Celebrating 25 with Dangerously Delicious Pie, oh my!

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The king of Pie Style in Hampden, Hot Rod Henry of Dangerously Delicious Pies crosses town into Dundalk to serve Nestor and his pal Bill Yerman some 25th Anniversary Pineapple Right Side Up Pie at Drug City. Rock and roll, dive bars and the perfect apple pie on the road were on the savory menu.


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Nestor Aparicio, Bill Yerman, Rodney Henry

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively at drug City and I’m positively trying to get comfortable. You comfortable Bill you’re very hot rod, brother. All right, man. I got dangerously delicious pies on hand here. It’s all brought to you by friends and window nation. Put the funny floppy hat on here. 866 90 days I forgot the hat yesterday. I also forgot the crab man. What did the damn crab house it cost us and I forgot my Rascon global crab mouth. This is a special crab now you guys both eat drink I’ve seen you eat drink beer at cost is it has the the beer bottle opener on the side earlier. Now. Let her Raskin his first class. Also brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. We’re giving these away here at York City today. Chuck is going to get one he’s going to bring us more egg creams. We have great guests, Steve Elliot from LA chiropractic who just me mentally spiritually, get him a sandwich and a cocktail and hot rod is here. Dangerously Delicious pies Billy yurman What do I say have you formally of continental title now a consultant or that is say my friend.

Bill Yerman  01:03

I think at this point friend works well. All right. That’s

Nestor Aparicio  01:05

good rod we like used to be like friends and then you went to Austin and you joined the band and you made a baby and then Waylon, and then you’re making pies. Then there’s a location here and a look. But on the internet. We’re great friends. fixture. Thank you. You’re

Rodney Henry  01:18

getting friends for life, bro. How are you? Good, man. How about yourself? Right, man?

Nestor Aparicio  01:22

What’s going you? It’s my 25th anniversary. I don’t know if you heard, you know I did. And what are the drag people to Dundalk and I wanted to drag people to drug city, a pump Bill yurman said that may or may not understand the power of drugs city, Steve Elliot, who’s been my chiropractor for 25 years. And I’ll let him tell that story had never been the drug city. Everybody’s going to cost this you know, people come to Dundalk for different things. But drug city is an institution. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. That’s sort of the catchphrase here. I didn’t want hot rod off for like six months, I’ve been chasing them around. I thought I don’t want to bring them over the studio don’t really want to do them on a zoom. It’s proper that we would have crabcake it’s somewhere and he’s on the road touring or whatever. And I was in here about eight weeks ago. And Chuck’s got pie. And I look at me. That’s dangerous pie and he’s like, Yeah, sure is it said, done. I text him right away. I said I’m doing the anniversary show. August 4. Come on over and I didn’t think you were gonna bring me a gift.

Rodney Henry  02:21

Oh, tell me Oh, man. Would you bring me about you pineapple right side up. Hi there. My son Whalen made for you.

Nestor Aparicio  02:28

Now, when was the last time you went when he was like six? Yeah, he was like a little boy. 20 wearing boots, right? Yep, totally. You named him after Waylon Jennings, right? Yes, of course. You did. What was talking to you in the studio about?

Rodney Henry  02:43

Leon? Oh, is he 2120? He’s almost 21 Alright, so

Nestor Aparicio  02:47

what’s 14? Yeah, he’s probably 2007 And how long have you been 20 years with pies?

Rodney Henry  02:51

2003. March 2003 is when we started. All right. So on the legit we were on the pilot underground before that, you know?

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

Was that a food truck? What was the underground that that was when I

Rodney Henry  03:00

was traveling around when I was doing my band. I’d have pies pies at the merch table CDs T shirts and pie?

Nestor Aparicio  03:05

Where did you make the

Rodney Henry  03:06

pie when you’re on the road? people’s houses, like helped to find places to stay? You know, I remember I’d be to show up looking for a place to stay and mostly people who had kitchens were willing to help me out. They’d always have an extra room you know, in their place. People that didn’t bake were usually pretty much just like they probably had one off his speed and freaking sleep next to the cat everybody had

Nestor Aparicio  03:27

everybody had an office? Yeah, first question are often

Rodney Henry  03:32

sometimes sometimes it was what it was cool is the first time I did it, people the word traveled fast that I was running around pies. And I made 60 pecan pies and loaded them in a van with you know, with some dry goods and stuff and all my amps and stuff and we hit the road man and I honestly I took my tour that I just did on the West Coast and I had pied every show and you know every three days I get to Airbnb and bake ton of pies show up at the shows. I mean, it’s you know, that gets you wrong. No, I’m making tons of dough like performing them. It’s like having pie really makes gets me in a better place. It’s real. It’s been it’s been cool man, like this whole 20 years is like going through last stuff had a lot of shots. Now it’s back down to two, which is totally Where are you now you’re in Hamden hemmed in on the Avenue 810 West 36th street and then 2035 O’Donnell street Kennett square.

