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Would it shock anyone if somehow Lamar Jackson wound up in Miami?


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Our old pal J.T. The Brick tells Nestor that he believes Lamar Jackson will end up with Miami Dolphins because that’s where he’ll be happiest.


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JT The Brick, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

own S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the good season. It’s Lamar fun here all the time at wn St. We’re gonna be taking the Maryland crabcake to our back out on the road beginning April 5, we’re gonna be accosted, celebrating 50 years at the Maryland lottery, I have to miss a lot of scratches. I’m gonna be giving these things away, like Oprah, you get to take it, you’re gonna take it, you’re a winner. You’re a winner. That’s the fifth two of the five and then on the seventh word fade, Lee’s that Alexa market big week, man opening days the sixth. The seventh were opened in the new arena, the CFG Bank Arena, Springsteen’s and on the seventh, the Eagles are in on the eighth. I’m going to be fade these eat crab cakes on the seventh and who the hell knows John Joe Walsh and Don Henley and Vince Gill and Bruce Springsteen and Nils Lofgren might walk in for all we know and if they do, I hope this guy walks in. He’s out in Las Vegas. You think your football team has problems he’s he’s doing the Raiders out there and I for 20 some odd years is waiting for the promised land that we’ve had or he’s writing waiting to write black hole rain one and two and three JT the brick does overnight radio and local radio in Vegas and you can hear him on Sirius XM and Mad Dog radio. And of course you can follow him as all astute sports fans do added JT to brick on all social media. Let’s not break How are you man? Good to have you on my show for a change. You have me on yours all the time and I appreciate it.


JT The Brick  01:21

Great to see a nest and I want to remind you the writers have played in five Super Bowls winning three. And I’ve had a lot of success but this century this century. You’re right I got involved. I’m going on year 25 I’m coming up on my 25th this year just completed 24 and new GM new coach new quarterback and Jimmy G. And here we go another another re I wouldn’t say kind of like a reload the Raiders. Raiders are trying to get this right and they’re taking the long train now they’re trying to get it right with a new coach and a new GM and build something which the GM Dave Ziggler quotes the Ravens often little insight to your listeners he always says viewers, we want to have something that’s consistent like the Ravens had? Well, you know, every year they’re gonna be in it and that’s what they’re trying to do out here in Vegas.

Nestor Aparicio  02:09

Well look, I’m not here to bag on Al Davis, Mark Davis, Amy Trask, you the Raiders, they anything in. But there’s more of what you deal with in 25 years. And aside from them taking my credentials and having no integrity. That’s another story altogether. But what we’ve had here for 25 years, guys like you press up to the glass like looking at a puppy dog and saying wish I had the same coach wish we had the same gentleman wish we had stability wish we had Ray Lewis wish we had John Ogden was on and on and on and on that, you know, I say the Raiders are a poverty franchise but there’s more franchises where a guy like you that’s been there 25 years has had multiple this multiple that chasing this desperately chasing that bad signings, bad contracts coaches, it didn’t work out, like all of that drama that goes on. And the Ravens really are looked at in your world from the outside is saying yeah, yeah, a couple coaches, couple general manager, same people, same owner, same everything. If this Lamar thing doesn’t work out, it’s not because they’re effed up, they’ll figure it out. And in other places and a lot of other places in the league. You know, most places in the league more than half of the league. There’s a churn and burn and a drama that goes on about losing not about winning this drama here with Lamar Jackson. I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out brick and it’s been fascinating. What do you see globally when you when you’re doing national radio talking a lot other people this Lamar thing is one of the biggest stories in sports. One of the biggest stories in Baltimore sports history, man.

