The fun of fall promotions and billion dollar jackpots

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Seth Elkin of Maryland Lottery tells Nestor about the aftermath of Poweball billion dollar jackpot fever and winning locally with some fun scratch-offs and seasonal play.


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Nestor Aparicio, Seth Elkin

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and got the 25th anniversary cupcake out in front. Our 25th anniversary is all brought to you by a friend security a wellness we’re getting down to countdown that’s the the Oreos are eliminated. 2322 21 They’re all coming down the pike had a great interview this week with Andy Summers from the police played up at the strand on Thursday night. And you could find that out of Baltimore positive as well. And the Maryland crab cakes we’re back out on the road for my 55th birthday on Friday will be a drug city. Luke’s gonna come by Dundalk and be my primary guest. We will be giving away ravens scratch offs in drug City at the fountain upstairs in the tasting room on Friday afternoon the 13th Friday the 13th. already bad luck the Orioles are eliminated. Then on Sunday we’re back at Hollywood casino in Perryville. Watching the Ravens do their thing over in London against the Titans come on up. 30 bucks, brunch, buffet food with a lot of money. Speaking of win a lot of money I got Seth Alcon here from the Maryland lottery, they sponsor our Maryland crab cake tour I’ll be giving away these ravens graduates now you can’t win. It’s unfortunate but you can’t win $1.5 billion on the scratch off game, but you could have had you play the other night and the Powerball yes weird Seth when I look on the website go to nd like I always do before we talk make sure that I see winners and know what’s going on see if any bus drivers won last week it’s always my favorite stick with with with John but it goes to 1.5 million to like 20 million and you’re like oh you know jackpot. Then you see it was in California and you’re like oh my wife didn’t win so how are you man? I mean these these big jackpots keep you guys up late over there in the lottery right?

Seth Elkin  01:40

It really does. You know when when and it actually went even higher than that. You were traveling you were in Texas you were occupied with

Nestor Aparicio  01:48

I saw was 1.4 5 billion did it get higher

Seth Elkin  01:51

1.765 is where it topped out for the October 11 throwing. Have we had a 2 billion ever yet? We did last November. The only time it’s ever happened in Powerball it was a it was a just over $2 billion dollars last November so said one more spin right we thought we were headed there you know if it if it had rolled again by Saturday, I think we might have been there. So but that’s where it topped out 1.765 winning ticket in California always somebody in California.

Nestor Aparicio  02:19

Well, we pulled in the rest of us.

Seth Elkin  02:23

I looked this up this morning just for the heck of it just to satisfy myself. They sell probably almost four times as many Powerball tickets in California as what we do here. So if you know statistically it becomes a little more likely we’re in a big state like that because of the population but you know, we’ve seen evidence that that’s not always how it works out because you know, let’s go back. We love talking about the one encoding jackpot, right? Every time we talk we talk about the jackpot one I get to

Nestor Aparicio  02:49

tell the story of when you drive through there and you’ll never drive through but if you do if you’re going fishing, stop and see lefty Grove Park it’s beautiful.

Seth Elkin  02:55

I $731 million jackpot that was one year into Ilana coning in 2021. If I had told you that day in January to two going on three years ago, that we were gonna have a jackpot winning ticket here in Maryland, you’re probably you would have guessed? Well, it’s going to be the Baltimore Washington corridor. Right? It’s going to be some Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and that’s where those four places that have probably half the state’s population, so you’d assume that’s where it’s going to be but when it happened, where was it in Allegheny County where a very small percentage of our tickets get sold but we love our Allegheny County we love our players everywhere all over the state. And we’re happy to see that and obviously so it just goes to show you you never know where that tickets going to be sold. You know, this this one happened to be California. But the next time it may be it may be want to coning again. There’s no way to know


Nestor Aparicio  03:49

rose reminds me of Willy Wonka like a scene in Willy Wonka where they’re all opening the tickets and they’re all eating the candy bars and they’re like it can happen anywhere it happened here Mike TV you know, like so. Acoustics gloop. Seth Alcon is here um you know I haven’t won anything except some free time on my couch in regard to the Orioles getting eliminate get your baseball guy I mean the Phillies are still playing there’s excitement there that Dodgers get knocked out quickly I was down in Texas and so all the fear are there and the rangers have never won the World Series right so I’m almost like the pirates but but I but I digress you know that’s bold

Seth Elkin  04:27

of you to say considering the World Series of matchup that the Pirates of the Orioles you only

Nestor Aparicio  04:32

win when you beat the Orioles. That’s literally that’s the truth. Well, I mean, before my time, you know, we’re not going to talk about shots

Seth Elkin  04:41

before my time too. But that’s that was the single greatest moment in Pittsburgh sports history is Mather OSCEs Homer so we hold on to that no matter what generation we’re from.

