What is going to make Lamar Jackson happy?

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During the season, Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos held a weekly referendum on where the quarterback and the franchise were on the happiness and success scale. It’s been a long road of mistrust and callouses and bruised feelings in the Lamar Jackson contract battle with Eric DeCosta and the Baltimore Ravens. A deep dive here.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Dennis Koulatsos  00:28

Welcome back. My next guest is Nestor, J. Aparicio. Always bringing in noise from Parts Unknown. You’ll never know who this man is all over the globe with he loves to travel. But Nestor big story broke because you and I’ve been talking for over a year, Lamar Jackson, finally tagged by the Baltimore Ravens.

Nestor Aparicio  00:47

Well, and not just tagged right, the non exclusive versus exclusive you and I got into some of the esoterics of all of this. So much happened in the first two hours, like it happened. 330 Whatever it was, and I text Luke, and I’m like, you want to do a segment right now he’s like this, I really want to think about this. I want to like I want to examine, because I don’t want to be knee jerk about it because I hadn’t really thought so much about it. The thing I didn’t think about and it took me into the overnight took me to dinner time I got on a yoga mat, I got off, got a little far fresh from over the east side of town and I thought about things and I did some more reading and I thought I didn’t put the Colin Kaepernick collusion part of this. I didn’t factor that in last week when you and because we just think they’re on the up and up. I mean, they got gambling. Now they and then you go back to like, hey NES, why don’t you have a press pass? They’re not on the up. They don’t have any integrity. Oh, what about the cheerleader? Oh, oh, what about Jon Gruden? Oh, what about Rob Robert credit? Well, what about Deflategate? What about any of these things? The thing they hate the most is given the players money. And they hate the Players Association, above and beyond any war they have with each other. Because Pittsburgh and Baltimore they love each other. They all get together and count their money. The real war they have is with the Players Association who’s out to get their money. Right there. They are the robber barons, right. And guaranteed money. Oh my god, it’s almost like, you know, all of these taboos you’ve ever had in the world, right? I didn’t consider the original sin. I didn’t consider like, Arthur. We’re gonna be making some moves with our quarterbacking position. I really appreciate it if you didn’t, you know. We’re all partners, right? I mean, you know, so I didn’t consider what everything that happened from the time I got thrown out of the owners meetings cocktail party last year, seeing Steve Bushati a little distressed that day and talking so much about Deshaun Watson the next day that oh, 49 weeks later stuff suddenly the Falcons don’t need it. A Lamar Jackson and the Carolina Panthers would need a Lamar Jackson and the saints on the Lamar Jackson. You’ve already got a Derek Carr. So yeah, that Well, I don’t know what to make of this, Dennis. But I the one thing I didn’t have on my dance card was he’d be more internet popular than he would be owner popular in regard to who wants to employ him and wants to guarantee and money for whatever reason, legitimate or not?

Dennis Koulatsos  03:30

Wow, that’s because the internet. People don’t have to go in escrow. 200 plus million dollars, right. They don’t have to do that. And Steve was shot of yours. Someone else does. I don’t think it’s well, it’s a collusion. I think there’s always some form of collusion by the owners. But there’s also some collusion by the players. And, and the NFLPA right. This is the CBA that the players ratified. Let’s not forget that. Also, Derek Carr just got himself a four year deal with only 100 million ever guaranteed. And going backwards, Russell Wilson didn’t get a fully guaranteed contract needed to Kyler Murray Nestor so I don’t know how anybody can all of a sudden screen collusion although there may be a form of that but when it comes to Lamar Jackson, the last three contracts post the Deshaun Watson mega deal haven’t been fully guaranteed.

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

I guess I just didn’t take into consideration just how not just how business oriented these men are, but how United they usually like to be whether it’s in beating up Al Davis beating up art modell, moving a franchise not moving a franchise orchestrating Stan Crunky to LA and not caring what the bill is, you know what, whatever it is, they can write a check for it. The one thing and you and I’ve talked about this at length, is they always will look to suppress labor costs. And that is at the heart and the soul, it’s the most important thing they can do to be profitable is to toe the line. And the baseball owners got in trouble for that, as I remember back when I went on the radio 30 years ago. To your point, there’s always some level of sharing of information. The agents do it. It’s, you know, we now have tampering periods, we’ve gone beyond what tampering is, we’ve accepted tampering as part of this tamper was the word I use when five teams throw out there bunkies That yell, get the dog off of our hydrant because like, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not in for 232, we’re out, we’re out at that level. And that brings us full circle, Dennis, because I definitely, I want your thoughts. It’s your show, but we’re gonna run this all weekend, it’s sort of first blush you and I’ll get together next week, we have more thoughts, and maybe they’ll be more than shakes out of it. I found that fascinating how much PR above and beyond chat steel that was going on, around the league, in regard to we want and we don’t want them we’re in we’re not in that’s ownership, the owner sent a text to a reporter, like figuring out where all the sources came from and what’s true and what’s not, because nobody’s gonna say they’re in on him. And Eric, clearly talked to some people last week and then did this. And it’s something you talked about maybe more than anybody else, I knew the non exclusive tag, and the amount of money that they’ve allowed themselves to not have to cut players this week, on behalf of a player, they might not keep Sure, really complex in it. It’s really, really complex.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:43

