Trying to take the peaches from Georgia back to Ohio

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Screen Shot 2023 01 04 at 6.25.41 AM
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Recapping a wild football weekend in Atlanta with Ohio State and home with Ravens and Steelers with our financial advisor Leonard Raskin.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is 2023 We’re into a new year and we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crabcakes we’re all year long. We’re gonna begin the tour with an old friend from island town out in White Marsh now G and a Coney Island hot dog be doing that next Thursday in advance of wild card Raven playoff activities. This guy has had the busiest holiday of anybody. It’s it’s left me breathless. I have friends in Budapest. I have friends in Turkey. I have friends in Italy. I have friends all over the place. But I only really have one friend that went down to Atlanta into the dog pound the new dog pound down in Atlanta for the oh how Ohio State game with Georgia. And I did sit watch with my wife and it got me all hungry for Chick fil A Saturday night at 10pm and there’s no Chick fil A on Sundays later Raskin joins us now of Raskin global he handles money in the American dream and lives a life good enough that his boy goes to Ohio State and his broken heart. I mean, you saw a classic brown. Two classes you want to the football game your Sunday night. Oh,

Leonard Raskin  01:14

absolutely. It was a wild weekend for the Raskin family a Friday flight in the afternoon to the ATL. Had a lovely Friday evening with some friends as you said friends all over friends in Atlanta went to a great steak house and nod some meat, which is always good. You got to Buckhead, where’d you go, man? No, right in Atlanta, just right in the heart of the city.

Nestor Aparicio  01:40

But I went to a jazz bar there three years ago. It’s super bowl for you whenever it was four years ago, whenever that Super Bowl was. Yeah. We had a delicious, you know, Southern soul food. Yeah, we did a waffle house, a downtown Waffle House. It’s in another structure, which I had never done in my life. I’d never gotten a waffle house that was just not just a waffle house. So um, I like Atlanta, Danner, like since the Super Bowl. And I had some thoughts to go but when you go down there for a college football game, and I know this because the Ravens played the Falcons that year of the Super Bowl that the Super Bowl was there, and I was there the night of the SEC championship. So the SEC championship was Saturday night, Sunday, the Ravens played the Falcons, and I know how crazy the city can be.

Leonard Raskin  02:28

It was nuts. It was a it was a grand time. It was great. Like it’s a great dinner Friday night. Saturday was the Peach Bowl parade. Our hotel we never heard of such a thing. There’s, oh, there’s a parade but before most of the big bowl games, so they have floats. They have high school bands from all over the country and it wraps with the two bands, the marching bands from the Ohio State and Georgia. You remember when

Nestor Aparicio  02:52

the Peach Bowl used to be like what the Terps would get when they finished fifth in the end, right?

Leonard Raskin  02:55

Right. Hey, not anymore. This is a national championship deal so so we’re out on the street we’re standing watching the Peach Bowl parade and with the family and the band starts marching up the street and good great things. The director of the band, the the director of the marching band knows obviously the boy because of the athletic band out at the university came over shook his hand wish them happy new year was glad it’s your boy playing the

Nestor Aparicio  03:23

band again. tenor sax, tenor sax. All right, good. Future and a great late 80s cover band. What

Leonard Raskin  03:29

are some great jazz some great jazz? Okay, well, we watched the bands March by and it was kind of interested to hear the GA fight song didn’t realize that the whole town barks but that’s the way it goes. They do that a kickoff to Yeah, we were there. So then then Saturday night to the game. And look a tough weekend for the hardball boys first watch TCU light up Michigan and that was obviously findable. Right, that was an amazing game. We saw the first three quarters Well, half of the third quarter and then we we marched over through a Olympic park into the stadium

Nestor Aparicio  04:03

and Bulldogs fans are dead like

Leonard Raskin  04:06

they traveled very well and are watching

Nestor Aparicio  04:08

the game and everybody’s wearing red and we’re like it was already

Leonard Raskin  04:11


all read so you couldn’t tell but but Ohio State was at least a third of the crowd and and vocal and carrying on and the O H going around the bowl it was beautiful and and upland the big ring inside the Mercedes Benz stadium. So first of all you had to get into the place which was a harder What a horrible place to get into between the security of the tickets. just dreadful took over a half hour to get into the stadium crazy. They opened the doors for eight o’clock game at 630 What the heck is that about? Anyway? Nuff said. So we’re gonna sell enough beer and sign up. That’s right. That’s right. And then they have this ring that is above the playing field and it’s a TV giant TV. So they’ve got to Michigan TCU you hadn’t been there. Been there never been. Alright, cool. So they got to Michigan TC You gave an

Nestor Aparicio  05:00

amazing stadium right?

