The calm after the contract signing

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As the Orioles continue to surge, it’s a calm time in Owings Mills after all of the offseason mayhem and fan confusion. Now that Lamar Jackson is safely under contract for the next five years, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the temporary peace that comes before No. 8 has to go on the field and be Superman next season.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive it’s may be Oreos are good. The Maryland crab cake tours out on the road. I’ll be bringing it to you where MC falls oyster real this week. Next week state fair on Friday. We’re gonna be there Friday through to 511 the legit State Fair, very simple. crabcake we have great guests Bill weed out from CFG bank will be our guest next Friday in Kingsville. We also have Pete Kurinji and we have this week and I want to say this for all my Dundalk friends, a Dundalk high grad who was going to camp with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Ronnie Brown running back from Shepherd college and also actually Sparrows Point grad. So, Sparrows Point transfer over to Dundalk better than Patapsco. I’ll say we’re doing all that it’s up McFaul is brought to you by the Maryland crab cake tour and our sponsors, the man the lottery, we’ve given away the instant lottery scratch offs as well as I’ll be wearing the funny when donation hat 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free 0% financing for five years. And I know this guy likes that because he likes to save money. He especially likes it when the government doesn’t get the money, but he likes it when business does business with business. That’s why He’s our guy. Rascon global letter. Raskin joins us now. Man, you and I were on Facebook together completely halfway around the world from each other. I would say that you and I have great abundance in our life that I spent 10 days in Maui and you spent a week in Lisbon in Portugal with your family. How are you? Welcome back to America. I didn’t have to pull my passport out and I went someplace really exotic.

Leonard Raskin  01:34

That’s it. You did and we did as well. We did a we did a whirlwind 10 days. We started off in Columbus. Now this is kind of crazy. Because you know how these things go? I don’t know i i checked in a little bit on the Maryland where they call it the red and white game. You know the offense defensive scrimmage for the spring game. And I think quarterback by the way, there you go. There was probably family and friends in the stands at Maryland. We cruised out to the Ohio State because the boy is in the band as we all know. And they played the halftime show a tribute to country women’s music. So the boy was in the formations out on the on the field the patient is weighing. So did Twain Dolly Parton. I don’t know the I don’t remember the other two. But anyway, this is

Nestor Aparicio  02:22

the same band played they played rush at one point, right? Absolutely.

Leonard Raskin  02:25

Different show every game. Should I Twain, Dolly Parton Reba and I think Kelly Clarkson. Okay. And it’s great. You can look it up on the athletic band Show page, the halftime show. So we went out there. We took the beast The dog went with it and your son plays the what? tenor sax, I’m just making intersects. He started on the 10 yard line, you’ll see

Nestor Aparicio  02:46

just gives you a future in rock and roll which I like you know,

Leonard Raskin  02:48

he’s a jazzy Springsteen band. If he needs to be he could play a plays really? He’s really good. I’m not biased. He’s really good. He’s been playing since fourth grade. He’s in his third year junior college. He’s really good. Anyway. Good to be in Ohio State. Yeah, you know, there you go. So, so he’s out on the field. And then we left the dog with him for the week and flew to Lisbon. went to Portugal had a ball people are nicest could be bend over backwards to be nice. Open a God had had a ball, ate great food, drank good port toward the city. Road did a 12 mile bike ride while we were there. And they build this bike ride as all downhill. So I love downhill. I’m good at downhill. So but it wasn’t all downhill about half was downhill half was flat to slide up. It was okay. It was great. Had a ball ride a bike around the coast. On the ocean. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Face the NADA did you take absolutely, absolutely. Come on we we ate everything we like we were going to the chair my friend we ate big. So yeah, and we were we were texting back and forth. You were in Hawaii. I was in Lisbon. And Lamar was in Baltimore. And how about Lamar? So all all our months of conjecture and conversation and rap about where he was gonna go and who he was going to play for and what he was gonna get. And I guess it’s it’s accurate. Who the heck knows? You know, I guess people that signed the paperwork. No, I guess the league ultimately has to know and put it out to the public for some reason. They all put it out to the public. I don’t know if it has to be public, but $260 million to run those legs. And 100 And what was it 86 Guaranteed? Which I tell you my friend doesn’t suck well,

Nestor Aparicio  04:53

but but here’s here’s the as a fan as a fan. You want to see them compete. You

Leonard Raskin  04:57

want it? Yes.

