A troubling meltdown and plenty of questions in Pittsburgh

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With the game on the line, the Baltimore Ravens didn’t get it done against the lackluster Steelers, who were gifted a AFC North victory at The Confluence on Sunday. Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the lost opportunity and the mounting “communication” problems in a disturbing loss to their arch rival in Pittsburgh and headed for the silence of London.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive celebrating 25 years are friends of curio wellness, still dealing even despite the oh two deficit, dealing these really sharp looking Baltimore shirts over at the dispensary at the far end daughter on York Road get over there and say hello to them they’re celebrating 25 years also a cannabis education piece coming your way this week. Lots of things coming your way this week including the Maryland crab cake tour on Friday for my 55th birthday, which is Saturday. Hopefully the horse was still playing on Saturday. That’s the only option we would have at this point. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery be giving away these ravens scratch offs. It’s just a huge week around here. Our friends at window nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube are making the crab cake tour happen on Friday. Now on Sunday. I will be Hollywood casino a Perry Ville for breakfast. There’s a $30 Brunch deal that puts you into a bunch of play. You can win a lot of money, all that’s available, but it just come as you are family oriented in the morning. There’s a beautiful Sports Bar Restaurant salmon BLT, they’re putting out eggs and bacon. They’re doing it all on Sunday morning. So I’ll be there all morning. free coffee, Purple Rain through to anybody that shows up. And I’m just going to hang out and watch football with folks for the first time since last year. Hope it goes better than Lamar throwing the pic against the Giants last year where I watched that up at the Hollywood casino when it first opened. Look Jones joins us now. He and I will be in Arlington Texas this week. Because the Orioles are there and because Kyle Gibson is going to pitch and I guess Dean Kramer we hope they both pitch. We hope we survive. We hope we get the drug city on Friday for my birthday and have a game on Friday night. Look. I mean I need a towel for everything that happened on Sunday right? Let alone Saturday and Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks and the traffic and all that happened but we’re gonna do plenty more oriels you know there’s plenty oriels to do like I said you and I are gonna wake up in Texas that’s how bad things are. This week. By the way Brian rouse them are former a dude lives in Dallas. So if you see a picture where either his heads cut off from my body one or the other because he’s six foot 11 We are going to be barbecuing with Brian Ross. I’m in Dallas. I’m excited about that. But you know in a in a flat universe, Luke, I mean, honestly, no plague no Chad steel, things were normal. I’d be in London this week, right? Like, you know, I mean, like I would have been in Pittsburgh, Sunday at Mr. Rooney’s cookies and you would have been at Camden Yards. And I would have been driving back down that mountain the loan through Breezewood saying what the hell happened out on the field on Sunday. And I know you are sort of monitoring it in such a strange way on your laptop and the press box and Oriole Park, Joey Knox running around trying to figure if my nest is opened down at the convention center. Everybody who was at the game was trying to monitor the Ravens game. So maybe you could at least paint the picture for me for where you were at one o’clock. And where you were at four o’clock.

Luke Jones  02:59

Yeah, well, I was in front of my laptop in the press box at Camden Yards. As you mentioned, I thought and I have no idea of knowing this for sure. But it felt like Sunday’s crowd at the ballpark was a little more late arriving not that they weren’t there for first pitch. But a little more late arriving in terms of the gates open what two two and a half hours before first pitch. felt like there were more people probably watching the game at some of the establishments around the ballpark. Whatever watching the ravens, so

Nestor Aparicio  03:29

game on in the ballpark, right?

Luke Jones  03:31

No, no, they didn’t do that.


You’re kidding me? What?

Luke Jones  03:36

Why are you shocked by that?

