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Who is Ken Francis and why is he calling NFL teams?


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Amidst the madness of the Lamar Jackson non-exclusive franchise tag and the aftermath, Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos debate what happens next in the Lamarathon. And a free promo for The Entire Gym.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Dennis Koulatsos  00:01

Welcome back. My next guest is Nestor Aparicio doing great things in the state of Maryland. And also all over the US. Bester welcome in.


Nestor Aparicio  00:09

Well, Dennis, you’re laughing at me. Right before we start because I’m wearing.

Dennis Koulatsos  00:14

I’m laughing. It’s a laughter of joy. Why? Season number one of Warren Moon jersey.

Nestor Aparicio  00:19

I just wanted to show you that it fit. You know what I mean? I bought it because it fit. I had to wash it a couple times to get it to smell right. And I’m not drinking my royal farms coffee today out of this, but I just want to let you know this. I’ve owned this. This is a life where I’ve owned this one for you know, 30 years. 40 years, right? Yeah. The collections beginning a little bit, but this is the only modern and all the other trinkets I’ve had around. But it’s really been interesting to me because they can’t win. They can’t lose. They can never bring joy or pain ever again. There’s never going to be a parade they’ll never you know there never was right. So it’s sort of a benign little hobby of mine. So it’s for our

Dennis Koulatsos  01:01


listeners nesters rockin a white Houston oil Jersey Warren Moon edition, with the baby blue number one on a red trim offset by his red color from the coons Ford shirt underneath. But it’s a wonderful look at Nesta for for for me and for listeners. It’s a

Nestor Aparicio  01:18

throwback. Well, I figured we’re all talking about QB one. And I mean, you know, there’s only one QB one man, right? And this is the only QB one right here that

Dennis Koulatsos  01:26

David Manning was born. He was fantastic. It was a great quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  01:29

Yeah. And he’s always been nice to me. And I know there’s been hints and allegations in this snap every time at least Steinberg on this weekly Representative David Meltzer, the guys that representative and more and you know what if this holds up, are you ready for this? Now the chat steel has thrown me out. The last Hall of Famer to ever visit me on radio row was born in his hometown of Los Angeles. And I actually played football with wounded warriors. I think I told you this last year I was out on the field and I tell you that story. I played football, yes. Warner and, and it was actually at the field where Warren Moon went to high school says, you know, his names up the whole deal. And by the way, every time I see Kurt Warner, I want you to think that that that’s the real that’s the real McCoy. That’s a genuine,


Dennis Koulatsos  02:18

the genuine article.

Nestor Aparicio  02:20

He’s the real,

Dennis Koulatsos  02:21

the real deal. You know, we shouldn’t we should have got him with the Ravens he was available. I remember when the Giants draft and Eli Manning, first round draft pick and they came to the stadium, we would just whip on the rookie, and Kurt came in the second half. I just started strong dimes and it was clear to everyone at the stadium that hey, he started that game. We would we would last that was when Ray Lewis and Reed defense. He just picked us apart. I’ve seen him throw the ball live just like you have. He was incredible in his prime.

Nestor Aparicio  02:51


I just want to say I mean I’ve met all sorts of people and you know what a fan of Joe Flacco I am right like just as a human being you know what a fan of rod Woodson I am as up these real dudes. You know what I mean? Like just from being inside outside for so many years, I’ve spent

Dennis Koulatsos  03:07

time with Watson as much as you have. But like, again, another genuine article of a guy just amazing.

Nestor Aparicio  03:12

You know another guy it’s a real dude Shannon, sharps that dude in and I made him Shannon, sharps. So just a people that I really know in the real world. And I’ve gotten to see, man, I was out on the field with Kurt Warner with these these children with special needs, and just untouchable on whatever you think of Brooks Robinson think that of Kurt Warner, that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Dennis Koulatsos  03:36

Unbelievable and that these stories need to be told. So the fans can understand what some of these athletes actually do. Right? They’re not defined just by football, Pro Football Hall of Fame career, but it’s the off the field stuff that giving back to the community. And they see it they see that they see the they see the person not the condition, right. That’s when you really know that you have a good human being with you.


Nestor Aparicio  03:59

How many players are from tough conditions. I mean, Warren Moon stadium, it wasn’t a place to get an Uber you know, it was a tough neighborhood. And you’re where he grew up. And I think about I think about Torrey Smith and Aaron Maybin and what they do every day here in the city, you know, trying to help people so you know, I mean, I’m proud to wear a Warren New Jersey. So there it’s a throwback, it doesn’t offend anybody. You don’t even think of the Tennessee Titans. You know, by the way when you google like going to eBay looking to buy stuff. There’s more Eddie George and Steve McNair sort of that era of a couple of those guys that played in Tennessee in this gear for that one two years that they wore it before they became Titans. So yeah, throwback why not? And we’re thinking about this jersey and then we’ll get on to Lamar because I I got things I need to say. I woke up watching Shannon Sharpe, you know, talk about showed up on my Twitter.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:53

I missed I missed the sharp segment today so I can’t wait to look at it.

