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With John Means and Kyle Bradish throwing and potentially coming back to the Orioles starting rotation soon, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss what the latest setback for Tyler Wells means as the Birds’ bats take center stage in battering Twins pitching at Camden Yards.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Whoa, we are wn st Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are in a baseball week here the Orioles about to fly away into well even worse weather before it’s all over with but toward toward baseball being played here. I’m wearing my pappy shirt. I can encourage anybody to get over to Pappas any locations. Sure, get the crab cakes get the Greek salad but don’t sleep on that chicken franchise. I don’t even know how to pronounce it, but it’s delicious. It’s fr it’s, it’s like French, but just just point at it. They’ll tell you what it is delicious. brought that home with some rice pilaf. Our friends at the Maryland lottery, you’re sending me out with these Pac Man scratch offs. I’m trying to practice how to do the Pac Man thing on our screen. We’re going to be at fade Lee’s on the 26th we’re going to be green mount bowl next Wednesday, David Richardson up there. He put Baltimore positive logos and pictures of Luke Jones all over like a you know, the 10th frame and it’s like crazy out there. But we’re gonna be there all afternoon next Wednesday. I hope he has duck pins. I’m crossing my fingers. He’s a Dundalk guy. And we’ve talked about this before that’s on Wednesday. Then on Friday, Luke and I will be together and fatally seafood. It’s all brought to you by Liberty pure solutions as well as Jiffy Lube and our friends at the Maryland lottery as I sip some royal farms coffee out of the coal roofing mug, a bleary eyed Luke Jones he’s just got baseball and baseball and more baseball and then they come back and play one o’clock games and and then the weather and I think the weather is gonna hold up. But how are you holding up? I mean, does your neck hurt? Am I going to have to get you for the neck brace for all the hitting that’s going on here. I mean, you’re whiplash from all these hits, man. They’re


Luke Jones  01:39

certainly swinging the bats. Well, they they of course, we we talked about the first couple games of the season where they put up what 24 runs they had a week there where they didn’t hit the ball. And since then, while they’re swinging the bats, and they’re swinging the bats with authority, leading the league in homeruns at this point, and even fence back by the way, sure, well, but keep in mind, they only move the left field wall back. The rest of Camden Yards is still pretty hitter friendly as it pertains to being able to hit the ball out of the ballpark. But we’ve even seen some guys clear the big left field wall so they’re swinging it well, for all the talk about Austin Hays and to a lesser extent Anthony Santander hasn’t swung the bat all that well since the first few games of the season. But boy, they’ve got some guys swinging it. And it’s fun to see. And obviously the brewer series was choppy, they came away with the victory on Sunday and the Minnesota Twins the story on them had actually pretty well had swung the bats, you know, a team batting average under 200 Going into the series. And well, the Orioles have terrorized their pitching as well. So it’s been a fun couple nights at the ballpark. And we’ve talked about it I mean, the Orioles it’s been choppy at times. But overall when you’re talking about a team that’s already 11 and six and already on pace to do special things in a way that they did last year, maybe with more upside. In fact, I’d say definitely with more upside, especially if they get you know Kyle Bradish and John means back here in the not too distant future. Things are good. And certainly they have really swung the bats over the course of this series. As you know, they win the first couple of games by pretty comfortable margins.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:27

