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A big win in Cincy driving The Gus Bus late


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Another impressive performance in Cinncinati from Lamar Jackson and the passing side of the Todd Monken offense but as Luke Jones points out to Nestor in the post game, the Ravens huge road division win came when Gus Edwards touched the ball late and iced the game.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W n s t, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive happy 25th to us. Our 25th anniversary celebration continues with our friends at curio and foreign daughter with number 24 and 23 this week and some old memories and good times but tell you what Sunday was right up there in 25 years old in this place, almost 32 years of being on the area to to be a historian to have been here when there were no cults to be here when the Orioles ruled the roost and the Ravens were the purple Barney guys back in 96 and 97. What a weekend. Look. Jones joins us now he was watching from home. I was watching from home I would have been in Cincinnati but I was here I was at the kegs concert. I was at the games on Thursday and Friday. You can’t do everything right and on Sunday. If you’re married to the Orioles and they’ve been married to the Orioles all year long. It’s not weird as a Ravens fan to make it feel like well, it’s a game day Sunday we’re playing in Cincinnati. division lead at stake here a bunch of injuries. Joe burrow don’t know what he’s made of and started with the football game and ended with the baseball game and the kicks concert but the football game all Orioles aside a momentous win at a monumental win to go on the road. And to beat up on the Cincinnati Bengals and have them at oh and to right now. What a star for the Ravens.


Luke Jones  01:28

It really was I mean, this was as impressive as we’ve seen the Ravens look in my mind in a couple years. I think for Lamar Jackson’s specifically, as good as he’s looked since the first three weeks last season where he got off to such a fast start. This offense got off to such a fast start. But I think for me, when you look at what’s happened over the last couple of years, so many different excuses. I’ll be legitimate ones for why the Ravens have gone to Cincinnati and lost and had lost the last three times going into Sunday’s game, all these injuries, and specifically over the previous three meetings, no Lamar Jackson, but to sit here and say that this was all about Lamar Jackson, as as impressive as he was, I found this to be such a complete team effort other than maybe the special teams didn’t given up a punt return for a touchdown. So I think it was just a very complete effort. offensively. I mean, the offensive line was excellent Lamar Jackson was so good in the quick game and getting the ball out. They ran the ball effectively. Other than some penalties, it was a it was a clean performance in terms of not turning the ball over and self inflicted mistakes and blown assignments and things of that nature. I mean, the offense just played so well. And defensively, I think especially on the first half, especially second half, even to the degree that they just gave Joe burrow very little to work with in terms of big play opportunities. And they kept forcing him to check the ball down and they tackled really well, which is what you need to do if you’re gonna force a quarterback to throw to the flats and throw underneath. They just did what they needed to do. And even as the Bengals got going, as the game went on, they still made it difficult for them. They made them convert third downs all the way down the field rather than 2025 30 yard chunk plays, as we’ve seen the Bengals be capable of doing in the past with with burrow and Jamar Chase and T Higgins. And was it the sole secondary? That was really, really impressive performance. And to me, it’s one of those performances where the the Ravens like to say the sky’s the limit, but it was a kind of performance where you say all right, even with the injuries they had, they showed some significant upside in this football game. And I think it caused some people to maybe recalibrate their expectations for just how great this football team really can be. I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  03:55

know about recalibrating the Ravens I almost want to recalibrate the Bengals. And that being said the ravens are playing without some of their best players, right. So the thought that Linder bombs coming back at some point Stanley’s coming back at some point Humphreys gonna come back at some point. I’m not a believer in Williams or Dobbins that’s so far down the road that I can’t see that right now. But But comprise with what they are and watching a senator that I couldn’t even pronounce his name. My wife’s like, who’s the most of her guy? I’m like, Ah, you know, I mean, everything’s new here, right? And Macquarie, who were very familiar with playing on the left side, I thought they would struggle offensively. I thought that they win, you lose those kinds of cogs in the engine. And then Odell Beckham went down that that they know, Dobbins, I mean, they that they would look different than they did. They look like they didn’t miss a beat to a large degree. And plus for the Ravens but really an indictment for the Bengals. The Bengals did not look like a playoff team on Sunday.

