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Are the Orioles making all of the right moves?


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At some point, Orioles general manager Mike Elias will be spending tens of millions of John Angelos’ money on baseball players. What does the trading deadline acquisition of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty tell us about the value of the minor league system and the flow of Baltimore baseball money?


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Dennis Koulatsos  00:02

Welcome back, as we say hello to Nestor, J. Aparicio doing great things here celebrating 25 years on the airwaves at wn St. 15 7am. Baltimore, positive Nestor, always a pleasure having you on.


Nestor Aparicio  00:17

You know, one of the things about being a C list celebrity in this town for 32 years or 25 years I have in the station and I go back through all of these clips, and you know, all this stuff, and I’m having this big thing it cost this, your Thursday, and then Friday, we’re going to be a drug city all day Friday stopped by and I’m thinking of myself, and my wife caught on to this early on, and I shouldn’t like make fun of it, because both my parents were alcoholics. But if I drank every beer that somebody gave me to celebrate over all these years, how many times I’ve been out where somebody said, Let me buy you a beer, I want to buy you a beer and I buy you a beer and how many times and it hurts people’s feelings. I’m like, No, I’m driving, don’t bite I can’t. The biggest perpetrator. This is Mr. Costas himself. It goes to sin. who always want because he loves me. I listen to you every day. I said, Listen, here a beer for you. He just puts in front of me. I’m like, I know. I can’t do that. You know, so I just think about like, I’m gonna make it through this people are gonna want to buy me beer and I’m appreciative. I just can’t buy every beer that people want. So I’ll just have one social like Batman just once you

Dennis Koulatsos  01:25

can have what I drink or non alcoholic beers which are fine to me a beer is a beer. My taste buds aren’t that selective where I’m responding versus your refined? I’m we find it comes to food but when it comes to beverages, now I mean, I pet some Sam Adams some Corona Corona, non alcoholic and they’re fine. I just have one with my meal just to wash it down their fire.

Nestor Aparicio  01:46

I mean, I pick my spots. I mean beer goes with burgers and pizza and crabs. Great. You know, I mean, nice wine goes with a steak or a nice white wine with a white piece of chicken or whatever. So like I’m you know, I fish same thing. So I mean, I pick my spots. I don’t but but it is celebratory and and

Dennis Koulatsos  02:05


we handling it and we have lots of celebrate right? Yeah. Ah she’s 25 years W NST. The little station that could you have the Orioles winning finally big got bats are live ravens training camp, but no one has any significant injuries. They’ve buried the JK Dobbins holding that even talking about it for the point where the players are talking about it more than the team is right. So all as well at this point.

Nestor Aparicio  02:35

Well, what are you worried about with the ravens and I talked about this with Luke all the time like it’s early on for them. I mean, obviously we’re all in a tizzy about Jack Flaherty and Oriole pitching and like all that when it comes to the ravens and I said this to Luke it’s It’s the strangest year and he’s out there every day sweat that out is a flowers to the left. Odell Beckham to the right like all that but like the baseball team has taken front and center you know what I mean? They just think

Dennis Koulatsos  03:01

so. Rightfully so of their front and center and for me as a fan I’m excited about this team where the other night when they had us they scored several runs on the Yankees. And the then the Yankees started chipping away at the lead I mean when has a seven run lead never a touchdown lead never felt safe because of the the troubles if that was the starting pitching right then the Kramer got himself with some jams got himself out of some jam but to me that’s part of the intrigue because every team has flaws right there’s no perfect there aren’t a perfect baseball teams out there right some have they have issues at different places we have issues with starting pitching right so it’s a flaw but showed me human isn’t flawed and show me team that’s tracking 100 wins. Like the Orioles are, that isn’t flawed.

