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John Martin of Maryland Lottery tells the unlikely tale of the same person with two million dollar winners in the same drawing.


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we have been taking the Maryland crabcake tour back out on the road we’re going to be at fade Lee’s on Friday hence me wearing the fade Lee shirt. It was established in 1887 but moved and relocated 2024 For your convenience and modern pleasure into the new Lexington market. Luke and I will be there live, you are live. It’d be like Brent Musburger live like the Eclipse was live the other day. We will be eclipsing all expectations. It’s going to be holiday celebrate. So we’re gonna be there for Jackson holidays debut or day but, and Luke will be there from two until three and then from three to five and we’ll continue with Baltimore positive John Martin is my guest in this segment. He did not get to give $1.3 billion away. Some cat in New Jersey did that. But uh, John, I want to let you know, I gave these away. These are the 10 times the cache. I had a handful of these left. I didn’t think I even had this one. I have two left. But I gave them away Costas and someone, one $2. And it was lunchtime before the oral game came on on Tuesday. And one of the gals that work there says I’d love the Pac Man game she just said offered this. And the guy that won the $2 said, You know what, I’m gonna go get your Pac Man ticket. And he took the winning ticket that he had and put the truth and He gave her the Pac Man ticket. Now, people when people lose, it’s the lottery. You know, this is exec, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. She gave me the losing ticket so that I would at least have one I’m picking these up on Friday. So I can show them off that there are PacMan tickets, and that I will have these to give away and that’s previously scratch ones which schmutz is the word right? Whatever, whatever the silver stuff is that they’ll still be on there. And I’ll give these away on Friday. So I like to pack my tickets. They’re colorful.


John Martin  01:52

They’re very colorful. And I’ve been doing your our daresay our listeners as a service. If I didn’t I do some quick fact checking. Number one, that is not a losing ticket in your hand. That is a knock and Janee. It’s a not a non winning ticket. You know what

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:07

she did? And this is the God’s honest truth. She scanned it. This is on her second chance app because we had that conversation. I’m glad you brought this up so I can bring this up because she already had her phone out. Why do you think the whole thing she should get the whole scan thing? It’s all done?

John Martin  02:23

Yeah. Perfect. Matter of fact, that news, a new and improved app just downloaded here in the month of April. So if you’re not familiar with MD is a website. Please get familiar with the MD lottery app. Available now wherever apps are available. And the second fact check. It was not New Jersey. It was a great Northwest. It was 1.3 to $6 billion in the state of and I always mispronounce it. Do you say Oregon? Or Oregon? You

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:53


know, why don’t you say I’m glad you asked me this. I dated a girl and met her at the bowling at the at the skating rink when I was a kid. I was like 13 years old.

John Martin  03:02

Are you a long way home on this one? Archer go Oh, no, no, no,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:05

she her she was you know, her parents were divorced. Her father lived in I would say Oregon. And she’s like, don’t call it Oregon. It’s Oregon. So I learned this 40 years ago, because I got SAS from a girl I was trying to hold hands with and skate backwards with, you know, slowly and carefully all skate slowly and carefully. So I learned early on by saying Oregon, that Oregon is not what people in Oregon call it.

John Martin  03:35

You know what? That that must be an East east versus West thing because I’ve always said Oregon, Oregon. Now I stand corrected. Oregon, you kind of swallow it. Oregon, Oregon. Well, all right.


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:48

All right into Portland, Oregon. And I’ve been to Portland, Maine. And so yeah, I was Was

John Martin  03:52

there a difference? Right? Or are they the Twin Cities? Um,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:56

they’re a little different. Yeah. One has lobster. And the other one I don’t know has the trail blazers? I guess you know,

John Martin  04:02


yeah. Yeah, very nice. Very nice. Hey,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:05

you know, we got the real estate. I you know, I should know better. That’s all

John Martin  04:08

right. There’s only one way to say New Jersey. So we just spent five minutes on on educating our listeners, which is part of what I feel we ought to be doing more of education is big.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:19

I’ve learned a lot this week, I’ve learned about solar eclipses more than I want to know. I almost went to Cleveland this week. First, everybody I know like Ohio for the eclipse that did of course everybody you know in your world in that part of the world? Did they have a magical experience because my wife went up to this is why I didn’t know who won the thing Jersey cuz she wasn’t yelling at me when it happened the other day. And I did read up everybody reads about this stuff. But she went up to the Canadian border. Yeah. And she got the glasses with her dad or sister and they were in the middle of it. They were so screwed up that they didn’t have internet that’s not close to the Canadian border that I had to call her on the phone and tell her how to get to her hotel. So they got there and she had had, like the teary eyed mystical crazy experience that you want to have. How did your family do in Ohio?