Nestor Aparicio  03:37

No, no, dude, it’s 315. If I’m walking through the alcove buying $14 beers, you don’t have to ravens game

Luke Jones  03:44

for me. Okay, but but here’s the opposite of that. You’re going to have to go into all your pregame stuff that every team has to do and Major League Baseball requires it so you’re going to turn the game off it’s eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter and you’re going to take everyone off that’s sitting there I mean, come on man. You know

Nestor Aparicio  03:59

that I like that sports bar they have on centerfield with a few Rick Dempsey out okay, well, that’s to do gambling. I mean, I’m just thinking if I got into the ballpark my assumption would be if I walked into the ballpark at 145 Literally you would not have the game for me then I’d have to find it on my phone in a bad way. I mean, I’m not we got plenty things we could talk about shorter shorts think about 50,000 people looking for the football game. I just thought like yeah, the baseball team at least they will be on every fifth television where you can at least gather quiet but I we’re gonna hear Ben McDonald we’re gonna hear man we should I’m not saying you shouldn’t but if you pay to get into the game a God forbid I couldn’t I guess with your phone they figure screw you put it on your phone right I mean,

Luke Jones  04:47

I guess I mean, look, I didn’t walk all around. I didn’t go out to the centerfield bar and to know if it was on the TVs an hour and a half before the game on in the press box. No and wasn’t on the video, the big video board and I’m million Now to scenario why I wouldn’t put it on the big video board because you’re gonna have to, because inevitably you have to go into your and I’m not talking about the pregame show I’m talking about the PA announcer going through all the rules in the ballpark, watch out for batted balls, and you know, all the different stuff that

Nestor Aparicio  05:14

every single person or both if you’re wearing pants, yeah,

Luke Jones  05:19

but my point is the game went up right? The Ravens game went up right against first pitch. You’d have to turn that off in the fourth quarter and I don’t know. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  05:28

once it Brandon high DUIs Scrum, was that in the first

Luke Jones  05:30

quarter? That was at 1250. So I went down for that and then I got back and right back to my seat in the press box for

Nestor Aparicio  05:37

me. I saw you tweeting one direction I’m tweeting the other direction. I’m watching a both on TV which is just weird as hell for the 15 year old kid me, but much better from a providing. I’m better on the radio today because I didn’t go to either one. I mean, I’ll be honest with you, because I watched them both hardcore. And let’s get to the game. I mean, you know, I experientially I did want to hear your experience because I think everybody’s experienced for the weekend whether you were like me and watched the game on TV Saturday late, got got a free ticket to Billy Joel from Leonard Raskin and ran down and parked at Mercy and walked them Island and like everybody had an experience this weekend with all of this. And everyone watched the games right? Like or tried like hell, you might not have seen Lamar throw the pic because you were in line trying to get in the stadium or you were on the phone or you remember where you were when the march you to pick, you’ll remember where you were when they lost the Steelers in Pittsburgh?

Luke Jones  06:36

Well, what I’ll really remember and look, we’ll get to Lamar Jackson, we’ll get to the defense in the fourth quarter, because that was the end of the sequence of events. What we saw for most of the game on Sunday was a Lamar Jackson that played pretty darn well actually. And a defense that played lights out until the fourth quarter. And then the sequence of events led to Lamar with a horrible pick. And the defense gave up a 40 yard touchdown Marlon Humphrey gives up a 40 yard touchdown with less than two minutes to go. But what I will really take away is a collection of past catchers, weight pass catchers, as I use air quotes, who didn’t catch a football and an offense that kept self destructing and making mistakes and squandering opportunities. And this was a football team that should have been up by two or three scores at halftime. And this was not people will look at the final score who didn’t watch the game and I saw lots of national pundits saying this on Twitter and, you know, people saying this on various social media channels. This was not a classic ravens Steelers game in the way that you kind of typically think of the glory days of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu and go down the list of all those different guys were hard hitting great defense on both sides. Look, Pittsburgh’s defense played better later in the game. But that first half was not Pittsburgh’s defense. That was the Ravens offense, shooting itself in the foot repeatedly. This was a team that squandered opportunity after opportunity. They had a goal to go in which Mark Andrews and Rashad Bateman dropped passes on back to back plays and they have to settle for a field goal. They have the end of the first half situation where I could understand trying to be aggressive if Pittsburgh was moving the ball up and down the field on you, but they tried to get cute on fourth down. Tyler Lindenbaum snaps the ball when he shouldn’t have and they throw an incomplete pass and they get nothing at the end of the first half rather than three points that would have been nice to have in a really close game as it turned out in the fourth quarter. So just I think what’s so disconcerting for me what’s so disappointing? I don’t even want to say disappointing because I’ve reserved that word for the Orioles, more so like the Orioles going up against another really good team. The Texas Rangers are good Rangers are better than them in game one and two. That’s simple. I don’t think the rate I don’t think the Steelers were better than the Ravens in the sense of I think they’re a better football team. No, I don’t think the Steelers are very good. Maybe they will be later in the year. But I was not remotely impressed. Like goodness, they were booing the Steelers offense in the stadium formerly known as

