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And now life without Mark Andrews begins for Ravens


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Luke Jones and Nestor attempt to put the loss of Mark Andrews into perspective for Ravens championship hopes after the big 34-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Get back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We hope everybody out there is going to have a good weekend here on the couch not watching the Ravens on Sunday night. It’s always a little weird. When they get together on Thursday I’m wearing my pappy shirt. I will be at the Pappas in Parkville on Tuesday before Thanksgiving to in the Maryland crab cake tour. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with wind donation, as well as Jiffy Lube. multicam this guy was caring for the Ravens on Thursday night late into the night I you know typical Thursday weird game. They went by a couple touchdowns shouldn’t shock anybody but certainly with Joe burrow going out and mark Andrews going out and Lamar Jackson gimping around. It was a little bit of a strange body bag game. I’ll always argue they shouldn’t play these games from a physical standpoint, because I’ve known these football players and I know the training they go through and preparation for games. It’s always a little bit of a survival. And the Ravens survived it and the Bengals may not survive their season at this point.


Luke Jones  01:03

Yeah, look, we’re going to talk all about that and the Ravens topple the Bengals, the Bengals look like they’re done, certainly from an AFC North perspective now, can they get off the mat still make the playoffs? Hey, there. There’s three wildcards. Now, you know, we’ve talked about that a lot over the last couple years, especially the position the Ravens have been in late and seasons with not having Lamar Jackson these last couple years. But for me, as much as the Ravens want to feel really good about beating the Cincinnati Bengals, whether Chopra was on the field or not. I mean, the Bengals were puffing out their chest beating a Lamar Jackson, Lis ravens team these last couple years late in the season. So from from that standpoint now. I mean, what would have happened if Joe burrow never gets hurt? We’ll never know, you know, so. So that’s kind of an

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:49

Shamar chasewater have caught more than two balls, probably probably.

Luke Jones  01:51

But that said, I look at this from the big picture. War of Attrition standpoint, Super Bowl aspiration standpoint. But the Ravens took a big hit on Thursday night. I mean, I think we know there’s one player on this roster that if you lose on your dime, and this very much reverts into feeling like preseason, how the last two years felt with Lamar Jackson sideline late in the season. So Lamar Jackson’s that one guy, but Mark Andrews is on that really short list of guys that if you lose, you say you at least ask the question. Can the Ravens still win a Super Bowl? And this is a tough loss to to endure. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:33


I would ask that About Kelsey if Taylor’s

Luke Jones  02:37

question about it, to suggest otherwise to be dismissive otherwise is to basically say you don’t think Mark Andrews is that important? I mean, he’s been so important to what they’ve done. So what we saw on Thursday night, which was very much a positive seeing the wide receivers step up collectively the way they did. That’s gonna be more of the way moving forward now because as much as you hope Isaiah likely and Charlie Kohler can step up, and I don’t think that they suddenly go from having one of the best tight ends in the NFL to having the worst group of tight ends in football. I don’t think I think likely. And Kohler can do a solid job for them. We saw likely do it last year in place a mark Andrews for chunks of a couple games. But we know how important Andrews has been to Lamar Jackson. I mean, Lamar Jackson said it himself in the postgame. He said there, you know peanut butter and jelly or however you want to characterize it. Describe it. It’s been that important of a connection. From the moment Lamar Jackson was inserted into the starting lineup midway through the 2018 season. I mean, as rookies they were the key connection for a passing game that was quite limited.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:46

That first year. If there’s no mark Andrews early on, there’s Lamar might have been a failure. Like I mean, it’s pretty much all he had other than running the football early on early on. Yeah,

Luke Jones  03:56

I mean, I don’t know. Not a failure. But put it this way. I very much have my doubts if Lamar Jackson’s MVP unanimously in 2019. If Mark Andrews isn’t there, I think that stating the obvious so that hurts and that hurts through the lens of not the AFC north at this point, because they took a big step toward win winning the division on Thursday night, especially you and I this is the first time we’re talking since the Deshaun. Watson news came out that he’s done for the year. And is Joe burrow gonna play the rest of the year or is he gonna miss how many games and the Bengals are already five and five as it is, so the division feels really good. And that’s the case with or without Mark Andrews at this point in time, but through the lens of January thinking about needing to win three or four straight games against really good teams. If I posed that question to you earlier in the day Thursday and said, you don’t have Mark Andrews for that. You’re gonna have a lot of fans saying oh, that’s that’s, that’s dicey. That’s hair. You