Nestor Aparicio  04:58

Are you convinced they win the Superbowl now Have the day sign. Lamar, are you convinced a championship?

Leonard Raskin  05:02

Within his five years? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. You’re a believer in love to? Well, I’m a believer and what they’ve put together and absolutely I think the kid is is strong. I think you see the rankings of all these people say and where he is in the league as far as quarterbacks go, he’ll he’ll win one. He’s he’s got the right attitude about the game. And I don’t think there’s any question but who win one they got a great backfield. They’ve got some studly receivers. Now, I think the opportunity for Odell to come in from everything I hear about OB J. He’s flashy, and he’s got an image. He’s put his face out there. So he’s made himself a flashy guy in the world. But I understand he’s a phenomenal locker room, dude. For the team. Well, that’s it the Ravens believe in the Ravens. Well, that Right, right. And and Todd Monken believes that his time Yeah. Right. And if you if you get that with the new receivers the young core, I think you can help that young core come along. And man, could you imagine the Ravens with a passing game Been a while it’s been a while but if they have a passing game, and they got Lamar and JK and and Matt and and Mark Andrews, I think they’re a they’re a bust out offense when you talk so

Nestor Aparicio  06:22

much about resources. And by the way, Glenn Raskin, you’re asking globe if you’re joining us on AM 1570 talking about money and finance and football and Bandcamp and Portugal and all this stuff. But your biggest issue is managing your resources. Right? Like yeah, and and the Ravens resources have a salary cap and what they have now 20% of the cap, one of the things that really brought the franchise down during the Flacco era was he was making so much money and there was a target for all of that I did this is this is very, very interesting it to me that that the Ravens gave him the money, they had no choice. There were no suitors. No one, they were bidding against themselves, and they something great quarterbacks to get, and they had no other. This was need meeting need. And a lot of money. And a lot of parents love

Leonard Raskin  07:12

each other. They’re hugging. They’re holding it.

Nestor Aparicio  07:14

Where was he in Cincinnati? 10 weeks ago that I did keep asking that question, you know, why? Why was he not with the team? And I don’t know that the truth will ever come out now that there’s a million now. Right? That’s a reason to not have to

Leonard Raskin  07:26

change. And as soon as he wins a championship or near championship, nobody will care.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

Nobody else hears their nine and one, ever.

Leonard Raskin  07:35

That’s right. That’s right. So so it’s just now get out there and make it happen. And he’s going to show up for the, for the whatever, two days and the OTAs and the other A’s and the whatever it is. And the end of the film and the workouts and the all in the all Yeah, yeah, I don’t think I don’t even think they put a clause in his contract that he has to watch a video.

Nestor Aparicio  08:01

The reason I’m gonna ask for resources, though, because Draft Day, you find out what’s really on the mind of the team, right? You know, we could sit here and have all the conjecture, should they take a corner should they take a wide receiver, they’re obviously gonna get a corner in the in the aftermarket, whether it’s Mark Peters, or whether it’s rocky scene, but by the time you hear this piece it may have happened. Part of that is getting Lamar to actually sign the contract, which frees up the money.

Leonard Raskin  08:24

Now they know what they have. And I was I was at a conference after I got back from Portugal day before the day of the draft the day, the morning that Lamar signed, I was talking to some friends. And people were saying, well, if they give him that kind of money, their cap is all blown up. And I was saying to him, Look, these guys learned their lesson. They know how to make this contract, quote unquote, cat friendly. I don’t know how to do it. I have no idea how that works. All I know is he will not be the only person that they’re able to sign. And, and my goodness, you know, like you said, they went out in the draft. They got a great receiver, a great receiver. Now I was of course hoping they would get Jack he was also big. But yeah, he went to picks ahead Seattle grabbed him to a head, but they got a phenomenal receiver. And then they did a pretty good job in the rest of the draft and jumped back in for a kid who had a great career before he got hurt. And a year from now it’s gonna be like picking up another draft pick. And I also like I also liked the statement. I don’t know if if Eric made it I don’t know who made the statement but they liked their second round pick this year too. Well, yeah, it was pretty good. Well, the

