And here come the Houston Texans looking to spoil the purple party

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss rookie quarterback sensation C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans as Ravens opponent in frigid AFC Divisional Game on Saturday.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, WNS T tassel Baltimore at Baltimore positive happy Festivus. Everyone’s celebrating a happy Maryland crabcake tour for our friends at the Maryland lottery and window nation and Jiffy Lube. We are ramping up the 2024 Maryland crabcake tour with something called crab cake row it will begin on February the fifth. Luke Jones thinks he’s going to be in Las Vegas rolling the dice and hanging out with the beautiful people and listening to Wayne Newton and doing all that good stuff. Meanwhile, the Ravens will begin the party here this week is a Luke will be in Owings Mills all week long. We have lots of gas lots celebrities, lots former Ravens. We’re doing everything we did here last week, but we’re doing it in anticipation of the Houston Texans coming to town. Look, I’d be honest with you. Last week, we got together the Browns were favorite. I gave the Steelers a punch. And I think they took one in Buffalo, you know, on Monday night with the game being moved and all that. But the Texans I, I would have told you at the beginning of the year if the Ravens were going to play the Houston Texans in the divisional round, after a bye week and have the one seat. I will tell you they better go to the Super Bowl.

Luke Jones  01:16

Sure, I mean, forget about the Texans, just the Ravens being the number one seed that doesn’t come around that often. I mean, they came around four years ago, and we’ve been talking about that ever since they’re not doing it. I mean, that’s been such a driving force for conversation that in the Lord Jackson’s contract. I mean, if you want to talk about the things we’ve talked about most frequently, over the last four years, it’s been that and the Ravens are back on that stage. Again, number one seed best record in the NFL, but it gets real this week. Last week was the calm before the storm. The big picture questions talking about getting some rest getting some work in. You’re preparing for any of for opponents. So you do some preliminary work, but you get to the weekend and you kind of wait. Right? So I think the good thing about the way that this played out, even with the postponement up in Buffalo, and what that meant, the Ravens got to watch the Texans beat Joe Flacco and the browns on Saturday afternoon into the evening. And from that moment on, they had a pretty good idea. If you were if you were looking at the odds, that was the team, they were most likely going to play based on that. So they want to work on the Texans at that point. So it’s not as though they spent the 48 hours leading into the Buffalo game. Just kind of waiting around. They said, Look, we’re going to prepare for the Texans. We haven’t seen them since week one. If it does happen to be Pittsburgh, if the Steelers do pull off an upset, we just saw them in week 18. And we know the Steelers better than any team so we can pivot if necessary. So I think that was a good way to approach it. I don’t think it was done with any disrespect towards the Steelers. I think it was just looking at it. Hey, you know we’re going to prepare for the best team, the team that we haven’t seen in the longest amount of time and that ends up being our AFC North rival, then we’ll adjust and it turned out to be the Houston Texans. So really good story. I mean, you think about where the Texans were a year ago, all the talk leading into the draft Bryce young or CJ Stroud and wasn’t a contest, CJ Stroud had one of the very best rookie seasons in NFL history for a quarterback. So it’s playing at a high level. We saw that on Saturday with the way that he absolutely torched the Cleveland defense, but he’s been playing at a high level all year, and I was really struck and you and I talked about this game. We didn’t break it down in great detail last week, but we mentioned browns, Texans made teams

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:43

and played a couple of weeks ago, too. I sat and watched those teams play without Stroud, right?