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:56

don’t have Mark Andrews in LA next week. You don’t have in San Francisco, you want Having a Jacksonville, you’re not going to have a get to steal, you know, like you’re not going to have them and you know I’m with you. They don’t have the worst tight end room in it. But I you start taking that element of third down and connection. And there was a point early on, where Kohler had his back to Lamar and got Lamar blown up. Lamar wanted to get rid of the football, and 88 wouldn’t look back at him, like literally right, like, where’s that it’s better? So, I mean, I think we saw that early on that like, Hey, this is a this is a major thing. And I think for the Mojo, the team and for Thursday night and the blackout and all that it felt like a real football game for me. I’m watching on TV. I’ve been there a couple years, but it felt like it was an expensive ticket. It was 130 bucks to get in a game time. It felt like a big deal at the game on Thursday night. It

Luke Jones  05:55

felt like the first really big game they’ve had Dare I say since the plague where it was like that. Yeah. 2021 against the chiefs that week to the first game back were fans were actually there. I think it was electric that night. But yeah, I think this easily for this year, you know, and obviously it was their first Primetime game of the season. But yeah, it had a big game feel. Look, I want to be clear, I am not at all. This isn’t me throwing dirt on their season. But when you lose someone like Mark Andrews, I mean, this is a big one. I was thinking about it in the postgame as I walked back up to the to the press box after being in the locker room, and players cleared out pretty quickly. It’s a Thursday night game. These guys. They’re getting some extra rest this weekend. These guys are tired. I mean, they give them credit. They won the football game on Thursday night. They did what they needed to do. Lamar Jackson was really good even on the gimpy ankle, which he’ll have some time now to rest. But I was thinking understanding Lamar is way up here at the top of the list of guys that you know, the season’s over if you lose him, but I was thinking of that next tier of guys that are really, really difficult to replace or RO Quan Smith would be number one. I am not so sure Mark Andrews is too. Yeah, he is he is I think a couple years ago, you would have said Marlon Humphrey, the Ravens have fared okay without Marlon Humphrey. I mean, and they have so much other defensive depth and all that they’re winning with that Ronnie Stanley at least same? Yeah, I mean, Ronnie Stanley, who he is now compared to three years ago when we had this conversation after his unfortunate ankle injury. But I think Mark Andrews is other than ro Quan Smith, he’s next on that list of guys you can least afford to lose in the context of thinking about trying to optimize your Superbowl chances. So the good news is they did get their production that they got from their wide receivers on Thursday night. The good news is this is a much better wide receiver room than it has been the last couple of years. I mean, can you imagine if they’ve lost Mark Andrews for the season last year, that might have been a forget about it, considering what their wide receiver group was even before Lamar Jackson gets hurt. I mean, that’s how bad it would have been for them in that regard. So, but the difference is now you see how they want on Thursday night. You know, we’ve seen zay zay flowers do it all year, Odell Beckham. And I’ve been as big of a doubter as anyone, the last couple of weeks, he looks more explosive. And he talked about in the postgame locker room. He talked about the fact that first meeting was Cincinnati was when he, you know, he wasn’t feeling right physically, and they shut him down for a couple of weeks. And he said, in a big picture sense he thinks that was great for him. And he kind of feels much more like his old self the last couple of weeks, and the production has matched that

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:33

well. And that’s just a production. He looks like he could run away from people.

Luke Jones  08:37


explosiveness Yeah, he’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:38

gonna have six weeks ago. Right? Right.