Um, I know Dare I say there’s so many storylines. You want to have talked about whether it’s Norfolk whether it’s new ownership, whether it’s David Rubenstein and Cal Ripken, playing out television. I don’t know what that was. It’s a little social media Joker. Maybe it speaks to Rubinstein sense of humor or Cal sense of humor, which I’ve done cow 35 years. Yeah, he’s got a sense of humor. And I used to tell people that back in the 90s Like he’s probably a lot more personable if you knew him. I mean, I watched him wrestle with butcher on the floor or the you know, of the locker room there that I hope to enter at some point when I’m off a review. By the way, Brett Hollander said his dog has a press pass on the year I’m not kidding. I listened to this shows I listened to the broadcast even though it was nine to two what’s your favorite part of this i I’m trying to figure out my my favorite parts new ownership right and the possibilities that even my my press credentials under review at this point after 18 years. So like the thought of a new day, fans coming back 35,000 people there on Sunday. That’s my over writing part of all of this is just watching. Maybe how the broadcast changed at Ben McDonald and it becomes fun and whatever the engagement level is and the Homer hose that’s now like a hydration. I mean, dude, it’s a soap opera. It’s a daily it’s truly a soap opera. And if your favorite player becomes Colton Couser because he caught fire for two weeks you know right now or you’re around and Jackson holiday A trainer, you got your number two, or you’re already invested every time I see a 35. Jersey, I think Messina, maybe it’s because I’m doing this crazy documentary. But there’s a whole different 35 going on. I mean, it’s like, pinch me. So some mornings, I get up, and I do this with you, even with my wife. And I’m like, there’s never been like this. So every day, I’m a pinch me, but but what’s your favorite part of the story?

Luke Jones  05:25

I mean, my favorite part of it right now is that it’s a really good team, no lacZ on a nightly basis, everything talks speaks to the ceiling speaks to it being even better across the board. And that’s exciting. But that’s still an unknown, we still don’t know if David Rubenstein is going to be a great owner. If you asked me to predict right now, is he going to be better than 30 years of the Angeles failing gonna say yes, because that bar was so extraordinarily low, that you really have only one way to go, but historically, in the meantime, but in the meantime, you have this team that, by the way, won 101 games last year, had the best record in the American League last year, and has since added Corbin burns to the top of their rotation, and has Jackson Holliday in the majors and I get it, he’s off to a slow start, but it just speaks to, you’re getting better you’re adding you still have guys at AAA who have a chance to contribute to this team this year. And you just look at the possibilities off the field. And what that can mean. I mean, it’s just you hear the term, the sky’s the limit a lot in sports, and it’s such a cliche that a lot of times doesn’t really mean anything. But it really does feel that way for the Orioles in so many different ways. I mean, not the only way you wouldn’t say that is okay. It’s not a mass market like LA or New York, you know, they’re not gonna have a $300 million payroll. But they certainly can have a higher payroll. And they certainly can make smarter decisions off the field as it pertains to business and television and all these different things. So, but for me, it still begins with where it began five years ago, or now five and a half years ago, when Mike Elias arrived recognizing that this needs to be rebuilt, this needs to be rebuilt in a way on the from a baseball standpoint, that it hadn’t been, you know, frankly, it was always start stop. And how do we know what’s the path to 85 wins if everything goes perfectly, I mean, that was basically the late 90s through 2011. So but but to see this be fully committed to from a baseball standpoint, and now, fast forward to the present, David Rubenstein and the new group coming in evaluating everything that needs to be evaluated, hopefully improving everything that needs to be improved upon. That’s still the unknown. That’s still there’s excitement about that. And there’s optimism to your point, and I share in that. But in the meantime, it’s a really, really good baseball team, we’re getting to watch on a nightly basis with room to improve with room to grow. And that’s what’s really exciting about this team. And that doesn’t mean that they go from 101 wins to 110. You know, that’s baseball doesn’t work in a clean, tidy way like that all the time. But I think just in terms of true talent level, in terms of experience, in terms of not just making the playoffs but now knowing what to expect. I mean, it’s great, but but everything else you mentioned and as far as the nightly soap opera that I mean, that’s why I think people love baseball to begin with Major League Baseball, meaning you play every night. It’s not like football where you have to wait around for a week. It’s not like even the NBA or the NHL where Okay, you’ll play some back to back but it’s generally 340

