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Can the Orioles really win a World Series again and what did Steadman think the first time?

Can the Orioles really win a World Series again and what did Steadman think the first time Luke baseball

When Nestor discovered a treasure trove of 1966 World Series heirlooms in the Shrewsbury hometown of his partner Luke Jones, it was time to wax nostalgic about the World Series, the Orioles and the WBC and all that could be once again. Can Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson bring back that old black and orange magic?


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at W and S, T, Towson Baltimore. And Baltimore positive hope you’re listening. I don’t I am 57 and we call them wise conversations. And this one’s gonna be a lot of fun because at the heart this is going to be a baseball conversation but I am wearing my my favorite t shirt. Before we get going. I gotta tell everybody about the Maryland lottery and our Maryland crab cake tour, taking it back out on the road. And we’re doing this really in conjunction with opening day, and Springsteen and the Eagles opening new CFG Bank Arena, our friends at the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation, I think we’re gonna have another major sponsor coming aboard to so I’m excited about that as well. We’re gonna be starting the Maryland crab cake toward giving away the Maryland lottery scratch off the old schoolers on the fifth of April. We’re gonna be doing that at a cost this we’re starting a Costas. It’s their 50th anniversary of selling lottery tickets. We’re going down the fade Lee’s the day after opening day, but it’s the day that Bruce Springsteen is going to be opening the new CFG Bank Arena. And look, I had a business trip over the weekend that involved and you’re gonna see that this was a business trip. Okay. I stopped in your hometown of Shrewsbury Pennsylvania and I did a little antiquing and I saw I had it had a baseball angle and a hockey angle. I really started as a rock and roll angle. Then I went to State College which there It’s big 10 University, right. I had only been there one time in my life. I drove there on a very awful Saturday morning where they got their ass kicked by Michigan in 1998. On my way to seeing the Ravens get their ass kicked by the Steelers the next night. I went to State College I bragged to Lenny Moore, to Wiley Richardson to Kim herring. how excited I was to be going to Penn State to see the Nittany Lions take on Courtney brand levar Arrington take on Brian greasy. And Charles Woodson and Penn State got walloped that day. I never made it downtown. It was RVs. And you know, it’s just a mess. Like, it was just awful weather day and awful. Everything day was awful. Getting out of there. The drive to Pittsburgh was awful. And then Eric’s iron Vinnie testability were awful. And Rob Woods was pretty good. I think if I remember correctly. That said, I go back to Penn State. First, I run into his Ross Cocker and we’re talking football. But before I did that, I came to Shrewsbury I didn’t know the antiquing thing in Shrewsbury. Can you speak to that as a local there because my son and daughter in law sent me looking for belt buckles.

Luke Jones  02:37

All I can speak to is I know it is a thing in southern New York County. And there are lots of people into it. And there are definitely some, some places that I’ve been to maybe once in my life, I’m not an antique person myself, but it’s, it’s absolutely a thing. And I know that there have been people that will travel from not 10 minutes away, they’ll don’t come drive an hour or to check out some of the places in Shrewsbury. So well, my son isn’t even Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  03:06