It is but I’ll defend a collusion theory a disregard, if I’m the owner of if I’m Arthur Blank, if I’m Arthur Smith, the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, I’ve got a young quarterback and Desmond Raider writer, whatever his name is, I don’t want to have freaking out that we’re going to bring in Lamar Jackson. So I do think that these clubs, although they’ve made statements they’re not interested, doesn’t really mean that they’re really not interested, right. from a strategic standpoint, I want to signal to my position that I’m gonna go hard after Lamar Jackson. They’re worse. There’s some smoke there between the Falcons and the Ravens. As an example, so to me, that’s why

Nestor Aparicio  07:19

the Falcons peed on it right away, right for a lot of reasons. For every reason you just mentioned for every reason, they said, we have a quarterback, we’re not interested. We’re not interested at that level. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  07:32

Of course, why would you want to signal if you’re in tennis to golf to Lamar Jackson, why would you want to signal that Nestor, but I think the good thing for the Ravens is in life and business, we try to control the controllables. The control business now they’re on the hook for 32 million, potentially, for Lamar Jackson, which means they have to restructure they have about a week to restructure some contracts cut some players. It’s a far cry from the $45 million tax the Ravens have to move forward and they’re moving forward. Whether it’s going to be with Lamar Jackson or not the wild thing in this whole situation Nestor is does he ever sign the tag he doesn’t have to sign the tag that’s that’s the one key element he can sit out the entire season and he is that guy that would actually do that. And if I’m the Ravens that’s what scares me the most That’s why if they can get somebody on offer sheet on whether they they sign it they take it to first but unless Lamar Jackson signs the offer sheet, they’re stuck stuck in the mud.

Nestor Aparicio  08:30

If they get to first they’re a bit of a laughingstock but there’s a point where you and I have talked way off the plank of for Luke you know when we’ve died and it’s been beautiful having Luke because it’s really we We just disagree and I own a business and you run a business and like there’s a there’s just a different fans think whatever I mean, I got I see all sorts of crazy stuff. Somebody was quoting John Harbaugh’s quotes about Tyler Huntley and now Grady just crazy stuff. But But what people are willing to believe and what they legitimately could believe given, everybody’s playing PR every it’s almost like watching Fox News and watching CNN and my, you know, everybody gets into writing in and they get in on wherever they are, wherever they are in it. They get dug in. And the biggest issue for me has always been where’s your heart? Does he want to be here and do they want him here? I think there came a point where they felt like he didn’t want to be here and then they didn’t want him here and I will stick with that until the point they give me wet ink on $165 million guaranteed deal for him and steep a shoddy puffs on his cigar and says we won the bluff. We love that kid all along. I if that happens, then God bless him. I don’t have any hit that they’re in love with the kid anymore. And taking two ones back Eric slinking off and saying, We didn’t get the deal done later on putting out one of their bunkies to write the hit piece when Lamar is quarterbacking and Week Three saying Lamar wasn’t happy here. And that’s what we did. We needed to make a move because we didn’t feel he was happy here, and that they’re gonna blame it on the kid that that’s what they’re going to do with the divorce. That’s what I see. So you get out of a crystal ball, I could sit in the middle and the middle of the highway and say, Well, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m reading tea leaves here, because it’s what I’ve been paid to do for 31 years. In the old days, I probably would have a better idea. Maybe not at this level, because they don’t want anybody to do anything to your point. Nobody wants. This is stupid. This is incendiary. You know, I mean, it wasn’t a couple of hours after it was released. Now there’s what’s really going to happen. And if he comes back with $145 million of guaranteed money, which is legitimate from Atlanta anywhere, after Derek Carr got his money the other day, and other guys are, and everybody’s waiting, I mean, Herbert and Burr, those guys are waiting in line, whatever the number will be, that he will accept and say that’s a good tax situation. For me, that’s a place that can win. Yes, I’ll take that deal to your point and sign a friend. And we don’t know who the hell is even getting on the phone with that. I mean, like all of that structural part of our deal could possibly happen when he doesn’t have an agent, right? And what smoke signals and PR people and legal people and owners and how do you get to an owner to negotiate a deal with you donate all of that, where we will be? If the Ravens just take two ones and roll I that would speak for itself? It really would. And now let’s keep

Dennis Koulatsos  11:46

in mind, let’s keep in mind if the number is 145, the Ravens would have to match the offer, they would not let them go for an extra 12 million bucks over there suppose at highest offer, as far as we know. So they would have to sign him and the question then becomes does he show up? Or does he sit out he still hold all the keys to the castle. He can hold this franchise thought for a long time. If he sets out the cap numbers still count against the Ravens it’s on the books.

