As the sun sets on Camden Yards, what might’ve been for 2023 Orioles

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It all ended so suddenly after so much fun for Orioles fans. Luke Jones and Nestor discuss what made the Birds not good enough in October in Arlington this week and how future Octobers must be different – especially the pitching but not discounting the hitting. The disappointment will linger but will it burn enough for a postseason return next Fall?


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W n s t test in Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively bringing it to you from Dallas, Texas. We are in Arlington. Currently Luke and I after the the aftermath of Tuesday night’s sweep at the hands of the Texas Rangers. We’re going to be back out on the road on Friday at York City celebrating my 56 year on the planet. I turned 55 On Saturday, as well as Jim Palmer Kiko Garcia’s birthday this week and Stacy Keibler and everybody else celebrating good Librans will be celebrating by giving away Raven scratch offs and the Maryland lottery. We’ll have those on Friday in the afternoon as well as our friends at window nation 866 90 nation and our newest sponsors at Jiffy Lube multi care joining us for the Maryland crab cakes where I’ll be getting some more dates out now that we’ll have a little bit more time on our hands including on Sunday to get back to ravens football. Primary purple care around here will be Sunday morning will be the Hollywood casino in Perry Ville big doings up there for a British breakfast and all eyes will turn on Tottenham as the Ravens try to undo what they did in Pittsburgh been a bad week or what’s the last time we want anything Luke wins I mean when’s the last time like somebody won a game here?

Luke Jones  01:14

Yeah, I even saw someone on my timeline and social media make mention now all we need to cap this lousy sports week off is the ravens to go to London and repeat what they did six years ago just like wow

Nestor Aparicio  01:28

it’s been yeah so so for me with with what happened with the Orioles? Um, what ifs and the things you know of Henderson that hit and run with Aaron Hicks and game one and maybe they can make something happen there. The thing so far gone, they were beaten so soundly so thoroughly. That I think anything sounds like an excuse. But where are you on the Kramer Gibson start on Tuesday night, the near short term to say mistake not mistake. I mean obviously evolved that you mentioned Gibson having postseason experience, but not real experience in the way ivaldi did. But I will wonder whether Kramer Kramer didn’t feel suited to go out there for what was happening in Israel. I had Mike Rosenfeld on we talked a lot about Jerusalem and his trip over there. You can hear that Baltimore positive as well. i He He didn’t. I tweeted that he didn’t look up to the start. And and I just want to be gentle. It’s a knockout game. It is what it is for the team. But maybe Gibson was the right call.

Luke Jones  02:37

Maybe. I mean, maybe at the same time, I wouldn’t have been exactly shocked if Kyle Gibson had maybe not that extreme of a struggle, but he could add his struggles. And we talked about this a lot with Gibson over the last couple months of the season. He was either good and would give you really solid dependable outings at those points. But he also had a lot of clunkers as well. So I hear you on that. I certainly think it’s at least worth questioning at the same time if Kyle Gibson gets shelled and knocked out in the second or third inning. What’s everyone saying then? Oh, you should have thrown Dean Kramer he has more upside and you know more swing admissibility just wasn’t good enough. And look. To your point you want to be sensitive understanding this is a young man who pitch for Team Israel, you know, Scott family in Israel. There was a lot on his mind. And in fact, I even asked Kyle Gibson in the postgame clubhouse. Not so much about Kramer specifically but Kramer and Grayson Rodriguez. And you know, what do you say to young guys coming off of, you know, let’s face it, some of their absolute worst outings of the entire season when they come on that stage. And

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

that messes with your head. And I mean, it does vember Yeah, sure it does. But But Kyle