Nestor Aparicio  04:50

I know I know. Just like just like Franco Harris. You might you didn’t need to be around for that. But he put you know about that. So the baseball side of things, Homer mitcheson stuff, but we’re still very much into the Ravens game right now. And I know you guys are still giving trips to Jacksonville away. Teams over in London right now the Jacksonville trips a good trip. And more than that just really cool prizes for football perspective for winning things you can’t win anywhere else.

Seth Elkin  05:13

People love this contest. Because of that. It’s a chance to win season tickets. It’s a chance to win 20 years worth of season tickets, which of course is the grand prize and you’ve got a shot.

Nestor Aparicio  05:23

Now we guarantee you a Super Bowl right? If

Seth Elkin  05:25

you went for two years. Well, you you you might hope so. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, right. But I don’t hope as a Steelers fan, I’m not hoping for that at all. But maybe we don’t have to talk about that after. After, after what happened up up in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago.

Nestor Aparicio  05:41

You know what I mean? Think about that. I’m glad you brought that up. What what do you want to say about that as a Steelers fan? It’s shocking, right? I mean, your Steelers fan that they stink, they didn’t play well. And they won. That’s not good for the Ravens.

Seth Elkin  05:54

It’s a few just a few short weeks ago, wasn’t everybody talking about how the AFC North is going to be this powerhouse division? And then yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

and then two weeks ago, they all stink. And now we’re like, I don’t know. I’ve watched the rest of this. I mean, I’m watching the rest of the league. And I see you in San Francisco looks like the flavor right this minute because they’ve, it’s whoever played the best last weekend or the last two weeks. I’d say you get two good weeks and you get two good wins. And you surprise somebody all of a sudden you’re good team, I think.

Seth Elkin  06:23

And all of a sudden the bungles didn’t look like the bungles for once, they finally looked a little bit more like themselves the last time out. So

Nestor Aparicio  06:31

I had no pain this week, I had a baseball team get eliminated the football team loss. It’s my birthday this week, and I’m turning the corner here set. That’s why I’m bringing you on so I can get lucky. Okay, I got drunk city I got a crabcake tour. We’re gonna get people lucky that day. Sunday. I’m given these way up in Hollywood casino as well. In the morning for breakfast. We’re doing like a special thing up there. So I’m trying to feel luckier than I felt this week. Given my Baltimore sports. It’s been a tough week to be a Baltimore sports fan here, which is why I wanted somebody for Baltimore to win $1.7 billion.

Seth Elkin  07:05

Well, I’ll tell you what we did have in this in that drawing that produced the jackpot winner. We did have 450 $1,000 winners here in Maryland and they were four of 27 tickets that were sold at at $50,000 or more during this jackpot roll that was going on from 2017 You match six numbers but no Powerball or light or it’s the first four and the Powerball first of all, so you get 50,000 for that and we had four of those sold just in this last drawing that produced the jackpot winner one of them at a giant in Owings Mills one at a 711 in Abington, one at a Harris Teeter store in Clarksburg and then one at a Martin store in Hagerstown, so spread out a little bit in various parts of the state and for $50,000 winners. And then, you know, we’re also still waiting on a pair of $1 million winners. The last week of September, we had two $1 million Powerball prizes. One, one of those was sold at the decayed store September 27. It’s in Snow Hill in Wurster County, and then the other one now much closer to home at the golden ring liquor store in Rosedale on Philadelphia road and Rosedale. So both of those million dollar winners that have not claimed yet they have under six months, right, that 182 days from the drawing date. So still plenty of time, but we’re waiting to celebrate with those two winners and very happy about that. But I


Nestor Aparicio  08:27

mean, I don’t know if I want a million like I don’t you know, I mean, every day is a great day on the planet. Like I’d have that ticket then I would be a John Martins. Obviously, Kim, show me the money.