Luke Jones  04:54

Yeah, I mean, and look, I mean, we’ll get into that. I mean, I’m much more focused on how the Ravens played which to me was a really Complete football game. I mean, they they played without multiple starters. And I think you need to give them proper credit but at the same time Yeah, I mean the Cincinnati Bengals completely. You know, they were completely sleepwalking through the first six quarters of the season. And that’s why their own to right now. And they started on to last year. And Joe burrow is the on with the calf again, it sounds like so yeah, they’re definitely in trouble. And they’re all one to 15 games to go. I think we all recognize that no one wins the Super Bowl in week two, although with injuries, you can do a lot to your chances, as we saw with in week one for the ravens, but it was just a very complete performance by the Ravens. I mean, again, other than the punt return for the touchdown, what can you really be? What can you really point to and be unhappy with? I mean, the defense gave up 17 points when you consider that seven of those points came on the return. So you’ll take that against Joe burrow and the Bengals any day of the week. And it’s it’s largely what they did last year. I mean, like McDonald’s had a really good game plan against Joe burrow in every meeting to this point. So for them to do that, on the defensive side of the ball with no Marlon Humphrey with no Marcus Williams on the back end, with a dot AOA playing very little. So that meant a bigger workload for clowny. And for a job Oh, on the edges. I mean, they just they played really, really good football on both sides of the ball and wasn’t perfect. But boy, it was a lot better than I think even optimistic Ravens fans, recognizing the number of injuries they had. And as you pointed out, Beckham goes out as well. And they, they just didn’t miss a beat. I mean, they were really good across the board on offense. And they were really good across the board on defense and gas, Cincinnati finally got going offensively in the second half. But as I pointed out, they still made them go the length of the field, they still had to convert. I mean, all those third downs at the Bengals did convert, and that’s the one thing you can look at and say, okay, third down defense, you’d like it to be better. But it’s because they weren’t allowing a whole lot on first and second down. And it kept putting the Bengals in third down situations that they had to convert. I mean, you’re not going to shut teams out. Teams offensive like that, you’re not going to do that consistently in the NFL, even as a great defense. I mean, that’s just the reality in 2023. It’s not 2000 anymore. But for them to do what they did with some of the guys that were missing was some of the questions that we have about this team. It’s not as though they put a whole lot of pressure on burrow over the course of the game. I mean, they had what one sack Amina, you know it, and that clowny sack was a covered sack, if you recall. So they just they made life very difficult for the Bengals. And to your point to bring it back to what you said. It was a Cincinnati team that until the third quarter until the fourth quarter, they haven’t looked like they’ve been ready to play in 2023. And they better regroup quickly here because it’s not going to get any easier for them and as the schedule as the season goes on. They need to get themselves right. And if you’re the ravens, now to no chance to move to three and Oh, against Indianapolis. And I think again, all the questions we had last week and how underwhelming the offense looked last week against the Houston Texans, albeit still a victory. They answered a lot of those questions on Sunday. And, again, I couldn’t have been more impressed with how Lamar Jackson in this offense operated, despite the many injuries that they were dealing with

Nestor Aparicio  08:25


looking at you mentioned in the offense, and we’d spent so much time in the offseason we spend months talking about these things in the games happened in a blink in three hours on Sunday. And then all of a sudden your your quarter of the way through the season two weeks from now all of a sudden right like it’s it’s crazy how quickly it happens. But all offseason balancing offense, what are they trying to do? How much are they really going to throw the football? They have all these wide receivers? How much do they want to throw the football and how much things change when JK Dobbins is no longer available? And you’re like, alright, what are our running options is Lamar our best running option on any given play? If we need to make two yards make three yards 33 passes, the distribution of the ball is still there. I don’t I never thought they wanted to throw the ball 50 times I’m the guy that question that. I was trying to figure out what the balance would look like in a perfect attack. And more than that, and Sunday’s a great example that lead late in the game, you get the ball back, you got to keep the ball, make sure they don’t get the ball back and they did that right? Whether it’s it’s getting, I said to my wife, there’s two and a half minutes, three minutes left to go in the game. They need to first downs to first downs you win the game. Can they do that? Can they do that on the road? And then the Gospels I mean Gus boss is in the is in the garage and the first half you don’t even know he’s there. Then he comes back and he doesn’t look as big as he used to look doesn’t look like the bus he was five years ago. Looks like a different kind of back but certainly that availability in the second half to say we got to lead. We’re on the road. It’s a two score lead. You might get one score but we’re getting the ball back and then you’re not going to get the ball back. And that’s how you close out a game on there. That’s where the running attack really becomes important to close a game on the road in the division. And they did that.