Nestor Aparicio  04:22

I haven’t had a whole pie of yours. And the last whole pie I have was was savory was a steak pie whose ma right yeah, I know the names have always talked to me 10 years but I know the name

Rodney Henry  04:33

because you were part of it. You helped out so much when we first opened the place up in Federal Hill. You’d have me to your studio out there in the woods always. Yeah, it was so killer magazine, Blake. Jonathan Ogden always crazy. big gigantic football, the first bit of Permanent things combined, did have pie they hold a pie in their hand. And it was like the size of your hand. Do they hand that He just grabbed that so he was here it was crazy awesome. Always you know pretty fun you know cruising into this

Nestor Aparicio  05:05

silly How are you going to chop this into pies it’s

Bill Yerman  05:07

gonna be hard because all I want to do is eat this pie

Nestor Aparicio  05:11

pie every time you put this up I perv it out and I make a comment and I’m like damn i i won’t want those you know because I went to Hawaii for the second time back in April and you’re why everything’s pineapple or coconut cream coconut cream pie my god I love banana island stuff. But my mother used to make pineapple upside down cake in her little oven over on Bank Street Dundalk and here duduk I should say and put the cake I love pineapple upside down cake so I get it wise market sometimes. But I’m I’m a small guy. I’m a small dessert eater. My wife is diabetic right so everything I do comes in kitty cups in that way right? So I every one I’ve had oh my god dude since the last time I seen you I’ve eaten your pie 200 times I mean seriously, but I always get the little guys you have a choice

Rodney Henry  06:01

you know it’s the greatest thing you always let me know it’s a yeah you it’s not we haven’t been in contact with each other because you always lead as a rat has had a piece of pie and

Nestor Aparicio  06:08

I think a dangerously delicious pies. I don’t think of drugs city. I don’t think I think of underneath the Viaduc under 83 at you know Yeah, I every Sunday, my wife goes to the farmers markets and you’re there and it’s still for for 20 or three for whatever the price was for 22 still four bucks.

Rodney Henry  06:31

John and Mary run underneath the bridge they had this deal but now they’re not doing many pilots say they’re doing all slices now. Slice slices in the plaster the last five slides. So I

Nestor Aparicio  06:42

would go over there and my wife and I say Alright, we’re gonna have our we got to we got to get to smog. We got to get a chicken pox. We love savory. And then it’s like what do you got? Well, do we feel in blueberry? We feel in, you know, white trash cramp. Whoo. Let’s

Rodney Henry  06:57

see exactly because that’s your badass moment. Because you’re talking about dudes. Yes. Talk about

Nestor Aparicio  07:05

25 I looked shocked LM I saw that pie. And I’m like, That’s rod these pie. And next thing I know you’re here.

Bill Yerman  07:12

How do you make a creme brulee pie?

Rodney Henry  07:15

Well, it’s not really. It’s basically you’re making a custard pie,

Bill Yerman  07:17

but it’s like you’re not doing the

Nestor Aparicio  07:21

Greatest Songs Ever. Led Zeppelin custard riff rip he

Rodney Henry  07:26

has this basically have some cinnamon and I busted up Marang folded into the custard in the air in the egg white cooks grabs a little sugar and specifically as a crust on top. You want to hit it like that? You could? Not certain it’s gonna be right. Exactly. But that sounds that’s the best way to describe a white trash trembling.

Bill Yerman  07:46

Rod. I will be at the Pike Place. Right after this.

Rodney Henry  07:50

Dog. Yeah, baby. Dog city. Come on. Joey CJ, I tell you. I was so psyched to come here today.

Nestor Aparicio  07:57

No kissing. So I was trying to get people to come to drug city. And I did the show. On Thursday cost isn’t it? Last time I saw you was a cost. I saw your brother in cost this last week. We didn’t have electricity costs. The reason drugs city is my sponsor is the good looking guy that just sees the top dude over here. So Chuck is he has his own bar see to cost this is right near the men’s room. I don’t know why it’s close to Mr. Costas, his office. Maybe he’s protective right on the right with a lottery machine. He’s in the back where the whiskey and cash sign is right. I was in there was a year ago. I was in there a year ago, watching a ballgame. And ZZ Top comes up to me says hey, I’m Chuck. I know you are you’re now you said I work in drug city. You do this crabcake thing. Once you come to drug city, you get a crab cake. And I’m like, Dude, I’ve been going to drug city since before I remember. Like I’ve been going to drug city since I was three years old. I bought every wrestling magazine 1970 770-879-8081 82 Kevin Eck would call me and he’d say, the new magazines are in a drug city, boom, my parent, my brother have to bring me down here. And then I hit that golden age of puberty and I stopped caring about that. And I went into baseball and football and I will get all the preview magazines down here because they had an incredible periodical and magazine section in the front.

