A weekend to remember ahead in Baltimore

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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the huge weekend ahead for Orioles and Ravens and city of Baltimore in what we used to call “Pittsburgh Week” here in the Charm City. Instead, it’s a schedule-making nightmare for sports fans and concert goers but we’ll take more of it!


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st am 1570 tassel Baltimore. It is a it’s a week to remember around your first things first, it is our 25th anniversary curio wellness and our friends and foreign daughter are presenting 25 stories of glory time will not dim the glory of your deeds. They’ve given me this great shirt. They said do you want black or orange? And I’m like, those are good choices this time a year. So it’s a playoff week Luke is going to be in Owings Mills this week. It’s Pittsburgh week around here for the first place Baltimore Ravens the only franchise with a healthy quarterback in the division. And of course, we’re awaiting all this wild card baseball Can we watch a baseball all week, Tampa, Texas, Texas, Florida. Luke and I are gonna fly somewhere next Monday or Tuesday to continue on for game three. And we’re gonna play baseball here. I think on Saturday rain wheeling, we have this Billy Joel Stevie Nicks thing going on. We got football on Sunday. And that is colossal. She’s gonna miss some of it because you’re gonna be selling cars. That includes Baltimore Ford security Boulevard. You’ll also be here on Thursday from three until five getting ready for the weekend. And that is I’ve owned the place 25 years. I’m talking to Leonard Raskin earlier in a week about this. I’ve owned the place 25 years. There was a day in 1997 before I even own the station. So this is before there was ever an NST where we at Cornell store, the Steelers were playing the Ravens at Memorial Stadium. And I got in the car in the fourth quarter and drove down for the Orioles clinch over Seattle. We really can’t have that kind of day anymore, because but we could have a home in a way right like on Sunday schedule comes out. We could have a back to back where we’re watching the game and then go into the Oriole game. We have this Billy Joel Stevie Nicks thing. This is these are first world big city problems where you share a parking lot the teams hate each other. And we’ll find out whether there’s any sort of detente around concerts and television times and all that. But, but we’re all going downtown at some point here in the next couple of weeks. If we’re lucky enough to get a ticket, one ticket, spend a couple 100 bucks here and there. And we play more than just a couple. I mean, there’s a chance that he’s played two games this week losing they’re out next Wednesday, too. That’s the way this works. But we’re all feeling like this can be a fun ride. And it’s something that to reason I did free the birds, because I felt like this is something we should feel like not that we’re entitled to, but that our city should deserves to have this sort of an experience for our fans and our citizens. That’s why it’s why we just gave him $600 million, right? Yep,

Dennis Koulatsos  02:33

no, I think would be in the best interest of both parties there. The Ravens and the Orioles, both organizations to come together. They don’t even have to cooperate. They have to collaborate though for the greater for the greater good of the community. And that’s how I would approach it if I was the mayor or the governor, whomever can influence John Angelos and Steve Bushati to play nice in the sandbox, so to speak, to attract more people downtown. And and fill up the stadiums and all these other great events that are going on.

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

There’s a long, long history that history that I can write about that people don’t even know about, like, you know, the Keith Urban thing. You know how many times the Orioles have done untoward, awful things to lots of people. And this is a time where the Orioles have the upper hand. Right. So they’re they’re grandfathered in, in regard to all of this. And this Billy Joel concerts kind of sitting there. And by the way, I said this the letter and I’ll say it to you. Can you imagine being the person at the Ravens in charge of concerts or putting on these special events, whether it’s lacrosse, Beyonce, whatever is at the stadium, and they come the beginning here, what was Springsteen’s on the road Taylor Swift’s on the road, right? Beyonce is on the road playing stadiums I’m talking about last summer we had that that heavy metal thing with Motley Crue and poison and a lot of these shows on pink, played the baseball stadium down and National Park was on Philly two weeks ago. So there are 678 Stadium concerts that are traveling the country right now. nothing bigger than Taylor Swift, obviously, Springsteen’s off right now Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks are played a whole bunch of stadiums. But here the ravens and you have an opportunity to book Billy Joel whenever you book them, and you’re like, yeah, for Saturday in October. We’re in Pittsburgh are on the road for a month. No problem. Let’s do this. The Orioles could never play a Saturday night game on October, right? I mean, that’s the hardest part for me and all this because Billy Joel plays all year long. So to Stevie Nicks. They’re out they could make a date anytime they wanted to. I mean, in a football stadium, you want to make it in between, let’s say April and October, right? You’re not gonna have winter concerts. But to think that, that they’ve all sweated this out one way or and we’re still sweat that out. If you’re old ticket Saturday, as we speak, I’m sure that at some point, they’ll announce like a time. But when this happens, and the show gets banged, and it rains anyway and whatever, they’re gonna play Major League Baseball, Dennis, they’re gonna say Major League Baseball one of the players that game 530 or whatever, right? They’re going to act like they didn’t have any, because that’s what they’ve done for 30 years.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:06

