFaul  10:26

like, I have a picture of a year and a half ago, being here walking up here with my kids. Prior to my little boy, with my three little girls walking up here one was sick, she had almost like, she kind of felt bad. And we were coming up here and we I capture that moment a beautiful sunset braid behind here and capture that moment. I’m like, after we bought it a year or so later going to a year later after we bought it because there was a construction took a little bit so after that, and you’re looking at this picture and going wow,

Nestor Aparicio  10:58

different place you’re gonna have you have that picture now just

Glen McFaul  11:00

like that moment of like, thinking about that right?

Nestor Aparicio  11:05

You know, I

Glen McFaul  11:05

heard that this place was gonna go online auction. And I wanted it got it. Got it.

Nestor Aparicio  11:12

Got it. So what’d you find? And tell me about the build out a little bit here because I mean, obviously very nautical, also very baseball centric. And everything. Before I even walked into his dark I got met out in front open the door came in also Baseball, baseball, baseball, and I saw your family and obviously your baseball family. But I thought sports bar you know, I mean, it’s like a sports bar really more days. So

Glen McFaul  11:34

here’s the thing. So you came in through the front door, which is really the back door. That’s anyway that’s up for debate. But what it is what it is, but when people normally are channeled through here behind you Nestor was the bar. And that was a 19 person bar Max I would say I

Nestor Aparicio  11:50

can’t even see that now. Like this looks like a tiny

Glen McFaul  11:54

I put a bunch of windows in there so we can see all that we see it because it was no windows. Let’s see a new view of the water now. Not from there it was it

Nestor Aparicio  12:03

built the structure in the 40s or something like that.

Glen McFaul  12:05

No, I think this was like maybe 50s But you’re not you’re thinking the

Nestor Aparicio  12:09

same way. Thinking like a crab was a crab a crab shack

Glen McFaul  12:14

here and that that these are all these were all when these were big warehouse windows that people came in and dropped their boats in right here 123 The kitchen and everything was built six or seven years ago with the new guy that took it over and call it the new smiling grill think I remember hearing it Okay. Yep. Dave Jacobs and he’s a good guy he has his place is right up the street. And he actually bought JOHANNS it’s called Jake’s pub.

Nestor Aparicio  12:42

Oh so Jake’s probably right there right on the right I was wondering how to crab cake you know I’m sure

Glen McFaul  12:49

go down there and ask you know, I’m sure Jake pizza already

Nestor Aparicio  12:51

got me up a Richie DeSantis this place I’m gonna be doing that before I even left Hey man. How many neighbors you can go into people like Terry

Glen McFaul  12:59

you that come in your shipper write a book called The Great crabcake

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

I’m trying to Grisha I own crabcake So don’t squat. Yeah, yeah. So tell me about the chef. Tell me what you’re doing over here. I’ll shut up and Utah.


Glen McFaul  13:14

Alright, so Steph, Chef Jason is doing crab cakes traditional


wear pants here and

Glen McFaul  13:21

there. There are some fans here and no brioche. Yeah. And so it should be just you know, a lot of lump and a lot of backfield. A little bit of that but and obey bail aoli maybe on there in some lesson tomato, I think that kind of covers a

Nestor Aparicio  13:43

I wouldn’t call this a simple crabcake because I mean, it’s I like to fry I like to crunch

Glen McFaul  13:48

the buttery flavor there that you’re gonna get from a saute. That’s something


you’re gonna get from Chef Jason every time. Everything that he does is a little bit different. It’s not nothing that we have is standard. I don’t think from the French dip. Frankly, our pizzas Yeah, it seems

Glen McFaul  14:03

my favorite things about Terry. Okay. He’s, I love Terry. We got Terry on board. i He’s like he is like the heartbeat of this area a little bit. And I was like, Terry, you know, how are we doing? And Terry just gives you the true and so what he like he’s saying, you know, I think we’ve got a good thing here we got a good chef here


against all the rules for doing the show, isn’t it just chewing on the air?