Nestor Aparicio  03:47

Well, then you have to consider Okay, your 100 Win team are gonna make the playoffs. They’re gonna have to battle to the finish line if they want to get the buy right stay out of the first round. Sure. And then you say aren’t who are pitchers going to be and who were their pitchers going to be? Let’s say one, Astro step up with Verlander not just that he wanted to be there and Rodriguez didn’t want to be in LA all the stuff that went down on Tuesday. The one thing I will say in their defense in defensive John and a defensive Michaelides is they beat the team better they mean they improve the team now whether they’ve improved it enough to feel really comfortable about their pitching in October there’s a lot that can happen between now and October they can make their pitching feel a lot more comfortable are a lot more uncomfortable based on innings based on where Bradish is looking like a dog all of a sudden I don’t know that he’s gonna look like that and inning 220 Or you know, like I don’t know how many innings these that they treat these guys like they’re ceramic bobbleheads from the 60s right like, it feels like me Palmer going after throwing 350 innings like nobody’s ever gonna do that again.


Dennis Koulatsos  04:55

Palmer is wildly entertaining to listen to, you could just tell them These

Nestor Aparicio  05:01

kids are soft. Yeah, there’s there’s some

Dennis Koulatsos  05:03

sarcasm, bitterness, whatever you want to call it, but he is wild. I’d like to I like to listen to Palmer completely unfiltered. Right? It would be wildly

Nestor Aparicio  05:14


diverse to I pay big money for.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:16

Can you imagine? Yeah, here’s a guy that was a dog’s dog. And like you said, we got these guys in bubble wrap. God forbid they go past seven innings

Nestor Aparicio  05:26

when Palmer says something like he’s only getting seven or $50,000 to start you know, just throws that in just zinc, zinc, zinc, especially when he’s cranky and a tee. He’s playing bad and you had a bad flight and yeah, whatever. But McDonald’s on every day, right? Like every night, like Dan’s got some Khun dog expression from Louisiana, and he is from out of the swamps. And that’s what what we call that kudzu. And only reason I knew was kudzu was because Jimmy Buffett had a song about it, but like, it’s a southern thing. And it’s been in Listen, I don’t go to the game sort of famously, I and I got offered a free ticket on the 100 degree Yankee night Friday and I had a plan. I got offered a free ticket on the 100 degree Saturday night and I had two plans and no electricity. I’ll get down there. But it’s like I said, the look, the games on TV are fine. They’re good. I mean, when Melanie Newman’s calling a game or Brett Hollander, it’s very, very beat Team to me. No offense. I mean, I don’t I know Brad. I’ve never met Melanie Newman. I like Brett fine. But like it’s not what what Kevin Brown or even Jeff Arnold are at this point. But Ben and Jim Palmer no matter who they’re with. I mean, Paul Newman was kind of annoyed by Melanie Newman all weekend a couple of weeks ago, that I thought it was just interesting to listen to him sitting there and talked to Melanie Newman.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:46

About how about the ESPN crew asked him Philex Batista has easy in the wire. I mean, come on. Now you talk about some bush league reporting. Why would they even go there with the guy got English? I mean, come on now. I mean, yeah, that’s not trying


Nestor Aparicio  07:00

to make the broadcast entertaining. For people that aren’t watching the game garbage, you’re watching the game, and the broadcaster’s are good and entertaining. And they’re on the game and on the history of the game, and on the end on the on the strategy of the game and always explaining why why why why why that’s going to be the question for every kid every grandmother why Ben MC. Why did this happen? If they’re explaining that? I don’t need the ketchup races. I don’t need the shell game. I don’t need

Dennis Koulatsos  07:35

Well, races were the most entertaining thing at the camera yards the last several years. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  07:41

I don’t hear about nobody’s wearing relish outfits anymore. They’re wearing rushman jerseys, you know ketchup

Dennis Koulatsos  07:46


guy myself, but my point is the games matter more than it used to be the races were more entertaining than the games at least for the Baltimore fans, right? Not so much for the

Nestor Aparicio  07:56

long as mustard didn’t win mustard yucky. I don’t eat mustard on things, you know.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:00

But you know what I liked about the the trade deadline is they got the team better. And they protected their top 10 prospects. I didn’t give away the farm. I know that Jackson holiday win the World Series.

