As Lions roar, the Ravens seek an offensive identity and consistency

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After three straight games on the road with good results albeit choppy performances against mostly backup and second tier NFL quarterbacks, the Ravens host the upstart Detroit Lions downtown on Sunday. Luke Jones and Nestor assess the state and health of the team and the offensive problems in the red zone.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

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Luke Jones  02:45

I think that’s fair. I think they’re a good football team. I don’t think talking out of turn and saying that considering they just played three straight road games. They did go into Cincinnati and and I’m in agreement with you and even the Bengals right now better than they were in the first three or four weeks of the season. Joe burrow looks healthier, although that certainly wasn’t a dominant performance against Seattle on Sunday, but they’ve gotten off the mat. But yeah, that that I was impressed in week two in Cincinnati. Keep in mind how many members of the offensive line and how many starters they had banged up. I think that’s part of this narrative that we can’t forget about. As we’re assessing this team through six weeks, they’ve dealt with a lot of injuries. Now they’re getting healthier. That’s the good news, although they had a couple of injuries on Sunday, and we’ll see where Marcus Williams is and some of these other guys that got banged up. But they are certainly in a better place healthwise now than they were three or four weeks ago. So that’s a good sign. But I can’t say I disagree with your overall sentiment there. I think it’s a team that’s looked good at times. I think they’ve looked great for some stretches. But those stretches have been pretty fleeting. And we’ve seen a defense that has played at a very high level. Right. I think it’s fair in giving some praise to the defense. There’s no question about that. Even in a couple of these losses where you say okay, they they gave up too much yardage on the ground to the Colts. Marlon Humphrey gets beaten the final minute in Pittsburgh, but the defense was not the main reason why they lost those games. I think we would all agree with that. So they have a really good defense that to me has shown stretches of playing. Great. Have they done that for a full 60 minutes weekend and week out? No, and it’s really tough to do that. But I think on the flip side, it’s an offense that you see good things out of it. You see stretches where they move the ball at will. And then you see other times like what we saw on Sunday specifically in the red zone where they can’t get out of their own way and they can’t score touchdowns when you need to score touchdowns quite frankly, and that’s resulted in them leaving the competition and in art, I think you said it and I agree with you inferior competition. When in football games, and it’s one thing to do that against a team like Tennessee, it’s another thing to think about that, like this coming week, and I’m in agreement with you, the Detroit Lions are a really interesting football team. And it for me, it’s not just the level of competition that they’re gonna face on Sunday. It’s also the back end of going to London, you know, there’s so much focus on when you get there, how you adjust to the time change how you’re going to play, how are you going to handle being, you know, across the pond and 1000s of miles away from home. But I think there’s also the question of how do you readjust to coming home, readjust to Eastern Time, readjust to sleeping in your own bed after being away for nearly a full week? And how you go out and play, especially if you’re gonna have a one o’clock start? I think we all remember how the Ravens played against Jacksonville six years ago in London. Do we remember how they played against Pittsburgh the following Sunday? That wasn’t pretty either. So I think that’s where there is some question and there is some. I don’t know if strategy is the right word, but best practices, let’s say in terms of how do you readjust if you’re John Harbaugh? How hard do you have guys practice this week? What do you do schedule wise to re acclimate them to eastern time as they’ve been used to be in five hours ahead of where they normally are time wise? So yeah, I think that’s a really intriguing question. And such a Detroit Lions team that’s playing really good football, I mean, Jared Goff has this stigma attached to him as the guy that McVeigh and the Rams didn’t want. But go look at what his numbers are, this year, he’s playing really good football, I’m not saying he’s gonna be MVP of the league, but his numbers have been really good. And you know, even some of his peripheral numbers and analytics and things of that nature, are pretty painting him pretty favorably. So this can be a challenge. They’ve got talent, you know, this a team that plays hard. And this year, you know, last year, we saw the second half of the season, they learned how to win. And we saw what they did in Green Bay at the end of the season, but it’s gonna be a challenge for them. So the Ravens coming off of a stretch of three straight road games. I think, winning two out of three, anyone would have taken that going into the season four and two, I’m in agreement with you. Yes. They could be six, no, you know what? They were three and three last year at this point in time. And what were you saying then? They were a few plays away from being six No, remember, last Miami lost the buffalo lost to the Giants. And that’s those first six games. So it’s a very similar story to what we saw last year. So they’re in good position in terms of the standings, and mathematically speaking, and the fact that they’ve played more on the road than they have at home. But yeah, they’ve got to get better. There’s no question about that. What we saw on Sunday was not an effort was not a performance that you looked at and say, Wow, that looks like a championship caliber football team. It was it was good enough. And hey, that’s the NFL Week, the weekly being good enough. That’s that’s what you need most weeks, right? I mean, that’s just just the reality. I mean, it’s there are very few teams that are going to look like you know, it’s not college football, where someone’s number one and in the rankings and the polls and and you look like you’re, you know, a world beater every single week, but they certainly need to meet get more consistent on the offensive side of the ball redzone drops the previous week, you know, they cleaned up the drops this week, but they couldn’t put put the ball in the endzone. So it’s just been choppy, it’s been inconsistent, it’s looked really good at times. And then you have other times where it’s looked very mediocre. And where you look at where they rank in terms of points scored, in terms of yards per play. They’ve been middle of the pack in many of those categories. So they’re still looking for their identity. And as much Nestor as much as you’ve, we’ve talked about the throwing the ball and passing and all that, when they have tried to run the ball. It hasn’t always looked great. Let’s call a spade a spade, Moammar running the ball looks great for the most part. And we know what his ability to scramble does for this entire offense. But in terms of when they’ve lined up to play volleyball to run between the tackles to hand it to Gus Edwards between the tackles, it hasn’t always looked great. It certainly didn’t look great. On Sunday. If

