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For the love of baseball and AC/DC with Forbes sports business insider Maury Brown

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For the love of baseball and ACDC with Forbes sports insider Maury Brown

Our rock and roll soul from Portland, Oregon talks the new rules of baseball, the summer hopes of the Baltimore Orioles and why tribute bands matter in the modern music scene.


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Maury Brown, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W and S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive Spring has sprung and we’re getting the Maryland crabcakes. We’re back out on the road. And it’s all presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery, these sort of old school if you recognize them from like 45 years ago, it’s because these are the same artwork and the tickets. It’s the instant lottery scratch offs. We’ll be giving these away at the Maryland crab cake tour. We’re going to be at Costas in early April, as well as families. I’m working on a new date with families to make sure we’re at the old market. We had a little rescheduling going on there before the Ides of March but we’re gonna get that back out of the road included with our friends at winter nation. 866 90 nation do what I did over the winter, getting the windows man it’s awesome. Keeping the bugs out and keeping the kitty in keeping the squirrels out you buy two you get two free 24 months 0% financing our friends at window nation. This is a guy I’d love to have a crab cake with this guy. I have had some awesome Asian food as well as some adult beverages on some of the breweries in the Greater Portland area. He is out in Portland, Oregon. Never Oregon as my eighth grade girlfriend once said don’t call it Oregon. It’s Oregon. He is out there doing baseball Maury Forbes above and beyond that all over the place and showing up in sports radio in various places as well as playing the role of Malcolm young in the Rock and Roll tribute. ACDC band shoot to thrill we welcome Maury brown back onto the program in front of an electric guitar and acoustic guitar. The only thing it’s missing there’s a ball and a bat in the glove Mario. I mean, you’re I think baseball and rock and roll was where you are.


Maury Brown  01:37

Yeah, man. I mean, if you can’t tell by the way I look today, I’m doing the full on 90s grunge thing, man. It’s cold and wet and damp and yeah, man. I mean, got a pretty happening gig happening Friday. So you know and baseball is cruising up. There’s a lot going on. Man. There’s a lot going on.

Nestor Aparicio  01:58

Before we get to baseball. I must say this because I gotta give a plug out for anybody that does tribute bands. Okay. My wife and I went on Saturday night to the record theater right here in Towson. We saw something right up your alley REM cover band dead letter office phenomenal. Had the singer on Christiane Kericho last week. Also big New York Giants fan group upstate had a great conversation about loving the band and Stipe in the old you know, IRS like we had a music conversation and a sports conversation they played and then the unforgettable fire played which used to cover band so it was the back the backer I’m sure you’re doing an AC DC Metallica night somewhere in AC DC Floyd night or whatever it is you’re doing in Portland but tribute bands. My wife said to me in the middle of things she’s like, correct me. I don’t want to call them a cover band. What’s the word? I’m like? Tribute. They’re a tribute band, you know. So for you in being involved in this, it really is a beautiful thing when you can go see get the lead out. Or you can go see almost queen or see anyone. There’s a band here, that friend of mine for rookies in they do journey songs better than anybody. I mean, really cool to go out and be a part of and it’s made live music even more relevant, I think.

Maury Brown  03:15

Yeah, man, I mean, it works a couple of different ways. One price points a lot cheaper than then going to see some of these bands or the fact that some of these fans play in, you know, stadium tours, I may not come to your town. Some of the bands, of course are no longer touring, because you know, members have passed away or whatever it is, but it’s largely about nostalgia luck. It’s not high art now, sir. I mean, I’m not gonna say that it’s anything grandiose that way. It’s a lot of fun, it’s entertainment. But yeah, I mean, the key difference between a cover band and attribute is obviously you kind of dress the part you really hone in on just one band and really, really, really work to get just exactly as close to the record as possible. cover bands give you a little more leeway with that, you know you’re largely in a club where it’s dancin. So that’s the big deal you know, we’re playing in place we’re playing

Nestor Aparicio  04:07


a cover band you’re doing stones and Mellencamp and but you’re doing right okay, so that’d be more like a dance more like a like a Friday night out at the bar tributes more you can dance to it a little bit but you know, you know what you’re stepping into and when you do it well is your bad long your band been doing this 15 years?

Maury Brown  04:27

Oh my gosh. dozen years, 12 years.

Nestor Aparicio  04:32

I mean, yeah. Once you fall into this and you start doing this, and you can make some money, have some fun, shake your groove, show off your guitar skills, get to have a little ways etc. I mean, I I think you would prefer to be in a UFO cover band, right?

