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Getting ready for NFL Draft weekend and Ravens many options – and needs

It’s not often that Luke Jones and Nestor Aparicio wind up in the same room together doing live radio. Every Friday when the Orioles are home, come say hello at Faidley’s Seafood in Lexington Market before the game. This time, it was football on the brain with Eric DeCosta and the Baltimore Ravens holding the 30th pick in the first round of next Thursday’s NFL Draft in Detroit.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

We are W NSGA 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore. Positive we are positively here at fade. Lee’s were Lexington market the new Lexington market kind of fishes at hanging from the ceiling. I don’t know. I think I’ve taken rock fish home with some capers and a bear blanc that that just means lemon and wine. But that’s a blog. We’re looking forward to doing that our friends at Pac Man and the Maryland lottery. I’m not giving the machine away, but you can win the machine if you’re here. Today, we’re going to be giving away scratch offs in the Maryland lottery. Got the fresh PAC man’s there yellow. I like st like Towson or UMBC. But not like the Steelers at all 25th anniversary documentary will be coming out two weeks from now on Thursday draft day the 25th at 5:08pm. If you’re an OG you’ll know why it’s five away. Luke Jones is here. We’re Lexington market we’re we’ve talked a lot of baseball and excitement of the Brewers made a ton of excitement at Jackson holiday being an assignment of 75 degree baseball and penetrates baseball on a daily basis. Dude, it’s almost like Chad steals feelings are hurt. And we’re not talking about football. Almost like it’s


Luke Jones  01:06

it’s nice not to have to talk about football 365 days a year even though plenty of people still do. Come on. That’s all weekend as I as quite a few people like to say America’s favorite sport is the NFL and second favorite is the NFL offseason. So and that’s still true in many places. And still true to a point here in Baltimore. When

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:27

I released this video, this documentary on the 25th that’s the epicenter of the offseason I mean, that’s literally that’s it that’s the zenith It doesn’t get any bigger than that Thursday night. And then it goes away again a little then it goes back to the well we’ll have a camp or we’ll have an arrest or we’ll have a signing or whatever. But then it’s really it’s not quiet from a fan base stamp, but you can’t bet on anything anymore. You know what I mean? Yeah, you just wait it out. And the difference here is we’re gonna have we’re gonna have this we’re gonna have baseball, which we really have not had a whole lot of on last year.

Luke Jones  02:00

I mean, there’s a few years where there have been a little bit of a respite but now I mean, this just feels so sustainable long term that it’s going to be a case of okay, they might not be the World Series favorites this year or every year but well if things are gonna

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:13


be up to Tober and you say to me, we’ll get them next year, I believe Sure. Sure. Yeah, no question about it. Anyway, that said after losing the IC chips you can we’ll get them next year. You and I from the beginning were like they’ll the perception will be there’ll be a diminished team you went to the liars luncheon this week named by me even though they threw me out and to Costa said something that you know is cocky knew what we could you watch you wait, you watch. In

Luke Jones  02:40

fairness, he’s right. He’s right. And we’ve said that all along like look, I will not step down from the premise that 2023 felt like their absolute best chance when you consider everything at work coaching staff extremely talented and we’ve seen the names that lead line by what Mike McDonald to walk out the door since then. The amount not just their starters, but the amount of depth they had at so many different positions and that’s where it’s really taken the hit. Yeah, they they deliberately have a rebuilding their offensive line. You know, they could have brought back Kevin Zeiler for not that much money. Morgan Moses was under contract. So they’ve deliberately said we’re going to rebuild our offensive line be around them ours best year b But beyond that, you look at most of what they’ve lost and I get it Patrick Queen starting inside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney starting outside linebacker. But you know when you look at the longer list, it’s mainly been depth guys now quality depth guys, but you know Geno’s stone and guys of that nature. So those are a lot of downs to replace. There’s no doubt there’s no doubt about it that said buddy down that said, even if we say all right, maybe they’re not going to be you know, a 13. And for juggernaut that leaves the NFL in point differential leads the NFL and scoring defense leads the NFL and takeaways leads the NFL in. Sacks, has the MVP at quarterback, although certainly he’s done it twice. Why are you going to bet against him again. But even if they don’t have all those things, quite to that degree. They’re still a playoff team. They’re still a legitimate contender in the AFC now. Do they rank at the top? Well, Kansas City showed them last year that ranking at the top of the regular season only means so much. So the point is, and this is where it goes back to what Eric said and what John was very bullish kind of went out of his way to offer a two minute monologue kind of about the idea of just your to your roster building. They’re still in a great spot. They still have such a great core of young players. That that