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:33


soap opera General Hospital came on every day three o’clock and that’s on it. dynasty was only once a week, Dallas was only once a week, you know what I mean? Like so they’re your even your wrestling used to be once a week until they made it seven days a week on tape and whatever. But But baseball was the originator of all day, every day from the minute springtime comes until the leaves change, you know, like, and for my father, your father. It’s the reason we’re sort of here and all of these years where you just intellectually look at it. I intellectually looked at this in 2006 and thought I was better off being thrown out than being allowed in if all they were going to do is lie, lose, lie more, lose more lie more lose money, like it was awful. And now it’s all changed. And I even said to my wife, like my wife was we were just talking to her in the car and she sort of has followed it but not as much because she’s been into some other things like, you know, solar eclipses and different things like that. And I told her to the Yankees got off to a really good start and they’re good. I said but the Orioles are better and she’s like, do you mean that and I’m like, oh, yeah, yeah. The Orioles have guys that are gonna get better. I don’t know where. I mean. I said to her look, Colton Couser is not going to hit 440 You know, but he might hit 318 No, I mean, he he might be that kind of player. He certainly has a The pedigree I even said to her, I’m like, yeah, he’s not rutschman. And he’s like, how bad they had to be to get one ones. They only were the fourth or fifth worst team to stink bad enough to get Colton Couser. And they’re good at doing this. They’re good at picking players. They’re good at developing players. And as much as we’ll bring our flowers for Eric to cost them and you and I talked draft and fade these we’ll talk about it next week. You’re going to be out there and we’re going to monitor what’s going on. And by the way, our 25th anniversary documentaries coming out of 508 on the 25th on Thursday, so make sure you’re looking for that. But we talked about them as you know, Eric’s a genius he’s been at this 25 years. And I’m on the record on draft day before during after liars lunch and before during after that Eric Acosta told me about Michael ice and sigma Dell. I had never heard of them. And he is the one who facilitated sitting down with John Angelos and telling John Angelo’s, you should talk to this guy, Mike alias. You know, so, I would just say the geniuses and how they study the game and how they do all of this. The cost has never moved. You know, Ozzy’s here. It’s unprecedented. I mean, we talked about this every time we ever went to combines every time we go anywhere near draft stuff, how they have a unique situation here, and how they evaluate talent and how they see it. Who else is doing this in baseball, that’s drafting. First off being bad enough to get one of the top five players and then getting them to the big leagues again and again and again. Who else is doing this as well? Maybe the Astros did it a couple years ago, but like I’m seeing Buxton in town, right? And I’m seeing, you know, great players come through Bobby wick came through last week. Pirates have a player when we see the reds. They haven’t, you know, at all world player. And a lot of these guys are Caribbean guys into different places. I mean, Otani, he comes to Asia, right? So, who else is doing this as well as Michaelides? Would you? Would you say there’s anybody the last five years is it? Is it Moneyball but Elias ball and you’re, we’re gonna write books about this five years from now.

Luke Jones  12:09

They have to win in October, to really, you know, to really make it look truly great, truly special. But yeah, I mean, I look there. We’ve seen lengthy rebuilds worked out. I mean, the Cubs did it a decade ago, the Astros did it, and are still an elite team, although this year not looking quite as much. But we’ve seen teams do this. But it does feel like the Orioles are operating from a higher hit rate than what where we’ve seen some of these other teams do it at a really high level. Now. I would caution and say the sustainability I mean look at like the model that Tampa has had where they’ve spent next to no money for going on 1520 years now. But for the most part have been good Now, a couple years here and there where they weren’t as good. But the point is, they’ve been a team that has sustained being a playoff contender, even if it hasn’t led to World Series championships. And that’s why that’s why