Nestor Aparicio  12:11

Anybody that wants him on the cheap for draft picks. If you feel like I love that kid and I have to have them and I need a quarterback and they all wanted Watson Right? Like all of them banked over right? And now none of them want Lamar right at least in the public eye and you know the first night that you’re getting Lamar and the Ravens get two ones and you get Lamar at market whatever market is you get a you got a franchise quarterback in a box, right who hasn’t played in the playoffs? Who hasn’t played the last like all of the checkmarks and all of the send out stupid tweets What do you know whatever it is right? But you get the kid you love the kid you bring him in you give up two ones. Is that a bargain? I don’t even know. I mean I you know it is to the buyer that loves him. It feels like the Ravens got fleeced.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:03

Maybe said the farmer but keep in mind if if interest in him upticks whether publicly or privately investor the Ravens can also ask for additional compensation. They can ask for two ones plus a player or two, whether it’s the Buccaneers have given up on your wide receivers

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

or will walk away right you give us another deal. We’ll walk away. He’s yours for 145 and yours. Yeah, otherwise, he’s ours because we love him long time and we’ve told everybody I love him and I saw Eric and John telling me we love them last week. We still love it. When

Dennis Koulatsos  13:34

when’s the last time you saw either Newsom given a radio interview? When’s the last time you saw that? I thought that was very strange. He appeared sad

Nestor Aparicio  13:40

about Yeah. Bernie Kosar shows the old teammate though Come on now, but still, but still out there

Dennis Koulatsos  13:47

giving an opinion on Lamar Jackson publicly. The Wizard of Oz making an appearance like that a public appearance was was

Nestor Aparicio  13:55

was almost like the Great Wizard making an appearance in general. Like he

Dennis Koulatsos  13:59

was like, okay, they’re bringing out the big guns now. They’re super big gun, right? I don’t want to do Super Bowls, whose beloved and was he used by the owners by ownership to say, hey, they said the collusion it says we’re putting out the great Isaac Newsome out there on the front line to take live questions from Bernie costar.

Nestor Aparicio  14:17

It’s not like Ozzy would ever lie in a negotiation or anything. Just talk to every any agent ever who hated Ozzy, which was most of them. You know, they all hated Ozzy Ozzy was not popular among agents, because he was tough. Of course, of course, he would say right player by player right price by price he studied as you would say, you know, I gotta deal with everybody raise here sucks here. You know, whoever you know, the guys we’ve wanted to have a deal done with we got deals done. Oh, yeah. You know, and the guys we didn’t let’s see Gary Baxter. We didn’t get done. Let’s see here. Edgerton Hartwell Bart Scott, you know, we we’ve let we have no problem walking away from the player right play a right price. But that was offensive to a lot of people in the same way that you predicted. Oh, my God, they’re gonna tag this kid at 32 million. He’s gonna be wildly offended, wildly offend right?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:14

You think an ego took a shot you think he was shocked he was expecting the exclusive tag if not the guaranteed contract here

Nestor Aparicio  15:21

I can explain this to him. And the Players Association explained to him that he’s probably going to get the non excuse because they don’t want to cut more players. They didn’t want to chop $13 million.

Dennis Koulatsos  15:31

Of course, when the individual were worried about it, his money his bag, he’s not worried about the team, right? He’s not, he’s not worried about giving a team that took a shot at him. A team friendly deal disappointed he, he just wants the most for himself, although he’s left millions of dollars in terms of endorsements since they won, because he doesn’t have an agent. And then this notion that yeah, the NFL NFLPA is back in them, you don’t have an agent, you’ve got guys who are using you as a pawn to try to set a precedent. And then you norm for the NFL in terms of in terms of guaranteed contracts for quarterbacks. He doesn’t realize that that he’d been used as a pawn by the NFLPA.

