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Luke Jones and Nestor wrestle with Rhodes family history and Wrestlemania weekend in Philly with tales of The Rock, Vince and the way it used to be in ‘rasslin.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore. Positive we are positively in the baseball season. Just prove it. And new ownership under new management. New hopes and dreams or real magic will will be a fade lease on Friday from two until five. Keep it alive and live with the loot Jones giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs maybe not these 10 times the cashiers might have the PAC man’s by then, if Ross and I work it will also be a Costas on Tuesday. From about 11 till two I thought I might have some special guests the opening early on Tuesday but the special guests will be Oh real baseball two o’clock come by have a a soft crab sandwich. Have some Oysters Rockefeller have some crab Imperial I could feel like the king of Baltimore media speaking of that 25th anniversary documentary. No one listens. everyone hears and you’re listening right now but you’re not listening because of me through listen because Luke Jones is here. Fresh off of and wiping the the the sand out of his eyes and not Mr. Fuji sand from a another night of rasslin in Philadelphia no less. Dude, I texted you and your brother could have picked me up. And we could have gone up there. It was a it was a mild enough night. I could have worn my oriental jacket would have been fun. could have taken some pictures and had some beverages. Why did you go to Wrestlemania? Dude like I’m, I’m personally disappointed. I’m, I’m pissed at you for not going honestly.


Luke Jones  01:39

Oh, you mentioned that scenario. I’d also need to bring my binoculars so I could actually see the ring from sitting on the roof. But no, I mean, it’s I thought of it. I really thought of it once the rock was back in the picture, although he wrestled on Saturday night as WrestleMania has become this tonight affair, which I think was always going to happen. But COVID you know really accelerated the timeline for that happening to decent

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:02

nights of weather and Philly in early April. The Phillies don’t even count on that. I mean, go inside. Yeah, it was called

Luke Jones  02:09

Saturday night, though. I mean, and they were even talking about the commentators that Michael Cole who has been their longtime voice he he had a winter hat on and all of that, but But yeah, I mean, it was it was a fun show. I know what a couple points. We’ve talked about this. We talked about this last year. I mean, this was a they ran it back the main event of WrestleMania a year ago which was Roman Reigns, who has been champion had been champion for the better part of the last four years undisputed champion for a large stretch of that point against Cody Rhodes. Dusty dusty wrote the American Dream son and Cody finished his story on Sunday night and a lot of run ins are as a lot of you know, this bloodline storyline had gone on for four years and really longer than that, if you kind of want to think back to you know, the rock, the wild Samoans Yokozuna. I mean, so many great members of that family dynasty, you know, that Samoan family and what they’ve meant for WWE what they’ve meant for professional wrestling. So it’s been this multi year storyline that has been as good as any storyline. It’s right up there amongst,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:24


you know, I went to the Baltimore Civic Center and I got the ticket stops. I saw the high Chief Peter Maivia. Sure, do his thing and slap his legs, and he had these tattoos nobody even in East Baltimore had ever seen. Now, when I go to the West Coast, I’m the only guy west of the Mississippi without a tattoo. When I fly across St. Louis, when I see the Gateway Arch, I’m the only guy without a tattoo. But Peter Maivia was like we’d never seen anything like that before. 1978. So, and I knew Rocky Johnson was from the rasslin magazines. He came here later, but he was, you know, a very active sort of mid Atlantic, NWA wrestler did other turns and other places but, but like that family, I mean, I’ll talk about them. It’d be like talking about Bruno’s kid to me, right, and Dusty Rhodes, you know, legendarily how I wrote to Randy Blair with my sports dream in 1981. Meeting the American Dream didn’t happen. But and I didn’t even go to those matches down at the Capitol center when he had that that bowl whip match with with with Billy Graham, I mean, like, there’s great old matches that I didn’t come to your house and steal your WWE programming thing on the interwebs. So I can watch some of these matches, or steal your password.

