The power of the Birds to bring us back

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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss full focus on the Orioles and the quiet nature of Ravens training camp so far this summer.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WNS de Towson Baltimore, and Baltimore positive we are celebrating 25 years of fun and madness and had a chance to celebrate with a whole bunch of our friends and clients sponsors and neighborhood friends and old friends that cost this on Thursday. Again a drug city on Friday we’ll continue the celebration up in Hampstead this week at Carroll County guy on my Facebook said he’s sick in my 25th anniversary I said then leave because you’re gonna get six more months I’m going to be spiking the ball and dancing like rod did well and the reason for that is I read the clips and 25 years ago so you know it’s it’s fired me up and I think that is Colossus felt a little bit of that when we were handing out those Maryland lottery scratch offs and talking about window nation and eating crab Imperial and taking on gifts and telling old stories as he joined us it cost us the other day for the the crab and what’s going on man How are you selling cars over the weekend saying what is the weather it’s great to have a top off this time of year can you convert


Dennis Koulatsos  01:03

now great time of the year was selling lots of cars my nephew had a baby shower with which was you to meet men typically don’t go to these things but these days that your joint venture So did they

Nestor Aparicio  01:14

do the thing where they shoot to the blue or the pink or the desert all over? What did they do?

Dennis Koulatsos  01:19

They already did a couple of months ago. But reveal reveal revealed that reveal but we have another baby Calypsos joining us in September at some point so Oreos are winning. We’re selling cars celebrating your 25th classes in it was very much a celebratory weekend that strike does feel really good. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy these days. Well, when

Nestor Aparicio  01:39


you got together with Mr. Costas and it’s the start. It was all Greek to me. I mean, because it was great.

Dennis Koulatsos  01:45

It was all Greek and we extended the party. We paid him a visit over the weekend again, and just had a lovely time jumbo crabs and those Rockefeller oysters were just amazing. Just a great service and a great people over there.

Nestor Aparicio  01:58

I’m just gonna say you’ve been the cost is twice in when games were in progress. And the Orioles are two Well, I’m just saying I’m just saying starting off. So we got a couple of days here with the Astros right. And I just want to ask you this because you’ve been sponsoring us for 20 years, we had our fun, you know talking about crabs, crab cakes and anniversary and all that we’re back to like, it’s August. They’re in first place they haven’t lost in a week, the Astros cheating Astros are coming in here, and then they’re gonna do like the west coast all nighters that, as Luke pointed out, at least these things aren’t starting at 1135 like they used to 100 years ago, the game to get going 930 You know, to make it happen, but we’re gonna watch baseball on the West Coast. And the ravens are playing these sham games trying not to get hurt. We’re trying to figure out who the left guard is going to be where the running backs gonna be. Where’s your focus in the sports thought, right? I mean, there’s room for two teams in Philadelphia, they got four teams and college teams and all that there’s room here for the Orioles in the ravens, but there’s only really oxygen the Ravens aren’t getting oxygen right now and it’s the first time in August they’ve suffocated in a long long time.

Dennis Koulatsos  03:04

Well, competition is good right so hopefully the Ravens will step off the game Nestor but if if 60 is a new 50 then not 9pm is when you midnight, so these late late kings that are gonna take your toll on me But boy oh boy, it’s been a lot of fun. Watching the Orioles I haven’t had as much luck at the stadium. I’m one in five wouldn’t have attended the game stuff and more luck. A cost has ended I’ve had at Camden Yards but it feels good. I don’t recall in the history of doing the my show nestra That I spent as much time as I have talking about the Orioles, but boy they’re gritty. They’re fun to watch. Man. Oh man, this is great having a having a playoff caliber team. Been since what 2016 The last time the club was sniffed the playoffs the real Bill built has been slow and tedious. But it’s certainly paying dividends right now.