We go back to what was 2012 when the Ravens won the Super Bowl, and they had open up on the road against the Broncos. I mean, that was horrible. It was the tone setter for the season. I believe that that game and playing in Baltimore, certainly Peyton Manning wouldn’t have front of what five or seven touchdowns? Well,

Nestor Aparicio  05:24

it wouldn’t have been Manning here. That’s the other thing. It would have been a patsy opponent to start the season. But

Dennis Koulatsos  05:29

yeah, I agree with you. So we start off the season on a wrong foot and it snowballs from there. Every game. The National Football League is important. So that that really left me sour. In regards we’re the

Nestor Aparicio  05:40

only team in the modern era that hasn’t opened at home on that Thursday night. Ever, ever. Yeah, we will never say why. Because of the baseball owner. I mean, that’s really the truth. I mean, that they records. Yeah, I mean, like that. That is so when people say to me, are they going to play nice? Tennis, like, I like Westmore a lot. And I wrote to Westmore the other day and what’s more is allegedly doing the show in five weeks, right? What is he doing in a box announcing a lease that isn’t real? Like what what was tennis? I mean, I love the Orioles. And I love the concept of the Royals. And I love what it means and I hate the empty seats the last couple of weeks. And I think there’s going to be a tanking on the prices for the playoff tickets, because I just don’t think they’re going to get 500 people. Yeah, I agree with you to be able to get in on Saturday for 100 bucks because that’s where it’s gonna be. And all of this shell game at the Angelo’s family is played in regard to them beating each other up last year, the brothers and how good the team is. And then on a night when you’re packing the stadium, you’re about to clinch you lie to your fan base. Like you lead them. You show them a Christmas present. That isn’t a real present. Like what? Somebody, there’s no grown ups there and they might win the World Series in five weeks. But boy, it’s this dastardly, right, it really is.

Dennis Koulatsos  07:04

One of my friends called me and said, Hey, isn’t this lease signing? Great? And I said maybe said the farmer. We haven’t seen details. We haven’t seen anything. And so for me, I was very neutral in how I felt about the announcement because you know what? I hadn’t seen details. And there aren’t any details because an agreement hasn’t been signed. Right? They have a handshake.

Nestor Aparicio  07:23

Stein is a liar. And, you know, he told the media, he was going to open his books, and now he’s running. Well, we never he’s in. He’s in the locker room taking champagne showers in front of Stan Charles, who’s like, Oh, it’s beautiful. Stan asked him a question. That’s what you’re you’re not there. Don’t applaud his

Dennis Koulatsos  07:45

stand. That’s my question. He said, hey, where do you get your shoes? I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  07:50

I like I just, it’s unbelievable. I’m sitting, you’re watching this on his television network. He’s in there getting his little champagne shower, announcing at least that’s fake and then telling the reporters in the room. You’re not allowed to ask him a question. This is I love sports. I love the Orioles. I love the ravens and I could talk about it all day. But at some point, yeah. Accountability that you and Mr. Coons have to have to the Ford Motor Company, to your customers, to your friends, to your clients for your good name. These are not good faith. People. They’re not fake people.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:28

Were bald the strikes. That’s how we are. That’s how we run our operation. It’s never an I don’t know or maybe it’s a ball or the strike it did it pass or did it fail. In my business, there is no gray area. And if I sell a car, I don’t sell a half a car. I don’t take half a down payment. I mean, it just look it’s it’s a ball. It’s a strike. And that’s the best way I can characterize how we do things versus how the bottom orders are run it it’s really a shame because the focal point should be on the player, their accomplishments, all the great stuff that they did. Gunnar Henderson, rookie of the year, I mean, all kinds of awards and accolades coming in for this team. JOHN means pitching Well, coming back from a surgery. Again, this this is a fun, fun team 101 Victory who would have thunk it at the beginning of the season, even with these other clouds hanging over the organization.

