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Champagne and the emergence of a No. 1 starter for October


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Luke Jones and Nestor celebrate and exhale Orioles postseason berth and the emergence of Grayson Rodriguez in the starting rotation.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is a gloriously Baltimore positive week around here. Look, Jones joins us now we’re going to be Coco’s on Thursday from two of the five I’ll be telling you about it. It’s the Maryland lottery, presenting our Maryland crab cake tour in conjunction with our friends in winter, nation, 866 90 nation as well as our newest sponsor, Jiffy Lube, make sure you’re keeping a lookout for all of our 25th anniversary related activities brought to you by curio and foreign daughter. That’ll be around all week. But we have playoff baseball coming to Baltimore, the Ravens coming back home this week for the Colts. And what a Sunday it was you couldn’t be everywhere. You couldn’t be in Cincinnati and Camden Yards and at the kegs concert. I was on the couch for long stretches of it. This guy was at the ballpark of champagne in your hair. Luke Jones any any champagne, lingering?


Luke Jones  00:52

No champagne, no champagne. More disclosure, because I think we’re gonna tell the story here, Nestor, we’re gonna be honest, I wasn’t at the ballpark Sunday. And part of that one, because the Baltimore Ravens played on Sunday. And of course, we’ll talk all about the huge win over the Bengals. But having talked to a few different people over the course of the week, and even over the course of the four games set against the rays, which as we know, did not start off on the right foot for the Orioles whatsoever. There was a lot of internal debate in terms of whether the Orioles were actually going to do the full blown champagne celebration, because of the circumstances have not playing their best baseball over the course of the last week, because of the circumstances that if we had talked about this a week ago, I probably would have told you a playoff berth would have been clinched. I don’t know Wednesday or Thursday. And if it had been in the middle of this race series, knowing that, yes, they’re excited about going back to the postseason. But that’s been all been a slam dunk for about a month now that they were no worse than going to be a wild card. So there was a lot of talk that okay, they did hug and they probably jump around a little bit on the field, but probably not, or maybe not going to do the full blown champagne and other adult beverage kind of celebration that you see in baseball. So that was part of what factored into my decision in addition to, you know, again, not winning the division yet, although certainly they improve their chances immensely over the last two games of the series, but also wanting to watch the ravens and not like you said, you can’t be in two places or three places at once. So I watched all the way it was a great day, but I wouldn’t want to have to do it every day where they’re playing simultaneously, right? Like it’s really 25 years old in this place. 32 years. It’s very unique.

Nestor Aparicio  02:44

I remember that Kordell Stewart day where the mariners were here back in 97. But that’s it. I mean, in a lifetime of games. It really was a day for the ages. And when you get pushed into it, everybody wants to the Oriole game didn’t get to watch the Raven game. Right.

Luke Jones  02:59

Right. Right. And I mean, I think, as I noted, and it was strange even what I wrote at Baltimore On Sunday, and I’ll have plenty of ravens so over the course of the week and as we turn their sights towards Indianapolis and trying to improve the three and Oh, but I wrote about the Orioles on a day when the Ravens had in my mind one of the most impressive wins of the last few seasons. I mean going to Cincinnati and beaten the Bengals, despite being so short handed down multiple starters. But the Orioles really did rule the day because it’s clinching the playoffs back in the postseason for the first time since 16th. And just an exciting day at the ballpark another comeback win another win in which they win in strange fashion. I mean, Brian O’Hearn drops a bunt, he said after the game that it’s the first time he’s bonded in like five years. But Brandon Hyde saw him going up against the lefty he hasn’t faced many lefty pitchers all year, and he drops a perfect been on the first pitch in the bottom of the 11th inning. I mean, it’s just the latest way that the Orioles figured out a way to win a ballgame and it just felt very appropriate. And then when they do that when they come back the way that they did, and they get the split, they’re no worse for wear than where they were at the start of the series two games up tiebreaker in hand, playoff berth officially clench, clench because of the Rangers last but the Orioles want to reinforce having clinched. Yeah, you celebrate. And you enjoy that for a moment and you need to turn your sights very quickly towards the Houston Astros and we’ll get to that. But it was a great day to be a Baltimore sports fan with what the Orioles did with what the Ravens did in Cincinnati. And a reminder, like you said, it’s tough to juggle both. It’s tough to watch each game at the same time and you’re flipping back and forth and you’re firing up the DVR and all that but boy, it was just a lot of fun and whether you were at the ballpark whether you were watching the game with friends at home, or whether you were just sharing the excitement with you friends and strangers, quite frankly, on social media. It really was a great day for Baltimore. And you just saw all the reaction, just how much fun it is. And let’s face it, Let’s call a spade a spade. These days have been few and far between where you’ve been able to share the excitement of both teams having something really good happened on the same day. It’s only Week Two for the Ravens. Again, we’ll get to that but for the Orioles. I mean, it’s just been an incredible season. We’ve talked about it all year. And as I wrote it, Baltimore we doubted them we shouldn’t have, but we doubted them again over the course of this weekend and credit to this ballclub for getting them getting up off the mat after a couple ugly losses, especially on Friday night with all the Adam Jones pageantry, and then they lose seven to one to come out and win the final two games of this series to get the split and keep themselves back in sole possession of first place really says a lot about the character and resiliency of this ballclub