Nestor Aparicio  16:07

Let’s talk about him a little bit, because we don’t you know, I mean, I’ve seen his tweets, I see where his attention is, to call him unsophisticated, would be not cultured of me, but it doesn’t, you know, I don’t see any level of trust, big trust. Right. And this goes back to I don’t think he trust anybody, right? Like, you know what I mean, like to give 1% of a $200 million deal for the expertise or to even just say, look, bro, I’ll give you I’m gonna give you a half a million dollars. Go make me a deal. Go make my best deal. I want you I need let me sit down with 30 of you slimeball agents, all of you from Rosenhaus, do all that I’m going to take a month of my life and have dinner with every one of you to see if I like any of you to see if any of you people I can trust. Can I trust Jay Z? Can there’s somebody I can call to trust? I think he trusted the union. Right in the end of all his mother, Derek de Costas, the people he wouldn’t and probably shouldn’t trust, right. I mean, I can tell you right now you shouldn’t trust Eric, because that’s the Bashaud of your John horrible, I can tell you that, right? I promise you, you can’t trust them. I’ll make that pronouncement. I’ve had a personal experience with so but you have to trust somebody, you have to trust somebody. Right? Like, and he hasn’t trusted anybody. So I do think, in this case, he trusted the union. And I don’t for better for worse, he who’s he trusting? He’s gotta be listening to somebody. He’s not just cozying up with his girlfriend reading things on the internet. I don’t think maybe he’s not that sophisticated. But I haven’t seen him walking out of an office anywhere with an agent. I haven’t seen any agents say, in any way be linked to him in any way to help him. There’s been a lot of people that go out on the internet, say they want to help and whatever. But this is a fundamental about this kid. He doesn’t trust anyone. And I don’t see your point, he would already have more money in the bank, he’d have a deal, he’d be in cash, you’d be out with his girlfriend and Fiji having a good time, studying his playbook getting to know Todd Monken and trying to win a championship. And instead, he’s fighting for money he would have already probably had, but I don’t, I don’t know. And again, I think these guys are sleazeballs these owners. And for whatever it’s worth, they’re looking to suppress him. But I also understand this, and I’ve said this, and I’ve said this a long time. And I said this a lot in the 90s before I even understood it. I mean, I owned a business, but I didn’t have hard times until you have hard times you don’t understand. I don’t think you know, takes 30 years of running a business. But every single free agent that’s ever been signed in the history of sports, somebody overspent for that player, at every point, it’s who offers the most, maybe there’s been more cases where people take a team friendly deal cuz they want to stay where they are. But in every case of leaving a franchise and making the family decision to do that, in sports, it’s always been about Steinbrenner is nuts. He gives them too much. You know, they’re Haslams nuts. Somebody is always and that’s that’s the game, right? I mean, that’s no offense to selling cars or radio time or anything else. But that that is the game right? The game is try to get your best deal. Right and and that’s at the heart of this, that Players Association thing. And the the big picture of me 30 years ago reading Lords of the Realm and living through a baseball strike and the the battle drums of the money. He’s gotten swept up in this like, right I mean, to some degree that he hasn’t been protected because he hasn’t had his own guy.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:55

Well, who’s got the deal here? Right. The rain was had him for five years for what? 35 million. Are you kidding me? Who’s got the bet? Yeah, they robbed the bank gotten the playoffs, right had had the best team and until they ran into the Titans right at home, but there was a report a few weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, where it came out that perhaps there was a shoe company that that back off doing a shoe deal with him because he didn’t have an agent. So of course, he got on Twitter, like what are you talking about? But my point is, where’s the shoe deal? Right? He should have had a shoe deal by now had he had an agent, he would have had a shoe deal, a car deal, and insurance deal. All these all these different type of deals, he would have made himself over $100 million. I would think just an endorsement alone the first five years Nestor and all he has to show for 35 million whatever he kept off of that.

Nestor Aparicio  20:44

How much you Baker Mayfield, how much do you put into how much Robert Griffin and that’s a different eras 1015 to 10 years ago, right? A lot more money. Like, what? Dennis? You play daddy to that kid all last summer and told him not to play? Every time you and I got together twice a week. You told him don’t play for 23 million. You’re leaving 20 million on the table right here right now. And Eric sat with him last year and told him that Eric’s like look, this really isn’t about guaranteed money. If you sit upright, you’re if you really want to make a billion dollars, you’re gonna have to go win football games. You know what I mean? If you want to get the next 700 million, you better go win some games and I’m the guy to help you win games. I build players around you. I’m in for you. Here. Here’s 118 130 Whatever it is. It’s 48 million a year. You’re gonna make 23 this year. You’re 25 ahead before you even walk on the field last year right. And, and everybody’s we’ll get more next year. Okay, if you don’t get hurt. You got hurt. I didn’t show him Cincinnati. Like all of these things have happened. And he’s unright he doesn’t trust any I just go back. He doesn’t trust anybody. I know

Dennis Koulatsos  22:03

himself to plan it on a chumps $23 million dollar your contract. I mean, come on. Now. You gotta you’ve got to be kidding me a player of his caliber with his resume with his 2019 MVP award. Not no one’s going to miss the last four or five games on the 2020 22 season. And when he went down to that game against Denver clutches knee Nestor, I thought just like everybody else, horror or horse, he brought all three ligaments he’s done. I’ll never be the same. And luckily, it was the PCL, but still all these hits. He’s taken the last five years and why did he help his

Nestor Aparicio  22:33

negotiating stance by twittering? How bad his injury was? He did not have data help

Dennis Koulatsos  22:38

him. He didn’t Well he was trying to say look, I’m really hurt I’m not traveling with the team because I’m really hurt. I’m rehabbing which to me was was was was a crock and I know horrible came out last week and defended him but how could you not be in Cincinnati to cheer on your teammate from the bench from the sideline on the playoff game as a as a face of the franchise as a leader of the team. He often

Nestor Aparicio  23:00

apply owners box next to Steve shoddy, hold the towel sitting down because there’s nowhere how