Luke Jones  08:41

So the challenge will now be, you’re gonna need that to continue, because everyone else moves up the totem pole. I mean, this, John Harbaugh said it best and it sounds like coach speak, but I agree with him on this point. This, this isn’t a simple one for one where you’re gonna say, okay, Isaiah likely step up, Isaiah likely is not going to be Mark Andrews, you need him to be the best version of Isaiah likely you can be but you’re going to need each of your wide receivers to step up and be a little bit better. You’re gonna need Charlie Kohler to step forward. You know, Patrick Ricard from a blocking standpoint, they’re probably going to put even more on him, you know, from a blocking tight end standpoint, because not that Andrews blocked a whole lot, but he did some of that. So, you know, the offensive line is going to have to be on point even more because Lamar is gonna be relying on his wide receivers more. So it’s not to say that they’re doomed, but boy, this does drastically alter their course of where they were going offensively. So it could be in a big picture sense. It could be something that’s good for Lamar Jackson as a quarterback, but that doesn’t necessarily that’s not me arguing that they’re going to be better in the long run for it because, I mean, you’re, you’re talking about one of the you know, some people say as good as the second best tight end in football behind Travis Kelce. But he is Mark Andrews has easily been in that top two or three For least three years now, let’s say I mean, that’s how great he’s been for multiple years. And I mean, it’s just, it’s a bummer to lose a player of that magnitude, it’s a bummer to lose one of the leaders in your locker room, certainly a guy that even defensive players talked about after the game. So as much as you feel good about the win, and you’re eight and three, you’re still in first place in the division with a depleted version of Cleveland for the rest of the way. Who knows what Joe burrow and the Bengals are five and five and five anyway, I mean, Pittsburgh, they have their quarterback up right and healthy, but there’s a question about how good he is. So you feel great about where the ravens are from a division standpoint, from a playoff positioning standpoint. But again, in the big picture sense of January and wanting to make a deep run and wanting to give yourselves the best chance to win a Super Bowl, it’s hard not to look at the mark Andrews loss and and recognize just how big that is and how much that’s going to be you know, that’s gonna be a challenge to overcome for this offense. Again, what they did Thursday night Great. Great to see the wide receivers step up, they’re going to need more of that moving forward because it’s not just Lamar Jackson security blanket in the passing game. It’s everyone’s security get blanket in the passing game that games are the receivers haven’t done much you need to play on third down. We know who number eight is look to it’s been number 89 For the better part of five years now. And you’re not going to have that I support

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:25

this duly noted out there on YouTube, he comes on poops on me for being too negative on the ravens, you know, negative


Luke Jones  11:32

stating the obvious. I mean, anyone who wants to dismiss it, you’re, you’re just you’re doing the whole we’re gonna look at this with purple colored glasses. I’m not saying the season’s over by any stretch of the imagination. But to sit here and say that blue is a mark Andrews, next man up well, okay, that’s the t shirt slogan, right? You don’t replace a player like that, you know, you have, you’re going to need six guys to step up their play to replace a player like that. It can be done. It can be done. But this is a big one. It’s It’s near the top of the list other than obviously the quarterback

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:07

well, and then it’s it, how do you replace it? Where do you get that productivity? For me, it’s probably in the ground game, right? I mean, the more the better, they can run the ball late, when the weather gets bad. If they can’t do that, they’re really going to struggle if they can’t run the ball, if they’re not getting into decent down and distances by running, if all they have is passing and they don’t have Mark Andrews, to your point I don’t I don’t love their offense, if that’s where they are. I want to see Keith Mitchell get loose, I want to see holes. Dare I say Pat Ricard a little bit more in certain cases, and creating things too, they’re gonna have to grind a little bit more, I think, just moving forward. And that’s the nature of the weather, as football. As it happens into December in January, you’re gonna hit some, some weather not gonna hit that San Francisco or LA or Jacksonville. They’re lucky to have some road games. But I would think their ability to run the ball and where they were in 19. And all the things they did that set up the pass. I think running the ball is even more important. And this is where you go back and say, Well, we’re gonna play without Dobbins, and they’re gonna play with that, Andrew, you know, when you and they’re gonna play with that, Stanley, and they’ve been playing without Moses. Yeah, that’s when it gets more difficult, I think. Well,