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45

is that’s at the base of what they say we want to be competitive every year and be good enough that we can get that burst when Yeah 13 or 14 games and hosted acgh game, but believing you’re gonna do that two years in a row. If a shoddy we’re sitting here You’re each saying, hey, you know other teams are gonna have, we’re gonna have bad luck. At some point we had bad luck two years ago, Cincinnati had bad luck last year, like

Luke Jones  05:08

or maybe it’s, as we have kind of flippantly said but I also think there’s something to it at this point maybe it’s that they aren’t this juggernaut in the regular season but guess what, then the bounces go their way in January and that’s really what’s gonna make people happy at this point anyone a part of this so


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:23

in the way they’ve been constructed is not to have to go on the road and play you know, they were constructed

Luke Jones  05:28

from the Lamar Steve also been really good on the road, though, you know what I mean? Like they haven’t had issues on the road with Lamar as quarter like they’ve lost some games here and there and playoff

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:37

games on the road in Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City would be a very daunting task, I think, I think would be very daunting. Task every year. It Right. But if your wildcard it’s even worse

Luke Jones  05:47


it is. But I guess the point I’m making is, we’re going to talk about all these different things in the draft. I’ve got the depth charts here that I’ve put together, this professional report stands right now. But the point is, with all of that, none of it matters until the second week of January. I mean, that’s just where we are right now. We’re going to talk about all of it because we all love it and they’re gonna play games and yes, of course they have to be good enough in the regular season to qualify for the playoffs get there, because you can’t just snap your fingers and you’re there in January as to your point we found out a couple years ago the injury plagues season, but it’s all about January. So from that standpoint, anything they do even if he told me it looked better on paper than it did last year I’ll say okay, what’s January gonna look like? How’s Lamar play in January? How’s the coaching staff functioning? Are they going to panic as they feels like they do panic? They’re gonna use their account Right exactly. You sign Derrick Henry you’re gonna use them in the AFC Championship game so and I don’t say that to be dismissive. I think that’s where everyone is at this point. Doesn’t mean you can’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:55

win a game this the Royals can win three games we sure I mean there really is the difference Yeah. Of having the heartbeat of a two sport town Sure. Or in places like Philadelphia or Boston in New York where they’re a force border is six border and eight small town Yeah, that we’ve been one sport town here for a long time. And just the fact that we’re sitting here in faith he’s on a Friday afternoon sitting you’re talking about football a little bit and baseball a lot a bit and people are coming by looking for Jackson holiday number seven jerseys in crabcakes what is on your mind you know two weeks from now we’re gonna release this documentary that nine to five away they’re gonna draft probably 1015 at night or whatever they’re not gonna trade back up into the first round they don’t have the firepower to move from 30 to 18 The

Luke Jones  07:38

funny thing they’re gonna move backward correct with someone in the know down in Orlando absolutely put that out there now again every everything that everything said by anyone between now and the draft you know what in one year as he called it the liars lunch I’m not just that but just this is just lying season in general around the NFL. So but you know what I’m looking for. I mean, I think at this point in time, especially you and I haven’t talked about it too much but they resigned Kyle van Noy Okay, so outside linebacker looks better. Well not as good as last year clowny Yes, but you wanted one or the other I think I think going into the offseason I think we both recognize that you weren’t gonna keep both those guys you needed to keep one and then you’re hoping oh a takes the next step after a better season this past year then he had a second year which was a disappoint where you see a job a job Oh, it’s gotta be on the field. You know we’ll see about TVs Robinson who got his feet wet this past year as a rookie. We’ll see if they draft an edge. But you know, for the most part you look at them on both sides of the ball most positions while certainly they could augment certainly they can improve it’s the offensive line that you say okay, there’s still work there not not depth. Not backup center players started starters. Right? And yeah, okay, maybe they have a couple of them maybe Ben Cleveland’s gonna be the right guard. Maybe Andrew Vorhees is going to be the left guard. But who’s gonna be the right tackle? You know, are you counting on both those guard spots to be filled internally that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:06

our tackle looks like in week 12. Well, but we really do sure we


Luke Jones  09:10

know he’s gonna be there. But to your point, if you have this rebuilt offensive line, you feel great about Linder balm. After that, it’s kind of a shoulder shrug. Look, I think what they did with Ronnie Stanley with the pay cut restructuring the deal, I think I said that all they had

