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Finding relaxation and relief at new Planet Fitness Recovery Lounge

Earlier this month, Nestor Aparicio snuck off to his longtime sponsor and partners at the newly upgraded Planet Fitness in Reisterstown with lead trainer Quintin Dailey. Let him recap his Black Card spa tour day with new machines, devices and techniques that serve to settle the soul before or after exercising at PF.


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Quintin Dailey, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Oh come home we are wn S T am 5070, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive it’s a certainly a positive time around here with the Orioles making things happen around here getting a little time off. I thought I was going to take the month of October off and not do the Maryland crab cake towards Georgia and I can’t stay away from crab cakes not not on my birthday, October 13 Friday the 13th Cue the music I don’t know where it’s gonna be but we’re gonna be lucky 13th with the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away the Raven scratches at drug city and the fountain upstairs. I’m actually wearing my fountain shirt underneath my Rascon global shirt here. Come on over to Dundalk, our friends at window nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube. Multi care putting on the Maryland crabcake tour putting on my 55th birthday. That’s the 14th of October. That’s the day before Jim Palmer’s birthday. We’re going to be on the 13th at drug city. Come on down to Georgia and by the wait on the 14th excuse me the 15th we’re going to be Hollywood casino in Perry Ville as well. Watching the Ravens for breakfast. They’re going to be over in it. Don’t forget about the Ravens now Cleveland, Pittsburgh, London they’re still playing football. We’re not gonna forget about that. I didn’t forget about this. And listen. It’s been stressful. I mean, Brooks Robinson dying, Jimmy Buffett dying. Ravens losing to the Colts blown bullpen things but there has been a lot of stress in my life. Everybody knows the Planet Fitness has been helping us make Baltimore positive WNS the app and for years and years and years. I think Planet Fitness has been on me maybe 15 years, right as a sponsor. So from time to time when they’re letting kids go to come back to the clubs in the summer for free. We talk about things when my back hurts. I put them on we talk about things, and then they call me and they said hey, we’ve opened this three letter word, it’s important to me spa, and I’m like, I’m old. I’m under a lot of stress. There’s been a lot of tension here. These Oriole games, hell, I’m gonna need one every day, that water thing they do out there. So my main cue is back on he doesn’t have a mask on. We’re not virtual. We’re not when we were. I came in, like hung out at the club with you quietly two weeks ago, because I just wanted to like, do a segment about what I saw and you gave me a full Grand Tour. Let me tell you what, dude, been a little while since I’ve been in a pF and I’m I’m I mean, you guys were shut down and mask and virtual and like all that. But what an unbelievable talk you gave me up in Reisterstown. A couple of weeks ago, Quinn Daly’s, you’re the other Quinton Daly. What what is your title? You have a really fancy title. It’s a fitness something.


Quintin Dailey  02:35

I’m a fitness training support manager but in simple in simple terms. I’m a Regional Training Manager.

Nestor Aparicio  02:41

Well, I mean, you were like a, a personal training guru when I was in there when it came to get a piece of equipment and I got halfway through it. I’m like, then what do you do? You’re like, Oh, dude, I train all the other people that show other people equipment, so I better be good at this. So I really appreciate everybody at the top there and Ohana for giving me the A team here in regard to you coming on and being a part of taking me around for two hours show me everything that’s going on. But I walked in and every everything about it looks like a normal Planet Fitness. Right? Like there’s made equipment and there’s a gym and there’s TVs and people know what that looks like. But this is like the special thing the black card in some locations Forest Hills getting it soon. But this is sort of the if not the 2.0 3.0 of what planet fitness as a worldwide brand is doing and you guys turned me on to it was kind of fun.