Dennis Koulatsos  23:05

to write write somewhere, play with the team. You’re with a team with a knee brace whatever with crutches but on a sideline, waving a towel cheering them on giving advice to to a Huntley Tyler Huntley. Right. That’s where it hates wearing a headset or wearing a headset being involved. Engage. You’re still under contract. Well, maybe he wasn’t that point. But I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  23:26

maybe his agent told him that maybe the Players Association told him that

Dennis Koulatsos  23:30

this thing is fascinating. And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it’s gotten worse. They’re not the right ones as an organization aren’t any better off and the funny thing is, is the fan base, they’re freaking out. I don’t understand why someone can’t be a Ravens fan. And also, Mr. Fan, it seems like most people one or the other. They’re back on the Ravens or the back in the organization. I’m back on both. I wish them both. Well, no matter what they do.

Nestor Aparicio  23:53

It’s Do you think he can come back here and play? I mean, you and I have been on the plank about him being gone. Do you think that Eric and Shawn and Steve want to give him 150 million and have you may have back here and be not fully happy? They may have to

Dennis Koulatsos  24:11

just to say face. Let’s say he doesn’t get an offer. Let’s say his BEST OFFERS 125 I mean, somebody’s gonna have to eat crow around here. Either him ravens or both. It could be

Nestor Aparicio  24:23

unhappy it’s 191 a guaranteed Atlanta and that’s enough for him and it’s way more than the ravens are gonna give them and the Ravens get two picks or they pull back and get a linebacker out of it or Natalina linebacker but whatever

Dennis Koulatsos  24:34

receiver a cornerback but they’ve got to resolve it it’s in everyone’s best interest to move this thing forward very quickly. Because my fear is he doesn’t sign he sets out which would be terrible for him and the team. He hamstrings a team with all that with all that dead cap space. And he can he get becomes a year older. And the year plate players on age well we saw that would love Ian Bell levy on Bell taking

Nestor Aparicio  24:59

no that he’s a young player. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know.

Dennis Koulatsos  25:04

You think the Players Association are telling you if you didn’t get the right deal set out? That would be horrible. That would be the worst advice you could ever give them if they care about what you don’t care about them.

Nestor Aparicio  25:15

Yeah, I just keep thinking about the 25 million he left on the plate last year got hurt. And now we’re looking at it and just saying, like, wow, you know, and

Dennis Koulatsos  25:27

if you’re not his agent, we’re sticking up for the Ravens. We gave you all a $25 million discount a year ago. Right? Make that up to us. And then some we showed you good faith, the player showed up. Yeah, he missed the OTAs. But he was there. He was there for training. He was there for everything. Okay. He hurt himself. He got hurt. So where’s your commitment back to him? His goodwill was was leaving, like you said $25 million on the table last year? Where’s the Ravens? Good? Well, back to him?

Nestor Aparicio  25:53

Well, we’re gonna find out, you know, and I don’t, I don’t know where this ends, but I find it very, very, it’d be very awkward for him to come back and play. I mean, I really, I believe that. And I believe given the sensitivity of this kid, over the course of time, and like, all of what’s transacted here, and not showing up in Cincinnati with it, you know, like all of that, that, that they would just decide they’re gonna give him 45 million a year, the next four years, and that, that they can rely on him that they can count on him. And I don’t know that John and Eric and Steve would feel that way right now. Ken.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:33

It’s gonna be very ugly. He’s his own agent, right. So when when, when whoever the GM is from the Panthers or the Falcon says to him, you know, car, Derek Carr just got 100 million guaranteed. Russell Wilson got X Kyler. Murray got X, and you’re gonna say, well, Deshaun Watson got z? Well, you’re not getting Z, you’re getting X. What do you think his moods gonna be? Like? If that’s going to be? What do you face is going forward, as

Nestor Aparicio  27:01

in Atlanta or wherever? Well, nobody’s going to underwhelm him. And he asked him to come in and have to look overwhelm overwhelm

Dennis Koulatsos  27:11

a complaint to the NFLPA. So listen, guys, you guys told me to get my bag. I’m not getting my bag. Well, the owners are colluding against you. Okay, now what,

Nestor Aparicio  27:19

and now I’m down in Flowery Branch with a bunch of idiots. Right? You know what I mean? Like? Now I’m recruited into some place where they didn’t build the system for me, they think I am the system. Now. Does anybody think he’s the savior? 31 teams passed on him five years later? Who is the owner that I keep saying this? Who’s the owner, the GM and the head coach, they’re gonna bet their career on this. I keep asking that. And in the early going, all the negativity that happened right after the tagging on Tuesday night, I just keep saying, I don’t know. But they all wanted to Shaun Watson last year. So these aren’t normal people?

