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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the noticeable weight loss of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and the importance of a functioning offensive line for the reigning NFL MVP during OTAs in Owings Mills.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


Welcome home we are wn S T A and 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore. Positive we are positively taking the Maryland crabcake tour back out on the road tons during the month of June. We’re gonna start in the month of May we’re gonna Friday we will be at St. Louis standard, like Cinemark I think Luke and I are going to talk about drawing walks as the Tampa rays come to town this week and we’re going to be doing all month long, merrily. crabcake tour stops courtesy the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our partners at Jiffy Lube, multi care as well as Liberty pure solutions and we’re taking it everywhere where my pappy shirt right now. Pappas is actually the final stop of the month. We’re going to be a costus later this month. We’re going to be a Coco’s we’re gonna be back at Bally’s. We’re working with our friends at Coopers and sancia. Happy to have Patrick Russell and his team aboard. They’re doing Fleet Week down and Fells Point later on this month. We’re gonna be talking about that. So we’re gonna be everywhere we go. We’re going to be going this month and having crab cakes and shrimp and oysters and putting an oyster tour together in September, September will be the month that the Ravens make their day but in Kansas City to kick off the season, and Luke is kicking off not one but to OTAs here this week, as we get off on mandatory. You know, you go back a year into the Wayback Machine and Lamar Jackson and money and contracts and who’s here and who’s the wide receiver and looking at obj and we’re you know where we are with all of that. It really does feel like a you and I spent a lot oxygen talking about Kyle’s towers and Adley rutschman. And then John means and Dean Kramer and the Orioles play eight days a week and like all of that, but the football thing feels like it is way back burnered Especially now that the the schedules out if you want to go to Dallas week three, you can do that. If you want to go out to LA see SoFi stadium, I recommend Pearl Jam in the parking lot more from last week. But you know, like, it’s quiet. And it’s we’re about to have this bang of mandatories. And you’re out there was Rebecca Hensley saying who’s here today who’s not who’s got excused absence? who’s participating who’s not participating in all of that, but it is quiet right now. Right? And we’re all baseball up around here as we should be.

Luke Jones  02:20

Yeah, and that’s, that’s okay.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:23

I mean, as

Luke Jones  02:24

I say to you all the time when we when we get into this and the NFL obviously disagrees with this sentiment, but it’s okay to have seasons. It’s okay for something to be on the backburner for a little while, despite the NFL is best efforts in that regard. But you said it and so much of it has to do with just the fact that the Orioles are relevant and battling it out with the Yankees for first place and on pace to win 100 plus games for the second straight year, which is something the Orioles haven’t done since what 69 and 70. I mean, you know, the impressive stuff, going back to you know that long to think about the glory days and, and all that. So in the meantime, you have the Ravens who look, I think there’s still tons of excitement. I don’t think it’s a case where people are, are tuned out because of lack of interest. It’s just that it’s still a long ways away. I saw Adam Schefter very early Tuesday morning like 4am kind of like Dude, do you ever sleep made made mention that it was 100 days out from the Ravens kicking off in Kansas City against the Chiefs for the NFL season opener. So, you know, we’re coming up on three months out from the start of the 2024 season, but we’re still three months out and yeah, OTAs there’s interest in terms of who’s there and who’s not. Who’s lining up at left guard who’s lining up at right guard who’s at right tackle. How’s everyone look? Is everyone in shape? What’s Lamar is Wait, I mean, that was the big story, the first week


Nestor J. Aparicio  03:52

of OTAs weight thing you and I have discussed that and yeah, and here’s where I’m gonna get flipping with you because I did get offered that that seller on eBay offered me that. The King Henry jersey, the 22 Oilers jersey at a discount offer like 39 bucks, he still wasn’t cheap. I don’t know I at 40 bucks. I probably screwed the pooch and $6 but I wanted to get it what why don’t you like the Derrick Henry thing? Can we talk but as it relates to Lamar and Lamar being thinner, faster? You know, I don’t even know what that means. You wanted to be faster? i For what purpose? Because you don’t want him to run as I don’t know. But give me philosophically where you are all that because the offensive line still the biggest question, you know, I’m not going to skip the lead here for the team and where they’re going to be and how they’re going to run the ball and how the offense is going to work in year two for Monken. But how are you feeling about the news of camp? Yeah, I