Luke Jones  10:12

Exactly. I mean, that’s how you play football on 2023. You do not. We hear this all the time. And it was definitely true under a Greg Roman offense, but you don’t really come out in the NFL and, quote, establish the run. That doesn’t mean you don’t run the ball at all. Let’s be very clear about that. But it’s really a league that’s now set up. When you look at the rules, when you look at how offenses are constructed. And you look how much quarterbacks are paid. When you look at just how everything works in the NFL, in the modern era, you have to throw the ball you do. But when you throw the ball to get a lead, what do you do in the second half, then you run to protect the lead. So that’s really how it works. You look in the first half breakdown Lamar Jackson through 24 times they ran 20 times. So I mean, they threw the ball more than they ran. And in the second half with the lead, you crank up the running game and specifically how the Ravens were able to close that out with their four minute offense at the end where they do run and they do pick up the couple first downs. So that Burro in the Bengals, who had finally heated up on offense did not get another opportunity. So that’s that’s how you want to see it. I mean, I don’t say this to be anti running game, but that’s just how it works in the modern era. And what we saw on Sunday, with the quick game, I mean, Lamar Jackson got the ball out so quickly in the first half and he was in rhythm, which we did not see that last week. I mean, he had very little rhythm, this offense in general was very choppy, you know, other than, you know, they had to stretch in the third quarter. Now they there wasn’t much to write home about. I mean, I flat out said I did not think Jackson played well in week one overall, and especially when you factor in the turnovers, but they came out with rhythm. The offensive line was good. Lamar Jackson made them look even better because he got the ball out. He made quick decisions and I thought that’s what they needed to do on Sunday. I thought they’re gonna have to play quick game to get the ball out not let Hendrickson and Hubbert tee off on on their Offensive Tackles and try to get Lamar in the pocket. So there was very little pressure on him over the course of the game. When there was pressure. Lamar does what Lamar does best, which is scrambled escape and make something out of nothing. And that’s still going to be there. And that’s not going to go away. What we have seen go away to this point is not quite as many designed runs for Lamar Jackson. And, as we said, a more modern approach to this offense. So week one was choppy. It was choppy for a lot of teams around the league. We saw this with even some of the very best teams look at Kansas City on opening night and what they were dealing with, albeit without Travis Kelce but to see what they look like in week two with no Ronnie Stanley with no Tyler Linder bomb, I mean, give them a current mCherry and say a must for credit. They held up really well that offensive line played an excellent football game, but Lamar Jackson getting the ball out as quickly as he did, which was by design mind you, made them look even better. So it’s just that’s, I think what we saw Sunday, other than the injuries other than knowing that JK Dobbins isn’t coming back he’s on IR all that so the running game does look different. It’s going to be at this time share between Edwards and Justice Hill and we’ll see if Melvin Gordon’s sprinkled in it’s some point in time he was up on Sunday but clearly did not was not a factor because he didn’t get a carry but this is what they had in mind this what their offense looked like on Sunday that’s that was by design that

Nestor Aparicio  13:40

wide receivers though right like all offseason Oh, we got all these one. Five balls four balls for most of these guys and five guys getting three or four balls sounds like 25 completed passes right like literally five for Aguilar four for flowers five for Andrews three for Beckham before we went out three for Bateman. That’s what he for 33. You don’t want 31 to 46 for Lamar, right? Like, the more he passes, the worse and he ran the ball 12 times and I don’t think you want to run in the ball 12 times and in a JK Dobbins world maybe wouldn’t have run the ball 12 times. I don’t want to see him run the ball 180 times this year. I don’t.

