A Baltimore sports weekend for the ages

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With the Orioles and Ravens playing concurrent and meaningful games on Sunday afternoons in September, Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the excitement and power of the remote control to watch the victories.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W n s t, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive I’m gonna start saying welcome home to wn st Baltimore positive. It is our 25th anniversary curio wellness is sponsoring our 25th anniversary had a great conversation speak with Randy Brown find about all things availability there. We are doing our Maryland crab cake tour this week at Coco’s pub. We’re gonna be there from two to five and beautiful larval that’s two in a row in the city might be three in a row next week. If I do this right, we’ll be there from two of the five the great Mike Rusik Liano receipt will be with me on Thursday as well as John Morgan who wrote a book on the Ravens all good brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away the Ravens scratch offs. We had some lucky ones last week at fade Lee’s where we did our show with our compensate partners in the morning as well. You’ll hear that this week. And of course, our friends at window nation bring that to life. I am on a little bit of a hiatus with the crab cake tour in the coming weeks because there’s a lot of uncertainty around this Oriole baseball playoff thing, but one thing’s for certain they’re gonna be playing playoff baseball. That is Colossus joins us now you can hear him each and every Thursday from three until five as part of the Sunday Sports force and of course pre gaming for a week. He doesn’t like here. The Indianapolis Colts are coming back to Baltimore this week. The Baltimore Orioles are in the playoffs and the Baltimore Ravens are undefeated after a huge win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. That is I don’t I need a nap right. I mean, let’s start with this ball game Thursday. ballgame Friday, Adam Jones they don’t hit the ball. We throw a party at the nest. I went over to Costas on Saturday got some food to go because I was nervous once it got to level said I didn’t really want to be watching the game or wasn’t paying attention. And then Sunday was different level with the games going simultaneously that kicks geyser. I’m trying to think of a weekend like this and I know we’re gonna have playoff weekend’s coming in a couple of weeks. This is really as good as it gets 25 years into this. I’m glad I live long enough to experience this.

Dennis Koulatsos  02:02

Yeah, it was quite a unique weekend, Nestor. I caught the Thursday night game, which was a tough loss to the arrays and it was wonderful to watch the team come back I was also one of the few who correctly predicted the Ravens would beat the Bengals. I base that on the strength of the defense. I thought the defense played them well, the last couple of times and they showed up once again. They were short handed. They were undermanned, but they came away with the victory. But what an epic weekend it was for all the things that are Baltimore.

Nestor Aparicio  02:29

Yeah. I mean, I tried to think of things that were and look, I’ve written books about the importance of sports in the community, and how it’s a glue that brings people together. I mean, even if the kids concert on Sunday night and they’re Hagerstown, bam, but they consider themselves a Baltimore band. And you know, Steve White mints Orioles won the Ravens won Oriole hats everywhere. I mean, the Orioles colors and nobody’s wearing ravens stuff anymore. Right. It’s all it’s all Oriole stuff. If you want to show like some hometown private Memorial jacket on, because it was chilly out it was raining and it just was the appropriate jacket to wear for weight. But, you know, people just coming up and yelling stuff about the Orioles and yelling stuff about the Ravens. This is why we created the radio station right? I mean, the station came online in 1998. Right around this time we got to back in 99. The weekend that Shannon Sharpe caught the big pass in 2000. We went to the Super Bowl that year. And I think about this time of the year and the cross section and my childhood at the thanks Brooks day where my dad had the transistor radio listen to the Burt Jones because the Colts were relevant 7576 77 Then they weren’t anymore. And I think about how many Sundays of my lifetime we had a dozen years we didn’t have a football team. Right. So there was no possibility of any of that as the Colts come to town this week. But I tried to think about a Sunday we’re both games mattered in the way that they mattered. The Kordell Stewart game. I remember the Orioles beat the mariners. And the the Ravens played the early game on 33rd Street I remember leaving that game in the fourth quarter getting in my car driving down the Camden Yards go into that game. But I don’t remember a day like this hometown in a way in Cincinnati, both games on television, both games kind of you know, one was a three point football game and was a tie baseball game in the sixth inning and the three o’clock hour. It’s almost like a timeline thing as to what you were watching and when or whether you had two TVs and who you’re with. I think everybody will remember the way they spent Sunday in a way that you won’t remember every Sunday that way.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:40