Nestor Aparicio  09:17

you look at no confidence in that unless they’re playing a defensive front, that’s a sieve. And if there’s defensive fronts, a sieve generally generally, it’s 28 to 10 in the fourth quarter, when that you know what I mean? Like if the defensive lines is sick, you’re going to run on them all day. If it’s not, you think well, third, fourth quarter, we’ll beat them up. We’ll soften them up a little bit, get them away, you know, get the Gospels going, start powering down if we have a seven or a 10 point lead late in the game, to try to put them to sleep. I don’t know that they have that ability, and certainly not against a good team. And I’d have to see that against buffalo against Kansas City against a real Cincinnati team where the defense came out and looked decent this week. The teams that are pounding in, again, with the lions. We’re gonna see these NFC teams, right like lions, Cardinals, who Seahawks coming in here, right? Like, and they didn’t look good over the weekend either. Weird teams teams that you don’t prepare for often as opposed to these brown spangle Steelers games, we see these teams every year. Feels like you see the Colts every year too. But I would say these are weird preparation games the next couple of weeks because the lions are sort of the flavor of the league right now. Yeah, that’s, that’s a quality win. If they beat a starting quarterback at home, beat this team, beat them thoroughly and do the things that we’ve talked about, which is finish a game, finish a drive, finish something, have something that on Monday, look at an essay. That unit that part that thing, other than the kicker looks good, you know, looks look good for four quarters not? Well, it works sometimes. And then it didn’t work. And then the backup quarterback came in, and we almost lost. And that’s not. That’s not what we’re expecting to be talking about on Monday. And I would think this is a week finally that I look at the calendar and say they got a real challenge here this week, they win this win, then I start to talk about that moving to the next level in the league. And if they drop again like this at home, and you start scratching your head a little bit, but six weeks in, if I had to go on a national show right now and talk about the ravens and what their identity is I’m like, Well, I want to run the ball, but they can’t. And then they say they don’t want to throw the ball and they look like they want to throw the ball when they do. It’s really about efficiency. They don’t take hits down the field. They really don’t. And they don’t protect Lamar all that well. And I don’t know that Lamar is really comfortable in the pocket to be that guy to your point. Fourth quarter tight game. We need to play Lamar, you go run it, that’s what they do. And they fall back to that, and it works and they escape and it’s not a bad thing that that works. It’s a bad thing that they need it to work because when I’m sitting up in Hollywood casino and halftime on Sunday, I thought, well, this is a week where they come out score twice. After all the field goals. And then Tyler Huntley run around out there tomorrow, put on some sunglasses and get on the plane didn’t work that way. And I need more of that. To your point. Get Lamar off the field in the fourth quarter win some games like you said with the Orioles. We don’t need a closer night win some games flat out especially against bad teams with backup quarterbacks and they have scuffled to do that. And they gave one away against Pittsburgh last week, not a backup. But soon to be a backup. Kenny Pickett will be a backup before he’s a starter. Before he started playoff games, he’ll be a backup.