Luke Jones  13:20

I mean, I don’t disagree with your point, but they’re going to need their wide receivers to step up. I mean, they’re just going to have to, we’ve talked about this. We’ve talked about this. Through the four game winning streak. We were still talking about this because it’s just important to the big picture sense of this team trying to reach its full potential it’s full ceiling. We talked about what the Ravens needing a consistent third pass catching weapon to emerge to go with Mark Andrews and ze flowers who have been there for the most part week in and week out. Well, now whoever that third option and maybe it is Odell Beckham Jr. I mean, he had over 100 receiving yards on Thursday night and looked explosive, as you mentioned, and I agree with that, but they’re going to need whether it’s him. Whether it’s an Aguilar who had a touchdown off a deflection, you know, kind of a fluky play, whether it’s Rashad Bateman, who caught a touchdown on Thursday night and it was good to see for him and his confidence level in his place. To

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:14


me like he’s coming back to Earth to be at least more Clayton at this point, right. Like, I don’t know, but this is an opportunity for him to maybe get more passes. I don’t even know. We’ve been waiting. He’s a first round draft pick. We’ve been waiting on him. I mean, it’s

Luke Jones  14:30

kind of this is an opportunity for everyone yet. Lamar Jackson, first of all to mark Andrews a lot so and I agree with your point to a degree about the running game. But no, it’s not just going to be Oh no, you’re gonna have to have to throw the football in it’s got to be in a different way doesn’t mean that you’re not going to run the ball running the ball was always going to be very important to this football team whether Mark Andrews was out there or not to your point, as the elements worsened late in the season, but again, it just it’s gonna look different and it’s gonna be interesting to see Where Todd Monken goes from here? Do you use more three wide receiver sets? Do you? I mean with Patrick Ricard on the field, and, you know, it’s technically 11 personnel, but not really, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. The good news is they are better equipped to endure a loss to mark Andrews this year than they would have been last year or the year before or the year before that. So well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:27

they’ve been keeping Kohler and Isaiah likely around for three, four years here. Like they noticed this year too.

Luke Jones  15:35

Likely not three, no. Year two,


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:37

it feels like they’ve been here forever. That it really does. I don’t remember who the other Titans were.

Luke Jones  15:43

Nick Boyle. Nick Boyle. Thank

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:45

you. All right. Well, yeah, fair enough.

Luke Jones  15:48


Yeah, you know, Patrick Ricard moved into a blocking tight end role, which he still does plenty of that. It just feels like likely

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:53

has been here awhile that he and that he didn’t Hurst and it feels like going on him that he’s a guy who would be a starter somewhere else, right. I mean, he’s good enough. He’s a top 32 Tight end kind of sort of unlimited my mind. Maybe I’m worn out on preseason or seeing him around or feeling like he’s been here for years. But it feels to me like he would start somewhere else and and he’ll get, you’ll get receptions, you’ll catch the ball. I mean, I don’t think you’ll catch seven or eight. But he’ll catch two or three a week. And I think that’s why I’m not as Debbie Downer about it a little bit because they at least have tight ends that have been a part of this. It did bother me and COVID and turn around. Look at the ball. Yeah, nice. Blocking tight end.

Luke Jones  16:33

First of all, I’m not being a Debbie Downer. It’s just not if anyone’s gonna sit here and say that losing Mark Andrews isn’t that big of a deal. I just don’t you haven’t watched the Ravens for the last five years. That’s my that’s the point I make for me

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:44

to try to be the positive guy here. Okay. Here’s a golf loss. I mean, it.