John Martin  05:06

Oh, absolutely the very much the same and you know what, no, no disrespect to the Marylanders who thought they saw a an experience, this was nothing this was like this was partly cloudy. You know, and, but know that to have that totality. If you’re around a 2044, wherever it happens to be, and you have the ability to do that you really need to be in that 100% totality band, wherever it may be, because that is, that’s an experience that is something

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:37

blinded by the light. It’s like a Springsteen song kind of like that. John Martin, he’s executive director of all things Maryland lottery game, where do you want to start? I mean, do you want to start with oh, man, do we have like, a guy that had two winning tickets last time made us sort of like say all right, I gotta, I gotta investigate this further. So I’m going to end the story was better.

John Martin  05:56

The story as I knew it would be was better than I even thought to catch people up when we last left our heroes we talked about there were two tickets sold at a 711 but we’re both million dollar Powerball wins. And you said how could that happened? And I said, Well, you know, one person may have bet the base Powerball numbers and picked a certain number for one Powerball and done it again and then a second number for Powerball because they have done numbers they play that our numbers favorite numbers, okay, that wasn’t it at all. Here’s a guy who only plays billion dollar jackpot so right off the bat, he’s just ease he’s got a plan. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:33


when it goes to a billion does he play it? So that’s my wife, my wife good play until it’s like 250 or 300 million now? Yep, yep.

John Martin  06:42

So you may want to you may want to explain to Jen this new strategy, so you go in only at a billion and he takes his previous tickets and we have a function called replay which means you can take your your previous ticket and the barcodes means something and you can scan them at the retailer and it will generate that ticket with those same numbers for the

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:04

left remember your favorite numbers you just have Okay, I understand okay,

John Martin  07:08

it is a player convenience and players love to count the concept so this guy takes a stack of non winning tickets and goes through and replace them and you know comes home with his tickets doesn’t look at him because he’s knows he’s got him and they find out that their favorite haunt the seven lovin sold not one, but two. And the guy looks at the number says, Hey, that’s my winning ticket. And his wife celebrate. And then he says, You know what, I’m gonna look at the other tickets here. See what else?


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:40

That’s funny. I mean, like, if I had like, I got three lottery tickets here, if the first one was worth a million dollars, I don’t know how long it would take me to check the second and third.

John Martin  07:54

Literally playing. Yeah, he’s literally playing with house money. You can get the full details of the lottery that console scans. He looks at the other tickets and realize that inadvertently, he won $10 on another one. inadvertently he scanned a duplicate of that ticket. And bam, bada boom, Bada bing, not one but $2 million prizes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:16

Now it didn’t say does it say it’s a C Maryland lottery doesn’t it? Or does it know? Well?

John Martin  08:22


A guy who plays only billion dollar tickets has a pretty good idea what’s going on? So he looked at the numbers he knew he had them. He knows a million dollar well he’s holding

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:30

two tickets and saying you’re both million dollar tickets. For you

John Martin  08:35

honey one for me. That’s nice. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:38

doing this you’ve never seen that’s a pretty crazy story. John, trying to get it to marinate that the


John Martin  08:46

tickets unknowingly. I mean people when they buy multiple tickets pretty much know that. And again, you can go to Mt Loggerhead calm and pick a story up from from pick five winner who who knowingly won $100,000 Because they played their five number. pick five numbers. Twice. They knew it going in. This guy didn’t know it after the fact. But bam, it comes to the same you know that money will count just the same. Nestor Oh, good buys a Slurpee