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:06

they haven’t stuck. They haven’t had a top 10 pick in a while. Right. Right,

Luke Jones  13:09

exactly. So that and that’s and that new just kind of hit on it. For me the real and I don’t say this to be dismissive of anything they’re doing. But the real test, the real calling card will be how do they do when they start to pick in the middle of around? You know what, like, for example, they drafted Enrique Bradfield last year with a pic that was later in the first round, it wasn’t a top five pick. So we’ll see how he develops is he they’re starting centerfielder replacing Cedric Mullins in a couple years, we’ll see. That doesn’t mean that that that must happen to justify or to validate what they’re doing. My point is, let’s see how it looks long term when they’re in the midst of being a good team and not picking as early. But that said and I and this is where I’ll stress and give them the compliments. It hasn’t just been the top five picks. Gunnar Henderson was a second round pick. Jordan Westbrook was the very end of the first round. So you know, they’ve drafted guys that weren’t top five picks. They’ve drafted guys that any other team in baseball saved for maybe a few could have drafted and those players have also become really, really good. I mean, Gunner Henderson is the kind of guy that is profiling to be an MVP candidate on an annual basis. I mean, that’s special. So yeah, we can talk about rutschman One one we can talk about Jackson holiday one one we can talk about Colton Couser fifth overall Heston curse to have a second overall, those picks fine. And by the way, there are plenty of teams that have top five picks that don’t hit on those guys even so, but


Nestor J. Aparicio  14:38

that thing didn’t smell good two years ago in the same way that up Sergio Kendall, when a guy gets sick gets ill gets injured. You know, mean? I’ll just go back to Brian Taylor. You know what I mean? Like I just, it happens.

Luke Jones  14:53

And that’s where and that is the cautionary tale that there’s also some luck involved in this. There’s Also some good fortune involved in this. I mean, go back to the Jackson holiday draft. We mentioned this about a week ago when he was caught up. There was plenty of debate at that point in time whether one one should be Jackson Holliday, or drew Jones, the son of Andrew Jones. Yeah, the multi time gold gloves centerfielder that a lot of people believe should be in the Hall of Fame. And you see where it how it’s played out for those two Jackson holidays in the majors. I’ll be struggling and scuffling right now at the beginning of his major league career. Meanwhile, Drew Jones hurt his shoulder almost immediately after signing was hurt all last year for them. And he’s still at low APR. Now he’s 20 years old. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to develop and become a really good player at some point. But the good fortune the luck element and that doesn’t mean I’m not saying the Orioles didn’t make the right decision cuz I think it’s pretty obvious they did. But the point is that could have gone the other way. If you’re talking about an injury, something rotten that happens. You know, you mentioned Sergio Kyndall look with with Sergio Kenobi become the next Terrell Suggs if he never falls down the flight of stairs, probably not. But he probably would have had a heck of a heck of a lot better career than he did when that happened. And some of that might have been character might have been some red flags that maybe they didn’t pick up on, who knows. But the point is, there are a lot of elements to this, that as much as you try to make it scientific, as much as you try to have a process that’s foolproof. And as much as you have good people in place, there’s still the human element, there’s still art involved in this. So that’s where for me, I want to see what it looks like long term when you aren’t picking in an advantageous spot every year. But that said, the track records suggest they should continue to do really well in that regard. And that’s where it is uncanny. And that’s where it is exciting that yeah, if they’re winning the World Series at some point in the next few years, yeah, there’ll be a book written about them as there should be. So it’s exciting. But in the meantime, we’re getting ahead of ourselves with some of those big picture questions. Got a team that’s already five games above 500. And another series when getting ready to go back out on the road again. And I will point out though, questions about pitching and

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:08

I was gonna say let’s talk about Tyler wells, right? Yes. Let’s that’s that’s been the biggest thing since the last thing and we’re all in agreement that Irvin or when you know, it is what it is, right? I mean, he’s a fifth, they’ll figure it out. Rodriguez look good. The other night burned struggle early. I mean, if you’re getting that every, not fifth day, every fifth and sixth day, right? Because you have two guys that are dudes in the top. They’re gonna hold their water, but it puts more pressure, you have to win those games. And maybe you don’t have to have 15. It’s 13 runs to do it. But the idea is, you know, this is for Kramer, who’s getting the ball now and we’re going to be counted on in a bigger way. And I guess there’s the other part of, well, you know, me just throwing the baseball right now, right. Bradstone the baseball right now. So I don’t know how close they are. And it’s not like they have to go out and trade somebody. It’s April 15. Right. But losing guys right now this is we’re a long way from where we were cows buying the team Rubinstein’s coming in, they get burns and look at what what the rotation will look like when Lamar was preparing the plate, Patrick mahomes to what it looks like on April 20. And that’s baseball as we sit here three months later and talk about it. Everything you talk about January those hopes and dreams. They’re still trying to like sort of piece it all together.