Luke Jones  03:57

Gibson got emotional, even talking specifically about Kramer and you know, what he went through? Or what is still going through with what’s going on in Israel right now. But yeah, I mean, I’ll hear you on asking that question. Do I? Do I find it to be something that I’m holding brand and hides feet to the fire over? Not really, you know, I think when it when it comes down to this, when John means was rolled out for the LDS and who knows if he would have pitched in the ALCS if they had gotten past Texas, but we knew that all of this was tenuous in terms of just how their pitching was set up. You knew Okay. Bradish and Grayson Rodriguez there one, two, and neither of them have pitched in October but for the pitch Great. Bradish all year, Rodriguez in the second half of the season. You’re hoping John means you know that was that was something we talked about for months and months. The hope, never really an expectation but a hope that he’d be able to hitch. But, you know, when he pitched as well as he did in those four, four starts in September, you’re thinking, Hey, we got our hopes up. This might have the makings of, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s gonna be a historic October rotation. But there’s some upside here if these young guys can kind of if these young guys can be Jim Palmer against Sandy Koufax in 1966, not that the Rangers not that I’m comparing ivaldi or Jordan Montgomery to Sandy Koufax, but you’ve got something there potentially, and it didn’t work out, you know, they clearly they weren’t ready for this stage, you know, just by the sheer reality of what the results were. That’s not to say they won’t be ready for it next year, or the year after that, or that these guys will eventually be really good pitchers in October. But it wasn’t their time. That was evidence. So but yeah, I’ll hear you on. You know, maybe you go with a veteran and look before we found out about means prior to game one. And keep in mind that was something we found out just a couple of hours before the scheduled first pitch for game one. We had talked about this. I was intrigued about Kramer coming out of the pen in kind of a swing man role like Kevin Gasman back in 2014, which worked out nice for the Orioles at that point in time. But you said it, you can nit pick a couple of things in the series. But by and large, they just weren’t good enough. I mean, there aren’t really that many moments you can point to and say oh, wow, if that had happened, maybe this you mentioned the hit and run in the ninth inning in game one. You know, Grayson Rodriguez maybe got squeezed on a couple pitches in the second inning. Does he get out of it, then I don’t you know, I don’t know if he does. Does that mean he’s gonna pitch Well, in the third inning, you know, you can kind of go through a few spots here and there. You know, Kramer, I think the 15th pitch at bat to start the second really put him in a different place. And then the Rangers just pounded him after that. But you know, both those guys struggled to put hitters away. And that goes back to kind of the, the overall point that we talked more about with the bullpen. But in those specific starts for these young guys, even though they struck out plenty of batters over the course of the year, and I think they’ll continue to strike out plenty of batters. But it is tough when you have a team that you can’t seem to put guys away with two strikes, and they’re falling off pitches and extending it bats. Me My goodness, Corey Seager you and I, as we’re talking, he’s walked two more times in this series, you know, I mean, it’s just,

Nestor Aparicio  07:35

well, they treat him like Mickey Mantle. Right. I mean, he kind

Luke Jones  07:39

of was Mickey Mantle this year, though. We go go look at his numbers, when he missed quarter, a quarter of a season. But I mean, it’s just, they just weren’t good enough. And that sounds I’m not trying to be dismissive about you. And the fact that you and I have to talk about this and break it down. But

Nestor Aparicio  07:54

I wish you were more to break down. I mean, exactly right meat on the bone here to say if some bots and candies and nuts, but I mean 101 victories. And I don’t want to say they did it with smoke and mirrors. But from a pitching perspective, they did it with smoke and mirrors, from a pitching perspective of how you would think 101 Win team would be Bradish came on but Rodriguez wasn’t around means wasn’t available, right. And I guess in modern baseball, that the notion of these guys going 567 innings in the case of ivaldi on Tuesday night, seven plus, you would say that that’s the complete outlier on that we can expect that. But I would like to expect that if they win 94 Games next year, something much more modest than something much more normal. And they finish as a wildcard because somebody gets up and runs Tampa, Toronto, whatever in the division that if they win 94 Again, or 96 in 2025, or whatever it would be and maybe this is the old guy and knee but it would be with three or four horses that Bradish would come back and be that guy again. Next year Rodriguez would be that guy means would be healed the next year you get 31 starts out of him. That’s what I’m talking about a real rotation as you Oh guy, not McNally and Quasar and Palmer Sure, but just something that looks like Channing Gonzalez and Tillman to something that’s reliable every fifth day. Yeah. And that’s

Luke Jones  09:29

that rotation. Wasn’t that highly regarded?

Nestor Aparicio  09:31

I understand. Right, right.

Luke Jones  09:32

No, but I agree with you Nestor. And

Nestor Aparicio  09:34

but we at least knew who was pitching when the postseason began. And the guys were healthy, then.

