A New Year, a new career?

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Yvette Diamond tells Nestor about the new Maryland Apprenticeship Connector and ways local employers are partnering.


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Yvette Diamond, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome Home and happy new year we are wn st am 5070, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive.com writing great writings all sorts of things going on with the Ravens. Luke is out in Owings Mills, all of his reports brought to you by our friends at Royal farms real fresh, real fast, I got some ROFO coffee in the coal roofing mug here. And you know what, as we ramp up into the new year, so all sorts of new opportunities, it did a great segue with our friends at Planet Fitness, about getting in shape and all of the resolution stuff and all of that, but, you know, as I get into football, and I don’t want to dig too deep in but for the next three to five weeks, we’re gonna be a little football centric around here, because of the ravens and where they are and where Lamar is and where the team is going. And we’re putting together the biggest charity event we’ve ever done in conjunction with our friends at the Maryland lottery as well as when donation and Jiffy Lube, multi care. The week of radio row, February 5, we’re gonna be talking about charity work, and charities and good things in the community and raising awareness for just a great, great cause for a week that week, but in the meantime, things get on my desk about cool things. And I’ve done a lot with job training with with goodwill and with their XL center and good things happening and community and I’m Baltimore positive, always trying to tell a good story. So when something comes my way, and you know, I remember the first time I heard the word apprentice, and I thought like, is that like what you do when you’re like a prince to be a king? You know what I mean? Like i i read the fairy tales when I was a kid and whatever. And I was like, maybe 1314 years old. There were so many apprenticeships and job training on the kid from Dundalk. We had vocational technical schools and all of those kinds of things, and say, apprenticeship. And you know, even when I got my first gig at the at the Baltimore news, American, which will be 39 years next week, they called me an intern, you know, and it made me sound like I worked at a hospital or did something dignified. I just ran copy back and forth in the newsroom and a lot of pizza. You know, got blood dye Coke, because I remember it maybe some back in those days Excedrin or buffering whatever we were having back then. But we’ve come a long way about apprenticeships, certainly our government and our new governor Westmore, who has promised that he’s coming on the program here to talk about all things lease, and otherwise has launched a program to illuminate the value of apprenticeships, championing them as an essential pathway across all industries. Even like get me into radio or had it we call them interns around here as well. All industries to achieve immediate operational benefits people, we need to employ people and people need to have employment skills. So it’s most important thing. We talked about that a lot around here. Event diamond is the Executive Director of the Maryland a Do you want to give your title in fact, cuz sometimes I mess these things up. But I think I’ve got most of the Maryland apprentice ship. Connector connector. There you go. All right. So you’re connected ourselves Mac, Mac. All right. Well, I remember we used to work at a place called the Mac and I I’m a planet fitness guy these days. But so tell me this is a brand new thing. So usually when I bring somebody on, I’m like how long you’ve been associated with this and years. And this is something that’s been years in the making in the baking. Right? And I and I guess these are the changes. And listen, I talked to a lot of Republican people last couple months about the stadium and different things from Governor Hogan. And he had initiatives and he came on the program and talked about killing red lines and doing things. And then we have a different governor and we gear into this we’re talking about Alright, where’s the progress? And what are we trying to do here? And I think we can all housing jobs, affordability, and all of these type of things that Wes Moore ran on the jobs and oppress apprenticeships part of this. This is sort of a new thing. So I think you’re here to educate us on how this works. And I think a lot of people, I’m 55 years old, so people think I need to change careers sometime soon. But if, you know, I would wonder where do you turn, and it’s nice that we have a resource like you event. Well,


Yvette Diamond  04:00

thank you. Thank you. So you know, in Maryland, we’re really lucky that we have a 1.8% unemployment rate. Unbelievable,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:10

right? No wonder I can’t find anybody to work around here. Right? Exactly.