Nestor Aparicio  09:17

seen a whole lot of that. And again, that’s something that you know, chats the other side I would have liked to have witnessed or seen you know what I mean? I’ve seen that happen in Kansas City. I see that happen in Cleveland. Eight out of 10 times I’ve been there the crowd turns on the on the team don’t see that happen too much in our stadium and we’ve been pretty good. You know, they they haven’t stunk at home. For long stretches. We haven’t been three and 14. We haven’t been disappointing, but neither of the Steelers Right? Very much like the Ravens. Same coach, same structure, same quarterback for a long time, same, same, same, same same, but the same same as double digit victories. Three out of every four years, you know enough to keep coaches around for a I’ve taught five times longer than any coach days anywhere else, right? And part of that is you, the fans don’t turn on you. You know. So like in Pittsburgh fans turning on Matt Canada, which means they’re turning on Mike Tomlin and they’re turning on their hometown quarterback. And it’s week from brigand for you know what I mean? Like, like what you know, you gotta be kidding me. Just to witness that and I don’t know if you had to sound up as much because you’re watching the game and the Orioles are going on and whatever. It was all that and I love iron Eagle. I think I an eagle I have on the show like what I think I and Eagle did everything he could do to not talk about what was going on in the stadium because you can hear that, and the chants continue and I never and I’m like what are they chanting? I knew something about Canada or fire Tomlin. I didn’t know. I didn’t know what the chant was. I had to go out to Twitter to kind of figure it out a little bit. But I’m there I’ve not seen blood in the water. In Pittsburgh like that, with fans getting down on the home team in the first and second quarter. You and I’ve had a lot of cookies with Mr. Rooney up there. And Charlie patch up in the press box. We know that road we know we’ve done it. We’ve done it every year together ever. It’s the first time WSD hasn’t had a representative in a Pittsburgh press box for football game in the exists 25 years. So I know every part of that experience, but I don’t know that experience where like the fans are beaten up the Steelers like that early on. I mean, everything about it felt like third road when go to London feeling nice about yourself. All of that and and instead. I mean, it’s like I said to you from the beginning baseball will rule the week if the Orioles can somehow get back your Friday. They somehow just get the Wednesday. Nobody’s going to be Pu and John hardball today so much. I mean, even over the fan. What do we talk about this or that neither one are real good. But the ravens are going to get off the hook for this a little bit. A little bit this week. You were gonna beat him up a little bit. We’re going to be down in Texas eating barbecue and worried about Kyle Gibson before it’s all over with. But this was hideous. Do you and I get in the car together after this at 715 and try getting home at one o’clock in the morning Monday morning after that if there were no Orioles that existed, That unto itself is a purple tragedy in Pittsburgh on Sunday was awful.