Luke Jones  16:51

I thought of you. It full disclosure, when they rolled Andrews out. First of all, they rolled them out as early in the game as they did. That’s never a good sign. I mean, it’s just not. Normally, if it’s a case where someone’s going to be out for, you know, it might be out for a couple of weeks, you know, if they if they go down in the first quarter. Normally they rule them out coming out of halftime, right? The fact that he was rolled out early in the games wasn’t even in, you know, they weren’t even halftime yet, you know, might not have even been to the second quarter. I can’t remember exactly what it was. But, you know, it was a bad sign. But again, I want to be clear, the fact that they drafted two tight ends last year in the fourth round is a it’s very good to this equation. I want to be very clear about that. It’s just, you know, you’re going from that being one of your greatest strengths to that now being at best. A question mark, you know, at best a question mark, because we haven’t seen but you’re right as more so last year, we haven’t seen it as much from Isaiah likely this year. But yeah, last year, when he filled in remember, he exited that Tampa Bay Thursday night game likely was big in that second half likely caught a touchdown the following week against New Orleans net Monday night game when Andrew sat out as they were approaching the bye week and he was banged up. So you know, I I’m I’m in agreement on that assessment that Isaiah likely would probably would probably would have started for some other teams. That’s, that’s great. That’s still not mark Andrews. You know, we’re not talking about Mark Andrews isn’t one of 32. Mark Andrews is one of two or three in this league. And that’s the point I’m trying to make. You know, we’re going to see how this offense evolves. Without him it’s definitely going to look different. To your point. I don’t think it’s going to be Isaiah likely making the same 567 catches on a touchdown that you come to expect from Mark Andrews every single week. It’s going to be can Isaiah likely, and Charlie Kohler, give you three or four. And then can you get an extra reception or two from each of your wide receivers? If you do that that makes helps make up for the production coupled with running the football. So there

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:57

is that security blanket part that Lamar used, that they had peanut butter and jelly is that Lamar would say and that that’s not going to exist with with likely I don’t know. No, I

Luke Jones  19:08

mean, how could it I mean, they haven’t had nearly as much time on task together. To your point, you feel like he’s been around longer than he has, but he just hasn’t been around that long. So we’re gonna see how this works out. The good thing here and this is where I will put the positive spin on this. This football team now has one game in the next what? November 16 was Thursday night, you know, they play the 26th at the chargers, and then they don’t play again until December 10. So you’re talking about

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:38


one game until I left over to the pumpkin pie yet. That’s a long time.

Luke Jones  19:45

One game over the next 24 days if you want to look for a recipe for Todd Monken and Lamar Jackson in this coaching staff to get back in the lab and figure out exactly what this passing game is going to look like. What this offense is going to look like without Mark Andrews There is your positive spin in terms of, you’re going to have some real meaty time to figure that out rather than this coming on the other side of the buy. And, hey, it’s, it’s the sprint the rest of the way after that where you’re playing every single week, and you don’t have time off. So, again, I am not taking the

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:17

time off by getting themselves by too. So they are sure opportunity to get themselves off second week of January two, and they’re very much in that running for sure. Yeah,

Luke Jones  20:26

yeah. I mean, it’s, you know, the one thing I’ll say is Kansas City does have a more manageable schedule, the rest of the way the Ravens have a pretty, pretty darn challenging schedule, the rest of the way, but they put themselves in great position in Division. They’ve all been buried the Bengals least in terms of the division, we’ll see if they can get off the mat, but they’ve gotten


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:45

the browser done the browser over with they don’t have a quarterback. I mean,

Luke Jones  20:49

is there a scenario for the Browns to sneak in as the seventh wild or

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:53

as the winning games defensively? 16. Yeah. But in terms of

Luke Jones  20:57


the Browns being to me a serious threat? No, I mean, and even with that, I was only buying that if we were going to see more of the version of Deshaun. Watson, we saw on the second half this past Sunday. I mean, that was a version of Deshaun Watson that reminded you of the guy who was in Houston much more so. So yeah, from from this, when I’m talking about my long term concerns with Mark Andrews, it’s not about making the playoffs. It’s not about winning the division. It’s about thinking about this team winning three or four straight games and January and early February. I mean, that’s the goal, right? This team’s not

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:30

losing games between here and there. That’s gonna put you on the road. And we keep seeing on the road and buffalo Oh, my God, right. Like, I mean, some buffalo and Cincinnati have imploded. So I don’t know who’s on that road anymore. But those were two places you didn’t want to go in January. And you didn’t really want to come in here either. Right? Like Josh Allen still might come here at some point. But the notion that they’re gonna go on the road, the AFC as much as it was September, they’re all going to win 14 games. It’s gotten a little withered, including here where Ronnie Stanley isn’t standing up. Mark Andrews isn’t standing up. Who knows what’s around the corner for injuries, but Cleveland gonna have a quarterback Cincinnati doesn’t have one this morning. I don’t know who the tough teams are going to be injured. I always think that January man that January rode out, they’re gonna beat Buffalo and Cincinnati. I’m gonna have to be Buffalo and Cincinnati at this point. It’s,