Nestor Aparicio  08:10

And you never win. July 31. He said the


Dennis Koulatsos  08:15

farmers in October.

Nestor Aparicio  08:17

Yeah, listen, I’m not here saying they should have given holiday overseas. I’m not I’m just saying who’s going to be their race next year in the year after? You know they’re gonna need pitching more than they need to Hall of Fame shortstop next year. Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  08:31

you know what? I’m old school defense and pitching wins championships and I wish it would have invested more in pitching I know that the Elector hitters but man, where are the arms coming from?

Nestor Aparicio  08:42


Well, this is where you trade Colton Couser for a guy who’s going to start 35 games for you next year. Like I that’s where I’m not. Okay, they just last I checked and check the math on this. Okay, there’s still three spots in the outfield, right? There’s still four spots in the infield. We know who the catcher is. He’ll be the catcher for all time, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  09:06

Like, until he plays first base.

Nestor Aparicio  09:09

I mean, we know Matteo ureas all these guy mountcastle. They’re all rental properties now, right? I mean, we know what the future is going to be. But like, if you take one coat and cows or one Jordan Westbrook, or dare I say one one holiday and I don’t I’m not saying him. I’m saying you have untouchables and that’s fine. And if he’s untouchable, he’s untouchable. But at some point, there’s only one shortstop and 1/3 base and there’s only three spots in the outfield. So at some, some point, one of these guys, yeah, we love them long time. I love them all. They’re all number one draft picks. They’re all great. At some point, they’re all going to be worth 15 $20 million a year and you’re gonna have to pay them or somebody else is going to have to pay them. They had that problem in Kansas City, when it all added up right when they’ve had that problem in Tampa for 20 years when it all adds up. But at some point, if SES was over available. And I’m not saying you should give holiday up. And if that’s the case, fine, fine. I won’t, I won’t do it. But if not him, then whom? And that’s the question. I’ve been asking that. Where are you getting this ace? Where where are you where you’re not, John boys let go spend $130 million on a real ace. And they’ll go half assed something on the Ebola Jimenez way, the CID Fernandez way. But I don’t know who will be. But if they want to Eduardo Rodriguez in the offseason, they’re gonna have to get him to want to come and then give up a lot of money. Now, the one thing moving the fence back, if they get a picture removed, by the way, and they have a press conference, it’s going to be because they moved the fence back.

Dennis Koulatsos  10:39

Now that was brilliant. No, no one was going to sign the pitch, and it’s bandbox, no one worth their salt. So that was a brilliant move. But


Nestor Aparicio  10:46

Elias brought that up three times at that lunch. And that is the only time I’ve ever been in a room with him. Like him I’ve ever met him, he brought it up three different times about the fence, he’s bragging about it. Now we’re a year and a half ago, people were pissed, it’s ugly as hell, it’s all of that we should have said then. And if I’m on the radio, I was saying this, but if I was in their pocket, I would have been saying the whole time, this is going to make our pitching better, we’re gonna it’s gonna cause mountcastle, some homeruns, he’s gonna have to figure it out. But but this is going to make our ballclub better, because we’re going to be able to recruit pitchers in a way that we could never recruit a pitcher, find any 20 pitchers that ever pitched in the major leagues the last 25 years, starting with Messina and Ben, and work your way down all those guys and ask them, if they would have preferred the pitch somewhere else, every one of them would have said,

Dennis Koulatsos  11:35

Well, the nice thing about this team as constructed with the youth, the speed athleticism, they can beat you with a long ball, but they can also beat you playing small ball. So you got to pick your poison. So that’s that’s what I like about their offense.

Nestor Aparicio  11:47

Well, I again, if pitching is the story and a pitching is going to win the World Series who are going to be the pitchers that win the World Series and that’s the question I would have and that’s not a not being a jerk if Mike Elias were here I’d say explain this to me in regard to your value of of of a great position player or guys you project to be really good All Star caliber me they project Colton counselor to be better than Austin Hays. Right? Don’t they project that?