No, mine was special. nestra I taped the Ravens game because I went fishing for bass Sunday morning weren’t many boats at which not not many people that which are fake where they were at the stadium, or at home watching these events. And so for me it was just a wonderful day from beginning to end. All my friends no one called or texted me and I stayed away from home All kinds of social media and I was able to watch the the Ravens game yesterday evening in the comfort of my home and was able to really focus on the game and soak it all in. It was just a fantastic day and I’m just glad the team showed up Lamar look great. And the they answered a lot of questions I thought after two games the season

Nestor Aparicio  05:18

I picked the Bengals to win on reputation and on injuries and on being on the road and the fact that they stunk in the rain and the fact the weather was better and all the above right so I mean I’m not ashamed that I picked the Bengals to win. Most people pick the Bengals to win they were favored to win. What a shock for them and and I’ll give the Ravens their flowers and ze flowers and say they played well. But wake up in Cincinnati today. DENNIS I told Luke this and I know you monitor some things and you click on buy a ticket from time to time I bought a ticket Friday then I paid $6 for the Adam Jones game. I bought my ticket 707 I paid $6 So for the amazing so you know I went into the game Friday like because I was at the nest and was having a good time with friends and I was at the game Thursday. I didn’t see us OPERS Pozner, I did not I saw a million people on Thursday night,

Dennis Koulatsos  06:10

we scored club level seats from one of our sponsors. So we were in Section 254. At the Club level. I don’t know where you guys were sitting at but that I didn’t run into Bruce. I know he was there. We texted each other a couple of times. I saw Bruce

Nestor Aparicio  06:21

down on the first base side on the club level on Thursday night. I walked the club level I saw so many people I love over the weekend whether it was Thursday night at the ballpark Friday night at the ballpark and the tailgate, and then Sunday at the kicks concert. I feel like I really saw friends saw people that were happy. And we’re in their Oriole stuff and Adam Jones down and drinking the right stuff and eating the right gummies and eating the right hot that a great hot dog. I had a hot dog on your end like an Oreo hotdog at the convention center. You know sauerkraut and ketchup on it. I was like oh nice ice cold beer. I got it from the the Guilford Hall brewery the local beer. I had a little lager Oh my god. So over the weekend, I just indulged in everything that I love. And the Bengals fans have taken to that team in Cincinnati in a way I can only equate it to Ray Lewis here and everybody in Cincinnati has told me this my friends that are there all the media people and I didn’t do a lot of Bengals preview stuff last week that I usually do, because we’ve been baseball minded around here lately. And I went on to the app to see how much tickets were in Cincinnati. Dennis it was a $200 Get in. Like there were no tickets. I I’ve been going to Cincinnati 25 years every picture I had I looked on my timeline from Cincinnati had empty seats in the upper deck 50,000 seats in Cincinnati right

Dennis Koulatsos  07:46

so they’re sold out wow, that’s that’s great. But great for the city great for the town, they’re blue collar. They have a quarter that gets the highest paid player in the league and their quarterback and they’re all in which is good to say makes a victory against them that much sweeter.

Nestor Aparicio  08:00

But all in there’s something we have we ever been open to. I mean, obviously I’m honest to God, I don’t recall. Remember us ever being it’s a

Dennis Koulatsos  08:10

long season and I think the key to beating Joe burrow is by playing that zone versus playing man defense that Mike McDonald threw at him. It seemed like McDonald’s defensive scheme has a lot more success than wink Mark Martindale scheme has had against Joe burrow he just he just not patient enough to work the ball down the field. He’s not letting these guys get behind our defensive backs and look the formula has worked great for the last two or three games for the Ravens