Nestor Aparicio  03:55

Well, the 79 season was magical for me. I was 11 years old. I went to 31 straight games before they lost to me I was 31. And no, that year I finished the year 38 and four I was at I was at the World Series game that they one of the ones they lost. But and then you know I think about 89 And I told my wife this when we were over on your side of town. You remember that she cheese used to sit in the parking lot at WestView remember this? Yeah. Okay, that she cheese was good luck in 89. My girlfriend there was a girl named Wendy. This was the girl from upstate New York she and we were living together at summer of 1989 and we would go over to cheat sheets and watch the Orioles play because the only place in town other than like the hacienda. You could get chips and salsa. We’re talking 35 years ago, and we decided to watch the ill fated Greg Olson game, a cheat sheet that night after we were on a winning streak so it doesn’t hold up. I mean, it worked for a long time, and that it didn’t work in 89 I’m not stupid This just about any this but I am realistic about what they’re doing and the lead they’re extending and the confidence level the fan base is starting to pick up when the 83 Orioles come back and it’s nice that Rick Dempsey to still spell Orioles and do the Wild Bill Hagee thing but then the crowd that’s their leaves with a victory with a night with a bobblehead Eddie Murray that really for the young people for you and me we know Eddie Murray. I don’t think anybody tell me which one was Renegade and which ones lens to COD. I don’t eat. But your kids, the kids, his kids, anybody that even I thought about this with free the birds I could free the bird 17 years ago. If you’re 25 years old drinking beer. You don’t you were six years old, seven years old. When I did free the birds have no idea about Boog Powell or Brooks Robinson, let alone Eddie Murray Cal Ripken is like this mythical figure that you saw in Cooperstown, because that was now 16 years ago. I mean, Cal hasn’t played in 22 years. So there’s a point where the current guys, and when I see the ballpark, and I see rutschman jerseys, and I see Henderson jerseys. And this is the new renaissance. And I haven’t been down there lately. I want opening day. I mean, I watch them every day. But it’s magic to watch my friends like you. And even on drugs city on Friday, I had Bill urine and everybody can. We’re all talking about the Orioles. Everybody’s wearing an Oriole hat. That’s why I did free the birds. Because this has been the thing that was missing from our city. This was the missing piece like the Colts when they left the Ravens were you know, they filled a void here. There’s been an empty spot for baseball here for so so long that this is this is enjoyable, I am bummed that there’s no game on Monday night, I’ll be bummed Thursday when they play at lunchtime. And the game’s over. And I don’t have a game to watch on Thursday night.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:59

Ya know, but I’m not sure that that young people share your passion or my passion that we’ve had for for sports. Case in point I was talking to a young man who just graduated college division one athlete, he had no idea who Jimmy the Greek was, he had no idea but the great 85 bears and their defense, right? So when you talk to these young people, they have these epiphanies and revelations about what it was and stuff that you and I talk about. So I just don’t know that they have the same passion that you and I have for the history of it. Right? The history. Yeah. And that just for the history, but for all things that are support you and I’ll go back and take a look at the old film that we used to, like, we watched the great Jim Brown play and it all just clips we can get from the from baseball, right. But I just think they just have so much to look at so many things were streaming their tech, the span isn’t what ours was back then because we had less to focus on. And now they have all these images and all these things, hitting them all at once. I just don’t know what you know where their focus is.