Nestor Aparicio  09:38

record Smith thing is it was a pretty good second round the resources as you make money on ro Quan Smith, but on wide receivers 50 million for Obj. Obviously he’s a one year pay. Right, right, right and they still have Bateman coming back now they they drafted they’ve used a lot of resources on this wide receiver position which Obviously they got a new coordinator, they spent $200 million to have a quarterback who can run, but they’re now saying he’s going to pass. My question for the team is, how are they really going to pass 40 to 50 times a game?

Leonard Raskin  10:14

I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Look, you still got JK, you still got gusts that were just off, Lamar. The spirit of the team is going to be run. But the beauty is, I think, Well, you got past and I don’t know Monken. I mean, I know, Georgia had a pretty good offense for a little while. And they had all the tools and they ran and they threw and I think when you got these weapons combined, you keep defense off balance. There’s nothing better than that. A good balance of running pass, man. I think they got it. They got receivers, they got running backs, they got tight ends. I’m looking forward to seeing how this this offense perks, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

I am wearing the Raskin global shirt, you can find out all that Linda Rascon does in regard to financial advice and wisdom. And they tell me exactly what you do other than the American dream that I was living out in one layer in Kihei. We can have beautiful,

Leonard Raskin  11:07

beautiful, yeah, we are. We are America’s financial physician, that’s That’s our new get, okay, we we give you the right prescription for your financial health. We’re rebranding that, like you rebranded Baltimore positive, like so All right, we’ll be we’ll be rolling this out. Right. Now I gotta write the second half of this year, we’re gonna be rolling that out, we’re gonna be putting the book out. July one, the books coming out. So we’re following you as an author. And the goal is, when we talk to people, it’s about making sure that their financial health and house is in order. And we’ve been doing the right prescription for people’s financial health for 36 years. So we’re now looking at how we operate. And we’re doing this rebrand. And we’re, like I said, we’re rolling it out now, soon, today. But the idea is, we are still about the American dream, we are about making America financially healthy, and wealthy, and create the American Dream for people so they can have what they want in their lives. And we see a lot of people that have a lot of financial pain, and done a lot of research over the years and had a nice meeting with a PhD professor in behavioral economics and finance. And we talked about this. And he said, you know, there are a lot of studies, we’ve done a lot of research that show that people with financial wellness live longer, have less disease, are less anxious in their lives. And so you don’t have to be well,

Nestor Aparicio  12:43

for anybody that’s had a financial crisis issue and rushes, you pay their bills. It’s happened to me when you think it’s never gonna happen the first three years of your life, you don’t have a problem. And then all of a sudden, you take on debt, the economy crashes in 2009. And I look up and say what the hell happened?

Leonard Raskin  13:01

That happened to me. And that’s right. And then, and I remember, heard me that like, not just the financial, the emotional goes, the physical goes. And so we said, You know what, we’re going to be America’s financial physician, we’re going to take on the charge of making sure that people’s health aligns with their wealth, and that people know what they’re doing with their money. And I see it too often. People that that are ready to retire, and they can’t, and they get frustrated, they get anxious, they get nervous, they get upset, then they get sick. And it happens over and over again. And it’s not luck. It’s not that disease comes because of money. That we’re not saying that just saying that it’s worse. When you bring these stressors into your body, and you have worse situations when you’re not financially well, now, that doesn’t mean well off. You don’t have to be rich, you just have to be financially well, and we want to help people be financially well. So what we do is we look at everything you do with your money and make sure you’re taking best advantage of each and every strategy that you do. That’s not in the best interest of the government, as you said earlier, not in the best interest of the financial institutions. But in your best interest and to relate this back to our, our sports in our our football friends. I found it quite enlightening and interesting how all of the pundits came around to Lamar being his own agent, who were saying he’s not going to get a contract. He’s not going to sign he doesn’t know what he’s doing without an agent. He’s going to lose this battle.