Maury Brown  04:47

Oh, but I picked that up to Nestor. I picked up a scorpions tribute. Both No I did the ACDC thing because after you know they Got a 40 year catalog. And you can play 90 minutes and nothing but balls to the walls hits for the most part,


Nestor Aparicio  05:09

did you hear a lot, because I wonder this about the REM bed, they broke at Koya hoga. They broke out like real beside stuff. And I’m thinking, Well, you’re in REM cover band, they only had 100 songs, you probably can really master 70 or 80 of them that aren’t too weird or out of range or involving instruments that you can play or whatever. But AC DC, like Did you know st the bank? Did you could you do shake the foundation? I mean, or did you just stick to any sort of 25 songs they want to hear it he said once we’re gonna do

Maury Brown  05:38

now we got about three hours worth of stuff. But I mean for you know, like the the upcoming show that we’re about to do. It’s you know, in a hall that holds about 2000. So, you know, it’s a nice theater. And you know that they want us to focus mostly on hits. So I mean, there’s some stuff we’re doing flicking the switch, which is kind of cool. Or doing bad. Which is another one that’s kind of a beside, but most of the stuff is stuff you would know. I mean, it’s a lot of stuff from Highway to Hell, a lot of stuff from back in black. So if

Nestor Aparicio  06:10

I came to the to your show, I know you’re doing shoot to thrill i know you’re doing. You know, why would I know you’re doing that? I would be looking more for like, what do you do for money? Honey, I have a drink on me. Do you do those? Yeah. Okay, what do you do? Let’s get it up. Yep. Oh, see, that’s that would be my special request me. Let’s get it up straight to the top.

Maury Brown  06:35


You know that that is one of those ones that we you know, occasionally drop it off the list. It’s not in the next gigs. One, but we rotate stuff in and out. Because after like you said, after a dozen years, you’re trying to mix it up. So you know, increased production, I went out I’ve gotten out to full stacks. You know, Marshall stacks, and you know, it looks the part and you know, I won’t look like this obviously when I play but

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

you’re getting there, right? I mean, so you’re in a scorpions band now too, right? Yeah.

Maury Brown  07:05

Yeah, I went out and bought Flying V is and look like Rudolph Schenker. I’ll grow the handlebar mustache, and oh, yeah, man, it’s a gas. And I’m really digging that one. Just because I get to do a bunch of leads after doing nothing but rhythm. I mean, Malcolm’s a lot of fun. And there’s no doubt about it. I just get to hang back. And basically, you know, play do the platform for the guy that does the Angus, but the scorpions things allows me I’m doing about how to solo so it’s a good time.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

Nice. I can’t wait to hear you come out and do the zoo. What’s the name is scorpions tribute band. Love, drive. Love drive. Perfect. Perfect. All of my German relatives will appreciate that. So mario Brown is here, we usually talk baseball. So let’s take this back to the beginning of our friendship and our relationship. You’re in a non baseball town, non major league baseball town, you run up to Seattle, so it’s further than you think but closer than you want it to be. In general, you know, you’ve done that but you were trying to lower baseball to Portland at one point we talked about this the Nashville situation where the Angelo’s boy or boys or mama and where he is with the governor running around Sarasota taking BP last week here. But for this time of the year and ramping up I know of no one that covers baseball who thinks about baseball more than you? What’s on your mind. I mean, the World Baseball Classic the pitch clock, your games anything weird because of the pitch clock and the shift with a fan and here we don’t have the games. Masson doesn’t put the games on. It’s goofy, right? The whole network was set up for Angeles but the game we have no games. Once it starts two weeks from now and Terps are eliminated. We figure Lamar out with Lamar Lamar, Lamar Lamar down and happy to be talking about Malcolm young and Rudolph Shankar because I’m gonna mark it out. At some point that’ll happen, but baseball people are gonna come through it, they’re gonna be like, Oh, they changed the rules. They mix they like there’s just a lot that’s going to be different this year. I think even for somebody like you that follows it closely.