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:26

to do that was going to me the best was it make it healthier, but it makes

Luke Jones  09:30

the contract more tenable. They voided the last year so he’s he’s now dead with dance. But he’s now in a contract season. So he has plenty of incentive to play not just incentives to make back to make him whole for this year, but also Hey, plan for a new contract whether it’s in Baltimore or the Steelers go sign, you know, whoever, but there are big time question marks with the offensive line. I mean, right now, if you ask me, they go play they have to play a game this week. Right? Andy Stanley at left tackle left guard, I think is Vorhees or Josh Jones, who they know depth guy that they signed a lot of before he’s retired. But he’s yet to practice wise, right? Yeah. But yeah, that’s why they drafted a play this week. Why they drafted last year? Yeah, right. Yeah, that’s why they drafted him in the seventh round knowing it was a redshirt year wake me. It’s a third preseason game and I’ll let you know if we got to play or you know, bet. Sure. And, and even that it’s maybe right guard, Ben Cleveland, right tackle? Probably Patrick mCherry. Because I don’t think fall Lele is a starter I just and I don’t think he really has a right tackle on it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:35


I don’t think they do. We were removed from this. And we’re we’re playing internet games here and saying all right, yes to two of these positions. Left Guard right tackle are going to be filled.

Luke Jones  10:45

So that’s why somebody we’ve never heard right. Well, people have heard of them. But it might be a Marius Mims. It might be Tyler Guyton, it might be someone at 30 It might be someone they trade into the second round and maybe it’s someone there. And then then you get into scenarios where That’s where Patrick Macquarie is extremely valuable where you say all right, we draft a guy. We think he’s gonna be our right tackle this year. We think he has long term left tackle tackle potential but Ronnie is gonna be there at least one more year or until he gets hurt one brown type of draft. Yeah, exactly. You know, Jay, oh, Jay. Oh, played left guard. You know, they had Tony Jones in 96. You know, it was still a heck of a left tackle. So he’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:21

playing second at bat. Nice. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Second base bet nine for I

Luke Jones  11:24

mean, you know, might be gunner moving the third? Morgan? Probably not. But But for right now. That’s how it fits. But whoever that is, knowing the learning curve of offensive lineman going from the collegiate level to the NFL, that guy might not be ready in week one. So that to me, that might be a scenario where maybe Patrick Macquarie’s, you’re starting right tackle for first three weeks, first month of the season. And then you turn it hand the reins over to the young guy. You know, you have to have contingency plans. We were talking about this in a previous segment talking about the Orioles pitching like okay Bradish. And means right now, there’s a lot of unknown but that doesn’t mean Dean Kramer is not going to have an issue at some point or, or Burns will tweak his hamstring and has to miss two and a half weeks, at some point in June. So you have to have depth, you have to have contingencies, you have to have all the scenarios. And where the Ravens stand right now, the O line is where you say, well, the draft, we need to we need a couple of years


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:19

for offensive lineman in the draft room. What do you expect?

Luke Jones  12:23

I mean, I think two is the absolute minimum. And I think when I say to that would be like to in the first four rounds. If it’s a case where you say it’s your first round, pick a third round pick. And then maybe there’s a fifth round guy. Yeah, they seem if you look most years like a dresser to take it to tight ends. Yeah, yeah. I mean, but I don’t have any offense. But if you look, I mean, they have linemen, but they’re a bunch of unproven guys. You know, I mean, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:47

our hope you could do better in this draft, especially where whenever you put the NFL Network on or yesterday, you know, go anywhere. The offensive line is the depth part of this draft, right. Yeah. According to everyone. Oh, sure. Sure why I’m thinking to go deeper into it. That’s good. It’s where they are in their roster. That

Luke Jones  13:02


said, I think the other thing you have to be careful with, and this is not for the Ravens. This is I think, teams in general, when you have a position that’s regarded as very deep and I use wide receiver, because we’ve talked about that a lot over the years with the Ravens draft and wide receivers. And I can recall years where it was regarded as a pretty deep, wide receiver draft. And I think the ravens to a fault. And I think they’ve even acknowledged that years later, Eric’s acknowledged and said, hey, there were probably times we should have taken swings earlier and drafts for that position. But I think you you also run the risk when you say it’s really deep. What it’s really easy to say, well, we’ll get a guy later, we’ll get a guy later, you know, we’ll we’ll trade back or we’ll go with this guy. You can make sure you get a couple legitimate starting options. Certainly at right tackle. Look, if you’re talking about second round, and after. That’s ambitious to assume a guy is going to start can it happen? Yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:58

I think you’re gonna use the third round pick and replace Marlon Humphrey with that two years. Yeah, yeah.