Luke Jones  18:28


Yeah, yeah. And that’s where I think that the Tyler Well, first of all, I don’t think it’s at all something that Trump’s panic, you know, should forcing anyone to be pushing the panic button. But because of what you just said, you know, prevented and hides initial comments. It does sound like this is more precautionary. Of course, many times when you’re talking about situations where you’re a more concerning elbow or shoulder issue, they tend to be optimistic publicly at first, but it sounds like it was more a case of had some soreness that he didn’t bounce back from quite as quickly. So they decided to be extra cautious here. Look, John means making his fourth rehab start and was up to 62 pitches. His last time out. He’s getting close. I mean, I’m not saying it’s going to be next week, but it feels like the next couple of weeks. You know, this, this rehab start and maybe maybe one or two more after that at most, and then you’re going to be talking about him being ready. Kyle Bradish pitched a buoy on Tuesday night. He threw forward you know, he got over 40 I think it was 44 pitches, toss three scoreless innings had four strikeouts, you know, reports from buoy said that he was at 9495 96 with the fastball, which is pretty normal for him. Big big test will be how do you feel Wednesday? How does he feel Thursday? Now how does he feel his next time out? But the point is, we’re two months out from Mike Elias announcing that and he’s still throwing and he’s now pitching in a live game environment for the first time since what game want to have the Division Series last October so So he’s gotten further along than I think some of the biggest skeptics expected him to when you hear UCL injury. So we’ll see, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna throw 100 innings this year or 130 innings this year, but he’s closer to returning now than you would have thought a month ago or two months ago. And I don’t just mean literally with the timeline. I just mean in terms of how he’s feeling, you know how he’s progressed,

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:23

slow rate, this is a month and we’ll see if I’m Preakness both of those guys are in the rotation. And well, it’s just had a little sore elbow, and they’re bringing him back and, and he’s at the bottom of the rotation now and we’re talking about a whole different thing. Initially, it burns is carrying six and two thirds and Rodriguez is coming back with six or seven the next night. You know, that certainly changes things. If they can do that. Get to Cano get to the bullpen, you get the Kimbrough and the game. And not that’s a good problem to have when they’re bringing those guys in back to back and they’re not available on the third day or whatever it means you won the last couple of nights, hopefully, right? Yeah,

Luke Jones  21:05

sure. Sure. And I you know, what you pointed out I’m glad you did, because I haven’t tweeted this after Tuesday night’s game, you know, put it out on social media. The Orioles to this point are eight know when Kurt Corbin burns and Grayson Rodriguez pitch, you know, that doesn’t mean they factored into the decision. But they’ve won all eight of those games combined margin of 66 to 24. I mean, they’ve not just won they’ve also scored a lot of runs for those guys. Everyone else starting three and six, you know, going into Wednesday’s finale. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:32

you got seven runs up for Rodriguez in the third inning. It’s over right you gotta be over. Right? Yeah, yeah.