Seth Elkin  08:40

If you’re holding a piece of paper worth a million dollars, what would you do with it? Run straight here.

Nestor Aparicio  08:44

Right? Right. I would. So do you literally worry that it’s not found and it might never be found? I mean, that I’m sure and you’re you’ve been at the lottery a long time. So as John like their million dollar tickets don’t get claimed like that really does happen right exceedingly. That yeah,

Seth Elkin  09:00


it’s exceedingly rare for a really large prize to go unclaimed. It does happen, it has happened. But we do our best to get the word out of you, particularly when there’s a big jackpot roll like this. I think everybody’s paying attention. So you’d like to think that the people who bought these tickets, no. And they were looking at the winning numbers, and they were saying hey, you know, I matched a bunch of these let me figure this out. Let me see if I got something here. It’s very intentional

Nestor Aparicio  09:21

buy lottery ticket, like when I met wise people line up at the at the big you know, the, the old soda machine that now has, you know, tickets, and that’s where my wife buys her. She Oh, the Bible, the y’s are at the Royal farms, machines it right. She doesn’t go up and yell at the clerk I want 2143 And I shouldn’t do that just plays. And when I see these people playing, I mean, they’re very intentional. You know, they’re picking what they’re picking. They’re taking their tick. Like, I don’t know that you wouldn’t check it at some point. I mean, maybe you just have in your person you don’t know but I can’t imagine if you want $1,000,000.03 weeks ago and you don’t know it yet, and you’re in Rosedale

Seth Elkin  09:57

and of course you know, it’s it’s never been easier. To check your ticket and find out whether you want I mean, first of all, there are ticket checking devices located at every Lottery retailer so you can scan it there. But beyond that, you can do it without even leaving your house. If you’ve got an iPhone or an Android phone, you can download the Maryland lottery app, which will allow you to scan your tickets with your phone and find out whether you’re a winner if you are a winner, it’ll display the prize amount on there for you. It’ll tell you so there’s no guesswork for you. And so it’s easy to find out whether you won and make sure you check your tickets because if you’re holding one of those 50 1000s or holding one of those $2 million we want to see it

Nestor Aparicio  10:32

set out get us here he knows all thanks for the mayor of Milan RIA pinch hitting this week only because the Steelers beat the Ravens I think I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for this. John did not avoid me after the Cleveland game though. So I you know, I but we play twice. We get another chance here. Seth is of course from one of the internet from north of the border up there and so for this time of year, we talked about oyster festivals and we had things going on we had the State Fair last month I know you guys get it gets a little chillier you move indoors a little bit more here but you guys are still doing the Ravens games. You have competitions there but getting out spinning the wheel for cash for prizes, all that stuff. I know you guys are big into being at this time of year we had

Seth Elkin  11:13

the barbecue Fest in in Bel Air and we did have an event that was supposed to be in Westminster they they canceled it because of the rain is supposed to rain this weekend. So were we sad to get rained out because we do rain on my birthday. Unfortunately, I’m sure you can find an indoor place to celebrate though

Nestor Aparicio  11:32

well I guess it’s good the Orioles didn’t win cuz they would have been rained out then I guess right. Barbecue fest dude, I woke up in Dallas the other day I got I have good barbecue in my fridge. I brought it home. I went to pecan Lodge and Deep Ellum so I got good barbecue here. For you guys with other scratch offs and other offers and other things. It’s out there. I know you guys are always doing something this hollow win. Tell me about this pumpkin spice up promotion you got Yeah, you can

Seth Elkin  11:56

you can enter your pick three pick four and pick five tickets. So this one’s aimed at our daily numbers players who are all a lot of them very dedicated they play all the time and this is a chance to take your your tickets your pick three, pick four, pick five and you can win some cash you can enter them into your My lottery rewards account and get into a drawing just by entering your ticket into your account. There’s no extra step that you have to take when you enter your ticket. It’s just it’ll automatically enter you into that second chance drawing and you’ll have a chance to win some some cash just by entering your tickets that you’ve already bought.

