Can the young, upstart Texans come to Baltimore and win?

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Longtime Texans writer and Houston sports aficionado and historian Steph Stradley checks in with Nestor on the the C.J. Stroud expectations in a special season for the Texans fans who suffered the departure of the previous quarterback and regime. And some Oilers Luv Ya Blue thoughts and angst on the Tennessee Titans antics this season with the derrick and Columbia blue.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Steph Stradley

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Oh, welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively getting ready for some festivals around here. But before I get to that I am wearing I’m a blunt person shirt. This is my curio wellness and foreign daughter. I must say they’re sponsoring our 25th anniversary of WNS tea. And when Wendy brown fine, she comes on we educate folks about cannabis and medicines and all the different things we do. But she said what what is the 25th anniversary going to be? I said, it’s going to be celebration of all these people that we’ve met along 25 years and pictures and cool things we’ve done. So we’re doing the countdown right now and when they countdown, it’s things ended around Superbowl related activities and walk outs on creepy baseball owners that lead our lists. So when you get on this sort of a run and you looking for a symbol, you make memories and you meet people. This is a young lady I’ve met along life’s journey. Super Bowls have happened in Houston in the past, I have been there and witness such things and I collect people Steph Stradley does all things Texans and law and legalese and different things down in deep in the heart of Texas in Houston. And I was gonna wear my my damn Passerini Oilers Jersey here but the Euler thing in Texas like if I wore that it could be taken as disrespectful even though you know, I’m a love you blue bum Phillips guy, Earl Campbell guy like all of that stuff, but clean and I know all of that. But like there’s a lot of hardship there. And when I think about these losers, and Cleveland and these poor people in Detroit that we pray for that they win. You folks down at Houston are also long suffering, shall we say stuff and you’re probably the first one to point that out that they took a Mayflower and took your team away and then rub your nose in it with these beautiful jerseys and Derek that folks like you and I that respected love you blue and knocking on the door and kicking it in. I was offended and I’m not even from Houston stuff.


Steph Stradley  01:58

Yes, I mean everybody has their own relationships with the with the Houston or their legacy. But yeah, the Tennessee Titans wearing Oilers jerseys that said, Love you blue in the back, which love you blue is is an era of, of deep love and respect between those teams in 1979 and the city of Houston. So that has a specific meaning and having that engraved in the back of the jerseys like I know that they wanted to honor those players, but there’s lots of respectful ways of doing it. But a lot of things are contextual. Like if I talk about the Oilers, it’s real. If some other people who don’t have that relationship, it’s different but I have something special for you that I brought for this meeting. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:55

well you know, I’m glad everybody’s out on the webcam here out there streaming us beginning February 5, we go live doing this big charity thing. We’re doing this in that hat Can I borrow that hat? Looking at badass you look you look badass. I mean, that’s the thing. Listen, I want to get to the Texans and see just we’ll get to all of that.

Steph Stradley  03:21

The past God talk about Wait, Houston, Oilers, there is no oil in Tennessee of any measurable

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:32


look at football. Here we come Houston all there is number one

Steph Stradley  03:36

in that we have something new going on, which is beyond that legacy beyond anything that I have ever seen. Like, I’ve been trying to make analogies to what this Houston Texans team is. And I can’t think of a sports analogy to it at all like what we’re seeing with the with this Houston Texans team is amazing. And part of it is a legacy thing. dinamica Ryan’s is the head coach. He came to the Texans in 2006, which was my first year writing for the Quran with like a very old blog that I had. And it was immediate, that he was a special person that he could get people to follow Him because not because it’s him but because of just this Kubiak era kind of idea, which is they people need to know that you care about them before they care about what you know. That’s just kind of a basic Kubiak kind of point of view. And that D’Amico Ryan’s exemplifies that and the staff he’s put together this team has put together it is special, they are doing things that have never been done in NFL history, history, like like this whole season. and has pretty much blown my mind. And it’s been an enjoyable run this whole time. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:05

know, I was trying to educate our audience you because we have all different people in different ways. They have no idea how big Houston is right? Like I was in New York last week it took a bottle for Billy Joel, Billy Joel plays here every month and least as long as he’s playing, I’m going to try to go yes. So you know, you go to New York, you like big place like big place Chicago, big place. Houston’s like the next level in our country. I mean, you go to Buenos Aires, or you know, places where the Beijing where there’s 50 million people. It’s crazy Tokyo, but you’re a really big place Euston