Yvette Diamond  04:14

And you’re not alone. Right? So we have over 200,000 job openings in the state of Maryland. So we’re looking for good people. And they’re out there, even though we have a low unemployment rate. So, there is an impact on our economy and on our basic services 21% vacancy rate for nursing, right. So we have to be thinking different about how do we attract, retain, identify good strong employees that are already here in the state of Maryland. And a lot of it can be benefited by an apprenticeship program, which is an Earn and Learn model a chance to earn money Work meaning be productive for the employer and learn on the job in the way that an employer needs an employee to do the task. So it’s a really win win for the employer and the employee. The

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:16

need for this and the basis for this, as you understand that you come in in May and say, Alright, Maryland apprenticeship Connect, you tell me the connecting part of this to a resource where I got laid off last week about this, my son two months ago, decided he didn’t want to do what he was doing anymore, right after 10 years, and thus, didn’t navigate. He’s more of a gig economy guy, you know, he’s a pretty resourceful lad. He’s not a young man, he’s called me only 39. So he is at a point where he’s trying to figure out the next thing that he’s gonna want to do. And he took a little downtime during the holidays to sort of, you know, figure that out. He’s just spiritual human, Mike, my kid, if you can imagine, smarter than me, which is amazing. As I, we all could wish for that. But what what someone like that fine that says, You know what? I’m old. I mean, I don’t know how old you are. If that’s I’m not going to date you hear. But Johnny paycheck wrote a song about to take this job and shove it ain’t working. Right, you know. So, you know, and I would think if you’re at the point where you would say, take this job and shove it, my son didn’t say that my son didn’t dislike his job, but just he wanted to change, it didn’t know what that change was, and thought, some fresh air would help him better than sitting around doing what he was doing for 40 hours a week, right? So the notion that, that there are a lot of jobs out, there’s a lot of directions that go in, as opposed to and I’m going to be talking about hunger and feeding people and my father, a century ghost and soup lines starving during Herbert Hoover, and the stock, I grew up in that kind of a household, my father, remember 1929? Well, as a 10 year old, starving kid, we’re at a point now where we have such abundance in so many ways, despite all the political non everything that goes on, we do have an abundance society. And we also have this really robust thing where people are looking to hire people, but it’s just, I don’t know what I’d even be qualified to do in the real world. I’ve done something the same way for 40 years. And if to make that switch and say, Where is the world right now? And what? What’s available to me what opportunities are available to me, I think that’s the most exciting part for me thinking about my son is always going to do something else with his life. I wonder what he’s going to do? You know,

Yvette Diamond  07:34

right, right. So many and even young people are rethinking their pathways for careers. We are rethinking about is the straight to college the only option or are there options that may eventually gain that college education, but maybe not in the same four or five years stretch with the same burden of over, you know, the overhead loans, and all of that, that you take on with you when you rush through a four or five, your college education. And so apprenticeships really help support all types of employees who are seeking new opportunities in innovative ways that don’t break the bank. And for employers provide a strong solid talent pipeline management for not just the job that they want to hire for, but for a long term strategy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:31

And the training you need, right? I mean, literally, that would be you know, listen, I’ve owned a radio station for 25 years, and the amount of time put into training someone at this level right now, if someone were to come in my door, the amount of things just computer wise, they would languages, they would need to learn for websites and webpages and WordPress, let alone the English language and spelling and punctuation and, you know, things that I consider to be very basic that just were not, I mean, I, I could promise you over 25 years of people walking through the door and sending me a resume, how many people were educated to the level I was in the way that I was to write and communicate. At that level, I did not find that on the street was this heartening to me as an employer years ago. And I think to myself, the training level of where it would be right now to have somebody say, what are you proficient in? What are you not? And what do I need you to do? And how can I get you from here to there while you’re not starving while you’re here, and I’m paying you and training you up? To have a not a job but a career right like to be here beyond the next six months or a year to be here every holiday every first of the year to have all of those things that I think every employer wants for their employees that that retention, all of those things you talk about so that unemployment can be 1.8%.

Yvette Diamond  09:53

Right? Well, and you know, oftentimes, employers have been spoiled by x access to a good staffing pool to hire from but that has changed. And so you know, it’s really just like professional teams like the ravens, right? They didn’t just hire one great quarterback, they had to think about what is their overall strategy? What is the team they’re looking for? How will they work together? How do we create the strengths of all and combine them to create a great team? And then how do I work my business model around that team. And the ravens, obviously, this year, have the secret sauce and have figured that out, and we’re all wishful for a great ending. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  10:38

to bring football up around here is exciting.