Luke Jones  04:38

It won’t work. But on peacock right. Yeah. So but just to give you a little more context, because Roman Reigns when I say that to you probably doesn’t mean his father was is seca from the wild Samoan, not

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:49

Sika Sika. Well, there’s a link to the captain, the guy writing light blue l banner that’s still shining down upon Philadelphia all these years later. Yes. So,

Luke Jones  05:00

I mean, there’s so much history, there’s been so much history with the storyline. And so the way they did it on Saturday night, the main event for Saturday night because I don’t want to be too long winded about this, but I’ll give you the thumbnail. Dwayne The Rock Johnson had plans to come back and the initial vision when he returned, and the company’s initial vision when he was going to return because they’ve been trying to do this. For years, there’s been this soft build for a long time of the rock coming back and wrestling Roman Reigns in the main event at WrestleMania. Well, the WWE Universe as it is apt to do, made their voice heard when that plan started to come into fruition. The fans called BS because they wanted Cody Rhodes who had won the Royal Rumble for the second straight year. They wanted Cody to finish his story which his story goes back to Dusty Rhodes having a match at Madison Square Garden. Of course, dusty wasn’t a WWF guy. We know that. But you know back in the late 70s, he actually held I guess at that point would have been the www F title. In his hands. He didn’t officially win it. But the story that they were telling over the course of the last couple of years and why Cody Rhodes had returned to WWE after being this guy who, you know, had been a mid Carter in WWE had never really found his his legs as a main event guy. Now,


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:28

he’s not he was not gold dust. That was Dustin Rhodes, correct?

Luke Jones  06:31

Correct. Correct. And Dustin, still wrestling in aw at this point in time. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:36

one of my executive producers at Sporting News Radio One on One sports was a guy named Dustin Rhodes in 1993. was the greatest thing ever that he had that name but

Luke Jones  06:45


yes, but but this was seven, eight years ago, Cody left WWE and he basically said, You know what? I’m kind of stuck here. I’m not a main event guy. I don’t deserve to be a main event guy just yet. But I feel like I can be that guy. He left and he did Ring of Honor. He wrestled in Japan. He was a visionary that helped start a ew. But a couple years ago, he returned to WWE. And it’s been a game changer for him.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:16

things different in the way that well this this will bring it full circle as I sit here in a curious shirt that’s purple, like the Ravens. I mean, I got a I got a football owner that literally ran for me on the veranda two weeks ago where there’s no sort of talking about who runs it. Nobody can ask questions, they put Sashi in front of you for five minutes. The baseball team here was run by Peter forever. And there was always just a lower expectation of what could ever be possible. With Peter and John Angelos running the team after 30 years. They ran it a certain way. And we you could predict, I mean, literally you could predict most of it. I mean, some of it you couldn’t predict but the awfulness of all of it became predictable. W w, w, F, and the WWF. And the W W. E. And when I talk about the high Chief Peter Maivia. It was Vince McMahon’s dad making those matches back in 78. And, and Vince made those matches and nobody else ever made a match ever made a star or decided whether you were going to be a star, a zero or a hero, at least in tennis, you go out you hit the ball, you get to be a star golf, your Tiger Woods, you’re not cheating. Yeah. But in wrestling, wrestling was a fixed sport, like right now, let alone the heroin and the drugs and the territories and sort of the mafia sort of mentality of mine, yours Don’t cross that line. If you leave, you can’t come back, all of that stuff that went on in the 60s and 70s, that we talked about baseball and free agency and the reserve clause. Wrestling is a closed shop for a long time and events looked at you and said, I didn’t like your father, or I don’t like you, or you had a problem, or you didn’t get along with somebody or whatever. I mean, Vince was notoriously that guy, right? Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. So when I think about a guy like this, that didn’t get a chance now has a chance. The first thing I would ask an expert like you or Alex marvez would be, you know, you get pushed in this sport, right? But there really is a click factor, right? You get heat. You sell tickets, people know it, there’s clicks on the internet. Now there’s ways to measure whether you’re Bob Backlund and you’re just not the right guy anymore, or whether you’re Hulkamania and I thought about this sent me you’ve had me thinking about wrestling this week. WrestleMania and I’m thinking what a weird thing to call your Super Bowl. WrestleMania right. And you know, for a kid they’d say, why do they call it that? Well, Hulkamania was the thing right? And 40 years later, that’s Hawkins Hawkins gift, right? Like we call it the Lombardi Trophy right after Um, you know, after a famous coach from that era WrestleMania is really named after all cocaine kind of sort of, and it took me a while to figure that out. But a long winded way of saying it was it was Cuba, it was Putin’s Russia forever, to some degree, when you see a Rhodes family member, leave and come back and have the success. And I know, Vince has been a part of it more recently than I probably realize. But when I think about Wrestlemania, from the outside, I think Vince isn’t in control of it anymore. I mean, it’s almost like thinking of Cuba as a democracy. Yeah,