Steph Stradley  05:36

and large like spacious, we don’t have any mountains that kind of, and complicated

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:41

in so many ways. With being on the Mexican border oil, money, politics, Dallas being up the road, a lot bigger than does

Steph Stradley  05:52

all you need to know. Houston is a place that you don’t need to be from to succeed here. We just collect all the badasses like if you’re a badass, we want you to stay here now we do export our badass is to because we can’t all live here all at once. But yeah, we’re the fourth largest city in the country, some arguably say is the third largest. And you know it if there’s something that you are into, we have it in Houston or we have two airports that will get you there because like we don’t have mountains.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:26

Well, yeah, I mean, I love everything. All these years are coming in, and I never I can honestly say I was an oiler fan who pined away I went to the Astrodome one time in my life and like the Jeff Fisher got the job. And they were to an 11 Playing football game against the god awful giants team. I sat with Ernie Accorsi. Oh, you know, it was a Monday night football game, Dan Dierdorf did my show from the press box at the Astrodome and I felt like I had gone to the seventh wonder of the world. And you know, I was watching the game. On Saturday and Ken, one of our listeners came up the Hollywood Casino. I was given away lottery tickets, people are out giving me copies of the book watching Joe Flacco tried to get the job done right. And they get an aerial shot of the new stadium and the Astra music guy said to me, and he’d never been to Houston he’s like, is that the Astrodome? And I’m like, Yeah, I said, you would not believe how it looks like a Tonka toy, next to reliant energy, whatever the hell they’re calling it this week. You know, and, and like that complex. And I think when I fly in, I usually find a hobby. I’ve flown in the bush a couple of times, but like I it’s a sprawling, huge place. And I think to myself, no hockey team here. All right. College football matters a whole lot in a lot of places. Cougars fine, but the basketball legacy of the rockets and the summit and like all of that, and I think about the disappointments of the Astros for all of those years, the disappointment of the Oilers that led to sort of their creepy owner now his daughter doing what she’s doing to Houston, which I find to be offensive. And we’ll continue to talk about that. For as long as I have you on with that hat and everything else. Oh, my closet full of stuff on how I feel about it today, strangely, but I would just say for you had your own Mayflower team taken away. This team has come back and this team has had sort of three different identities. It’s Hey, we got a new team back isn’t our logo cool. And we tailgate and I’ve been a part of that my brother lived there at the time it went down. First year second year. You weren’t very good at football, but you were trying then there was the match shop red arrow where y’all came in here took over city hall and acted like fools and had a good time. And we weren’t I

Steph Stradley  08:37


had no no I was there. I had tremendous time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:42

Baltimore’s a great place. I can tell you that first day.

Steph Stradley  08:45

So one of my favorite moments ever was being at mother’s before the game all right patio. And somebody paid the DJ 100 bucks to play a bunch of Texan songs. And then there’s a video out there I won’t say exactly where it is where people are dancing around like fools and it was big fun time was

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:08

when I mean it was very obvious like at that time and you’re sort of a snaps that’s not blue. It’s not Oilers, it’s a battle red battle red

Steph Stradley  09:17

battle red. And let me let me tell you about that particular like the first game in Baltimore in the playoffs was TJ Yates, the third string quarterback leading that team and Arian Foster carried that team on his back like that. Andre Johnson had been injured that season and they kind of fought their way to get to the playoffs that year. And it was the first time the Texans had been to the playoffs. So there was a lot of enthusiasm for people traveling because they were just so wanting to support that team because you know, there was just a lot of really easy people to root for,

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:57

if anybody my age in Baltimore knows exactly, yes, that’s like in 2000 with a, you know, the team they make movies about now. And the greatest defense is the late Grey Goose and all that. Like it, that feeling is something of civic pride, that that blue hat that you put on means something to you in the way that my Baltimore Colts belt buckle means something to me, You know what I mean? And,