Luke Jones  09:39

Sure. No question about that. And the fact because I just made mention of it a couple minutes ago, the fact that the rotation was in a place that you could put Kevin Gasman in the bullpen, right. And Kevin Gasman was young at that point in time, but he had pitched well the second half of the 2014 season and was still in the bullpen. So, you know, I don’t know if I’d say it’s smoking, smoke and mirrors As as much as it was just very, it was very well defined where their value was coming from, from a pitching standpoint. I mean, Felix Batista, even missing the final six, five and a half, six weeks of the season was their most valuable pitcher out of the bullpen by such an overwhelming margin. I mean, this is one of the most valuable relief pitchers in all of baseball go look at what his wins above replacement was for a reliever, go look at what his win probability added was, you know, which is, you know, that really measures clutch factor, right that really metric measures high leverage the number of times that he came in, and, you know, on the road and pitch multiple innings to get a save or get a win in extra innings. So you miss that. And while I don’t think Felix Batista, based on how this series played out, you know, two blowouts and the other game, you lose three to two, I’m not sure how pivotal Batista would have been. But the point is, he was so instrumental in getting them to 101 wins. And Bradish was so instrumental all year in doing that. And Grayson Rodriguez is a big reason why they won this division and got to 101 wins rather than 95. And being the wildcard and finishing a few years, a few games behind the raise. But you’re right, you do look at it and say, Can you add not just those guys improving, and you know, whatever else is coming through the minor league system, which, you know, they don’t have an assortment of pitching prospects, but they have some, some guys that we’ll talk about as we get into the offseason, that could be a factor for them next year. But for me, right off the bat, and I don’t have the free agent list in front of me, you know, in terms of who’s going to be available out there on the open market, but I want to see this team aim higher than then, you know, Jordan Lyles two years ago, Kyle Gibson this past year, upgrade there. And that doesn’t mean it has to be an ace, mind you, Nathan ivaldi is not an eight a true ace, you know, but he would be a guy that, you know, he was a guy, and this is why I was so you know, intrigued by the idea of him specifically, he’d be a top half of the rotation guy. And again, that

Nestor Aparicio  12:17

you have to pay him well, but two years

Luke Jones  12:19

34 million is not paying a pitcher. I mean, it’s two years, 34 million doses. Granted, granted. But my point is, if we’re talking about scenarios for this team to take the next step in October, that’s what I’m talking about here. I’m not talking about $150 million commitment to a starting pitcher. But a guy like that, that would be clearly an upgrade over where they’ve been with Gibson with Lyles the previous year, and someone that would slot into the top half of your rotation, someone that you would say, You know what, we’re hoping that Bradish or Grayson Rodriguez, take your pick the order, we’re hoping there are legit, one, two moving forward, and I’m fine with that mindset. But if that’s gonna be your mindset, make sure you go out and get a very legitimate number three, because I’m not writing off John means by any stretch of the imagination,

Nestor Aparicio  13:11

a $17 million pitcher would add in 35% of their payroll. It’s unbelievable. But

Luke Jones  13:17

but but it would still be a payroll that ranks nowhere near the top or even really the middle. At that point. I

Nestor Aparicio  13:23

think you’re getting to the core of Yeah, you know, my disbelief in this organization, which makes sure sit here in Arlington, Texas, and they just played playoff games and they just went on a tear. And I can’t sit here and say John Angelo’s bad boy, but you know, they could have done more they should have done more last offseason. Here we are, again. When things get to the desk of John Angelos or TJ Brightman or the business people. Greg Bader, who’s now running the place when it gets to them. I have zero confidence. I have as much confidence in that as I do. You’re getting a clubhouse badge from them. Yeah, like literally, like, I have zero confidence because they’ve never hit the ball when when it matters in in these cases. And this is gonna be a business decision. I mean, sure. We know Elias is a genius. We know if Elias in a flat world might have said let’s go get a hold of all the mess. And I’m not going to pitch with his ragamuffins in Baltimore. That’s over with now. And I’m not going to pitch it Baltimore, because I’m gonna give him too many home runs. That’s over with now, right? I’m not gonna pitch in Baltimore, because I’m not gonna get run support. That’s over now. They hit the ball, they’re gonna have so so other than the money itself, I don’t want to hear anything about we had to give this up or we’re not giving up our Colton counselors and our prospects for like, no, no, no, write a check. And then John angelos, as he told the New York Times, he’s gonna say, Well, where were all the people when we were playing the race, where you know, where’s all the where’s that money coming from? And And I don’t have the answer to that. I mean, the answer to that is when you and your family are dead and gone, and somebody decent owns the team, maybe a lot of people would feel better about giving your money.