Luke Jones  10:33

I mean, he’s out of the picture entirely. I mean, there’s plenty of outside the ring outside the, you know, outside the realm of the business, or kayfabe, or anything like that. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s ugly, you know, Google it. You know, I don’t want to put a damper on WrestleMania talk, but, by the way, Howard Finkel, I recently came across just this past weekend. It sounds like the think was actually the one who coined that and obviously it was based off of Hulkamania. But Vince wanted to forget what the My brother is probably in the other room yelling out what it would be, but Vince wanted to call it something else. Well, that was Starrcade

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:09

there were you know, there were some Yeah, but but but the


Luke Jones  11:13

to bring it back to Cody Rhodes, though look, this wasn’t a case of WWE. W e disliked him. He had been Intercontinental Champion, now Intercontinental Champion in 2014 Does did not carry the same cachet as Macho Man Randy Savage having it in 1986,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:31

Ted DiBiase, and the great Dawn Morocco and I actually thought a TITO Santana yesterday because he did you know, you’re getting me to think about people. And now I’m talking out loud and all these behind the wrestling ring. Things are gonna show up on my timeline now. So I’m ready to watch wrestling for the next six weeks.

Luke Jones  11:49

Right but but basically what we’re where they were with Cody Rhodes and where he felt like he was at that point in his career was he had kind of, I don’t want to call it a glass ceiling. But there was very much a perception that Cody was not going to be a main event guy, Cody was not going to be a world champion. There was an A, B plus Player B player, whatever it would be right? It wasn’t it’s not pass fail as though you’re a guy or you’re not a guy. There’s degrees to it. Right? I mean, are you going to be a guy that have a Jamie Moyer thing going on is what you’re saying? I mean, that but that was the perception. And Cody wanted to carve out something more meaningful, wanting to win, he wanted to become a star. And he laughed, and he wrestled in Japan and he wrestled and Ring of Honor. And he elevated that company and he went other places. And, you know, was a babyface at times was a heel at times and you know kind of joined up with the young bucks and Kenny Omega and you know that a group called the elite which again, that’s kind of the, you know, along with Tony Kahn of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shad Khan’s son, they created Aw, so Cody, when he left Aw, that was kind of considered shocking. Yeah, the thought was he was a main guy that was trying to not take down the WWE, but put a dent in them,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:08


let’s say you know, take carve into what had been absolutely be his dad’s legacy, right, his dad or so it was a matchmaker at the end of his life and on a promoter. Right. Right. Right. So

Luke Jones  13:19

but Cody still had this dream of, you know, no pun intended there of becoming WWE Champion, and thinking back to the story of his father wrestling at Madison Square Garden and holding the title unofficially for a few moments, but not actually, you know, it wasn’t actually a title when. So they had WWE saw what Cody had done as he was going off and making himself a star and doing the things he was doing behind the scene. I mean, all in which was even, you know, that was the predecessor, you know, that predated the creation of Aw, they sold out an indie show in Chicago, you know, it was a bet. You know, it was actually a bet with Dave Meltzer, you know, the famous Wrestling Observer reporter that that Cody and the young bucks, and they did this so he had done all these things. And it got to a point where WWE wanted it. And Cody wanted it where it was time to come home so to speak. You know, the prodigal son returns and returned a bigger star than ever when he returned at WrestleMania. Two years ago, last year, won the Royal Rumble wrestles Roman Reigns comes up short Roman Reigns is his stable the bloodline that interfered and costs wrote Cody the match. So there was a thought that was going to run it back. Go back to to what I was talking about before rock comes back. After years of speculation of whether he was going to wrestle Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. At some point. Plans were in place the wheels are in motion that it was going to be rock verse Roman in the main event. The fans basically called BS on it. No code we want Cody was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter x whatever. For a few days back in late January, there was a press conference that they actually had Super Bowl week in Las Vegas and the reels for a motion then to pivot because they saw very clearly into the rocks credit. He also saw clearly and saying the fans want Cody Rhodes so what they did they morphed it rock turns he’ll he joins Roman Reigns. They did a tag match in on night one as the main event. It was Roxy. Yeah, he