Nestor Aparicio  07:59

And I also I have a different level of expectation for the baseball team and for the football team. For the $600 million. They’re given the stadium because too much is given much as expected. Right. So I I have a different feeling about what it represents for the city. But on a Saturday night when I’m 150 miles away in a vineyard up in the middle of Pennsylvania, watching sunset looking down on my phone, seeing Rick Dempsey spell out Oriole seeing, you know, what’s going on and then seeing the score, you know, watching the score as the evening you know, and seeing how crowded it was seeing that wild set of blue, that inlet feel well, the Mets fans kind of taken over the way as Ravens fans, we would take over almost like like a college football game, to some degree. But I love that for the city. I didn’t fight with Peter Angelos or the Orioles on my own behalf of what they’ve done to me. I did it on behalf of living on the 23rd floor downtown and 2000 345 and six and saying what are you doing to the city, the city deserves to be full on a Saturday night in the summer, the lights deserve to be turned on. Restaurants deserve to be full, because too much is given much is expected. And that’s that’s that should have been expected all along. And that’s where my angst comes in. But it is very, very heartening. Now we could talk about the lease, we could talk about the price of playoff tickets, we could talk about buying season tickets in the future or who’s going to support baseball or whether they’re going to give Gunnar Henderson money or Adley rutschman. But in the here and now there’s a game tomorrow night, the next night, the afternoon on the weekend, and they’re relevant games every one of them’s relevant and they’re they’re building something that is creating a bandwagon that is 40 years long. Right? I mean, and Dennis I was in a vineyard in Sunbury, Pennsylvania so if you go to Harrisburg by the way what up pretty, pretty drive To go out to 11 or 15, anywhere North Harris Beach, my fishing water and boats and rocks and fjords and green and hills and bridges and all of that we drove 100 miles north and I’m up in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, and I’m at a Pat Benatar concert and a little vineyard here might have been, I don’t know, 3000 people there maybe 2500 people. It was literally in a pasture. It was like Woodstock, right? You parked your car on some grass. You walk past a farm, and you’re there. And I saw a dozen Oreo hats. I mean, that night, just that night. Everybody who is an Orioles fan is 150 miles from here. Had Oriole hats on I was blown away by that. York, Pennsylvania Harrisburg. I got out of the rest. Stop, use the bathroom. Oriole hat. I’m seeing Oriole hats everywhere. And I can’t wait to go to Ocean City next week.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:00


I have some friends that were vacationing at Myrtle Beach. And they said he saw about two dozen Orioles, hats and shirts and whatnot. So it’s everywhere. People have a lot of pride. And it was Sunday we were Costas in cracking open heart shells. And there were points of the game during the game where people were cheering and when Batista got the last out, the applause will jump between 45 seconds and 60 seconds we we chant was like winning a playoff game kind of right was it was just fantastic. And I can’t tell you the last time I had that kind of an experience and it was wonderful.

Nestor Aparicio  11:32

And I think Enough said on that because like that says it all that if you’re in a bar and Dundalk on a Sunday afternoon and the Orioles close out a game to hear applause. Like I don’t know the last time I don’t remember that in 12 or 14 or 16 maybe in 14 because they were good at the end or you know, like that. But like, it’s it’s rare. It’s rare, after spending three decades being geeked up about the football team that only plays for three hours a week, a third of the year, like you know, so this is a different vibe where they’re going to play six games this week, and then six games next week. Before the Ravens even think back into the field. They’re gonna play 25 More games. And that’s what we love about sports, I think is that every day there’s a different chance to win that was that was the whole body clock that I was raised with in the 70s as a baseball fan in this city. It’s it’s what I knew until Angeles bought the team honestly. Yeah, you have

Dennis Koulatsos  12:32

to love the storylines. We had buckshaw Walter come home this weekend and they played nice video of appreciation up on the on the Jumbotron for him and the home fans cheered him on and he tipped his hat so and then we went and and just wiped out and swept the match. We did our best to get him fired. We did our best we contributed to it anyway. But it’s just goes to show the class the class Enos of the fans of Baltimore and what they thought of block and the appreciation and showing their their appreciation to the second winningest coach manager rather in in Orioles history.