Nestor Aparicio  08:34

well if you gamble and you get to him and beat him up but his whole thanks getting rid of the ball quickly. I mean everybody learned that from Peyton Manning right Peyton Manning it’s and then and then Tom Brady the two of them that style of you’re not going to touch my quarterback is something like Lamar ran the ball 12 times Lamar got hit he didn’t he didn’t you know I mean obj out of the game we got another injury the offensive line give them the props this week because they props and Gus Edwards to you know what he did at the end of the game. The distribution of the ball much like I talked about all offseason wide receiver wide receiver this guy gets four this guy gets five this guy gets three that’s what’s they’re only going to throw the ball so much they throw 33 times Lamar was great. It’s good as he needed to be mistake free. And the Bengals wake up. Oh and today and that feeling of oh my gosh they waited all offseason for this What a letdown for them in the division and where the where the ravens are this the whole season feels different when you’re to win oh and their own to even though you’re banged up and you’re injured and you’re wait for guys to come back. I mean, despite all the problems the Ravens have had they’re perfect or to win. Oh, they’re perfect.

Dennis Koulatsos  09:51

Well, they are you mentioned the offensive line and writing so minus their starting standard minus the starting Pro Bowl slash upper left tackle. They did a great Great job a lot of guys stepped up to Davian clowny really jumped off the the the film there the TV at least one one overall we

Nestor Aparicio  10:08

know what kind of talent he is right

Dennis Koulatsos  10:09

he I mean long lean back in the backfield and when he didn’t get to burrow He’s certainly pressured him chinos, Chino stone stepping up making an interception. I mean, you gotta give props to these guys, Patrick queen, all over the place row Quan Smith the real deal. This team has changed ever since they brought real Quinn Smith to the phone. That’s true. They have a different attitude. They really got a lot better when they win a signed number zero to the

Nestor Aparicio  10:34

12 There’s no doubt about that. And Patrick queen, you mentioned him in passing, you know, first round draft pick a lot of expectation, not that there’s not on Bateman. Certainly on flowers, getting Linder bump all these first round draft picks. But he was the first round draft picks like oh, we gotta go deal for another linebacker spend all this money. And for all the popping off that Dobbins than the offseason about getting paid wanting to get paid. And now he’s not a factor in any of this. Patrick queens, the guy that realized very quickly last year that he had been moved in position passed over passed over on but but with money, right? And all he’s doing is keeping his head down and going to go get himself a BART Scott deal. Go get himself at CJ Mosley deal. He’s going to get paid he might want to ring here too. I mean, this seems good. But he’s handled his business the right way. And not all these guys do. But but he’s he’s a guy that looks very, very motivated to get paid mad at BK to other than the mistakes and the penalties, but they have a couple of guys playing for money, who aren’t going to talk about money, they’re gonna go play for it. Nobody showed

Dennis Koulatsos  11:46

up. Well, both of those young men are doing a great service of themselves setting up for great contracts. Not sure what matter peak is Mount is going to be but Patrick clean, he can expect 10 to 13 million a year for the next four or five years. And there will be teams that we more than happy to pay that for him. He was a very young player coming out of college, I believe he’s only 2324 years of age. His best football is ahead of him versus behind them. He really has been relatively injury free throughout his career. So he is printing money. And how about that opening drive but the Baltimore Ravens were almost eight minutes long. What was the 1315 plays march right down the field punch the Bengals defense right in the mouth.

Nestor Aparicio  12:23

Well, what they’re doing offensively looks so much different than before. Right? So all the people that hate Greg Roman and you know want to love Todd Monken this is this is the time to do it. But the distribution of the ball the fact that Justice Hill can do this and and hold the ball I mean, they’re all trying to swipe at him they’re all trying to knock the ball out. And Lamar running more than I wanted to run and but didn’t look as as spooked in the backfield to getting trapped, looked more elusive look more like he was seeing the rush get Adam stepping into space in a way that he didn’t have space to step into in the Texans game. And I’m a little shocked by that. But you really have to talk about much tougher and mCherry coming in and playing in front of guys that are in that are Pro Bowl caliber players and not missing a beat for the offense. The offense did not lack because of injury not even after Beckham Well,