Maury Brown  09:03

Yeah, I mean, you know, I did manage that I had was just that I had watched quite a few minor league games with the clock. And it be it does become transparent. Now the broadcasts are kind of different. Because depending on where you’re watching, they’ll put the clock as a bug on the screen. And so you’re aware of when it’s starting to wind down, you know, they’re all treating it different. That’s why it’s doing a different than someone else is doing it and valleys doing a different than others, right? So what do you mean

Nestor Aparicio  09:32

like a 10 seconds or 15? Five or whether it’s up there the whole time, right? Or

Maury Brown  09:36

why they’re actually putting it in the actual score bug that’s up above that shows where the runners are the position, score outs, all that it’s actually embedded in that graphic. Others are putting a camera just on the clock and either having it there the whole time, or just when it gets to like 10 seconds. So it is something that’s different and it does I think add to people wanting to stick around and watch games. Now, I’m saying that anecdotally, I’ve had friends that are like not big baseball people go, you know, I think I can do this. The games are around, you know, two and a half hours long now, I think I’m going to be more interested in this. And it just is a lot crisper. I mean, you know, pitching ninja for those that don’t know that if you follow it on Twitter, they’ve done a couple of things. One was they showed, I can’t remember who it was that Gretzky I believe it to pitch to pitch sequence and overlaid the entire running of the Kentucky Derby over the top of it. I mean, that tells you how long it was for some pitchers and batters. And so it’s changed a lot. I think the longest game now in spring training has been three hours and 15 minutes. And you’re it’s a lot different, it’s back to the way that it was no verbiage like, I wish they wouldn’t change it. I don’t like the idea of the clock, right. But it is reminds me a lot more of the game. So we saw in the 70s 80s and 90s. Well, you

Nestor Aparicio  11:04


mentioned is that cranky thing and I did see that and I would say that we talked about Mike Hargrove and human rain delays can singleton around here was famous for picking imaginary rocks out of the batter’s box and trying to toss pebbles out of Memorial Stadium. When one batter does it when it’s one at bat, and it’s five pitches or six pitches, whatever it would be maybe even eight or nine pitches of its full count in there fouling it off, right. And you have that eight minute at bat or whatever the hell it would be. That would just be god awful at that point. But it might be at a key point in the game, there might be a mound visit or might be you know, backing off there might be pick offs. I mean, there could be all sorts of things in a one eighth inning World Series game, right? I mean, you strategically I’m talking about. But all of that drama in that moment, where a guy steps out of the box and everybody catches there, we have all those moments that are part of the cadence of baseball, they’re gone now ask for timeout right I’m going to ask for time out you know, get gonna granted or not sometimes it pitcher groove strike, right? That overnight innings, times two sides, over the course of forever turned into where Mike Hargrove began in 1978. And some batter’s box in municipal stadium to turning into for our games, right like not to mention pitching changes, all of the things that went on, and it got out of control. It feels to me like this is one thing that they’ve been on for 20 years and they finally are going again, Bud ceiling and you know, contraction back in the day, right. But this to your point, it’s, it’s a global change, because it’s for everybody, there’s not going to be any more World Series is going to be pregnant pauses and timeouts. And we’re going to catch our breath, and we’re going to do all of the things that you would feel when that tension would get hot. They’re gonna have to play like, you know, literally, and that’s going to change all of it to I think and, and to your point, it’s going to make every game faster all the time. There’s no way to skirt it. And I think that that’s the part of it that I I didn’t take into account you know, in watching selected minor league games and the independent leagues trying and tinkering rules. I’m thinking now that it’s here. This is going to happen in the same way that putting a dude on second base gets everybody home by 11 o’clock. I don’t like the rule. But it ends the game in the same way that hockey doesn’t go to three in the morning because they’re gonna play six periods, you know?

Maury Brown  13:40

Yeah, I mean it. It’s a change it you like I said, I got used to it in about an inning and a half. And I just preferred it now the postseason will be interesting, right? When you talk about that, there’s still going to be pauses in the game. I mean, look, man, we’re still gonna blow through a bunch of levers. I mean, that’s not going to change. So what you’re of course trying to do is I guess look at it I look at it more like this the implementation of the shot clock in the NBA. You know, we got to that and that that sped things up now NBA has its own pace problems. I mean, the last two minutes any NBA game, or any college game seems to take forever, you just can no longer dribble it out at some point you got to shoot. And so I look at it that way with with pitchers and batters in the box what I don’t want to see and what the league is really trying to hone in on right now is avoiding a game outcome due to to violation of the clock. And that’s just as weird and we had it happen. We had it happen really early on. Batter wasn’t in the box. bases were loaded to out bottom on the night. The guy didn’t get into the box, you know, park called and struck him out and that’s how the game ended. And now was a little bit weird. So you’re looking to avoid that and the league understands that kind of chaos is going to happen. We haven’t seen that happen. I mean, we’re still getting violations. But it’s about you know, at the first week, it was about to a game a little less. So you know, you’re trying to make

Nestor Aparicio  15:18

a difference for a 30 year old and a 22 year old right now, too, who’s had it a little bit more. Right. It’s been it’s been more indoctrinated, that it’s not unfamiliar to Adley rutschman and Gunder Henderson around here, but it might be very unfamiliar to, you know, Verlander.