Leonard Raskin  05:02

Beautiful you. Yes, yes. In Vegas. Yes. The New Vegas not the new.

Nestor Aparicio  05:08

Have you been to Minnesota yet? No. No. The newer ones? Yeah, yeah. So

Leonard Raskin  05:14

the ATL was beautiful. They had to game up on the TV. So we got to watch team up north lose TCU, which was fantastic. I know. Everybody in Ohio State loves that, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. The only thing better than the only thing better than watching them lose is Ohio State win. But the only thing you know next to the Ohio State win is that team up north losing so they lost. And then the place was crazy. The band was out the door to the eye. Everything was fantastic. They kick off and what a game. Man was that a great game and it was. It was everything you’d want. CJ Stroud, the kid put on a show. He was striking every pass until they knocked out Marvin Harrison and he was just on fire. And then third quarter good game fourth quarter amazing and that that kid from Georgia kid, the kid is older than Lamar Jackson. Stetson Bennett, what’s it like a 10 year starter at Georgia.

Nestor Aparicio  06:08

So my wife and I don’t watch a lot of college football in my sense. The plane right, right. So we flew we flew in. Right. We flew in and Saturday night. We have been together in a month. Like we’re about the cats all caught. I love watching some football and you have digging it and whatever. And it’s like First things first, what percentage of the country New Horned Frogs. I mean, very little, very few people know Horned Frog.

Leonard Raskin  06:32

And less people even knew what TCU stands for.

Nestor Aparicio  06:36

We actually commented on all the red and we commented on the stadium and Atlanta and the pit. But then the quarterbacks name comes up and his name is Stetson

Leonard Raskin  06:45


Nestor Aparicio  06:47

she’s like Stetson Bennett. What? What kind of name is Stetson Bennett. Yeah, no, I mean, and I said, Well, he was playing last year too, as I remember. But he is like 28 or

Leonard Raskin  06:59

25. He’s a six year. I guess he’s a grad student. I don’t know you could read shirt and then with a COVID year you get an extra year and so he’s still playing. And magnanimous men amongst boys. He was a man amongst boys playing again next Monday night. And he’ll be playing on Sunday somewhere, probably. Although he could be that Tebow kid that had a great college career but doesn’t translate, I don’t know. But he he’s got an eye for the game. He knows what’s going on. He’s really strong. And everybody there that was around us, Ohio State fans all around us. You know, nobody was confident that that wind was in the bag ever. And sure enough, you know, Kirby smart, Kirby smart. I don’t know what was going on. But I’m so we’re in the stage. You’ll appreciate this, where the stance I have my wife can verify this statement. Fourth, and one and a half. Fourth quarter, put the game away. They’re ready. They got a punt. They got a punt world we’re on our own 28 yard line. And I said this would be a great time for a fake great time for a fake, they snap it to the back. He gets four yards and the refs blow the whistle that Kirby got a timeout before the snap. Ah, devastating. Devastating. They punt. Georgia gets the ball on the 10 throws a 90 yard bomb, the quarterback falls down and they’re down by five.

Nestor Aparicio  08:22

You’ll never forget the game though. I mean, your kid on a student they’re there.

Leonard Raskin  08:26

He’s screaming his head off. We just hit we had a ball. I used to do this

Nestor Aparicio  08:29

all the time. Because I mean, I could ask you two weeks ago about your boy going to Ohio State and the band and his history bang like all that you want to go to college and get an education you know, he’s not gonna make it in the NFL your son right? So he’s not gonna get a contract, right?

Leonard Raskin  08:42

And he’s gonna make it at the Ravens band for $1,000 a season.