Luke Jones  04:46

mean, the weight thing. First of all, I just find it interesting that we’re just seeing these swings that it’s fluctuated that you know, a couple years ago, it was important for him to be up around. What was it 200 30 pounds and lock. Do I think? Let me be very clear. Do I think that this is going to be a major issue come week one? No, not even close, you know, and the number of questions that Lamar got about his weight, you know, I thought it was a bit much even for late May and understanding that not everyone that’s out there is covering, you know, to sports like I am where, you know, very much my attention is much more on the Orioles these days than the Ravens. But I get it. And I do think it’s fascinating, because I think back to and you can certainly attest to this. But I think back to Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe, who famously Shannon Sharpe talked at when he was on the back nine of his career that he kind of made it a goal that he would drop five pounds every year just to try to maintain speed. But you know, you’re but that’s you’re talking about, you know, whatever he was, at the time, 32 years old, whatever it is, I mean, Lamar is 27, you know, he’s, he’s not 21 anymore, but he’s not on the back nine or anything like that, either. So I do find it interesting. And I do find it. I’m amused by pro Lamar Lamar can do no wrong. ban, saying they love the fact that he’s dropping pounds when they were probably the same people saying they love the fact that he put on some weight a couple years ago to take more hits. And that’s where I’m just like, which is it one or the other. And then the levar detractors, you know, the people who Lamar can do no right in their eyes, didn’t like that he put on weight two years ago, I don’t like that he’s dropping weight two years later. So I find most of the discourse to be silly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:35

But well, there’s two MVPs now, right? So like, you know, like anybody who’s perceived as being someone that would question quarterbacks running in the linebackers, like the host here is perceived as being a heretic at this point, that you’re not a believer. But I mean, you believe in him in any way.

Luke Jones  06:54


Yeah, but there’s middle ground here. I mean, I think it’s fair to say, Okay, makes sense. I saw him maybe not look white as fast last year, as he had looked in previous years, how much of that is weighed, and how much of that is a 27 year old athlete inherently is probably not going to be as fast as he was at age 2122 23. That’s just the nature of human beings as they age, right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:21

So the first step with him too, because I mean, first couple years, he, he were designed plays, and he went in, and he’s taking the ball knowing there’s an 80% chance he’s going to keep the ball in the fold and the talk, even when Mark Ingram was around, and they were playing the electric, you know, football games that we’re playing. There’s something about knowing you’re carrying the ball. His carries now had been much more born of escape grin. Yeah. And there’s something about not knowing what you’re doing that you’re not confident that first step to sprint. So I do think he looks a little sloppy. He’s not slow.

Luke Jones  08:01

I No, no, no. Not slow. Right, exactly. I mean, that would be crazy to think that so. So I see that side of it. But on the flip side, I think it’s fair to say, hey, you know, how much is too much? Knowing that you’re gonna have at least three new starters on your offensive line. And there could be some questions there. Not even so much the design runs, but just, hey, you could get hit in the pocket a little bit, especially early in the year if you’re trying to figure out your guard spots. And you know, if Roger Rosen gardens can be ready to start as a rookie at right tackle or not. So, so yeah, there’s some of that. That said, yeah, the amount of oxygen we’ve given it, you know, we’ve spent five minutes three minutes talking about this. Do I think this is going to be a major subplot to the 2024? Season? Not really. i What’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:49

the why, though? I mean, I mean, what he wants to do,


Luke Jones  08:52

I think he wants to be a little more agile, I think, look at any athlete, whether you’re talking about Lamar Jackson, or Adley rutschman or go back to previous generations, Cal Ripken, Ray Lewis, whoever Ed Reed, they know their bodies better than anyone else. And even though now, in this day and age, you know, that they were the catapult vest, that they can track how fast they are during practices and all of that. There’s still something for an athlete to be confident in his own ability and to know where he is physically know where he is speed, wise, strength, wise, all those different things. And I think Lamar, in response to maybe not quite being as quite as fast as he was in previous years, to say, you know, maybe I’ll shed a few pounds now, what his weight is on Memorial Day weekend, compared to what it is week one. That’s where I think we’re probably making too much of this, I’m guessing wherever the team thinks he should be, and wherever he thinks he should be. From a diet standpoint, working out all those different things, how many calories you’re in your calorie intake, all those different things. he’ll be worried it needs to be week one. But the noticeable part