Luke Jones  14:03

So So you know, I mean, and that’s part of this to have been offensive lines, the one position where you say, all right, they clearly have some need, but not let’s not act like there aren’t other positions where there’s either some need or let’s say, you really, really want a guy out. You mentioned Marlon Humphrey book, he’s back. I’m not going to throw dirt on him whatsoever. But this is a big year for him when you consider where his compensation event

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:27

Stanley to have been paid, and for them to not have won a championship. And for both of them to have had injuries. Yeah. And we’ve seen more so more. So Ronnie, but you’ve seen this song before with Jimmy Smith at the shirtr position or offensive line with CHEO where the toe went bad and all of a sudden, he goes to the Hall of Famer to retired. What are we going to do? Right? They know or they believe they know they’re toward the end with Ronnie Stanley. There’s not gonna be another contract for him here. Yeah, in the same way that the Orioles would look at Santander or Mullins or some of these kinds of theories


Luke Jones  14:58

that you’re going to look it’s not going to be a contract that has nine digits, you know? It’s like, oh, maybe it’s two years 15 million or something like that in

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:07

case Marlon Humphrey, you know, I’m not in the building anymore, Chad, but me, here’s that, you know, Marlon is not the most popular guy in the building. And if you follow him on Twitter, you’ve wondered how he has a friend in the world. And if you ever met him, you wouldn’t want to meet him again. But all that being said, when a guy’s making that kind of money and not playing to that kind of level and you’re looking at where are we going to be a year or two from now sure point you’re looking at in baseball arbitration guys are number guys or big salary guys. I mentioned Stefon Diggs and what the bills did with him and just said too much money too much headache too much cap too much. We’ll take the hit and the bills it just I mean, I wouldn’t be doing sports radio buffalo I was just gonna say you’re the Ravens do that to their roster. Yeah. into saying that we’re done with Lamar, we made a mistake. Let’s just on, you know, to undo everything. It’s not a head scratcher. It’s it’s a control thing for the organization. But it’s also an admission of a mistake. Yeah, an admission that we gave that guy a lot of money. We don’t want them anymore. And when you give that guy that money, whether it’s Ronnie Stanley, Marlon Humphrey, Lamar Jackson, you get that guy that money, you better make sure you want that guy. Well,

Luke Jones  16:19

and but we also have to remember these deals. NFL deals are not what they say they are right. I mean, a five year deal is oftentimes a three year deal with two team options. Right? I

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:29


mean, Cap knows, when you start.

Luke Jones  16:32

It depends how much guaranteed money there are

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:34

right now the franchise after five years, of course,

Luke Jones  16:37

the homes will be the same way. Josh Allen, the bills are already looking like they’re screwed even with Josh Allen. But But yeah, so you know, I’m looking at it right now. I mean, Marlon Humphrey, as his contracts currently constructed without any adjustments, his cap number for this year is just under $23 million. Next year, it’s $25 million. So if he’s not playing like a pro bowl corner, then there’s gonna be a difficult conversation next year. I mean, there’s no doubt or if he’s hurt again, in the way that he was hurt this past year. So yeah, there’s some of that at work. But also, this is also the natural cycle of how this you know, of young players coming in. Young players like Ronnie Stanley and Marlon Humphrey were three years ago or four years ago, they get paid,


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:21

paid. And the thought was they could go to the Hall of Fame at that point. They both are really, really elite players, when they neither one of them are going to the Hall of Fame at this point. And they they better hang on to win a championship because they didn’t we went won a lot of playoff games with them here. Well, I mean, targets all of that. And those guys don’t get that