your dad would like this, right? Your dad was an old rock’n’roll. But this is the Genesis belt buckle. And you know, I’ve started collecting these specific because they’re affordable and fun, and hard to get and better than baseball cards, because you can wear them. So I actually wore this to the show the other night, because I acquired it and it was like this prized as my new shiny object, right? So I’m looking for belt buckles just for fun, like just to get me off the road because I’m not going to hockey games and I’m not flying here and doing this and doing that. So my son says stop up Shrewsbury. So I go in to the antique center and it’s a bunch of little stalls like little flea market but really nice stuff. Really, I end there’s a whole thing with old soda shop signs, albums, old Life magazines, old Beatles like the stuff right in addition to your grandmother’s this and old canisters and Old King syrup jars the stuff and really cool stuff. And you look at you’re like oh I had that or look at that you know? Like but you see something you want it you’re like oh how much is that? Got down to the lower level Luke no belt buckles I you know, and I sort of what else am I going to see here? saw something I wanted a bright shiny object. Orange banner, black, old school with the old man clipper on it with the goalie stick, right? Baltimore clippers orange and black banner and I’m thinking is that 20 bucks or is that to unbox? I don’t know what that is. 75 bucks. I don’t balk at price just wasn’t more 75 bucks to me. It was beautiful. I touched it. It was felt it was legit. Late 60s. Awesome. would look awesome in my office. Cool. I loved it. I would hang it up. If I’m not hanging up enough. Fine. I got rid of a bunch of stuff on that hanging up. Snow. Guy comes over make small talk. He’s fun. and hockey fan the whole deal we started let me show you what else I got. He showed me this bottle opener dude. Like I should have taken a picture of it. I really screwed up not doing that. But it had the old clippers logo. It was a giveaway where the the hockey skate open your beer. And it was the size of like a stapler but it was a hockey skate. To under 25 bucks. I’m like, really nice object. I’m sure it opens a nice bottle of beer modern button up. I go to a section and I see a Baltimore Colts album. 1968 It’s only five bucks. 10 But uh, you have to have a player to play and I thought well Jr. Could probably, but we really put it on the radio was Chuck Thompson Bill O’Donnell calling the 68 season, everything went right. Until it didn’t go right. As you all know, should both right. So I go into that section in the back. And there’s newspapers, from the 60s. Luke, are you ready? It’s my kickoff the opening day for you my friend. Because the I have not opened these. They were inexpensive, inexpensive like five bucks. nine bucks. Like a magazine would be in the airport that I would pick up for a flight to Miami right? Are you ready? This is this is the thing that caught my eye. You’re gonna love this but because you love baseball, I have not opened this the first time I’ve touched it. I’m going to read through it. I’m literally going to read through it as a fan. It is the 1966 News American preview of the World Series and Stedman Did you see what Stedman says there tell tell our audience what John Steadman said that was going to happen in a 66 world series if I can get it up on the screen and right well I’m gonna get this right I swear I’m gonna get it right it says here Orioles will win series so 1966 Oreos reach the peaks I got this and then the balance it out because I got my career started the news American and Steadman won’t be in this because he wasn’t working there then. Yeah, you get the cup that says Oreos when the series and it was Dave McNally and like all of that, right. This is the legit legit legit original legit. First Run Oreos complete sweep a World Series 66 in the Baltimore Sun. Very cool. So 14 bucks, Shrewsbury your hometown and there’s a crab cake joint on the corner I took a picture of this joint and if I want to give a shout out I will. I don’t know that the Maryland lottery that’s gonna let me get a ticket. I can’t do that. But I would come up and do a crab cake tour. I want to I took a picture of a joint when I turned the corner in your neighborhood and it said crabcakes out on a corner. Coach Coach light restaurant it’s a crab cakes right out front Shrewsbury

Luke Jones  08:01

Oh yeah, still fine crabcakes up in southern Pennsylvania that’s kind of the extension of the Greater Baltimore area you will still get a legit crabcake let me rephrase that you can still get a legit crabcake in southern your county you go 30 plus minutes north that’s on Harrisburg know you’re kind of on your own there are I know that have one or two places in New York. Like like your kid

Nestor Aparicio  08:27


wants to come town you’re done right like exit 33 Yeah, you

Luke Jones  08:30

go north. You go north of there. You’re on your own you maybe there’s a stray place, but I would not I would not get my endorsement at that point. But I’ll tell you what, southern Pennsylvania does have some legit Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  08:41

and a hell of a Taco Bell there at 1235 in North York right off the queen. I’m gonna tell you right now. All right. By the way, dude, I never opened these. I literally and this will open the conversation for the WBC and whether the World Series is more important than the WBC. So we could talk about that. But I just opened this up, dude. It’s got the evening sun front page in it too. Like it has all of it. So I bought oh, what’s inside? This is the thing that’s on all the coffee mugs. I got it finally the real one. This is the real one. You’ve seen this. Excellent. Yeah, so um, oh, absolutely. You know, I love baseball. It’s baseball season. Reading Steadman Scott’s prior to the 66 World Series that begat me and brought me to this country. So part of this is a little bit of exploration for me, but baseball man there’s nothing like it right? I mean, even stuff that happened before I’m alive. I’m spending 14 bucks in a shop because I’m interested in baseball and this year and seeing people buying Adley rutschman bats that are putting up in their kids bedrooms and stuff like that. That fun things getting hungry You’re soon bro we were doing crabcake tours we’re going to fade these I’m wearing my favorite t shirt because you’re going to be getting some crab cakes down there for your family you don’t know it yet but I’m gonna be mule and those back because you can’t get those in PA and you know that but happy up baseball season you I know you’re getting. You’re getting geeked up next Thursday. We’re close.