Dennis Koulatsos  27:58

Well, let’s understand this. The Ravens deal, I would imagine they were presumed to sit on a table if their best shot was 133 or 145. Guaranteed. My assumption is that that that deal is still there for him to compare with. And that’s what it had. And I’m sure that’s what the courts have said when he flew down to Miami to see and listen, here’s our best shot. Go shopping, you know, go go talk to 30 other teams and see what they tell you. And 16 are are are off limits right off the bat because most I met franchise quarterback the other one seven settle quarterback situation. We’re down about 16 teams and then from those 16 cap, there’s kept their cap space considerations, right, et cetera, money considerations. So you’re really down to the Falcons, the Panthers a coach maybe Buccaneers with a handful of teams only about five or six team that can really make a play for him.

Nestor Aparicio  28:48

Well, and then there’s the other side of quarterbacks in this draft, right. Two three guys that you might like, if you like one of them, and the right one. Well, the Ravens have historically not, you know, they took Joe Flacco they took Lamar Jackson they found guys that weren’t, you know, lock or Manning or you know, one one

Dennis Koulatsos  29:11

borough one one right. They’ve never drafted the one one quarterback, right? They’ve

Nestor Aparicio  29:16

never been that bad. They’ve never been bad enough. Thankfully.

Dennis Koulatsos  29:18

Thankfully, they haven’t. Right. But they’ll figure it out. And that’s Stephen Bennett look pretty good at the combine.

Nestor Aparicio  29:24

You’d love to use him Stetson Bennett, you you’d love Todd Monken you’re all about this new offense, aren’t you? I am I really am because it has to do with your Lamar Jersey once he signs with the Falcons. What are you gonna do with it?

Dennis Koulatsos  29:36

And hope he has he continues on to a Hall of Fame career that well I hope he becomes the best quarterback of all time

Nestor Aparicio  29:43

with jerseys Do you have he told me about your claws and I want to know,

Dennis Koulatsos  29:47

man I got I got Joe Montana from his Notre Dame days number three and also number 16. With the Niners. Of course I have the great Earl Campbell number 34. I’ve got Lamar Jackson number eight. I’ve got Terrell Suggs I’ve got Ogden I’ve got read. I’ve got Ray Rice. I mean I’ve got a whole lot of a lot of jerseys. I think

Nestor Aparicio  30:08

I looked at my jerseys because I’ve had a lot of them right so over the course of time and I’ve Ebates some off Robbie’s he bade awesome old hockey jerseys I had that were just I bought him it Herschel cones you know they were really nice and cool but in all different but I wore them avalanche Panther you know, old jerseys with my kid wearing them. So we got rid of a lot of that stuff I have in Michael I have my Tony Gwynn. Mustard, mustard gold. padres. I wear that and it’s it’s comfortable. I bought in San Diego to modern. You can wear it without a t shirt. It doesn’t itch. I have a oversized I wish it was in my size. My wife bought it on the internet years ago Kelly leak. Bad News Bears. I have Kelly Lee Chico’s bailbonds I have one of those. You know I have my own ravens jerseys and whatnot. And like a blast jersey. That’s mine. But like as far as other players with a name and meat putting on a jersey with another name. The only one I own in my whole collection is Tony Gwynn. I have an elven Paseo with my name on it. But I wanted to tell you this because like, you know, I get these belt buckles right and it’s become a little bit like I don’t have any fun in my life Dan, I’m just you know, I’m thrown out of teams and like, you know, I go eat crab cakes. So like I collect these belt buckles and it got me on to eBay right I’ve never been an internet shopper. I don’t buy anything anyway. So which is why if I’m gonna get a car from you, I gotta come over drive because I’m old right? So I go on to eBay and I made the grand mistake two weeks before going to Houston to see Springsteen I put in Houston Oilers vintage just to see what would pop up you know, just to see like, what’s out there because I have you don’t have the Houston Oilers trashcan, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  31:47

You know about this? That’s news to me.

Nestor Aparicio  31:50

Oh, hold on. Did you talk amongst yourselves for 20 seconds. I’m gonna grab and put HoloLens right here. Promote your show to everybody what you got coming on your show. All right.

Dennis Koulatsos  31:59

Well, I’ll tell you about some cars. I’ve got coach for the Baltimore we’ve got all kinds of nice cars, trucks, SUVs, the F 150. Probably more more f150 than anyone else in the area super duties. Got the Mk II, the Broncos got all the hottest, latest and greatest vehicles here coons for the Baltimore lots of pre owned pre loved vehicles too. As we like to say know what


Nestor Aparicio  32:19

you don’t have a coons for the Baltimore you don’t have the Houston Oilers original original. This is a trash can. Okay, this was in my bedroom when I was, you know, when I was a young man and the trash can. So I had like, everything was an oiler. Derek is great looking. Right? And here’s the thing. I mean, Raven said, you know, I’m not vulnerable to purple bird on my head again, while the owner is treating me in the fashion that Yes, right. So

Dennis Koulatsos  32:46

they poop in your head long enough? I haven’t.