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:04

about him changing. I mean, when Ray Lewis was here, Terrell Suggs we we saw guys change shape especially big guys, you know, losing 1015 pounds. It’s very noticeable on Ray Lewis back in the day, as far as beefed up or beef down. I just find this to be interesting. And I don’t know if it’s interesting, right? I mean, I, I’ve always been concerned with him breaking in half and him running in the linebackers. The smaller he gets, the more he could theoretically elude such things and that’s important too. But there’s also the part where all right, this brings me back to what why don’t you like Derrick Henry as part of this, why haven’t you loved it? I from a salary perspective, I I sort of love the workhorse sort of idea of having that kind of guy who’s trying to get to the Hall of Fame. And it also tells me, I think that Lamar is gonna run less. And they had to have known that when they drafted him years ago, even with two MVPs and all the money they have given them and all that he wasn’t. The idea was never to run in 12 to 15 times a game. And if he’s smaller, it makes it even even all the better that he throws the football and acts as a decoy as opposed to running back. I

Luke Jones  11:13

don’t know if I agree that the idea was never to run them 12 to 15 times a game their offense did not reflect that. I think that was always the plan. Now, certainly the evolution. It’s not a derrick. Let me be very clear about this. I love Derrick Henry. Where are the Ravens ranked in the running game the last five years they’ve been the best running team in football in the last five years and they’ve spent nothing on running backs so why why do you feel so compelled that you need to do it now? That’s that’s inherent that’s the gist of my arc. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:44


guess when they need one in January. They pretended they didn’t have one.

Luke Jones  11:49

I mean, I guess but they still had the number one ranked running game in the NFL last year. The numbers don’t lie. I mean, period. They just did. So my my thought is, why are you spending money on something that has not been a prop? At no point over the last five years? Did I ever once think that the missing piece for them was having a stud 2000 yard running back? Never ever, ever thought that that was the reason Gus Gus Edwards did a heck of a job for them over the last five years. They’ve had they plugged in played veteran guys off the street that did decent, a decent job for them. That’s that’s the gist of my argument for that. Now that said, it comes down to this is Derrick Henry gonna help them win games in January? If he does, then it’s a great move. Derrick Henry rushes for 1500 yards in the regular season, but he’s worn down. Come the divisional round. I’m unimpressed with the decision and the philosophical move to do that. All about January. Everything they do at this point, all about January. That sounds flippant. We’re gonna talk about hey, we’re talking about OTAs. Right now. We’re gonna talk about many campers

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:54

have been in it is early for you to say that. But it’s true. It’s

Luke Jones  12:57

true. I mean, it’s true. There is nothing this team can do at this point that don’t beat


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:02

Kansas City, come home beat the Raiders.