Nestor Aparicio  05:59


Well, obviously, I would have been in Cincinnati had Chad steel not taking my credential because that’s what I’ve always done. I would have been in Cincinnati, so I wouldn’t have been here I would have missed the kick show. So all of this has some sort of weird serendipity. And I went to the game Thursday, I went with my wife, I went to the game Friday alone, I was down at the nest. There’ll be more parties down at the convention center as well. We had pretty good time down there with friends. I don’t want to say I didn’t ever doubt them. When they lost Thursday and Friday. I thought it’s like a long season. They’ve never been swept. They don’t lose series very often. I thought they’re probably going to lose three out of four. But they’re going to win a game here. They’re going to figure this thing out. But it would have made for a much tighter week being at level. They were level on Saturday morning. And it was nervous around here. Right? Once they get level you’re like they’re out of first place. They’re a part of first place. What do they have to do? Then they get to tiebreaker on Saturday, right? And then Sunday. If I were taking phone calls all day, on Monday after Sunday, it would be more of a timeline. It would be more of like where were you and where were you when so the football game kick. And then the baseball game went and rained in the morning. So it looked like the baseball game might not go on time. And I thought well, they’ll play the baseball game at four o’clock and like we’ll get both of them in right. I wind up monitoring them both. And the last channel redzone didn’t have a chance with me Sunday, I had no chance for redzone so I had a baseball game in a football game. And then I wanted I had Kix tickets, which no offense to the Ravens or the Orioles kicks has been better to me over the course of my Steve Whiteman has been nicer to me as a child’s play, folks. So I was going down to Merriweather for that because it’s historic like for anybody that’s rock and roll fan here too. So I don’t want to leave that part of it out for the Baltimore Beatles having their the greatest band of the history of our lifetime locally. And it was a scene Luke, I mean, you’re talking about the scene at Oriel park over the weekend or the scene for Adam Jones. Kicks had 15,000 people I mean, like it was it looked like a Jimmy Buffett concert. It was insane. But I get the car at 420 Whatever it was 425. And the Orioles game is not over yet. They pushed into the 11th inning that time it’s the 10th inning about that time. I got the car and I’m like, well it hit rock No, no, they got the football game on. Well, ba they put the baseball game on Pio for the old folks, right? We’ll poke him I’m like, where’s the baseball game? I like Google, figure out to be ALS, some FM channel. I’ve never heard of one Oh 1.5. And the audio game was on. And I’m like, what do they do when they’re both on at the same time and they have the same flagship. So I even I even learned a new radio station and I own a radio station on the way down to Colombia. So just the where you found the game where you where you’re at friends with kicks tickets. Now they’re in the 11th inning of Camden Yards. They had to go home to Canton to get their car because they open to the ballpark thinking, well, the game would be over at four o’clock and we’ll make it a concert. So the baseball game the football game where you were that day and even you not being at a stadium and you’re always at a stadium they let you in. Because you couldn’t it. It was weird. It will sink in for the rest of my life is one of the strange sports days. And do we might have 123 More in October, where there’s a chance of some conflict. The NFL is so powerful baseball tries not to play on Sundays. But for this reason, next month, you’ll feel that but this was sweet serendipity, I think being a lifer and being a Baltimore guy to have all that happened and it kicks concert to end their career. You know, Sunday, September 17 2023 will always be special special day in Baltimore.

Luke Jones  09:37

Yeah, I mean, it’s like we said, I mean, there just haven’t been that many times where the you know, reels and the Ravens one that they don’t play on the same day that often I mean, you only do that once a week right because of ravens play once a week. So and you only have that in September because frankly the Orioles haven’t played a whole lot of October baseball since 1996 When the Ravens arrived so I’ve seen you

Nestor Aparicio  09:59

in a lot of fun ballgames in September a lot. You and I have been together 15 years, I’ve only been thrown out for a year or two. We sat every September a games and it’s not like you were ever worried about the Orioles. Maybe it’s 12 or 14 or 16. But I don’t even remember who they played on those days. You know, I mean, as a kid with the Colts, I absolutely remember days where they both played. And you know, my dad would take me to a Colts game, we have the oral game on the transistor. I remember way more about that in my youth than I do at any point in the last 15 years because the Orioles have not been a relevant entity on Sundays in September