Luke Jones  10:17

Yeah, it’s right around the corner. And I think the World Baseball Classic, and we’ll get into that. But that’s been a nice warm up. I think it’s difficult because you get to these NCAA Tournament weekends where you’re just so programmed to watch March Madness, you know, even if you’re just a casual college basketball fan, that I found myself kind of forgetting about the WBC. And then I was mad because Oh, I forgot about it. So I did get a chance to catch some of the US Cuba semifinal on Sunday night as the US ran away with it. And Cedric Mullins hit a home run late in that game. So that was cool to see. But it’s right around the corner and certainly a lot more optimism and excitement for the Orioles even with the lack of games being shown on Masson. But there’s still optimism I think for the first time since at least 2016 2017. There’s a thought that this could be a fun season. And the Orioles certainly have designs of being a postseason team. So we’ll see how it plays out. Certainly questions and certainly young guys that they’re going to have to count on to take the next step. But lots of excitement. But in the meantime, it’s been neat to to watch the W bc we talked about this five years ago when Adam Jones made the magical catch. I mean, you still see highlights of that five years later, him Robin Machado, you know, it feels like a lifetime ago, when you consider where the Orioles were at that point and what’s happened since then. But to see that and then to see over the weekend, Trey Turner hitting the Grand Slam and what kind of a great moment that was. It’s fun. And I think what we need to recognize, and you and I’ve talked about this a lot in terms of the overall health of the game, the future of the game, all of that. And understanding that baseball has been an American game, even though it’s been called the World Series, since you can even go back to the late 19th century before the you know, the modern era of 1903. But you know, for the game, to truly become a global game to truly be a World Series. No one will be talking about it in the literal sense.


Nestor Aparicio  12:26

It’s such an American thing. It is something that’s only American. Right, right. ampionship Because it just speaks to people that don’t have passports. And it speaks to this conversation where I’ve seen Adam Jones smacking people around Yeah, out on Twitter, because he’s lived places because Adam Jones and I would get along famously, if we were ever to get together, you know, I have more to say to him than Coleman. But like, I being Venezuelan, and knowing, you know, it obviously is affected. This guy’s got plenty of money, but he’s hurt now. And these guys getting hurt during this thing. We as Americans, we would Roger dourness, right? And we would say, the only one game that matters, and that’s the game we get paid to play. And you know, like all of that. And that’s the way fans want to feel about the Dodgers or about their team or their Braves player or their Astros player whoever gets hurt. And the same thing would be true in spring training guy blows in our mountain spring training, right? That right? But these guys are competing hard. And we all wondered out loud and you and I wondered out loud last week, I told you about my experience. I mean, I had a beautiful experience at Dodger Stadium. CHP and by the way was Roy Oswald who pitch that night. Duffy was on the team. But it was always well, I wanted to clarify those walls that pitch that night. But seeing 40,000 Japanese people roll in the Dodger Stadium with bangers and sushi yelling each year all painted off and all cheering. It would and I’ve been to Cuba and I’ve been to Venezuela. I’ve been to games baseball games. You know, there’s a stadium named after my my cousin and Maracaibo that I’ve been to and to see the passion in the Dominican in Puerto Rico and Cuba and these other places, and try to equate that to somebody who lives in Duluth, Georgia, I think it’s very difficult to do. But I think it’s important that Adam Jones does it. And it’s important that people to your point, I am the ultimate detractor, right? I’m nasty. Nestor. I fight with Peter Angelos. He hates baseball. I’ve been here 31 years thinking they don’t do enough. And they don’t do enough. They really don’t do enough. But this is something that they really as been a pet project of buds that has legs to the point where these guys care so much they’re getting hurt. So and it’s weird because they played in March. I mean, like for all of the reasons that it’s not as baseball Lee They play it in the better weather conditions and they played your pitch great. I this is one of the good things that these 30 SOPs have done in 31 years since the strike and cow Rifkin and 2131 and like all of the contractions, dH is pitcher’s, salary feuds on the field off the field, Peter angelos, Peter angelos, Peter Angelos here, wrecking it, and lacrosse and all the other things that happen, they can’t make a star out of Mike Trout, and they can’t figure out Otani and whatever. This is one of the few things where they’ve really tried hard. And if you love it, it’s cool. And it’s something they created out of nothing. Because baseball doesn’t allow you to create anything out of nothing, because it’s all within the confines of the way it’s always been. This is something that is new and modern. And I don’t know if it’s accepted, but I know my experience with it was phenomenal. Adam Jones his experience with it was phenomenal. Like maybe your experiences are phenomenal if your guy got hurt last week.