Luke Jones  13:07

I’m gonna pick one. If they’re for

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:08

No, when the Orioles play game one it great. It wasn’t anything. I mean, it’s

Luke Jones  13:15


it means something in the sense that you have you still have to play well, if you’re not you don’t get an automatic bid to the playoffs just because you’ve been there the last, you know, five of the last six years. So you have to be good enough to get there. We all understand that. And we’re going to talk about the games and there’s importance to it. But in a big picture sense. I’m gonna pick on someone because I found the premise to just be beyond ciliate Robert Griffin. The third was talking about the Ravens schedule. And that was kind of implying that the NFL did them a favor because, you know, as much as there has been some focus on their Christmas stretch where they have three games in 11 days. They if you look at them, people track net rest, and the Ravens have a pretty distinct advantage over their opponents as far as having more rest going into various matchups. And he was implying that maybe this is what gets the Ravens over the hump. And I just did a double take when I heard that. Nothing about the regular season has been has anything to do with them getting over the hump. It’s all about January, two weeks wrestling last year. They were 13 and four last year they had the best record in the NFL, they had the best point differential in the NFL, they had the best defense in the NFL, they had the MVP at quarterback. Five years ago in 2019. Same thing like everything I just rolled off other than the defense wasn’t the best but it was top five. Nothing about the regular there is nothing literally nothing that can happen in the regular season. That Oh, that does it. It’s decided they’re getting over the hump in January I again and that’s where it sounds flippant. They have to play well enough to make the playoffs. Da captain obvious right? They can’t they go seven and 10 Because Lamar gets hurt and some other guys get hurt, and they they kick the ball around. Yeah, then then that’s a different conversation. But there’s, it’s not as though 13 and four, oh, well, if they go 15 and two this year, I’m convinced that January is going to be a different story. Now they just have to go do it. That’s why I’ve said to you almost tongue in cheek, but there might even be some merit to it that I do wonder for this team, when, if and when they break through, if it’s going to be the year where they are maybe a wild card and the the expectations are lower, and you’re not thinking about them, you know, in terms of number one seed and home field advantage. And I wonder if that’s the year that they catch lightning in a bottle and they go on the run, like Joe Flacco did in 2012. You know, but that this notion that, you know, that Archie three was saying that, that the schedule could make the difference from why they were in perfect position. Last year, they they hosted the AFC title game, so and that’s what’s challenging about look

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:59

at their schedule in December and think they better be relatively healthy. They better be ready to play in December, but we realized, yeah,

Luke Jones  16:06

yep. But we said the same thing last year, right. I mean, schedule is tough in December last year, and they, they were gangbusters, they rolled over teams. So that’s why it was so frustrating last year, because it was all sitting there right for them. But this is where I will bring it back. You know, as I took my shot at RG three, which I’ve nothing personal. I just thought it was kind of a silly take, you know, this idea that the regular season schedule was the difference and getting over the hump now. I mean, it has nothing to do with that. But Lamar Jackson, say flowers Kayo Hamilton, you know, they all spoke, you know, after the first OTA that was open to the media and Lamar said, you know, was asked about if he’s gotten over it, you know that it’s a championship game loss. And he said, he felt like he was kind of just finally getting over it because they’re back on the field doing team stuff. You know, 3024 is underway. As a flowers said he still hasn’t gotten over it. And and Kyle Hamilton, his, his quote was, we need to write our wrongs and get to a Super Bowl. I mean, this team, it’s a long time until January. I mean, it really is we talked about this a little bit 19 to 20, you know, after they were 14, and to win 2019 and home field, and then the Titan stun, you know, absolutely. Stunning, you know, the way they lost that game. This was a little different. Because, you know, it wasn’t, you know, the Titans were not, you know, they weren’t of any ilk. You know what their stature wasn’t anything impressive. Yeah, they lost to the chiefs, but they were at home, and they were the favorite. And they were expected to break through this time around. So when you’re in a position where it’s late May, and you have June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, late January, I mean that many months away until you’re back on that stage. You know, that’s that’s a grind mentally for this football team right now. And that, I don’t say that with any expectation that I think that they’re going to have this major drop off, I think they’re going to be really good again, are they going to be the number one seat and they’ll tell me how healthy they’re going to be and tell me how healthy Kansas City is going to be and tell me how healthy Cincinnati is going to be. And does Houston take the next step? Buffalo looks like they’re probably taking a step back, but they still have Josh Allen. So it’s still the AFC, you know, Aaron.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:21

I mean, the first month with Kansas City, Dallas in Buffalo, it’s like that, you know, okay, you’re three and one, four. No, at that point, you got some feeling good. But you’re playing real games here early. It’s you’re not getting the JV to start the season by by any stretch of the imagination. And we’ve already gone through that Christmas gauntlet, of how kind of crazy the last four or five weeks of the season is, and where teams are in regard to all that, you know, they they got to put their britches on last year doesn’t matter. Last year is a long time ago.