Nestor Aparicio  08:47

Right but but the notion that you would as forget the thorn melon and the references and all that and what you invested, he’s slept but these are the extracurricular things that you can’t get no offense at Towson or Loyola or at a place where this sort of thing doesn’t happen

Leonard Raskin  09:06

to be at Maryland. You can be at Maryland go to Manny’s bowl, watch your coach get dumped with five gallons of managers nicely a lot dumber than that nothing dumber. I

Nestor Aparicio  09:15

get it I like I they they try to make these institutions all serious. And then that’s that was the outcome and Duke’s Mayo bullae.

Leonard Raskin  09:24

They want at least they weren’t decks empty. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. What you went to was amazing.

Nestor Aparicio  09:30

She said You sat with Ohio State. I was wondering about this not get your tickets to the university. I tried.

Leonard Raskin  09:34

I tried but but they oversold their allotment. So I had to get them the old fashioned way through the Ticketmaster StubHub route, which I did. And I will tell you the the Ohio State fans traveled really well. Like I said at least a third in the building Saturday night at least.

Nestor Aparicio  09:50

But it looks like the tickets are structured with the universities where like you’re in the section we always say we’re in. We’re in

Leonard Raskin  09:59

the band The bands were in opposite corners. And the two sections next to the band were tickets for family and and player families and all that. And they like I said they’re in the corner of the endzone. We were in the we were on the 40 right but we were a lot of people a lot of Ohio State people clearly bought tickets because it was it was pretty packed. It was Georgia Georgia home game. The good thing was I gotta give him credit. The stadium did not play it as that the stadium played both teams both fight songs were out there both the the locomotive horn went off when both teams scored the ring lit up. Everything was as equal as could be from the stadium. Officially proud of the bowl games and but the crowd was clearly overwhelming Georgia home game, and and loud and crazy. The thing is both both offense has had it tough man. It was loud for both offenses. There was no quiet when Georgia had the ball. There wasn’t the drop of quiet when Ohio State had the ball. It was intense. It was crazy. It was great and the poor kid Ruggles that, you know I don’t get sometimes play calling. I’m not a coach. So let’s face it, I don’t know what they’re doing. But CJ Stroud gets them down to the 30 ish, first down to timeouts. Then they throw the ball twice and run it once and have to kick the field goal from 50 instead of what had been working, which was throw into the tight ends throwing. I mean, they couldn’t cover the corners of Georgia just couldn’t cover the wide outs and they didn’t make any good plays. On that last series. They left the kid out their 50 yard line. I’m looking at my phone because that’s where I have my clock. I don’t wear a watch. And sure enough, I imagine they showed it on TV, I’m not sure but they lined up for that field goal kicked the 50 yard or wide left, it reminded me of an old Miami, Florida State came back in the day and kicked it wide left and that ball literally hit the ground at midnight. I want each one of you I watched the

Nestor Aparicio  12:18

Yeah, I mean that that was the amazing letter was down in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl as in all the proceedings with his eyes, boy goes Ohio State. You can of course find Leonard at reskinned into the new year. And we’ll get to tax strategies and New Year and money and the American dream but right now, I mean, were you headed to Vegas, it had a one

Leonard Raskin  12:42

it was it was so far so far off by my bed. So I probably Jinx them because third quarter I got Ticketmaster and StubHub up looking for tickets. I got I got the airlines up on the phone for for airfare. So we were set if this game if they won this game, we weren’t going to Cali when Ohio

Nestor Aparicio  12:59

State scored the first couple touchdowns and we’re up big early. I was going to text you and I thought you said the game. I don’t want to mess with that.

Leonard Raskin  13:10

I got people texting me from all over the place. But I figure you got a guy I got a guy work with who’s a FedEx pilot. He’s texting me from Dubai. Middle of the night, middle of night from Dubai. He’s an Ohio State. Crazy Crazy fan. He’s texted me from Dubai. Dude, long game ahead. Don’t get ahead of ourselves and people from Texas Tech people I was getting texts lit up from I was getting lit up from upstairs friends that were in the upper upper stands. The full full

