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Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos discuss the new world of gambling on baseball and finding games


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Dennis Koulatsos  00:02

Welcome back. My next guest is Nestor J. Aparicio happiness these days, celebrating the Fourth of July still, I believe in what’s been a weird and wacky week, but then again, that’s it’s always a weird a wacky week and I see you got some delicious peach cake. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  00:17

you’re wondering what’s going on here. What’s going on is that they’re making peach cake. It’s July. It’s the all star game. I was thinking about this this week, the all star games coming up. This is the 30th anniversary here. Okay. I mean, I hadn’t thought about that. But I thought July 1993. What was my life like in July of 1993? Right? You know, little nasty Nester on wi th do an afternoon drive out of a hotel ballroom down at the Lord Baltimore and we’re celebrating 25 years, we’re celebrating 25 years of NST the all star game came five years before the station existed. And like that feels like a weird juxtaposition because it all feels like it all happened at the same time. Cal Ripken the Ravens come and all that stuff that happened in the 90s but 30 years next week, for the John crock and Randy Johnson and the Free Willy and the Kirby Puckett and Geddy. Lee, I ran into Geddy Lee at the All Star gala at the Maryland Science Center, eating a harvest vegetables, he autographed my gala ticket. So it’s the 30th anniversary of me running into Geddy Lee in Baltimore randomly.

Dennis Koulatsos  01:23

That’s wild. That’s, you know what, you know, you’re getting up to an age when you start talking with time in terms of decades, right, that was a good decade versus that was a good year. And I find myself saying a lot about that lately when I’m talking about wn S T, as you mentioned, the Ravens All Star Game Orioles. And what have you.

Nestor Aparicio  01:39

Well, I think now that we’ve lived through a plague, you know, in insurgency politically, you know, we’ve lived through all sorts of things here. The fascinating part for me with sports, and this has been really since since the beginning of the year, I guess, since they threw me out of the Super Bowl, and I didn’t get to go to the Super Bowl, but the chirps kind of caught fire. The Orioles from opening day on had been irrelevant. The Ravens had been irrelevant in the Lamar Jackson Villa marathon was relevant. Now they’re relevant in our minds for the next four weeks, really eight weeks until they play football, that we think they’re going to be good. This is a little bit of a renaissance for Baltimore in that way. And I saw something recently, maybe I had something to do with CFG bank and the arena. But I saw some old bullets stuff from like 7071 72 and it said Baltimore City of champions. And I guess that’s from the Orioles and the Colts and Super Bowl three and five and the Orioles and 6977 You know my dad would always say that, but my dad always talked about 69 You know like Jetspeed the Colts you know the Orioles lost to the mats and and then and then then then then the next game and beat the bullets. You know. So I think about what that was when I was a kid 1973 7475 When I first started going, engaging with sports. And if you were a kid engaging with sports here, you don’t only have the Ravens really, I mean, your kids of the modern generation. And this feels like the beginning of some baseball stuff here where they’re they go up to New York this week, they lose a couple games and they win a game. You feel like they’re in it for all stars this week. Sports has become irrelevant in 2023. Again, and I’m you know, I’m glad I live long enough to at least see that

Dennis Koulatsos  03:32

you and I both we came to the States, my family and I did back in 1973. So we we keep for five years, make a lot of money in America and move back right to the old country. But oh, really, that was the plan. So here we are 50 years later, April 17 was our 50 year anniversary in being in this great land.

Nestor Aparicio  03:49

That why did your family never go back after the fight like when that five year thinking but there came upon your father to three years and said, Okay, maybe we’re gonna go back in 10 years, or maybe we’re gonna go back and I mean, because my family came from Venezuela. My family went back. Yep. That’s the difference. My father went back. But well, our family went back because my, the two cousins, their mother was aging in Venezuela, and there and they beat the husbands up and said, We’re going back and taking care of mom, and they went back in 1981. And at mom came back and lives in Houston now, but but for the most part, my family went to Venezuela never came back.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:29

Well, the reason why we never went back was our relatives that had come to America, you can make a lot of money. What they didn’t tell us was that you have to work your tail off. And so in year five, my dad that rest his soul. He bought a place in Lexington market, Mount Olympus. So we started slinging heaters and whatnot. So just life got in the way and then then he got sick later on. And, of course, the great medical Senator we have here Hopkins University of Maryland kept them alive for many years. And that’s why we never went back and then of course you know you get married have kids you settle and and you just don’t go back. And when you were a little