JT The Brick  03:40

Yeah, I think it’s a massive story because people are getting involved in all different levels of the conversation collusion, the fact that why is he a quarterback that hasn’t got a qualifying offer? It’s very complicated. The intro to my show, record nine on Mad Dog during the week, the intro the imaging says, just because Deshaun Watson got a stupid contract doesn’t mean you’re gonna get one. And it’s not completely directed at Lamar, but people think it is. I’m talking the whole leg just because Jimmy Haslund has them gave that stupid 240 million guaranteed. Other people believed that oh my god now used to be Kirk Cousins 83 million guarantee which he cashed every ticket. Now Deshaun Watson who got basically embarrassed and thrown out of Houston for his crude and lewd behavior fact not fiction, that everybody who’s better than Deshaun Watson is gonna get 240 million guaranteed. Lamar is the first test study in that where Steve Bushati said no. And Mark Davis is probably saying no. And the York family and San Francisco Santa Clara saying no, we’re not going to participate in a 240 million guaranteed contract. Maybe we’ll do one ad with clauses and incentives to get you to 250 and we know mahomes can get 300 million and maybe Justin Herbert. It’s just a shame for Lamar As he’s 26, he’s got an MVP. He’s made every throw you could ever make in your life and put it on tape. There should have been two or three offers already. But I think everybody believes nest that once he gets the offer of 170 million guaranteed a shot, he’s just going to hit tag, they’ll tag him for that and say, See Lamar, we were ready to give you that money. You wanted to shop it on your own, you got the price, we don’t have to pay you more now. And we’re gonna tag it that number. So he’s in a bad spot. And he doesn’t have an agent on top of that either. I don’t know that they would tag him at 170 million, knowing that they can’t go back and renegotiate and get cap room with him. I mean, this thing without an agent to like, it was cute and clever when he and mom are laying there and the green thing five years ago, it’s cute and clever when he’s MVP and Saint pay me pay me pay me. It’s not cute when you get hurt in November, two years in a row as predicted here on this year program, because of quarterbacks who run on the linebackers. I wouldn’t pay up to 50 either, even if they were mahomes. And running into linebackers at this point through the ball like that and work like that. I just think there’s there’s a fundamental problem when your quarterback runs in the linebackers. And there’s a fundamental problem, you build your offense around him doing that 1215 1821 times in a game, which has happened around here, you ran the ball 21 times in a game and then never played again. The rest of the year. Well, so So and then they don’t want questions about it when they have him. But now that it’s dangling, it sure looks like the ravens are more than willing to part with him. And it certainly appears when he doesn’t show up for playoff games, that he’s willing to not be a part of what they’re doing. Yeah. And that was the one that jumped out at me and I said it the day that happened because I was on Sunday night I believe when that game was when I came on and I said oh my god, what a bad look. What a bad look that he wasn’t on the sideline one time to pull the code that would help him get the contract in Atlanta, or in Indianapolis or anywhere else, right. But, but more so in that game. I’m a big adjustment guy, and Harbaugh is pretty good at adjustments over his career. They go into halftime, ravens, Pete Carroll and Seattle, whoever it is they’re a better adjustment coaches and others. How cool would it have been to go to into the locker room at halftime against your rival in a playoff game and say Lamar, come over here? Sit down? What did you see? With not the headset on but what did you see on this third and 11 and you got the Microsoft tablet? Dango? What should we do on this play? And Lamar is jumping over the pile go and run this run this naked boot to this because I’m getting better and I’ll play next week if we win. Right and he’s a team. Once he didn’t show up there to that and Ray Lu. And look if Lamar would have showed up in a boot or if it was if he couldn’t walk in if he was in a wheelchair. Okay, he gets a free pass. But Ray Lewis would have been there. Terrell Suggs would have been there, the great ravens, God bless the goose, if he couldn’t play would have been there to help their teammates out with a nugget of inspiration or the ability to make an adjustment. He didn’t get on the plane. And that’s what I knew Steve Bushati who I don’t know Well, like you said, you know, probably Steve was shot he said you know something, the hell with this guy to disrespect me in my organization in a playoff game and not be there for inspiration on the sideline the way Ray Lewis would have. We don’t need to give him a guaranteed contract the 200 million I said it that night. Well, I the part of this sticky get real uncomfortable. If nobody comes along that he has to come back tail between his legs and play for 32 million. The union’s telling them they’re colluding against you. You and I are like journalist and we’re looking at it like they don’t a cap room. I mean, you know, the Saints made a decision. The Raiders made a decision. The coaches like Josh McDaniels said, I don’t want to do that with my office. I don’t want my quarterback to run into linebackers. I don’t want to bet my future on my quarterback running into linebackers. I’m not basing an offense on that. I’m not. I’m not recruiting talent that way in free agency. I’m not signing in that way. I’m not thinking about the draft in that way. And the Ravens have changed everything they’ve done for five years, in a way to build it around him so he could add success. And believe me, I’m in I’m not John Harbaugh, Eric DeCoster. Steve Bashaud. He’s it camping this I know their lack of integrity. And this, whatever this campaign has been the last six months, Lamar not showing up for eight months. OTAs they’re playing well hurt. Sort of hurt, maybe hurt. They’re telling the NFL Network people he’s going to be back next week. He doesn’t come back. He’s his own agent issuing stuff. He’s telling some poor guy up in Pennsylvania perform fellatio out on the internet. And they’re all running from that. I mean, and they didn’t want to play off game and they you know they’ve won one playoff game since the Super Bowl brick, you know, I mean, like they’re not winning playoff games. They’re not a part of that yet. Everybody says we want what the Ravens have. I look at this and say shoddy d’acosta and hardball will still be here next year. The year after that in the year after that. They’ll draft another quarterback. That’s the way they were off. Yeah, maybe not gonna you’re not getting that you’re not gonna get another quarterback like this kid you not. I mean, the guy fills up the stadium and you sit on the edge of your seat, wondering if he’s gonna take it 60 yards and take it home himself. He could make every throw I remember early in his career with my partner Looney at the time, and we would say, why is this guy getting criticism by the non members of the media who don’t break down tape, he makes every throw, he can throw off his back leg, his left leg going out of bounds. Everyone talks about mahomes can throw that underneath pass and all that soak in Lamar. So as much as I think that he’s getting penalized for not having an agent for not being a great teammate. Man, I take them here in Vegas all day long. I said that about Brady and Aaron Rodgers too. And I really liked Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s a winner 40 and 17. Lifetime, two Super Bowls. But Lamar, if you decide to go in a direction other than Lamar, you’re not going to get a quarterback in this draft, you’re not gonna get Caleb Williams next year, you’re gonna get a developmental quarterback, which is going to take a year or two to develop them. We’re talking 2023 ravens aren’t relevant unless they do a big free agent quarterback trade for two or three years, you’re not winning without the level of Lamar Jackson. So careful what you wish for here, I bust his balls to and tell him he’s not worth 240 million. But there’s got to be a go between here there’s got to be a negotiation with this young man. And I think what he should do right now is hire an agent and be mature about it and say, you know, something, this is getting away from me, I’m gonna go get an agent. And my agents gonna clean this up and I’m going to come back here and do this or find a way to get to Miami where Steven Ross tampered with Tom Brady and had to sit out for a year and they lost pigs. We know Lamar wants to get to South Beach. We know that he wants to get to Miami Gardens. That’s where he wants to play. That’s where he’s most comfortable. There better find some some common ground between the dolphins and the ravens to make it work.