Luke Jones  12:33

Maybe Maybe I mean, yeah, I think that’s certainly up for debate in Pittsburgh as far as his big picture role and how that’s going to work. But yeah, and look, let’s be clear, to expect blowouts in the NFL, that that doesn’t happen a whole lot. Now it happens. But it’s you don’t have too many teams that do that on a regular basis. The Ravens four years ago did that the 2019 ravens were one of the great regular season teams of the last 2025 years. I mean, they just were when you look at what their point differential was, and all that we we’ve been over that. So it’s not even that for me as much as when you have these games that look like they should be in hand to kind of keep your foot on the gas, right. And that’s where they’ve really struggled look at what their if you break down their splits and their you know, their points per drive, and yards per play, and all those different things that you look at when you really try to kind of look, take a deeper dive, they really did not they’ve not been good in the fourth quarter. They just haven’t. And obviously, that’s something that needs to change, whether you’re trailing in the fourth quarter against a good team and you’re trying to mount a comeback, or as we’ve seen in these three times in the last four weeks, you won’t be able to put teams away especially you’re

Nestor Aparicio  13:47

defending your own goal line, you’re having to force field goals and and then go out and defend onside kicks. But that’s the you don’t want to live that way. I mean,

Luke Jones  13:56

well look at look at the defense in Pittsburgh two weeks ago. I mean, the defense held the Steelers down for 50 minutes, or whatever it was, I mean, they the Pittsburgh could not move the ball consistently. And the couple times that they did, drive still stalled. But you put the defense in a position because your offense could not finish off drives and could not catch the football. You put the defense in position for what one play one ball thrown over their head and they lose the football game as a result. You know, that’s not fair to the defense. You know, you mentioned what this team’s good at some team has a really good defense. I’ll argue with about that all day. They have a really good defense. But they put that defense in a position where even faltering just a little bit late in a couple of these games has cost them dearly. And okay. Yeah, I agree. Marlon Humphrey can’t get beat and that’s fine. We talked about that last week about how they crumbled in every phase of the game. But week to week that defense has played at a really high level. They need their offense to get closer to that level and at time for parts of games, it’s looked really good. But the consistency hasn’t been there nearly enough. And, you know, that goes for everyone. You know, we mentioned the running game, you know, the run blocking the offensive line, it’s left something to be desired. They’re not knocking people off the ball to the degree that they did under Greg Roman over the last few years. You know, they haven’t done that as consistently. We’ve talked about the passing game, you know, pass protection, as certainly been an issue at times, especially with some of the injuries they’ve had, you know, Lamar, while he’s looked brilliant throwing the ball for stretches. And I think overall, I can’t say I’ve been displeased with his overall level of play thrown the football. He’s had lapses. Yeah, I’ve had a miscommunication or whatever that was with Rashad Bateman at a critical juncture in the third quarter yesterday, on Sunday when things started to go sideways for them. So you just need to be more complete more consistent. You certainly have to do better than technically it was one for six in the redzone. But I’m going to be fair to them because that one was the the muffed punt at the end of the half and you kicked a field goal, but they’re still wanting one for five inside the redzone. That’s not nearly good enough. I mean, that’s, that’s bad. That’s really bad. Well, you

Nestor Aparicio  16:07

lose to a good football team kicking field goals like that, not the Ryan Tannehill and Malik Dallas. And playing keep away from Derrick Henry was also important too. I mean, the fact that he never got on track, he had the one big run, but they didn’t have the ball much. And when they did, they weren’t inclined to play that way. And I, that kind of shocked me early in the morning overland to getting off the plane, king, King Henry, all that I, you know, I just I thought he would be a bigger factor in the game. And when he was, and we did run the ball, I’m like, oh, boy, now they’re gonna play tackle him. In the fourth quarter. You think tackle Gus Edwards is a fun game. How about tackling Derrick Henry in fourth quarter? I’m shocked that the Titans didn’t, didn’t put the foot down, didn’t lose the game with him, as opposed to losing the game with Malik Willis.

Luke Jones  16:55

You know? Well, that one. And part of that is also you get behind I mean, and that’s why it was so frustrating that the third quarter played out the way that it did. You had a 15 point lead at halftime, and you’re in a position where you put together a touchdown drive in the third quarter there, and you don’t have the penalties and how it played out. You absolutely take Tennessee out of the game. I mean, we we debate about the ravens and you know, their ability to come from behind. We’ve talked about that for three or four years now, right. But Tennessee is absolutely in that same category of teams that is not equipped whatsoever to play from behind. So when you have what happened in the third quarter on Sunday, that’s where it was so much, that much more discouraging because you put them in a position where they cut the lead to five, and they’re in a position where they started to move the ball and they started to get their run going a little bit. But then Tannehill makes the makes the throw downfield, you know, stone makes the play swung the momentum. And from that point, the Ravens didn’t finish it emphatically. Let’s be clear about that. But they did find a way to finish it at least in terms of sustaining a couple drives, getting a couple field goals, getting the lead back up to two scores. And then and you said this in our previous segment, and I agree with you, I don’t think I don’t think it was luck per se because I don’t think Ryan Tannehill was beating them either. But Malik Willis coming in, yeah, Tennessee, their operation became Yeah, they got the big the chunk played a spheres on the short pass and long run. But other than that, they just they couldn’t move the ball what they sacked, they sacked Willis four times in the fourth quarter. So nice. It was nice for clowny and for just the meta began ravens pass rush to to pad their stats. And look, they did what you want to do against a young quarterback who’s in over his head. But it was a situation at that point that they were able to finish, not as impressively as people would have liked, but they were able to put the game basically out of reach, you know, yes, I get an onside kick at the very end. But really at that point in time, you didn’t really feel like that game was going to you know that the Ravens were going to let it slip away that time around. But that was not the case in the third quarter. Certainly, Luke Jones is