Quintin Dailey  03:36

Yes sir. So I mean, we opened up that blank card for for relaxation and just to recover because that is a part of the workout process that a lot of people that are sitting in the gate but it kind of put it on the back burner we put you know 45 minutes into tightening those muscles up and try to focus on relieving some tension maybe some meditation breathing exercises like you would experienced on that relaxation part of that Wellness Spa that we had it’s very important for the Blackhearts but definitely been a big selling point but something that we want to push not only to make money off of but to really bring home that recovery is just as important as putting the work in

Nestor Aparicio  04:19


oh because any quit I mean listen I’ve always kidded you about being Paolis holiday spa 40 years ago and executive this and you go in and like and it’s a Yeah, man, we’re gonna train you whatever. And then like it was a sales dude, you went in like, you’re the steroids meet girls or figure out whether you’re going to sweat a little bit. So you go home and say I was at the gym. It’s before we could take selfies, showing ourselves how rip we are and whatnot. And I put a bigger shirt on today because I didn’t want to show off my physique in quite that way here. But for you with this relaxation part of it, but more just recovery being the key word especially. I don’t want to say I’m getting a little older. Are you know what I mean? I know you thought I was in my late 20s, early 30s. But I tried to convince you that I turned 55 And a few weeks in more than anything my back screwed up. One of the reasons I was with you at some of the equipment in there, I’m like, My back doesn’t feel like it’s ready for that. I did a golf piece this week, my friends to classify them like, I love you guys, but I’m just not ready. I’m not I in my mind in my heart. I mean, it makes me because I my back has been messed up. I’ve been working really hard. You know, I’m very Yogic and what I’m doing. And there’s so many things about what you do for people like me, because the first thing physical therapy lead. Yeah, like physical therapy, you’re screwed off, break, you get strengthened, great, then what do you do? You better get over to Planet Fitness. And it as my friend knows, Lofgren said to me after he had his hips replaced, and the E Street Band from doing this tramp thing he trampoline thing he was doing for years, it was a gymnast. He said, It’s a life sentence. Physical therapy, you know, once you have this issue, it’s for the rest of your life to be strengthened. And to your point, you come in, you work hard, you do whatever, even if you just walk in, and whatever that thing is, then you go sit in your car, and you get a meal, and you stop somewhere on the way home. And by the time you get home, maybe it’s not even like it the benefit is isn’t even what you believe it to be. I saw what you’re trying to do there, which is allow people to properly wind down from, from a hard workout. In many cases.

Quintin Dailey  06:26

That’s the biggest thing is, you know, as I said before, man, 45 minutes to an hour of tightening, and then let alone the habitual motions that we do day to day. Like right now. I mean, I’m, I’m at a grand opening right now. And we got some people out there working out. But I go from actively working with them to sitting down for a second for an extended period of time, and then I get back to it again. So muscles tighten up, we have our motions that we use. So some visually that, you know, it creates imbalances in that black card spot is definitely a way for us to alleviate some of the tension that we build up. Some of those are visual motions, those motions that we do over and over and over again, just to make sure we don’t stay too tense. And, you know, we can’t fight time. Of course, that’s one thing. But the other side of it is if we do have an area like the relaxation pod, the cryo lounge, the hydro massage bed, it makes it a little easier for us to move through our day to day function. For sure.

Nestor Aparicio  07:28

Listen, man, when I have you on Quinton Daly’s here from Planet Fitness, they’ve been our longtime partners, they’re in the neighborhood. It’s very inexpensive and there’s great expertise and world class functional equipment. First thing I said to queues I were walking around, I’m like, that works. That works. That works out. I’m walking no out of order signs. And I’m like, That ain’t like the gyms I was at 2030 years ago. Yeah. Like someone Morgan. I would say for anybody that knows about your gyms and the workout and the TVs and the treadmills and the stairs in the walk any of that thing that a planet fitness would be. This is a little different. So if you’re a black card member, let’s say you’re over in the golden ring area to Towson Dundalk, Kingsville. Glen, Burnie, wherever you are. Only a few of these locations have it right now. Reisterstown is the one that I went to, right off Cherry Hill up in Franklin Franklin Boulevard area, and Harriman houses but I’d say there’s a Jiffy Lube across street too. So I was in your place. And it’s remodeled. It’s to the left side. walk folks through what you walked me through scientifically, because you’re like, Hey, dude, I’m gonna put you in here just to be a light thing. And then we’re going to do a water thing. Then we’re going to do a massage chair. Do you want to do the cryo, and I’m like, oh, cryo means cold. That’s gonna do cold my back already hurts. So you were very specific and intentional with what you did with me. I spent a good two hours and I did not work out I toured your gym, play with some of the equipment a little bit to see how it functions. But But I was very clear with you I I wasn’t looking to get a workout in I was looking to just really think about this relaxation thing in a different way. And experience these. They’re I say really expensive devices that some people would pay 50 100 But you know for an expert, at least 1020 30 bucks for an experience that they can have at your Reisterstown location. And do what I did try it and see if you like it. I didn’t love the massage chair. I love the hydro bet. Right. And I love the first thing you took me on that I don’t I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s a light sensitivity issue that I think every football player that you know Science, Sports Science, we see an ESPN, this would be like an entryway for that right?