Luke Jones  21:37

And he was actually a little disappointed with this start from the standpoint of what he had thrown. I think it was 23 pitches through three innings. Because the twins you know, they got a couple guys one but erased on double play balls. And first pitch swinging, swinging early counseling, put that he ran into a little bit of command issue fact fastball command wasn’t a sharp, so we only ended up going six innings when when you’re at 23 pitches after three innings. I’m thinking at that point, maybe I might go to go to distance at least go seven or eight. James Holmes was a little disappointed. Yeah, he was a little disappointed. But hey, it was fine. He went six innings. You know, that was a legit quality start. But it just wasn’t as wasn’t as great. An eyeball test wise, it wasn’t quite as dominant as we’ve seen racing against, but that’s okay. And we said the same thing about burns. There’s the difference when you have a number one and number two starter, who can give you that kind of an effort, even if their fastball commands off or in the case of burns. His last time out, you know, wasn’t wasn’t missing quite as many bats as he typically does, you know, going up against the his old team, they’re quite familiar with him as much as he was familiar with them, but still giving them a great chance to win. So, you know, the wells injury, you don’t want to see that because despite his slow start, he can be really important to this pitching staff, whether it’s at the back end of the rotation, or and this is where I’d really like to see him fit in under a scenario where John means and Kyle Bradish come back, or at least one of them is back and right for the duration of the season. And you add the starting pitcher at the trade deadline or whatever it is. I think Tyler wells can help you in the back end of that bullpen which you’re going to need more arms. So over the course of the season, it’s a long season, you need to have guys you trust that can pitch to seventh eighth ninth inning for so fortunate in that regard. But the early indication is this is more of a precautionary measure. And we’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime, we were left guessing who was going to start this time in the rotation whether you know and full disclosure for anyone listening. It’s early, early Wednesday morning as you and I speak. We don’t know who’s going to start whether it’s going to be a Bruce Zimmerman type, whether they do a bullpen game, whatever it is, but it does line up. It’s interesting to point out John means pitching for Norfolk Wednesday, same day as Tyler Well spot in the rotation. So if John if this last start, or this latest started, Norfolk goes, well, do we see John means next week? In the rotation? We’ll see. I don’t think that’s a definite I think you want to make sure he’s ready. You don’t want to stop that rehab clock and activate him. If if it’s not looking quite like Johnny’s but the timing of this in mid to late April is better than if Tyler Wells had a sore elbow March 30. And now you’re talking about Oh, so you still have quite a bit of time until means or Bradish or even in that conversation. So he’s only 5060

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:36

pitch. They’re not expecting him to go 95 pitches first time at anyway in the matter. Yeah, right. bullpen night, no matter what they would say you got four innings three four innings and that’s what we’re gonna do.

Luke Jones  24:49

Next not why not even saw some people on social media. This roster move was made 15 minutes prior to first pitch on Tuesday night. Some people are even saying Well John means is scheduled to go for Norfolk on Wednesday do they do Let’s do that with the idea that okay, he’s only going to throw 70 pitches but off day on Thursday so the bullpen, you know, I’m guessing, you know, and again, who knows? I don’t know as right. I’m guessing that’s probably not how you want to operate though you want to that’s a err on the side of caution. Do I mean, it’s why he was shut down for the first two and a half months of the offseason. That’s why he got off to a late start in the spring.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:27


You don’t need him in April. Yeah,

Luke Jones  25:29

I mean, whatever the best version of John means is post Tommy John surgery, you want that for the second half of the season. So that’s where I look at this and say, hey, you know if it is Bruce Zimmerman, for example, that was my early guess, and I could be completely wrong in this field for anyone who’s listening if it is wrong, Hey, what are those many times Luke Jones is wrong, but if it is Bruce Zimmerman, he’s already on the 40 man roster. He’d be on regular rest. You don’t need him to throw, go out there and throw six innings for you anyway. If he can get you through the road. get you through the order, at least once, let alone twice. Then you can turn it over to the bullpen and hey, if Ryan O’Hearn is hit more home runs Gunnar Henderson is hitting more home runs and golden Westberg hitting more home runs as we’ve seen here in recent nights. Colton Houser Cedric Mullins, by the way, let me get five seconds of oxygen to what a phenomenal catch from Cedric Mullins on Monday night. I mean Superman stuff right there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:20