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

I’m going to say something that I haven’t said on the air, but it’s flippant, and I’ve been thinking it and I want to say it out loud because I haven’t shaved today and overslept this morning old deal. Dentists, they have not won the hearts and minds of the city. I mean, they clinched the pennant, the other day with 15 20,000 empty seats they’ve played down there all week. I mean, Saturday night when they give something away. Seriously, I mean, curio gave me the shirt if they give shirts away that say Jones on the back or you know, whatever. They’ll people, the fan base buys for goodies and they buy for free stuff and they buy discounted things and they buy $60 membership For the month they like, and there aren’t that many that do that. This is a time for them to make fans to make right? To not send Billy Joel fans home pissed off to like, and they might win they might lose that’s going to happen on the field. And this whole Angelo’s thing to me as I’ve the last five days since the announcement, that wasn’t the announcement. And look, my wife and I went down there Wednesday night, my wife wanted the Red Sox out in the Red Sox had the beat damping couldn’t. So I wasn’t there, the clinch lead, I watched that on television. So Luke sneak in there, I thought he needed more headgear in the locker room, I mean, clinch again next week, if they clinch in Texas or Tampa, I’m gonna make sure that I bring goggles for him, so that he’s in I got a nice rain jacket for him as well. I’ll get my simple 35 rain jacket, he can wear that one down there and take it home to Tampa, maybe we clinch there, because we probably would clinch there if they if they win this week. But there’s a point in all of this where this is a time for them, to have everyone in the city. Love them. And this and have orange flags out on. I mean, Dennis, you know what this look like? The Ravens did it twice and they did it for 20 years. The Orioles aren’t there yet. Yours aren’t there on nights when tickets are $8. And nobody wants to go down to even celebrate.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:15

Let me draw this analogy because people from our generation have been through this before. You and I were fans of cult players. But we were we were not fans of the franchise. We were not fans of the ownership. We were not fans of Bob Irsay. And I think it’s the same thing here. I think the fans love the team. But the fans love the ownership. They do not love the organization, which is the reason why I think they’ve had trouble selling tickets. Through this historical season for the Baltimore Orioles. We were there 25,000 season ticket holders for the Baltimore Colts Nestor but we’d love the coach. We love the players. We didn’t love Joe Thomas. We didn’t love Bob per se. But we love the players. And I think that’s the same thing that’s happening here right now.

Nestor Aparicio  11:59

Well, we love Gunnar Henderson, you know, love the kid not love Adley rutschman. Right. And we love we love to come to the fence of Kevin Brown. He’s been here five years right casting bad games. Yeah, but Well, and that’s why I don’t give them my money. Right. And I’m thinking about this over the next month. And why John, and I have no idea whether Westmore even knew they were putting that up on the board. I mean, time will tell as to what the truth is right now Wes doesn’t look good sitting with him doing this right. And Wes may have been set up. And that wouldn’t shock me because that’s who these people are. Can you imagine? I think John Angelos at this point is thinking, if this team goes on a magic carpet ride, win some games this week, beats the Astros next week, goes to the World Series beats the Dodgers beats the Braves whatever, that the way people feel about him on October 2 would change by November 10. Because we’ve had a parade here, and that he would then get the statue that is that that always wanted. He won the he won the World Series. And look at how great this is for the city. Look, we’ve actually got African Americans at our parade and they care to are coming to our games or other people coming to the games other than the old white folks that go to their games. I mean, I’ve been to the games four times in the last three weeks. It’s people that were there in 1983. I mean, there’s some kids there and whatever. But I’m talking about I saw Cincinnati was last week, right and Cincinnati steaks quarterbacks hurt and all that. It’s $200 to get into the Rams game last Monday night like I was on Sikhi like the Bengals are a real thing in Cincinnati after everyone there hated the owner for ever and ever and ever and ever. And nobody ever came to their games ever. They didn’t even have a glory period like the Orioles had 25 glorious years here from 6060. You know, into the 90s. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  13:57

Like couldn’t sell out. They couldn’t sell a playoff games and Martin was there. That’s a fact. The upper deck was empty. They didn’t believe

Nestor Aparicio  14:03

Carson Palmer was there. They needed the Steelers fans to come over fill the seats, correct?