Yvette Diamond  10:47

Exactly the same concept that employers shouldn’t be embracing is don’t just think about, oh, I have this one position open, they could be thinking about I have one position open. And I need to think about how does that affect the whole team? What can I adjust and think about that can help my long term team goals and apprenticeships are a great way to get there, because it provides you some structure, there are incentives. So there’s also funding available for many employers to start and try one of these apprenticeship programs and design it specifically for their business, just like the football team. So the apprenticeship connector, we help pull the resources together that already exist in the state of Maryland and help employers find the path to success with apprenticeships,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:36

I didn’t know there was a National Apprenticeship Week, and there’s, you know, I guess, government when it when it’s when it’s working the right way. These are the kinds of things that I love focusing on these kinds of programs and saying, how are these working? How are they being implemented? It’s a new, not new ish, it’s new, so new that I don’t even know that you could put a measurement on it this early on to say, is it working? Is it not more like, what are you doing? And how are you adjusting? What has been the adjustment for you in the first six months to coming into this, to understanding that it is new, you’re trying to have people like me promoted for you and say, what’s the ask? And what could my 39 year old that I want to say unemployed because that would sound like a Johnny paycheck song to everybody be hit, hey, I’ll hire your kick is my kids pretty cool? I would say but, you know, I want him to find what, what he’s looking for. And I’m sure that you’re that kind of a resource that even if he doesn’t use it, he could click around on the website and maybe something would connect and give him an idea. Right? Right.

Yvette Diamond  12:41

So you know, apprenticeships for all industries is new. But apprenticeships have been around for over 100 years, when you think about how craftsmen were created in construction, right? The masons, the plumbing, the electricians, they all use an apprenticeship model and have been successful. So we’re simply taking a proven program and applying it to other industries including technology, healthcare, finance, really any industry can adopt a, an apprenticeship model and be successful for individuals who are looking for new opportunities. Apprenticeships are a great way to get started at an entry level and have automatic opportunities for advancement as part of the program. So when you start the program, you know that you’re starting at x, but over time, you get to Z. And so it’s it’s a great opportunity for both the employer and the employee looking for long term stability. So we work with mostly high school student programs, programs that start in high school, but when a registered apprenticeship program is developed, any age person can join into that program.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:57

Well found the website here it’s an empty apprenticeship.com apprenticeship locator, job seekers employment, you click hire an apprentice being upright, pretty simple, pretty straightforward on thing. By the way, the thing that I love this is one of the original things that I saw was that my partners at Royal farms are involved in this too. They were actually quoted, were farms excited to launch their registered apprenticeship program to provide opportunities to individuals seeking career retail and food service management. And that comes from the Royal farms Director of Training Jessica mente. They’ve created a clear pathway, a timeline offering all the education and training tools needed for individuals to run a profitable business as a store leader for royal farms. And this is you know, one of my one of my sponsors and one of the people who pour the coffee here every single day and get the fried chicken, Justin Tucker, no fried chicken, do we get a Super Bowl from you? Lean up, come on, now lean into it. But, you know, when you get those kinds of local companies, a lot of people that are employed there I go in I see everything that happens in my own part. nerves and saying, Where do these people come from? There’s usually all help wanted sign up everywhere these days and saying, all right, you know, you want to employ people and keep people around you want them to. And I know there’s been a lot of fast food places as a kid that I worked at was like, hey, it’s the first job to show you all the skills you need, sort of an apprenticeship didn’t make 335 an hour back in the day event. I don’t know how we got by on that how we ever had Ocean City money back then. But, but times are better at that time and is here She is the executive director of and we send it out to MD apprentice.com. I think that’s the most important thing that anybody can utilize this. So first six months, what have you learned I’m gonna go Mork and Mindy at the end of the segments, and what have we learned here?