Bill Yerman  09:20

You say for fantasy 1982

Nestor Aparicio  09:24

Topic fantasy. This before fit that different. I’m gonna give you a different kind of fantasy 1982 1415 And this new thing happens. The VCR videotapes, so the doc here decides he’s gonna go into the videotape business like every corner store did before blockbuster, it’s sort of so he had videotapes here. When I started to drive now 8384 8586 When my girlfriend was pregnant, I was 16 years old summer 84 When Purple Rain came out on videotape, he had 98 copies here and if you didn’t rewind the charge a buck, you know so but the really thing you need to know and this is what makes the fountain so special where your nice old hood, we talked about custard pie. We talked about Led Zeppelin. You made some little snide double entendre. That room, had a special saloon door. And above it, it said 18 and over. I think you know what I’m getting there. We’re supposed to a ginger Lynn on Atwater. We’re supposed to her Christie Canyon on this wall. John C. Holmes is back here and you know, Harry rooms is in the corner. So that was the room that is now the film. When when videotapes went out, never go home like it. It looks like that. They turned it into a tanning room. It became a tent. This is an entrepreneurial 1954 Whatever it takes, including fresh egg creams. You’re gonna brag on the almond Smash. Smash, you lost your mind you’re gonna make it smash pie. Yeah, I prefer the FCC which is an effing FCC. Okay, cool. That says federal. I had gene shock on the show last week. I had to get 16 at F side of it. Yeah. It took me less time than I thought because you know what’s beautiful now in the old days, she’d say F and F and I have to go back and listen to all 31 minutes and no no. Transcription now baby. You throw it up the auto every fu it’s like holding coffee on New York and Catcher in the Rye every efuse right there on the wall. You can scrub it you know, GP 66 hour make it go away. But I love drug city and guys like you that may be not from this part of town. Andy that was the case John ruin that was the case. Steve Eliot who’s been my chiropractor my friend for he hears me on the radio bragging about it. And when I said you can go to Costas and that’s usually a good thing for me, right? Everybody loves crabs, or you go to drug city. People are intrigued by this

Rodney Henry  12:07

place. Oh, totally. This place is awesome that you’ve been here before. This is the first time

Nestor Aparicio  12:11

and they sell your pie. Shah

Rodney Henry  12:13

does not my age does that choice vote isn’t gonna run had time to get over but y’all should have been to know each other. We do to each other.

Nestor Aparicio  12:22

You played his pie shop. Okay. All right. Yeah. All right. All right. So

Rodney Henry  12:28

take it easy row.

Nestor Aparicio  12:30

Well, I mean, they got to harp ice cream. They do everything. Uber local, including WNS. Awesome. Yeah, I mean, when George found that I was Dundalk. He’s like we got to do this. And next thing you know, I’m here four times a year and were we shopping the liquor store the whiskey here the tasting room is amazing. It’s amazing. So for your place and this the entrepreneurial thing and you’ve been in that business 100 times you said you downsize give me what’s your life like right now? Because when I think you I think you sling and pie not necessarily being in a rock and roll band and I don’t know where do you consider yourself a pie maker? Or do you consider yourself a musician? What are you?

Rodney Henry  13:06

Um, well, right now pie man all the time. It’s like that’s how I made my bread. Right? I play I still tour but if it wasn’t for pie, I wouldn’t be able to do that stuff. I’m as it’s getting better and better every time but if I have 30 people show up in in friggin

Nestor Aparicio  13:24

you know, Idaho.

Rodney Henry  13:27

If they if I have 30 people show up at Idaho. I’m smiling brother. Because if I would I’d hope and I’m waiting the fog out there when I was I was out there in in February. In a snowstorm I played magic city.

Nestor Aparicio  13:40

Awesome. So you’re still making pies out on the road? Oh, yeah, totally. Man.

Bill Yerman  13:44

I make you take the ingredients with you when you travel I

Rodney Henry  13:46

take I started out with a good amount that usually this case apples maybe two like this trip I took two case apples I had a bunch of all my brown sugar flour. You know

Bill Yerman  13:57

and fat so then you just have to find a kitchen and I rent a house.