Dennis Koulatsos  14:07

That is correct. Yeah, they’d be right. It’s the same. It’s the same dynamic, but they’ve

Nestor Aparicio  14:10

managed to do it though. And what I’m saying is they’ve managed to build something if you look at the Las Vegas Golden Knights, right? Didn’t didn’t didn’t exist five years ago. They have a fan base there. Now you get out of Tampa. The rays can’t do anything to the Tampa lightning or a strong, well founded money. skyboxes every coons forward of Tampa wants a skybox at the hockey games because it’s 150 degrees outside but they sold a brand there and the owner there when I have a brick valance coming on this week. Rick’s a longtime Orioles, PR guy he was he was the architect of the last day and Memorial Stadium back in 1991. Rick’s coming on Richmond in Tampa for 30 years. And Rick says that that hockey team and the reason it works is the owner is a good guy. He doesn’t play a good guy on the Radio. He’s not a billionaire on a boat down in Jupiter who flies in with a cigar and no socks twice a year and throwing media members out and saying, messenger when you’re too ugly to sit in 513 Get out of the seat you’ve been in, like, like, who does this? I don’t know, Steve, and then jets in and out. And then the other guy is getting champagne poured on himself in the middle of born on third thinks he sent a triple meet. He’s not allowed to ask questions set the governor up earlier that night. And, and John thinks he’s four weeks away from resurrection. That World Series games here. Dennis will be excited Mr. Coons I want to box next year. Like, that’s all that’s good. And I’m gonna get my 900 million. And when we go play in the World Series in Atlanta, they’re going to showcase that neighborhood and we’re going to want that here. And our fans are going to want that here. Wes, they’re going to want that here. They’re going to want you to give me more money. The ravens are going to want to do that too. Because sports is going to resurrect Baltimore. That’s what John’s pitching dude, right? I mean, that really is what John’s pitching.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:05

I’m gonna give you a quote this morning. That’s true. I know you’d love coats as much as I do. Don’t waste time watering a dead plant. And think about that way. You can throw as much water as you want to on a dead plant. It’s not going to resurrect it. Speaking the resurrection it’s still a dead plant.

Nestor Aparicio  16:22

Well, the Oreos? Are they a dead plant? Or is the Angelo’s family as an ownership

Dennis Koulatsos  16:26

ownership is the the the team isn’t right now because all the awful

Nestor Aparicio  16:30

stuff the old man did the the old man never put the governor in his box, put a sign up in the third inning of a baseball game that everybody’s watching on a clinch night saying there’s a lease and there’s no lease.

Dennis Koulatsos  16:41

Yeah, well, there’s similarity there though. You can’t you know, you got the apple on the tree, the tree and the apple. The did sensor you to Kevin Brown. So they do have some similarities there.

Nestor Aparicio  16:52

I can show you the similarities. I can show you my press credential for this week. Luke Jones approve. Nestor Aparicio denied I got the writing like we got to read off the website this week. So

Dennis Koulatsos  17:03

at least we’re still approving Luke at least we’re not terribly out of out of out of them.

Nestor Aparicio  17:06

Well, looks nicer guy and you know that Dennis galanos is here, he’s a nice guy. He’ll be first even three of the five with Luke. And that’s two nice guys get together and then I come in and sort of I’m the dead plant in the middle of all of this. That is the Ravens. Let’s get I mean, we’ve talked about civics, you’re certainly this week, but and I’ll be on your show again this week on Thursday.

Dennis Koulatsos  17:26

I picked the ravens to win even when I thought they Shaun Watson was was going to be the quarterback because this is the type of game the Ravens win. odds are against them. They’re a road underdog. But with Deshaun Watson being out it’s trying to help their cause and the team showed up and played very well.