Quintin Dailey  09:50

For sure. For sure. So that first area that we went through was the wellness pod and that has everything from a heated seat, of course They have you in a lounge position. So it’s not in the upright, back rest of the team, you can lay back, put those knees up a little bit and take the pressure off your lower back. But the thing that they’ve added to this experience, of course, it’s about 15 minutes, you can be, you know, just to unplug for a second and be somewhere in the islands if you will have the music playing and then calm down for a second, or you can have a 15 minute meditation. Guided by, you know, someone with a PhD who has done this for years, is causing you to do things like mindfulness, understanding things like overthinking because we do it every single day. So you can go to these videos. And also this breathing exercises because I know that the anxiety levels for you know workers like myself, my trainers, even the everyday worker coming from, you know, you’re just you lose your, your planet fitness is they need that time to kind of decompress. Right, so that wellness part is definitely one of the things that can help with that. So music is played, and they even have added in a sense, that can be you know, it’s like, not it’s very subtle, not too overwhelming. I


Nestor Aparicio  11:14

thought I was in like an IMAX movie theater. I mean, I got come clean with you. Q Okay. Because um, yeah, help me clean. Whatever. Yeah, I’ve cried on the air to speak about Brooks and whatnot. This Talking Heads movie that that just came out. It’s 40 years old. Stop making sense. I want to go see it. So I’m out on the website. And it’s playing your Whitemarsh Rhonda Mills if places, and they said IMAX, I know what I’m actually is to D I don’t know what 2d is. But it sounds interesting down with the Charles. And then I saw D box. I’m like, What the hell’s D box. And my wife was like, Oh, that was the thing I was gonna do with my sister a Top Gun. It’s like motion activated. And I’m like, that sounds like soaring at Disney World at Epcot to me. And when you say the scent, like the Epcot ride at Disney World, you go through the jungle and you smell the grass come up, and you you smell the surf in the water that like, you know, I’m pretty spiritual guy. I think people know me know enough about that. We have our senses about us. That’s just something that they were thinking about at the ballyhoura holiday spa in 83. You know what I mean? Like, there’s a whole different sense of what people are coming to Planet Fitness for, or any fitness experience. And so much of what I was in there with you was to your point, guy works at Jiffy Lube, a woman who looks like a school teacher, another woman who’s in a postal outfit, to just getting off of work, like in the locker rooms and the cleanliness, that’s so obvious. I mean, talk about Disney World, I say these are my Disney World fireworks for my 25th anniversary, but a level of cleanliness and the kind of experience that you might run into your mother there, you might run into your kid there, like literally, that was the vibe I got and that the company’s really taking all of this seriously, not just to the point where you were trained up on this, but where I came in and had a two hour experience and thought I thought it was different than the Spa at Scottsdale, where there’s Rob in a hot, like all of and I understand that, but for on a daily basis and Reisterstown for me to be able to go in away from whatever my gig is. And, you know, sometimes it’s sports media things a little more stressful than others. But you really it was it was it was a lovely experience. And it was you call it the black card, it felt more like the platinum card, you know, it felt more it felt more like a real upscale experience. And something where I’m like, these people are really thinking about what we’re doing. And you listen, I have Victor and Lynn on all the time. And all these years of fitness and beforehand you want to I’m going to tell you like when you have your fitness trainer on the show, and there’s some level of responsibility. First thing I’m thinking is I’m gonna crampy I gotta hydrate. So I made sure and this is listen and this is this is my purple glass and my orange glass. They’re both half full. Just so you know this time of year, you know what I mean? But But hydration and these things that nobody ever taught me before I was around athletes. Nobody ever told me till I blew my knee out and my body got completely out of whack after a surgery and I need a physical therapy 1819 years ago and nobody you know nobody ever told me to what it was gonna feel like to be 55 and get up every day. And you know and I’m not working at Jiffy Lube I’m not down on my feet. But I come in there and have that spa experience. That’s something everybody should experience and and do it open minded because the pod like to me and I don’t want to be macabre because I’ve I’ve had a bad back and I’ve had a couple of MRIs. It was like this beautiful MRI experience with this comfy bed that I was in and like if I could pick the colors and pick the scents and pick the meditation that it was a comfortable, quiet space that people don’t make time for themselves especially if you have kids responsibilities job answer to people taking a little time for yourself that that’s different than working out when the gym Right, but this is more quiet time. And it’s something that I didn’t associate with a Planet Fitness cue.