Dennis Koulatsos  12:18


That’s the projection? Yeah, right.

Nestor Aparicio  12:19

I mean, so if all these guys project to be that, who’s gonna pitch you’re gonna have to buy it or trade for it. And you only really get in the offseason, you can trade and that’s fine. But on this particular day, you could have picked up a 30 start guy the next couple of years or what’s perceived to be and, and at your price team control, right? I just, I don’t think you just piss on it and say, well, it’s Jackson holiday, we don’t do it. I think you’ll look at it and say why don’t we do it? What do we project Jackson holiday to be? And what do we project our pitching to be in the future to win a World Series. But I

Dennis Koulatsos  12:57

think to a lot of your points, this becomes an attractive landing spot now for the pitcher to come to Baltimore. With the extended left field line.

Nestor Aparicio  13:08

If Mike Elias was on my show, and said to me, we’re going to be able to sign a pitcher because it’s going to be attractive, and John’s going to open the bag because that’s what’s gonna take good luck with that one. Well, then you urinated upon the whole thing because if at every moment of truth every July 31 John’s gonna be out on given Verlander $30 million. Because he’s, you know, if you’re out on that, if that’s what you’re out on, then you’re out on winning. You might as well move the team to Nashville. I’ll bet


Dennis Koulatsos  13:40

Well, again, we this is a team that hasn’t renew their lease they haven’t signed a five year lease nevermind a one year lease we don’t know about your future that’s not solidified and we have ownership here that will not spend money.

Nestor Aparicio  13:53

We have ownership that it’s impossible to have confidence in now can they get like they can totally win the World Series Three months and now they can we can and they can do with this this? This payroll that’s in my pinky payroll poverty friend, they can win the World Series. Now. Odds against that are stacked for quality players

Dennis Koulatsos  14:14

you’ll feel part of the team absolutely would but then

Nestor Aparicio  14:17


there comes a point where if they win the World Series, he thinks he’s a genius. His old man thought he was a genius and $96 on trade now like a genius instantly. If they win 106 games and go three rounds deep. By the

Dennis Koulatsos  14:31

way is Bobby bunting is getting paid every year. I bought this Yes. Yeah, he is. He is about by who? By the Mets the Mets not the Orioles. Okay, I got that one wrong man. But said we’re still paying Chris Davis, Chris Davis. Baker states write a segment over to the array would you

Nestor Aparicio  14:49

ask me what Chris Davis to like? 2032 or so it’s like insane. Ah,

Dennis Koulatsos  14:54

crazy, but certainly about the Ravens. Bester is our injuries right? Health. How can Lamar Jackson stay upright for 17 games? Rashad Batemans Liz Frank, but injury, Odell Beckham’s longevity again and has hasn’t played football in two years can his team stay healthy? That’s that’s my that’s my really my only concern about this this team. Well, can any


Nestor Aparicio  15:19

team stay healthy? It’s just gonna be a matter who stays healthy. September 10, right, but

Dennis Koulatsos  15:24

they’ve been snake but for many, many years now. Look at the Bengals without Joe burrow. What does that do to their team?

Nestor Aparicio  15:29

Hey, I wanted to ask you this, because, you know, some players shop includes Baltimore for because they have good taste, and they want a good deal and they want good people to deal deal with. And I know some guys have and I don’t want to out JK Dobbins one way or another and you know, you’ve indicated players have been through, but I heard some pop that he’s disgruntled with the training staff. And he’s not the only one. Obviously, there’s been pop offs out on Twitter and stuff like that. That’s a bigger deal than I realized. And that’s one of the reasons Jack’s deal doesn’t want a guy like me around there, right? Like literally asking questions of people like that. That’s one of the reasons that they would want to exterminate a journalist like me, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  16:07


Rumor has it that JK is considering suing the team for negligence because of the ineptitude of the training staff. And because they put him in a game in a pre in a meaningless preseason game where in a prior year, he never played in the preseason. So his question is, if he didn’t play in a free shoot his rookie year, why the hell would the coach and SAS staff and start him in a meaningless game, his sophomore season? So he thinks he has a case for negligence against against the club. And the funny thing is Nestor is they’re not. He’s setting out for not talking about it. There’s been no mention of by the club about him shutting out, which is exactly what he’s doing. He’s holding in. He’s there, but he’s not there.