Maury Brown  15:35

Yeah, you know what the strange thing about this Nestor is that some of these guys that are veterans, Max Scherzer. For one, he’s trying to use it to his advantage. He honestly believes that by changing the cadence because the batter will go, we just got to throw it right in between here. So he’s going to wait until the end of the clock, where he’s going to do it early.


Nestor Aparicio  15:54

So knows what he’s doing ahead of time Sure, sure knows what he’s doing the minute the umpire goes ball or strike on the first pit, like, you know, these guys that are scientist, they they have no problem working quickly, I don’t think because they they’re not confused about what they’re doing. Right.

Maury Brown  16:09

Yeah, and I think the key thing about it is there’s the clock, but there’s the other changes. And when you put it all together, I think it makes for more what I see is more old school, baseball more station to station, you’re gonna start to see I think more balls through the middle, more balls basically skirting through the infield, you’re gonna start to see because the bases are bigger, you’re about four and a half inches shorter, you should theoretically see more steals because now you can throw the firt you can only throw the first twice. If you don’t throw the guy out. It’s a balk and the guy gets awarded, you know, second base or third base. So theoretically, you should see more steel attempts, you should start to see more, you know, I’m going to look for the you know, rightfielder throwing to third, where you got you know, you think about Clemente or you think about Ichiro, you think about Vladimir Guerrero, Sr, those throws from right field. The third, you know, when you get these incredible put outs, you’re going to start to see more weight on that. So it’s going to be different man. And, you know, theoretically, you should see more action, and I’m all about that. strikeouts have been way up batting averages have been down. That doesn’t make for good baseball in my mind.

Nestor Aparicio  17:27

Use the word action, right like more action. That’s what I was gonna say just more more guys on base more things happening that aren’t strikeouts, or homeruns, or pitchers grabbing their knots or catchers coming out to visit the mound and fit, you know, TV commercials with all of that. We’ve been yelling about it for a long, long time you and I’ve gone gray. Since you know since all of this has happened, it finally feels like it’s here. And you know what else feels like? It’s here in Mari brown. It feels like the Orioles relevance has arrived to some degree. You and I have known each other a number of years. I’m not sure we’ve had a relevant baseball conversation during our friendship because it’s been in the last decade we’ve known each other but this feels to be different. Luke has sort of indicted them and listen. incompetence never takes a day off. I’ve learned this with ownership and competence is its DNA. And it’s Angelo’s. And it is what it is and I don’t need to rewrite the book on the Peter principles and their money and who’s really going to own the team when it’s all done. But we’re in a major negotiation here for leasing and where the team is going to be and who’s going to own it. Who’s gonna run it, the brothers Sewanee we have all of that going on. But Luke really indicted them in a big way when I because I It looks not look loves the team. He said they could have done more, they should have done more. Where do you stand on the outside of that with this baseball thing where a lot of teams don’t do anything ever Oakland Tampa, you know, even Kansas City wins they tank Pittsburgh gets there for five minutes. These other franchises that aren’t gank he’s Red Sox Dodgers. You know, we’ll see how long the Astros can keep this going or other places. But once you get to that point where you can be competitive, the fans change and they’re like, Let’s go buy players man. You said you said you said they didn’t buy anything here. And they still might be good enough to be a playoff team. Right?

Maury Brown  19:24


Yeah, I think that for the Orioles last year, it was winning in spite of what ownership and general management did. Which was unfortunate because I think that it sets that tone for oh, they’re gonna you know, they’re gonna be there again, and I don’t know if you can guarantee that. Look, I mean, it’s pretty obvious with what was what’s been going on recently with ownership traveling to the battery in Atlanta to go look at it and traveling, you know, with, you know, political figures to go ahead and look at it that what’s really gonna happen here is they’re gonna try and develop around the ballpark, that’ll be the excuse that then they’ll have the money, but there’s no guarantee, right? There’s just no guarantee. But if they’re gonna start to use Atlanta as the barometer, then you better look at how they conduct business on the field. Because you don’t get people come into your ancillary development around your ballpark, if a team’s not doing well. And look, man, we haven’t even touched on it. And that is the regional sports network model changes. Teams are going to be on the hook for being able to have to put on decent teams, and you don’t have a decent team man, you are really going to be in a difficult situation. You really are you’re going to be in a position to where if you go direct to consumers and your team isn’t very good, then you’re going to have trouble.