Quintin Dailey  15:06

The time I mean, and you spoke to him, and we should have you in this thing, but as you, as you said, that time to unwind to come down from everyday life. And, you know, aside from an MRI experience, so you have the doctor in your ear, and nurses in your ear, people plugging you up with certain things, you can set yourself in the pod and take yourself to a whole other area. And of course, that dogmatic response of feel good comes immediately when you kind of take away from you know, pushing papers, writing down things, remembering things, you take time for yourself, but the mental portion of it is what we’re really going after, for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  15:45

Yeah, I mean, I don’t push religion or politics, a little bit of sports around here from time to time. But if you’re a spiritual person, if you know, it’s a quiet time that you could find yourself in that space as well if you choose to. And the smells and the flavor is just fun. And honestly, it made me want to come back again. And I like I’m like, Well, this is cool. And I came in like what do you show me next? And then you took me to the height where you offered me that cry? Oh, thanks. So you can bring that in now if you want and then we’ll talk but the best thing you know I’m getting down here stretching you know, I got a little L for like tightness and Dr. Steve takes care of me at La chiropractic and I get sublet man that bed like God like I told Dr. Steve over to like chiropractor I’m like, dude, like get that bad for people after you just the limp synonym for it really was. Um, that was the best part of the experience. For me. That was the Disney World part. For me. The Lytro bed is what’s called

Quintin Dailey  16:45


Yep, hydro massage bed, hydro massage bed. So we have two forms of it was more of a plastic, no finishing massage would have been making those circles and not needing things of that nature. But the one you experienced was the hydro massage Bay, both are compressive massage. And the biggest focus there is the recovery side of things. And the reason why I say that is hooping for years, you know, listening for years coaching for years, I’m on my feet using my hands, especially in those delicate areas like your wrists, your ankle, your knees, lower back, as you experience is the abundance of inflammation, right? And we have that response where a final kind of protein that kind of exacerbate the inflammation, inflammation. I got that

Nestor Aparicio  17:27

right now I got it right, my lower back right this minutes where literally I mean, it because I’m standing still right. And to your point, this is a total plan. This is a plug for Planet Fitness, you gotta move, you gotta move, right. And like part of it at 55 for me with the back thing is just standing still, sometimes I’m dancing, people think I’m on Coke, or cocaine, or your Pepsi, or, you know, some soft drink or some that there’s some five hours now man, I’m just like, I gotta move a little bit. And part of just standing. It’s bad. And that hydro massage. It felt like I would tell you felt like, like a hot tub jet without being in a hot tub. But the water was warm. And you it allowed you to focus on like, My butt hurts or my blower back hurts on my shoulders, or you my feet, whatever it was that dude, I want one of those. That’s the one if I get the key to come in and steal so I would steal that that’s what I would take the Hydra

Quintin Dailey  18:33

Mercedes Benz right then. So that’s the Mercedes Benz. And especially like you said, I mean, for those that might not feel like hey, you know what the back doesn’t need as much attention I need really attention in that, you know, C spine, l spine, they can put that area specifically just to scan and hit those areas consistently if you want to depression can be adjusted, so it’s not too difficult. So it’s really for everybody that you will come in there and give him a massage on. And then the cryo, of course, just to cool down the body or even warm it up before an exercise or after an exercise. So for right now, you know, I’m going through it I have my like exercise yesterday, and it hurts to get in and out of the car hurt to you know, get on and off to the toilet, if you will. We have been on that cryo massage will allow my muscles to tighten back up and get me back in the club. Or if I’m willing to work out again, no run from ball go running on a track or something like that. I could actually get on that chair and heat my muscles up to get them nice and pliable, if you will for my next motion.

