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Baltimore Positive

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Was Nestor nervous the first time he sat down to interview Brooks Robinson?

It happened at Hooters at Harborplace and there are no pictures to show just how nervous Nestor was in trying to be cool with royalty in 1995

Steve Whiteman of Kix talks Hagerstown, Baltimore and Orioles baseball in April 1994

True story: Nestor took voice lessons from the affable and always available Whiteman on Harford Road when his throat was hurting from screaming on the radio every day in the 1990s. "Ya got nothin' to lose..."

The legendary Charlie Eckman gives Nestor some life advice

Toward the end of his legendary life as a basketball coach, referee and sports radio pundit, the pride of Glen Burnie "coached" Nestor with some information to take with him.

That time when Nestor got together with Bill Murray

True fact: Orioles pitcher Rick Sutcliffe and the world's most legendary man were close friends. Murray came to Camden Yards a lot in the early days and hung out in the clubhouse. He was from Chicago. Nestor's name was Aparicio. The request was John Winger from the "Chicks dig me" speech in Stripes. We were mutts...

When Mike Mussina visited Nestor at the dingy WITH Studios at 5 Light Street in 1993

This is one of the earliest tapes of Nestor doing radio. Obviously, he wasn't very good at it but he did know a lot about sports...

Brad Delp talks Boston, Return To Zero and Scholz in November 1991

When Boston singer Brad Delp hit the road with his band Return To Zero, he told Nestor his story before coming to Hammerjacks.

The day that David Bowie and I talked about spirituality, God and Ziggy Stardust

There's a whole back story to Nestor panning David Bowie's "Sound And Vision" tour and then answering the phone when he called.

Asking Mike Campbell what it’s like to be a Heartbreaker

Back in his #AlmostFamous days, Nestor Aparicio was the music critic of The Evening Sun in Baltimore. A more subdued version of him asked Tom Petty's favorite guitar player about making rock and roll music and touring.

John Denver discusses life, his legacy and the environment in July 1991

When Nestor Aparicio was the music critic for The Evening Sun in Baltimore, he didn't just talk to hairspray acts at Hammerjacks. This is a depth-packed discussion with the guy who made the 7th inning...


Cleveland and Baltimore and the death of a baseball player

Believeland producer Andy Billman joins Nestor to recall the Cleveland and Baltimore wars and a lost Indians tale of sadness a century ago in his "War On The Diamond" documentary about the on-field death of Ray Chapman.

A Silver lining and look at Ravens offseason and draft hopes

They don't get together too often but when they do, Mike Silver of NFL Network and Nestor usually meander into some strange music and life chats far off the football path.

Urias, Orioles jump on Seattle mistakes to salvage doubleheader split

Ramon Urias delivered a walk-off single to give Baltimore a 7-6 win in the nightcap of Tuesday's twin bill.

Experience, youth at edge defender still on list of needs for Ravens

Free-agent veteran pass rusher Justin Houston is visiting with the Ravens this week.

Finding a path to get away from it all this spring

Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor mix it up as spring opens a world of outdoor possibilities if you're still trying to get away from it all.