Steph Stradley  10:20

and the thing that was special about that was, there had been people traveling with the team for years, like a lot of really hard teams to travel with, because that’s a lot of losses. And so what happened is, so many people wanted to go to Baltimore for that game, but had never traveled before, didn’t know how to do it. And so the people that had traveled a lot, met with these people. And we kind of got together and said, Hey, we’re just happy to be together. And we created the traveling Texans all together, there’s like, it just happened kind of spontaneously. And we had meetups and then it grew and grew, and grew. And the reason why they were red is to is that the Texans are not a legacy team. We are not, we’re not, you know, the Steelers traveling places. We wanted to show even if it was few of us, that we were there in support. And we were read to show the team that we’re there for them. And so the traveling Texans kind of developed this thing that unless the other team has read as a primary color, battle, red is our color. Because we have three primary colors, battle red, deep steel, blue, and liberty white, like there’s there’s red, white, and blue in the Texas flag. And those all mean different things also. So that’s kind of

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:47


the logo was badass when it came out. I mean, you had to have the best logo. So if we I mean, the Colts logo was just great, right? That’s stolen. And I know how we feel about that they were 56 throwbacks this year, you want to throw back to the 56, Baltimore Colts played a game in Baltimore. And if you want to put a derrick on the middle of your field played a game Houston, you know what I mean? Like to me, that’s how I felt about it. And before we even get to this team, and these errors, we’ve talked about Steph Stradley is here. She’s a, Houston Chronicle. She’s an attorney, fan, a lover of sports, and good talking companion for me on the program for many, many, many years. And then I’ll get to the Deshaun Watson thing and where we are right now, but I’ll just say this. Oh,

Steph Stradley  12:27

no, nope, nope. Nope. No, this is not. There’s there’s certain things we don’t discuss anymore. We just don’t talk about it. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:36

talked about it last week, because the brown black thing

Steph Stradley  12:39

is like the men in black thing. Like, we’re not going to talk about it. I’m done with


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:44

it. We didn’t talk about Ray Rice here. And then they honored him on the field two weeks ago. And I’m like, Well, what I you know, I don’t know. John McClane has told me they will never honor Deshaun Watson on the field. And but he of course, he didn’t win a championship there either. But But either way,

Steph Stradley  12:58

it’s just a very, I don’t want to talk about it other than just saying it’s a very difficult topic to talk about respectfully, and just don’t want to talk about it because the vibes are immaculate right now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:13

Well, that’s the issue is you can go from that to this quickly, when you know, you can’t read a Bill O’Brien you get rid of people

Steph Stradley  13:22


does it quick. It wasn’t quick. The last couple of years have been very difficult for a lot of different reasons that aren’t worth kind of re litigating because there’s a lot of different points of view of it. But the last couple years hurt some people. It just did. Like just

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:40

well, and then people get chased away like and in our fan base. Ray Rice. Look, listen, Ray Lewis was in an orange jumpsuit, Jamal Lewis did time for weed and he wasn’t even involved. But he went to jail. Right? He did time. So like fans get disenfranchised when they’re running back punches his wife and a glass elevator. It denies I you know, like to come back and be as a

Steph Stradley  14:07

lawyer, who both respects the rule of law and letting things work out delicately and not wanting to kind of put people’s business out there. I just I really have a hard time really even talking about these things in the sports context. Because there’s just so much hurt involved. I am such a delicate flower about these things for somebody who’s a lawyer. I just just know all the pain that if things get to the criminal justice system, there’s a lot of pain involved in I like I’ve written a lot of things on these topics and it hurts every time because I know that the legal process is really painful for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons, including the people who suffered in an elevator craps but has come out the other side with her own points of view on things. Like everything is everything about.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:07

I’m talking about fans to travel and fans to get back on and fans that buy in again, there are a lot of people here when the Mayflower fans came never watch football again, because they were just like, I’m done with it. And your franchise there, people will say I’m done with their people here that are done because of the Wembley knee.


Steph Stradley  15:25

There’s fears, like there are entry and exit points for every fan base. And yeah, there are a lot of people in Houston that don’t mess with the NFL anymore, because of how that went down. There are people that have exited the franchise, or entered the franchise for for any number of positive reasons.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:45

That’s interesting. You say, the franchise, like that’s an you know, as a guy who was thrown out as a three year media member, you say exit the franchise that sets up the fans ever think about I’m not going to be a fan of Team X if they do why right or, or whatever, when they leave your city. I don’t know what you know, I don’t know where that you know, that becomes a whole different thing that to your point three decades later, they wear your colors. And they they well