Nestor Aparicio  16:53

Just that’s a part of the onion, this trainer that they had out there who went rogue during COVID. And so he’s like, and the way they have treated me and I’ll be vocal about that in the coming weeks as well. I just like, it’s it’s not the best environment, right? And it’s Odell Beckham glorification we’re doing right now. I mean, the last time since the player who’s been paid all this money, the last, I mean, he’s out on the internet telling people in Pennsylvania to perform lewd acts. I mean, like, they got a lot to prove. I mean, everybody’s in love with them. Everybody’s in love with everything. And if you follow their social media, they’re in love with themselves. It’s just self flagellating. I mean, it would be embarrassing if Koons Ford patted itself on the back as well and, and WNYC as much as their social media does this time of the year to every part of it is it’s sanguine, saccharine. It’s all of that it’s a rah rah thing. But then they get to go out and play football. And to your point. I like what they’ve put together. But I have real questions about the wristband for Lamar, I’d like to ask as a journalist, I have real questions about the installation of the offense. And what they’re trying to do. Were the running backs holding out their other first round draft pick as pins in his foot pulled them out, they can’t get him on the field. I just, we’re not going to see the car on the road for any of these franchises in August for all the reasons you brought up. They don’t want to get anybody hurt. So we’re gonna see this run for the first time against a bad football team in September. I don’t know what the measurements gonna be with the Houston Texans. But that’s not a very good team at this point. I do want to see how a new offense looks with this quarterback with these players that left guard position and how they’re going to distribute the football because they’re talking about throwing the football more I am. I find them to be a very intriguing team in this right now. I think I think there’s a lot of questions. There’s a lot of upside, they can win the Super Bowl, no question about it. But I have questions about health about all these players are just about the way they conduct business at this point, the way they’re doing things, the way they treated me and lots of different things along life’s highway, and I just don’t I don’t feel what I felt the last 10 years for them when they’re out signing Odell Beckham’s and trying to import leadership to some degree. It’s weird to me,

Dennis Koulatsos  19:18

and this runningback thing Nestor league wise whether you’re Jonathan Taylor or JK Dobbins This isn’t good for the league at all because I can see scenario I can see it Gus Edwards so the Ravens have a 14 point lead against the browns in the fourth quarter with eight minutes to go and they’re gonna roll Gus Edwards and run at the clock I can see guys that were saying listen to sent sent Keaton Mitch Linder send the sent justice Hillier I’m not doing it. I’m not going to wreck myself. But what about if it’s a tight game, whatever I get it, I get in there, I’ll fight. Well, you got a two touchdown leap and you want me to be a crash dummy and run that your clock for you. I’m not doing it. And then you have buffoons like Jimmy ursache. Instead of keeping his big fat mouth shut, going up against the start running back, who wants to trade? This is from before when team Nestor you can’t fix stupid and a lot of these owners are very stupid beginning with Jimmy Earth and thank God, that awful god awful franchise isn’t that Indianapolis versus Baltimore?

Nestor Aparicio  20:20

Well this JK Dobbins situation is not good for them right now right it’s they also


Dennis Koulatsos  20:24

brought in Melvin Gordon who was very disgruntled about not being able to get a deal and nevermind his his fumble prop problems right. So here the guy was already disgruntled with the with the system with the league. You bring him in. He’s speaking for JK Dobbins.