Luke Jones  18:53

No doubt, no doubt. And that’s where I kind of said the mental grind of this. Like you can’t get complacent as much. Look, I can be flippant about the regular season because I’m, I’m sitting in the press box. I’m watching the game on TV. I’m watching practices from the sideline, like I’m not in it, suck. But for those guys, as much as you’re focused on getting back to the AFC Championship Game and breaking through this time and wanting another shot at Kansas City, and no, I’m not talking about a Thursday night week one game, you know, it’ll be fun, but it’s week one, it’s not January, it’s not remotely the same thing. It’s not remotely anything that should be considered as revenge even though you’re going to hear people use that word, but it’s important for their psyche. I think it’s important for their early season confidence. And to your point, you better start fast because you’re facing some tough teams early on and you don’t want to be in a position where you’re, heaven forbid two and three and Cincinnati gets off to a five and o start and suddenly you’re you’re chasing them for the North, let alone thinking about the number one seed or anything like that. So the schedule is not going to afford them. Too many stretches where you say all right, this is a chance to breathe. You can look at a couple pockets. swear the games aren’t quite as imposing on paper, even though we know that that that that in and of itself is kind of a dangerous game when you’re trying to think about what a team was last year and knowing, you know, trying to think what

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:12

they only see giants and commanders in your life days think that’s how I feel about it.

Luke Jones  20:16

I mean, the Giants. Yeah. I mean, with Washington, though, I’ll say this much. And you know me, I have no love loss for that team down the road I’ve never had, but I think the quarterback that they drafted, I like him. I really do like him. So look, does that mean that they’re going to have a 2018 Lamar like, kind of lift and they’re a team that’s in the playoff

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:40


race? Probably not especially to size men, but that was 50 years ago. Yeah, yeah. But

Luke Jones  20:44

you know, Jaden Daniels I like I think they, I venture to say they may have finally found the guy. Now we’ll see. But I loved watching him play in college. But they’re also facing them in week six. So yeah, I mean, Denver’s on the schedule. Vegas is on the schedule. I mean, I think those are two of the nondescript is nondescript yet in terms of teams, that I don’t think Vegas is terrible. I think they’ve got a decent roster, but who’s playing quarterback for them? You better not lose to them? Yeah, exactly. I mean, I don’t think they will. But but But you look at the schedule. I mean, it’s in terms of basing it off of last year, which I know is a really not so great thing, that reliable thing to do, most times, but based off of the of that premise, you know, it is a challenging schedule, and that they’re gonna have a lot of teams that are looking at them on the schedule and saying, Hey, we can’t play our best, you know, they’re gonna get their best, you know, they’re not the defending champion like Kansas City, but people know who this team has been the last few years and how good they’ve been when Lamar is on the field and healthy. So, you know, it’s, it’s a grind, it really is. And, you know, that’s why it’s so important to lay the groundwork now, you know, as much as OTAs in isolation are extremely inconsequential. We know that, but it’s part of the process. And this is a very long process for them. That, you know, that got a stack days and get better and, and the offensive line, we don’t even know what it is. So Right, exactly. And that’s where and right. And you know, we’re obviously right now, we’ve been talking more in terms of like the 30,000 foot look at where this team is, but in the meantime, yeah. I mean, what is the offensive line going to look like? I mean, the first week of practice, or first week of OTAs, was not what I, you know, was not a deviation from what I expected. veteran players follow a lays fitting in the system for a few years. So he was at right tackle, even if Rosengarten probably is going to be the right tackle. They had the guy I think people need to at least remember in the back of their mind, Josh Jones got him from Houston. He’s played in the league a little bit. You know, he’s kind of I think he has a chance to be this year as John Simpson and it doesn’t mean he’s going to be a great player. But if he’s there, starting left guard week one, you probably shouldn’t be shocked, because I don’t think at this time last year, we thought John Simpson was gonna be the guy and he started every game for them at left guard last year. So you know, but veteran players, you know, Ben Cleveland at right guard, you hope that he’s ready. You know, he played well, filling in for Zeitler. The last couple years, I’ll be very brief, small samples. You know, we

