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kyle gibson

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As the sun sets on Camden Yards, what might’ve been for 2023 Orioles

It all ended so suddenly after so much fun for Orioles fans. Luke Jones and Nestor discuss what made the Birds not good enough in October in Arlington this week and how future Octobers must be different – especially the pitching but not discounting the hitting. The disappointment will linger but will it burn enough for a postseason return next Fall?

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This Orioles team has performed the worst when the bright lights and crowds have appeared

The bigger and louder the crowd, the worse this mostly young Orioles team seems to perform. That has to change in Texas. Luke Jones and Nestor head off to World Series-thirsty Arlington, Texas for Game 3 of the American League Division Series while the Ravens land in London licking their purple wounds from an awful loss in Pittsburgh.

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