Nestor Aparicio  17:42

Well, what do you make of the division right? I mean the bank of mass. Bengals are in trouble. The Steelers will see this week and look. It’s quiet. Orioles are taking batting practice and watch a baseball all day. It’s Pittsburgh week Steelers coming off just a hideous bad terrible beat coming home. Tom spitting fire after I don’t like

Dennis Koulatsos  18:03

it turistic feeling trapped Trubisky can throw the ball he’s got to arm now. His arm isn’t always accurate but he could he’s got a live arm he can throw the ball. I’m more worried about the Steelers matchup than I was about the Browns matchup. If that makes sense to anyone.

Nestor Aparicio  18:18

He’s probably a better quarterback than this kid. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  18:20

He is a better quarterback. Yeah, he is a better quarterback pick. They’re trying to make picking something he isn’t. Let’s see what happens if Pittsburgh runs Jalen Warren. But then again, the ravens are playing some pretty good day for this row Quan Smith as a dude. He gave the the Browns some bulletin board material that made my head spin as an old school guy. And he went out there and I mean, he was what 10 tackles. And even Myles Garrett I don’t know if you saw this quote. He said you know what? The tech guy is I’ve never played with linebacker like that. My friend and his team but I’ve never had a linebacker I’ve never seen a guy who does the same thing. Not only Sunday, but Monday Tuesday Wednesday. So you talk about a leader Wow. And he wrote a his mouth wrote a check that his body cashed the Sunday Nestor

Nestor Aparicio  19:02

well if there’s if there is a Purple Rain three at the end of this I will not be the guy writing it. But I would say to Costas demons on the Earl Thomas signing and you know this franchise knowing what Anquan Boldin did knowing what Matt Burke did, knowing what were Trevor price was even though they didn’t win during that era, knowing that you were what Ray Lewis was, and what Patrick Queen didn’t wind up being right and what CJ Mosley can very much be me CJ now most be Patrick mahomes. Right. CJ Mosley still running around and I and for me for me. I’ve known all the players until Chad threw me out. CJ Mosley is a guy you want to know CJ CJ Mosley is a guy that if you had him to your house for Thanksgiving, if you if you were at a barbecue with CJ if you went to dinner, if you were on a plane with CJ is a great guy. And and I think spent a lot of time injured here, but a very intellectually aware Dude, when it comes to football and being smart, and still, you know, playing at the highest level trying to win on a bad team up there, not for him. But when ro Quan Smith was available. And Eric, in the middle of the season said, we’re gonna have to give them a fortune. We got cap issues and all that. But we kept a Ray Lewis kind of player around here for the next five years that we can build around. And at that time, not really sure what’s going on with Lamar, right, like in a real sense, like whether Lamar was going to be a saint this year, because they were going to bring him a bag of money and some draft picks for us. And the Ravens were going to say no, no monster with $300 million guaranteed deal, because that’s where Steve was on it. Right? And so I’m sure Steve saying, Eric, well, I love the kid. I’ll give the kid money. But let’s not. Let’s not do what the Browns did, which is give all this money to Deshaun Watson now we’re talking rotator cuff. Did you hear the rotator cuff thing?

Dennis Koulatsos  20:51

I did? I did. That’s not good. And not only that, but they also traded your second best quarterback right? He gets a bad rap pick. Who’s not ready for primetime? I’ll tell you what, it’s just a case study and ineptitude. This organization for sure. Unbelievable. And you know what the other thing I saw yesterday was that the Chicago Bears have not won a game. Since they traded away row, Quan Smith, they’ve lost 14 Straight ballgames.

Nestor Aparicio  21:19

That’s unbelievable.