Nestor Aparicio  32:49

I’ve done that for 27 years. So I’m wearing things like Coons and the people in my family that support me, right. So and when donation and I’ve got lottery scratch on, you know, when sponsors and stuff. But I’ve collected these belt buckles and it’s been fun for me and my wife’s like, why? I said, Well, they’re bright and shiny objects, right? Like, we’re all we’re human, like, it’s like a shark. Right? So the Euler logo and all of that Euler blue stuff. It’s like a bright shiny object to me, right? For the same reason anybody would want to collect whatever they collect old Ford Mustangs, right? I mean, like people collect things right? So I’ve decided this Euler thing that I want to have a little Euler piece of my life and I have a whole box of all of my pom poms, my helmet. I have Dan pastor and his helmet from the 1973 season. You know how I know it, it has the marks all over it of the colors of the helmets and they played the Vikings that year, and it has purple all over it. Right? So it has seven in it the number seven in it. So I had passed Arenys helmet it was a it was one of those short you know, before they were the man Yeah, yep. Well, I have all these cool little tricky things and cops and little key holders and I had my old VISA credit cards. I was an oiler Citibank VISA credit card older 1988 getting points so I could get this with Ken right, you know, so I was by all I have oil or turtlenecks and stuff. So I went on and I found First off, you can buy anything. It’s the internet, right? I found a Warren Moon white. In a medium. It’s a store bought, you know, Apex one or whatever, whatever. The Sandman whoever is maybe not a gamer, but what would actually fit me you know what I mean? Like I could the oven buffet is a game worn 64 with chalk pads. You can’t wear it You look like a dress. You look like David Byrne and the talking heads video right? Suits too big. So I’m trying to get something that where I could like fashionably rolling through in something throwback that’s Euler oriented. And that’s a speaks to my fandom and me being getting old and wanting to I don’t need albums or CDs anymore, but I need some bright shiny object beyond big screen TVs that are 199 bucks, you know, throw away all the toys in your car because I need bright shiny objects. You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  35:11

we all we all like the new shiny object new shiny Penny. And that remains to be seen whether Lamar Jackson become the new shiny object for the Falcons, the Panthers. The commander’s maybe

Nestor Aparicio  35:21

who knows me later, I still want that one and that Warren Moon right. All the years later, that’s what I’m saying to you is that Lamar Jackson, that big eight that you got, and the night that he literally got drafted and you went online and you bought the jersey, like, it is amazing that you could just move on and put on a Stetson Bennett hat and you horse real Hey, listen,

Dennis Koulatsos  35:45

I’m on the team, the team, the team and my most prized jersey is Earl Campbell jersey. I’m missing some jerseys that I’m trying to recover like Ray Lewis Ed Reed, that’s a story behind that. But But right now, I’m in possession of that wonderful. Earl Campbell jersey. And

Nestor Aparicio  36:04

does it save you is it is it like,

Dennis Koulatsos  36:06

you know, it’s it’s framed, signed, you know, it’s autographed the whole kit and caboodle. But I am missing quite a piece on my collection. We’ll talk about that another day.

Nestor Aparicio  36:17

I’m going to show with you me one day because for me, man, you know,

Dennis Koulatsos  36:26

I would pin that interview just so you know, if we if we got a chance to talk to her Oh, camel, I would pin I award number 34 Because of him. Alright, so

Nestor Aparicio  36:32

I’m gonna make full admission to you as a sponsor and a friend. You know, I’ve been half assing it the last couple of weeks, which isn’t like I’ve been on vacation and in and out. I haven’t been fully engaged in like, but I came back my dad’s birthday was on you know, what’s my vacation time? Usually February. I take a little time down. But I’m back on the grid now. And I’m going to tell you right now, I’m calling full out to see if we can get the Tyler rose on the on the

Dennis Koulatsos  36:58

pro Tyler rose. I’m telling you, man, I was 34 basketball, football, lacrosse college and high school that was my jersey no matter what. It looked good. And football not so much in basketball 34. But

Nestor Aparicio  37:08

maybe we can figure out a way to make a contribution does charity have won or something like that? I would love to

Dennis Koulatsos  37:13

do that. I would give him a personal contribution to his charity. All right, well, here, I’m on 1000 bucks. How about that? I’ll put up I’ll put it out there. Well, since I’m

Nestor Aparicio  37:22

on your show here and your shows on Thursday, from three to five minutes Sunday morning. This is going to play people are going to hear this but you know, look at football. Here we come Houston all that Warren Moon jersey was like 60 bucks, and the guy offered it to me for 35. And I didn’t take it right away. It’s still there. Nobody’s bought it. The other thing that I was gonna buy, and this thing is so damn good looking that I don’t even know how I don’t buy it. To be honest with you. I’m going to I’ll take you out to my eBay page. And I’m going to show it to you. Because when you see how good looking this this thing is. I just want to show it to you because you love the Euler, Derek as much as anything. This is on my watch list. Let me pull it up for you. Here we go. I want you to tell me right now, this isn’t the best looking thing that you’ve ever seen. Oh, I can’t I can’t I can’t share your I’ll share it with you next week. Okay, sharing privilege or doing on? I don’t have sharing privilege. There is this beautiful blue Euler jacket with the derrick on it and the red and white and it’s