Luke Jones  12:27

I think and I said this in our previous Orioles segment. The word I would use for the Orioles this weekend was disappointment. The word I would use for the Ravens on Sunday was disgust because I mean that was think of any expletive you want to use to describe what happened especially through the firt the first half the first three quarters, let’s say and then in the in the fourth quarter. To their credit Pittsburgh made some plays. And the Ravens didn’t make plays they made plays to hurt themselves. But the first three quarters of that football game, the ravens to me clearly looked like the better football team in terms of being able to move the ball in terms of their defense, not allowing a matt Canada offense to move the ball really at all save for a couple plays here and there. Pittsburgh would get get moving and then they do something to self destruct or Kenny Pickett throw the ball four yards behind the line of scrimmage or what have you. The point was, that should have been way more than a 10 three lead at halftime. I mean, I don’t know how anyone watches that football game and says yeah, that looks like a one score game at halftime. Now. It looks like the Ravens should have been up by two or three scores. I mean, that game could have been 21 to three at halftime. And you could have been talking about maybe Tyler Huntley playing in the fourth quarter. I mean, that’s how lopsided that felt for most of the first first half, but you drop passes in the endzone, and you get to cute late in the first half, and your senator snaps the ball when he shouldn’t. And you don’t get any points out of that situation. I mean, they did things in the same way. We talked about the Indianapolis game a couple of weeks ago, they did things over and over and over to leave the Steelers in the game. And then eventually, Pittsburgh was able to rise to the occasion just enough to get it done.

Nestor Aparicio  14:15

So it’s players like TJ watt that do it right. And locking horns. And you know, the attention to details that with the game on the line. Pick it didn’t waste the game. I mean, you found a way to

Luke Jones  14:31

shore. Sure. Yeah, I mean, right. But it’s just I think what’s so unsettling about this what brings such disgust about this is we saw this football team lose games like this last year. Right? You mentioned the Giants game, you know, just several minutes ago. Look, the Miami game week to last year. Go down the list. The Buffalo game

Nestor Aparicio  14:57

once the markets right I’m not even there’s nothing. They only really have a 10 game season the last two years real Sure, sure. Fair enough. Fair enough. But when they’re seven, and three or eight and two were like, good and who they beat, I mean, they, the Steelers, I mean, these bad teams this year. These are bad teams.

Luke Jones  15:16

Well, I don’t want to get too much into that. Because every team player, you play the games on your schedule, right? I mean, you just do, but we saw them do this last year, you know, there were times where, you know, they would look really good. Or they would do you know, they’d be moving the ball, they’d be playing good defense, whatever it is, and then something goes awry. And in the case of Sunday’s game, just had the drops. I mean, there, they hadn’t had that many issues dropping the football, the first four games of the season. For all their inconsistency on offense. It wasn’t as though we were seeing ze flowers and Mark Andrews and Rashad Bateman, and company dropped a bunch of passes. You know, Aguilar drops, a gorgeous throw from Lamar Jackson, that should have been a touchdown. So it’s not as though we saw a ton of that, but we did on Sunday. And my goodness, it was absolutely critical. And then, you know, Justice Hill puts the ball on the turf. That’s something that he’s had some issues with it. And you know, I’m saying the praises of Justice Hill, I, I think he’s someone who can help them. And you see, he gives them some juice. But one, two, knocks on him have been, he’s had some injury issues. And every time that they’ve gotten to a point in his career, where maybe they’re ready to turn to him, he gets hurt. And he’s also had some times where he’s put the football on the ground. And we saw that on Sunday. So they just had so many squandered opportunities. And then you get to the fourth quarter, and the sequence of events. You know, I’ve heard so many head coaches, so many managers talk about this, you know, wink Martindale used to talk about this a lot, talking about defensive football, that the mark of a good team or a good defense or a good offense or good quarterback, yeah, whatever. Whoever you want to talk talk about, is how do you handle the sequence of events? And I think what’s so disappointing for me what’s so unsettling? You know, what brought disgust quite frankly, on Sunday watching that is how this team crumbled in crunch time, kind of across the board. I mean, really, so you know, special teams, they had a punt blocked, you know, we’ve seen the special teams be uncharacteristically poor for compared to what you typically expect out of a John hardball team, not across the board, but the punt team specifically has had its issues. And you know, as much as Jordan stout will boom, some, he can be inconsistent at times there, punt coverage has been poor, as we’ve seen them give up some returns and they get one blocked.