Luke Jones  22:23

I mean, it’s really at this point. And again, it’s week 11. There’s a lot. There’s an eternity to go. And we saw it, it can be as fleeting as seeing Lamar Jackson limping to the to the blue 10 After he goes down on the sideline there and he’s limping. We even saw him limping later in the game, you know, this is gonna be this could be a good time for him. You know, as I mentioned, one game and 24 days, which doesn’t mean I think he has a serious injury or anything like that, but he’s clearly sore. Yeah, he’s clearly gonna be sore the next few days. Five days where he has to go practice now when shocked me if he’s limited on the injury report this coming week, but you know, but that just shows and the Ravens know this better than anyone. And I am not at all suggesting the Ravens should feel sorry for the Bengals. But the Ravens should feel sorry for the browns, and certainly the Browns with the karma of making that deal to begin with. But it’s so fleeting. And the way the AFC is looking right now. No. And we were talking about this before the Browns loss that everyone was in a tizzy about, and I said, even as ugly as that game was What did I say? The Ravens went on Thursday night, they’re fine. Now, I didn’t say that with the assumption that they lose Mark Andrews in the process. So yeah, that does concern me, obviously. But through the lens of the AFC they’re in, they’re in great shape. And there’s that one team that is at the top. It deserves to be at the top because of what they’ve done for three or four years. You know, it’s Kansas City, and we’ll see what the Chiefs do against the Eagles in a Super Bowl rematch Monday night and see what happens there. But you know, the ravens are in great shape in the division, certainly making the playoffs but again, they’re going to have to figure out this mark Andrews absence and how it’s going to change their offense moving forward and doesn’t mean that they’re not going to figure it out and still be a very dangerous very serious Super Bowl contender as they get to January.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:16

We are going to let Luke Jones have a couple of days this weekend see count all these awards. The Orioles have been getting you know Rookie of the Year Executive of the Year manager the year all that good stuff. And we will have some at least warm stove baseball around here at some point because the Ravens still play for weekend. We’re doing the Maryland crab cake tour we’re gonna be Papist in Parkville it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I have a handful of ravens scratch offs to give away I’m gonna get the Senate tickets because I want them to smell good and who doesn’t want some gingerbread and peppermint this time of year. So we’ll have those we’re going to be Pappas Tuesday. It’s brought to you by window nation 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% Finance financing for five years through the holidays as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube MultiCare. The crabcake schedule is out after Thanksgiving, we are really hitting the road next Wednesday. We are at Coco’s and laurelville. On Thursday, we’re going to be at the BMA gertrudes with Dan Rodricks, and a bunch of guests. Then on Friday, the first of December, we’re gonna be in Hollywood casino up in Perry Ville, with Tom Kelso former MSA chairman. And he’s also doing the show here this week to sort of brush up on some facts that came out this week. We’re going to set the stage for letting people understand what this memorandum of understanding is with Wes Moore and John Angelo. So we’re breaking all that down. I’ve had great crabcake tours we were at Costas this week with Dundalk, high principal Paul Satterfield, and educators on besides you, Luke, you’re the usual educator here, but I had other educators on this week. We also last week, we’re fadeless and we’re gonna make our final appearance of fate Lee’s at the end of the year, right after Christmas before they move into the new market. We’re also going to get state fair on December 5. We’re also gonna be foreign data on December 15. And I’m working at other crabcake doorstops in December, so I had a delicious crab cake from Costas the other night to brought it home. Didn’t even want it pizza like nah, take it home. You want it. I wanted it. I was happy. I took it home. We’ll see it Pappas on Tuesday. looks around. You can find him in Baltimore, Luke anywhere the internet travels and the Ravens cruising, but licking their wounds right now with the loss of Mark Andrews I’m Nestor he’s Luke stay with us. We are wn St. Am 1570 tastic Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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