Dennis Koulatsos  13:23

Bears fans were quick to tell us that the rope one Smith was a generational talent that were very upset when a request Smith left them for the Ravens. They were very happy to lose Sam officers for that those were my concerns. They said he was terrible. But he’s bigger than Tyler Lindenbaum. And he held up well at the point of attack kept EJ reader from collapses a pocket. The offensive line kudos to Joe della Sanders, their offensive line coach, the boys came to play Patrick McHenry living up to that contract extension he signed. Earning that what it was a 27 minute dollar extension. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  13:59

you know, they’re going to need a six offensive line and maybe a seventh offensive lineman that’s never changed but need to get in week two and needing it at those two spots specifically, and what they’re trying to do offensively in continuity in having some rhythm that you can’t get in August on the backfield. You really didn’t get in the Houston game with Stanley and Lindenbaum going out. I don’t know if they’re going to be available for the Colts game this week or not. But it feels like they might be able to live with us for a week or two or three.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:30

Not know that not sure but I think defensive coordinators around the league they’ve been able to kind of contain the Ravens offense since 2020. Right there was pretty much the same thing 2021 and 22 now with with Monken you really don’t know what’s coming at you. You have a completely different scheme. You have different players you have explosive wide receivers. We saw what the flowers can do nothing Aguilar for for wide receiver for has been a dude right?

Nestor Aparicio  14:53

So talk about it. All right. Throw in. He’s just a failed guy and a couple of places. He looks to be Be a target here and this offense right?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:02


He looks to be a target. So I think that’s a challenge for defensive corners around the league is how do you defend this offense when you really don’t know what’s coming now, after say eight or nine games, you probably have a better handle on it. But until then, this offense continues it will be very unpredictable going forward.

Nestor Aparicio  15:17

Well, in the run after the catch is what they’re setting up in every case, right? Like and to the Ravens defensive credit, they’re tackling well, right, they’re there. I mean, let’s Joe Mixon can be hell. And he was on one play right to maybe two plays got loose a little bit. But tackling and first guy there, whether it’s the Darby these are the Hamilton guys are wrapping up. You know, I would say that that that is one of the issues that the Ravens believe they have special talent in that Lamar is not going to get hit. It’s going to be to strap to seconds, get rid of the ball and get the ball in the playmakers hands and thinking that say flowers can get a step thinking the Bateman could get a step. We believe that about Bateman two years ago before the injury, he looks to be a little bit more healthy. And they began the game with Isaiah likely right. And the fact that Mark Andrews is still sort of the dude. I mean, at the end, at the end of the year, he’s going to have the most receptions. If he stays healthy, he missed it or it’s already missed 1/17 of the season. But for me, they’re they’re formidable. And they’re formidable, not just because they’re good. And the Steelers aren’t and the Bengals haven’t been yet the Browns probably won’t be there formidable on their own and they haven’t easy ish schedule. And they’re making it through the injury parts and this sort of unknown part of the season. I mean, road win in Cincinnati, if you would have told me that at any point the last five months that they be to win. Oh, I’d say they’re there. They’re really in a nice position here. They need to keep Lamar up, right. They need to get healthier, but they came ready to play on Sunday. They’re well coached.

Dennis Koulatsos  17:00

They’re very well coached. So now with the coach coming to town. You look I don’t know what the status of Anthony Richardson is at this point. I know the garden gardener mishmash who finished the game for him, but we’ve seen it before. You got a rookie quarterback or journeyman quarterback coming into m&t Bank Stadium. It’s not a stretch to think this team can be three you know, after this this weekend.