Steph Stradley  16:11

and even beyond that and without going into the details. The Texans for a time had a former Chaplain as their GM a former team chaplain was the Texans GM in 2020. That was a difficult time but we’re going to use the men and black you know, forget about it because those things are gone. Like once to Miko. Ryan’s was hired. It changed everyone and everything because he was somebody that you could believe would make it not just good for him, but would make it good for the fans make it good for the players make it good for Houston because he’s one of us. Like, I was inspired to make my own t shirt. Look, this is my DMC D’Amico shirt. Back to the Future. It’s the DeLorean font DeLorean is based in Houston, Texas. And we have gone back to the future because the mica Ryan’s has brought things to the Texas that he’s learned in different spots and learned here because he was here for a long time. He knows where the light switches are in the building. He knows, he knows the things that he wanted as a coach, or as a player. And I mean, shoot, if you look at him today, I mean, he still looks like a player because he’s so jacked up. But like, the way he has gone forward from his first press conference changed everything. Because he made it about us. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:58


what the franchise didn’t need to change, right? Like literally was screaming out for change. Every time you and I talk. Every time I see McLean, we play you guys every year to win, I sort of dip my toe in the water and see what’s going on. I mean, it got bad very, very quick, because the former quarterback there you don’t want me to mention was a good player and the team was planning on

Steph Stradley  18:19

that it was beyond that there had been some issues like without going into it. There had been some issues for a while, where, for example, Bill O’Brien had good elements to what he was doing, but his staff was filled with, you know, this guy was a grad student at places that he was at before it wasn’t a very well put together staff. That thing that like opened my heart from the first train or the first press conference that D’Amico Ryan’s gave is he said his first priority was putting together his staff and his staff would have be diverse, diverse in an age diverse in experience. But the key thing was going to be all of these guys were going to be teachers. So what did he do? The the first thing that happened is all the coaches that were really good coaches from previous staffs work apt, like like if I was to go through the staff, and go, Yeah, I’d like to keep that got. Those guys were kept. And then he brought in some amazing position coaches, the coordinators are great. And even more importantly, they have schemes on both sides of the ball that make sense that have been proven successful things in the NFL, Bobby slowik came from the 40 Niners he was one of the people behind you know, Brock Purdy having to go to a playoff game and be pushed out there at the last second. And everybody sings his praises of what he’s been a to do with the kinds of injuries that the Texans have suffered over the course of the season, while having an entirely new staff and entirely new schemes and, and, and a new quarterback, and on the defensive side of the ball, it is dinamica Ryan’s defense and he was able to put some defenses together for the 40 Niners without having all top round picks. But the Texans like everything that they have done this year, some people have questioned that. But if you looked at the whole context of it, it made so much sense. Like for example, they didn’t say, oh, net worth rebuilding next year, maybe we’ll be good to Miko. Ryan’s understands urgency. He played for a lot of teams where he was the best player on the defense, but they were losing. And he doesn’t want that for himself. Like he hasn’t said it explicitly, but you can see it in his choices. And he’s really great at not having too much ego with things like where he’s able to change his minds. If he has one plan, and it’s not working. He’s good at, okay, we just need to go on and move on. And it has been remarkable to see like, if you go onto my Twitter, at Steph Stradley. My pin tweet is something that I wrote in July. That was everything that I had seen in OTAs. And was the blueprint for what the season was going to look like. And I literally said, I’m standing on the table for this team, because I have already seen in just OTAs things that you want in modern football, you have an owner that’s giving the resources to the football people and the ability to take make moves that might make some owners a little scared or cautious or it you got to mica Ryan’s as your head coach. You have Nick Caserio as your GM and he is somebody who, you know, he’s gotten a lot of blowback, but part of the blowback might not completely be his fault. But this year, he’s able to work with Timika. Ryan’s as appear to get him the groceries that he needs. And what did he do as his first big move? In the draft? They got CJ Stroud, and will Anderson. And a lot of people who you use so much draft ammunition, well, you know, they had a lot of ammo. And at some point, you need to start the clock now to develop the new players. And so let’s say you thought that there were like six players in the last year’s draft that were projected to be elite players. Well, the Texans got two of them, CJ Stroud, and will Anderson and they started developing them this year, and you can see the development. I mean, it’s we’re getting