Nestor Aparicio  14:30

Well, hang on a second. I knew that. He had an eight if he was serious about having a bidding war. Yes. For job that now that being said, Steve Levin, and Eric must love him so much that they were against themselves.

Leonard Raskin  14:48

Exactly. And he got what he wanted and he signed it himself and I don’t know what agents get 1% 2% 10% I was reported to be $7.8 million to his mother. Well, that’s a good thing.

Nestor Aparicio  14:59

That is good for him. Good give it $2.8 million more than my mother had.

Leonard Raskin  15:03

There you go. That’s right. That’s right growing up with my mother we were so poor we couldn’t pay attention. Your mother your mother, lady, she’s a wonderful lady but she didn’t have $7.8 million so so good for him good for us and good for people that want the American dream and want to be financially healthy and reach out to us find us Rascon and let us help you get your financial health and wealth in order that’s what we’re about. And what we’re not about what we’re not about. Because this could hurt This Could Hurt is watching grown men cry watching grown men cry on the ice when you have the best record in the history of the NHL and go out in the first round of the playoffs flaming choke like the Boston

Nestor Aparicio  15:51

Bruins Yeah, I’m just gonna get around to this because

Leonard Raskin  15:55

their financial health is okay but their their mental health right now. There are 30 guys or however many guys right now who are I’m sure today. Still as sad as they were when they lost if not worse.

Nestor Aparicio  16:09

You remember the 8687 8889 caps.

Leonard Raskin  16:12

Do you remember that? Presidents trophy two years Gardner Pete Peters

Nestor Aparicio  16:16


Scotty Steve. All of it is just a rally you with all that

Leonard Raskin  16:19

gate candy Shane, and they they choked out.

Nestor Aparicio  16:23

I was at Mike Ridley’s locker after the county Rudy. You know, the Bob Mason. The incident back only been 36 years and I’m not over it

Leonard Raskin  16:34

right. Still still horrible in the last look in the last 15 years. The last 15 years presidents trophy which is the best record in the NHL, for those that are not hockey fans. last 15 years there hasn’t been a Stanley Cup winner out of the best record in the league.

Nestor Aparicio  16:50

Well then that just goes to show you what the best record in the league is worth. It’s worth the same as a nine in one start in the NFL, if your quarterback gets hurt before Thanksgiving he can’t play.

Leonard Raskin  16:59

That’s right. That’s exactly right. So so they’re sad in Boston. I’m kind of happy that they’re sad in Boston, but man, that team, that team lost 12 games all year at two games. They lost 12 and lost four in a week. They didn’t lose. They didn’t lose two in a row all year. I don’t believe and they lost four in a week and they were up three one in the series. It reminds me of the 79 Orioles, just the worst. Hey family you don’t

Nestor Aparicio  17:34

talk about the 79 Orioles arrived on the show.

Leonard Raskin  17:39

Man I’ll tell you I remember it like it

Nestor Aparicio  17:41

was listen well this week with the Orioles now boy I was gonna say the pain of the Orioles over 40 years. It feels like it’s coming back to like the point where you and I are gonna go east.

Leonard Raskin  17:53

Absolutely we are we are we got to look these these kids are playing great ball. They are hitting the ball. There pitchers are playing defense. Anything

Nestor Aparicio  18:02

you want to say about witnessing me meeting Mike Elias because you were there for this? Because you literally were there to witness me meeting Mike Elias was that right at the beginning of the kumbaya of Aparicio being Welcome back to Camden Yards?

Leonard Raskin  18:16

I hope so. I hope so. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be. If he has anything to say about it. Let’s hope he says it. I mean, he seemed like a good guy. He said all the right things. I think the best. The best question somebody asked him or the Oriental staying in Baltimore equivocally immediately out of his mouth was yes. No hesitancy no hedging? No. I don’t know. We may sigh I’m not in that. Yes. Was right out of his mouth straight is can be yes. When

Nestor Aparicio  18:45

the lease is signed.