Nestor Aparicio  19:40

You make me stretch a little bit and you know, I I know listen, I believe in science. I’m not here disputing that, you know, Victor tells me about you know, the freeze guy from Norway and like Wim Wim Hof. Wim Hof. Yeah, yeah. Wim Hof. Um, and like, I can even get him on the show. I’ve had Tony Robbins, I’m gonna Tony Robbins guy and I know he’s got the cold tub every morning. He kind of makes the thing about it. And I’ve seen football players do it. You know? I can’t get there. I can’t get there to help me get there. Tell me it’s oh man.


Quintin Dailey  20:21

All right. So here’s my here’s my thing, here’s the thing to everybody listening is, if we just try a shower, let’s say we’ve had our shower for about five minutes. And it’s about that, that fourth minute, turn that heat down just a little bit to the cold side, not too cold. And then you go to, you know, tolerance, your central nervous is gonna be like, Hey, I don’t like that, of course. But piece by piece step by step bit by bit. If you start to add in, you know, smaller decreases in temperature, you’ll start to feel better and about hopping in because my first time doing the Wim Hof Method. Boy, I tell you, it was difficult to stay in that tub for you know,

Nestor Aparicio  21:01

five minutes. And I’m telling you, man, these nice people were Special Olympics, right. And, and I’ve tried to be supportive, and they go in a do this plunge, and then the super plunge and my my buddy, Danny Danny up in Harford County is an equestrian with Special Olympics every year he calls him makes fun of me. And I put him on the show and he calls me sissy. And and I just, you know, like my people from the equator. I mean, cue you put me in that what give me the pot again, what you call it the wellness, Bob, what’s the wellness pot? You put me in there and you’re like, do you want the mountains you give me the friggin beach? What’s wrong with you? I mean, the minute a beach comes up, it’s like Jimmy Buffett’s on an update. He’s alive again. And it’ll put us alive and it’s I’m 10 degrees warmer. And then I think about coal. I just think about skiing. I even like my friends had drunk city. I’ll be honest with you. I’m gonna give a plug here. This is the fountain that drug city. We’re gonna be there for my birthday on the 13th during the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with wind donation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. They sell snowballs air and I’m like, Look, no offense. It’s just awkward. My birthday and snowballs. No bueno. Like snowballs summer, I can’t think about a margarita of mixed drink. Like I, I get cold. My wife is saying, you know, my people from the equator. And my dad would say I had during my blood, but But I get cold quickly. And I’m trying to like get my arm around how I’m going to be able to do it without my back. And like I like I saw. I saw them to call a cow Bradish. The other night, he threw the he pitched the great game. They showered him and he’s on the air. And I saw I saw his lip quivering. And I I like yeah, I puckered up a little bit myself. And I’m like, Dude, it’s cold. And I don’t like being cold. So I mean, this is, I’m talking to you about this, and I’m even experiencing it through what I saw on television earlier in the week, and I don’t like being cold. But I do know, it’s, it’s incredibly beneficial for recovery, right for inflammation, right?

Quintin Dailey  23:13

Very true, very true. And even just sucking the system, you know, kind of training to training the brain to overcome, you know, sensations in that sense. But the cryo lounge would be a great way to implement it, you know, because it is in a textile material, not just a cold liquid on you. So a little easier to get into. But like you said, Man, sometimes it might be just that small introduction, right? It might be in the extremity first. It might not be you know,

Nestor Aparicio  23:42


and I just couldn’t I’m looking at it, and it’s there. And I’m like, Can we do the hydro massage again? Can I do? Can I do that? You know, because it just didn’t. And I know and like I know, would it help? It would help me too. So listen, you’re the scientist and when you said central nervous system, all I remember was jumping in the pool when the pool water is cold. Everybody’s had that. Getting in the ocean, getting in the ocean like may early June, seeing your week get down here you’ll shrink, you know, like you don’t. It’s cold, man. Like I got to dip your toe in, you know?