Rodney Henry  14:01

I always rent a house every three days. Brilliant house.

Bill Yerman  14:06

So wow man all you care about the oven. I mean, how great it Yeah,

Rodney Henry  14:09

and usually the last couple of plates the last few the last trip every place I stayed and I had also had people that I’ve known for 20 years I’ve been doing this. They still go to their house and do the do it up. You know what I mean? Sometimes it helped me out. It’s totally fine. What kind of music do you play? Like I want to say sort of Honky Tonk hard blues country rock. Stevie Ray Vaughan lost the room.

Nestor Aparicio  14:29

I would say anything that would be in the Willie Nelson family. My stuff is right now, like anything that’s in the Willie Nelson families. I would put rods rods music in that. So he’s a music guy. So we met at an all star game in New York baseball fan but but the Springsteen connection between he and I, which shows you’re going to

Bill Yerman  14:47

going to Philly and then I’m going to use Philly. No, no, they move Washington, DC they move DC. Philly is I think the 15th or 16th and then Baltimore September nine and then D See is the end of September so tell

Nestor Aparicio  15:01

him and our audience and the friends we have here drug city. How effing crazy you are in regard to you and your daughter showing up risk banding. When they played Baltimore I did my show at fate. Lee’s that morning and I walk by and they’re in line at eight o’clock in the morning failings

Bill Yerman  15:22

are my, my daughter

Nestor Aparicio  15:24

crabcake? I’ve been there. It’s like you they got pie in the stage.

Bill Yerman  15:27

My daughter caught the Springsteen bug from me. When she was about eight years old. I took her to Philadelphia, the end sinker whoever Justin bait with Dustin. He was playing Friday night and Bruce’s playing Saturday night and it was a father daughter, blah, blah, blah. We go. She literally falls in love with Bruce. And to this day, she’s now 29 years old. She’s been to over 30 shows, which means I probably been to what one version? I’m in the twos I would think probably seen I’ve had missing persons 1980 That’s tight. And I’ve never missed a tour and I’ve been to many shows on each of the tours. So so my daughter picks up this this habit. And now she literally is in love with him.

Nestor Aparicio  16:08

I said to her, I said she’s in line for the 18th time on the tour in Baltimore. waiting all day to get into the pit to do all this. I said to her, I don’t all that and I know Neil So Neil is what always lead me risk. I mean, I’ve been I’ve carried Bruce’s ass. I’ve had my handle Bruce’s asked a dozen times, I have video of a half dozen of it right? I’ve had my hand on his boot. The whole deal. I’ve asked Bruce to quit. I mean, I’m a proof guy, right? But so I said to her, you’ve done this 18 times with a tour, how about next week when they’re playing in DC or whatever I said, you just go down, we get a beer we hang out, we’re gonna have three o’clock, we’ll put some beer in a Buddha car, we’ll pick some sandwiches up at Dragoo whatever, you will take some crab cakes, whatever. And we’ll just like, listen to Bruce in the car in the parking lot at full volume and have a really good time and walk into the arena and just have fun. Wouldn’t that be nice? And she’s like, I don’t think I could do that. I don’t think so. Literally, she’s I don’t think I can do that.

Bill Yerman  17:02

So I don’t know if you know this, but my daughter is going to have a baby around Thanksgiving. You shouldn’t be camping out. Well, here’s the thing that little baby has now been to three brochures because she was pregnant back prenatal Bruce Exactly. So that’s probably a right I mean, you think how many this kid’s gonna hungry heart, right? This kid is you know, four months in utero. Anyway, so she went to her doctor’s last week and the doctor said, sounds like a punch you you can go to the bruise show. But we’re concerned that you should not stand up in the pit. She’ll be at this point you know six months pregnant and she’s so upset that she can’t be in the pit and sit in the crowd. So upset does this

Nestor Aparicio  17:44

make you a baby tell me this I told her boy growing up

Bill Yerman  17:48

it’s a boy Bruce. Maybe knows when that be great.

Nestor Aparicio  17:53

Well, it’s really good to have you guys say my wife’s last name is Nils right. Absolutely Believe me this year. He has been my legendary friend for many many time many years sponsor continental title all these things. Hot Rod is here. It was very nice of you and Steve you got to get in on this too because John maroon said some stuff almost made me cry about you know working with me and and my my wn S T media kit. I need testimonials. So rods already give me a testimonial saying Help. You saw a lot of pie. So he’s brought me a we call this pineapple upside down pineapple. And Whelan’s 20 Yep, he’s slinging Papa. Yes, he is. Now what’s your favorite pie? Apple pie? Just straight apple. Nothing weird.