Glen McFaul  14:33

But honestly, God, I enjoyed the thing and that is that is and here’s the deal. Terry, as far as the places around, you know, you’ve worked around that you’ve worked around here plenty. You know, we’re just trying to create something that is very local. And we got a guy that rain round here that gives us all of our all of the mushrooms for our pizzas and everything right down the road got


our own mushroom grower Are the arrows all mushrooms or whole forwards? It is and they

Glen McFaul  15:05

found much potential. I met never about being farm to table. It is what it is it’s switch should be, you know local restaurant furniture tables ever use. It should be farmer table if you’re trying to support your community.

Nestor Aparicio  15:20

Well, I came in and I didn’t know what to get. And I’m doing yoga tonight. So I like want to get a salad in may get some water in me. I knew I was gonna have a little bit of a crab cake here. I’m gonna take some home to my wife as well. And I didn’t want to overeat. And I saw your bang bang shrimp on the chart that so here’s what I was you asked me how Maui was because I was in Hawaii for 10 days. But back last week, when you’re Maui everything’s macadamia nut pineapple, and all the bartenders they all serve my ties. I’d never had my time my life. I didn’t think I would like it because some fruity, you know, Island drink. You know what a straw? No, it did. And we have one every night because the first night we went to lay lonnis. And this guy’s like, well, we have the traditional one or we have the new school. I prefer the new school. I said, well tell me about the new school. He’s like it’s got pug in it. Oh, you know, P O G and I’m like, that was pug. He’s like, that’s basically the juices of the island. It’s an island juice concoction. I said I will do the pod thing because I’ve heard about it. So why is real Hawaiian let’s go gives Jimmy $16 later get the pineapple my wife takes one sip. I take one sip. I’m like, holy shit. That’s the best thing. It tasted like one punch. Oh, so pug is some guava pineapple. It’s three

Glen McFaul  16:31

of the best of all fruits

Nestor Aparicio  16:33

or juices today? No, no. So here’s what happened. I ordered the pineapple shrimp. And it came with our shoe. I ordered the Bang Bang trip. It came with pineapple salsa. And everything in Hawaii comes with pineapple sauce. Right. So the pineapple salsa that came with this reminded me of the best meal I’ve ever had in my life that I put on Facebook. 10 days ago. I went into this place four years ago. It’s called the Maui fish market. It’s a fresh little market. It’s a tiny, humble little place. And I the first day I went in there four years ago I had the Mac macadamia nut and crusted and pan fried and seared with pineapple salsa and this yum yum sauce and some rice. I ate it four times the last time I was in Maui in five days, because I drove and it closes at seven o’clock. So you got to get there before you get there. I hate it every day. And I craved it for four years. And when I hit sin to Southwest Airlines said we’re going to Maui I’m like, first stop. My wife said you know you’re going to that fish market. I only went there three times this week. And we were there 10 days reasonable what the last night I went there I shot the figures psycho Arsal. Well, I mean, they knew me. I mean, I was way out there so Vijay, I bought all sorts of stuff. So it sounds good enough though, right? So the last night I opened the box on you know on the video and it’s just giant pineapple salsa. And when you serve me that pineapple salsa over there, he was like the same salsa. Yeah, so I had your bank bank shrimp which was biggest my head. Yep, I had like four of those and the pineapple salsa. So there was a little piece of the Hawaiian that’s fantastic. Me so the eating I mean, I’m skinny, but I love to eat man. Like I eat a lot. I eat a lot of places a lot of things. I love the crab cake, man. I appreciate you guys having us out and having an investing in the community. I mean, I think more than anything else. I mean, local business is friggin hard. Well,

Glen McFaul  18:31

shout out to my buddy bill, Arnie, please do. And Steve will Trento

Nestor Aparicio  18:35

lunacy coming down my wedding. Those guys are my original sponsor, man.