Nestor Aparicio  05:01

boy, you thought you were going to live in Greece though, right? Absolutely.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:05

I mean, I look my world. I’m going to fourth grade with two months to go and I’m planning my summer vacation. And that’s, we’re going to Greece. We’re going to America next week, like like, so he knows, like, the rug gets pulled under you and you come to a different country. He

Nestor Aparicio  05:18

didn’t speak English when you guys don’t speak English. No, no, you were like eight years old when you got here didn’t speak English.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:22

I was nine years old. I didn’t speak English. Correct. Nine years old. When

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

I think of a little boy like you in my class. Parents settling Colgate. You’re in my elementary school and you don’t speak English. And you’re nine years old. I mean, we had some Asian kids, some Korean kids in my school, whose parents didn’t speak a word of English. And like, and they were, you know, I don’t want to say this. So they were just socially different. They lived in our neighborhood. And this is it says Archie bunkers Dundalk, right.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:50

This is a tough transition. It really is. So because I went to Aberdeen Elementary, and the other reason why the teachers passed me because I was so much more advanced in math, my math skills were through the roof, because in Europe, I mean, they just beat the multiplication tables into your head. In fact, to this day, I still do my math in my head in Greek, I will translate it over to English because they just beat it into you. Three or four hours of homework a night. I don’t think it’s that way anymore, but back in the day, so math got me to fifth grade. And then beyond that, it wasn’t my vocabulary, because I didn’t have one.

Nestor Aparicio  06:21

But I gotta tell you sad story, because I was you know, I was down town this week with a friend of mine who is hiring, right? You’re hiring people hot we hire, right? And it’s pretty sad. To me, one of the biggest problems I have is that when it when a kid comes in, they can’t add or subtract cash. Like if they’re taking cash in a cash register, somebody hands them a $20 bill and the bill was $11.73. Even the tab will say you owe them $8.27, or whatever the number is right? That they wouldn’t be able to do the math. And that makes them unemployable. Right, like literally, you know, we go from talking sports to important issues here and your life in Greece and my family, Venezuela, and how we stay here and how 30 years passes for an all star game. But like how do you go to school every day, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade sick, even if you only go half the time or some of the time? How do you have parents that don’t say this is $1 bill. And if you get something for 79 cents, you need to get 21 cents back and that’s two dimes in a penny or four nickels in a pit like I just What have you been doing all day? If you don’t, if you can’t add and you’re motivated by money,

Dennis Koulatsos  07:36

that’s your mind blown. That’s mind blown. But the thing for me coming over the nine year old was in Greece, the only thing we had was soccer, football, nothing else. So get here to the stage and are there baseball or basketball. There’s all kinds of great things, that professional wrestling on TV, there’s all kinds of great things that I as a young person can walk into. And

Nestor Aparicio  07:56

these were new for your father to

Dennis Koulatsos  07:59

brand new and in Scotland grease recess we had we would take a rock and wrap it in aluminum foil from our lunches and make it a soccer ball. So here we have gym class and we have volleyball nets, the soccer balls and volleyball and baseballs. And, man I thought I died and went to heaven when it came to going to school and explaining some things I’ve never experienced as a nine.

Nestor Aparicio  08:18

Appreciate America. Nine years in a place that I will call Greece, third world second world but not America. And I got a 75

Dennis Koulatsos  08:27

No, not at all. So yeah, for me, it was mind blowing an eye opening in terms of what America had to offer. And I’m like, man, I’ve been missing out. But I love I fell in love with sports. When I’ve been hooked ever since.

Nestor Aparicio  08:38

And you’re hooked every Thursday on this program. You know, Thursday and Sunday and back on Monday with me we’re getting close with football right I mean, it’s like all of a sudden I mean I’m seeing the cost this picture show up on the vacations and they’re all out having a good time and Lamar is throwing up Beckham and they’re all getting together and Florida and probably slinging a few iced teas after practice. And you know,

Dennis Koulatsos  09:00

you know what I’m starting to see everywhere. There’s no excuses. No excuses from Marlon Humphrey from Lamar Jackson. Look, it’s time everybody’s paid, right? Most of the guys have been paid. You still have a few with penning contracts or playing for contract via large. Ro Quan Smith, Marlon Humphrey, Lamar Jackson, these guys have had your back, Ronnie Stanley, it’s time to produce more than one playoff win with this group of players. And I think they’re putting pressure on them, but also the media now starting to chip in and also put pressure on a team from the outside.