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:15

or something, you know, enjoys himself with all that. Yeah. Thanks. So I’ve given the PAC man’s out this week. You always do a different thing. Scratch but tell me about the Pac Man because I did literally she bought only bought one ticket. She was a non winning ticket. I said there scan it and can you scan it now and give it to me so I can hold it up on the air because I was doing the segments before Friday? And she said sure. But I said they’re progressive. There’s progressive on this. No, no, but there’s a chance. Second Chance. Okay, so some I can even I get confused. So tell me about Pac Man. What do I need to tell people on Friday? Yeah,

John Martin  09:52

no, Pac Man is a two parter dollar ticket it it has a fun creative look to it. It looks a lot like the game same people will will hopefully know and recall favorably. And if it is a non winning ticket, you can enter it into M era, your My lottery rewards account. And in I want to say it’s the end of May, we will select cash prize winners, but also more importantly, someone could win a very own home arcade Pac Man game to shock and amaze your friends for the rest of the summer and beyond.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:27


Can I come over and play with it? Maybe that’s next year, we’ll do that as Nestor gets to come over and entertain you to play with it to get the joystick working. You got to get the choice because if the joystick sticks, the little guys are going to eat you. I mean, the little ghosts they’re gonna

John Martin  10:41

you know, that’s a metaphor for life, isn’t it?

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:44

That’s a good point. John Morris here, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. I want to move to the the gaming side and maybe even the sports side of baseball. I mean, you put a whammy on Shane Bieber last night, though. Oh, man. I don’t don’t say Kyle Bradish out loud here.

John Martin  11:02

Kyle. Bradish. Is that was that the name? I heard Kyle Bradish. Listen,


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:06

they’re calling Jackson Holliday up and I’m having delicious crab cakes on Friday. And there’s nothing that some guardians fan is going to do to rain on the parade of my baseball team finally being really good, really good and something I can believe in even calling up the number one star in the entire sport. We don’t have enough.

John Martin  11:28

The Universe Go ahead, open it up. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:30

just think listen, and all due respect to you and everyone that came before you and your seat at the Maryland lottery. You’ve had homerun riches years you’ve had games. We’ve never had an Oriole thing like what we have going on or like a real going concern where like we really can win the World Series this year. I really know it I believe it. The people everybody believes it. Just like Captain Lucy. I know it you know what the people know it. So I can’t

John Martin  11:59


come to now. Hey, you know what, you since you mentioned Homer enrichers let me just spend minimum of that because I got a story here that you’re going to just be shocked and amazed. We have at this point as we speak. Nine Oreos. homeruns zero Grand Slams remember this year for every Oreos Grand Slam. They win $5,000 The contestant of The Game lucky enough to do that. And we also have this little progressive jackpot ticket called Homer Richards Bases Loaded jackpot as we speak up over $75,000. So that’s not too shabby. And people can go to MB and see the litany of people who are the contestants of the game. Matter of fact tonight, I should say I shouldn’t say tonight but coming up soon. Wink. A Dundalk native Wendell Powell will be our contestant the game. So Wendell is hoping for big things. In terms of wins. Malik Wilson will be our contestant the game coming up this week. And then we have for the opening of Milwaukee Brewers series. Diane Rubinstein. She related sorry, did I just say Diane Rubinstein

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:07

related she’s eligible. I’m just I don’t know. I mean, you know, it well, if she is maybe she puts the fix in for grand slam on Friday night. impeding the Milwaukee Brewers is what I would say.

John Martin  13:20

There’s there’s some going on there. So we hope you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:23

a really legitimate old school baseball fan. And you know, from bad I mean, Cleveland, you’ve seen a lot of bad but you’ve seen some good too. I had Listen, Mike Hargrove made the documentary Grover and I were cool. I’m nice Albert Belle, not so much his jersey made it but he didn’t make it. But this is as good as it gets from a fan anticipation stamp. I’m happy doing this 32 years John, I’ve never experienced anything like this last month or two for where the level of expectation would be as well as a level of play. I mean, this is the real thing and I would think every single night there’s gonna be a lot of bases loaded situations for this even though the bats were a little chilly over the weekend, but they’re gonna load the bases a lot you got it you have a lot of fun with this promotion this year I think you know there there is that sense of enthusiasm