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:52

the quarterback rights, everything stuff. You know, like if you know, that’s really where it’s at for whether Indianapolis got the right quarterback, whether Carolina got the right quarterback or not, certainly for the Ravens this time last year, Lamar was out there as a one time MVP winner, nobody wanted him right. And your former quarterback that was aligned, waving $200 million at him. And there are other quarterbacks out there that can play and I guess getting CJ Stroud right, will be that that’s the lead story. And certainly the chances that your season is going to end abruptly and I must say this stuff Stradley in Houston, everybody here to everybody I talked to Thanks. Nice season for the Texans, but they’re gonna get their feelings hurt Saturday night in Boulder, maybe, maybe, and I know what it’s like to be on the other end of that. I don’t know what it’s like to be on this end. I don’t know what it’s like we’ve never played an AFC Champions game. I know that if the Ravens beat your Texans and their nine point favorites and trending toward 10 If they make

Steph Stradley  23:50

them 20 point favorites, like really? I am not going to predict this game. Because I have already seen miracles that are not supposed we had a byline


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:01

miracle here we were going to lose in Denver. We won the Super Bowl two weeks ago. So listen, you guys were on the fringe of elimination two weeks ago. Now you’re on the fringe of CJ Stroud might be a top five player. The

Steph Stradley  24:13

number one rule of the NFL and single elimination is you get to the dance. Anything can happen. And I the Texans at this point, like they have dealt with some massive, massive injuries like I don’t know, like, I’ve lost track of how many centers they went through this season. Like the things that they’ve been able to do with young players mixed with their experienced players are astounding. And they went they went to Cleveland against the number one defense in the league, and they ended up getting the over just on their own points. On their own points away. That game was in Houston but still large The point will take it

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:01

was it used to because they won the Division they play well play the game at home. Yeah, I mean, because the Jags wet the bed. Yeah, they kind of get out of the way. There’s no doubt about strategies here. Somebody had to find your work and I should let and I’m not being flippant here because I I worry about these dolphin fans coming out of Florida and freezing to Kansas City and I you know, I saw Andy reach face the other night. I know what 18 degrees it was nine degrees here this morning in Baltimore. So it’s really cold here this week. Yeah, your fans come up the red Parker’s what are they? What are they got going on?

Steph Stradley  25:34


I don’t I don’t know. This is this is my Sega palms. I’m trying to save because we had a freeze here and the team has actually been practicing in the cold all week. Now I think Houstonians will be fine going there. I have to say I want to thank the Ravens fans that told me last time how to deal with the cold when I was there for the first playoff game, and then what they told me was dress warm, but have extra layers and in the fourth quarter put your extra layers on. And that worked pretty well for me. And you know, the that particular game was close enough that I talked to the Ravens fan behind me and I’m like, Hey, we walked here from our hotel. You guys are going to win this game. But if we don’t win this game, Could you walk us back to her hotel?

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:25

Well, it is Baltimore we have a reputation around here. You know, I mean they did film the wire and all that stuff. Stradley is out of step Stradley on Twitter. She is of legal ease and of all things Houstonian and her all ORS hat and all that I must say to you that you know I’m I’m I’m a stalker. A few things on the internet. I have Pacific a belt buckles, rock and roll belt buckles. Everybody sort of I feature those. But I’m always looking at various things regarding Louis Aparicio those old off not cops cards, but we’re bazooka things and we’re jello and Kellogg’s card. But the other thing I always look for Houston, oiler paraphernalia memorabilia, and I love that hat that you have on right now. But I’ll say this, there was something really, and we talked about this with your quarterback and Mayflower vans and terrible things that happened as a fan watching that the Texans Euler Titan game a couple of weeks ago, and I put it on as watching redzone as I’ve been wanting to do, and I saw that there I can assault Euler markings. It bothered me but what bothered me even more, and this is something that’s going to end Dan pastor, he’s not gonna like this. But like all this Euler stuff I have in the closet. Now I’m not looking to acquire any more, because it’s sort of cheap into me, where every time I see the Titans playing out in Nashville, I look in the stands. Half the people in the stands are wearing a Derrick Henry or Ryan Tannehill. And by the way, I thought for Abel wearing the bum Phillips hat was really wacky stuff, you know, fired. Fired head coach Mike, thank you very much.