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:26

turned to you all the final bosses away. He’s in the 25th anniversary documentary he isn’t alone. And you mentioned Meltzer Meltzer has been on the show this has been on like when I think about this crazy thing I’ve done here all these names are dropping. I’ve sat with these people I had them on like the whole deal rock called me at your brony at the Super Bowl and there you go. You did There you go. And I challenged him I got tough with him and he called me a jabroni he

Luke Jones  15:52

said What is your name? It doesn’t matter what your name but this storyline is just it’s been so good. The Rock has been engaged in it I think he was on WWE TV seven straight weeks you know promoting this and cutting promos and getting involved and I think we’re gonna see a rock Cody match now that Cody has won the title of his he wanted on Sunday night but night one was rockin Roman Reigns as cousins tagging up to face Cody and Seth Rollins who was the other the other world champion there’s two world champions you know that brand split and all the different stuff they do with WWE, but rockin Roman one on night one so the stipulation was if they won, it was bloodline rules for night to the main event Cody against Roman which basically meant a no DQ right I mean, they made it sound like give us this fancy thing. It was no DQ so there were run ins peep members of the bloodline including the rock tried to interfere on Romans behalf. But Cody also had hast wrestlers, you know guys that have feuded with the bloodline, but also John Cena did a run in the undertaker did a run in and it was kind of just it. They had


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:02

guys in Philadelphia Eagle mill masquerade masks. What was that all about was out. That

Luke Jones  17:06

was Jason Jason Kelsey and Elaine Johnson did a run in as Nast luchadores that helped Ray Mysterio win on night one, you know, they did that as well. But, but all of this main event on Sunday night everybody knew it was Kelsey. Yeah. Well, I mean, he pulled off the mass then. I mean, I you know, there were a green mass. I think There had been speculation that he was gonna be on the show. But, you know, but this main event on night two was the comedy

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:33

still pass Kelsey and Philadelphia wrestling ring in a mask and act like that’s not a big part of the weekend.

Luke Jones  17:41


I’m speaking about as a wrestling fan.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:43

To this. You’re you’re too close to this. You. You’re taking this too serious.

Luke Jones  17:50

You You’re the one who wanted to talk to me about Wrestlemania. Look, I love that Kelsey, it was cool. It was a cool moment. It’s 15th on the list of things that I liked about Wrestlemania. You know, like, it’s all right. No, no, it was great. But it wasn’t he didn’t do this in the main event. This was great. Ray Mysterio was in a tag match against the somnio. I don’t know it was it was cool. Don’t get me wrong. But no, like it was just the main event with Cody and beating Roman Reigns. I mean, it was this multi year storyline that came to a culmination. You had other wrestlers and that did run ins you had past wrestlers that did run ins. I mean, it was just really good. He was not he was not Ric Flair. People are there. No.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:32

So the all the Hall of Famers don’t come back and they don’t make a big fuss about that.


Luke Jones  18:36

I mean, they come back on occasion. They didn’t, but they didn’t do it. They weren’t there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:41

I don’t know if they bring like, I’m assuming there’s 100 People in the Hall of Fame now. I know they

Luke Jones  18:45

did a Hall of Fame induction was US Friday night. In fact, Lea Maivia Peters Peters wife who after he passed away she ran the promotion Polynesian pro wrestling at a Hawaii you know for a number of years. She was inducted in the rock actually gave the induct she passed away 10 years ago, some somewhere along those lines, but the rock inducted her. Paul Heyman was inducted into the Hall of Fame Paul Heyman Roman Reigns manager, he’s the wise man, you know, he’s is his, you know, his manager. So it was just it was really well done. Little little corny, probably, but like, in a good way. And see I

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:27


attended a Hall of Fame in Philadelphia. And you gotta tell me 94 Or five, six somewhere in there. I was with Kevin Eck. It was before he worked for WWF WWE even before he worked for for TNT. And we went up to Philadelphia together it was at the Marriott downtown. Beautiful ballroom fabulous Mola. Okay, Ivan Putski.