Nestor Aparicio  04:58

You know, I saw this Warren Moon jersey and I gotta be honest man, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to buy it back in the 80s but I went to a lot of boiler games. So when Warren Moon was the quarterback 8788 89 asked Mark Messina, we drove up the Pittsburgh and went to a Steelers game together. I my buddy swish Morris and got in the car. We went out to Cleveland to see the brass. Every year they played in Cleveland every year they played in Pittsburgh, and then every third year, they would play the New England jets, or they would play the Giants and the Redskins. I went to all up and down to see them

Dennis Koulatsos  05:32


back then football was football. It was a slobberknocker. Right? It wasn’t like today’s game. It was a different game much, much, much more physical.

Nestor Aparicio  05:39

Well, I told you I was a season ticket holder in the late 80s with my buddy Russ Letcher for the Eagles. Sure. So yeah, so when Baldinger was an eagle, I used to see him in the program, we go up to the Passyunk diner and get eggs and bacon. I read the Philly Enquirer every Sunday big and thick. We buy it out in front, we walked to the I mean, we didn’t have a team. We’d like to be 687 88. So you know this thing here. The weird part is, is I always saw them play in white on the road. Because they never maybe once or once in a while they play in blue because the Redskins were white at home someday they might have worn blue that day. Well, you know, when they visited, but they they always wore this white. And this was the white that Warren Moon was wearing the day of the bills game you know, the the meltdown game was in his jersey. So it didn’t take me long to break it out to have some smart Alex in my world. You know, say this reminds them have that and it’s it doesn’t mind me It reminds

Dennis Koulatsos  06:33

glory. Yeah, beat you. I’ll get that now if I see a Frankreich Yes, I’m not ordain mood. I don’t, you know, look, it happens.

Nestor Aparicio  06:42

You know, it takes a Hall of Fame quarterback Ted marcher. broden was on the other side, right. I mean, they know some lot of great names. And it does evoke a beautiful time, my life. And I don’t have a lot of throwback stuff literally like, and my wife would tell you from living downtown for 20 years for being like a sports guy who has so much sports stuff that I could draw on my walls with all sorts of stuff. I don’t have a lot of that going on. And the stuff that means something to me, it means nothing. I pay $33.96 To have this delivered. And it means nothing to nobody else because it’s sat there.


Dennis Koulatsos  07:13

Well worth it. But let’s get on to Lamar, I know you have some strong thoughts and comments on the ongoing situation here. Yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  07:19

just think the the weather changes here every couple of days. And did we not know it was inevitable that somebody else would be making these calls and not him to represent him. And he didn’t even understand that, like, your mother really can’t call the owner or like, only you can represent you that. I know that they sat him down and they told him this 1000 times. I know the union told him this and whatever. I just this is just a pattern of stuff that I would think Steve and Eric have just been. It’s been innervating and exasperating. And as much as nobody wants to step up, and they want to scream collusion. If you and I had an NFL franchise, we probably just take our chances with a draft pick before we would give this kid $200 million and draft picks and you know, and give the keys to the franchise to him and never be able to renegotiate with them to even get salary cap help. Because he’s not sophisticated enough to really understand what’s going on what you

Dennis Koulatsos  08:16

and I would do if we were NFL GMs we would tell him the agent that you need a certified agent to negotiate for you because we’re not going to go through the song and dance. We don’t have two years like the Ravens you wait for two years of their time. So get yourself a certified professional agent before and get in here Monday. Right or take us out of your consideration. Stop calling us stop having uncertified people, unprofessional people call us period.

Nestor Aparicio  08:41


Well, I mean, it’s against the rules. I don’t I guess it’s against the law or their laws.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:48

They will only talk to a certified agent or the player A or B. He’s both so you can’t have your buddies or whomever represent you.