Nestor Aparicio  20:47

Well, I mean, we saw the 0.0 is that the Astros put up, you know, before Astro ball and they started cheating and Elias got his gig here and the Orioles were in nowheresville, Mari eight staggering to me, because, you know, I remember when, when there weren’t no nationals, and when anti trust and they were gonna get the team and there was going to be a network. And I mean, I was here for every Rob every tog, every push every pole, you know, every visit from Bob to pay down to try to get this network together, and the network was going to benefit both teams. Yeah, nationals have had a parade down there, and they busted it up in the old man’s dead, and they’re gonna sell the team, they can’t even figure out how to sell the team because of a business transaction they went into with a maniac 18 years ago, whose kid has control the team now, they can’t do anything because of all the money that’s really in dispute, over two decades of the Angelo’s family, taking just taking the money siphoning the money out of the regional sports network. And now the regional sports network is sort of a burnt up car at the end of a highway. Well, Springsteen reference there for you. I mean, it’s like after our carbecue like, what, what do we salvage from this network that was never built on anything other than my 98 year old dead mother’s cable television bill, knowing they were siphoning a couple 100 bucks a year out of every single pocket in the region that happened to have cable television, not to mention six other ancillary states before the Nationals got involved. So I’ve been on this business thing from the beginning. It is fascinating that this family that somehow the governor and the mayor and the city that’s decayed in the area around me, where I lost a quarter million dollars in investment property, over 20 years, they’re just going to like annex and like, raise the Atlanta thing under the guise that we’re going to make this family wealthier, or the next group wealthier if they get it done under the bridge and daddy stays alive. This would all roll into the value of the team. He’s trying to make his team worth $2 billion more off of state money and building an area and they’ve never done anything, not even this offseason to spend 20 or 30 million box and try to make the team a little better. You know what I mean? Like the math is so sideways, Mari for how much money maths and really brought in over the 18 years. And whatever happened to that money. It’s really amazing.

Maury Brown  23:20

Yeah, I mean, look, the, the entire regional sports network models about is being upended on this thing with Valley sports, which is diamond, you know, it’s the name of a valley Sports Group, the diamond that owns that those regional sports networks going under the 18 t’s fortunately, going under those two are basically two thirds of the regional sports networks for the league. And so Masson is on borrowed time nescens on borrowed time, you know, maybe some of these others might hang out a little bit longer, but eventually, it’s direct to consumer. And you’re just can’t sit and collect money out of the TV bundles. Now look, the league is gonna try and go ahead and shop this stuff. And linear television still matters to them. It still matters to most everybody. But I mean, again, it is going to come down to this thing, you just can’t sit around and collect the money and do nothing without having a decent product on the field. If you’re gonna go direct to consumers, like anything else, I don’t know about you, man, but my, you know, Netflix or Hulu or Apple or whatever it is, right? If you’re not giving me good content, well, I’m gonna start to spend my subscription money elsewhere.

Nestor Aparicio  24:40

Well, you know what, I’m off screen here. But you know, I love to have these belt buckle I collect these Pacifica belt buckles. So I’m grabbing a couple right now. So here’s what I’m gonna show you because you’re gonna appreciate this. All right, because you’re the right age. All right. Remember this album? You remember this album? Yeah. Well tell everybody about what what belt buckle I’m holding up and what album that I’m showing you right here.


Maury Brown  25:01

All right. That’s the cover for Frampton comes alive.

Nestor Aparicio  25:04

Okay. And he was the biggest guy in the world, right? I mean, whoever name was good, right? product was good, right? They got rid of Machado, you know, things went away. Maybe you get rid of Lamar, you know, LeBron goes away Michael Jordan. And all of a sudden you’re releasing I mean, you you don’t I’m saying so when I’m in you comes out you know, just differently. More or you got a man who’s a different product for Peter after that, right? It

Maury Brown  25:27

was I went to both tours. It was not the same.