Nestor Aparicio  17:23

Well, there’ll be big favourites this week. Reminder we’re gonna be up at Hollywood casino doing the Ravens Titans game. The day after my birthday celebrating my 55th birthday. It’ll be on October the 15th We’re gonna be a cocoas this week right next to Maryland lottery scratch offs to giveaway it’s from Raven scratch, also be there from two until five with our friends window nation. 866 90 nation as well. And so a lot of football, Dennis, you and I football football. I mean, you got anything you want to say about the day about like, I mean, you were fishing. You weren’t watching it all. But in real time on Sunday, Dennis, I’m going to tell you from one until 5pm On Sunday, I don’t know that I’ve experienced anything like it. And for all that I’ve written the letter to Steve Ashati the letter to John Arbol. I you know, I wrote a letter to Adam Jones last week as well. I’d be more letters coming to Eric Koston Sashi brown amongst others. But Chad Steele throwing me out of the Ravens contingent for media I would have been at Cincinnati right like I don’t I don’t miss ravens games, right. Like if if Chad would have called me on Thursday and said I was wrong for being a jerk here. I’ll give you a pass and Cincinnati got on the plane, I had to go into Cincinnati Sunday, I would have missed the Oreo game, I would have missed kicks. Instead I had this whole sedentary. You gotta get over some Costas out of crab cake from Saturday. I’m watching both games, in a way at a time that everybody at the stadium was missing the Ravens game to some degree. And they played 11 innings. Some of my friends had kicks tickets, and they sort of got trapped at the Orioles game too. It was one of those things where you couldn’t do everything. I was happy to not be in Cincinnati, quite frankly, because I was happy to be monitoring both of the games. And I really wanted to do the kicks concert was really important to me and my friend, Ron Allen all my friends and Charles played playing the big stage and they were phenom. They were it was just a good it was just a prideful Sunday all the way around from having been at the ballpark for a couple of losses in my orange jersey, which I’ve jettisoned. Because it wasn’t good luck to watching the day unfold and all of my friends at the game excited about the baseball game. They were sort of teetering all the bad vibes waking up Saturday morning after the last Thursday and Friday and being even the baseball team I mean, no offense to football, there’ll be plenty of magic. But what the baseball team has done clinching the playoffs and now this next two weeks where they gotta win. They gotta get by now they got to get the by couple tough games here in Houston. Then they go to Cleveland this weekend. All ice. They’re gonna play six more baseball games before we even get to football again on Sunday.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:55

That’s amazing. Hats off to the Orioles again, talking about a great team got the first few games that you mentioned to the raids come back and win the final to the last one in dramatic fashion right the Blue Mountain game three but game four It doesn’t get any better than that does it faster?

Nestor Aparicio  20:11

Yeah and it but it does because we’re gonna play off games here. This spy and setting up the pitching CNL means and Gibson look. cm Rodriguez looked away he looked on Saturday night feel like you may have a difference maker here. Bradish has been great. Just Brandon Hi taking his time to get this thing set up. But winning a lot this week. This road trip is just they can’t go to and five on this road trip that you know by the time I get with you on your show on Thursday, then on Sunday, Sunday before the Colts game that they will be coming home next week with a chance to wrap up the division against the Nationals at home which would really be something or even to the weekend if it stretches further. But Tampa’s formidable tennis seeing them on Friday. Look,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:00

they got dudes on a team. I mean that that closer, they’re brought in Thursday night, the guy was amazing. He would just throw in some heat. And that ninth inning.

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

Well, they’re gonna have to see them again, they’re gonna have to see one or two or three of these other teams, whether it’s Minnesota, whether it’s Texas, Houston, in a couple of weeks, the baseball playoffs are going to be dramatic and amazing. And for anybody that was feeling that vibe, after Adam Jones Friday night, and one hit, losing seven and nothing all of that that happened at that feeling on Saturday of oh my god, we lost to get punched in the mouth. Then he come back and when to where that’s October baseball. That’s October. So I’m looking forward to it.

Dennis Koulatsos  21:41

I tell you what, I was ticked. I couldn’t watch the game Friday. You’ve talked about it all season long. I’m looking for the game and I will not I did not want to download apple. I did not want to pay a subscription on the MLB app. I was I was done. I’m just telling you. I was

Nestor Aparicio  21:56

pretty upset about that. Well, and the biggest game of the year, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  21:59

Yeah. How? And you know, I’m reading on Twitter. The world’s had back to back nationally televised games. They may be nationally televised but not not here in Baltimore. Not not in our own backyard.