Steph Stradley  28:04

He that was a curse. That franchise is cursed. I christen lots of good person. That franchise is not going to do anything. And I mean, that was said

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:19

that about the culture tool Peyton Manning showed


Steph Stradley  28:22

no. This is super deep because not only did they steal the team, but they hurt a lot of people. They hurt a lot of people by just eliminating eliminating this because it didn’t make sense for it doesn’t make sense for Tennessee. And you know, it’s hurtful for the fans in Tennessee too, because they, they have their own team and some of them really don’t like the cause play that that happen. And it’s not good for people like that. We’re the players of that era.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:59

You call it a cosplay. You’re such a lawyer. I got to put that listen, this is my original Baltimore Colt belt buckle. There’s a Houston Oiler and just like it you can buy beaten up for about six bucks right now. And I haven’t bought it yet because I want to get a nicer one. I’m going to get a Houston Oiler when of this era. When I find it for 20 3040 whatever it’s going to be I’m going to buy it the thing that I’m going to buy next and I know you will appreciate this because you’ve referenced that a few times and I see your hat I always had a crush on the derrick dolls. I always thought that Mary one. Okay, so the Derek dolls were these outfits and they had belt buckles and the belt buckles or the silver love the a blue and they’re available. Get it for 2530 bucks. I think that’s going to be the final piece although that hats pretty damn good. And I saw it for about 100 bucks a month ago I saw another one just like it. I just I’m not disenfranchised. I’m in Baltimore. The ravens are my team even though they’ve thrown me out and treated me like trash and that’s for another day to your point. I have emotions through. I’m watching

Steph Stradley  30:01

TV, you know, when you love something you want to be loved back and, and I hope, just generally and specifically to you that the true lesson of the death of the Houston Oilers was really about people getting sideways with each other in ways that it didn’t need to happen. And that you wish that you had a rewind button but you don’t. And and I really love

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:35


the new thing, right? I mean,

Steph Stradley  30:38

right, but like but part of the thing is the lesson learned from that is, you know, it’s really easy to look at the past and go hey, those people didn’t have it right. And we have a great now but the real lesson is just don’t get sideways with people and try to have positive relationships and and sometimes it’s hard because things get feeling very personal. Like it’s hard to do analysis without analysis feeling pretty personal to friends. And you know, the the, the worst trouble that human beings get into is in defense, and then the best for that matters in defense of their friends.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:19

Well, I tell you what, I’ll defend you in that hat any day of the week. You have two good logos down there. You got a pretty good quarterback might be good enough to come up here and steal the thunder. I will just say this stuff. This is what you’re coming into 1518 degrees, right? You’re coming into a team that rust versus rest is a real thing. Lamar has not proven himself in January. I’ll tell you a little secret. You can tell everybody a little red. What’s Red, Red Army Rattle, rattle red. You can tell everybody in battle red down in Houston. This Lamar doesn’t like the cold any more than you do. And you know, I don’t the ball. This is a game. That’s a 10 point game, that the great equalizer is you’re the hot team. You’re the underdog. Nobody expects you to win. It’s rookie, this rookie that all that stuff. That’s how we’ve won Super Bowls here. You know what I mean? So like, I don’t think this is a done deal that the ravens are just willed to Las Vegas. But the mood here, it’s going to be unbelievably devastating. If the Ravens were to lose this football game Saturday night, you know what I mean?

Steph Stradley  32:22

We are owed.


Nestor J. Aparicio  32:24

We are owed. I hear you. I hear your karma. You got bomb Phillips karma going in. You’re gonna knock on the door, and we’re going to kick it in all right. Steps or at least here I love the hat. There’s a great hat. You make me just want to go get all of my crap out my starter jacket all that I have Christmas. You have no idea how much boiler stuff

Steph Stradley  32:47

though. owes us now of course we have to earn it. But we are owed.

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:53

Listen, you’ll have people up here now saying I’m becoming a Texans fan because I have a Houston affinity or I’m a Titans fan because I have an Euler affinity I’m a non denominational journalist here just reporting truth at this point. I the shirt says it all stuff. I’m just a blunt person. So take care of yourself down there I would say good luck but that will come at our expense but I’m

Steph Stradley  33:14


good game. No injuries good game. No injuries. We have a good time we don’t have any problems with Ravens fans. We have our own history with the Steelers.

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:27

I brought up Mike Renfro earlier oh my god I don’t bring it up a Passerini Oh Steph Stradley is here she’s a used to chronicle and writes about the Texans in Texas law in Texas history and all our history as well. Next time I have you on I will have the love you blue that not not the Euler one but at least the love you blue that Derek doll belt buckle also available 1983 Cheerleaders calendar is available out on the internet as well ah make you want to sing the Oilers fight song. I can’t really do that in a week when Houston’s in the way I am Nestor. We are WNS da and 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive little Festivus and lookout knowings mill stay with us.

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