Nestor Aparicio  25:34


You never know what you’re getting on his show. Do you mark when you saw me? You love the unpredictability,

Maury Brown  25:40

quality. That’s quality right there, man. Now I’m going to be thinking about so Frampton comes alive with the first first concert I ever went to. Dan the green and Oakland that was amazing. But

Nestor Aparicio  25:54

that that’s an A legendary show, right?

Maury Brown  25:57

Yeah, it was it was UFO Gary, right Fleetwood Mac. First tour with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac,


Nestor Aparicio  26:05

there’s video of that show, right? With Fleetwood Mac for sure. Right? Yeah, I’m

Maury Brown  26:10

sure it’s out there somewhere that’s seen that yes, there’s Jim Marshall photo of Frampton jumping and splashing his legs out in the crowd behind him. It’s a black and white photo, I’ll send it to some

Nestor Aparicio  26:23

I have seen footage from that specific show, because Frampton was the biggest star in the world that day. Right?

Maury Brown  26:29


Yeah, I mean, so your analogy is pretty good. You know. I will say this, what the Angelo’s family is doing is not dissimilar from what Liberty Media is doing with Atlanta, or what John Fisher was trying to do with the A’s, or what the, you know, the Cardinals have done, everybody is trying to do the, quote unquote, ballpark village, you know, it allows them that off their baseball books, it’s money that they collect, they take the advantage of walk up for games and concerts, that does not go on the Orioles ledger. So if you own development around your ballpark, you get to earn that money and make that money. And for those who don’t know, Liberty Media, because it’s a public company, publishes that information. This is another reason why they’re looking to spin that off and do its own thing. But it you know, you can see the amount of money that the battery makes. And it’s not small. I mean, it you know, it is and it’s does not sit on the Braves books, this would be the same drill for the Orioles. So look, I mean, if you’re gonna sit there and go, we’re just going to put a substandard product on the field and just make our money over here on the side. That’s not something that’s very hopeful. Again, I hope that the silver lining to this RSN collapse for the regional sports networks, is that teams realize if you’re gonna go direct to consumers, you better put a good product on the field. And that speaks largely to the Orioles.

Nestor Aparicio  28:10

Well, I mean, I have no problem believing that your scorpions a tribute band, as well as your AC DC band shirt. The thrill is putting a good product up on the stage, much like we saw at the record theater last weekend. I love hanging out with you. Our time is short, I will try to use belt buckles in the future to sort of bring life together and baseball together at some point I’ll ask you about this f1 thing that you’re all worked up and wet about out in Las Vegas and I got JT that brick all soaked up about that too. I’ll bring him on a little anything on Lamar you want to say because you mean you do cover the business of sports real quick. Lamar. Is he going somewhere? Is he staying? What do you think?

Maury Brown  28:48

I don’t know man. I really don’t I it’s such a it’s such a complicated thing that sir I don’t know. I think it could go either way. I really do.

Nestor Aparicio  28:57

All right, show me the way. Mario brown show me the way and you’re in me. I’m in you before and after. You know I mean just remember it all things happen quickly. You know, it takes a whole career to build something it just takes. Yeah, it just takes one Xanadu to record you know, I am Esther we are wn st getting you ready for baseball season getting you ready for a Maryland crab cake tours while the Maryland lottery bringing it out. We got the instant scratch offs as well as our friends of winter nation 866 90 nation. And I also want to give some love to our friends at Coons, Baltimore for keeping you abreast of all the breaking news. Luke’s got his finger on the button for all things Lamar and Dennis will be here on Thursday and again on Sunday we got March Madness. I’m going to be at Barstool Sports restaurant at the Hollywood casino in Perryville. fantastic place to eat drink watch the games at noon on Thursday for the Terps if you’re hearing this after that, God bless the Terps Against Alabama. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore. LOVE having Mari brown on make sure you go follow him at baseball Maury. Stay with us for Baltimore positive now Got it

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Father's Day, golf and crab cakes

As our Maryland Crab Cake Tour returned to Koco's Pub and Lauraville during Pride Week, Marcella Knight joins Tom Pierce of Classic Five Golf, Ricig and Nestor to discuss Father's Day and crab cakes and golf for the family.

Getting in on the Fell's Point fun of Maryland Fleet Week and Baltimore Pride

When it's tough to park and the hotels are full and the Phillies and Orioles are sold out all weekend, life is good in the land of pleasant living. Bill Cole joins Nestor for Maryland Fleet Week and Baltimore Pride…

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