Nestor Aparicio  09:29

Well, you know, I talk to a subject that you and I’ve talked about and you and Luke have talked about when he’s not on vacation this week, which is the running backs and how running backs are really getting screwed. I mean, there’s kickers and punters and running backs, that’s how the payment is going. And I just had the greatest conversation last week at spirits west on the Maryland crabcake tour with with Chad whistling. Chad runs an NFL agency out of Canton bulk downtown Baltimore, and he came over in his child’s play shirt and spent a couple of hours with us. But the first hour of that conversation, that is your name came up, I guess your ears are buzzing over security, about how much we’ve talked about running backs. And then as some sort of commodity I don’t know what the easiest thing it is for you to hire at a car dealership, but it feels like it’s not easy to hire anything anywhere in the world today. But the runningback thing It feels like the NFL uses these guys up doesn’t care about them. And I know you talk more about the tread on the tire in college that you know they’re carrying the ball six 800 1000 times Ray Rice was used like a mule at Rutgers, and

Dennis Koulatsos  10:35

900 carriers in three years Nast, you can look it up 900 carries in three years, JK Dobbins had 700 carriers and 100 touches hundreds of receptions. 800 touches as your running back Ohio State. These guys get to help you that other than college

Nestor Aparicio  10:50

for nothing, not not anymore. Nothing. Now the NIHL maybe that changes things. You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  10:55

when you get a guy like Josh Jacobs or Derrick Henry, who really flash one year at Alabama, their backups, they don’t have as much wear and tear on your tires or some of these other running backs. But that has to be a consideration for these NFL teams going forward. As they draft these guys when they ask exactly how much tread is left on the truck tires how much wear and tear is left on those ligaments right the the joints are running back. You have to take their keep my knees out. You’re also candle highschool right there. They’re the horse in high school. They’re the superstar they’re touching the ball, a lot to pass black and run blocking their crash dummies. And all this wear and tear doesn’t bode well for the future.

Nestor Aparicio  11:32

Well, I talked to chat about that and he represents Josh Jacobs. And what pressure is on that in regard to JK Dobbins and saying you in the same way Lamar took a contract that’s going to set burrow and and Herbert and all the rest of those guys up. This Josh Jacobs deal we’ll set up Dobbins if Dobbins rushes for 1300 yards this year is the feature back and Lamar doesn’t run the ball as much and they went 15 ballgames and, you know, they win the Super Bowl. And, you know, Dobbins is the MVP. I mean, all of that being said, when that happens, right? But still who signs him? Who signs him if that’s him? And that’s a problem, I think, for the position and for who’s going to play the position. And for when Dennis and Nestor have grandkids and we say Oh, our kids a great runner. What are we going to do with him at Dundalk high school when he’s 15 to play linebacker play safety do something else.

Dennis Koulatsos  12:25

You look at the great Eric Campbell. Alright. What do you think his grandfather said about him if he’s still alive? The man is crippled the wheelchair bound for the most part, right? So again, you have to look at those types of things. But I do caution fans out there listeners that you need some good running backs to give yourself a better chance of winning the Ravens when we had Latavius Murray and Devonta Freeman. They were not what JK Dobbins what a healthy JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards present to the theme. But then again, you look at the Super Bowl, named the running backs for the chiefs, and the Eagles and his pasture Super Bowl.

Nestor Aparicio  12:57

You want the difference between Terry Allen and Jamal Lewis are the difference between pretty much Justin for setting almost anybody I’ve ever seen around here. I mean, Justin for set was really amazing. At five year olds. He just knew he understood the scheme of Kubiak. I mean, I’ve not seen the running game work that way, even in 19 to get the running game and it work because you have a freaking quarterback who’s willing to get hit 21 times in a game against the Vikings and still get paid. So get his bag right. And still apparently has knees and ligaments and joints. But now the pressure ramps up. And you know, we saw Yankee Stadium this week where they’re booing Aaron Hicks because he got 10 cents from the Steinbrenner family and and the pressure that Lamar is going to be under when he throws the losing pick against the Giants this year, right like he did last year.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:45

Yeah, look, there’s no question about that. But I think pressure pressure is a good thing. Expectations are a good thing. And this team is looking they’re gonna go as far as their health takes them. But I still say to this day, the best ability is availability. And that comes to who I’m hiring, who the ravens are hiring, who you’re hiring. You want people that show up, you want people that are available, you want people that are hardy that are ready, but the injuries do happen in the NFL, and that’s and that’s the the unpredictability of the sport. And then you have gambling which I think has a potential to really get the attention of of a couple of players who who might want to make some extra