Nestor Aparicio  11:50


It’s fascinating. You come up you bring it right straight to the brick JT the brick, which is what does the kid want? Does a kid really want to be a raven? I mean, when when Eric the cost is interesting, we put the whole program around, you’re guaranteed 133 million. You’re running the linebackers. You weren’t healthy last year, not even healthy now. And we’re putting the money out here for you. If you don’t want it, you don’t want to be our quarterback. And we Yeah, I love you long time. I’m trying to marry you here. If you don’t want to marry me, I gotta get back on the merchant marine ship here, because we’re not going to be held hostage. And it really feels. And I don’t say this out loud. Because you know, it feels like a hostage situation. It feels like he’s holding the franchise hostage. That’s that Cincinnati game felt that way to me a little bit playoff wise that I know Bashaud he thinks himself as a bad man. I would think that the shotty would have a burr up about Eric, are we really going to give this kid $140 million now? And is he going to come back here happily? And can John be happy with that. And as Todd Monken met him yet? And I know the teammates are happy and they love him and all that. But like, is he going to come back here and help us when not one championship five or six for the years that we’re putting into and we’re putting the franchise with him for the next four or five years. I don’t know that he’s comfortable with that. I think they’d all be comfortable 32 million and go, you know, work for your dinner. But I think like the collusion part of him having to come back and play on a franchise tag, what it it’s a bad look for the league. To your point, you crawl over glass out in Las Vegas or any point where you’re in Oakland to have a kid like this and nobody wants him all of a sudden