Nestor Aparicio  22:09

I was Thursday night and I saw the fox logo up there and realized it was a fox because I was at the game. I didn’t have to look for it. Right right. So I took my wife down Thursday we got tickets late. She wanted to go I wanted to go more low key than the Adam Jones game like what there’s a lot of people

Dennis Koulatsos  22:25

Yeah, and then 520-420-5000 Now Thursday night, we

Nestor Aparicio  22:29

had the delicious Japanese food at at Ramona tsuki. Quickly, you know, just had some great food a couple of beers, went up to the game saw friends had the best time and they came home got home at a reasonable hour Thursday night. And then Friday night and went back down. Friday. I was fade these all day. During the show with our friends who compensate love Dr. Anthony Jenkins. Love Larry Stewart was talking to Eleanor Fang Mitchell stories. So I did that. And then I went back down to the nest had a couple of beers in a dog Chad Riesling, Mike, my my agent buddy, who’s the Josh Jacobs agent saw him all weekend with the kicks with him on Sunday night due to chat came down Friday 645 And I was a little loose, had a couple of beers and a hot dog. I was having fun. And I text my wife and she’d had a long day at work. She wasn’t coming down for the game. We had been at the game the night before. And she said to me, Hey, you want to watch the game? Don’t come home. Games not on here. It was 645 And I’m like, tickets were they were falling like a rock like I was on the app and 630 Nobody offered me a ticket. I didn’t have any vibe on a ticket. I’m at the convention center at the nest. And I walked out Dennis and the city was vibrant people everywhere right like lights are wrong. Horns are honking traffic coming in at 650 I went over to the Babe Ruth statue and people are coming in and I’m not Hawking a ticket. I mean, all of the the My dear for one of my greatest friends in the world John Volpe sells tickets for the orals. He’s in the he’s in the middle booth at the end of the warehouse by the Babe Ruth statue. Every sign in the window said there are no tickets paper signs. There are no tickets. There was nobody in line for the Windows because it said there’s no tickets. So I’m walking around and I walked over to pickles all the pretty girls young people all I’m not anymore, right? Young boys young girls, lots of pretty girls, and they’re all dressed to the nines. And I’m like they don’t look like they’re going to the game. So I’m in I’m in pic. I go to pickles. This was fun. I go to pickles line all these pretty girls and cowboy boots looking good legs and hair out done all up Oriole hats all that and I’m waiting in line I get out there and the dude African American dude maybe 40 fives the bouncer he looks at me he’s like come on nasty you and oh gee get in here. I don’t have to show my ID. I felt really good about getting pickles without showing it. I went on it. And I looked up and they had Apple TV they had the game was sort of about to come on. It was it was seven. Oh, and I didn’t have a ticket and I’m in there and I’m like, I’m gonna walk back and I looked down on my app. Take them $6


I’m like, tickets available.

Nestor Aparicio  25:18

I clicked it. I walked I’m like, How long does it take me to get the ticket? It was instant. It was like downloading a bet. I got my ticket. I walked I walked in at 707 I missed I missed two batters. I heard the national anthem. nightclub when I’m at Boots barbecue and the top of the first inning I’m in for six bucks I paid six bucks to get in and I vibe the stadium that night for Women Children black white young old Orioles I mean there were no race fans there’s no such thing it’s all Orioles fans. Everybody in black Everybody ready ready for and then they don’t get a hit.

Dennis Koulatsos  25:58

Yeah, that was that was a rough night and I’m wearing my orange

Nestor Aparicio  26:00

Jersey I’m like wore this last night they last night. wore this tonight and they don’t have a hit and they’re losing seven enough and in the sixth inning. But being down there being a part of it and to see it

Dennis Koulatsos  26:14

it’s great look, I’ve been to loving games this year with a I’ve seen them win twice. A lot of my friends are saying stop going to the games. Bad luck

Nestor Aparicio  26:22

same thing raskins Like oh and for something like that I’m I’m going

Dennis Koulatsos  26:26

on I’m two and nine and but I don’t believe in Jenkins. I don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  26:32

last nine games at home this year. You know I yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  26:35

I may have been to all of our home lots of this year except for Friday night. But that aside, I think if I keep going to half a turn around but I but I have no plans of stopping.