Glen McFaul  18:40

I worked with them. And you know, I’ve been at the pin LAN. Guys for a long time. And I just want to give my congratulations. I think the whole area needs something that is is just shows everybody hey, you know, this is a fun area, we can all have a good time and we can have some good eats and motors and


that’s all it eats. That’s a good point. And I think you’ll you’ll agree with this and you will as well can’t Towson community doesn’t necessarily know this community exists 20 years away, right and it’s 20 minutes right down the road. It’s an easy shot straight down 702 Because it maybe I don’t have a boat, or I didn’t grow up on the water. But to come down here you’ll feel like family you’ll know you’re gonna know some people down here and everyone that’s around here are about the nicest people ever. It’s a different it’s a different community than Towson. But it is tight knit and it but it’s not like exclusive and

Glen McFaul  19:35

one of the things that that we have like breakdown here this summer. We have Captain Jim Hi, Captain Jim Hi comes over. He if you want you can look him up on our website. We’ll have some stuff available there. He has some cards that will be all around the restaurant where you can grab a card. But if you’re coming in you’re having some crabs you want to hang out from three to five gig cat and Jim hi to take you from six to eight o’clock. oxheart Miller island on his on his little like a little charter, little charter. But we’ll do it you know. And so if you haven’t,

Nestor Aparicio  20:11

I’ve never been to Hart Miller Island bottle. No, I’ve never been jetski


where he gave us a Paul, you can take it this summer,

Nestor Aparicio  20:20

Johnny Oh, and he was appalled to you know, all these east side always water.

Glen McFaul  20:26

Paul I’m surprised though.

Nestor Aparicio  20:28

What what’s amazing to me is when I look at the map, and look at Paul

Glen McFaul  20:31

Paul, it actually makes sense for them.

Nestor Aparicio  20:34

I know. I’m just surprised I grew up around here like for, and I guess I’ve never taken enough helicopter rides. To see just how close we are here to like, let’s say Tiki Lee’s and bully’s quarters and sunset, all these places. If you could fly to them. You could do it in a minute and a half. Yeah, because they’re all on fingers. Yeah, you know it feels driving



Glen McFaul  20:58

is money you can go to every bar within five minute drives right over here to Martin’s

Nestor Aparicio  21:01

airports a long way by five minutes.

Glen McFaul  21:06

Point to me that’s strawberry point. And I think

Nestor Aparicio  21:08

that’s where I got the Eastern Shore and like the Bay Bridge, it’s really long when you’re driving over it on a boat you get across the bank right but the narrow like I’ve never in my life been the Rock Hall as an example. Like, I don’t know how far Rock Hall is from 15 minutes so Rock Hall is on the eastern shore. And unless you’ve done it on a boat, which you’ve done your whole life, I would feel like holy shit rock Hall’s gonna take me three hours to get there and I’m not driving home. And that’s like the well that’s the crabcakes for him because I had never been to Chestertown in my life. Because why? I mean, it’s it. I told the mayor of Saulsbury who’s now serving with the governor on housing I believe, Jake day he’s done the show two times. I said He’s the mayor of Salisbury. I’m sitting in his town. I’m like, I’ve never been here. I drive through I pee. Maybe get some ice from my beer. Maybe, whatever the seasonal shake was at Arby’s on 50 mil. Right? And I’m gone. And he’s like, we have a zoo. We have this we have breweries we have so the tour has been about sort of piecing together frigging Maryland’s cool.

Glen McFaul  22:14

Like doesn’t haven’t been to Berlin. I have Yeah, absolutely. Okay, well, everybody knows towns that everyone should go through.

Nestor Aparicio  22:21

Not just during a hurricane right? That was always where they put the

Glen McFaul  22:26

little scene down there right? Yeah. All these little spots like you mentioned.