Dennis Koulatsos  21:20

Hard to imagine, isn’t

Nestor Aparicio  21:22

it? Well, I wanted to bring praise for John Harbaugh in this segment, because I bring enough damnation for him as he deserves. But in regard to row Quan Smith and Eric picking him up a year ago and bringing him in giving him all the Patrick Queens money, right. And knowing that Patrick queen was going to have to suck it up and beat being number two, the way Ed Reid did here forever, right. And then Patrick Quinn will get his bag of money. And I hope you stay so I like Patrick queen, just no. I like Patrick queen. So I want him to excel in whatever role that is for him. But row Quan Smith every time his name comes up, you’re like, he’s a dude, I wrote literally in my column today. He used to do that. And Eric knew what to do. And the bears must have just, it just must just be a cesspool of a place to work, just in a general sense that they would let a guy have this, this character in this ticker. This is the guy you build around, not the guy you say get out. And in regard to the Ravens that the minute they brought him in, they didn’t win they I mean, they played in the playoffs last year, overmatched but for him in the offseason, all the Lamar all that nonsense, he goes back to Georgia. I’ll tell you what, for me, this is a this is an Eric and John victory in a big way to give him the oxygen that he needs to be the leader that Marlon Humphrey who’s a pretend leader, I mean, I am I’m not a Marlon Humphrey guy, just in general. And by the way, Lucas has become an anti Stanley guy. Luke has become a are you gonna get on the field? Or are you not not as a personality? But the same thing can be said for Marlon Humphrey at this point, too. Like we’re getting to this point now where it’s like, alright, you want all the money and you want to be a leader and you put you gotta play you gotta play and Ro Quan Smith. I think the Ravens knew this about Marlon Humphrey they knew what clays Campbell was for this team in recent times. Row Quan Smith is the reason they will win a Super Bowl and I said that before the season began on the guy in August you said to you the defense will be better than the offense because I liked the leadership of the defense and I liked the fact that that the defense is second year with McDonald I liked it John stock this kid McDonald’s from the minute he met him and said that’s gonna be my that’s gonna be my guy. And, and and so far, the strength of the team.

Dennis Koulatsos  23:45

You can see McDonald’s at some point replacing horrible if somebody else told them, poach them. Hopefully, they’ll do the same deal that they did with the caster and Ozzie Newsome in terms of keeping them under fold if they can, depending on how long john has a fire in the belly to keep coaching. But ro Quan Smith is a phenomenal player and we noticed how he led that defense against the Bengals on the road last season. I mean, they shut them down. If it wasn’t for that, a 14 point turn around at the goal line. With an ill advised fumble by Tyler Huntley ravens would have advanced in that game. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. But I think that’s been the story this year is how the defense has played Nevermind the offense and just a quick point about Stanley and, and Humphrey. If I’m the caster I’m crafting a left tackle and the cornerback with my first few picks, the 2024 NFL draft that is

Nestor Aparicio  24:37

Claude SOSUS here he is the CO lot so show out on the Twitter thing as well as his name he will be here on Thursday from three of the five again on Sunday morning. Any other observations from the game? I’m gonna give you a little auction talks to football here because we’ve talked so much about stadium and Billy Joel and playoffs and rest and I mean we’re we’re gonna be in the pitching rest of this week. We’re gonna be watching baseball a week but for the Steelers to be down for the Bengals. To be down and the Browns to be down and the Ravens I mean it’s a pedestrian three and one to me and they can easily they should be four No, I mean they should be four know that and they’re not playing tough teams they don’t have a particularly tough schedule you’re talking about the chiefs in the bills we’re watching they don’t have to play those teams at all we’ll worry about them in January but you start stacking these winds up the way they are right now they have this big trip coming next week to London you know Titan select okay do this week that the lions are a decent team Arizona has proven to be better than we thought so these next couple of weeks down the line but in the division it sure feels like they can pick up I mean I don’t know if they’ve been three and oh in the division on the road by my birthday ever they don’t usually play these game three in a row in the division on the road against all backup quarterbacks or a broken quarterback in the case of Negro that this is this is a dream start to their season and the Orioles taken all the oxygen out of the room for whatever problems that they might have. They’re gonna be five and one six and two. By the time the Orioles have the World Series parade Dennis they’re gonna be first place the Ravens Donnell, I’m not worried about them.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:07