JT The Brick  13:31

now they do want them. They just don’t want to pay the guarantee nets. This comes back to the guarantee. And here’s why Lamar is in trouble. The market was set with Deshaun Watson, I said throw it out. It’s like someone in your neighborhood buys a house or sells a house and they redo the kitchen. They redo the backyard and you’re sitting there and you don’t have a redone kitchen and a pool in your backyard and you’re saying they just sold that house for 1.2. Let’s put it on the market here for 1.2. No, no, no, no, that house is a lot better than yours. So the problem is Deshaun Watson’s numbers to throw out statistic throw it out. The problem is Herbert Herbert to me is the big one. I’ve seen this guy live three times. He’s the best I’ve ever seen since John Elway. He’s got Elway all over him. He’s the nastiest, biggest throwing guy, he might get to 75 to 80. Guaranteed mahomes could get 300 Guaranteed. You can ask Lamar for 141 5170 Guaranteed. That is this big dilemma we have 240 right now doesn’t work. Two years from now. It’s gonna be 250 to 70 maybe 300 guaranteed, and you’re gonna have Lamar play on a five year deal at 140 million guaranteed or a three year deal. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place because he deserves in my opinion, a minimum of 200 million guaranteed which means he catches every one of it. There’s no incentives in there. It’s like an MLB contract with Judge an NBA contract with LeBron. It’s a guaranteed deal. That’s where the league is going. As the league meetings come up here and Roger Goodell our guys gonna get 50 million guaranteed now not 32, not 34 Lamar wants to guaranteed in Baltimore, please get off this 140 or 160 or just let him go, because he’s worth a lot more than 141 60. Guaranteed to whom? To the dolphins to where’s their money? Where are they? Well, the dolphins look, you know this because you are one of my only friends who goes to the owners meetings throughout your career. I

Nestor Aparicio  15:36

don’t go this year. I won’t be there this week. I wanted to be there for the end of Dan Schneider just for old times sake, I would have

JT The Brick  15:43

been fun. But you know how every team that manages and massages to GAAP, you know how that could work out? I mean, I don’t think he could play for the saints. The Saints found a way to get Derek Carr in there for 34 to 35 million guaranteed. So what are you gonna do you’re gonna franchise tag, Lamar and Derek Carr’s never won a playoff game never won a playoff game, never won an MVP. Lamar is gonna make less than Derek Carr, you got to find the middle ground. This is a negotiation, find the middle ground from 240 million to 170 million, find the number in between make the kid happy. He told me he’s getting a little less because he doesn’t have an agent. Hey, you don’t have an agent. So that little less we’re giving you you’re gonna make up on the net. And if you go to Florida, when you go see Bruce and there’s no state income tax, all of a sudden a little bit more there and you get closer to 190 200. And I think the deal happens. I think he’s going to be a dolphin.


Nestor Aparicio  16:35

Wow. JT the brick throwing throwing bricks here at Baltimore positive as he does each and every day out on the internet. From from the Dan Snyder thing, I just want to segue to that, because we’re in the marathon here. The owners meetings are this week. The Schneider thanks, fascinating. I mean, I mean, I’m in the triangle here with with Schneider and Angelo’s. And you know, all of that going on here for all of these years. It’s amazing when they want to get these guys out, they still can’t get them out that that that that’s the all of these really rich and powerful guys, it would seem to me, they just show up at his door and say you’re out and go get a lawyer and Fu and we’ll figure it out later. But you ain’t run and you can be somewhere but you can’t be here. I thought that would have happened a long time ago. Like this is a fascinating power play by him and his lawyers and just how batshit crazy he is. Well,