Luke Jones  17:39

I understand what’s unfair. Right? Right. I understand what you’re saying at the same time. That’s a very big canyon between kind of where they are now, in their Hall of Fame players, no point when you give a guy that kind of contract. And look, we weren’t having this conversation about Marlon Humphrey a year ago, he missed eight games this year, like he had foot surgery in August, and then he had the calf issue at the end of the season. But he missed a lot of time and when you are getting older, and I think so much of this is also you have a quarterback now on a lucrative contract that starting next year, his cap numbers will be well north of 40. Next year, I think is like 44 million. And then after that, that’s when they’ll redo the deal because it goes to like 70 million, or whatever it is. So he’ll get he’ll get an extension at that point. But in the case of someone like Humphrey Stanley’s not a great example, because he’s already been cut and he’s on a contract here as it is, but in the case of Marlin, who still has some time left on this deal, you’re also looking at this through the lens of at the end of 24, Tyler Linder Baum will be eligible for an extension Pro Bowl center, looking like a guy who could be an all pro center for a number of years. Kyle Hamilton, you want to talk about, you know, Ronnie Stanley and Marlon Humphrey both Pro Bowl players that their best no no questions about that Kyle Hamilton to me the guy two years in looks like he could be a Hall of Fame player. That’s how special he looks. So he’ll be eligible for an extension after that, you know, after your third year is when you’re eligible. So that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen next offseason but this is what you have to start looking at where you say okay, who are our new marquee high price guys tend not to beat gays in that category now so so you know, and part of this is row one graduate row punch Sure, sure. And row one needs to play mark and you know real quantum interest in row one has an inside linebacker at a position that’s not premium he’s got to continue to be an absolute stud all pro if he’s only just good, then that’s a value concern. So I mean, that’s look I’m not saying this specific to the ravens, every city every NFL market that has sports talk radio could have the same exact conversation have to be stars. Yeah, exactly. So and, and that’s where it comes back to the beginning where all this attrition they’ve endured. They have stars on both sides of the ball still now. Offensive lines a major question mark? Yeah, where’s Rashad Bateman this year? Where is the Dufay Oh way this year on the for the edge rush you know, so you Have some of these pivotal guys next year? Flowers taking the next step? Sure. Yeah. So So you have some of that. But you’ve got bonafide stars on both sides of the ball, starting with an MVP quarterback, which is still really, really important to me. Yeah, exactly. So. So you know, I mean, they’re Look, do I think they’re going to be as formidable as they were last year, or as formidable as they were in 2019? Where, again, best record in the NFL, bleeding point, differential, all those different factors? Probably not. Because even if they get this offensive line where they draft guys, they like, it’s probably going to have some growing pains, because that’s just how this works. I mean, you need time to build that shoe on the O line. But that said, I still right now. Not even knowing who they’re going to draft or knowing who they’re going to sign between now and September or even after the season starts. Right now. Are they a playoff team? Absolutely. I mean, I don’t even think twice about it. Assuming you don’t have a run of injuries that would derail any team. So T

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:57


Luke Jones  20:58


So yeah, so they still have, you know, they’ve got some questions, but they still have so much going for them. And I think when you look at this draft where and Eric said it, you know, there wasn’t a whole lot of notable takeaways from the liar’s launch and big shock, I know but he said, This is going to be a year of opportunity. Like we’re going to be drafting some guys who there’s gonna be a pathway for them to start if they earn it, you know, whereas some years in recent years, you haven’t really said that as much you’ve you’ve kind of looked at a guy and you drafted him and said, Well, okay, oh, wait, we’ll be our number three outside linebacker or Rashad Bateman will be our number three wide receiver or, you know, whatever it is, so,

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:34

but if the bowser step up, you don’t wind up signing Vannoy if Sure, right, I mean, it’s always stepped up you wouldn’t sign clowny probably probably that’s where you know,

Luke Jones  21:46

and look, that’s gonna happen you I mean, you’re not gonna bat 1000 in free agency or the draft

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:50

injury really set the whole organization back in a tremendous view. And I told my Mark Ingram all the time, we talked about King Henry and everything that’s happened in between what happened in between is they put a lot of their draft resources into a second round pick that they thought was a stud wasn’t


Luke Jones  22:06

stud when he was telling me he was a stud everything Yeah, just couldn’t stay healthy. Stay healthy. Yeah. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:13

that really asked with their prosperity and, and they want a lot of games. Hey, don’t really mess with them.