Quintin Dailey  24:17

Yes, sir. True. All right. Next

Nestor Aparicio  24:19

time I’m going to come out. I’m gonna try to get my mind around it. Tell everybody about all the plans you have at Planet Fitness. And at this cool spa experience I had it’s this isn’t the $299 a month plan this is this is suitable for everybody.

Quintin Dailey  24:36

It very much is I mean 2499 A month man, you can’t beat that, especially as you said to not have to go to your state of the art spa to get an experience such as, you know, compressive massage called therapy, and then a mental getaway, if you will, as you said you could be in the mountains, the beaches, if you chose to, just to kind of bring yourself down and still have that dogmatic response to kind of that feel good feeling take you away from the everyday stresses of life. But it’s not a substitute for exercise. Of course motion is still need motion is still needed. So it can be before your exercise or after your exercise. And going back to a point you made about that cryo lounge, it also does heat therapy. So you can have it be in the hot seat or the cold seat, you have options there. So you know that black card is definitely adding to our experience. Today I’m in Frederick, Maryland, heading over director town after but we have an open house, you know, our trainers got classes jumping in, I’m definitely going to be you know, preaching to the choir, if you will, to get those members into the black card spot after exercise after putting them to work. Because like we talked about, we spent an extended period of time working out and tightening those muscles are standing and sitting. And then we don’t spend a lot of time resting or recovering. So we need to put more emphasis into that field. For sure.


Nestor Aparicio  26:03

Here was here he is Quinton Daly. He He’s the personal training expert of all things. So you’re Frederick today but you’re almost like on your own little crabcake tour if you want to be but I had the mayor of Frederick I owe him a call to have him on the show because I met him in Mako in the summer and I told him I fell in love with his little town. I mean, my wife and I did the crabcake tour two summers ago with the help of the people of planet fitness as well as all of our sponsors that put us on the road and it allowed me to go to places like Cumberland Lennie up and Cumberland have become a friend of mine despite the fact that he likes to backers and and Steelers lead but I went all over the state and and I know you’re out training people like Lenny Cumberland and going to salt you’re going all over the place doing this Yeah, Frederick’s beautiful so I just want to give a shout out you get to see the whole state right?

Quintin Dailey  26:50

Man I get to travel around and different demographics and definitely meeting new people is a blessing. Man. I can’t I can’t I can’t say it enough has been able to be in a different spot. And then you know, take what I’ve learned from like people like Lenny even though he’s a Packers fan. People like Lenny, you know, my great managers out there and golden ring, Kenny, those guys definitely teach me a lot their member base teaches me a lot to take to other areas and especially just, you know, spread the wealth of knowledge of what we have to offer funding.

Nestor Aparicio  27:25

Alright, so everything we’ve talked about is not available everywhere yet. Reisterstown where else I know Forest Hills coming real soon, right? What else do we have where folks could experience this if they’re already black? If you’re black card member, you go anywhere you want, right? I mean, that’s all over the world or the Brisbane if you want. But but if you’re a black card member, you want to try what I’ve talked about, or they call it the Reisterstown join the club, be a part of it, check it out, get a tour. It’s available. How many stores and where right now.

Quintin Dailey  27:57


So if I can count them, for most of my region has a cryo lounge or anything that has been remodeled. So I have my club out in Perry Hall. They definitely have just gotten their remodel, and they got their cryo lounge, their hydro massage beds and massage chairs.

Nestor Aparicio  28:14

Next time that’s it. I mean, I got friends.

Quintin Dailey  28:18

Let’s do it. Let’s do it. We got Reisterstown Of course, as you spoke about, Frederick definitely has a cryo lounge. And, and I won’t as part here as well. And then Forest Hill should be active and operational. To be honest, I think that we should be you know, before the end of this week. I know I was there yesterday. The Crowl Lounge has not been set just yet. But we should have that done by the end of the week. So I mean, you guys, if you see, you know your planet fitness sit down for a couple of days, what they’re doing is trying to add that experience for sure. And bring you a new experience as far as that cryo lounge you know, that mental health space you know that that is something that you got to work your mental health is Lynn like say a lot of the