JT The Brick  17:25

this will be something that will jolt you and I look at that Skyline behind you. So hold on. There is not one member of the media, and I’m not a journalist is not one member of the media who knows more about this than me, because my mentor and the guy who hired me was Bruce Allen, Bruce Allen, who they took his 700,000 emails, and I’m sworn to secrecy on that because he’s my mentor and my friend and I got hired the same day the same day that Jon Gruden got hired with the raiders and worked with him twice. And I consider him a mentor and a friend of mine. I know what’s going on. I know where the emails came from, I got a pretty good idea of who else was on some of the emails. I’m not gonna break any news with you and all of this. I’m just telling you that Daniel Snyder will be forced out because of what he did, and how he threw people under the bus within the den, Redskin organization. Now the commander’s we broke the law. Again, I’m only gonna go so far on this, it’s not going to come out. It’s all going to come out. And the fact of what happened to a couple individuals who had a really good reputation. Look, I’m not going to defend Jon Gruden ‘s emails, I never would. But I will just tell you that was a bunch of men talking who were friends great friends, thinking that we’re having a private conversation. Those are the only emails that got clipped, only ones that had 700,000. None of the ones that were flagged and got clipped. Now you’re talking about Beth Wilkerson, you’re talking about getting people in front of Congress subpoenaing Dan Snyder. This is the biggest issue surrounding the NFL right now. It’s not concussions into it’s not the sale of a team. It’s not the YouTube and Amazon money coming in exploding the revenue for the NFL, it’s Daniel Snyder. I believe there’s easily 24 votes to get him out easily. The problem is Daniel Schneider probably does have some dirt on more than a few people. He does, because he hires investigators, you know the story, you’re back there in the region. He prepped for this a long time ago. So when they do come to him with the vote, and he’s able to stand up before the vote and go before you go and kick me out of the room for the vote. He’s going to look a couple of them in the eye and go, you’re sure because you know what I know. And I know what you know. And that’s what’s happening here too, which might be a real big negotiation to get them out. I’ve always said that Bezos, whoever wants to buy the team. Just give him like 100 million more. But the problem is Snyder wants a billion more nests, to go away quietly. He doesn’t want to sell it to Jeffrey Bezos. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed. He’s a little Napoleon. So he doesn’t want to be defeated. This is all about defeat. Daniel Snyder and to his credit, he’s a little Napoleon. He will not be defeated and lose all his pride. He’s gonna make other people pay.

Nestor Aparicio  20:08

Well, and I tell you what, it it’s good. It’s a popcorn. That’s all the Biltmore this weekend. The NFL owners meetings are going on JT the brick is on overnights on the series and Mad Dog radio.

JT The Brick  20:20


We’re on six tonight. pacifically I’m sorry, the midnight but close. I considered overnights midnight to 6am.

Nestor Aparicio  20:27

Okay, I’m up again. After the sunsets.

JT The Brick  20:31

No one has done more nighttime radio in the history of radio. I know, including spinning rock and roll. I’m proud of that. We still do it. And we do it earlier. Because we get a three hour head start here in Las Vegas where it’s been cold. It’s been wet. We have the sweet 16 this weekend and the polls aren’t open. The gorgeous women who swim up to you in bikinis with $700 bottles of vodka that really only cost the casino $12 No one’s in the pool because we got a real winner out here. And that’s it’s a real winter out here for once.

Nestor Aparicio  21:02

Well, I mean, global change and warming. I gotta get out to Vegas sometime soon. Um, this came after the Little Black Crowes weekend. I didn’t you know just either. Oh, hold on,


JT The Brick  21:13

you know my role. No. Steve Gorman,

Nestor Aparicio  21:16

no black roles

JT The Brick  21:17

I read because I hope Steve Gorman sees this. He’s a mutual friend. I told Steve this and please share this bit with him. Just cut this out. I love the Black Rose when Steve Gorman was there. I loved them early. I saw him early. I saw him out here when they broke big. What they did to our friend Steve Gorman. What they asked him to do to rejoin the band. I said I would never as Steven I would say never ever go see the Black Rose. I’ll listen to their discs with Gorman pounded in the background, but you will never catch me at accroche show.

Nestor Aparicio  21:46


I read the book. It’s the greatest rock and roll book ever rates really good. It’s really good.