Bill Yerman  18:37

What apples?

Rodney Henry  18:38

Granny Smith? Nice every time. It’s like just a little that pie. Also it’s a really great pie that tough. You know, everybody’s everybody’s made a pie. I don’t want to Yeah, I’ve heard every story about

Bill Yerman  18:50

her grandmother’s

Rodney Henry  18:53

telling you in a day I made more than your grandmother. Like I feel for these ladies ladies. Their hands up busted up and they arthritis in their shit. everything’s messed up. I’m getting that now. Are you that guy? My shoulders and hands and stuff. It’s like and I’m playing music too. Sometimes it’d be cramped at one point but it’s like that doesn’t come from me mountain

Bill Yerman  19:14

from what is it that need you have to need the dough well

Rodney Henry  19:16

you don’t really need it but it’s like you’re doing a lot of the same like you really get into should note the same version all that rollin rollin rollin dough out that’s all

Bill Yerman  19:25

Hey, not getting any younger right

Rodney Henry  19:26

now just as long as I’m not bent over a table

Nestor Aparicio  19:31

rocked up. I was supposed to have owl from from Fenwick bakery come over to Constance yesterday. He’s so busy. Speech cake season, right? Yep, peach cake before them. That’s awesome. Right? So it’s my my favorite thing peach cake. Yo and it’s like eggnog. You get it two months. You know what I mean? So I want to ask you this because I would have asked Allah because he’s, you know, old school Baker. I mean, that place has been there a million years. And if you haven’t had peach cake, you haven’t been in that place. I I don’t even I’m not perfect. I don’t know it’s there. But either way, I went and got four peach cakes yesterday took them over cost as output and be there. And the one thing I would say about his peaches and when I bite into that peach cake it’s not it’s clearly not Libby’s out of a candies, real peaches. They’ve been treated. So worked with, they’re ripe beyond like when I gave my piece of it. Yeah, I gave a piece of it yesterday, I cut it and I wound up sending Bob NASCAR home with half of it. And Dennis Colossus recruits before I gave Dennis the piece, I’m like, Look, let me move away because when you bite into it, it’s gonna squirt all over the place. And that’s what with apple pie, and with fruit pies, knowing that right moment of it being where you want to. It’s ripe, right? Because we’ve all had a peach that sucks. Too hard. But on day three, that Peach Pick, you got to find that sweet spot. It’s like a banana like you’ve been with fruit use like i i got a case to apples, you know, it’s like, hey, you know, apples keep better though. Right?

Rodney Henry  21:00

Apples? We mean, a lot of times when you buy an Apple jority biome has been has been keeping them for months. You know what I mean? Right, like granny smith green. So

Nestor Aparicio  21:08

that’s why you get consistency in that product.

Rodney Henry  21:10

We’ve tried to mean it’s like a lot of times you’re getting most of your apples from like, out west and going a certain part time of the year here. Be like springtime. You get really good local apples. But for the most part when we’re buying from our suppliers when we go from our produce guys, they’re coming from Washington.

Bill Yerman  21:27

Can people taste the difference in the different apple pies?

Rodney Henry  21:30

You know what totally, I mean, you can taste a difference because even if it’s all Granny Smith, sometimes some are more have more water on them. And some the ones that don’t have a real tight Yeah, a real and crisp. So tart, man. They’re awesome. You can tell those and that makes a big difference. Because sometimes you can make it apple pie be almost exactly the same way. You may want it more tart. As hard as it can possibly agree. Really? Yeah. Because then you browse sugar to butter. You know, that makes

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

it sweet to start with.

Bill Yerman  22:00

You put cinnamon a little bit. That’s why I’m asking.

Rodney Henry  22:05

The French are tough. There’s this lady where we had her place in Paris and park. She is a from France and she barely spoke a word English. She’s like, I love your apple pie. She says you’re not like all the other Americans dumped cinnamon and everything. She was all pissed. That’s exactly what she said. Cinnamon there and I was like, Well, I’m happy for you. I was also like, please get out of here. But she was like I thought she was gonna go she was getting started going off on me. But she was like, she went off on all marathon America. But she she liked the pies. That’s cool.

Nestor Aparicio  22:37

My wife loves baking and her sister. It’s like their thing every year Christmas. They’ve been going up to give me the name of the mill in Vermont that has the flour.