Nestor Aparicio  13:37

disclosure, I’ve had my buddy Bernard McKinney on from Cleveland. He was my producer. 20 years ago, NASCAR Nationwide, we’ve been friends forever. The Ravens play the Steelers twice there. Now he is off the NFL. He’s pissed at the browns. He’s pissed the football. He’s a disgruntled former guy like me dealing with these players and sort of had enough right days out in Cleveland with his dog and his wife living his good life and he watches the Browns he didn’t live and die. But he lived and died sports the first 45 years of his life. And every game when the Browns would play no matter whether the Ravens would win or the brands would he would wind up texting me I’m like, Dude, I’m in the locker room. So I mean, so a lot of folks don’t bother me on game day. I am cognizant that when you’re in the stadium, right, you’re taking pictures, you’re worried about defensive subject kids having a good time somebody spilling a beer on you. I don’t I just didn’t want to be that guy. The guy on the other game and I’ll tell you man Oh, text me during the game right? Here my sponsor my friend, you animal, right? We’re busy. Don’t bother me. They’re busy. They don’t I don’t get text during the games as well

Leonard Raskin  14:44

as Ohio State played and when that kick drop, South will drop West. I just left you. It was amazing to me as we left the stadium, and it’s a new year. It’s a new year. It didn’t even matter. You I’m telling you man, that place holds held about 75 There were about 25 to 30,000 Silent zombies walking the streets of Atlanta. You could have heard a pin drop in that city after the game, except for the occasional Georgia fan who was out on the street, who either didn’t go to the game or for some reason didn’t stick around for the trophy presentation. The Ohio State fans walking back through the city saw me like go to the Super Bowl every year.

Nestor Aparicio  15:31

Every single year I walk out of the building, and I see people celebrating a championship and people who flew halfway across the country and spent 15 grand to do Yeah, they’re like that was you know,

Leonard Raskin  15:44

it was It was dreadful. Then we got back to the hotel and of course I have to watch a little sports center and here’s some follow up and just some commentary. And and it was it was stunning. And two o’clock to sleep. Four o’clock to wake fly home when a seven o’clock jet landed at 915 because you thought the Ravens had to play one o’clock game. Yes. Home had some brunch with the family. It’s tradition we do a New Year’s Day brunch. So we had New Year’s Day brunch with the family came home went to sleep for three hours. Set an alarm got up no tailgating on Sunday for the Raskin family to shave

Nestor Aparicio  16:24

you have a tailgate I mean your voice is very good six eight Hartsfield as deal with all that yes

Leonard Raskin  16:31

and struggled. just drove right down to the to the stadium. Park the car Sunday night walked into the stadium about a half hour ish before kickoff. I do enjoy I did enjoy. I had not been to a night game. At m&t Since they did the whole news. Right the hockey the hockey effect is what Yeah, and they give me these little bracelets that are I guess light their lights on the bracelet. They’re programmed to the tunes that they play in the stadium with the lights off. Beautiful beautiful party beautiful party but I’ll tell you Sunday night this time for some reason. I don’t know if it was Lamar not being there. I don’t know what it was the the the atmosphere the intensity. The crowd it just didn’t feel really dealers really? It was see

Nestor Aparicio  17:28

watch TV I on TV late like and more than that, like I follow who might be in my seats right? I mean yeah, sure. My seats for 26 years. Somebody else wearing a jack Lambert jersey was probably sitting in Yeah, got it. Long as he wouldn’t wear one of those jailbird things off on Wednesday world Ryan Colombo, the bumblebee right? So I would just say I follow how much tickets our ticket prices went through the roof in the last hour, which is very unusual. And I thought, oh, everybody’s off Monday. It’s almost like a Saturday. Steeler fans and the Steeler fans took the tickets and bought them. And it’s

Leonard Raskin  18:08

great. It was great when they were playing the tunes. And when the lights were off and all that craziness was going on but during the game itself they had the big screen was going a lot

Nestor Aparicio  18:17

how many Steelers fans are there like when they won the game? What

Leonard Raskin  18:21

What was the percentage of people? 20% Maybe 15 20%. Okay, yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  18:26

I think there were 10,000 Steeler fans. Yeah, that’s that’s

Leonard Raskin  18:29

probably about right. And, and they’re crazy. You know, they had their jacket on the whole game and then they took them off at the end of towels. Crazy. Go wipe your tears tiles. Anyway. Wow, what a crazy game. Another one. Here we are. We can barely kick a field goal. We can’t get 10 yards. Fourth quarter comes you got this game in the bag? I think. I think we were up by 10 where we


Nestor Aparicio  18:54

were up 10 At one point, right?

