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WNST STORY OF GLORY No. 9: The power of the WNST Text Service to break and deliver sports news

The founder of WNST is an old news hound who was trained by the best in the business in the 1980s at The News American and The Baltimore Sun. When the internet became a thing at the turn of the century and texting quickly became ubiquitous, Nestor Aparicio asked his listeners to join the WNST Text Service sponsored by Koons Ford of Security Blvd. No spam! Ever. It’s been over 18 years since we launched the most trusted source for breaking sports news in Baltimore. What was the big news that you heard first and where were you when you received the text? (And ask Nestor about the time he purposely launched one in the cafeteria at the Ravens’ Liars Luncheon with NFL schedule news to watch everyone in the room reach for their phones!)