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:26

talked so much about the Orioles and alias and getting players ready and getting them, you know, ready to play the Ravens have, by and large on Okay, at this spot on the offensive line of addressing it. And as much as you and I aren’t 100% comfortable? I guess they’re comfortable, right? This is what they’ve built. They they feel pretty confident in what they have right now. Yeah,

Luke Jones  23:53

I mean, and this is where look, and this is where you would make the point to me, as I’ve kind of told you my philosophical stance on paying a running back and not really being all that gung ho about and again, it’s not Derrick Henry, specifically, it’s just that idea in general, where you’d say, well, you might need a little more help on your, with your offensive line, opening running lanes, you know, and back that, if there’s only a small crease, you want to make sure he sees it, and he hits it, you know, and hits that running lane. So but, I mean, do I think they’re comfortable? No, do I think they have a confidence level that, you know, from a calculated standpoint, they feel that at least a couple of these young guys are going to step forward. And if they need to, they can go make a move for a guard in August or for a right tackle in August? Much like they did with your Davey on clowny and Ronald Darby last August, who, you know, clowny was their best outside linebacker and Darby was a quality starting caliber outside corner for them last year, when Marlon Humphrey missed so much time so. So I think there’s, there’s some calculated risk here. I I think John Harbaugh if he was being truthful with you would say, there’s still some unknown. But you know, we drafted for he’s in the seventh round last year as a as a redshirt situation, because we thought he was a fourth round kind of player, a third or fourth round kind of player before he tore his ACL at the combine. So he was a medical redshirt for lack of a better term. And now we think he’s got a chance to maybe PR left guard or bend Cleveland. As much as we were down on him two years ago, he has gotten better over the last couple years. And hey, he filled in pretty nicely for Kevin Zeitler. Last year, who was another year older and more expensive. So we figured, Hey, Ben Cleveland, this might be what we saw with Ben powers two years ago, which was, hey, had a really nice season and doesn’t mean we’re gonna pay him but he might earn himself a nice payday somewhere. So you know, and with Rosen garden, they would say, Look, we know that a second round pick. It’s ambitious to expect him to start from day one, but we like him. We think he’s got good footwork, we think with our transition going from more of the gap power kind of blocking scheme that they did more of under Greg Roman and now shifting to more zone blocking. We think Rosen gardens got got the feet that he can do a really nice job with. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be a pro bowl player. But hey, Morgan, Moses wasn’t a Pro Bowl player last year. So I think John Harbaugh and Eric d’acosta Probably scrimmage through these different scenarios and say, Look, not everything’s gonna go perfectly. And look, there might be someone who gets hurt, mandatory minicamp week goes down with an injury. And that might change the calculus a little bit. But we feel we have enough options. And we feel that there are enough guys out there or potentially available via trades elsewhere, that we’ll kind of see how this plays out. And if we get to the third week of August, and we say, You know what, probably need another veteran starter, I think they’ll show they have the wherewithal to go do that, because we’ve seen them do that, whether it’s a trade or to go sign someone. So, you know, I think right now they’re in evaluation mode as much as much as you can evaluate offensive line play when they’re in helmets and shells and shorts. But you know, I think, I think there’s a measured level of confidence that they feel that they’re going to find at least a couple of answers. And if they have to go and make a make a trade, go sign someone in August 16, and make sure he’s ready for week one, then I think they’re prepared to do that. But for right now, they very much had a goal in mind of getting younger, cheaper. And I think the big key, and I asked this of Todd Monken. Last week, he downplayed it a little bit. But I think it’s evident in the type of players they’ve drafted the last year or two, and moving away from some of the guys they moved away from. They’re trying to get more athletic. I mean, I think there’s always been this sense, especially under Greg Roman of just wanting big, powerful physical guys. And that’s not to say you don’t want physicality. But I think there is more of a concerted effort for guys to be a little more athletic. And Linder bond is a great example of this. What did we hear about when he was drafted? Oh, he’s too light. He’s lighter than the typical senator, the Ravens have employed over the last decade than Obama can play. And even if the rare matchup against the 340 pound nose tackle, where maybe he struggles a tiny little bit, he more than makes up for with his ability to get to the second level and block in space and do what he does at the center position. I think they want more of that moving forward out of their offensive line. And I think they feel that Rosengarten can be that I think they feel that more, he’s has a chance to be that. And certainly, you know, Linder bomb being the anchor for them moving forward. So yep, they’re in transition. There’s no doubt and their questions inevitably come with that. But I do feel that there’s a measured level of confidence that they’re going to at least come up with a couple of answers here. And then if they have to go out and get somebody to fortify things a little bit, then I think they’re willing and prepared to do that.