Nestor Aparicio  20:38

Well, there’s not one happy running back in the league right now other than McCaffrey right, literally. Right.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:42

Right. Right. And he might be the last happy running back in the NFL, because there’s a glut of running backs coming up on the contract next year, too. So you have supply demand, there is no scarcity. And the elders way to clear, they’re not going to renegotiate until the new CBA which is in 2037 years from now NES

Nestor Aparicio  21:02


Well, DeMaurice See, put that in play, right? They all they love,

Dennis Koulatsos  21:08

they all sign off on it. So now you can’t complain for the dealer to sign it what it is. It’s it stinks. It sucks. And you see running backs now who are saying, Look, I gotta learn how to catch the ball I got to build. It’s a passing League, I’ve got to develop my skill set, so I can command more money when when it’s my turn. But if I’m a one trick pony, I have to play for market value conditions, which is not what they want.

Nestor Aparicio  21:31

Well, it’s as good a time as we’ve had here in a long time, right? So for me to be doing this 25th anniversary going through all the years and stuff we I got my old spank the Yank signs, then I got for you here. I got the no way or say which I know you enjoy as well. I haven’t found this is a very, very rare when I have a club or Cleveland sign I saw. Yeah, I have some pictures of me with John Ogden with these back into it during the playoffs said in 97. So yeah, so I’m, you know, I’m cleaning out my closet for all this, but I can never imagine. And I don’t think it’s any secret. I don’t love sports in the way that I love it. 25 years ago, I built this whole business to glorify these two teams that have treated me and my family like trash. Right? But I love I love the passionate bring. I love seeing the stadium fill up again. I like to see young people being involved in this in the way that I was involved in this. And more than anything, this is as good a time. And all of the years that I’ve been doing this, right. I mean, even the year that 9697 It was It was unbelievable, because we had the ravens, but they were very good. They couldn’t win the Super Bowl. And 1214 16 You know, when Angelo’s felt so good about himself that he denied the fan base a chance to celebrate a Super Bowl. I mean, like just, which was the most heinous thing of all things, I can think that I think about what other than our say moving the team denying the chance to city a chance to celebrate that and thinking well, maybe there’ll be another one or maybe there’ll be two more, maybe Angelo’s will get his own. And it’s been nothing like that. John Harper was won two playoff games in 10 years. And it’s throwing reporters out like me and having a hand in it, and then denying it. So like I would say, for Brandon Hyde on the front end of this and horrible who needs to win and Lamar who has to win right now. This is as exciting a track these 90 days of playoff baseball every day, Come What May and October, up injuries, things that are going to happen games that are going to be played, whether they’re going to be a wild card, that’s baseball, we got that for the next 60 plus days. And then we have 30 days of stay healthy, stay healthy, stay healthy. Todd Monken, Todd Monken, Todd Monken. And then they’re gonna go out in September start playing every week, September, October, it’s going to be great. It’s just it’s going to be as good as September, October, as we’ve had around here. I don’t even know what to compare it to 12 and 13 would be the only place and it wasn’t anything like this.

Dennis Koulatsos  24:10

Well, recently I went to, to Delphi in Greece and Delphi was a village that they built the ancient Greeks did. And what they did is in every village, they built an amphitheater, a stadium, because they realized that it was good for the community as wellness, to have entertainment right. So to your point, have an exciting baseball having exciting football, bringing people in downtown Baltimore, a lot of things get diminished, overlook crime, etc. So sports for us are a great distraction and contribute to our wellness, which nesters why they’re so important our society and right now with with the oil being hot, and the Ravens are beginning to season. Fantastic time to be in Baltimore.


Nestor Aparicio  24:51

I gotta ask you and we’ll do a deeper dive on this because we’ll get together next week after the 25th and like all that maybe Monday, Tuesday and the Orioles will have another weekend. With the mats and you know they’re playing yesterday they got big games coming up big series go on the west coast the whole thing that the lease I’m not of the mindset that the teams like moving tomorrow or but I’m of the mindset that John will get a bunch of lawyers and probably like his old man and do anything he wants to do. And the leg. I don’t think he’s close to sign in let me Wes is gonna go out and squirt fans this weekend and like, I don’t know. But Bill Cole popping off about it the other day not my bill called the other bill Bill called City Councilman who is also my bill call. I’m friends with both of them, but it’s not the bill call you hear on the radio. I’m hip hop popping off about it. And like, what’s the game here? I mean, like, what would if I’m sitting with John, what what is he doing?