JT The Brick  21:51

I know you’ve been touring with Bruce which is great, because you know my wife from Amsterdam when we could have saw the stones. You know, I’ll say this again to your audience that doesn’t know this. I flew into Liverpool to see the stones and luckily they were epic. They hadn’t played Liverpool’s and 72. Let that sink in. And I saw him at the famed soccer stadium where Liverpool that then I meet up with you in Amsterdam. And the only concert ever missed in the history of the greatest frontman of all time ever missed due to illness was the one we were there because he got COVID Not in the hotel. He got COVID in the stadium when they tested him. And I said to my wife and she’s dressed in black and I’m dressed in black and we got a beer and no one knew. It’s my favorite rock’n’roll story. People were coming off the train 5000 at a time all the costs smile and dancing. And I’m the only one sitting there because mixed bodyguard texted me and goes. Nick just tested positive for COVID. The show’s over and girls are dancing next to me. There was a language barrier. I don’t speak Dutch. And I go no concert. No, I get right. I go no, no, no, no concert. Then they put it up on the video boards make us COVID concert cancelled. And my wife and I go. You want to talk about a bad beat. That’s the single biggest bad beat in my rock’n’roll career in the stadium. And outside the stadium. No I’m outside the stadium waiting for mix. body guard to take Julie and I from outside backstage to get all of our laminates to put us in front in Amsterdam on a night that was 75 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky and Mykines COVID Oh,

Nestor Aparicio  23:29

I’m telling you downtown was rocking at night Amsterdam. I mean, everybody had to figure out every bar stone songs were everywhere. It was it was kind of okay in the end because I’ve seen Mick a million times and I want to see him again. But it turned out okay, I got to spend time with you and joy. I got to walk all the all the canals it was good time. So we’ll do it again. It

JT The Brick  23:50

was a great trip we had because it was my first time there and I say this. I’ve been lucky to be with some cool places around the world and many I have and it’s one of the rare places I’m going to get back to quickly. I had a good time in Amsterdam, that I’m saying I have to go back again because the peace the joy, the love walking through those fields walk into the museums, walking on the canals all right in the bikes staying at the W my wife booked the W for five nights so we’re in the middle of the city. It was great I recommend all of your viewers and listeners to go to Amsterdam It was incredible


Nestor Aparicio  24:25

I would highly recommend it. I’m if my trip back there. The tulips have to be in bloom. I want to go down to the Lowcountry that 40 miles outside of town and see the fields where they grow the tulips and it’s just all color everywhere you look I want to go do that. So that that’ll be my next thing. Maybe we’ll get a tour over there. That’s not the Black Crowes not to snow. It’s pretty melon candle go play over there do

JT The Brick  24:46

so go see the stones at least one more time and again, we want to hurry up hurry up because Charlie passed away. And Keith is great Ronnie Woods great mix in unbelievable shape, but they’re coming out again. They got a new record, which scares me because I’m different. I liked it. Hear the hits I know some people like to hear the new music Gosia McCartney show when he breaks out the new music and McCartney looks at everyone sitting down I know he served ball, but MCS is gonna come out with a new album they’re gonna play six or seven songs which will be nice. My wife and I all hold hands in the lower bowl or on the on the on the ground right there on the floor. And every time we think we’re saying goodbye to the stones and Kip to our cafe come back for another tour and I’ll be right there for it.

Nestor Aparicio  25:25

I will be there as well. I hope the tickets are reasonably priced. That’s hoping too much JT the break is here his show is reasonably priced you can go grab it anytime anywhere not overnight just at night I want to make sure to make that clear. We seriously so you know when he winds up within the dolphins Jersey I’m gonna give you full credit all right,

JT The Brick  25:44


Jen strong Jen strong as you know best to the wife and we’re ready to roll hope to see again and again I don’t know where Lamar is gonna end up but man I thought a lot I thought the Raiders. A lot of other team should have kicked the tires, Mac kick the tires. But I’m telling you if you if you come up with a lowball offer, Steve Bashaud is just going to tag them at the lowball offer and that would piss off Lamar even more. My number with Lamar is 200 million guaranteed. That’s the starting point to make Lamar happy to make mom happy. And the new team will be really happy to have one of the greatest most athletic quarterbacks I’ve ever seen.

Nestor Aparicio  26:21

And we get to lousy draft picks. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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