Leonard Raskin  18:58

Yes, another 10 point lead gone. As I remember it was was a hill right Hill runs the ball back to the 40 yard line on a kickoff. They can’t go negative three yards. Yeah. 40 yard line in Steelers territory. And you can’t get a first down and I don’t know who’s making the play calls on that series. But my my. I can’t imagine that there’s there’s so scared. They seem so scared that Huntley would throw an interception that they didn’t let him play the game. I don’t understand. Again, not a coach. We can talk. Same thing with Ohio State. I’m not a coach, but I don’t understand. Not throwing that ball out of a 10 man front.

Nestor Aparicio  19:44

Pittsburgh, finished the game there. Well, yeah,

Leonard Raskin  19:47

but Pittsburgh had Minka Fitzpatrick back in the middle, and 10 guys at the line and we ran up the middle. What the heck are they doing? You’re not going to break that. You got 10 Guys, you got TJ watt coming around the outside blowing up every play, and you got 10 guys in the box and you’re trying to run well they always

Nestor Aparicio  20:07

feel like they can run the ball they think they can.

Leonard Raskin  20:11

That’s great. Pittsburgh had three timeouts and they thought we could and they were right. It’s not a very good football team. You’re right with that first down twice kid

Nestor Aparicio  20:20

is their quarterback the back of quarterback. I said to Luke that they would be a three and 14 team if they had a regular schedule. I don’t know how many teams they would beat as comprised, especially without clays Campbell without Marcus Peters on the back end. Ryan Stephens running around back there. So got interest and

Leonard Raskin  20:37

people it was it was tough, tough, tough. And so it just looked bad first, first out on your own 41st down on their 40. And you punt twice. And two series that you lose the game on. And then well the last series let’s face it, the last series they gave up what a 30 yard pass, a 25 yard pass and a 10 yard pass and over how in the heck do you give up 80 yards 90 yards, maybe the kid punted it down to the 10 You don’t get pressure on the quarterback to that’s another Oh, he had all day yet all day. They sacked him once I think he had all day back there and that and it was you know what I liked

Nestor Aparicio  21:23

about the quarterback? I don’t know anything about Kenny Pickett. I was up in late Trobe with the Steelers back in August that their training camp and those guys were all thrown it around at that point. It was Mitch Trubisky. And it was Trubisky. I was on the field and they were all just doing their thing. And I was just on the sidelines and I didn’t even have like a scorecard. I didn’t even know who number 29 was or whatever. I wasn’t working in that way. I was on the crabcake tour, you know, right, right. But the picket guy I don’t know anything about him. I’ve never heard his voice. I’ve never heard him speak. But after the game, Melissa Stark of Baltimore, by the way. Yep. had had Nagi Harris and had and had a picket on picket the minute he starts talking. He talks like Joe Flacco. He’s from New Jersey. He has he has Flaco cadence Langos inflection. It’s wild to sit there and see Ryan Pickett speak with Joe Flacco his voice Yeah, and I thought, Oh, wow, that’s weird. You know, but they are the Steelers they’re seen before. And I don’t know if the gods playoffs next week or not. I’m not even worried about that. Right. I am worried about can the Ravens win a football game next week? Not Cincinnati. Forget that. That whatever the stakes are any of that? Is Lamar Jackson going to be upright next weekend and ready to win a football game in this league against a playoff team? Whatever playoff team that is chargers jaguars, Bengals wherever

Leonard Raskin  22:52

we hope Yeah, I think you got to get a great point. But I think I think if Lamar is operational, and it’s the Jags are the Chargers offensively I think you got a shot. The defense I can’t believe how ragged they still look. I mean, it’s just it’s terrible and I think what’s his name there in the hair but the other hair boy got to hear boys. You got said not San Diego. Yeah, la. What’s their quarterback LA? Oh, Herbert. Herbert, you got Herbert. And you got the Jags? You got two boys. Two boys with the flow they gotta go. Right there you go. All right, you got you got two boys playing with the flow and I don’t know that the defense can stop the flow.

Nestor Aparicio  23:44

Maybe I should get in and like start quarterback in the Jaguars or so there you

Leonard Raskin  23:48

go. Quarterback the Ravens you could bring out the flow. Maybe they hire you for that.

