Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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ghost to the post

#ColumnNes Somehow, Harbaugh is under siege at The Castle for Christmas

When there are only two legitimate reporters waiting to ask you questions after you lose to the Browns on the road with a foolish offensive game plan, does it really matter what you say to (or about) the fans at the end of the bar?

Longtime NFL insider Clark Judge talks Baltimore roots and Raiders planting in Las Vegas

Longtime NFL insider Clark Judge talks Baltimore roots and Raiders planting in Las Vegas

Counting and recalling the roots of Baltimore vs. Raiders

Longtime NFL insider Clark Judge goes from "Ghost To the Post" and Bert Jones birthday to Al Davis and Art Modell and Bob Irsay and John Elway how in the world the Oakland Raiders ever wound up in Las Vegas. What would Pete Rozelle make of this?

An Easter Sweet 16 of treats that were better than candy in the basket

Not all of these endings was sweet but none of them were like a hollow chocolate...
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Latest News

Pouring his heart into the Orioles – and every beer!

Legendary Fancy Clancy Haskett tells Nestor about every beer he's poured since 1974 at Orioles games

Coming home to find the new look of the Orioles

Sports media executive David Katz comes home to Baltimore to find a different Orioles team and Ravens stability

An appreciation for how far the Orioles have come

Luke Jones and Dennis Koulatsos compare Orioles and Ravens notes as both surge in interest and the summer takes on a different feel for sports in Baltimore.

When a city starts talking and thinking baseball again

Mike Rosenfeld joins Nestor to discuss the power of local networking and Orioles baseball. And the old-fashioned stuff like when strangers met at a game and became friends.

How will the Orioles handle all of this prosperity?

Now that folks are coming back to Camden Yards and downtown is more active, Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos share notes on the heartbeat of Baltimore and how it percolates better when the Orioles are winning, full of hope and (hopefully) bringing 30,000 people back to the city.

Fifty years of nostalgia and giving away big bucks

Seth Elkin of The Maryland Lottery talks 50 years of nostalgia and a summer full of events and giveaways.

Feeling The Local love in Fallston

Lou Petrucci takes Nestor on a tour of the award-winning The Local in Fallston and gets a crab cake at the hands of the Restaurant Association of Maryland "Chef Of The Year" in Harford County.

From the sports truths of Deadspin to the pulp and fiction of Athens

Prolific author and recovering sportswriter Will Leitch tells Nestor about his new book "The Time Has Come" and talks sports like a grown up even though he knows the truth behind the fiction.
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