Nestor Aparicio  12:26

Alright, so thank goodness here he is all things communications from the Maryland lottery. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour on Friday. Now that dude, I couldn’t plan crab cake tours because I was so why am I flying to Minnesota? am I flying to Houston? Are we going to Atlanta are we going to LA where’s the World Series gonna be? Now that all that’s over with we’ll get the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the represented by the Maryland lottery ever even scratch offs to give way we’ve had a lucky batch. We had a bunch of winners that Coco’s two weeks ago, before we sort of responded this thing. We’re gonna be putting this thing back into I’m out in Carroll County twice next month. We have the governor Westmore joining us down in Annapolis in November. So I have a whole bunch of merrily crabcake tour dates also brought to you by our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing here during my birthday Libran month, as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care taking the Maryland crab cakes, we’re back out on the road Luke’s gonna be our guest that drug city this week. We’re gonna keep it light on my my calendar is now open back upset. So I’m getting ready for all of this crazy stuff going on here. And homerun riches is still six months away. And the baseball season is heartbreaking. And it I mean it because it’s such a long season and you believe and you believe I said it’s the hope that gets you you know?

Seth Elkin  13:37

Yeah, it really and I think a lot of us, even those of us who are not from your originally really got caught up in in the Oriole season. It was a great ride. And the best part of it though, is that while it’s over there’s not a finality to this because this team is built to compete for the next several years. And you have to imagine that this was only a prelude and you know when their story of this group of players ends up being finally told, you know, this falling short in the playoffs this year is probably an important building block in what’s going to take place you have to you have to kind of look at it that way.

Nestor Aparicio  14:15

That’s what my dad told me in 79 That’s what I told my son in 96 and 97 It didn’t work out that way. Not yet anyway, but you know, for you guys, homerun riches was a really I mean 50th anniversary you guys inspired me with all this lottery 50th anniversary that i i even have a cupcake and fireworks on my 25th anniversary because you guys inspired me but for the 50th anniversary this year, the homerun riches and the Orioles being really good was just a super part of that promotion for you guys.

Seth Elkin  14:40

Yeah, it really it really worked out great. I mean it was it was gonna be fun anyway because we had those those 250 $1,000 prizes added to it. Particularly that first one attached to

Nestor Aparicio  14:49

their frickin 50 grand a year when you lose 112 games I mean this this was on and and by the way I remember beginning of the year John’s like, we won’t give this away until like June or whatever and then I just like slugging the ball at April in May right?

Seth Elkin  15:03

Yeah, it was a lot of fun and we had a good time with that one and that’s that’s probably behind the Ravens contest. That’s probably the second most anticipated Second Chance contest that we have because it is every day and people you know really feel like they got a chance to be one of those 162 people and and have a chance to win a money and open that the that the Orioles hit some home runs for him. It’s a lot of fun that way. So unfortunately that we put it behind us but you got other promotions coming up, of course, the one that you want to keep an eye out for and the next to kind of batch of scratch off tickets that comes a little bit later this month. We’ve got the holiday season tickets, we always want our holiday tickets in October, in late October and we’ve got a bunch of them that are winter themed holiday themed so there’ll be around for a few months and there’s a second chance contest attached to those tickets as well with the chance to win cash prizes will be doing a number of drawings over the next several months once those tickets launched, so look for your holiday season, scratch off tickets that went the stores in late October.

Nestor Aparicio  16:03

You got an egg not ticket I’m in you got a fruitcake ticket. I’m out. Simple as that right? That’s the holidays for me so that they’ll get us here on one last thing for you. You guys sit above all things sports wagering, we talk to John the executive director, the mayor lottery all the time about this. I’m going to be in a casino on Sunday. We’re gonna be in Hollywood casino in the morning. We have a special brunch there. It’s 30 bucks if you want to participate in the brunch, but you don’t have to. It’s family friendly. The Sports Bar is unattached the casino come on beautiful TVs. I hope the Ravens play well enough they’ll be nothing to distract us at 10 in the morning, because the ravens are the only game going on. Come on up on the sports wagering side of things and what you guys do with the Maryland lottery and obviously telling people to slow their roll a little bit. We see all of this, that this is an every month you put together a big chunk of money, give it the West more give it to the state as part of the lottery. The sports wagering thing this is when it really kicks in right September, October, people betting on Orioles games, people betting on pitches baseball in our community, at least. I don’t think anybody bet on baseball around here is my first 31 years of doing radio here. But this last year, my son was saying people I know are in on. Hey, I think man Cass is going to hit home run tonight. Let’s get involved in this. We always tell people to slow the roll. But this is a this is really a new thing. Being able to gamble on football on weekends on your phone.