Nestor Aparicio  22:30

I mean, I’ve had a great time in Salisbury a great time in Cambridge. I have fallen in love Western Maryland, and I’m not I’ve admitted to you guys already in the segment I’m not a mountain guy at all, but I went out to Deep Creek all the whole rundown

Glen McFaul  22:44

guy not a mountain guy sighting

Nestor Aparicio  22:48

Cumberlands beautiful.

Glen McFaul  22:49

I did in high school with all my buddies trust me. It was great.

Nestor Aparicio  22:53

I’m still trying to find the the beauty part of Southern Maryland but let her tell me back. St Mary’s Hollywood clipping falls here. It Terry cooks also here they’re down here and I can hold up the menu and do all that stuff where he falls iron. I just said it again. Well, I’ve been calling the Iron Horse for two years it’s fine. We’re gonna step out what we’ll end the show with this. The Orioles are going to be in first place soon.


Let me let me do this for show you. We do have a Mother’s Day brunch. That’s going to be spectacular. We already had the Easter lost my

Nestor Aparicio  23:24

mother mother’s is this next week I did to Queen Derby and a pregnancy


this year. Yeah. And then also cinco tomorrow tomorrow night. You know we’re gonna have some great specials some awesome tacos, nachos, Kasich Diaz habanero wings, chefs going to put together something spectacular. I’m going to be wearing one of my patented outfits for Cinco Demayo that may be maybe came from Snoop Dogg himself because I thought it was from St. Louis it is from too alright well don’t surprise we may have to Oh yeah, yeah, so that’s what I’m gonna be doing tomorrow night we’re gonna have a really really good time as we always do. Every day Here

Nestor Aparicio  23:59

I got a half eaten cranny let you tell the story about your Are you scarred from the King of Baltimore sports competition? Are these okay? No. Are you kidding


me? I’m a great friends. A lot of your former employees I’m still friends with to this day you

Nestor Aparicio  24:13

tried to like be nondenominational for 31 year you didn’t do anything wrong dude. Here’s a story for me yo went to New Jersey Romi is nasty. Nestor whippersnappers. call you every years for years. I people will call me and say you suck. You suck. I know more about sports in you. Sir. I’m 47 years old. So argue with me like only when I own a station for 15 years and I didn’t really want to do it anymore and sit there and take phone calls from every Jackass that there was right? I said what’s like you getting bartenders are getting shit you want to cook every meal? You have that bartenders right. So I’m like you come in and and I would literally he walked into my studio sat down in a chair on that. Remember every one of them and I said you got five minutes go and I hit the button and I mute myself and I walk out of the room and they sit there talk to themselves. And it’s either sink or swim. You know it’s it’s awesome man goes like

Glen McFaul  25:06

to take that opportunity with you one day. We can have a great hour. Yeah, absolutely man.

Nestor Aparicio  25:11

We just took 45 minutes


for sure. Yeah, definitely.

Nestor Aparicio  25:15

I’ll tell you why. I’ll put the place right we’ll do this at the other place. I want to come get an oyster with you. I’m doing the oyster towards

Glen McFaul  25:21

there’s so many great things about Maryland in our area. Charlie’s down here has done a good job. There’s plenty of spots around here doing a good job. Mill river is gonna be a pop and little spot. Well, there’s water Sue Creek,

Nestor Aparicio  25:33

Sue Creek I call it to Chris planetary or the grand the characters like John Wayne. Come on down. We’re in Essex Middle River, Sioux Creek, Baltimore yacht club near Chesapeake High School. They go to peach jar. Just keep going. You know, everybody goes repeated John. shocked me people. $1,000 Pizza.


They don’t they don’t know this.

Glen McFaul  25:51

NASS because I think this is fair, because you did ask me about Christian earlier like is Chris here she So Kristen is covering, like all the rest of the bases right now.