Luke Jones  15:12

Well, I mean, look, I’m not going to touch the last thing you said. But yeah, there are questions about this organization. And when it comes to increasing payroll when it comes to making some bold moves, and and look, I’m not going to completely absorb Mike Elias from the standpoint of it doesn’t just have to be paying guys and paying free agents specifically, although certainly at the very least, you want to pay your own. Follow the Atlanta Braves formula that okay? You don’t have to go out and sign a free agent on the open market to a lucrative contract but go resign, you know, go extend Gunnar Henderson, then go fish,

Nestor Aparicio  15:50

Gunnar Henderson, or Adley, rutschman have to be signed by April 1, for in your mind. Did you have to get one of them done to give some people some confidence? I don’t know. I mean, I I’ve been watching this for 30 years, there’s like I wouldn’t. Anything that sounds reasonable never feels reasonable when it comes to these people. I mean, I’m being honest with you. I mean, it sounds really reasonable that like that this is the way the Braves would do it. This is the way the rays show. This is the way a good organization would do it. They’d look at Gunnar Anderson, who just hit 500. In the playoffs. He’s 21 years old. They’d say, All right, this, we’re gonna go in on this guy. And I don’t even know what that does for rutschman. Right? They’re a little bit of the Bobbsey Twins for now. But then holidays gonna come and who knows if Westberg or Couser next year aren’t the dude all of a sudden because they certainly had pedigrees to be dudes, right?

Luke Jones  16:42

Yeah, yeah. And I mean, look, does it have to happen by opening day? No, of course not. Because I think Gunnar Henderson has five more years of club control. I mean, Adley rutschman, is gonna have four more years. I mean, that’s, that’s just where it is. So it’s always a moving target when you’re talking about those types of young players where you’re doing that. And I’ll say this, they aren’t the same player, because I mean, Adley rutschman, plays a much more physically demanding position. And he’s three years older, I mean, I’ll be full disclosure, if you want to hear kind of an unfiltered

Nestor Aparicio  17:13

opinion, Adley rutschman, wind up playing somewhere else in his career.

Luke Jones  17:16

I don’t know, I’ll this is me. And this is not saying this has nothing to do with the fact that he hit Oh, 83 in the Division Series. So let’s the squash that you love Adley rutschman. For anyone who’s listening, I love Adley rutschman. At the same time, in my all that hot and bothered and eager to go out and give a catcher a seven, seven or eight year contract, which would buy out his first couple years of free agency three off, it was an eight year contract three years of free agency, and you’re talking about a guy who’s into his early 30s. At that point in time. I think for an organization, when I’m viewing this, realistically, and maybe this isn’t even realistic. But trying to look at this in a balanced way, for a team that I never expect is going to have a $250 million payroll. i If you’re extending a player, I’m not sure a catcher, extending a catcher into his early 30s is the best way to go about doing that. So my point would be, I would push all my chips in when trying to sign Gunnar Henderson or his client, though, that’s not the easiest thing to do. Even if you are going to say, hey, we’ll give you a blank check. You know, based on what these arbitration projections would be for you and Scott

Nestor Aparicio  18:27

Porsche say how blank

Luke Jones  18:28

Yeah, and he would write exactly how about instead of buying out his first four years of free and see how about, we just do the first to write so because Boris is all always about trying to get his guys to the open market. So point is it’s not going to be easy, even if you have an owner who’s completely willing to do it. You know, there’s still some obstacles involved in doing that. But well, it’s sort of like smoking a

Nestor Aparicio  18:51

bandit because it ain’t never been done around here. Sure. Sure. John Angelo. Sarah certainly was done in the Peter era. It was done for Chris Davis and Manny Machado.

Luke Jones  19:00

Yeah, exactly. Which and Manny Machado would cost a lot more but also better player younger you

Nestor Aparicio  19:05

wouldn’t have gotten all these great players have we not stunk so much. I’ve Yeah, I speak for the organization when I say that,

Luke Jones  19:11

Oh, the other they still even if they had found a way to sign Manny Machado, they still would have stung for at least a couple years. But anyway, to go back to what you were saying. And I don’t want to make this too much about rutschman Verse gunner. But there are lots of other things they can do beyond just an extension beyond signing of a free agent. You mentioned some names. I mean, Derek guys at triple A Norfolk that are blocked right now. Go look at what yo your T’s did at Norfolk right now. And where is his place other than maybe he takes the place of Jorge Mateo, as far as becoming, or Ramona Re is becoming kind of the super utility guy. But you know, there are guys like Connor Norby where it’s just a trip away have had success, but it’s like, are they gonna play a year? A year ago, you and I were talking about Kyle sours. He’s completely forgotten at this point. I’m not saying that to be disrespectful to Kyle. He’s a good young kid and has had a lot of minor league success. But