Nestor Aparicio  14:19

coin. Well, that I’ve talked at length I had a friend over Fourth of July and we got talking about gambling and sports and where it is and I just watching these baseball games every night still love baseball. I love watching Palmer Palmer like refuses to talk about a kind of sort of they make the other guy read it. Like there’s I’m not going to talk about gambling or it’s all I’m going to talk about, and I even saw it in the pregame on Wednesday night. They’re like Colton Couser began today at 150 moves to get his first ID and now he’s super good. Everybody’s betting on him right for fun, I guess so they can root for him. I’ll put 10 bucks no cows are getting a single than anything. It’s a single I went $18 Whatever. I don’t even know I I just not my jam, right? It’s not why I watch sports. It was never the reason I love the Colts. It was never the reason I love Darrell Campbell and Dan Passerini. It was never the reason I love basket. I just, it wasn’t even really the reason I loved horse racing. I liked the stories and the people in horse racing. I was never like a horse racing gambler. That being said, the pregame show now is dominated by talk of a guy coming up making his major league debut and how you can invest in it and make money on it and how it’s affecting the marketplace to make money on it. And then the announcer say, isn’t that interesting? And I think to myself, is isn’t that interesting that two than every other debut in the history of debuts going back to Matt Wieters and everything before? We were talking about sports in that way. And that’s now it’s changed the language, right? It’s a new language. It’s like cursive to your dad when he got here at 73. Right, right. Like it’s a new language. And it’s the language forever. And if you’re going to if you’re going to be Rob long, you’re going to talk about gambling in the pregame show. If you’re going to be Brett Hollander, you’re going to talk about gambling in the pregame show. And I’ll tell you, what will rob long got his gig here and replace me 20 years ago. First thing I said is don’t be don’t be coordinator gamblers. Because that’ll be the first thing that gets my press pass taken away. Yeah, I have people come up to me and ask me if Chad Steele took my press pass, because I’m a gambler. Right? Sure. You know, because people are now guessing why they took my press pass, because I clearly did something wrong, right? I had to have done something wrong. There’s something wrong for all of my career, would have been hanging out with Mike Messina and then going out to Vegas and betting $5,000 that he was going to lose because I saw the fight that he got into with Hasselbeck and he said his shoulder hurt when we were at the Van Halen concert together. That’s all true, by the way, except the gambling part. But if I had done that, Rick Vaughn would have said, Dude, you’re canoodling, with gamblers. You know, I saw gamblers I saw touts get thrown out of radio row, back in the day, because they were scamming table to table trying to get intel and get information and all that. It’s all sitting there now. And like I just it is, I don’t say troublesome. I’m not troubled by it, they should be troubled by it. And it is in the Major League Baseball parlance. When John Angelos is thinking of the future what this is, gambling is the new revenue stream that is going to replace cable television for them. Because they these ads, they have a hose. Literally the hose means you can bet all night, and you’ll wait all night and your wife will come home and shower you with things because you bet the cold cows or think it’s it, it’s itchy to me to watch the broadcast the baseball broadcast for them after knowing what I know is a 55 year old knowing what I know about poor Latin kids coming up here and playing for five minutes in the big leagues and umpires not making any money. And like I just I know too much to be dangerous and all this. And I always avoided it because I always thought it would cost me my career. I didn’t realize it would be you know, something Chad steel has between his ears that would cost me my career. But I always thought I would get that would be the first thing that would get you thrown out is if you started talking to other people in the press box about how much you’re gambling on sports and that you’re in the locker room talking to pitchers and catchers and and managers and coaches and players. That’s just ah, I mean that is that’s Pete Rose, right literally.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:28

Well, there’s there’s a website that I’ve purchased ravens jerseys from before and all kind of, you know, sports gear.

Nestor Aparicio  18:36

They’re now a gambling brand.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:38

I saw what this guy had to find. I never knew his name before I forget his first name. Last name is Ruben. He has a fourth of July batch every year. And now he’s getting into gambling and this party had JC I saw the white party on the boat, right? White Party on the boat and it was Tom Brady. It was a who’s who but this guy now is getting heavily into gambling, which is again, it’s just everywhere. And you have to wonder it’s always been there. Right? And at what point does it really influence the outcome of game