Luke Jones  14:18

Sure No, I agree with that. I mean, I’m just I’m not as caught up in what the final numbers look like as much as what what I saw over the course of 60 minutes, which was a very productive, very efficient offensive attack and they threw the ball more than they ran in the first half. And with a lead as should be the case. Then you crank up the running game, you know, you throw to win in the NFL in this day and age and you run to protect the when you run to protect the lead in the second half. That’s really how it works. That’s pretty much what the clock right. Yeah, I mean as much as the old adage that you still hear and look I’m I’m sure I’ve still said it at times, you know that this notion of All you have to establish the run. It’s not really how most offensive work in this day and age doesn’t mean you come out and throw it every single play either I’m not, I’m not endorsing that mindset, but it is a case of coming out, throwing on first down, picking up, good chunk of yardage, getting yourself in second and third and short. Then you run the ball, move the chains, and then you repeat that you get yourself in position to have a lead. The Ravens did that. And then you get in the second half, you’re protecting that lead. And even as the Bengals finally got going offensively, they were they were one score behind now they were one score behind, they were chasing points on the on the scoreboard. And the Ravens just at that point, they played a very complimentary football game, with getting their running game going then in the second half, and the defense, forcing the bangles to go to the length of the field, forcing them to sustain drives and picking up third downs. I mean, it was a very complimentary way of playing football. And let’s face it, if not for the punt return TD I mean, this game that saying it turns into a complete blowout, but it’s a game where the ravens are in control and it’s to score, you know, at least the multi score, you know, kind of football game throughout, if it plays out that way. So, again, I couldn’t be more impressed with how Jackson and the offense operated, especially given some of the absences on that side of the ball.


Nestor Aparicio  16:21

Gus busts back. I mean, we don’t talk about Gus Edwards. We haven’t talked much about him in the offseason talk about him more when Dobbins goes down, but a real, you know, a factor back when you need him to be he’s never not been good, right? Like from the I look at Gus Edwards and say, What did he ever do wrong? isn’t a big fumbles. Whenever he’s called upon you notice him, he finishes things very on under appreciated Raven over the course of the body of his work,

Luke Jones  16:54

easily. Go look at his numbers, it’s as simple as every single year, even last year, and last year was a little bit different because he was coming back from the serious knee injury in 21. So he was he wasn’t the same guy last year, as you know, as what we’d seen in previous years, but still, every single year, five plus yards per carry plus five plus yards per carry five plus yards per carry. What I think each of us is fully healthy seasons, right around 700 yards, 750 rushing yards per year. And that’s never been the quote guy in the backfield. Right. And we know Greg Roman didn’t really believe in having a true feature back who’s, and very few teams do that in the modern day. I mean, what the ravens are going to be now you know, maybe it would have been different if Dobbins had been healthy, he might have been more of the feature back you might have gotten 20 touches a game. But what we saw on Sunday is what I expect to see going forward, I think you’re gonna see Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, share, share the workload and you’re gonna see Edwards be the more physical in between the tackles runner that he’s been since midway through the 2018 season, when he really became the the top running back when the Ravens shifted from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson. And we’re gonna see Justice Hill as as that guy is going to be more of a factor as a receiver out of the backfield, although didn’t have big production in that regard on Sunday, but he can run the ball as well. And we’ve seen Justice Hill and I talked about him a lot over the course of the offseason, during training camp and even in the spring, I think for what Todd Monken wants to do in early down situations. And you know, when, when you’re just talking about first and 10 second intent, or even third and 10 just to self fits, probably not probably he does fit better what Todd Monken is looking for in a back in those situations. But that’s not to say that Gus Edwards isn’t going to continue to have a really important role in this offense on third and short situations at the goal line. Certainly in the second half, when you get into that period of time, where you have a lead and you want to chew the clock and you get into a four minute offense the way they did late on Sunday. They they complement each other well, and I don’t think it’s going to be one of those. You know, I think so many of us are fixated on fantasy football in 2023. And look, I play I’m in three different leagues. But you know, so people have asked me, you know, since Dobbins went down you know, what do you think the Ravens you know, who should I pick up and fantasy justice Hillary Gus Edwards and I said never to flip a coin flip a coin. I think some weeks you want one guy in some weeks what the other guys and you know, I think that’d be frustrating for fantasy football fans. But for the Ravens. It’s not going to be dynamic. It’s not You’re not going to send either of those guys to the Pro Bowl but I think it’ll work especially with the strides that they’ve made with their passing game and you know, the wide receiver talent that they have. I mean, Nelson Aguilar, big game, beautiful touchdown on third and five from Lamar to him that was really the defining score for them in that ballgame, but they had Mark Andrews back. We talked about it last week, the Ravens were unable to unlock the middle of the field last week, they had plenty of opportunities over the middle of the field that they succeeded with on Sunday and Mark Andrews for all the talk of the wide receivers and look, we’re gonna see this very we saw Jay flowers and in week one, Mark Andrews li a team high eight targets on Sunday, as I’ve said, and as you I think you’ve agreed with me as well for all the talk about the wide receivers until proven otherwise. Mark Andrews remains the true number one receiver for this ravens offense and it’s not a knock on the wide receivers. It’s just an acknowledgement of how great or how great Mark Andrews is and how great that rapport he has with Lamar Jackson that is five years in the making. That’s why it’s strange to