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

Yeah, I brought this up with Luke earlier in the week that by the way, Dennis Kalonzo is here. He’ll be back here three until five on Thursday, again on Sunday morning as part of Sunday Sports force and of course, you can always find Dennis at coons Baltimore for security Boulevard, anytime our wn St. tech service, hopefully, but no injuries from Owings Mills. Yes, talking to Luke about this a little bit too. And because he was down in the midst of all of it over the weekend, black jerseys and Rick Dempsey and like all of that, that the stadium became a tough place for the Mets on Friday and Saturday. And I always go back to that, that Pedro Martinez opening day game and Oh, for that. We were pissed off by then the team stunk for five years, the football team had won the Super Bowl. All of my young Tony della rosy beer buddies were still in their 20s and 30s to get raucous. We were a football town with a chip on our shoulder, where piston Angelo’s piston Albert Bell, you know, cows gone, the team stinks. All of that was going on where we ever went again. But there was a night where a football crowd showed up on an opening day night game on ESPN and they chant 50,000 people chanting who’s your daddy? At Pedro more I mean, taunting a Hall of Fame pitcher on the mound at Camden Yards. The crowd on Saturday night, the max we had a big crowd and lost the game the Fourth of July weekend didn’t play well that week against the the twins. I remember that. But when you get a big crowd down there, and there weren’t gonna be many of them. I mean, they gave away Eddie Murray, they spent six months trying to get a sell out they got one and there were 5000 Mets fans there. But I’m thinking about game. One, three, whatever the game is that will have the first playoff game and the place is going to be salty, the first playoff round. Everybody will put their hundreds 5200 bucks into get a ticket to go down there to a game. I don’t know if that’s going to happen once it starts stacking up, and October starts costing people 568 $1,000 To go to World Series games if it becomes that, but I think that the first couple of games, there’s going to be a tone setting for our fan base for our football fans and our long pent up Delmon, young Oriole fans to create these moments like that raucousness with Rick Dempsey spelling or rules that roar from 30 that that that thing where you hear the echo off the warehouse, we can add a whole lot of that. I mean, me full enough the year that I don’t even I hear the echo of Memorial Stadium in my soul. I don’t we haven’t had that other than Delmon young, right? I mean, a little bit, even Cal 2131. It wasn’t like a roar. But like those kinds of roars with fans, and this pitch clock and the way we run the bases, home games need to we can’t lose home games in the playoffs. You know, home field advantage in a football town might really be something and a night game against the Astros or whatever it will be on October the whatever day it will be. I really am looking forward to that because I think we can make this place inhospitable.


Dennis Koulatsos  16:18

Well, that’s the idea. And tell me the last time the Orioles have had truly a home field advantage. And I think that’s, that’s, you know, fans have to show up, whether they’re football fans or baseball fans or whatever, show up represent give the team a whole a true home field advantage make it difficult for the opposing team, pitcher and everything else that they bring to the table and just have a lot of fun. And I do think fans are going to show up for the playoffs. I think it’s going to be very, very loud. And it’s it’s about time that the the Orioles put together a product on the field that’s representative. And that way fans a product that fans can support guys like myself who’ve been on offense for many years casual fans, that when you give us a good product will show up in support. It’s 100%

Nestor Aparicio  17:01

Well, and the other part of that is when the stadium is full, and everybody’s paid all this money and they’re gonna play the national anthem and the bunting is gonna be out. And again, Dennis, it’s It’s mid August. Okay. Luke tells me we’re 95%. That’s the bedding 95% To play playoff games here. Okay. So like, when I start talking about saving money, and what I saw over the weekend and a full house and we’re going to compete with each other for tickets, let a Raskin ask me how much you think the tickets are gonna be. I’m like, start with Taylor Swift and Springsteen and Beyonce and think about it in terms of, there’s not going to be a ticket price, there’s going to be a bidding process, because that’s the way tickets work these days. So when you see those $850 Springsteen tickets, five minutes after they go on sale, they’re trying to see if somebody will bind for $850. And if they don’t, maybe you’ll get a chance at six and a quarter an hour or two. So that’s the way it works. And I’m thinking to myself, people are going to be geeked up, they’re going to be into it. We’re going to make noise. But the stadium is going to be different from first pitch. We’re 48,000 People are glued on it, because you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, right, two strikes. It’s gonna be a hellhole. You know Flaherty’s the first game starter, or Gibbs, whoever it’s gonna be right. First, batter two strikes everybody on their feet. And it’s going to be three hours of that. And I don’t know that even Ed Lauer who was with me on Thursday, who’s Mr. Oreo, he’s been to 60 games a year watching them get their ass kicked for 20 years. I don’t think he even understands how loud it’s going to be. Unless you’ve been to football games and Pittsburgh’s in in the final two minutes of a tie game on third that you know, like that, that roar we’re used to hearing in the football season stadium that we’ve all made for years and years. That’s going to come to the baseball stadium in a way that I think Saturday night was a little bit of a precursor for that it sort of warmed me up for this is gonna be different in October here this year. I really do. I think I believe that.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:06

Well, I love that you have to love the aggressiveness. And the youth of this team. I SAW gunner Henderson during Sunday’s game, they had a man that first and third he might have been the first and the next batter was a third out and you could just tell he was upset he was pissed off. So I do think I love the personality of this team. I think it matches the city. I love the youth I love the enthusiasm. I love what you got to love what they’re doing. They’re winning series are what 2829 games over 500 And they’re also young enough that I don’t think they know any better. I they’re just us to win the game and hopefully it’ll hit them after they’ve won a World Series which I think they have legitimate chance of doing.