Nestor Aparicio  26:46

Well I didn’t have plans to go in on Friday night and it’s like The Godfather like they they pulled me back in while you were trying to get in there five minutes and I ran into one of my high school friends up on the bar. I walked in and I went right up the steps to the bar to watch the first inning and I looked over and there’s Ronnie Baker I went to high school with Rod MC number 30 years and a beer alo a picture. So I started to see and people I’ve just decided it’s a great way to socialize and to go out as

Dennis Koulatsos  27:17

it is it’s smaller than what its finest when you see all the 45,000 people at a game. You probably know a good portion of them put it through that way.

Nestor Aparicio  27:25

Well that’s the third inning I settled in behind home plate grabbed a seat right below Luke and watch the game for a couple innings and it was going the wrong way so playoff baseball is coming. We’re excited about it Dennis is excited about it as well though he’s all football up this week. You still telling about how much you hate to cold still. Ah you know

Dennis Koulatsos  27:44

what I with a with a passion. There are certain things I’d like to do to nevermind I’ll keep it PG can’t stand the the Colts can’t stand the town. Look 13 years without football. That’s all we need to know around here about them.

Nestor Aparicio  27:58

Dennis, you know, I still keep this within arm’s reach. You know, I keep the Baltimore Colts belt buckle. This was mine in my childhood. My parents got this at Sears back in 7677 so old school this way

Dennis Koulatsos  28:13

still the best uniform in the NFL you know still that’s that’s the bitterness about them leaving in 1983

Nestor Aparicio  28:22

Was I wear Columbia blue molars may make it make a case that that the Derrick was the better looking logo but Dennis Colossus will be here on Thursday from three until five. Hey, I wanted to ask you. I watched a lot of football over the weekend. It’s awesome for dads like for national ads. As a company it was a lot of plugging in. It was a lot of and I don’t have a hybrid I don’t have a plug in car my son does my daughter in law. Anything you want to say before at this point and this time of year because the national ads come out. And we’re getting 20 fours in right and financing so important and trying to get 0% of get a low percentage rate. What’s going on at the dealership I wanted to give you a little opportunity to talk about that. I

Dennis Koulatsos  29:05

appreciate that. No Ford is always ahead of the curve so to speak. They still have some 0% offers some 1.9% offers on some model lines and we have about 250 new vehicle in the stock we have about 200 coming in. So the production is certainly there. It’s just a great great time and Ford is cutting edge I mean they give you so many freebies when you buy a vehicle they give you the four pass app, you generate points off of every time you service you get your first three oil changes, for instance for free. So the software is just way ahead of the other companies are cutting edge and they are proud to be a Ford dealer. Well, I’ll tell you what, we’ll get

Nestor Aparicio  29:39

everybody out security Boulevard to see Dennis or you can listen to Dennis from three to five on Thursday. And of course before each and every ravens game and I’ll say this the injury report very important this week trying to figure out Stanley trying to figure out obj now we’ve added another one and Lindor bomb you know Lamar hitting the turf with his hand and talking about it afterward they all He’s lie after the games. They lie before the games. But after the game specifically in regard to injuries this week, Dennis and our friends at coons at Baltimore Ford sponsoring our WNS D tech service, which will be Johnny on the spot right by Johnny cake road out there to make sure that that you get it first. We were gonna we’re gonna be in Lara Ville on Thursday. I’m really looking forward to getting to Coco’s I love to coconut shrimp there. I love the cheeseburgers there. Everybody will brag about the crab cakes, as my wife said a really big 11 ounces of Coco’s will be there for two of the five on Thursday I’ll be giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs. I have the Ravens scratch offs now they’re big, they’re black, I had a big winner. On a Friday I fade Lee’s as well. Our friends had Coppin State join this day and he talked oysters and fried oysters and all that delicious ways to eat oysters. It is an oyster month here in the Chesapeake Bay in September and let Raskin came down with his crab mallet as well. So we’re going to be a Coco’s with for SIG as well as author John Morgan. There’s even a chance to John Moran is gonna join me from Sports Business Journal so some sports some stadium, some bunting, some playoff baseball we got going on here and games that matter. Every day Luke and I will be on all of that ad on social media as well looks at the castle all weekend ready for the Colts. The Orioles are out of town all week we’ll be watching. We are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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