Dennis Koulatsos  38:32

an honor what was the brand now hold

Nestor Aparicio  38:34

on. It might be a starter hold on it. Hold on. I’m looking it up. I’m looking it up. I’m looking it up. Hold on here. Jacket jacket, heavyweight satin men, satin style vintage. It doesn’t have a name in it. I’m gonna have to look in the tag. Let me see here. I think it’s Apex one. I think it was an apex one piece. It’s beautiful. It says Oilers on the back. It’s 85 bucks and I’m thinking to myself, am I gonna wear it? That’s all I’m thinking. I’m gonna wear I’m gonna buy it today. I’m gonna buy it today that you know

Dennis Koulatsos  39:06

what the jersey I got the most comments on going to football game was an original 1996 Eric Turner number 29. Jersey

Nestor Aparicio  39:16

with a ser of Sonic with with us. Yeah, Arabs.

Dennis Koulatsos  39:19

I bought that thing. Like, I don’t know, it had to be Dick’s Sporting Goods. It wasn’t no

Nestor Aparicio  39:23

they only made they made a Vinny and they made a turner. And then they made a desire a little bit mo that they didn’t make players then Dre but right

Dennis Koulatsos  39:31

and this was a white jersey beautiful with the original ravens logo on it. And I gave it away to one of my relatives but when I used to wear that at the stadium, I remember one time post that me and just gave me the prayer sign and pointed to the sky and that was my most common Jersey ever

Nestor Aparicio  39:48

wore. Okay, so Eric Turner was the second Raven I ever met, but the first Raven I ever interviewed. So on the day when the franchise came to Baltimore I’m Rob Burnett, myself Scott Garceau and Kevin Byrne dined. We dined at this really high end place at the harbor. Dennis Hooters that afternoon. So yeah, so good wings. And Rob Burnett is my original friend and I call him a friend because he has a friend. He means a lot to me and we text each other, often after cruces death. And he was very close with goose. But Eric Turner the late great Eric Turner. Eric Turner was the first Raven to come to my studio, Eric Turner. Marvin Lewis was the first person coach Marvin came into my studio right after he lost the Super Bowl, the Steelers. And Eric Turner came in because because Kevin was trying to get PSL tickets, they didn’t even have a name. I don’t even know if they were called Ravens. The day that Turner came into my studio, but Eric Turner came into my studio over at the Sheridan town I have the tape. I should man I should put that on the radio that was he spent an hour hour and a half talking about cleaning. He was an LA guy and I gave him a hard time Kevin told me to give them a hard time about always having West Coast time on his watch. His watch always had West Coast time because he’s a UCLA guy you know. And Eric Turner was a beautiful guy. He was a beautiful

Dennis Koulatsos  41:16

thought he really was you know I’m I’m telling you for for ravens mascot to stop me do the prayer. You know, he was very highly thought of regarded at the facility.

Nestor Aparicio  41:24

I like Derek Turner a lot. And so that yeah, he choked me up, Dennis, see what you do to me when I’m on your

Dennis Koulatsos  41:31

journey back? I think I have an idea. So

Nestor Aparicio  41:33

you’re making me go on right now. Just buy these two damn things for 100 bucks and just get it done. Because I love them. I keep looking at them. And remember this forever. I’m gonna remember significant calluses. That’s your quote for me. I want you to remember bright shiny objects because that’s what you sent. You know, that’s what you

Dennis Koulatsos  41:50

send me the links. You know what, I’ll be my early Christmas gift to

Nestor Aparicio  41:54

you. Oh, no, no, no, I’m not happy.

Dennis Koulatsos  41:57

More than happy to buy

Nestor Aparicio  41:59

you a burger and fries in Beaumont and you can get the fillet if you want but I’m getting the burger and the fries.

Dennis Koulatsos  42:04

Just get me Earl Campbell and I’ll be forever grateful and I will make a contribution to his charity. absolutely would.

Nestor Aparicio  42:10

I’m gonna It’s on my list this week. I have a huge list because I told you I’ve I haven’t been lazy. The last couple weeks. I’ve been working on some off the field issues. But I am back on the field and put crabcake tours together and doing all the crap and I’m doing we’re doing the chirps game. We’re gonna watch that up in Hollywood casino next week at barstool. They’re a new client of ours. So we’re gonna go watch the Terps and hopefully we have March Madness next. We’ve got a lot of things going on. There’s life before, during and after Lamar. There’s more going on to Lamar.

Dennis Koulatsos  42:37

Absolutely. All great stuff. Live pizza keep keep doing great things. There he goes. Nestor, J Aparicio here at 15 7am W NS T. We’ll take a quick break and come back right after this.

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