Luke Jones  03:47

Yeah. Without Straub, right. Which, you know, that’s like the, you know, and the team without their starting quarterback look at the Ravens against the Steelers in week 18. It’s totally different. So, but the thing that really struck me and this is why I wasn’t dismissing Houston, Texas, Houston stances whatsoever. I mean, you know, did I give the slight edge to the browns? Sure. was I surprised by the fact that tech the Texans one, no surprise by being a blowout, but the reality is, I thought back to week one, and I get it, I mean, the Ravens won pretty handily. It wasn’t a dominating effort from start to finish, but they won. It was never in doubt. But I still think back to what John Harbaugh said the day after that game and full disclosure, we know John’s No, no stranger to complementing the opposition, even if it ends up being a lopsided affair. But he went out of his way, the day after that season opener to say that Texas team is pretty good. They’ve got a lot of good young players, and he said, you watch they’re gonna win a lot of games this year. And it was something he volunteered that you know that that was at the end of a pretty lengthy opening statement on that Monday press conference. And that was something that just stuck with me and to see Houston do what they did over the course of the season see CJ Stroud play at such a high level. And to then see him do what he did against the Browns defense on Saturday. I’ll say this much. I mean, the ravens are the favorite. They’re a big favorite. They should be they they’ve earned that they played that way over the course of a couple months now to earn that kind of a distinction and that respect. However, this is a Houston team that has an explosive passing game, you better start fast. You don’t want to sleepwalk through the first quarter and then you look up and you’re down. 10 Nothing. Houston is a team that absolutely is playing well. They played well with CJ Stroud on the field, as you mentioned, yeah, they really struggled without him for those couple games in December when he was out with a concussion. But this is a team that has a lot of talented players, that they certainly are improving. They’ve gotten better over the course of the season, as Jacksonville fell apart. They were the team that continued to kind of grind away. And they did what they needed to do at the very end of the season to win that division, and including going to Indy and winning in the last game of the season. So I’ll say what I would have said, whether with any of the teams, the Ravens would have been playing divisional round weekend. Got to start fast, because this is a team that’s been in playoff mode for a few weeks. And if we’re going to draw any comparison, even though the style is not anywhere close, but if we’re going to draw any comparisons to four years ago on the Titans coming into town, that’s that would be it. Houston has been in playoff mode for a few weeks now knowing that they need to keep winning, whereas the Ravens have been in this downshift mode for a couple of weeks now. So you hope you expect them to start fast. But if they don’t, they’re going to be in for a dogfight on Saturday because this is a Texas team that definitely has talent.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:51

Well, I don’t want to begin the rest versus rust because they rested and we’ll see if they’re rusty or not. Same thing with the 40 Niners when they get going on Saturday that after we’re done and hopefully the season continues on but you’re going to get the hot team now. That’s the way this works. We sat around all weekend, we watch six teams when six teams lose five teams and blowouts five pretty bad games for the most part. I mean, the Pittsburgh Buffalo game didn’t really have any promise it was close ish, but not close. The other ones were all terrible other than the matt Stafford game, which was exciting. And it snowed this weekend. It’s going to be in the teens at game time at 430 on Saturday. I mean all of these things that you play for home field advantage, you want home field advantage. And then three feet of snow comes and the Steelers got to go in and play in the field and the field was pristine, but the stands were a mess. Whether it’s going to be a factor in anything outdoor buffalo is playing at home on Sunday night again. So both of these AFC games are sort of weather factors. Meanwhile, it’s 10 below in Detroit, and they got a dome. And everybody’s like how loud it is in there. Did he little memo, it’s a lot louder when you don’t have to work gloves. I learned that this chat still tells you what to do. But I was a season ticket holder and I went to games in the winter. And the difference between our stadium and other stadiums in the cold is you can only yell when it’s 20 degrees. You can’t do this. You can’t clap. So it won’t be as loud Detroit was apparently like, you know, being on a runway at BWI. From the noise and from what fans can do and disrupt. I don’t know what to expect on Saturday afternoon with CJ so I know that Texans aren’t gonna bring fans. I thought the Browns fans would come in and make the tickets 400 bucks right now. Yeah, it’s a relatively reasonable price to go to the game. It’s under 25 bucks online right now. Ticket prices are a little bit depressed. The home field advantage part of where the ravens are at 20 degrees when Lamar is out there freezing and his breads coming out. I don’t know. I don’t feel like it’s as much of a homefield advantage as maybe I’ve dreamed it up all of these years. Let’s get them here. Let’s play a championship game or you’d rather play a championship game here. But but the weather is a factor and, and it was a factor over the weekend. And if you don’t think cold is cold. I’ll have 60,000 people to get out of the game this weekend. You will be sitting in the press box. Very comfortable. We’re appreciative of that. But everyone else would be cold. And we saw guys get cold over the weekend that that kid city game was outrageous. The Buffalo game. They kept saying the answer is like it’s really cold here. It doesn’t look cool, because you can’t see the snow on the field, but it’s really cold. I think that affects teams and that does worry me about Lamar. I’m worried about the Ravens a little bit because cold you play different football and cold.