Luke Jones  10:34

ever. Right? Right. And again, you look at just the reality of it. Even even the years where the Orioles have been good, it’s one it’s still only one of 162 compared to one up now 17 rather than one out of 16 for football. So the stakes are different. I mean, it really is but in this case, that’s why I mean even last week, September 10 When the Orioles lost at Fenway the finale against the Red Sox in that three games set, we we didn’t give that specific game that much oxygen we we’ve given the Orioles, so much oxygen but yeah, this was a little bit different because of how this series had started out because you’re in a position now where there are two weeks to go 13 games to go at the end of this four game set. You know, it’s it’s a sprint now. So each one of these baseball games takes on more of a life that resembles a football game, because there just isn’t a whole lot left on the calendar. And when I said that everyone started doubting. It’s not because everyone, anyone starts with a big ball. The Orioles are there showing you who they are. No, it’s not that you go through some rough patches. But when it’s a rough patch in mid September, you only have so much time to make it up. That’s why it was so important for the Orioles to win the final two games of this series get themselves back to two games up. They won the season series tiebreaker keep in mind, there’s no game 163 anymore. With the expanded playoffs. It’s a tiebreaker. And with the Orioles having won the season series, they’ve got the tiebreaker in hand. So they’ve given themselves there’s a lot of work to be done still. And the Tampa Bay Rays are quite formidable. We saw that over the course of the weekend. They’re not going away. But you are in a position now where you have a little bit of cushion. Are you going on the road now Houston, and of course for name set with Cleveland after that, and then you come home for your last homestand. So it’s a sprint. And in the meantime, we’re gonna see Brandon high trying to feel out what the rotation is going to look like. I think we know Grayson Rodriguez is going to be in it was just


Nestor Aparicio  12:32

gonna say let’s give some oxygen to that. I mean of all the stories of stories over the weekend, the collapse on Thursday, certainly on Friday couldn’t hit the ball. Nobody was hitting the ball. I always think that’s temporary. When you have good hitters, you know that slumps fine out here that I feel like these guys are going to hit the ball including curse that who they brought up over the weekend. And that’s its own story. But the pitching in general the pitching in general and what Fuji went through on Sunday and casinos now the closer and Lopez got lit up to and the pitching has been it’s going to be the thing we’re going to question. And dare I say when they get eliminated because that sounds like crass. But most of the time everybody gets eliminated. But one, if they get eliminated when they get eliminated, we’ll blame the pitching. Right? It will it’ll be because the bats went cold. But the pitching is what we kind of want to blame.

Luke Jones  13:27

Well, I mean, I just think it’s so tough, because you’re just asking young guys to do so much. I mean, they already have I mean, Grayson Rodriguez has already thrown a career high number of innings, Kyle Bradish has already thrown a career high number of innings, Dean Kramer, who pitched well, on Sunday already thrown a career high. By the way, all of

Nestor Aparicio  13:43

this you knew in July, you knew July that if these guys stayed healthy, and they kept winning, and they had a two game lead in late September, and they clinched it like that, that you were the one of the most worried about this in June, you were the one saying check guys that Tyler wells remember him? What happened to him? Well, I