Luke Jones  19:53

I just thought this

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:56

year, but it was like the first year or the second year was really Usually, maybe Arnold skolan when it was really early on, Gino monsoon was there and alive that night. But it was before I did. It was before the rock and Mick Foley may have been a part of the storyline around that period of time. And but it was even I think before stone cold. So it was like pretty early on. I think 8595 He looked it up.

Luke Jones  20:23

You got it. You said fabulous molar, right. I mean


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:26

elfia, which they did him in different places, even then, because they were moved WrestleMania ran WrestleMania was a real it was 10 years old at that point. Yeah,

Luke Jones  20:34

right. Right. And back then the Hall of Fame was kind of a separate entity in terms of the induction ceremony now it’s become part of for years, it’s been part of WrestleMania weekend.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:44

But if I place you go and Connecticut, get off the highway and visit a Hall of Famer. No, no,

Luke Jones  20:49


that is that’s actually been a real kind of talking points sticking make a lot of money on that. Yeah. Well, interestingly enough, there’s been a series on A and E as part of part of the television contract for WWE. They, they do. Biography shows, they’ve done shows on some of the greatest rivalries in WWE history. But one of the shows has actually been kind of a loose reality TV kind of show of they tried to track down basically lost wrestler memorabilia. And a lot of people have seemed to think the end game, they’re a part of the marketing there and everything is to kind of gauge what kind of demand what kind of interest there would be, and having a literal brick and mortar WWE Hall of Fame. Yeah, what

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:40

they basically done in Philly that has belts and stuff, right? I’ve seen that on Saturday. Oh, by the way, I was in no kidding, dude, I should have taken some pictures. I was in a not a pawn shop. Because it’s different than that in Las Vegas. It wasn’t it’s not a pawn shop. It’s a an antique shop in Las Vegas that has stuff. Yeah, beautiful pieces that were in the Hard Rock Hotel that were part of Led Zeppelin, you know, the 600 bucks put on the wall. Beautiful, right? And not replicated legitimate stuff. There was a whole wrestling wing in this particular one I went in, where there were like belts, and there were stuff. And there was like, you know, high ticket 1200 $1,500 items that you want your man case.

Luke Jones  22:23

Right, right. So I mean, what they’ve done is they have a fan fest fan experience at WrestleMania every year and they’ve actually gotten to the point where they’re starting to do what some of their other bigger shows they’re doing more of that. So I think there’s a thought of Do we just have exhibits and displays and that can be mobile in the way that you know, okay, we’re based out of Connecticut, but we’re a global company. I mean, we’re, they just did a pay per view in Australia back in February. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:52

think if they put it in Manhattan, they had the bar up there for a while. They put it someplace where everybody could get through it and get through it. That yeah, be something I would pay 30 bucks. If they had a wax of Bruno Sammartino I can take seriously man, like, I’ve walked into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think it’s kind of crazy, that they don’t they don’t have something like that, because people wouldn’t really dig it.


Luke Jones  23:17

I felt that too. I mean, they I mean, they literally have sculptures slash statues of some of the all time greats. There’s a there’s an Andre one. There’s a Dusty Rhodes one. I mean, Cody Rhodes, you know, bringing it back to WrestleMania 40. This weekend, I mean, he’s been photographed next to the statue of of dream, you know. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:35

now the Vince is out of the way all the Bucha gets out of the way. And they can probably conduct business normally, and these guys can get autograph money and haul cocaine can come once a year. And you know, if it was in New York, they can have wrestlers there every Saturday. I mean, like they can really turn it into something that would be a good would be something I would want to do, right? Because I’m not going to sit and watch wrestling. I mean, I might come over your house and watch WrestleMania if you would have three told me that all of this cool stuff was going down and I might dig it. But I want to drag you to Philadelphia and I’m, again i i became enamored with Bowie on you. You know what I mean? I can’t believe you didn’t go, you know. Yeah,