Luke Jones  09:39

I mean, in a way that you could say about any team but look, I mean, we’re talking about Houston, it’s a dome team. It’s a team that throws the football they do not run the ball very well. I mean, they they ran it okay against the browns, you know, but you look at them statistically over the course of the season. They’re they’re not an accomplished running game. That’s why I said the comparisons between them The titans from four years ago kind of ends with just the fact that they’re in playoff mode to make way different team. I mean, they’re they’re going to try to win it on the back of their quarterback and their defense, stopping the run and trying to get after Lamar Jackson in the pocket so that I think the elements while I agree, I understand your point in terms of I don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:21

think this helps the Ravens that’s my point. My point is 20 degrees and frozen. Even with the even if the Miami was coming in, I don’t know that it it doesn’t help the better team bad weather ever. And we’re the way better team nonpoint favorite right? Probably 10 By the time the game gets going. Um,

Luke Jones  10:39

I don’t know if I agree with that. I mean, I in the sense of I’m not saying that the ravens are better in cold weather of like, meaning are better in cold weather than if it were going to be 65 degrees. But the ravens are also a team that’s shown over and over again, they can win playing different styles of games, right? They can rely on their defense. We’ve seen the games where the running game has taken over. We’ve seen Lamar throw for five touchdowns in game. So I think from that standpoint, it helps them in the sense that you are talking about a dome team in Houston coming in a Texans offense that relies on the big play in the passing game. So if the wind is a factor, the cold you know that that’s something that’s you know, we saw how Miami fared in Kansas City not that it’s going to be that cold because that was just ridiculous. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:25

don’t think in the cold you drop passes and you fumble the ball and it’s harder to manage the football in general and that to me creates if I were betting on the Ravens this games in Tampa and sunshine, nine points I’d say they’ve kicked everybody’s ass Let’s get after it. But this and maybe it turns into 50 to 14 ravens because the the Texans kick the ball around three so I don’t know but I do know the weather is an equalizer for lesser talent and the Ravens should win this game. Nine and a half out of 10 times if your 10 point favorites at home right. And I think we all expect them to win. I think we all deep down look at this and say I’d rather have Houston and Cleveland I’d rather have Houston then Miami. Even healthy Miami certainly would rather have Houston than a healthy Pittsburgh. When I say healthy Pittsburgh. I mean TJ watt, things they didn’t have the other night. You know, be careful what you wish for is all I’m saying, everyone. This looks like the dream matchup dude, they gotta buy they got a week off their plans. A rookie quarterback, a rookie coach, a dome team on a 15 degree day. This They better not lose. I just keep going back to They better not look, because this is lined up. Look at Dallas today speaking of better not losing look at what happened to them over the weekend. Yeah, sure.

Luke Jones  12:47

I mean, look, I think you’re overriding some of the alternatives here. Pittsburgh stinks. They’re not that good. I mean, they just aren’t. And they had a nice little story with Mason Rudolph at the end of the year. If people were sitting here relieved that the ravens are playing the Texans rather than the Steelers. I don’t know you haven’t watched the Texans. The Ravens should win this game. There’s no question about that. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that sentiment that said this is a Houston team. You can talk what you want about rookie quarterback CJ Stroud didn’t play like a rookie quarterback against a Browns defense that some people were saying was the best in the NFL this year now,

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:22

I think you saw was taking the task.

Luke Jones  13:27

And Cleveland’s defense playing on the road. I mean, if you’d kind of looked at the splits, you know, that’s why I kind of laughed at people that kept trying to say the Browns defense was better than the Ravens defense, which I didn’t think at all I want

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:37

to think on the road on defense. That’s crazy. To me.