Leonard Raskin  18:46

I will. I agree. I agree. But the other thing I really enjoyed listening to him talk about there, they are not a rebuilding team. They intend to win. And what I like the most when when leadership. He He looks like a leader. That’s the thing. He doesn’t waffle. He’s certain about his goals. And he stated fact out we intend to be in the playoffs we intend to win a World Series we intend to win. And when it comes from the top, and I guess he’s the top from a baseball operations standpoint. And that trickles down to your manager to your scouts to your players. And man, it looks like they got some players on this team that also intend to win and win you got attitude in the right place. You need skill, you clearly need skill. You can’t have attitude and no skill or else you’re just hot air. But he’s put them in a position with the rebuild, to have skill to have the right attitude and this team looks good. Like you said good enough to go see them live and in person. I fully intend to do that. And I think we can still get tickets to the game and he could see I think

Nestor Aparicio  19:58

plenty good seats available. Boy is put in Kansas City. Letter Rascon can be found at Rascon global. I’ll just say this on the alias thing. You invited me out and I appreciate Doug Strauss. Yeah, the folks at the CEO club club for having us out. Yeah, I was very impressed by Mike Elias and I would say that I came home and I said to my wife, I’m like, he was really impressive and that’s good. That’s good. Oh, absolutely. You know, the one thing I didn’t say to him when he acknowledged that he knew what I who I was and free the birds he knew all about All right, and I gave him a copy Purple Rain wanted to and I said these are the last two championships. I hope it inspires you. You know, one of them was Eric and but but the one thing I would say to him that I said to Dan do cat at one point, who was a little damn was just weird. I mean, not weird. Yeah. I said to him, honestly, the reason you’re here is because I bitched right like all I ever did the demos hold a mirror up and say be best a do better do better, you can be better than said Thrift, you can be better than That’s right. And what Peter Angelos has been by the way I’m re releasing the Peter principles. It’s out it’s written chapter one one up I was trying to release their stuff when I was in a while I had some computer issues we’re gonna release Peter principles because I want people to know how bad it was. And I want you to know that I got thrown out 17 years ago because I demanded that they stop lying and they disabled and get out

Leonard Raskin  21:24

right so well that’s that’s their way but the fact is, the fact is this town you know, I hear people say Baltimore blah Baltimore black Baltimore, this Baltimore that and they won’t support the team and all this nonsense. Well, I got news for you. You put a consistent winner on that field and I’m not talking years I’m talking season. The summer will be good in Baltimore for the for the Camden Yards stadium there will be people in the stands that will not be Red Sox fans will not be Yankee fans, but will be there to fill that bowl with Oreo fans and add the

Nestor Aparicio  21:58

rest a lot of work to be done and part of that is coming out and meeting executives and being a part of the community. That’s great.

Leonard Raskin  22:04

That’s exactly right.

Nestor Aparicio  22:06

I haven’t seen Sashi brown do that. Let me know I saw she’s coming out I couldn’t tell you I want to I’m going to talk to Sasha I did I did

Leonard Raskin  22:15

get an email from the Ravens this was very weird about helping them help get people to buy season tickets. It was like a multi level marketing seven over to me well it was it was asking to be like some kind of an ambassador or something and you get points for having people sign up to buy PSL oh if

Nestor Aparicio  22:39

I get if you get me to buy the tickets back that I get thrown out of you get like a free Lamar Jersey

Leonard Raskin  22:46

I get like a toaster like green stamps. Yeah, how old are we? How old are we gonna fill up my

Nestor Aparicio  22:51

favorite green stands episode is The Brady Bunch episode. The letter Rascon is here he is all thanks financial you can find him at Raskin global. Before I choke let me just say that we’re going to be admit falls iron, not iron horse. We’re going to be at the oyster and real this is the one the Middle River not the one. I Loch Raven. We’re going to eat some oysters as well. Some crab cakes down the Metairie cook on my palpi Kurinji and Ronnie Brown also next Friday. We’re going to be at State Fair in Catonsville, the old homestead. I’m going to have sort of new thing chicken waffles and crabcake chicken waffles and crab cake we’re going to do next week, I’d say fair two to five Bill weed out from CFG banks going to tell us the magic about how the CFG Bank Arena became the CFG Bank Arena. We also have some other great guests on Chase and Marty Conway down and some other folks for next week as well. And Leonard at some point will come out and have a crab cake would be a Papist because that’s his join. And they’re our sponsor. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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