Luke Jones  16:06

Yeah, and look, let’s be clear, I have full empathy from a fan standpoint of New York Mets fan see and Edwin Diaz get hurt in a celebrate I mean, just it was such a freak thing that happened. Al to have a I mean, how many times you see guys get hit by Bryce Harper got hit by a pit Shin early June last year broke his thumb. He wasn’t back into the last month that season, although he did pretty well when he came back, certainly in October. But I think where this really resonates for me, personally, I, I had the chance, as you recall, we went down to Miami had a chance to cover the 2017 All Star game. And during pregame introductions, they had the flags of all the countries that had been we’re being represented in that game. I can’t remember the exact percentage, but the number of players that were not United States, players who had origins from other countries. And it really struck me. And I just thought and I say this as someone who has not done a lot of traveling, but I thought, how cool is it that America has gained the national pastime, whether it actually is anymore or not, we still romanticize it. And it was at one point in time, even if football really is in this day and age, but it really struck me that, quote, America’s game had so many different players from so many different countries here at the MLB All Star game. And it really struck me how special that was. And then you start thinking about the World Baseball Classic. And look, it’s new. I mean, this is something that was conjured, what, 1516 years ago, what 2006 whenever it was, and really wasn’t until a few years later, when major league players were playing in this. But you know, and I’m going to speak out of turn here a little bit, because I’m not a SOCCER GUY. But just imagine if the World Cup didn’t exist. And suddenly, someone developed that concept 15 or 20 years ago, if you’re a fan of a team in the English Premier League, and one of your guys was playing in that and it didn’t have the cachet, and the tradition and and you know, was it what the World Cup is which I recognize that even as someone who’s not a SOCCER GUY, that you wouldn’t mind get it? It would be an honor to be hurt in a World Cup game like McBride was bleeding and right. And oh six, but if it was brand new, you’d probably feel differently about that, because it wouldn’t have that. So I think what, and I totally agree with you as far as what baseball what they’ve been able to do with the World Baseball Classic. And look, it stinks that Edwin Diaz got hurt, it stinks that Jose L to Bay got hurt. But guess what, guys get hurt in spring training all the time. And let’s be clear, there are guidelines and parameters in place. Mark de Rosa, the manager of the United States team. He’s been abiding by pitch counts and structure of how these guys are competing but also still getting ready for the baseball MLB regular season. So there’s that in place. From a financial standpoint. There were players who could not play in the WBC because they had an injury history and they could not have their contract their MLB contract insured. Clayton Kershaw was an example of that. Ramona Ria, so the Orioles was an example of that, I believe. So the Mets are not going to lose out financially on Edwin Diaz getting hurt. They’re going to be insured for that. But you lose the player and I do understand it. I really do. And I’ve talked about this. We talked about this probably as recently as our last conversation about the WBC as much as I like it. It does make me uneasy for these pitchers who are typically ramping up and now you’re throwing them into a much more competitive environment. But boy, you mentioned it with your experience. I wasn’t at a WBC but just seeing you know, being reminded of all the international presence and Major League Baseball at an all star game. You see the passion And you see the atmosphere at these various stadiums across the world? How can you look at this thing and not say that there isn’t value to this if your

Nestor Aparicio  20:09

countries also have their history, and these are chances for these players to be heroes in their country?