Dennis Koulatsos  25:46

He doesn’t have to do anything. That’s true. Again, the longer he sits and waits, the sweeter the deal becomes perhaps for him. Status quo was good for him. The other night when he showed him and Mike Elias in the suite and donor phones. I would like to see Angelo’s family in the box. Right, though, when you when you see Eleanor’s, like Jerry Jones, he’s has everybody in his box and love them or hate them. You see the Jones family you see his son you see grandkids you see people in his box. I don’t want to when I look at an owner, I want to see family I don’t want to see one person on his phone.

Nestor Aparicio  26:22

Now they’re working hard on that on that flared and trade.

Dennis Koulatsos  26:24


Okay, gotcha. Well, they can do that while still having they can have two suites there or you know

Nestor Aparicio  26:30

what they were doing and Luke’s reporting they were taking swings at Verlander Edward Rodriguez and they were taking swings at Josh Hader and, and what’s the

Dennis Koulatsos  26:41

old adage never never confuse activity with productivity.

Nestor Aparicio  26:45

They were taking swings. I saw him on the phones.


Dennis Koulatsos  26:47

So the hamster in the wheel. They’re they’re they’re swinging on the hamster wheel. But you got to move forward.

Nestor Aparicio  26:53

I hate being a prick about it. I really do. But they’ve they’ve absconded my press credential. He could blame it on his old man. It’s been 17 years later. You want to open the books if you’re gonna get flipped and rocky media, right? How do you do that? How? How would How would I treat anyone that lies not going to happen? Like how would that work?

Dennis Koulatsos  27:14

Read my lips, I’m not moving to steam.

Nestor Aparicio  27:16


Right? And people expect me to has done nothing to show integrity, or intent, or involvement, or commitment, or getting his word or being present or like any of the above John, John’s gonna get a letter from me next mom will be a man of letters in September Dennis, I’m gonna get this 25th under me.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:40

Do you do your thing.

Nestor Aparicio  27:42

But what we’re doing here over the next 25 weeks in regard to the 25th anniversary is we’re going to do 25 wn st stories of glory. So it’s our 25 greatest moments, over 25 weeks. You’re a part of a lot of them. But I really want to pay homage to everybody that’s helped keep me here so that I can hold them accountable, even though they fear me, even though they won’t allow me to hold them accountable. I’m going to hold them accountable. I’m still holding them accountable, because you’re hearing my voice. And they’re hearing my voice. So that that part, I want to thank you and thank everyone for allowing me to still be here to do this 25 years later, to hold them accountable. Because we have billionaires now, exterminating media, taking $600 million and not even showing up to say thank you for the check, or not taking the check at all, but showing up on Sunday night to crow around about the first place team. I mean it’s BS, it’s it’s not.

Dennis Koulatsos  28:41

You know, it’s not here’s the next 25 How about that. All right, man. All right. Login. 25 more


Nestor Aparicio  28:48

How about you’re gonna get me a purple and an orange shirt. Right? Absolutely afford security Boulevard. All right. Absolutely. Well,

Dennis Koulatsos  28:53

absolutely. Well, there you go. Nestor. J appreciate join us at classes in this Thursday. At from 11 to four right, right next level. Correct.

Nestor Aparicio  29:04

And am I hearing this right now? Come on over and have a beer.

Dennis Koulatsos  29:08


That’s right. We’ll have to post the segment early. Just don’t buy me a

Nestor Aparicio  29:11

beer man and people that cost us. My wife is taking the day off so she can drive home. You get over the show by three, four o’clock when John Allen gets there and CalVet stadium. It’s gonna get loose. All right, I’m gonna tell you right now.

Dennis Koulatsos  29:23

Okay, well, I’ll have my peach cake by then I’ll be on my way for sure. I’ma keep doing great things. There he goes. Nestor, J Aparicio. Here in 1570 Am wn s t keep it locked in right here. We’ll take a quick break and come back right after this.

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