Rodney Henry  22:48

About Hoskins now it’s a big it’s a

Nestor Aparicio  22:50

big company. I always forget the damn name of it. It’s a gold medal. It’s like that, but it’s not that it’s a Arthur King Arthur. Thank you. It’s the King Arthur bakery. That’s exactly what that’s good. King Arthur bakery. She and her sister get in the car Christmas week. And they do a Saturday afternoon baking class. They did pie a year and a half ago. And she came home with this apple. She learned about crust and she’s like up 1000 Pies my mother baked 1000 buys I thought I knew what I was doing. I’ve watched you know T could through TV and this and that. But when she went there, she came home and found different things about techniques that like not all pies are created equal, right?

Rodney Henry  23:30

No, for sure not thinking about pies is what while people are very very passionate about their pie like to the point of very angry mean,

Nestor Aparicio  23:40

they’re like this French lady. Yeah,

Rodney Henry  23:42

she was cool compared to people that make you something you already know. You can almost this almost is completely true. You can judge what their pies gonna taste like by how their personality is. Hell yeah, dude, with a whack personality that pie is gonna be messed up. And they’re gonna be like, and they’re gonna be so proud of that pie. They’re gonna be they’re gonna go off and they’re like, did you like your pie? Like, oh, you know, it’s pretty good. You know? You didn’t like it.

Bill Yerman  24:11

It’s their baby.

Rodney Henry  24:13

They get psycho man and that’s that’s just one person your one lady will be like, like, like a dog got beat or something like that. Here’s you didn’t because their pies terrible. It’s just the way the pie tastes a week. It didn’t have anything in there. But she was very meat yourself. But she was like so personally upset by the fact that that wasn’t your favorite pie. I’ve had to judge these pie. Baking competitions. Taste at pieces of so

Nestor Aparicio  24:40

people say to me test crab cake to her when you’re going to declare the best one. I’m like, not the best ones you should want to meet. I’ve had a couple of bad ones. You know, I had I told this story a couple weeks ago, but I was on the crabcake tour. Just last summer or maybe the summer before it was last summer. And we were going down to see us sticks are a bandanna at Nissan pavilion that you know, so I decided to get a crab cake in montgomery county. Here’s what I was doing with the County since two years ago. That’s a terrible idea. So I had a chip on a place

Rodney Henry  25:12

the love crab cake sandwich but oh well

Nestor Aparicio  25:15

you love pie so much. So I get a chip on this place and it’s in his market. And it’s way too close to Daniel Snyder’s house, right. So it’s like right down the streets in Potomac, right. So I go in and it’s just really upscale village. It’s very, very touch of a village very, very. So there’s a there’s a it’s like a deli a little bit carry out cold hot food, you know, whatever. And I walk in and it has a big sun. We ship our crab cakes and I’m like, oh, okay, I’ll have to go. And we took them and left them in the bag. Put them in a bag in the backseat. We did what I want your daughter to do. Tailgate we’re gonna get down there. cannabis is legal. You got vodka, get some whiskey, bring some drinks spring spring a slushy but whatever, but sit outside enjoy the out like we do all that so we’re sitting out there having some beers, some music on get the bag it’s get those crabcakes out we get them out. And I looked at it like what the hell is that? What’s what’s in that? Because I’m always examining you know, like, is that you wouldn’t eat celery celery seed is it mustard? What’s the filler? What’s What’s the slurry? What’s going on in peppers if you’re in a Greek place right now, I love that. So people ate it. I looked at it and I took a bite of it. I started chewing and how well we’re consistency and at crunch crunch again at crunch them a tasted celery. Celery and my wisely videotaping me I can’t put this on the internet because this is a fail. Yeah, I’m like I want to figure out what the hell it is. I took another bite of it and I swear to you a square that they took a chicken salad recipe and whenever you would put in a chicken salad literally like a mayonnaise celery thing. mess and put crab meat blue crab meat real quick.

Bill Yerman  27:05

How long have you been in Baltimore in my life? I’ve never seen such why in the world would you ever or why did you every count I understand your point but you get nothing just mere out crabs. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  27:15

montgomery county it’s not Virginia I don’t even know what it is should be better crabcakes in Virginia Rodney series Dangerously Delicious by tell people how the best way to get this and places like drug see have it I go into restaurants sometimes. And they say we have dangerous pie for dessert. That is your pie your thing you’re you’re in more places than to write

Rodney Henry  27:39

like you buy a place like I’d be honest, the John and Mary do a lot of suppliers shipping pies out of the can location. They kill it. We got about eight places. I want to say that Dundalk is probably one of our biggest places where we sling pies at restaurants. My place is straight up bar, dive bar pie shop. And we my place we went to a couple places and not up in town up north of like, you know Hemingway