Nestor Aparicio  20:51

see likely get the first pass of the game. Yeah, get this Yeah. And the distribution of of who he was throwing the football to. I you know, mungkin came in as this outside genius and college game, went back to the college game to refine himself and win a championship and come back two weeks into this even with the missing parts, right? I mean, no, Dobbins you know that going in now no lender Bom No, no, Stanley, all of that played into my thought that they’re going to struggle in Cincinnati. And again, I I was more bullish on Cincinnati, I am down on them, having watched them for four quarters. I’ll give the Ravens their flowers and there’s a flowers for winning the football game, but the Bengals look to be in trouble. And I’ll talk about this more during the week as well. Look, I’m a ticket guy, right? Um, you know, I check ticket apps and see what the prices are. It really gives a a gauge of a real stock market for insurance. Ravens tickets for the last five years since the Wembley knee. On game day, you can get an all ravens game for 1520 bucks every week consistently no matter who they play. Last week was no exception to that. Cincinnati was always a place where like, the upper deck had 10,000 empty seats, most of my lifetime. There was one point where they when Carson Palmer was decent, and they opened the season on a Sunday night where it was like really full. And it was a real ticket. And that was during the era when Ray Lewis was here. And every week was 200 bucks to get in here. I want and all of a Cincinnati and haven’t been to Cincinnati since I got thrown out and I wasn’t there in the playoff game last year. But haven’t been to Cincinnati a couple years. But apparently this white out and the Joe burrow and go into the Super Bowl and I was at the Super Bowl in LA two years ago, that it’s changed everything about the franchise there. And tickets were $200 to get in. There was no availability if you want on the ticket app to see how wound up Cincinnati is for the football team in my lifetime. I’ve been going there 27 years. It’s never ever ever been a tough ticket. It’s been sold out once or twice in 27 years. And now all of a sudden if you look on the app, it’s 200 bucks every week to get in and Cincinnati everybody wants a ticket. It’s all baked in that you’re going to have a hell day going to who day and playing in the jungle and all that stuff. What a letdown for their community. Right? I mean that it’s their own to their division favorite. The quarterback is on the bench at the end of the game trying to work his leg that you know is not right and he didn’t really look right. He moved around a little bit in the second quarter and stop moving in the second half. You know the division itself because the Steelers don’t look like they’re any good at all. We’ll figure the Browns out. We’ll have a chance to both of those teams next couple weeks. But when figuring out where the ravens are, it’s kind of like the Orioles I measure them against the Yankees and the Red Sox. One of the reasons the Orioles are so good this year is the Yankees and Red Sox kind of got out of the way they’re not a factor. If the Bengals aren’t a factor in this division that makes life a lot different and it makes life a lot different than next couple of weeks. If you play without Linda bomb you play without Stanley play without back home. Other guys are gonna get hurt. We know that but the gap between where the ravens are and where the Bengals we spent eight months here thinking maybe it’s pretty good but the Bengals have Joe burrow in the Bengals the last couple of years the Bengals just a little bit better. Maybe Maybe if we think in that way. We don’t think that way anymore. Two weeks into this. The punch in the jaw came for Cincinnati. That franchise is now teetering for a season right now after giving burrow all this money. And he looks to me like he might be incapable of being Joe burrow, because he might not be upright the right way for a while that that injury doesn’t feel like he’s gonna wake up on Wednesday feel good about himself.

Luke Jones  24:41


Yeah, I mean, it’s possible. I mean, I think it’s important. We talk so much about overreaction in week one, week two, definitely you start to see what teams are going to look like. I think it’s important to remember it’s still a week to week League. I’m still I’m not bearing the Cincinnati Bengals and I’m not suggesting you already Either I mean, I’m not downplaying the fact that I’m seeing

Nestor Aparicio  25:02

real trouble when you’re going to and you lose it home to the Ravens. I mean, real trouble.