Nestor Aparicio  19:08

here all of its brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at cole roofing and Raskin globe. We get such great sponsors around here when he gives them some love. Luke came out and did the Maryland crabcake tour last week we were drug City at the fountain. I do Chuck at the fountain maybe a proper old fashioned from a birthday look good even though we we hung out drinking at the fountain after the show. I know you find that hard to believe the five o’clock on a Friday my birthday weekend Friday the 13th that I’d be having beverages. She was shocked walked into the liquor store buy in wine. And then so we we pulled her over into the fountain and rock’n’roll story. So we had a hell of a Friday night over at the fountain that happened after the show. But you can hear the remnants of the show which you’re showing our old does biology teacher who was speaking periodic tables of elements and all sorts of physics things that are way Luke studied in that wing and that stem wing I was in the The PE wing and the jock lat over Dundalk High School. So Luke came over to Dundalk had some proper pizza on the east side of town and we set him back. Luke is off the crabcake tour and back on to the Owings Mills tour here as we do it you said something sometimes you say a prescient things and you don’t really you just say brilliant things and I’m not gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna bring it back in the Ravens have done what you expect against quarterbacks who are in over their heads. And they’ve had a lot of that they’ve had a lot of quarterback play, where the other guy across the field you’re like, there Tyler Huntley beaten us there. Bill trooping beaten us there, Mike Kirkland. You know, we’ve seen a lot of backup quarterbacks, and quite frankly, to your point, you don’t love Ryan Tannehill. I don’t love Kenny Pickett, even though the ball went over and he beat us neither one of us love Gardner Minshew. I don’t think they love him this week either. You know, this, this, this is not a roll call for a foreign to team to look up and say look at who we beat to your point. The other side’s had quarterbacks just can’t win. I don’t even know what else to say. Like, if we had Malik Willis running around right now, we would not be real confident about beating the lions this week. And the quarterback matters so much. And that’s part of Lamar being healthy and upright, right? Like they have to go beat Lamar with their backup quarterback and they haven’t been able to do it and that unless Lamar throws a pic or unless the ball goes over Marlin Humphries had or they do something stupid or they had penalties or mistakes, we’ll get you beaten. But Lamar alone and the running game and the fact that they moved the ball 80 yards and stop at the five yard line and bring the break Tucker into kick 23 yard field goals a couple of times. Things are working here. But things are working against bad quarterbacks and bad teams. And I think that only goes so far. And it’s been a very nice fortunate run in the league. They’re gonna see Arizona next week. I mean, they they better roll over on them go out to the desert and win that game. But this week here, I think this is this is a week they’re measured. I don’t know that. Yeah, they got measured in London because of the trip and what happened last time and whatever. Well, they better not have gotten off the plane three and three Lucinda Malik Willis like they did to Kenny Pickett last week. And you mentioned the Pittsburgh loss. These guys haven’t been in their own bed since the Pittsburgh loss, right. So they had to go over there and live on the right side of the road and the left side of the road and six hour difference and like all the things that went on last week for them, but they they lost the Pittsburgh in an ugly way. And that shows up on the resume as well. Where you make it right by beaten lions. And this is a big measurement week for me it just is i This is the first good team that they’ve seen in my mind and they’re not seeing a lot of them and I don’t I don’t even know where I don’t know if the rams are a good team or the Chargers are a good team. Pretty sure the 40 Niners are a good team despite what happened to them in Cleveland over the weekend. And that shows that it’s an anybody week and anybody anybody leads up at Cleveland Browns playing with backup quarterbacks to and you lost to them. But as part of the West Coast East Coast flying across thing that I talked with Kristen Orton last week, I’m like, Yeah, you know, I’ll take the 40 Niners dummy, you know, I should listen to the gambling people. But this game here and a matchup against the quality quarterback. This is not the beat team this week. And I think I’ll feel better about seeing them out on the field beat a good team before I start to anoint them a playoff team at this point because they haven’t. They haven’t impressed me the Ravens have not impressed me through six weeks. They really haven’t. I wish they had because they didn’t have the wet they had all this promise every week, like the promise of Rashad Bateman and the promise of draft picks and the promise of health. They haven’t had the promise of health really?