John Martin  14:11

when when you write it all just aligns I mean back in the in the glory days of Cleveland law back in the mid 90s When they had a lineup that was so stacked that Manny Ramirez was batting eighth it was you just knew you knew somehow they were just going to win these games and the come from behind victories and everything else and of course, made the World Series in 95 unfortunately did not do well in a series with the Braves. But it was a great series and they lost so expectations were high in 96. It didn’t work out. So 97 was kind of swing back up and yeah, when you know going in on opening day that you’re going to be in contention at the end of the year. It does add a whole nother wrinkle to it all year long, doesn’t it? I mean, you just feel different every day. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:02

and it’s a different kind of soap opera than the ones where you lose 100 games a year or when you just don’t have a chance or you’re even, even in years where you’re thinking like we might and those years, look, I would love to have those 500 years, we didn’t have a whole lot of that, where it’s like, well, maybe we can be a wildcard and win a game or whatever like that. But last year, set the bar. But I think this Jackson holiday, I mean, I woke up today talking about it with Luke, and it’ll be the talk of the town until he gets here on Friday. And we’ll be down to fade Lee’s giving away. Non previously scratched off potential winning to potential double one decades. Doing there. What pack let’s why pick this one up yesterday off the bar, it cost this. But you know, the baseball part of this brings wagering and this is where I want you to talk a little bit about this, because I mistakenly probably said no one would ever bet on baseball, that it was a football thing because I’ve been doing this for 30 years. And I didn’t hear a lot of people on the street ever talking about betting baseball, I think the baseball proposition parts of this and I think you’re seeing this with tallies every month that this is a place for the dollar bingo sort of gambler to give me $1 On mountcastle hitting a homerun if you want to have a little fun with Jackson holiday on Friday night, five blocks that he can hit a homerun in his first game. And whatever the odds are, you can really have fun with it. That’s sort of the spirit of the baseball part of this. But I think numbers are coming back now for you march madness, all of that were contributing to the state’s greater good in these ways too. So I do want to point that out. Although please do it responsibly. It is

John Martin  16:33

every bit the challenge that we thought it would be when when you’re talking about things like sports wagering, there’s the appeal, the allure, the fun, the entertainment of it. But then you also have that, that other side of it where where people do, unfortunately, maybe get in over their heads a little too enthusiastic about it, don’t have a plan, chasing losses, and those things can be very, very difficult to deal with. And we need to reconcile that. And we are releasing our March numbers. For sports wagering, there’ll be strong again, we’ll have over $4.8 million of contributions to the state, which brings our fiscal year total from July 1 through the end of March to over $41 million, nearly $42 million, which is ahead of what we projected. So that’s a good story to tell, because that money goes to the blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund and helps education and we want people to enjoy the game. The other side of the coin is again, we advocate have a plan, stick to it. Make sure that you understand the odds of what you’re wagering on, whether it’s the money line, it’s point spread is Proposition bets, you know, all those things have meaning. And you should understand what it is and get some advice and and have some fun, enjoy it. But then make sure that you’re able to keep it in in this proper context. Baseball traditionally is not a big spending game on the calendar, much less so than NFL College,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:59


like in Vegas traditionally, but it also wasn’t readily available. And when I think of baseball, gambling, I think of my friends in my neighborhood would go to a lot of games. And when they would go with their beer buddies, they would do the dollar in and if the guy hits, you know, the 18 $9 or whatever, they put the dollar in, if their guy hits a homerun, they get the pot and they buy beer with it or whatever, right. Like that was sort of the extent of me hearing about baseball, gambling my whole life, because I didn’t even understand the odds of it. But I think the propositions are a little more unique in your favorite player, your team that night, a couple of bucks. I see that, that there’s some appeal to that for the folks that used to do it as a little bit more like $2 attract betters, you know what I mean? Having a little bit of fun with it?