Nestor Aparicio  28:05

Okay. All right. So do you want people to come down to Hamilton? Have you experienced Oh,

Rodney Henry  28:09

we do. Do you know it’s the baddest ass thing you ever seen? We have killer music. We have music two or three times a week both this really cool stage up back. It’s a really living organism dude, it’s like, only inhabited constantly. It’s constantly evolving. You know, it’s really really cool and, and you really get a vibe of what we’re all about. You know the deal. It’s it’s pie and rock and roll and it’s totally 100% The way it is. Cans kill everyone’s really producing lots of pies out of there, which is killer. My place is like, you come at nighttime, and hang and have some when you play. I’m playing when I play next. That’s the 12th 12th of September at the Metro guy with this guy named Austin Lucas who’s amazing, really great singer, singer songwriter, Honky Tonk. You

Bill Yerman  28:52

write songs? Oh,

Rodney Henry  28:53

yeah. I got two records here ready to come up. Got my pistol in my hand. Hi,

Nestor Aparicio  28:58

John Allen on yesterday, we were talking about his five bands and he’s putting Childsplay back together open for kicks, like all this. Musicians forever, forever. As long as you can do it, you’re gonna do it because

Rodney Henry  29:09

he had no choice. You

Bill Yerman  29:10

have a talent that others wish they had. I wish I loved music, but I can’t do anything. To get listen.

Rodney Henry  29:17

It’s a wild thing, man. It’s like being a musician and songwriter. It’s a curse as well. I was gifted, so much fun. Right?

Bill Yerman  29:26

It’s also a couple of hours to start playing when you say

Rodney Henry  29:28

that because you’ve never heard my stuff. Might not be the biggest pie from Hey, come on. Oh my god. The

Nestor Aparicio  29:36

last thing before it gets Steven here and I’ll let you get back to slinging pies. You can Hey, you know you’re a consult you can get all day I want to get right back to sling sports and you know me through sports and you obviously been a listener and that evolved in sports forever. I began this with Maroon and Andy and the other segment. As I hit 25 years I’ve been going through all of these, the stuff that launched the company and what I dream didn’t believe in 98. I take myself back to 98 say, Well, we had the Barney uniforms and maybe one day the Ravens will be considered real NFL team at that point, right. The Orioles are coming off a championship and there’s Davey Johnson and the owners a jerk, and he’s about to really screw things up royally. And we didn’t. Maybe we knew that intellectually, intellectually, but we didn’t believe it. Right now. We have a different belief system here in regard to both of these team, but it took a whole generation. Unfortunately, it took me 1717 years since the Orioles threw me out, they won one playoff series. It’s vindicated me, you know, hard balls, one, two playoff games since I wrote a book 10 years ago, right. So Well, I would say this has been a dark, sort of in the plague, and the city and pretty gray, and just all of it and 100 losses and 100 losses and 100 losses. And a football team. That’s mainly no offense to anybody with a purple on been disappointed. I mean, it’s it’s been disappointing in the end, right? Right now, that right here right now, because of the baseball team, it’s an August 4, and they’re in first place in the Yankees. It’s almost like dogs and cats. But there is a feeling about sports that only sports can do. I mean, really, we’ve had plagues, we’ve had riots, we’ve had racial problems. We’ve had a president that’s a criminal and should have been under a jail want. We’ve had all of these things happen. But all of a sudden baseball every night, the hope of football kids going back to school employments up inflation’s up, interest rate, all that. But like in our town, there’s something about the Orioles playing, you know what time they play tonight, you know who they’re playing Metro. And like all of that you might be going to a game or thinking about a game or whatever. That’s where we grew up. Right. And that was gone. And I’ve never been more vindicated or validated for doing free to birds than saying, This is what it was supposed to be like, the whole time. I’m sure you feel that your pie shop. I know. You mean, you gather doesn’t do to the watching Oriole game on a Sunday night he cost this and then all of your guys were like this didn’t happen in 50 years, you know. So we’re all coming together as a community in a different way. And sports is doing that. Yep. I

Bill Yerman  31:59

agree. It’s a wonderful point. My wife is just amazed at how into this team I am and the challenges I’ve shut down baseball for 10 years. I missed it. So when we get like Jack Flaherty, I gotta go look him up and see I don’t know offhand about him and by now, California, exactly. The whole story. Exactly. So so my period was a soap opera. It changes you know how we when we’re having dinner like all the things in your life what’s your what’s your daughter having a baby? Thanksgiving?

Nestor Aparicio  32:27

Well, right after the parade,

Bill Yerman  32:31

sometime sometime in that like I do that right? Exactly.