Nestor Aparicio  29:01

time. Yeah, well so so because because you know what, this is the God’s honest truth. Even if you’re rich or famous, wherever you are, your health is the minute it teeters, it becomes the absolute priority above all other things. You wake up and your back hurts, you’re like, I can’t do this. And the other part is you’re young, you’re beautiful one day, you’re gonna be old like me, and it’s gonna be hard to be this beautiful and, you know, take take care of this valuable piece of property, but it really it’s it’s everything. It’s diet, nutrition, rest, mental health, like things that we just didn’t talk about at the Bally’s holiday spa in 1983. It’s like it’s a whole thing. And I mean, a day where I’m not hydrated. I’m on the ground cramping up a day where I’m not getting the right kind of rest and recovery. I’m irascible things don’t go well and things don’t get done the right way and you’re edgy, too. The days are not fit that I’m not on the mat the way I need to be strengthening myself in a place like Planet Fitness, making sure I’m doing whatever I’m doing. And you know the actually thing out before I let you go, and I’ve taken a appreciate your time. Here Madhu from PF cue. The one thing being an old, I don’t say I’m out of shape. I’m not. I’m not in the shape I was when I was 25.


Quintin Dailey  30:23

Can you put us to work? So don’t do that.

Nestor Aparicio  30:25

So you’re saying like, there are things that you would not want me doing right now with my back rowing, hitting a golf. I mean, listen, I had Rick Dempsey on this week, right? And Rick has the baseball warehouse down at Columbia. He’s promoting a fantasy camp, right. And when I was in my 30s, they would ask me to do it every year. And I’m like, you know, playing baseball with a bunch of old farts for a week in Florida. I’d rather be on a beach when I was in my 30s and could do it. Right. And I was a decent athlete. Well, I mean, I, I, especially with baseball, I can hit the ball. I played baseball every day in my life. I could, my wife, I would always laugh at her. I’m like, if I got in the cage and my back weren’t screwed up, I could hit the ball. I like all of that. But my back and where I am, it just doesn’t feel like where I am. The surgeon, the back surgeon told me he’s going to cut on me at some point my life, I’m trying to be careful, right? Careful when I come in, right? And making sure that I’m on the right path, not the wrong path. So I see the lunk alarm and judgment free and you know, big people, small people, skinny people, old people, white people, black, female, everybody’s in there, right? And I’m thinking what’s what’s for me. And you know, and a little piece of your place reminded me of physical therapy, in that it’s the graduate school for that, right? For, let’s say, the woman that I did physical therapy with my knee, she had a hand problem and she just trying to get back that when she’s in your gym, there’s something she could do that would help her hand strength, let’s just say right? Or you’re in a car accident, and God forbid whatever happened to you, right? Because I was in PT with kids that were pitching young girls that blew their knees out playing soccer, you know, like athlete injuries, not old fart injuries, right? old fart injuries and old fart fitness and maintenance and physical therapy. Plus, when when you said to me, Hey, man, we’re just trying to do stuff we do every day, pick the groceries up, get stuff out of the car, get stuff in the house, walk the steps, if I’m if I’m at that point, where every step hurts like hell, like it did two years ago, my back hurt the simple, regular people stuff, not gym rat stuff, not athlete stuff, just making sure I don’t get hurt, staying strong, staying healthy. So maybe I can play pickleball one day, right?

Quintin Dailey  32:46

Very true, very true. And what you talk about that word function, and that we we take it for granted, in a sense, you know, as you said, young and vibrant now but you know, act of God can happen, you know, begins to break down, atrophy set then things of that nature. So, we invested in what we call the site, not what we call, they call a branded site fit equipment. So we have a form of a seated elliptical, there was a time in which I had a gentleman, younger man, it was it was it broke my heart to deal with him. But of course, you know, I’m willing to help anybody, meta mountain oxen Hill, he got hit by a car, he was wheelchair bound. And he was like, Hey, man, I didn’t want to do anything. I want to start moving again. And I was like, um, stop, stop for a second. But I was like, You know what, we had the size, that equipment where I could move this chair out of the way, will him in, place his legs up and have him move in the range of motion pushing and pulling again, on his arm bending and lifting on his

Nestor Aparicio  33:45


video with you instead of in a rehab center in a hospital. Right.