Nestor Aparicio  23:55

Was gonna cut it off and my wife found me a brand new thing of wax for my hair. So I’m keeping the hair a couple more months we’ve decided let her ask you this. Here he is. We’re asking go tell everybody about starting a new year. I mean I I’ve asked a lot of folks about resolutions or what they’re into that’s not Ohio State or Raven related football or even a caps and where you are right now the Orioles. I saw somebody said 2023 the year the Orioles win the World Series and oh yeah, that’s a nice thought on January.

Leonard Raskin  24:22

Here in Vegas. If you’re in Vegas, you could put a point on that. Maybe maybe win a couple of the balloons like TCU TCU 200 to one preseason. 200 to one they could pull it out. They can pull it as tug McCraw once said you gotta believe you got it. So you’re saying we got a chance while the rabbits have a chance for Shane do they do look, they’re in there in the tournament already. You got to you got to Bengals game that you got to play. I think Lamar has got to be out there for the Bengals. Because he he’s got to have a preseason and practice, practice. I don’t think you walk into the playoffs and play well against anybody. You got to have at least another game before the playoffs. So, playoffs.

Nestor Aparicio  25:09

So you’re see you’re mentioning the Jaguars, the chargers, the Bengals all I mean, my God, it could be Kansas City or Buffalo at this. Right? Well, I mean, if it’s over, then it’s over if you think they can’t win, if you can’t beat all of them, I think, what’s the point of going and playing the letters over dissidents that? Well, I mean, mahomes could could get sick that way, you know,

Leonard Raskin  25:33

that’s right. That’s right. You could hit a guy good at any given Sunday. Look, it can happen. But we know that that the road is tough, and the teams are good. And you’re not going to win scoring 15 points, right. The offense has to show up and that means you got to have some vertical threat and team puts 10 men in the box and you can’t pass out of it. You ain’t winning.

Nestor Aparicio  25:57

But he gets in the redzone three times during the game during the whole game and you score touchdowns all three times. You got 21 right off, you

Leonard Raskin  26:04

got a chance. You got a chance, right, but but when you score three field goals, God bless Tucker, but when you’re hitting field goals. Right, let’s get 15. So touchdowns are are at a premium and you got to get them. And man. Mark Andrews is only one guy you can throw to him every play they know they know you’re throwing to him. Although I will say it was nice to see Sunday night likely. Like he got a little touchdown. That was good. And we’ve

Nestor Aparicio  26:34

been waiting all year for that right like right preseason touch lettered any wisdom to start the year for anybody just it just other than just have a good time. Take care of yourself.

Leonard Raskin  26:43

Take a good assessment from a financial standpoint, look at your budget, sit down, look at your cash flow, say, am I saving enough for my future hopes and dreams? And am I protected well enough, that if something happens, I don’t lose my future hopes and dreams, the market will take you there. But you got to put money in it first, you got to be saving enough. And you got to protect yourself. So you make sure your dreams happen no matter what. And you make sure that if what you hope happens happens that you’ve planned properly. You’ve put away enough money to have the wealth you want for that good long term future. And you can enjoy the Ravens in the playoffs and TCU Georgia in the National Football final.

Nestor Aparicio  27:27

Yeah, you know, it’s a good football week. And the one thing about football and sitting around here all year, and not flying places other than going to Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago. And watching all this and watching vicariously as you’re in Atlanta and other friends of mine were in Tampa six weeks ago. We’re in New Orleans or any of these places that I haven’t gone, but I’ve been a million times and I know the route to all of that. It’s just we always miss football when it’s gone, you know, five or six weekends left, and then all of a sudden like it’s gone. So

Leonard Raskin  27:57

it’s Ovechkin on to 894

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

Oh, well in March Madness and like, yeah, sure, sure. But there’s only one football season right? Yeah. Right. And I think that’s the hard part is for most of us looking at when we’re in the playoffs like I wrote last week. It’s weird. We’re in the playoffs, but we really have a chance of winning the Superbowl. i i I am very very doubtful at this point. I think they’ve they’re a little doubtful as well. Let her ask is not doubtful about your ability to build a better future. Save your money. Take good advice. You can find him out of Raskin We talked about it all the time. And of course letter down on the front of Baltimore positive as well. I’m gonna let you rest up get a razor blade, get the year off to the right start getting leftovers put away do all of that won’t be ready for the ravens and the Bengals this weekend. I am Nestor we are wn sta a 1570, Towson Baltimore. Happy New Year to everyone out there. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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