Luke Jones  22:19

On top of that, after what happened with Dobbins and okay, it was a contract here. From the moment he tore his Achilles. I think we all knew he’s played his last game as a raven, barring something very strange. But to make matters worse, here, you hit it out of the park with Keith Mitchell, looking like what he did. And look, I’m not saying that they wouldn’t have draft or they wouldn’t have wanted to add another running back. But if keep Mitchell’s fully healthy now, I’m not sure you’re dropping $9 million on a running back the way they are right now. So they lose him to a torn ACL in mid December. So you’ve dealt with this with Dobbins the last couple years. Oh, by the way, you lost Gus Edwards back in 21 as well, bad luck with Ronnie they have and that that’s kind of what’s amazing. And this is where we kind of get into the positional value the debate you and I’ve had so much where even with some of their their challenges at running back, they’ve still had a number one rake running attack. So that’s where I just say like, you know, they’ve made it work so, but you bring in Derrick Henry now and look, it’s go time, he better be great. Your running game better be great. You know, there better not be any issues with your running game, and I hope he’s great because I’ve been pimping for him. And that’s what that’s where we go back to. You still gotta figure out the offensive line. Do

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:32


you think? You think Luke Jones is here we are promoting our friends at the Maryland lottery Pac Man but we’re we’re here at the all new Lexington market at the new fade lease. It’s got big space I can yell here and nobody can even hear me yell because it’s got ambient noise. Beautiful stalls. And right across from the park fried chicken right here on Packer Street. We’re on the backside we’re about I can see the and I keep calling the stadium the stadium and Shana Murray gets upset with me to ballpark Correct. Charles Steinberg sets a $5 fine for Larry Lucchino every time he called it a stadium so I can see the ballpark lights from here. The stadium is on the other side. I can’t see that. And we’re down in your favor, please come on down. We’re giving you every Friday for about two to five hanging out. Sheila Dixon is going to join us today. Shannon Sneed is going to join us running for City offices. Also Jamie on is going to be with us talking about this magnificent new facility and structure and it’s just like the old families except newer and shinier and newer equipment and awesomeness. Come on down. Make sure you get a beer here before the game. If you’re down here any Friday in the near short term, I’ll have some PacMan scratch offs to give away but I want to scratch off here every Friday that the Orioles are home this year don’t come down on a Friday when the Orioles are away and say you weren’t there. Just for the home games. All right. So we’re going to do that again.

Luke Jones  24:47

So come down to families but you won’t be I won’t be here. You don’t need me.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:51

What’s yours? Come on the Fridays when we’re here. Yeah, have a good weekend at the at the ballpark. Um I’m under review. I don’t know, maybe you’ll see me in the press box. Maybe

Luke Jones  25:03

you won’t, you know, hopefully soon, at the very least soon.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:06

It’s been too long way off. You haven’t had one off for 15 years. So I can’t see anything counter Hipkins back in the organization. So there’s no days. All right, I’ll tell that to count. All right. We’re families out Nestor. We’re gonna come back here continue having conversations. If you’ve heard any or conversation this week with Keith Brewer, with John Allen, the 25th anniversary of our documentary, no one listens. everyone hears that’s the name of our documentaries coming out on the 25th April 25, Luke Senate, I’m in it, my mother’s in it. My family’s in it, anybody that’s ever been associated with wn St. I’ve tried to get them to sneak them in there. If you’re not in there. I apologize ahead of time, but we’re gonna launch that at 5:08pm on the 25th of April in advance of the NFL Draft. Big thanks to Greg Landry over tasks and transfers and Blue Rock productions. He’s flying to Spain this week. That’s like a song like, I’ve never been to Heaven but never been to Spain. Yeah, so he’s going to Spain this week. But the movie is coming out on the 25th. We’ll be back here on the 26th. With these Pac Man giveaways. We punted on our Coco’s crabcake day. Something about a Springsteen concert in Syracuse I donated to Marty Conway but we’re gonna be doing the show Coco’s in early June. We’ll be back here on the 26th. We’re also going to be green mount station and the green mount bowl on the 24th of April. That’s a Wednesday up in Carroll County with my pal David Richardson and Chris remount. Station talking about crabcakes and talking about the racing industry, the horse racing industry. Big news out of Annapolis there. I’m chasing Bill Ferguson down to get some dirt on that as well. Let’s go on to the ballpark. I’m going to get a crab cake in a beer word fatally stay with us. We are wn st am 1570 testimony tomorrow and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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