Nestor Aparicio  26:00

She’s gonna bring food up to the station. Oh, yeah. Well, we’ll get her

Glen McFaul  26:03

down and we’ll get her down. We’ll make sure something gets over there. And


you make sure she’s there. And he does the oyster cord. I’m just gonna come to the Iron Horse to do the oyster tour as well. Yeah,

Glen McFaul  26:10

but you know, so. So, since all this started 13 years,

Nestor Aparicio  26:15

Tyler’s out that day, too. If we do

Glen McFaul  26:18

we get them all out there. i There’s a few of them work for us.

Nestor Aparicio  26:21

So I think it’s your baseball family. And I think from the minute you walk in here, you feel that Alabama message Aparicio, that you signed

Glen McFaul  26:34

Am I wrong? So, you know, listen, I remember. And I know all your facts, all the lies and the truth. That’s fine. You know, and put, but here’s the cool thing. Over the years, we’ve all listened to you. I’ve wondered different questions. We had lots of different

Nestor Aparicio  26:52

hairs real fun times. It’s not. I don’t die at Marvin Lewis thinks

Glen McFaul  26:56

I do but I don’t think so. I’m glad you’re wise to him. Well, he’s

Nestor Aparicio  26:58

beautiful. Thank you. She’s gonna get the other half is crabcake Believe it

Glen McFaul  27:01

or not, she’s another crap. You eat that yourself. We’ll get you another one. My

Nestor Aparicio  27:04

wife is focused on the yoga. A little warmer than that synchronicity.

Glen McFaul  27:08

Yeah. But But But back to the, to the iron worse, though, was a great start for the for the family. This is an extension of what we did up there for the last 13 years. And it’s family down here too. And meeting guys like my man here, along with all the rest of people that we have working for us. Instantaneously, instantaneously. It’s, it’s felt strong.

Nestor Aparicio  27:33

So Well, you haven’t had a summer here yet. And I think you said

Glen McFaul  27:37

everybody’s like, like holding on for that. And well, it’s gonna

Nestor Aparicio  27:41

evolve. It’s growing. How much land around here do you

Glen McFaul  27:46

three acres as we

Nestor Aparicio  27:47

stand always gonna be boats out these doors.

Glen McFaul  27:49

Well, those boats actually are going to be moved, they’re gone. They’ll be gone by water. Gonna put up a little faster

Nestor Aparicio  27:58


phobic because I’m surrounded by boats and water. You know, right now,

Glen McFaul  28:02

our good friends Mark and Mark Jr. Over here at SU Island Creek. And our former Yacht Club guys over there.

Nestor Aparicio  28:10

I just know what so many. And you’re familiar with this as well, what’s so many of the water people you mentioned with Billy and Steve are going to try to do the river. I don’t know what they’re going to do there. But it’s going to be different, especially on the glass floor. Take over these prices. And me taking these all these places have family areas, all the breweries I found space over water, you don’t want this, you want it to be a family place.


The great thing is the locals they’re always because people have lived down here for many, many generations, quite frankly, a lot of them and they’re always concerned. And the greatest thing in here is every time somebody comes around that corner or the front door, back door or whatever, we’re gonna call that through that door. The look on their face when they go, Oh my god, I can’t believe it looks like this. And then when they leave, they’re like, go

Nestor Aparicio  28:56

for it. And the first thing look at is this is modern. This is there’s an investment here. There are people obviously that have that put some blood and sweat and an equity and future into this. This isn’t a this isn’t a temporary location for you. Back stay, man. Thanks, brother. All right, I’m stepping out. I gotta take a break. I’m Nestor. He’s Terry. He’s glad we’re out of your pitfalls at the Oyster real not the IRA just dropped the mic just like we saw brought to you by the mayor lottery, and her friends. Were given away. I have people here. Thanks a lot. My God, our friends are winter nation. 866 90 nation. Always wear those spy to get to free five years 0% financing. I’m going to have a chip and a beer. I’m signing off from Essex or Middle River, but never Kenwood we are WNS da 1570, Towson Baltimore. Back for more right after this.

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