Nestor Aparicio  17:39

They just, they did everything. Every phase came

Luke Jones  17:42

up small at the end of the game. And that’s where I will come back now to Lamar Jackson, who played a way better game than what the first three quarters indicated. Statistically. I mean, this is a guy who should have had multiple touchdown passes, beautiful throws right into his receivers hands that they dropped. I mean, you can’t put that on Lamar Jackson, what you know, go back to the famous what Giselle talking about Tom Brady, what do you want them to do throw it and catch it to like snooker player. Exactly. So, so So you had that you had a defense that played lights out until the very end. But then at the in crunch time, when you need someone to make a play one person to make a play on one, you know, one phase of the game, and everyone comes up small in the last several minutes of that football game, and that’s what’s so unseen, you know, just disappointing is not the right word, because I was angry watching that football game because it was again, this was not a classic. Oh, wow, these two great rivals, and they’re such great teams and all this. No, this was the Ravens shooting themselves in the foot. And eventually, the Steelers mustered enough offense to to be able to win the football game. But no, again, Lamar Jackson, terrible interception at the end. And the defense which, again, if you’re asking me to divide up the blame, my goodness, they get a very small portion, but still, they gave up a 41 yard touchdown with a little over a minute to go. I mean, that’s not John Harbaugh loves to talk in these terms. Have we played winning football? No, he didn’t say that Sunday, but that’s what he likes to say. When they win football games, even if it’s not statistically the most impressive. He says we played winning football. We did what it took to win the game. That was the opposite of winning football, especially on the offensive side of the of the ball. I mean, you can’t have wide receivers and tight ends dropping passes to that degree. I mean, they they completely squandered opportunities to be up three touchdowns if they wanted to at least say 17 points. And you can’t have a punt blocked in the fourth quarter. And you know, even if you’re the defense as well as they played, and again, I don’t want to pick on them too much. But Give up a 41 yard touchdown with a minute 17 to go I mean, you got a fairly Marlon

Nestor Aparicio  20:05

Humphrey met with the media after the game so at least I applaud him.

Luke Jones  20:08

Right he did and, and by the way, that’s something we didn’t even mention and I tweet this is one of my few pregame tweets because you know, I sent out the the inactives on the wn S T text service sponsored by Coons, Florida, Baltimore, but they got Marlon Humphrey back. They had Ronnie Stanley back on the field. They had Marcus Williams back on the field, they had backup. They had Rashad Bateman, and you look at their inactives list. Okay, not having Morgan Moses hurt.

Nestor Aparicio  20:32

But you know, you still shipping the best version of them. Right? Since one since week one. Absolutely. And I mean, what was that?

Luke Jones  20:40

I mean, really, what was that? So that’s not to say that there’s this panic moving forward. But I continue to look at this football team. And this goes back to last year even that I’m very underwhelmed by their ability, ability to finish football games. I mean, I just am and I think I’m going to throw a word out here that that’s probably going to hurt some feelings. You know, if if members of the organization are listening, I think this team lacks some late game toughness, quite frankly. And when I say that, I don’t mean oh, they don’t want to hit or they don’t want to tackle. I think this team has struggled. We saw this last year a bunch. I think they have struggled to handle the moment when things kind of start going sideways or things start going wrong. I see a team that really has a tough time getting itself back together and regrouping and being able to compartmentalize and say Okay, forget about that.

Nestor Aparicio  21:35

Well, you got a quarterback, the pounds the ground comes off throws ailments, you know, I mean, like that’s, I see that demeanor, I see it and I don’t think that’s good. And I sat here and defended Joe Flacco for a decade because he didn’t do that. And my friends in Dundalk in Essex wanted that they wanted, I want to see him piston a Well, I mean, I want to see him composed, and the anger of Lamar, if that leads to him throwing the late being the hero at the end of the game, where he’s been the hero, but the hero usually gets in the phone booth and runs the football. That’s who the hero is. It’s not leading a 90 yard drive down the field throwing the game winning. I mean, in too many cases in recent sample, it’s throwing the pic in the endzone and like trusting that decision making when things are breaking down at the redzone. I like his legs better than I like his arm in that situation.