Nestor Aparicio  19:45


Well, you know, for old guys like you and me watching the 83 World Series team. And I saw Palmer there who got his 66 and got it again and 83 kind of like Ray Lewis right like literally And I would say to anybody, Jim Palmer is the greatest athlete that’s ever played in this city. No offense to Ray Lewis, or, or Brooke anybody.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:08

Hall of Famer Jim Palmer

Nestor Aparicio  20:10

Hall. Well, he’ll let you know that. So I see Palmer on the one side of the picture. See Eddie in the middle, I see cow. And I think to myself, Eddie came up 7778 disappointment of 79 He didn’t play well in the 79 world series as well. You can look that up. And he had to deal with that the race, all the things that first million dollar player in ball all of that, that Edie dealt with. And he won and then went on his way to doing you know, played in the World Series with the Indians years later Dodgers all of that, right. Eddie had his own path and left. I don’t know where Henderson and rutschman and where Holliday, who’s gonna be the next guy into this and where the Westbrook’s in the West Berg’s in the counters. I mean, all of these little Robin yawns and little Don Baylor’s and baby birds and all you know, like young gunner hunters it’s like a Robin. Yeah. And he’s so young. When he comes up that cow one as a baby in 83 and never tasted it again. You know what I’m saying? And I’m thinking to myself, This is where rutschman is right now. rutschman is exactly where cow was second year humming on MVP candidate kind of guy Eddie a cow for the MVP and any I mean any any kind of got screwed. I’m not good he got screwed cow would probably tell you that. So this it’s important to win because it’s not given to you and I’m sure cm Rifkin and Marie somebody said to Anderson rutschman Hey, you know, they want and they want early and then they didn’t win again. This isn’t a this isn’t a dress rehearsal. When you know the this is not a dress rehearsal. And John Angela should not be taking it that way. And Michael on as a fan, I’m not taking it that way. Tomorrow is never promised. A one seat is definitely never promised, that’s earned. And this team is out there earning that right now. They’re earning the right to take days off. They’re earning the right to play important games at home, they’re earning the right to be the top seed. And that’s a daily thing that we don’t have to believe in that anymore to say, are we going to make the playoffs? Can we buy their 95% to make the plastic get a three game lead in the toughest division in baseball and it’s late August it’s it’s not? It’s real. It’s not a dress rehearsal. This is real.

Dennis Koulatsos  22:25

It’s real. And it was great to see the ad three Oreos Edie cow, my good friend Al Bunbury who was you know, we stopped by the dealership about once or twice a month and we sit down and talk and we I get to pick his brain about the baseball and the team and the Angelo’s family and we always have a it’s always an illuminating conversation with Al so it’s a great great time to be an Orioles fan great time to be in Baltimore. We have the Orioles we have the Ravens who are about to embark on their season so intermingled with with potential highly potential Orioles playoff baseball. How about that? We haven’t said that in a long, long time.


Nestor Aparicio  23:01

I gotta get out Bumbry out and have my show to call singing out so I gotta get out to get a crab cake with me. I really do.

Dennis Koulatsos  23:08

I’ll send you sound like he’s just a really good man. I love to serve the NAM just just salt of the earth type of a guy.