Luke Jones  13:41

It’s just just when you’re talking about flood teams or teams that aren’t ready for primetime, I mean, look, the Browns were a good story. I mean, you know, take putting aside AFC, you know, AFC North rivalries in the bitterness and disdain and all of that. They were a good story. I mean, Joe Flacco was a great story, but they were still a flawed team down the stretch and they turned the ball over a lot, even in some of their victories down the stretch. And guess what they turned the ball over Joe Flacco threw interceptions, these were returned for touchdowns. So, but my overall point getting back to the Texans is this is a team that, again, don’t take them lightly. I am telling you, I mean, just the way that you just talked about it. They’re better than I think they’re absolutely a better team than the Pittsburgh Steelers, for example. I mean, I just do. But that said, all of that said acknowledging whoever you want to rank, you know, who would you rather play Euston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, whatever. The ravens are better than any of those teams coming in to Baltimore for the divisional round. So yes, need to start fast. Play your brand of football doesn’t need to be perfect. Just play a good crisp. Limiting the mistakes kind of football. You do that the Ravens should win and probably cover right I mean, nine, nine and a half points. That’s what you’re seeing as the early indication you’re right about the weather in the sense of it can become a challenge for you it can become an obstacle for you, if you allow it to be now, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be 50 mile per hour winds or snow. You know, again, as we get closer to Saturday, we’ll we’ll see a little more defined forecast, but it’s supposed to be very cold as as you mentioned. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:22

Mr. Lamar is helmet doesn’t crack in half the way. Right, right. How crazy was that? The best player in the sport at cracked helmet. They didn’t even give him a they didn’t even put them in the protocol. I’ve watched this league over the weekend, the way they’re measuring things.

Luke Jones  15:36

Stafford one was way Stafford was way worse. mahomes showed the helmet cracked. I agree with you. If you want to say fine check. I’m sure he didn’t show any sign whatsoever of being concussed. If you watch the replay, though. Matthew Stafford looked like his eyes rolled. Sure, yeah. But that point aside, you know, going back to what we were talking about here, when you sit and watch football

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:58

all day, Saturday, all day, Sunday, all day Monday, watch all these big games with no distraction. There’s no red zone. You’re not getting up to pee during commercials. I’m not I mean, you’re watching the whole thing listening to boy man, the league from a gambling standpoint and getting calls right and there was a call or two whenever you mean, like who got speared on the ground and the guy spinning around like a worldly burden don’t get they don’t get a flag. Meanwhile, Josh Allen can fake going down, break everybody’s ankles because they’re afraid to hit and run for a touchdown. And then they hit him and sort of fall on him. And there can 15 Like officiating suck this weekend. I thought I thought it sucked.

Luke Jones  16:38

Okay, it has its issues every week. But five of these games weren’t even close. So I just don’t want to waste breath talking about officiating under Yeah, but but sure. I mean, there’s always that even more reason if you’re the ravens, you need to start fast build a lead, do not let the game come to those types of calls, if you find yourself in a dogfight. But like I said, I mean, this is a Houston team that has been in playoff mode for a few weeks. I think they’re they’ve got a little bit of that. That ignorance going to them in the sense of not really knowing that they’re a year ahead. They’re a year early here. And I even wrote this last week because I was kind of breaking down the four possibilities, you know, putting Kansas City and buffalo aside, knowing that the Ravens couldn’t play them in the divisional round. And you kind of looked at it. And you know, Pittsburgh without TJ watt. Miami, we already saw Miami coming to Baltimore. I mean, I vividly remember talking to you that week saying I wasn’t convinced that the dolphins are ready for primetime and they have since proven that in fatica Lee with their three performances since then. But you know, Houston was the one team in the sense of luck. I think CJ Stroud and this Texans team, it’s gonna be a major problem for the AFC, you know, moving forward, but my thought was probably a year away from that. But hey, here they are, in the divisional round. They’re going up against the ravens, their big underdog, you know, there’s going to be plenty of motivation on their side, plenty of bulletin board material on their side as far as 10 people counting them out. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:11

rep for Lamar and week one. So the defensive guys, they’ve seen it, at least they’ve at least seen it right. They have