Luke Jones  22:30

Fair enough. As I said they should have never even been in that spot. Right? If you have receivers catching the ball, they have 24 or 27 points on the board and and Pittsburgh, sure as heck isn’t coming back from that deficit with that offense. Because you mentioned that Canada I mean, calls to fire him are legitimate at this point, because it’s been three years of their offense looking like garbage more often than not. And when they win football games, it’s typically because of their defense. I mean, go check out Warren sharp stuff, go check out some of the breakdowns of where Pittsburgh has been as a football team. If their defense doesn’t play great, they don’t have a shot because their offense has been lousy for the better part of three years now. But that aside, that aside, bringing it back to the fourth quarter, this is why I said it’s a sequence of events. It’s a 60 minute football game. And that’s where it’s so disappointing. So deflating to see this team not handle the big moments. Because even with all those mistakes to that point, they had the ball. Pittsburgh fumbles, the punt return, and you have a such an opportunity right there to score a touchdown to go up by two scores. Or at the very least, you kick a field goal and you make it where Pittsburgh has to score a touchdown then and you can’t throw pick their mean, you just can’t. Again, God bless them how Lamar played over the first three and a half quarters it was criminal, that he didn’t have two or three touchdowns sitting on his stat line because of the way his receivers let them down. But that doesn’t just absolve you from what happens the rest of the football game, and he threw an awful interception in a bad spot. Defense was outstanding for three and a half quarters outstanding. And again, I understand you can’t expect them to be great for a full 60 minutes. But you were still in a position where you still had a lead you were up 10 to eight, with under two minutes to go and can you make one play? Can you force a turnip? You know, can you get a strip sack? Can you pick off Kenny Pickett who’s gonna have to take some chances? They gave up the touchdown. So that doesn’t mean the defense was bad overall. Of course, it wasn’t, you know, they felt they gave ups. You know, the Ravens gave up 17 points. And it wasn’t the defense that did all that because you know, there were some short fields and what have you there but Lamar Jackson, again, I would say in its totality. He played a good football game overall if we’re if we’re grading him on the full 60 minutes, but we also understand that the final seven and a half minutes is where any team really makes its money quarterback, head coach, offense, defense, special teams, whatever that’s crunch time, he failed in that in that period of the game. So that’s where you just look at this team in its totality right now. And having done this now twice in three weeks, and I think Nestor, it hurts a little more from a fan perspective. When it comes against Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago, I mean, two teams that no one in Baltimore wants to lose, too. So, you know, it’s, it’s something they did too much last year, too. I mean, we saw this in the Giants game, we saw them come up small against buffalo. Certainly in Miami, it wasn’t the offense as much as the defense completely collapsed. In that week to game against Miami. We saw Jacksonville, you know, the defense later in the year, this was when they had ro Quan Smith and the defense was playing better overall, the defense wilted in the fourth quarter against the Jaguars on the road. So look, I’m not saying this to to spell out that they should be seven years that they go 17 In o or 15. And to or anything like that, but we’re seeing this team. It happened last year, and we’re now seeing it again, they are struggling to finish off football games. And that’s, that’s not what you want from this is not a particularly young team anymore. And 2019 They were young, right? You had a 21 year old quarterback who was unanimous MVP, you had all these Pro Bowl players in their first, second, third year, let’s say. But, you know, this is a team that should have a little more Veteran experience in that regard right now. And you know, we’ll get to January legacy, because, you know, it’s October, you know, but still far away a far ways away, but these types of things shouldn’t be happening from a veteran football team, you know, in the way that it did on Sunday. So, like I said, the word that Sunday brings, for me, having watched that from the press box, and again, I wasn’t watching it as closely as intently as I normally do full disclosure, but I watched most 99% of it. And they just they didn’t play winning football, especially on the offensive side. I mean, you know, again, the defense, other than, you know, late in the game, they played lights out for the most part, so they get a very small portion of the blame, but you can’t have your offense squandering those types of opportunities. I mean, this is a Pittsburgh defensive, quite frankly, Nestor had not been very good through the first quarter of the season. They really miss cam Hayward. Now he’s really, you know, everyone talks about what but I think he’s really the guy that I think people in Pittsburgh would say, it’s probably been more of the heart and soul of the glue guy. And you know, he’s been a great player for a long time. So he’s been hurt, you know, he’ll he’ll be back later in the year. That’s the expectation.