Nestor J. Aparicio  29:00

Ronnie Stanley, you know, so I’m just gonna say that we haven’t said that out loud. But you know, I would say this for where they are in this offensive line. And they feel a little more confident than maybe we do at this point. As they’ve laid all this out. They’ve been at this a long time. And as much as it’s quiet over there, to your point, their pro personnel lling their tails off about who’s in camp and other places, and where it could all be. And it’s still early on enough that they’re gonna gauge their own guys, right. I mean, they’re out there taking a look at the young guys they have right now and figuring out, this is the sorting out period, right?

Luke Jones  29:39

Yeah, no question. You mentioned Ronnie Stanley look, from not counting his first couple years. Ronnie Stanley was not a guy that was out there for OTAs in recent years, and a lot of that had to do with his health, right? I mean, literally, he was rehabbing. But otherwise was not the kind of guy that you would expect to be out there for OTAs other than maybe showing up for a couple days. You know how it typically works, you know, Kevin Zeitler types, they show up for a couple OTAs. And then you don’t see him for a couple of weeks, and then then they’re back for mini camp. And that’s kind of the way it goes for any non quarterback veteran, basically. But Ronnie Stanley was out there the first week, and taking every rep. And very much, you see a guy that he’s reading the room knowing where he is, at this point in his career, already took a pay cut, they already voided the last year of his deal. So he’s in a contract here, he knows that he’s playing for a payday, whether it’s with the ravens, or whether it’s with another team. And it’s not just the payday, he’s playing for a contract period, you know, wanting to show that he’s still a starting caliber quality left tackle in this league, which, you know, he struggled last year, you know, he was more, he was closer to below average than above average last year. You know, I mean, some of that some of the criticism might have been a little harsh, but he was not very good for large stretches last season. So he’s out there for OTAs. And as much as we talk about left guard, right guard and right tackle, because we know that the starters are gone from those three spots. Boy, you don’t want to add left tackle to that. So you need a version of Ronnie Stanley, that is one he’s got to stay on the field, which story of his career, unfortunately. And two, it’s got to be effective now. Do I think he’s going to be the 2019 All Pro version of Ronnie Stanley. I’m not sure that guy exists anymore. You know, I don’t know, physically if you can expect that. But it needs to be a better

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:29

version that we saw last year. What do you really expect? You know that? That’s the question. They expect enough that like, he’s here and he expects enough that he’s in there saying I can show you I can do this? Because that’s what’s gonna be necessary there. There’s no scholarship for him at this point, right? Literally, there

Luke Jones  31:48


isn’t. And I mean, my goodness, you’re already on its way. And I was just gonna say, I mean, you’re already talking about three new starters. If you have a Ronnie Stanley who’s not good and is on and off the field, and you’re now looking at Patrick Macquarie, having to play left tackle or Josh Jones happened to play left tackle, then you’re really talking about an offensive line that and

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:11

then you might not like Derrick Henry on Monday mornings, and I might not like Lamar Jackson on Monday. Yeah,