Nestor Aparicio  08:56

You know what Shannon Sharpe said that was a smartest thing. And again, I’m glad I’ve evoked him in the Warren Moon jerseys made me tell a couple Shannon Sharpe chips at a talk show in a long time. I haven’t run into him because of the radio, right? He’s not in my phone. I mean, I could probably get him on the phone and 20 minutes if I was on fire, but I don’t like skip paying. I don’t watch the show because I just don’t like knuckleheads. Right. I mean, it’s just I’ve experienced this over 30 years, screaming just the scream, you know, I’ve been accused of that which is insane. I work every day to make sure I’m not perceived as such. So for me was Shannon Sharpe, he said, the representation part that nobody even explained to him that a rep only a representative can can make multiple bids. You know, a kid can Can, can can do the work that needs to be done. You cannot do this work if you want to negotiate with your own team or if you’re George brat who used to walk in and shake hands with the owner, you know Mr. Kauffman back in the day in Philadelphia and make deals like if that’s the kind of business you do great If you seek free agency in the National Football League, and you seek to get the attention to the biggest contract in the history of the game in the history of the game, you want the most money ever. And you want to pit six 810 teams against each other. You have to have an agent. It’s not. It’s not it’s not possible to do this. And you and I sat here last summer and said that I’m sure Eric realize when this kid goes to market, how in the hell can this possibly happen? You and I talked about the technical part of this. Probably in January, we started to really scratch our head and think about, okay, I remember one morning, I’m like, your smart guy didn’t know how does this work? The bell rings, and he’s a free agent. What? Who sends a plane? And like, how does this happen? That he would get $200 million. And he thinks that they’re not even going to meet him? I mean, I I don’t know. There’s a fantasy world on Twitter. And then there’s the real world of a guy like me that’s covered this stuff for 37 years, and has spent time avoiding most of these agents, right. I mean, because Aaron Wilson used to chase the agents around the ghetto. You know, that’s the business. That’s what Adam Schefter that’s how he gets his his story. You know that but maybe people in our audience don’t know that. And I just never Tony Agnone. Once Tony Agnew lied to me the first time there’s no reason to get it’s like any other relationship. You know, I mean, I can say this. I actually said, I saw Gary Williams speak on Wednesday morning at a web Connect event here up in Hunt Valley. And I saw some great people out and moved around it but I saw one of David modells theorist, employees and friends from that era and we had a word about Dave and I said you know, David never lied to me. Man in the modern era. I had Peter King on last week I said Peter, you’re of the era where you covered the draft and the guy Bill Polian was honest enough with you to you didn’t look like a fool. Like there’s this wild wild west now nobody’s honest about anything anymore on behalf of their business and that’s it’d be like me saying you give me your honest prices on every single thing in your dealership you could like this we’re private dealership stop you know we can’t but but

Dennis Koulatsos  12:14

they’re online that we’re very transparent. Totally.


Nestor Aparicio  12:18

Yeah, okay, fair enough. But but but

Dennis Koulatsos  12:21

there’s an answer though. It’s the right answer. It’s ethical answer it’s and it’s truthful. Truth when you sell job and selling and selling truth for 36 years, alright, and that’s it. That’s the easiest thing to sell as a truth. A hardest thing to sell is a lie. Because at some point that lie and twist itself right truth. Truth always comes out in the head, doesn’t it? You got

Nestor Aparicio  12:39

to here’s the deal with this money and Lamar thing and you know this, this is gamesmanship of the highest highest highest order. It’s like them throwing me out. It’s just a power play, right? Like it’s it’s who they are. As as humans. All of them. Lamar has never walked in the room where he hasn’t been the prettiest girl and hasn’t thrown, you know, and, and on the other side, Steve shot, he’s never been haggled and never been rolled in in negotiation. And Eric Koston got rolled by the kid out in Seattle Earl Thomas, Eric constant will get rolled anymore.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:10


No, he won’t. No, no. Lamar has been played by the ravens and he’s allowed himself to be played by the Ravens that’s what’s clear to me. It’s his fault. It really is.

Nestor Aparicio  13:21

Yeah, and how I keep going back to this everybody’s where you come back to play for 32 You want to pissed off $32 million employee? No, because that’s what you’re gonna get. I mean, you and I know that we we seen this kids act right like he’s he’s an emotional human here. We all are emotional human. I was emotional. Tell us 25 To write.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:41

We’ll be in the spot. Next year. This time you and I are talking about the same thing.

Nestor Aparicio  13:45

Wow. You really think he’s gonna come back and be forced to play? Like Yep, you think it’s gonna be an ugly OTA? Yes. It will be an ugly summer.


Dennis Koulatsos  13:54

Not gonna show up. No. Boy. Yeah, like the Ravens don’t want that. They don’t. But you know, what are they supposed to do that either quarterback stuck between a rock and a hard place. But anyhow, my apologies today. Nestor up against the clock. Oh, gotta get going here. But

Nestor Aparicio  14:11

I think our audience doesn’t get enough of me. Come on now.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:14

Not enough. I can’t get enough for you. I appreciate you.

Nestor Aparicio  14:18


I can’t quit you Dennis. I’ll see you on Monday. And we’ll wait for the purple plumes of smoke and meantime enjoy the nice weather good fit. Hold

Dennis Koulatsos  14:25

your breath. There he goes. Nestor J appreciate your 1570 Am dub gonna say we’ll take a quick break. Come back right after this.

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