Nestor Aparicio  27:36

Pedigree on the defensive side. I mean, I’ll hear you on that when I see Peterson make a Fitzpatrick, who made some mistakes as well. But like I said, they had incredible on defense, the offense, that’s a whole different story. I mean, you get them down and get them behind the notion that he could throw the ball, the picket could throw the ball over your head to beat you at the end. I didn’t feel that way for two hours and 45 minutes. I just thought that wasn’t even possible.

Luke Jones  28:02

Right. And this is where I’ll stick up for the defense after I just said, Hey, you know, you had a chance to finish the game and you did it. You failed in that final segment, you know, that final quadrant of the game, but however you want to slice it up, but it should have never been in that it shouldn’t have never come to that it should have never come to Lamar Jackson throwing a pic in the endzone late in the game, it should have never come to Marlon Humphrey getting burned by Pickens for a 41 yard touchdown, because of all the failure of the offense to build what should have been a two or three score lead. I mean, it should have been things are going to happen. You’re going to have on defense, someone’s going to fall or someone misses an assignment. Someone has to go out of the game, someone else comes in and they’re not quite sure their assignment, you’re gonna give up a play. But they were in that position in the fourth quarter because of failure after failure to catch the football and score touchdowns and build what should have been an insurmountable lead for an offense. That is not good. Kenny pick it has not been good. Matt. Canada is not a good offensive coordinator in the NFL that the stats bear that out at this point in three years. And Mike Tomlin, you know, he look he he’s going to be a Hall of Fame coach, most likely and has been there a long time. But you know, their offense is what it is the last few years and it’s been multiple quarterbacks and different personnel. And it’s it’s not good enough. But you do what the Ravens did for three quarters on Sunday. You even give a bad offense a chance to make one play to win a football game and the Steelers did it. So you credit them. You give them that much credit. But, boy, this was absolutely as it was a couple of weeks ago against Indianapolis. And as I put it, the headline at Baltimore positive.com. The Ravens they absolutely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on Sunday. There’s no question about that.

Nestor Aparicio  29:54

He is Luke Jones. You can find him at Baltimore Luke. You can I would say find him out in Owings Mills this week, but To skip Alex Mills this week, he’s gonna go to Texas with me. There is no Owings Mills this week there is nowhere in London. Yeah, right, exactly. So he’s gonna skip Owings Mills this week. So are the Ravens by the way, they’ll be having tea. Tea as in Tennessee T as in Titans. We’re gonna be at Hollywood casino on Sunday morning for the Ravens game. Come on up to Berryville say hello, it’s breakfast time, where your purple may be some orange it might be day game game one of the American League Championship Series will be held on Sunday whether it be held in Baltimore or not. Depends on whether the Orioles can win three games Luke and I will be in Arlington. The next at least 36 To 48 to 72 hours. I’ll be in truck city on Friday for the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation and Jiffy Lube. Multi care as well. It is our 25th anniversary. At some point I’m gonna get 23 and 22 and 21 up. It’s just been so crazy around here. It was a crazy weekend the Billy Joel Stevie Nicks concert was great thanks to Linda Raskin from Rascon globally and an extra ticket on a twisted my arm I’m like Billy Joel 52 degrees stop. Had a great time. I’m glad I went it was the only thing good that happened all weekend. I am Nestor we are wn st am 5070, Towson, Baltimore, Luke and I with more on the Orioles and the Ravens. Even if you don’t want to hear it at Baltimore positive stay with us.

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