A postcard from San Diego: touring the most beautiful city in the world


So, I’m really, really trying hard for these posts to not be “rubbing it in,” but this really is a great, great place. I flew out last night on a very delayed flight with a plane full of purple maniacs who are all here to watch the Ravens win and enjoy all of the excesses that Southern California affords human beings.

So far today, I’ve eaten breakfast at the best restaurant I’ve found on the planet (and I’ve done a lot of searching) — it’s a place called the Hash House A Go Go. If you ever come to San Diego, check this place out:

Also, my pal needed to run out to the Chargers complex so I shot a little vlog postcard for you here:


And, of course, we returned downtown and visited Petco Park. Here’s a little synopsis of what I’m seeing here in this land of paradise:


The Purple Pep Rally and party is at the Tilted Kilt tomorrow. It starts at 9 a.m. Just like all football games should. Man, the West Coast is great.

All of the details are here for the big party…