Nestor Aparicio  32:35

You’re not like a P one sports guy, but like you feel it right.

Rodney Henry  32:39

Oh, tip me. I love football, man. I love football of baseball. I’m gonna play tennis. That’s my that’s my sport. Coach. He tends to really Yeah, I’d love to hear with my coach last year in high school coach Caviezel high school last year has I would not have thought that I went from they went from one one wins seven loss to we were four four fantast had three people in the three three students went to this unit again this year. No, I wasn’t done the kids. I mean, there’s two kids are my best kids. They were the worst they’re hardcore kids to deal with. So I was sad when they graduate me Bill come back. But yeah, it was your kids are tough, man. It’s not like when we

Bill Yerman  33:17

were kids even harder now. It totally is because they don’t want the information. They had their stuff

Rodney Henry  33:21

with them. Right? You can’t even fight it, you know, but I have I enjoyed it. I really have a lot of respect for coaches. Because that’s a hard gig for a little bit of compensation

Bill Yerman  33:31

right? It’s not for the money I mean, you’re doing it they love it love it.

Rodney Henry  33:34

It’s cool and it’s good hey coach when you’re hanging out in the lounge with the coaches with at the director’s office is pretty cool. You know

Nestor Aparicio  33:41

this is why I do this because I you know and moving to Baltimore positive part of my brain you you’ve been a part of this strategy of everything I’ve done the last couple years you know having these athletes who didn’t want to come on the show and teams that didn’t want me around drugs city wants me you want me to talk about pie we’re friends we love talking about things and the centerpiece of all of it all along the reason I love the teams is because I love Baltimore. Yeah, so I mean literally I mean the Ravens didn’t even exist you know like I love them because it said Baltimore it meant something to me and that’s why we all love it and I think the Orioles are trying to in their own way you know why they didn’t get Dylan cease because it rhymes and lease you

Bill Yerman  34:15

that right that’s a good one yeah, we’re getting any closer to release No No What about I

Nestor Aparicio  34:21

mean if we are I don’t know about what is supposed to be Fourth of July yeah right we’re supposed to be the all star game right didn’t have tick tock tick tock or is it national our government’s gonna be out with the host this week. Maybe he can talk to you. Well, I tell you this the guy have a picture of the governor and and John Angela is talking on the field last week. There’s a cell shot of him talking so I don’t know what that means. So that means the West owes me the visit. I’ll text him my thanks to Rodney for the to Dangerously Delicious, but Alison is here. Oh, my show is gonna get good. Now. I thought Steve Allison was down to the liquor store. So this is gonna get spicy. They made me Ruben four hours ago Chuck brought it up here with ships with these. What you call them cowboy ranch ships. They have 55 Different kinds of potato chips here. You want a potato chip here. garlic parmesan behbehani monster well what

Bill Yerman  35:13

they do, I’m gonna I’m gonna go buy everything they have and then you’re

Nestor Aparicio  35:17

gonna go to concerts and get cramps. I know you are building your ministry my friend forever you’re gonna you will stay you’re gonna go

Bill Yerman  35:24

I’m gonna hang out.

Nestor Aparicio  35:25

I love you my wife.

Bill Yerman  35:28

Really nice to meet you. I’ll come see you. Nice

Rodney Henry  35:30

Yeah. I said hello, would you help her make pie you know anytime she makes

Nestor Aparicio  35:36

a pie off maybe we should do that. All right, you just dropped the mic in the middle of what the hell’s wrong with you? All right, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery bring amateurs so you’re pretty rock stars get get out of here just drop it there you go. Drop the mic. That’s perfect. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. We are giving these away here trucks at we had a winner Calvin state and one two bucks yesterday from a music man my middle school music teacher and I sang on the street where you live yesterday cost is on the piano. And it was a thrill for me so you guys can check that out as well. Also our friends at two Oh, I’m wearing the hat I’m looking for the damn hat. Just spit on my head the whole segment the whole time. Window nation is the the way to date. Six 690 nation. Steve Elliot is here who has been adjusting me I’ve had this problem lately with my back and a little bit of tightness up in my neck. He’s helping me out. Allison is here the wreath sandwiches work drugs city. Baltimore County Executive Johnny Oh is gonna be here a little while later. I’m gonna let them eat sandwiches. Bill’s gonna hang out Bill Yeomans been my friend for a long time, Springsteen’s on tour, so he’s back on the show. We’re a truck city. It’s the Maryland crabcake tour. It’s our 25th anniversary and we are rambling on with Rascon global mallet. I feel like Richard share. We’re wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive and square off

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