Nestor Aparicio  19:08

there is no check and balance. That’s the problem. And that’s what’s going to get them I mean, maybe they can buy off Congress. I don’t know. But like if you and I got together and said we’re gonna get together between coons Ford and wn st somewhere in Pikesville and we’re gonna get together put together a new game, we’re gonna make a game up it’s gonna be cards or dice or, you know, blow into the kazoo I don’t know but what make up a game and you and I are gonna make the game set the rules, higher officials that report to us that worked for us and we get to decide whether Red wins or Black wins whether it’s a ball or a strike, whether it’s a touchdown or or an incomplete whether it’s a foul or not a foul going through the lane. Like it’s insane. And I talked to my lottery people you know, and I picked the lottery get lottery tickets to your lottery. And that’s the lottery is a is a fixed game by the government with company Lee incredible oversight to make sure that nobody’s cheating. And that Doug Lloyd who did the show this week, doesn’t know or can affect what the number is on Saturday night. This sports thing is a whole. I mean, every time I think about it and talk about it, which is every day, because it’s, it’s in the baseball games, and I’m thinking to myself, Ben McDonald, who played the game could have anything to do with gambling because it Pete Rose is now on the air having to opine as to whether betting on or against a homerun. And Palmer at the beginning of an inning the other night said, This is gonna be the beginning. I had a feeling Don’t you have a feeling? You have a feeling? Now if I’m home and I’m thinking of Jim Palmer as a feeling, I better have a feeling to write. Right. I mean, Dennis, I can’t believe how many people in the 1990s here would call me saying ravens a good bet this week. I mean, you were out there talking to Marvin. Right? Or the Ravens good bet. I listened to Nestor ol Friday first picks. I want to hear his picks because they’re free. And Louis to tout it 900 Go bet USA Today charges me 100 Jim fights charge me $100 for that information, right, you know, like it. It’s not like, it’s like insider trading with the stock and then it is insider trading in the stock market if you’re doing it, but and I talked to the horse racing guys about this back in May. And I had picture already on I had Marty McGee on. And I would tell you, other than Andy buyer and they would tip a cap to him. They’re the greatest horse racing people of this generation in this country. They are in that top 10 of whenever you think of Stephen A Smith or whatever you would think of anybody who’s a leader in their world. These are lifer, horsemen, lifer, gamblers, degenerate gamblers, I call them but they because there’s a gambling window in the press box at Pimlico Laurel, there was one a buoy, the media could get screw up and bad. So you go down to talk to all the work, you can’t talk to the horses, but you can talk to everybody around the horses, and you get the hot breath of the tip on the rail. And you’re putting it in the newspaper, right? Or you’re online and modern era. And you can go bet on it. And I asked both of these guys, and I love them. They’re friends of mine. I said lifetime. Are you ahead or behind? And they’re both like caught behind by behind about it. And I’m thinking to myself, Wow, can anybody be ahead?

Dennis Koulatsos  22:23

Right? You can’t, ya know what I love about people like gambling, they’ll tell you when they won. I just won five grand, two grand, 10 grand, but they never tell you how much they lost. To win that to win five, you lose

Nestor Aparicio  22:33

the shame. I’ve lost money in casinos and gone to bed. But I shouldn’t have done that. And that’s why it’ll do it anymore. But I mean, the lotteries for I mean, for me my wife likes playing jackpots. It’s $500 million. Just we it’s not, it’s not it. We always see these ads, you know, gamble responsibly, play responsibly Know your limits sexually, like all of these things they do while they have the fire hose out, right. And Jim Palmer has a feeling in the third inning after the first single that this is going to be the beginning. It’s just Well, you mentioned we didn’t want to go in this direction, though. But it’s dangerous. And the reason it’s dangerous and I’ll stand up for my lottery folks here who support us to keep us in business the way the coons family does, and you and everybody else. The lotteries like a real game with real odds and real and real oversight not gonna there’s no fix going on have

Dennis Koulatsos  23:21

a human element in there where you mentioned kickers punters and running backs. Look what concerned me as a fan is you I’m watching the Super Bowl and the long snapper who’s making nothing has an errant snap. And which causes the field to get missed. And the team that should have won loses that that’s what concerned me as a fan. And of course, it was a bad snap and that’s why the kid got shanked in the watch