Luke Jones  20:17


It’s that and it’s also you look at places like Australia, the United Kingdom, some of Israel, some of these countries that there was no presence for baseball. I mean, I can remember who was it the the Oreo signed out of Australia years ago? Was it John Stevens? I think his name was I believe there was a Yeah, you look at these, some of these countries, baseball had no footprint whatsoever. And now you’re seeing what the WBC and of course there’s, it goes beyond that. I mean, there are other efforts, and there are other people promoting the game elsewhere. But I just look at that and say, How can this be a bad thing in a big picture sense if you’re someone who loves baseball and wants to see the game grow, and wants to think of and look, I don’t even want to get into comparing the WBC compared to the World Series. I mean, they’re different entities. Certainly the World Series for someone who is American or someone who just loves baseball, and even if you’re from another country, but you know, Major League Baseball has been the pinnacle of baseball since since its inception. How can you how can you judge that compared to the WBC? But that said, the WBC means something? It does. And I mean, Adam Jones. I’ve seen him push back on Keith Olbermann. And some of you know some of that talk that, again, I get frustration, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak, in terms of understanding that injuries happen. And it’s not as though it’d be one thing if these guys were, you know, in the WBC. And then they were playing a pickup basketball game in between games, and then someone got hurt there. Yeah, that would be a different story. They weren’t they got hurt playing baseball on it. And Edwin Diaz case, it was just a freak thing. You know, it’s not as though he did a bunch of backflips or anything and blew out his knee. So it’s tough. I empathized with that to a point. But I just think there’s so much upside to the World Baseball Classic. And look, the timing is not ideal, in the same way that it would be problematic if you tried to do this in November. And then you say, All right, it’s one thing to talk about guys who pitched in the playoffs are pitching the World Series. But what are you going to do about those pitchers who haven’t thrown a pitch since late September, you’re gonna have them ramp up in November or December, I think that would be far more problematic. So you know, there’s the, it’s not perfect. It’s not ideal in terms of timing and understanding that there is an injury risk. But I think anyone who even takes a couple nights out of the few weeks, that’s a tournament goes on, and you just see the passion. You see how much the players care about it? And how can that be something that is, quote, meaningless, or something that’s a negative. I mean, ultimately, I say this all the time. I want baseball to thrive, I want baseball to be healthy. I want baseball to be something that continues to be a positive and be something that grows into the future. And we talked about a lot about that, not just here in Baltimore, but the major leagues in general. And I think, looking at the WBC on a in a global sense. I mean, you talk about growing the game, and maybe not so much in the US. But elsewhere. It’s been a it’s been a wild success, as far as what we’ve seen, so I just, and it’s, you know, it’s different, right? It’s not the World Series, but it is something that has value. It’s something that means a lot to the players. And it means a lot to countries and I think I think people in based in America who have watched it when the US won in 17, or when they play for a championship this week, if that matters, that there’s pride there. And now it’s not the World Cup. It’s not the Olympics because it hasn’t been around that long. But it could eventually, you know, it could eventually rival those types of things to some degree or another because why the game is growing internationally and it is becoming much more of a global game. So I like it. Again, it’s not perfect. I don’t know how you’d make it perfect from a timing standpoint, but I think it’s made for a really good theater and having watched it the last few versions of it. You just see the enthusiasm and interest for it growing.

Nestor Aparicio  24:28

Luke Jones is here. Luke the whole time you’ve been talking about the WBC I’ve been fingering through my Shrewsbury antique treasure of night. It’s all 1966 stuff, just so you know, all of it. And the news American piece is the actual preview and it’s like 32 pages, it’s double truck. The ads are phenomenal and I knew was gonna have gold in it. Like the minute I didn’t look through it. Look, I looked at it, I’m like, oh my god, this is Steadman, this is 66. It’s five bucks, I’m buying it, boom. The other thing was like nine bucks. And it was like, the oil 66 front from the sun. I’m like, I’m buying it. And it was the fake front. And it has the real front so I can show you all of this stuff. But this is the amazing thing that just happened. I’m peeking through this, and I want to read some headlines to you. What would the World Series mean to you? Because we talked about, you know, for the Latin folks what, you know, what would it mean for the Dominican to win or what it would mean for Japan to win? But, but for you as a Baltimore guy, you’ve never experienced a World Series in your life, right?

Luke Jones  25:42

Well, I mean, I was two weeks old, right? I mean, I was born October 2 of 1983. So I’ve never experienced worlds. I’ve never been to a World Series game. Quite frankly, I’ve been to a LCS I’ve been to Division Series. Would you

Nestor Aparicio  25:54

want to go if I took you to Philly to a game would you? Are you like Yeah, absolutely.


Luke Jones  25:58

I mean, it would mean more with the Orioles. Absolutely. I mean, there’s no question about that. But yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed. I, I looked at some of the prices for Philly and I thought well, you know, I ain’t paying that much for it to not be the Oreos that would be a little different.