Luke Jones  32:16

I mean, and again, this goes back to all the other all the other attrition that they’ve endured this offseason, right, both losing depth pleat pieces on both sides of the ball starters on both sides of the ball coaches, talking about wide receiver talking about pass rush, whatever it is. offensive line is really important. And we know that and we’ve seen that and we saw a couple years ago, even before Lamar got hurt and 21 where Ronnie Stanley came back and then when

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:48

you’re not gonna get superior play from your offense across the board, really inferior offensive line points really matter who your mark Andrews and Lamar Jackson’s are they’re not add correct,


Luke Jones  32:59

even if even if you’re not going to go to the morbid lengths of envisioning injury to your starting quarterback, which we’ve seen that in the past with Lamar, you know, the Denver game two years ago where he gets sacked and lands on his knee funny and he’s done for the year. That’s how Flacco got hurt. Right? Sure. Sure. Yet, James Hurst who got pushed right into Joe Flacco is leg. But you even if you’re not worried, even if that scenario doesn’t occur, you need your offense to function at a high level, you need to be productive and efficient, and you want to be good on third down and you need to win you need to throw you need to protect and I think a big part of this. And we saw this last year, despite the offensive lines, metrics, you know, pass protection all that looks pretty good, you know, with pro football focus and ESPN, pass block win rate all these different metrics that you try to quantify something that’s not easily quantifiable. But they they’ve really struggled in five man protection last year. And I think, moving on from Moses, not so much Zeitler. I think Zeitler there was more concerned with his age and his knee, even though it’d be played really well last year. And with John Simpson, I think there was very much a sentiment of this offensive line needs to get younger. And they want to have a group that can hold up and five man protection, because if you have five man protection, that means you can have five guys out in routes. And you can have five guys out and routes. And the defense has to devote those many resources to five players in coverage, then that makes it that much more difficult to keep Lamar Jackson contained in the pocket. So it’s all related, right? It’s all relative. I mean, it’s a chain reaction. But all of that begins with are you protecting up front? Are you opening running lanes for your backs, whether it’s Derrick Henry Justice Hill or Keaton Mitchell coming back in December, you know, you’ve got to do that but you got to keep Number eight, upright, unhealthy. We’ve seen it over and over and over now, if Lamar Jackson is healthy, this team is an outstanding bet to be there for the divisional round. I mean, it’s just the truth, say what you want about what happens from that point, but that they’ve been there. So you need to keep them healthy. And that it’s paramount. I mean, the most important thing to this team success is number eight, and him his health. And and what’s the most important factor in keeping him healthy? The guys blocking for him? So yeah, I mean, this is a, this is a huge year for Ronnie Stanley. And this is such a huge year for these young guys who’ve been waiting for their opportunity. So we’re not gonna get answers during OTAs or, or mandatory minicamp when they’re still practicing in shorts, but you’re seeing the beginnings of how that offensive line is going to look. And I expect a lot of movement. I expect a lot of rotating over these coming weeks and probably the start of training camp, but by about the third week of August, you want it to come into focus and that’s why I said at that point, if they’re not liking what they see, I’m guessing you’re gonna see at the cost to go out and make a move if need be. But in the meantime, they’re hoping healthy Ronnie Stanley and these young guys stepping forward. It’s gonna be a different look, but they’re hoping that the Ravens can be better in the long run for it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:16

All right, Memorial Day leftovers include some ravens a lot Orioles out there loose covering the birds all week long both SOX and Tampa in town this weekend will be down to faith Lee’s on Friday we’re moving the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery I have the Pac Man scratch offs also our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care as well as Liberty pure solutions and I my water is so fresh and clean that I drank it all here. We’re going to be this Friday at fade these and then all month long. From Coco’s to Pappas we’re going to be Cooper’s ins launch as well Fleet Week coming up the whole schedule will be up cost as we’re doing it all all the brought to you by the Maryland lottery get back out on the road as well as I know football this month of baseball every single day. And we’re gonna be like before Blue Jays games at State Fair and before Yankees games that cost this so check the schedule. Come on out watch baseball with us and enjoy what’s really turned out to be pretty cool spring in the summer where football is on the backburner around here except not all the time. I am Nestor. He is Luke we are wn st am 5870, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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