Nestor Aparicio  20:06

Cedric Mullins was forgotten a couple of years ago, right? Yes, in came right so

Luke Jones  20:11

well, and I’m not even and not even my point is you’re not gonna be able to keep all these guys so at some point I’m this is where I will put John Angelos in ownership and the business side and the financial side aside for a moment and say, Michael is in sigma Dell and the front office, at some point in time you’re gonna have to, and I don’t mean you’re number 22 prospect in your system. But at some point in time, it might be that you’ve got to make a different difficult call on a Colton Couser or maybe a Jordan Westbrook who I still like you know, I still think did some nice things but didn’t exactly like the world on fire after being caught up. And although I really did not like the platoon that they insisted on using with him and Frasier Frasier did nothing in this postseason and really did nothing the last two months of the season. I don’t expect him to be back. But you know, that aside, it might be that they don’t love the pictures on the open market that you go you go trade for a veteran starting pitcher who by the way, most you know, veterans starting pitchers are going to have money, you know, a contract that’s already going to be on the books, you know, so it might be in concert that you trade a Colton cows or to go out and get some teams. number two or number three starter, who has two years left on his deal, and has some postseason experience, and would be okay, not that ace, but you have Bradish you have grace and Rodriguez, you still feel great about those guys. I’m not down on Grayson Rodriguez after the way he pitched in game too far from it. But bring you bring in a veteran pitcher who’s an upgrade over the Jordan, the Jordan Lyles in the Kyle Gibson, you know that category that the Orioles have worked in these past two offseasons. So there are different ways to do this. There is not any one specific thing that I feel that they must do, per se. But I will say this, and this goes back to what you were talking about with John angelos, but I would also put Mike Elias in this category. I do wonder if from a long term perspective, perhaps the way that this series played out, could help in terms of creating a little more urgency to say, You know what, we love our young core. And we love these guys that, you know, we’ve been able to take a conservative approach in terms of keeping our prospects and not making a ton of trades, not making a ton of free agent signings. We love our young core, if they had lost in five games to the Rangers, and for those games, were one run games. You could probably, you know, if you’re John Angelo’s thinking in terms of all you know, I don’t want to spend money, you know, I got all these different things got to do whatever. If you’re Mike Elias in terms of being conservative, he’s been very measured in how he’s built this thing. Let’s call a spade a spade that’s not even a knock. That’s just how it’s been done. Hasn’t been overly aggressive with trades and things of that nature. But if you had seen the Orioles lose a nail biter of a five game series, you probably could talk yourself into not doing a whole lot this offseason whatsoever. With this, ending the way that it did. I think it does create a little more urgency, too. I’m not saying to be brash here, you know not Don’t be hasty. Don’t do anything foolish. Don’t trade Jackson holiday for to go back to the Dylan C’s conversation from from late July you know you’re not trading Jackson holiday or any of your top prospects? Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  23:45

think you would Mike Elias would would go into John if they had a relationship that was that kind of relationship and say, Hey, we’re not going to go into October with this next year we can and we went 92 games but we didn’t know what we’re doing and we need to have an October plan that isn’t Dean Kramer or Kyle Gibson with the season on the line because means is unavailable and Batista sir