Seth Elkin  17:18

Yeah, you know, just a few days ago we reported the September sports wagering revenue figures. It was $3.2 million contributed to the state from sports wagering in the month of September two years ago that didn’t exist literally. Right. Yeah, that’s and it’s obviously a much higher number than it was before we had mobile you know, mobile wagering that was this is the first entire football season that mobile wagering is active because remember, last year it was late November before it finally started so this is starting to give us a picture of what we’re going to see as this busy time on the sports calendar. Gets going you got football you got the NBA season we’ll get started a little later this month. With hockey penguins. We’re not gonna we’re not going to talk about the penguins blowing a two goal lead on home ice in the home in the season opener against against the Chicago Blackhawks. We’re still rebuilding. We’ll gloss over that

Nestor Aparicio  18:10

predators guy NASS, if you want to talk trash to me, make sure to bring it through Barry trots is what you need to do.

Seth Elkin  18:14

But the the really interesting number from September was that the handle the amount of money that was wager $442 million, which is the second largest single month handle that we’ve had, so far the the only month higher than that was December of 2022. And of course, that was the first full month that we had mobile wagering so and there was a lot of promotional play in the market at that point to I think there was about $70 million worth of promo spending by the sportsbook operators at that time trying to onboard new customers at that point, the promotional play for the month of September. A significant number but much, much lower. nowhere near the levels that we saw last December it was about $23 million. So still, it ticked up from what it had been in prior months of the last few months. And you’d expect that because we’re at the beginning of the football season. Again, you’re looking at the sportsbook operators trying to market themselves and trying to get their piece of the market for the football season but still a really healthy market for it and 42 million in handle and 3.2 million in contribution to the state to the blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund so it goes to public education funding.

Nestor Aparicio  19:24

I know you don’t come around here often but I still owe you a crab cake from August Seth Alcon is here all thanks communications for the Maryland lottery and gaming. We always encourage folks please play responsibly. I cannot encourage that enough as I worry about folks on Sundays when the wager will begin at 8am because the Ravens begin at 8am out on the road against the Titans this weekend. A full coverage around here Luke will be in Owings Mills all next week. I’m around here all week. We have the Maryland crab cake tour at drugs city on Friday afternoon Luke’s gonna be with me. I don’t know I’m gonna find some more folks to come by. It is my birthday. Apparently there’s going to be cake involved which hopefully crap have cake involved as well. And then on Friday we’re gonna be up at Hollywood casino in Perry Ville, watching the Ravens take on the Titans having a breakfast party up there and baseball season’s over here, but we’ll still be watching Houston and Texas. We’ll be watching the Phillies trying to do their thing here and obviously the Dodgers getting bounced out the way they did. The Arizona Diamondbacks are now upstart. They are the Cinderella in the dance for baseball. So be watching all that. I have the Maryland lottery scratch offs to give away on Friday and Sunday this weekend. Come on out. And as Loverboy once said, Get Lucky set that we cover all the bases here and and and score all the points. I think we got it all. All right. Well, I will see you soon. I guess the next time the Ravens take on the Steelers in a couple of weeks. You’re gonna want to come back and see if you can sweep us out. We’ll figure it out. If Lamar is healthy. I like the Ravens. He is Seth. I am Nestor. We are having a party around here all weekend had a great chat. And if you listen to the radio station and you hear some rock and roll, some police stuff, some Andy Summer stuff. The great guitarist Andy Summers from the police join me on Wednesday. I once sang three police songs with him in a bar to true pictures are all there. I had to storytelling from they’re in Cuba in Havana, Cuba in 1999. With the Orioles. It’s one of the great nights of my life. I’ve talked about it for 25 years, I’ve shared pictures. And this week, Andy Summers came on and told me his side of the night that we sang three songs together. So it’s a little bizarre, but it’s all there. It’ll it’s sort of killing me after all this baseball nonsense that’s going on. And I just hope that the Ravens go a little better in London than they did last time. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. It’s my birthday week. That means it’s going to be good around here. We’re Baltimore Stay with us.

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