But it’s one of those ones when you’re watching it live especially like you had a different angle your press spot on the TV angle, look past it, he came in from the minute the ball left the bad look past. He ran

Luke Jones  26:33

so far for that one. And some people said that’s the best catch. They’ve seen him make, I think back to the catch in Seattle last year, you know where they want. And then he hit the home run. That to me still probably one. He had one in right center a couple years back where he just ran such a long distance to catch it. Point is, he said he’s made quite a few of these highlight plays. And it’s a reminder, even for guys like me, who are thinking about the farm and outfield prospects they have when Cedric Mullins is right physically and he looks like he’s right, physically after last year with multiple groin injuries. He’s still a really, really valuable part of this baseball team. So, you know, go out and he’s


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:12

not the guy you want to deal with the trading deadline? Yeah,

Luke Jones  27:16

I mean, right. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:17

would say he’s a pile diver. Yeah.

Luke Jones  27:20


I mean, I’m still not sure about a long term contract or anything like that, to be clear, but in the here and now, when he’s right, physically, boy, he gives the bottom of that order a different dynamic. could see him back in the leadoff spot, and maybe up to number three, you know, so great to see that. Good to see them swinging the bats. Well, another series when going for a sweep. We’ll see what happens with the pitching here. But yeah, the Tyler wells injury disappointing, and certainly you don’t want to hear elbow inflammation. But let’s let’s also see how it plays out a little while before we you know, before there’s any panic, and I’ll remind everyone, Wells was struggling, maybe it was because of the elbow, but he wasn’t exactly pitching at a very high level here. So it’s hard to say that this is anything to be panicking over anything like that. But certainly you don’t want to be losing more arms. I mean, we’re seeing it around baseball with pitcher injuries. I mean, you can never have too much pitching. So you hope it is what Braden Hyde said which was much more precautionary than a grave serious concern about his health.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:23

Our Luke Jones can be found at Baltimore, Luke, he’s also going to be featured not toward the middle toward the end, because he’s only been around the last 15 years and I’ve been doing this for 40 years, but we’re getting there. You’re almost at the halfway point. We’re gonna be releasing our 25th anniversary documentary. No one listens. everyone hears big appreciation. Greg Landrieu is enjoying his anniversary and Espanya we’re gonna have this thing out at 5:08pm Next Thursday night, the Ravens still draft the 30th You got all evening to watch it Luke hasn’t even seen it yet. His mom’s gonna love it. His sister’s gonna love it. My wife’s gonna hate it. My kids gonna dive in a hole somewhere when it’s all over with but and all of that brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and foreign data reminding you it’s for 20 weekend. Wendy and I talked about this because like everything’s like completely on sale. And I’ve got this product here. I got to promote this because this is the best thing ever because you know, I’m old and everything hurts. This is a product called move. It’s a bomb. I highly recommend this. If you’re in Timonium, stop by it’s like 35% off on on Saturday. You can order online as well. And they’ve allowed us to put together this this video. We’re gonna release it. Folks can laugh, cry, learn. chuckle you’ll see yourself in there. If you’ve ever met me somewhere on a road trip or been anywhere. We’re also going to be getting together twice next week and doing the Maryland crab cake tour. Once in Carroll County, God’s country come on up to get some crab cakes we’re going to be at the bowling alley on we’re going to be green Mel bowl. It’s better than it sounds and I love bowling in my back. If I couple Advil away I got I got I got I got 10 me I mean maybe maybe two games maybe just not 10 pins just duck pins. I feel like like the old lady we owe me up to the to the lane and let me roll the ball between my legs. We’re gonna have Pac Man giveaways from the Maryland lottery also our friends at Liberty pure solutions, keeping our water clean and Jiffy Lube, multi care, keeping the car on the road, want to find Luke, he’s at Baltimore, Luke, you want to find me? I’m at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook everywhere but tick tock because China owns that I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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