Luke Jones  18:17

they have but unlike some of these other potential matchups, like Pittsburgh, they had just seen in week 18 I get it not all the starters played, but they had seen Mason Rudolph in that offense, you know, they had seen Miami. So you know, Cleveland, they had seen in back in November, even though they hadn’t seen Joe Flacco so, you know, this is a team that’s changed a lot. Now, I’ll say this with this Houston team, as much as I’m talking them up in terms of not taking them lightly. They’ve under they’ve had a lot of injuries, you know, they just lost Noah Brown, one of their better wide receivers may have Nikko Collins, who is fantastic. But they have lost some some guys at wide receiver. Their offensive line has dealt with injuries throughout the year, you know, even even with some of their guys that have played at a high level on the offensive line they’ve been in and out in and out of the lineup. And on defense. They’ve had some guys on and off the field. So, you know, they’ve been through a lot. That’s why I think it’s impressive that 10 and seven, winning a playoff game and now going into Baltimore. They’re a big underdog as they should be, you know, the ravens are a much better team than the Houston Texans. But you have to be a better team than them for three hours on Saturday. You know, we saw this, the Ravens were way better than than the Titans four years ago, but they weren’t for three hours on that Saturday. And we saw what the the aftermath was, and the Fallout was for the better part of four years. So it’s a team that’s, you know, they’ve got a rookie head coach and demeco Ryans and like I said CJ Stroud, I think if he isn’t already he is rapidly approaching that territory that he’s going to be one of those quarterbacks in the AFC that right now. mahomes right. And then you have Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson is trying to get you know, they’re trying to get to where Patrick mahomes has been But I think CJ Stroud is very quickly going to be in that next year. I mean, I think he is that good. Anyone who watched him play over the course of the season, even go back to that week one game, I get it. The Texans only scored nine points, but it’s not like CJ Stroud threw three interceptions in that game was kicking the ball around and looking like a rookie quarterback makes you

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:19

and if we go back to the day after we were impressed by him, we thought came in here and look like he might be something but didn’t look like. Yeah, I mean, the second round of the playoffs, I mean, right. He wouldn’t give me $1 on that. I mean, I bet they were 400 to one, I bet they were 175. The ones who even think about making the playoffs, let alone winning the division.

Luke Jones  20:39

I mean, the only thing you would say about that division, though was okay. Jacksonville. You. You thought the Jaguars were going to take a step forward. But the rest of that division, you know, I mean, Indianapolis had a rookie quarterback, even though Gardner Minshew ended up, starting most of the urine actually was solid, Tennessee, we saw where they were, I mean, I read Mike rabl, which I’m still floored that, that that that’s what they did. It’s been

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:03

a week for that we’re gonna have to do that. Right. You’re doing that with John McLean and a whole bunch of writers this week. But But wow, this whole Dallas Bella check New England, New England seats cold already it’s over with, you know, that happened quick. But these moving chairs and hardball and the chargers and that’s a hell of a backdrop. I’d rather be talking about the game this week, and what the temperature is going to be like and how good the tailgate is going to be and all that. But in a lot of other places that turmoil has taken over I mean, including places where they won divisions and hosted games this weekend like Dallas. Yeah,

Luke Jones  21:36

yeah, no question about it. But, you know, with Houston, it was a softer division, you know, as we were just alluding to, and it’s a team that’s gotten better over the course of the season. And we’ve seen it we saw it here in Baltimore, right. I mean, going from the end of the Joe Flacco era where, you know, Joe was banged up, and had not been very good as last couple years in Baltimore. There were other issues with the roster that we talked about at length, and there’s no need to rehash today. But we saw drafting up a quarterback in the first round what he can do, I mean, it’s saved John, our balls job, and completely transformed the team. They went in a different direction. And all they’ve done is win in the regular season since then. Now, it’s about breaking through in January. But with Houston, they’re awful last year, really awful. And they draft CJ Stroud and there was all kinds of debate as far as what kind of upside he had and how good was he and the recent history of Ohio State quarterbacks and all that and all this kids done is come in there and made Houston look like a different team. Now he hasn’t done it alone. They’ve got some other really talented good players on both sides of the ball. But he looks like he’s going to be a franchise quarterback, he looks like he could be a guy that could be a top six top seven quarterback in the league sooner rather than later. I mean, if he isn’t already in that conversation, based on the year that he just had. So that’s where I keep saying the Ravens need to start fast, the Ravens need to be ready to play. If they are, then I don’t have that much concern about them winning this football game, you know, if they come out and start fast and and they’re up 10, nothing, you know, 10 minutes into the game, then it’s probably a blowout, and CJ Stroud probably thrown the ball 45 times and we’ll probably throw it to you a couple times. But if you start slow, and you’re a little slow coming out of your bye week, and you’re a little, you know, a little sleepy, and Houston jumps out to a big leap. You know, CJ, not a big lead jumps out to a lead, Miko, Collins catches a 45 yard touchdown or something like that, then we’re talking about a different game. And we’re talking about this being uncomfortable, unsettling, if you will. It’s exactly what happened in that time, that Titans game four years ago. So that’s where I just think it’s of the utmost importance for the ravens to start fast in this one. You know, they do that I’m not all that terribly concerned whatsoever about Houston. But if they start slow, and you allow the the Texans to put together an early drive and CJ Stroud to get in a rhythm and you’re not getting to him, then I think it can be a different football game. But all that said, all the different teams left in this tournament. The ravens are the best team. And for as much as we sit here, and we’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now speculating, you know, which teams could give the Ravens the most trouble. It still comes back to all of those teams are hoping to avoid the Ravens as long as they can or hoping that Houston knocks Buffalo and Kansas City right now, they may not say it. They’re both hoping that Houston knocks out the Ravens on Saturday because that makes their path to a Super Bowl that much easier. So now it’s just a matter of going out and the Ravens playing their style playing their game, and now it’s gonna be cold to your point. That can be a distraction. That can be a challenge if you allow it to be but on the flip side, you’re playing at home against a young team, a young dome team, a team that likes to throw the football cannot run the ball very well. And we know that the Ravens relative weakness has been what their run defense. This is a Houston running game that I don’t think is going to be able to take advantage of that to the degree that some other teams have at least attempted to. So I think from that standpoint, it’s a matchup that no one should be fearing. I’m just make laying out the argument for the fact that this is an upstart team, a young team that may not know any better in terms of whether they’re supposed to be here or not. It’s a really talented quarterback. I’m a big CJ Stroud fan, and a big demeco Ryans fan. I mean, this is a team that’s overachieved to your point. So all that said, the Ravens come out, start fast and play the way that we’ve seen them play really for about two months now, then, no, I don’t think the Ravens should have too many issues in this football game. But what to see them start fast and not sleepwalk through the first quarter and be in a position where you’re you’re downtown. Nothing are down 13 to seven or something like that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:59