John Martin  18:49

Well, certainly the the the mobile platform really takes that into a stratosphere we had comprehended quite frankly, percentage wise 97% 97% of the handle the monies wagered last month, in the month of March, we’re on mobile platforms 3%. Were in person, retail, brick and mortar type businesses. That is amazingly, way off. And when we thought started with mobile betting, we thought it may be the 8020 split. It went to the mid 90s and hasn’t wavered. So clearly, the immediacy, the proximity, the accessibility are all things that you can’t treat lightly. You have to respect you have to understand you have to use the limits that the the sports books allow you to do to control the spend and enjoy the games as much as you can. But that comes with a lot of responsibility and we advocate for it. The league’s advocate for it, you know everybody who understands behavioral science advocates for it. So There’s some truth in that and we hope people do take advantage of the protections in place. While they are enjoying the sports wagering product, John

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:07

Martin is here. We’re gonna be giving away some Pac Man scratch offs on Friday at Faith. He’s Ross will be back at Faith. He’s on the 26th. We have moved Coco’s for a number of different reasons into June. Well, that’s to do with graduations and Morgan State. And crowded bars of Caicos is popular so we’re gonna get back there in June. We’re gonna have some other crap quick tour dates for you in April and May also brought you by friends at Jiffy Lube and liberty pure solutions. Have I left anything out of the lottery? Pat, you guys are out doing stuff and doing events and doing different things, including with the orals of various points. But am I leaving anything out here, John, people can go to MD

John Martin  20:42

and see where we’re going to be coming up in April. Things like the Red Shoe shuffle, which is a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore. We’ll be in buoy for the spring Food Wine and music festival. So if you’re like any of those two out of the three if you like, three of those spring


Nestor J. Aparicio  21:01

music, wine and food, food,

John Martin  21:03

wine and music, so I think on all those and spring sure for four Yeah. And then that same weekend we’ll be in Westminster for the wine stroll it starts as a wine stroll where it goes after that I don’t have any

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:17

wine O’s in his spring all come out and you want to drink wine so I love wine I’m I’m now give me a malt

John Martin  21:24


so you know it did spring and there’ll be many more things as the month of May will come upon us we’ll be out even more so in the in the community but look first there spin the prize will have your picture taken with me or some other celebrities from the Maryland lottery and and enjoy everything but please bear responsibly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:41

I’ve told everyone Luke Jones free autographs on Friday. If you want to come meet Luke Luke will be there from two until three. Luke is the elusive one out of the both of us. Like the time Luke came to Coco’s he was like you know, people were there to stay alone because Luke doesn’t come out other than press boxes and Shrewsbury. But we’re getting them out live two to three every every Friday during the baseball season all Pac Man giveaway Are you gonna tell me what the next round of scratch offs are coming? Or am I gonna have to learn about this on the street? like I usually do, John.

John Martin  22:09

Yeah, I think maybe next time we chat well, we’ll have some announcements. I think

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:14

before you told me somebody else told me I got leaked to me about the grand slams and the five grand and all that that was fine. Yeah,


John Martin  22:21

yeah. Yeah. Well, we’ll look for it actually I will not be here next week. Love Somebody who much better than I am to manage the conversation with you and and they may be able to tease what the next wave will be when we did that

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:32

last time you weren’t here. We had the Ravens tickets for 20 years promotion on and that guy was the greatest dude ever JT like he’s TJ he’s going to come on and do like all of his work with us in January we do a couple of Super Bowls so I don’t encourage you to not join the show. But you always send high quality replacement value St. Jackson holiday to come pinch it for you is what you do. John Martin is the executive director Wellthanks Maryland lottery and gaming he did not put the whammy on any Cleveland guardians pitchers here this week. We’re going to cut him out of this get the brewers in town here have some crab cakes and come back next week and maybe give away a couple $5,000 Grand Slam winner so make sure you’re following that home on riches you can pick up home run riches as well over Costas. I saw him in the machines at the pac man over there. People are having a good time they’re playing Keno to at the bar over cost. So lots of games please enjoy all of them. Responsibly We beg of you I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570 TASHA Baltimore and we never stopped talking. I should do my Pac Man thing my Pac Man thing on my my Baltimore positive there you go.

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