Nestor Aparicio  23:15

He just the best. And I had a conversation with someone who wasn’t old enough to know somebody a little younger than me. I don’t remember where it was last week. And they’re like, this is the greatest Oreo crop ever, ever, ever, ever. And I’m like they had to stink for five years to get these buys and that and that’s cool. But I’m old enough that as a very, a little boy. And you were just getting to this country. 7273 73 Yeah. So when you arrived in this country, and 73 al Bumbry was only like he wasn’t even thought to be the guy Coggins was the better player for one year, and Don Baylor was going to be an MVP and without being an MVP, right, but at that time, Bumbry Coggins, Baylor Grich, blander was coming. They made the deal for EARL WILLIAMS, they had a they had a guy named Jim Fuller, that was supposed to hit 50, or that they had a really intense period in the early 70s. Where they had great players. They had the senseis coming up. They had a lot of guys that made a lot of money. When garlin they had pitchers at that point. They were about to make the deal with the Yankees for McGregor and Flanagan and Tippie that happened on you know, a couple years later, but right before then before free agency right around 7374 75. That was the last time 50 years ago that we had anything like a cupboard of young players, and I’ve been monitoring these on the air for 31 years. We’re I mean, or Weaver’s whole philosophy was every year, we’re going to put a young player on the field and grow into that player, whether that player was Grich bum Bry Coggins, Baylor Murray Ripken or some failed players great philosophy great flop Bonner Bob Baylor but you know DRONGO Hayes Woods Jim fuller You know guys that failed, but were on that that rookie card as a future star, not all of them made it Richie dour on, like, Can I do a minute enriched our show because he was missing from the picture? Right, as was Mike Flanagan, Sammy Stewart, some others that that have left us in the 83 team. And I knew Richard had serious health issues. I’d read about it. I don’t understand how a major league player who played a dozen years in the big leagues who served 30 years now as a coach, that he needs a GoFundMe page to take care of his medical. Like I’m blown away by that enriched hours played for these billionaires and you know, managed and coached Colorado Houston Milwaukee’s been all over the place, but rich dower was my father’s favorite player. And my father loved rich dower because my father followed the minor leagues right like I’m five years old 7374 75 I’m telling you, Bumbry and Coggins, I remember those years Baylor all of that right. But dower was a Triple Crown winner. And Rajic he he led triple the triple A in batting average, home runs and RBIs when he came up in 76. Grich was in his way, right at that ritual is a shortstop that got moved out because of blancher right to second base. And dour came in he never went to the Hall of Fame or anything like that. But he was the goal. He was the gold standard. He was the Jackson holiday of that era to make it and he made it he played 12 years in the big leagues. Let’s say BJ Searle was the number one pick he didn’t make play 15 years in the big leagues. Didn’t go to Hall of Fame, but went to the Hall of play in the big leagues for a long long time. Rich tower was one of my favorites and he was missing I want to give a little piece of my heart because I know he’s struggling his family struggling right now.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:04


Not to shape up well. Also the money isn’t wasn’t then what it is now. Right so a lot of the lot of the old timers will be quick to tell you that they can’t believe the kind of money these players are making these days.

Nestor Aparicio  27:15

Well, I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait to have a crab cake without Bumbry. I hope he’s not, you know, shellfish intolerant or something like that.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:22

No, he likes crabs.

Nestor Aparicio  27:23

I’ll get him a bird. The Baltimorean


Dennis Koulatsos  27:25

all the way through and

Nestor Aparicio  27:26

I’ve had al on the show many times he’s come over to the station and Robbie’s all of that it’s just been too long. And if I’ve learned anything in the last 26 minutes, Dennis said I need to get together with our bumper. Yeah, how about that? If I’m taking it

Dennis Koulatsos  27:38

out? What it’ll be good for both of you. It were it’d be

Nestor Aparicio  27:41


really good for me so tell him so Hey, cars. What do we got anything?

Dennis Koulatsos  27:46

You got? You got 1.9% for 60 minus on the 2023 board Mark II so that’s a great great deal. 1.9% for 60 We have some great lease deals an F 150s 60s What’s a Maki? Tell everybody what electric it’s an electric Mustang and what it is it’s an SUV. Zero to 60 in about three seconds. It’s just a phenomenal vehicle great range and 1.9 for 60 That’s a deal

Nestor Aparicio  28:10

that sticker me on that what’s the sticker looking like on that base?