They will they’re in a position not only to sweep the division on the road, but it’s hard to see them losing at home against these three teams. So they put themselves in position to potentially go six and oh, and the division which will be phenomenal. But getting Tyler Lindenbaum back was huge. Looks like Marcus Williams should be back this week. Some of these players that they’ve injured players, they start coming off and making a difference and we start taller ninja bomb was a huge difference maker on that offensive line. They still have some trouble with the tackles, especially when Morgan Moses went down. But look, you gotta love the vibe of the team. Lamar Jackson. I know he makes some safe throws. And it was good to see him everyone out as a flowers. I guy special, but he’s a second most accurate quarterback in NFL beside behind the Justin Herbert these days. So his accuracy there. His confidence is there that that pass you drop in the bucket that dime he dropped to Melvin Gordon was just an amazing pass. So it’s just good to see the offense and the defense. Keep taking steps forward

Nestor Aparicio  27:09

and protecting him and keeping him safe and getting back back on the field. We have mentioned Bateman, there’s another number one pick. That’s just What’s up with him Linder bomb, you tell a difference maker. He’s a dude. I mean, and when he’s healthy, and he’s had health issues as well, as far as all that missing some games but having them back out there is huge. I mean, and the running game by committee. I mean, JK Dobbins is long gone. This whole notion that’s gonna be a little bit of gossip, and we’ll see how it goes and Justice Hill holding on to the football and probably the most top side. But the way that they used to win football games grinded it out, being in second and three, second and four. I see that happening and I see them playing safe football, that they didn’t need to throw the ball down the field and have Lamar be a magician on Sunday. Just play defense get first downs run good plays on first and get yourself in a position on second down to get to get another first down and and not beat yourself. Don’t put the ball on the ground. Right? Don’t make stupid mistakes don’t have special teams problems. You know, don’t fumble the ball

Dennis Koulatsos  28:16

and talk about a dude what about Kyle Hamilton? Oh my goodness, he just looks great. Clown he was all over this kid in the backfield. How Kyle van Noy, right, just just pick them up and say you go, you’re gonna play another guy who made a difference. They just keep adding pieces and it’s a credit to the players are selecting most of the coaching staff and putting them in a position to to make plays and be successful. The brands are completely overmatched with working quarterback, but still those that sometimes trap games, the kind of games you that can put you to the Defense asleep and didn’t happen with the ravens, you got to get a lot of credit for showing up and shutting them down. You worried

Nestor Aparicio  28:52

about the Orioles having new had BP and this rest for me. I’m real happy about the rest. And if the rest doesn’t work after the rest turns to rust, and they get eliminated in three games against Tampa next week. I’m not going to go back and say well, I wanted to play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday no way or how they would prepare. And I really in regard to Elias and Fidel and the people running the team aside from the maniac kid that we’ve talked about at length, whatever they’re doing this week to check their chakras and to get their pitches in and to get their sports science in and to get their nutrition in and to oversleep the way I did on Monday morning. That this is good. They’re not going fishing. They’re not going off to the Caribbean and not having a weekend Bender in Vegas. They’re not going up to Atlantic City to bet games like Michael Jordan. They’re just they’re gonna mellow out watch some baseball and have this excitement anticipation Bill and I really hope that they feel fresh on Saturday when they play and I mean, weather’s not supposed to be great sad. So whenever they play, the fresher they are having watched with their bullpen went through two or three weeks ago and watching those star quarters go out last week, including means and really look sharp. And I know the Nationals in the Red Sox had one foot on the golf course and the end of the season. But they weren’t. They were they were throwing strikes. They were working fast. They were doing the things he needed to do at home last week. This is, it’s as good as it gets this, this is their best chance to win a World Series and I don’t want to hear about next year, the next year, the next year, they will never be in this position where there’s no Yankees. There’s no Red Sox. I mean, the Rangers don’t even have their number one starter if they wind up in that whoever gets here this week is going to be tired, right? I mean, unless Tampa wins two games and 16 innings and it’s just a walk over and they get a cup and that’s possible too. But you hope for a dog fight for Tampa and Texas all week for all these wild I mean the Phillies were playing up the road as well. Watching all this baseball but this is as good as it gets. And I really hope not for John Angelos but for my friend Melanie and Dundalk and for Allah McCallum and his sister and for anybody in your life who’s watched the Orioles and suffered all these years. I really hope this a special month for these people. I really do. You and I

