Saturday, April 1, 2023
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1st Maryland Crab Cake Tour: Day 20 Making MACo and talking H2B Visas and how our Chesapeake Bay crabs are harvested with Senator Cardin

On the 20th day of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour, Nestor got his first chance to experience the MACo conference of all of the state's stakeholders at the beach and chat with a wide group of folks trying to make The Free State better.

Crab Cake Tour Episode 1: The Faidley’s of Lexington Market story

Nestor Aparicio is on the road in The Free State in search of the perfect Maryland crab cake. His first stop is the originator, Nancy Devine, who began mixing up her now world famous jumbo lump crab cakes at Lexington Market in the 1980s. Let her tell you about her mustardy delicious concoction...

The best crab cake in Maryland? Who’s No. 1?

Our Baltimore Positive never-ending Crab Cake Tour appropriately commences at Faidley's Seafood Lexington Market with Congressman John Sarbanes. Follow along at #CrabCakeTour on social media...

Marty Gary brings pearls of wisdom on oysters and crabs and life in the Chesapeake bay

Marty Gary brings pearls of wisdom on oysters and crabs and life in the Chesapeake bay

Pearls of wisdom about where those oysters and crabs you’re about to eat this summer come from

Marty Gary of Potomac River Fisheries Commission brings the science behind your seafood and how life in the Chesapeake Bay works.
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Latest News

Is there a seat left for Lamar Jackson anywhere else in NFL?

Luke Jones and Dennis Koulatsos discuss realities of the few QB seats left for Lamar Jackson in NFL

Brandon Hyde on Rutschman’s historic Opening Day in Orioles’ 10-9 win: “He’s just a super special player”

Adley Rutschman went 5-for-5 with homer, a walk, and four RBIs in his first Opening Day in the majors.

Sizing up 2023 Orioles’ Opening Day roster

General manager Mike Elias set the Opening Day roster hours before first pitch at Fenway Park on Thursday

Campbell closes door on Ravens return, agreeing to one-year deal with Atlanta 

Baltimore had released six-time Pro Bowl selection Calais Campbell on March 13.

Jackson comments on knee injury, absence from Ravens road games at end of last season

Lamar Jackson pushed back at notions that his absence was more about his contract than his knee.

Twelve Orioles Thoughts on cusp of 2023 season

Top pitching prospect Grayson Rodriguez didn't make the Opening Day roster, prompting disappointment and scrutiny.

Lamar Jackson reveals trade request from Ravens, but does it really change anything?

As the surprise and angst over Jackson’s Monday announcement wore off, reality returned to the forefront. 

Like the Mayflowers, could Lamar Jackson be heading to Indianapolis?

Longtime sports columnist and insider Bob Kravitz joins Nestor from Indianapolis where Jim Irsay might be one of the remaining owners to covet the Ravens former MVP quarterback. Will the Colts make a play for Lamar Jackson? As all Baltimore folks know, if it says "Irsay" it's usually unpredictable.
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