Nestor Aparicio  26:16

All right. So the this is the news American which is always near and dear to my heart than the Baltimore Sun. Orioles reached a peak world. So this is really thick. You know, this is a this is a thick, heavy, and it’s beautiful. It’s obviously not even yellowed. Right. So steppin predicts it says here Orioles will win World Series right. So that’s on page one, I started looking at the ads WNBA L and Carling beer giant ad on page one, and then they take care of the directors of Providence savings bank with a full double truck on page two. But here it is. Page two hockberger A man with a winning touch. Stedman did a editor did a full story on Frank Robinson. Shake it. I haven’t read it. I want to read it because it’s the story of our hockberger built 66 Oreos. So I’m fingering through this right page but every page is its own little treasure trove where there’s the Go Oreos, go add the tasty cake add from 1966 Gladding Chevrolet which I grew up with as well. By the way the back page the cheapest guy in town baby Jack Luskin poor to color TV. If you don’t have a ticket, you should have color TV. So he’s trying to sell you on the fact that you can watch the games in color. The suit channel 13 says your Orioles World Series station all games in color. It says so right here and I don’t know that I can get the magazine where it needs to be because the green screen is a mess. So anyway, I’m fingering through this thing. Art Janee the great art Janee happiness is a pennant. It says here there’s a Sears ad. There’s a natty boat, beautiful color national beers for the birds congratulations. And it’s got to dance and Oriole birds. But they named the road after Frank Robinson they have him here on page 10 of Robinson road of Rock Road and friends neighbors cheer Orioles here on Cedarville road renamed Robinson road because he lived there apparently. Stedman says Oreos were winning 66 And then I get through the double truck which is a Sears ad you can see are you ready for this headline? Luke? I hope you can see this because I want to try to hold this up 1966 Aparicio retire or no? You see this over here? Louis? So there it is, baby. aparece higher? No. At no no. It’s just no no. So anyway, Aparicio slipped to a career low it sounds like me to 23 and 1965 I’m gonna read I bought this to read it but it’s you It smells like Luke. It smells like the more get the news American where I made the phone call to get my job up at the sun from from so this has a it has a smell to it. That is near and dear to the ain’t stain heart that I had in 1984 When all this began but baseball season Dude, it does crazy things to people.

Luke Jones  29:23

It does it does and lots of excitement with the WBC and we’re opening days right around the corner. It’s I mean, it’s it’s here. It’s always strange you always have for me. And I say this either as media who’s not down in Sarasota or just as a fan. There’s always that excitement. When pitchers and catchers report then full squad reports. Then the first few grapefruit league games or cactus league games out in Arizona and then you kind of settle into okay, this isn’t the real season yet. You know it. You get the updates here and there. You catch a couple games here and there. You listen to a few on the radio, but then, you know opening days right around the corner and You know, the Orioles will be at Fenway and going down the to Arlington to take on the Rangers for three and then opening up in Baltimore against the Yankees on April 6. So it’s almost here. And there’s still some questions about the roster and still questions about who’s going to be on the roster, you know, be in the rotation and all of that, but, I mean, it’s it. There’s a there’s a lot of optimism as I said, I wish the offseason had been a little more active. I’m not going to change my mind on that. I wholeheartedly feel that way. But there’s still a lot to be optimistic about and yeah, the WBC has been a nice little like nice little appetizer for that and then we get into the Oreos come in come in North and playing for real here right around the corner. I can’t wait. You know,

Nestor Aparicio  30:49


this has been on many many many T shirts mugs. The sun still pumps this and sells it I can’t believe this was inserted into the package and I literally found this on the air about 20 minutes ago and we start Oriole sweep series and for straight McNally Brooks his feet up in the air beautiful thing right World Series they got a chance right they got a punch it all starts on the fair.

Luke Jones  31:22

I mean I’m not ready to say they’re gonna win the World Series. But But yeah, I mean a chance especially with wildcards now, which they did not have back in 1966 it was when the American League or go home. There’s optimism questions for sure. No doubt about that as well. But let’s see what Adley rutschman and Gunnar Henderson and Grayson Rodriguez who I still am expecting anticipating him being in the opening day rotation so we’ll see how it plays out that 162 of these so there’s gonna be ups and downs and should be much more intrigued than what we were witnessing a few years ago and that alone is progress and encouraging in and of itself. I’ll be getting

Nestor Aparicio  32:04

ready for all things opening day and the sixth I’ll be downtown for the fun and the bands and the beer and the girls in the orange in the black and the weather and all that stuff. Also on the fifth we’re going to start things off in the Maryland crabcake tour spring and baseball season. I have some instant lottery scratch offs giveaway will be at cost this celebrating 50 years of the Maryland lottery starting to tour in Dundalk. That is on the fifth in the afternoon on the seventh. We’re going to be down at Faith these were my favorite shirt. That is the day that the new arena is going to open with Bruce Springsteen. It’s the morning after opening day. It’s going to be a great great weekend the Eagles are playing on the eighth and CFG Bank Arena. also brought to you by our friends at window nation 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free do what I did get new windows if you’re I had my windows are 40 years old and place. I guess it’s time and I made time and I’m really glad spring is spring is here. It’s baseball March Madness on the brand. We had a great time up in Hollywood casino in the Barstool Sports last week to kick off the Terps Terps showed up a little bit. And then there’s this Lamar Jackson story that we continue to talk about. And the Maryland crab cakes or we are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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