Luke Jones  25:08

I don’t know if I’d say real trouble. I, there’s definitely reason for concern. There’s no question about that. But they were all into last year, and we saw how it turned out. So I still am not reading

Nestor Aparicio  25:18

the history of the history to ever do that. They think it’s gonna happen again. Oh, what’s his trouble?


Luke Jones  25:23

Now, they’re not the only team to do that. I mean, that’s that’s not true. But yeah, that’s some concerns. I’m not well, I’m not gonna sit here and I’m not sitting here and trying to take up for the how the Bengals have played over the course the first two weeks. I mean, they didn’t have a pulse the first six quarters of the season, save for what the punt return. But at the same time, slot talent, talented football players on that team and guys who have been to January and made a Super Bowl run. It is week three, you know, I mean, we’re, we’re not out of September yet. Let’s remember that it’s a week to week League. So important. Remember that early in the season. I mean, look at look at how the Giants started in week one, just horrendous. Awful in the first half of week two, and then they figured out a way to to come back and win. That doesn’t mean the giants are fine, either. Let’s be clear, just showing that the league is crazy. We know that it’s a week to week League. Yes, the Ravens absolutely have the advantage now and should be regarded as the favorite to win the division. There’s no question about that when you get a game in hand going to Cincinnati and winning that. Absolutely. If you’re gonna ask me right now, if I think the Ravens going to win the division in late September? Yeah, sure after I’d pick them to finish just behind the Bengals. But that said that doesn’t mean I think the Bengals are suddenly a five and 12 or a six and 11 operation, but they better get themselves. Right. And to your point, a calf injury for Joe burrow. You know, he’s not a guy that runs around, of course, he’s not Lamar Jackson. No, he’s not even early Ben Roethlisberger in terms of running around, but he is someone who has some mobility when he’s healthy, and can move around in the pocket, extend plays, you know, make plays, you know, not so much with his legs to take off and run but to move around and allow his guys to shake free and force a defense to try to plaster a wide receivers. If he can’t do that, and he just has to stand in the pocket. It does limit them much more. So they’re definitely again, I’m not ready to bury them. I’m not ready to say that they’re doomed by any stretch of the imagination. But while you start Oh, and two in the division, a you have created an uphill climb for yourself to one, just get out of the hole and to be in a position where you’re going to be watching the scoreboard and hoping the Ravens slip up here. So we’ll see how it plays out again, two weeks in. I mean, this season is very, very young. And the Ravens as well as they played in week two. We know that they have a couple more AFC North Road games coming up here over the next three weeks. So not going to get easier in that regard. But, boy, the Ravens absolutely fired the first punch and they didn’t knock out the Bengals again, I’m not ready to say that but they’re not come down. There’s no question about that. And we’ll see how Cincinnati gets off the mat here over the next few weeks.

Nestor Aparicio  28:18

All right, Luke’s gonna be watching Oracle baseball from the road hanging out knowings Mills this week. He’ll be at the ballpark on Sunday as the Indianapolis Colts come to town. We are celebrating 25 years of WNS, the magic here are stories of glory and time will not dim the glory of your deeds, including all of our charity work, our amazing purple live shows at the barn. We’re going to be featuring a lot of that work this week. So be checking it out on social media as things calmed down a little bit here. Now that the Tampa series is over, we exhale. Playoff invoices are coming for Orioles tickets, look out for that as well. All of our Maryland crabcake Torstar brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery and the Ravens scratch offs now the black cars $2 tickets we had a lucky winner at fate least last week we had a great visit with Dr. Anthony Jenkins and Larry Stewart from Coppin State hope you’re enjoying that as well as Jamie Hahn talk and some oysters in September. bringing me some fried oysters as well Dan fade these That was delicious. We will be at Coco’s on Thursday doing the Maryland crab cake tour. I’ll be giving away these ravens scratch offs our friends window nation, but when the nation shirt on 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free I’ll be telling you more about that as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube. Our newest sponsor for the Maryland crab cake tour put dates together. Been very slow in putting October dates together because of this playoff thing. I went to bed Saturday night thinking oh my god they’re a Friday night but they can my god they might have to play two weeks from now and now they might get a couple of days off. October is on hiatus for all things orange kool aid so Oreos making us proud and having some fun over the weekend as well with the Adam Jones and I have a dear Adam Jones letter up have a Dear Steve shoddy letter up with your John horrible letter up and lot of magic around here this week as we’re up a little later watching some central time baseball in Houston where I still think they’re cheating I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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