Yvette Diamond  15:44

That apprenticeships are really important for both the employer and the employee to find success in the long term. And that the Maryland apprenticeship connector can help connect individuals and employers to all the resources in the state of Maryland that are ready and available to help them be successful with apprenticeships. Feel

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:04

like it shone on us don’t get a job or that one already did to take the job just trying to pick a job so long as you’re working on the highway or working man by rush. That’s a pretty good one. It is a new year if you’re looking for now and a new gate, a new way to do things. You have a lot of listeners and viewers across all sorts of segments. Everywhere else social media, there’s a new thing that helps and it comes right to my doorstep because my kids like figuring out what he’s gonna do. So this is another resource that the states put together, and Governor Westmore and I promised event on your behalf. Whether it’s crabcake row week or in the future whenever the honorable former buddy of mine, Wes Moore, now governor at the column governor, Governor Westmore joins us I will make sure at least I bring this up so he can speak it. Because I know he’s proud of it as well. Yes,


Yvette Diamond  16:52

it’s great for all types of jobs. There’s a CPA apprenticeship, right. So it’s, it’s every type of job, you can

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:59

not set up for that. That’s too much alone. I’m already like, I mean, extrovert, who’s a writer, like my wife and I always come to terms just she’s like, you’re like Jack Torrance doing the shining. When you write and you write a book, like you’re like, and I’m like, Yeah, but I’m like, don’t like being alone. aquat you know what I mean? Like, so it’s, it’s a really sort of weird thing. This you know, do you do you? Are you loud? Are you quiet? I can’t do CP What else you got for me got all the jobs going? More jobs.

Yvette Diamond  17:28

There are jobs and healthcare biosciences, really picky

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:32


with blood. My wife’s a two time leukemia survivor. I don’t think I could be a nurse. But I would say this. And I say this to my kid, if you can be a nurse, you’ll have a job forever, right? Like, every time I bring somebody like you honor somebody from any one of the hospitals, the recruitment level for for nurses, is it’s insane. And I’m thinking, why did I go into the sports journalism they want, I have to spend my life doing this. I can be helping people. And then I realized like, I get it your blood. Teachers.

Yvette Diamond  18:00

There’s another one that’s helping people and we desperately need good teachers. That’s a good apprenticeship.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:05

I’d be like Welcome Back, Kotter. He’s such a good because I know so much. Now I can impart all the mistakes I’ve made. So you don’t have to make them. How’s that? Good. That’s good. All right, I’m trying that diamond is here. Thank you so much for your time, I throw your link out on LinkedIn. Let me know in the future, if I can help you in any way here. I appreciate Karen putting great conversations like this together to start my year off on the right foot. So I will I’m not going to sing to get a job Shawn and on us all. But if you are in the market to maybe change careers thinking about things, there’s a program out there at MD apprenticeship.com That I fill in all the blanks event if I missed anything.

Yvette Diamond  18:41

Yes, if anyone wants to talk to Maryland apprenticeship connector Mac workforce.org and you can reach out to me through the contact form.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:51

All right, well, I appreciate you coming on. Yvette diamond shout out the ravens and teamwork here we can only absolutely hope it goes so well on the 20th or 21st of the month as we get together later. We’re doing a whole bunch charity community stuff here to start the year. We’re doing sort of some greatest hits on the crabcake tour from the last year and some conversations that are holding up to start the year and Luke is in Owings Mills and we’re getting ready for well meaningless football than a lot of playoff football that our game that’s gonna matter. And that’s all that matters in the Orioles might even do some stuff as well. We are starting out the year right with our friends at the Maryland lottery and our crabcake tour on a little bit of a hiatus here in January so that we could plan something really magnificent for radio row week beginning on February the fifth and you know what, and it’s a little weird and I it’s not a New Year’s resolution today. But I’m already a couple of days into the year and I have not had a crab cake yet. And I might cold turkey crab cakes until like February fifth like that would I don’t know how could I have crab a period? I don’t know could have crab soup i have to ask. See, but I might grab a cold turkey crab cakes until February 5 Because it’s that big a deal and it’s gonna be the biggest thing we’ve ever done around here. Celebrating our 25th year in conjunction with our partners at Farr and daughter and curio wellness, I’ve been launching the 25 wn st stories of glory. They’re up on the website as well. We talked about our Pittsburgh moments in our Nashville moments and our road trip moments, and we will be winding and counting down as we count down our 25 stories of glory. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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