Dennis Koulatsos  28:13

3540 right around there nicely my


Nestor Aparicio  28:16

wife to test drive is that when you tell them No

Dennis Koulatsos  28:19

Yeah, sure she’ll she’ll get she’ll get back home and to work very very fast. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  28:23

so give me the electric car thing because like we were on Pennsylvania and I you think to yourself, like where am I going to do this? Right? So you’re staying at a Fairfield and ceilings Grove, Pennsylvania. How do I charge my car?

Dennis Koulatsos  28:34


Well, they had charging stations everywhere. And right now they’re they’re able to use a Tesla charger. So now you have a nationwide array of chargers. You’re a program a real program. Yeah, man, I’m telling you. It’s just a thing. It’s just it’s not going backwards. It’s taken off and it’s the future and this is the next step before we start hovering before we get the hovercrafts that go above ground and become just like the Jetsons. Nothing less,

Nestor Aparicio  29:00

man, your boy Elroy. You know, that’s what I need. I tried living in the sky for 20 years and thinking that you know, Chang and Elroy and they were all it didn’t work that way. I came back down to the ground. Here I am. That is Kalonzo will be here on Thursday from three to five. I will be joining him as well. Luke, also on Sunday morning, as you all know, eight until noon, and of course, the sponsor wn St. tech service over Coons, Baltimore Ford, where they have great deals and I need to get a Maki, I need to figure you know, you could teach an old dog new tricks I mean, at some point in my life I need to own electric vehicle right I mean, you know, you will spot you

Dennis Koulatsos  29:34

will you will just look it’s just the it’s gonna go the way of the telephone right rotary phone and flip phone and now we got we got computers in our in our hip pocket. So that’s the way life is that’s the way we progress.

Nestor Aparicio  29:47

Then it’s every August I put myself on the road eating crab cakes on the back roads of Maryland. And this this August I didn’t do that. And you know, and I’m okay because it was marathon. I mean, I did 30 days and 31 days. Hello commitment, did it eight it gained a little weight loss that did all that this year. I’m not doing that. But I went off to Pennsylvania the other day and it’s amazing when you start driving and you don’t have cell phone service how it is like you start to get edgy, you know, because things aren’t working my wife’s driving like cell phones not what you know. It’s it is amazing and I think the electric car thing is one of those things. It’s gonna get your head around it a little but that’s all before we


Dennis Koulatsos  30:23

go that peach cake was amazing that you gave me the other day it was the greatest thing ever. It was see this

Nestor Aparicio  30:28

empty plate here. This used to be peach cake. Let me tell you

Dennis Koulatsos  30:32

for our listeners if you hadn’t had peach cake you haven’t lived it was the one of the top three of things I’ve ever tasted as artists are going to Alaska today. Are

Nestor Aparicio  30:40


you serious?

Dennis Koulatsos  30:41

Yeah, was that good? Two days that lasted in our household? I mean I got a couple of pieces of it though but it was delicious.

Nestor Aparicio  30:47

All right, listen on next weekend I’m going down to the beach I’m going to be at Mako I am going to do all I can do to stop and get you a proper gold watermelon from the issuer. Okay, I tested one I’ve been testing one for the last trip couple weeks ago. Thumbs up on this place here all right, why is Mark it’s also sponsors all of our wise commerce and now get crumbs in my mouth see what you did to call your

Dennis Koulatsos  31:07

buddies allies market by the way I know you know what guy there and see what they can do about some golden melon there’s a wiser cross street from a security Boulevard wonderful wise super clean huge super full. My favorite grocery store by far love to see some golden melon and that store.

Nestor Aparicio  31:23

Oh here we go man laying down a gauntlet on gold melon. Listen, go if we tell everybody about the gold melon, they’ll eat at all and there won’t be anyone for us. You know? So that is Colossus here. You can find him there over croons Baltimore fort security Boulevard as well as in the front of Baltimore positive. We had a spirited conversation last week as well about the football and and loving life here in Baltimore on our 25th anniversary overcast. This big appreciation everybody that joined us you’ll be hearing it all week here at wn St. Luke’s at the ballpark Luke’s in Owings Mills. I’m locked out at home planning 25 years of madness and stories of glory. We are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore. Positive gold watermelon and peach cake playoff baseball

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