Dennis Koulatsos  31:09

both and like you I want to I’m gonna sit there and get my tickets closer to game time. I’m paying a premium one of my guys. He got some tickets behind home plate for Saturday’s game for him and his dad 650 apiece Nestor 1300 bucks. That’s a steep price to pay to watch a ballgame

Nestor Aparicio  31:25

game one. I mean, we’re not even to the World Series yet. I mean, for me part of this is just so you know, I’ll tell you this on the air off the air Dennis by the way, Luke and I are planning traveling next week to either Arlington or Tampa we have flights arranged. They have denied my press credential, but I’m going to get a ticket and go enjoy myself on the road. Luke’s gonna be in the press box. And I’m gonna go work I’m gonna I’m gonna I’ll do the Melanie Newman role of in the stance I’ll be the standard stance guy, and I’ll take some I’m gonna have some fun i I’ve earned fun. I deserve fun. But for that, you know, I deserve fun. Through all this, which is on my friends a curio gave me a fun shirt. I have ordered by the way. Dennis if I could find the other shirt. Hold on a second here if I’m gonna find this on the ground. I bought this walking out of the stadium the other night I’m I left the stadium we were hoping for the clinch. It’s Wednesday night, seventh inning. Regan Red Sox are losing six and nothing in the ninth inning and the Orioles were winning whatever it was seven one, whatever, whatever the game was, I’m like, I’m gonna go home 915 We’re walking up Pratt street in front of where I did the nasty naked run in front of what was balls and Hooters it’s now the A balls that’s now the tap house or whatever it’s called Ale House guy selling shirts, just like this regular cotton T shirts. And they had a saying on them. And I walked by and I saw orange shirts and black shirts like this. And I’m like, I walked by and walk 50 paces past and the guy wanted 10 bucks for the shirt. I said the gentleman like, I gotta go back and get that shirt. And I didn’t know curio was gonna give me a sponsor shirt to wear. But I’m going to wear this next week either in Arlington, or in Tampa. This is going to be I’m going to wear this underneath my orange shirt. My orange Jersey ready.

Dennis Koulatsos  33:12

Oh, I like that. Right. It’s always the case

Nestor Aparicio  33:15

Baltimore versus everybody so that’s it. I think that’s an appropriate shirt for me. Hope it doesn’t shrink up. I got a medium as well. Dennis what’s going on in your lot? I know other than Orioles fever to have you gotten orange shirts for everybody who’s bought in before? Oh, we

Dennis Koulatsos  33:28

have orange shirts. We have purple shirts. We hit you name it we have it we’re supporting and supporting Ford Motor Company. We have more vehicles and most of that close to 300 Perkins 300 brand new cars, trucks and SUVs are a lot closer to honor free love vehicles as well. And deals are great. We had a phenomenal weekend, saved folks a bunch of money and got some nice place trading. So best time to buy a vehicle from Koons Ford of Baltimore is right here right now.

Nestor Aparicio  33:53

I’m appreciative to all the legacy of Henry Ford Mr. Ford all the Fords for leaving the am radio in the car. I only say that. Give me just a quick car primer. If I’m in the market to get a card that plugs in what do you tell me about that car. I mean I’ve never had a card that plugs in my kid has one. We have we

Dennis Koulatsos  34:13

have a Mach e which is a Mustang which is a phenomenal vehicle. The GT will give you a zero to 60 in three seconds. We have the lightning with the F 150 Lightning with the front it’s got a big, big trunk on the front you can put all your items in just really really good stuff with Ford Motor Company with their plugins and electric vehicles and that’s the way to going.

Nestor Aparicio  34:34

I like your cinema. Lighting. Let’s got it. It looks good. That is go autosys Here please go find him anywhere. Cars new and pre loved or sold get over to security Boulevard. Just outside belt what big thing is going over security. Security square area to over there. We have wise Mart biggest wise in the areas right around the corner from Dennis’s dealership. He’ll be here Thursday three until five driving home and getting you ready on Sunday morning for goof gain two Steelers the week. It is that this is a week I have to pinch myself and say I’m still glad to be I’m glad I live long enough to experience this. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stopped talking crabcakes baseball football, beaten Steelers, beaten who whoever we play this week and celebrate with Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks for wn st stay with us.

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