Luke Jones  24:13

I mean, I definitely thought about it, but I enjoyed watching it. And, you know, I’ll leave you with a line that sounds corny to someone that’s not a wrestling fan. But Cody winning the title. It was there was a lot going on, you know, they had wrestlers come out and celebrate with them. It was very old school and that way they put them up on their shoulders, which you don’t see that, you know, you haven’t seen that kind of you know, I know I don’t want to say it was organic because it wasn’t zero, but right there at least trying to make it feel organic and that way, but Michael Cole said it and here’s a perfect example of where things have changed. With Vince McMahon no longer being Vince famously had all these odd to flat out bizarre rules. about what they could call things. You know, you couldn’t say the word wrestling, it was sports entertainment. Or you couldn’t say a championship belt. It was the title like just idiotic stuff, quite frankly. But Michael Cole, one of the last things that was said on commentary as Cody, celebrating in the ring with his family with all these other wrestlers, he’s looking up to the heavens thinking about his father, obviously, Michael Cole, who has been in WWE since the mid 90s. He you could tell he’s emotional. You know, he, he’s, he’s quite fond of Cody Rhodes, as a person and also as a performer. But he said, God, I love professional wrestling. And in the old days with Vince, and it’s not even that good. It’s fairly recent. Something like that would have never been able to fly. Yeah, I mean, he would have been yelling in his ear. You know, Michael Cole, dealt with Vince McMahon in his ear for three decades. But just that moment, the culmination of what was a really fun weekend of wrestling, and, you know, a new champion for the first time in almost four years, you know, Roman Roman Reigns had that title for a really long time. Really cool moment. Really cool. And certainly for us nerdy wrestling fans, you know, it, I won’t say it’s still real to me, but I get caught up in kayfabe. In the moment, you know, and can enjoy a moment, even though I know how the sausage is made, so to speak, was really neat. And Michael COFS summed it up as wrestling fans finished up the weekend, seeing Cody Rhodes holding up the WWE title. I love professional wrestling, and very much enjoyed the show over the weekend. You know, I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:41


trying to find the picture of oh, there it is. I think I made maybe I just found it. There. Yeah. Well, I did, I did find it. There was an inside wrestling magazine. And I’m going to pull this up for you to see. It’s actually out on YouTube. But there’s this picture of dusty, there’s an egg on his belt. There’s like they’re dumping beer and drinks over his head. Inside wrestling December 1978. I finally found it. And that’s what I’m thinking about when you’re like, old school celebration, that was a famous cover of a wrestling magazine, were dusty finally beat Harley Race to win the title because Harley was always the guy. So there you go. There’s my I don’t know, that’s almost 50 years ago, 4746 years ago, but that happened 45 years ago. Now. We’re all getting older than I remember things like this. So even I can partake in the American dream. It was things like that, that led me to write to Randy Blair at Channel 13 Is my sports dream was to meet Dusty Rhodes and that’s true.

Luke Jones  27:49

There you go. Wherever he was watching from Dusty Rhodes certainly had to be proud of his baby boy who did, did all of this, leaving WWE and then coming back and becoming the star that he felt he could be. To his credit, he did it. And he’s now you know, we’re gonna see how this goes. He’s the new face of WWE. And they needed that, you know, on the heels of John Cena still stops by every now and then, but is very much no longer a full time guy, you know, so there’s a spot there, you know, for Cody to become the the babyface, the face of WWE and kind of already had become that guy over the last year or so. But he’s the champ now. So, you know the, the hunter becomes the hunted and we’ll see how it plays out. But it was a lot of fun. It definitely was and definitely had a little bit of everyone. I will. I will I’ll spare you some of the details of some of the booking and creative decisions and everything. But overall, I was quite pleased with how it played out. I thought it was fun.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:54

I found it. I can buy it for 25 bucks on ebay. Yeah, there it is. The title goes from race to roads. Wrestling’s most turbulent week. It was December 1979. I sound like Keith Brewer from the Ravens doing the narration for my 25th anniversary documentary, which does have the rock in it. I gotta go put Vince McMahon in it. Now that I’m thinking about it. I think about leadership. You’re helping me make the documentary better later for the week. Greg Landry from Towson transfers and Blue Rock productions just putting that together. We’re talking wrestling, we’re talking baseball. We’re talking football for sure. Liars lunches this week. remind everybody because I will that I named that the liars luncheon. And now that they’ve thrown me out of it. It really is appropriate. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive. Come see us at fade these on Friday.

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