Nestor Aparicio  23:44

any boxing movie, go watch the Pope, you know, and, you know, throw in the fight, throw in the game, you know, that’s just pride effing with you. You know what I mean? Just just get get your bag, get your bag, you know what I mean? And there’s just too many poor people involved. There are too few Lamar Jackson to too many long snappers and officials and just people that could affect the outcome and there’s nobody that can affect the outcome of a lottery draw like that. That is my legacy. The McDonald’s scratch off story of the big winners of the mafia getting involved in the McDonald’s. It’s the greatest piece I’ve ever read. I I believe it was on the I’ve shared it several times. I’ll share it again. It was a long form piece. You remember the McDonald’s Big Mac you want fries the Olympics of course. Rach right. And but but the Monopoly game, the Monopoly game you always had to get Park Place or boardwalk to win a billion dollars or whatever. And those pieces were guarded. And there was a company in Georgia. It’s too long for me to tell you on your show. It was made into a it might have been called MC millions. It was a mini series like five or six He says with the real people, it like they talk to the aunts, the uncles, the people that were shaving money, the guy that got the phone call and said, Hey, do you want a million dollars? I have a winning piece. All you have to do is claim it and give me my big like, and there was a scam going on. And it took them It took McDonald’s security, like 1000 years the find really, huh. And they had printers like it, it is unbelievable. And it’s a true story. And it’s better than any Ocean’s 11 or any movie, but go check. But this is the advanced level people will go to cheat. And when Dennis I had a contest here, I made the biggest mistake, I did a Purple Palace contest, we gave away a man cave, okay, we gave me a bunch of money and this and that. And it was who has the best purple man cave in the city. And the competition came in. I remember that. I remember every, every one of these people was cheating. Every one of these people was cheating. And I didn’t even and then they all threatened to sue me when they didn’t win. Had a guy in Miller’s Island send me legal that he was going to sue me for not winning or they have fake fake pictures of their man caves. No, no, no, they were stuffing the ballot. They were they were gaming the system. You know,

Dennis Koulatsos  26:17

unfortunately, most people that’s what they do. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  26:20

I don’t I don’t know what to say about that. But that is the problem with it. And that’s why I itch when I watched the baseball gambling thing. I mean, it’s just and it’s it’s almost feels like too much too soon in some way. Well, it feels desperate. To me. It feels like it feels like baseball. This is a desperate play for them to gain revenue after ostracizing Pete Rose and understanding Kennesaw Mountain late like understanding that Frank Hornick or Paul Hornig like understanding that this it’s been bad for a reason Pete Roselle didn’t like it for a reason. Like none of those people liked it for a reason. And now they’re in business with it. And I there’s no untangling it. And there’s no oversight. I guess that if you think Roger Goodell is oversight, you haven’t been paying attention. If you think Chad Steele was oversight, you end up paying attention. Yeah, I mean, really, I mean, I’m just being on if you think these are fair minded people, or, you know, high integrity people, Roger Goodell, hi, it’s, I mean, come on, let’s, let’s call Colin Kaepernick, Redskins cheerleaders,

Dennis Koulatsos  27:28

you know, probably is that I’ve always said that.

Nestor Aparicio  27:32

Right? I mean, we can go through all of this, right? The Jon Gruden incident like all of this, if you think this all this is on the up and up. Don’t bet on it. Have at it. And it’s fun for everybody, but it’s dangerous for them. And that’s the part of Seattle it’s no

Dennis Koulatsos  27:47

different than WWE sports entertainment. Have fun with it. Don’t bet on it. I just have fun with it and understand the outcome. It’s a coin flip. It really is. I mean, if you think that the outcomes any more than that are less than that. You’re mistaken.

Nestor Aparicio  28:01

We’re gonna hold Mr. Jackson accountable for that. That coin flip is what? John Harbaugh we’re gonna

Dennis Koulatsos  28:07

just win baby. Famous word of the late great Al Davis just went

Nestor Aparicio  28:12

to July week. Enjoy the second weekend all star game this week coming up Adley rutschman with his dad pitching to him in his hometown. I hate the I hate the Home Run Derby. I’m gonna watch it on Monday night because and, you know, I’ve got I’ve got Baltimore fever right now, you know, for all the Orioles in the Ravens this year. And I’ve said this it’s relevant. And it’s relevant everywhere I go every day our radio stations relevant because we talk about it. Luke Jones is relevant because he reports on it. And I think the Orioles this week and this sort of you call it a speed bump on my show earlier this week, getting through the speed bump, and figuring out a little bit of rest next week for at least 21 of them and get together next week and you know make the second half better. And hey, pick charge on alias to make the team better. They need to make the team better

Dennis Koulatsos  28:59

100% pitcher hitter we’ll figure it out. Next as always, I appreciate your time keep doing great things. I gotta go eat my peach cake now let’s go have fun. There he goes Nestor J F ratio with this peach K key on 1570 Am Baltimore positive wn S T we’ll take a quick break and come back right after this.

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