Luke Jones  24:08

Yeah, and look you never you can never foresee what’s going to happen. I mean, heaven forbid if Bradish or Grayson Rodriguez have physical issues next year it’s gonna hurt you because these guys are they’ve arrived to me like we can talk about in terms of October legacy or anything like that, but Kyle Bradish is going to get Cy Young votes you know he’s going to be on that list you know, whether he’s fourth fifth sixth seventh, whatever it is, he’s he’s gonna be on that list. I mean, Grayson Rodriguez, when you see Vegas and all these sports books put out all these different you know, odds for Cy Young Award in the Al, you’re gonna see both those guys on that list somewhere. Not a favorite, but they’re gonna be on that list and you’re gonna see them in terms of having odds for something like that and being, you know, at least someone that’s mentioned in relevant terms. So you know, it’s not as though the cupboards bare but yeah, you You need to fortify this thing you want to strengthen this thing. You know, I mentioned, Adam Frazier, I don’t, quite frankly Nestor and I don’t say this with any disrespect to these guys because they have played in October and they made contributions at different times. But I don’t really want to see a lineup that has Adam Fraser or Aaron Hicks in it next October. I want to see better than that. You know, and I think a lot of that’s going to come down to fully expect to see Jackson Holliday on this team. Most likely by opening day. I mean, if he has a if he has the kind of spring you expect them to have I mean, I think you’re there’s a great chance you’re gonna see him on the opening day roster and whether he’s playing shorten gunners at third, whether he’s playing second gunners at short, you know, will, they’ll have time to iron that out. But you know, they have pieces coming, but I still want to see them fortify and I don’t want it to be, you know, a head scratch and give Adam Frazier the money that they gave him this offseason, go out and get it. You know, I don’t want it to be this coming year’s version of Kyle Gibson, who look I love as a as a person, and I think was very influential and positive on these guys in the way that Jordan Lyles was a year ago. But they’re limited. You know, they have a limited ceiling. You know, you’re talking about number five starters for teams who have more established playoff caliber starting rotation. So I want to tell you,

Nestor Aparicio  26:20

guys, you didn’t go to the guy you went and yeah, on the offseason, you didn’t even go go to him with the season on the line you

Luke Jones  26:28

preach to him? Exactly. I want them to go sign a starting pitcher. And again, it doesn’t have to. I don’t know who that ace would even be like, again, I haven’t looked because I haven’t been focused on free agency. I’ve been focused on the Orioles in the playoffs. I don’t need you to target a guy. That’s the number one starter. But I want you to target a guy that you the moment you sign him you say there’s no doubt he’s going to be in our postseason rotation, assuming he does what he’s done in his career and assuming everyone’s healthy and all of that,

Nestor Aparicio  26:56

target that guy? Well, that’s the way the Rangers felt about ivaldi when they signed him.

Luke Jones  27:00

Exactly. That’s why I wanted to see the Orioles target someone like that. And again, Nathan ivaldi, two years 34 million, it’s not this immense financial commitment that’s going to set you back or put you behind the eight ball in the way that yeah, the Chris Davis deal was a massive failure. But you know, a one or a two or three year deal, even if it ends up not working out even if you’re talking about someone who gets hurt. That’s not crippling you long term in the way that yeah, you signed some you know, you signed Chris Davis to a seven year deal when he’s terrible. Yeah, that that is going to impact you. So Oh,

Nestor Aparicio  27:36

you have no idea what $17 million dollars represents? Well, I mean, that’s that’s what Mike Elias has had to deal with right? Or not really, Mike because he hasn’t dealt with Peter Angeles. Alright, look, we’re gonna be continuing to talk about this. At length. We’re going to be drug city on Friday for my 55th birthday for the Maryland crab cake tour. We’ll be upstairs at the tasting room at the fountain stop by I’m going to try to drag Luke over there. We’ll have some other guests. It was very hard to do the Maryland crabcake tour here thinking we’re going to Houston or Minnesota next week or back to Camden Yards this weekend. Who knows but we’ll be there on Friday. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery have ravens scratch offs to give away as well as our friends at winter nation 866 90 nation and our newest sponsor Jiffy Lube. MultiCare. Back on with us here for all the football season. Speaking of football season, Hollywood casino on Sunday, bright and early we’re doing a proper British breakfast and some french toast from what I understand. I’m gonna get the salmon BLT. Come on up. It’s 30 bucks for the the brunch and the buffet all you can eat unlimited. You also get entered into a $500 Cash play tournament as well as wing eating competition. That apparently I’m one of the judges i i will not be one of the participants in this. But I might get some wings on Sunday morning. Come on up Hollywood casino in Berryville. On Sunday, I’m going to be working to get the crabcake tour together. We’re trying to figure out the rest of the month the The only saving grace and all of this Orioles getting eliminated thing is that I get to see John Mayer next Friday at the CFG Bank Arena. But other than that, it stinks. Got my Baltimore versus everybody shirt on Luke and I are up early in Arlington, licking our orange wounds and at some point we’ll turn the corner and start talking some ravens football as well. He’s Luke I’m Nestor. We are wn st Towson, Baltimore, and 1570 We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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