An Easter Sweet 16 of treats that were better than candy in the basket


This one will be worthy of some bar room arguments this week but I was entrusted with identifying the 16 greatest games in Baltimore sports history. Passion. Drama. Great finishes. Memorable action on the field of play.

I wrote down a list of 30 great games and seeded them based on the significance of the outcome and the level of activity in the games and came up with a Sweet 16 lost full of memories but not all them had happy endings.

Hey, a great game is a great game. All of these left me feeling like I got my monies worth.

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16. Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens (Dec. 8, 2013)

It will take some more time to know how distance treats this recent classic, but it’s hard to top the only snow game in the franchise’s history going back and forth with five touchdowns in the final 2:05 of a 29-26 win for the Ravens over the Vikings. “Will we ever see another game like that again?” head coach John Harbaugh said. The answer to that is probably “no.”









  1. The last superbowl was obviously great but I will never forget the ravens Seahawks game with Anthony wright. I wanted to leave in the 4th quarter but my dad refused saying we never leave early. Although it was aided by the refs screwing up by not restarting the clock after a ravens penalty with under 2 minutes it was still awesome.

  2. Maryland was a LOCK for the “tourney” by the time they faced Duke in the ACCT. They already beat Paul and Hodge? FREDTERP

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