Short week for the Ravens Saturday for 34 games over the weekend. Texas ravens, the 430 packers and 40 Niners on Saturday night, then on Sunday, they don’t play at one they play three that’ll be Tampa and Detroit three and the chiefs and the bills in the nightcap to hopefully decide who comes to visit. For the first AFC Championship Game. We’ve done the math and 53 years, chasing down the raiders in the Colts of 1971 and Jim O’Brien and Earl Morell and all of those guys, but it’ll be an interesting couple of weeks around here. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour, crab cake row style, it’s a cup of bowl or soup. We’re gonna be doing it all week long. The week of the fifth we’re going to be kicking things off at fade Lee’s at Lexington market on the fifth of February. Then on the sixth. We’re going to be a Costas on the seventh. We’re going to be a Coco’s I’m sporting my Coco’s established 1985 gear and laurelville. Thursday we’re going to be at State Fair, that is the the eighth of February. Then on the ninth on Friday, we’ll be at Pappas in cockys. Yo, we’re going to be broadcasting live all day. So there’s a nine to five all week long for Super Bowl. What number are we up to 5858 Is that right? 5858 58. I lost track when they threw me out. Look, we’ll be in Owings Mills all week long. He is Luke at wn St. dotnet. And, of course you can find him on social media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, I’ve been putting all sorts of stuff up, we are celebrating our 25 stories of glory Luke like last week number 13 Because he was number 13 As part of our king of Baltimore sports competition. The top 10 countdown begins this week. And we’ve done some really cool stuff around here including a little parade at a Super Bowl in New Orleans and whiskey Joe’s and free the birds and nice guy awards and all sorts of things we’ve done around here we’re celebrating our 25 years all of that brought to you by our friends at curio wellness and foreign daughter in a windy Brian find stopped by this week. They have some purple shirts over foreign daughter and some Canna Blitz. So stop over there. Let’s say hello to them as well. I am Esther we’re uh we’re gonna be talking football most of the week here just so you know what am 1570 And it’s this patient these four big games and an unprecedented chance to have an AFC Championship game at home. And to avoid either the bills or the chief so there’d be a lot of fun sitting around here on Saturday night if the Ravens have one wondering whether Taylor Swift coming to town or Josh Allen’s coming to town but we’ll be watching all weekend. Good weekend football ahead. Stay warm out there everyone and and go through your pantries and start finding some food and stuff because we’re going to feed some hungry people in February around here at the Maryland Food Bank. I’m Nestor he’s Luke, we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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