Quintin Dailey  33:50

That’s it. That’s it, we got to move it, we got to move. And that was it did my heart good, of course to have horses.

Nestor Aparicio  33:55

You know, just thinking about that. I mean, my mother at the end of her life, you know, she had to go to an old person’s place to pull on a pulley and like all of that. And if she had a place like Planet Fitness, let’s say your 60s or 70s It would have been a different ride for her and her 80s and 90s. And I’m hoping who doesn’t want to live to be 80s or 90s, right?

Quintin Dailey  34:17

Yes, that’s right. That’s the truth. So that was definitely a big win for us especially for those who might feel a little uncomfortable getting into a standing elliptical now you have a seated one a lot easier to move and maneuver but even on the other side as you said you got to people that you know softball pitches, baseball pitches, you know you send a fear to hit the sling that ball from you know, centerfield down.


Nestor Aparicio  34:42

You know, that’s why I’m not the fantasy camp. I’m going to say my mind I said when you put me into virtual reality, I had fantasy camp. I played little league. You know what I mean? I gotta hit off tippy Martinez wants you to charity game. I bragged this week to Rick Dempsey. I said I you know my fantasy The days are over at this point you know so oh you know my fantasy is my fantasy is that you can figure out a way to do that well in this pod right as well I’m getting that you mix that with the height give me the height. What’s it called? The hydrotherapy massage bed. Can you if you put those together? Maybe get me a drink. That’s perfect. That’s what I need you to do.

Quintin Dailey  35:24

That’s live in live right this

Nestor Aparicio  35:28

quick daily share easier to help me. He helped me Reiser’s dad, he’s going to help me Overbury all maybe I’m far still forward. Solar was in the Baltimore positive spirit really, really appreciate the tour. More than anything, I learned stuff. And then I learned stuff. I can tell other people’s stuff and people. I spoke to a rotary club this week. Like what are you doing at this point in your life? I said, I’m still I’m picking the games with Hollywood Casino. 2719 for against spread. I’m talking Oreos, Brooks Robinson life and legacy. I’m talking ravens games this week. But like we can still mix it people staying well staying hydrated and finding good stuff like that hydro massage thing then the wellness pod that I found black cards available Planet Fitness is around the corner from you. They’re good folks around your Ohana and that means family straight up it’s always good to have you on to take care of where can people find you or find a planet fitness and how does it come in and there’s somebody who was trained and every one of them right so there’s

Quintin Dailey  36:31


that 36 You know so in the greater Boston area are owned by another franchise but I worked in all 36 clubs owned by our friend Jasmine everything from Elton down silver spring. I’m there so you guys let me know if you if you need help. My email is Quinn that daily at Ohana You want any questions about any of these memberships, but of course you can always go to Planet find anything in the greater Maryland area. And we’ll be sure to get back to you or just get you a free tour.

Nestor Aparicio  37:05

So we want to play to finish say I know Q That’s all you need to say and everything would be good. That’s what I said. I said I’m here to meet you. Oh, okay. Okay, man. So I knew you were like Mr. Big. I knew you had four four words in your title. At the time plan to finish they’re great people. They’re local. They’re going to update my see this reminds me to stay hydrated when you give me water bottle. That’s Victor and Lynn like, put it in my head here and everybody at the club as well. Big appreciation for the tour Karen sago for making it happen as well. We’re gonna do the Maryland crab cake tour again on the 13th for my birthday. And it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery and a bunch of winners and Coco’s last week had such a good time. At Coco’s we had Max Weiss out for Baltimore magazine my friend received talking about the Oriole bandwagon and what all of this means as we get ready for game one next week also had a visit from the great house music Diva and my friend alternate day who is going to take me out dancing one day for some deep sugar as well. So we had a long conversation out of cocoa so that was fun. 55th birthday is the 13th will be a drug City at the fountain upstairs, probably drinking some premium whiskey that I can work off and the Planet Fitness. I am Nestor we are dynasty I know you do it you will get me hydrated properly after all that fun we’re gonna have bloated after my birthday. We are wn sta a 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive Stay with us.

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