Luke Jones  23:34

Yeah, I’ll disagree and say they look like a playoff team. I mean, every year there are teams that make the playoffs that you’re not impressed with whatsoever. So they’re they absolutely look like a playoff team. Now, if you want to say, do they look like a serious top tier contender for six weeks, then? Yeah, I’ll agree with having some reluctance in anointing them that and labeling them that so

Nestor Aparicio  23:59

the colors do better than the book so far, I’ll still give

Luke Jones  24:02

them credit for the week to win in Cincinnati. That’s a division opponent. That’s the team that’s won the Division last couple years. They’ve had their number in recent recent years, especially in Cincinnati, so I’m still going to give them credit for that. But you’re right, you look at the overall slate to this point. You look at the overall week to week performance. Again, defense has played very well defense statistically ranks way up there. So the defense deserves credit, especially considering some of the injuries that they’ve had in some of the challenges they’ve had. They have to get better offensively. There’s no question about that. So I’m with you. I think this Sunday’s games gonna be a really interesting litmus test for the Ravens. I think it also is for the Lions who Yeah, don’t get me wrong. They beat they beat the chiefs in week one the Thursday night opener that you know, but that’s another one of those games that that’s kind of weird, right? You know, whether you play your starters in the preseason or not. It’s always that strange that week one, but you look at their schedule since then. They lost the Seattle and overtime beat Atlanta one At Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers, you know, the Packers are not the same team beat Carolina. They’re no good. And one at Tampa Bay. That’s it’s not as though they’ve had a murderer’s row of opponents that they face since Kansas City in week one. So this is

Nestor Aparicio  25:15

their second biggest game of the year, right? This is their mentally Yeah,

Luke Jones  25:18

I think this is gonna be this is gonna be a game where the winner is going to be puffing their chest out a little bit and should be because, you know, the lines have been really good to this point. And you have a Ravens team that they’re foreign to. Yeah, I can’t it’s been choppy, but they’ve also played for those games on the road. So you go foreign to when you start out with four of six on the road, I think anyone would have taken that. At the start of the season. I think when we were talking about the schedule back in May, we would have said, you know, you want to be foreign to you know, you don’t want to be three and three, heaven forbid you’re two and four, and not playing well on the road at all. So it is what it is they have to get better. There’s no doubt about that. Yeah, this is not a team that I look at right now as a top three, top four, top five team in the NFL, but even some of those top five teams. Like I said, were choppy this past week. It’s week to week in the NFL. And I think for me, not just Detroit, but also how does this team handle the back end of the London trip? How do you handle readjusting back to a quote normal life playing back in the eastern time zone because again, back in 17, it was at lousy loss to the Jaguars. But then they also came home and they got punked by the Steelers playing at home the week after that. So I think you’ll take a pedestrian choppy whatever you want to call the effort. It was one Sunday it was a win. But certainly you want to follow that up by coming home for the first time in about a month and playing at a high level and coming out and getting a win against a team in the Detroit Lions who are absolutely looking like a playoff team in the NFC

Nestor Aparicio  26:51

hope somebody brought me back some fish and chips I hope everybody that went to London had a good time. Luke and I believe we will be heading to Houston Texas at some point this week. That did not happen we’re we’re laying low we’re gonna be you’re all we’re gonna be putting the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road courtesy of the Maryland lottery in conjunction with a Friends of wind donation 866 90 nation as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care I’ll be getting my oil change this week as well. Our 25th anniversary is underway our friends at curio wellness at the brown fox sisters on bad Rebecca and Wendy on talking about cannabis education and flower and vaping and and terpenes and all the health benefits. You can find out more curial wellness. You can find out more at the front of our website for our 25th anniversary as we we take it out so this week Luke will be in Owings Mills. Thanks get a little bit Norn more normal. Baseball’s a little bit more on the backburner. We’ll be watching the ALCS certainly for the NLCS and the folks in your life who may be Phillies fans. That’s going on all week long as well. You can find us at Baltimore positive Luke’s gonna be in Owings Mills. And I’m just going to be here next to Baltimore positive year older and a year less wiser. We are wn sta and 1570, Towson Baltimore talking lions all week. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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