Luke Jones  14:01


mean, I wasn’t saying shut them down. I was just saying, you have to be aware of where they are. And Tyler Wells was a good example of this. I mean, he was arguably you know, right there with Brad as she was right there as their best pitcher, best starting pitcher in the first half of the season. But he wore down and he’s still kind of trying to figure out, you know, things that extra boy Norfolk as a reliever to see him back up here. And I asked Mike Elias at the start of the last homestand, where they were with Tyler wells, and he’s still expressed feelings of really wanting to see him back in this bullpen. But I mean, you’re not on scholarship. I mean, you have to be pitching. You have to be feeling good. The stuff has to be good. And it’s been a mixed bag for him at triple A Norfolk over the last few weeks, including having a tired arm that they shut him down for about a week. So I mean, that’s just part of it. And that wasn’t to be a doom and gloom or pessimistic or anything. It’s just it’s part of their narrative. It’s part of where they are as a club right now. Felix Batista. He threw a bullpen on Sunday believe do it or not, he still has a long way to go if there is some glimmer of hope of him pitching in October, but the door is not shot yet. If he does come back, though, is it going to be thrown 100 miles per hour? Is he going to be effective? Putting aside the element of the elbow starting to feel bad again and having to be shut down? And the big picture question of when and if he’s going to undergo Tommy John surgery. So I mean, yeah, there are questions about the pitching all over the place. That’s why it’s so disappointing to see Jack Flaherty fail. Quite frankly, Michael is fail, as it pertains to the trade deadline and adding some starting pitching help. But that said, despite those concerns, and just the reality of where they are, Kyle Bradish acquitted himself well, on Thursday night, not his best start, but still pitched seven innings. And Grayson Rodriguez looked every bit the part of the future ace on Saturday with eight shutout innings. I mean, he was he was brilliant. He was. It’s impressive to be in that spot as a rookie, especially remembering where he was in late May, for him to pitch and turn in his best start of the year. In that kind of situation where you’re talking about a team that had lost four in a row, the rays have just pulled into a tie for first place with them. It’s a really good race lineup, even with some of the injuries that they’ve had. I mean, they hit the ball, we know that for him to pitch the way that he did. I’m not saying it’s what the Astros have had in recent years, or, or what the Nationals had four years ago when they were in the postseason and had no Scherzer and Strasburg. But Kyle Bradish and Grayson Rodriguez right now I feel really good about those guys. And I’m, look how they pitch in October. You don’t know because you don’t know until anyone gets there for the first time. But they have been so big for the Oreos over Bradish the entire season. Grayson Rodriguez since being recalled after the all star break, they have been quite the one two punch and look, they’re gonna they’re gonna figure out the rest of the rotation of Kramer, John means is going to start again here this week looked okay, his first time pitching in the majors since April of 22. So they stopped me Oh, Kyle Gibson is gonna factor in there somehow. So these last two weeks one, they’ve got to keep winning, because they want to win the division. And you absolutely want to avoid that best the three wildcard series even if you are playing at Camden Yards, which they would but you know, best to three, you have bad, bad 24 hours, it can be over a period. I mean, that’s just how that format works. So you want to win the division, you want that first round by two. For some of the reasons I just stated to set up your pitching staff to see where Felix Batista is to see where the rest of your bullpen is. And to give yourself the best possible chance to win. But you got to win the division to do it. So these next two weeks are gonna be fascinating to see how Brandon Hyde massages the pitching situation for this team and kind of figure it figures out where they are rotation wise, figure out where they are bullpen wise, but also, you have to win games, you have to keep winning games over these next two weeks. So buckle up, it’s going to be a lot of fun. But that said, I thought it was completely appropriate and great for this club and for this fan base to celebrate the way they did on Sunday and very much enjoyed that watching that just like the rest of Baltimore,

Nestor Aparicio  18:28

you know, the nervousness because we’re going to talk more football and baseball here, at least in the near short term as they go to Houston because they’ve clenched the notion that we woke up Saturday after Friday and I was down at the ballpark Friday night watching the nothingness that happened. It was seven nothing, you know, curse that it’s the homerun they were getting no hit. And losing seven and often. So it was tough. And it was a you were there. I saw you I was five feet away from you. Man, it was quiet. People didn’t have a chance to cheer, then you wake up Saturday. And my feeling on Saturday was like, well, if they lose the division, I don’t love their chances of winning the World Series. I love four days off and not having to play and half the teams get thrown out. And then you get a serious series, your pitching is rested. Their pitching is not you go into it, you win a game or too early. You can wipe that series out then you get to the ALCS and you take your chances against whoever survives and it might be the race. I mean, they’re pretty good. So knowing all of that I thought I don’t like them so much on Saturday. I don’t like them as a not a division winner. I don’t like them as a wildcard. I wouldn’t like anybody’s chances in the tournament. Saturday and Rodriguez coming out there and laying down that kind of an effort. That kind of big time. I’m a one on the guy. I’ve been waiting right you and I were spending the offseason last year talking about well if they’re competitive and if they have a chance to win a wildcard and if they’re going to be playing In competitive baseball at the end of September, they’re going to need boop boop boop to happen, right? Like, all these things are going to have to happen. Rodriguez was at the top of it, right? Because Because he’s the top side guy that Bradish doesn’t have that kind of ceiling. None of these guys have that kind of ceiling. The ceiling we saw on Saturday night, and something that I say we haven’t seen that in him. I mean, every time Ben McDonald talks about him, he’s like, he had five quality starts out of the first time when he came up. He had five starts with less than two runs. Like he was okay, back in the spring, some of the time. Now he’s better than that. And he’s what was advertised. And this is a promise that on July 31, there was no, they dealt for Flaherty thinking Flaherty might be the game one guy, because he pitched in the World Series, he had that sort of pedigree, and now, he’s probably not gonna be on the roster, let alone be the guy. So finding that guy, while winning the division, and it looks like they’re gonna win the division without a hiccup this week, and these games in Houston won’t be easy, and, you know, still got teams playing for their lives as well. I’m enamored with the fact that they have a one two and three that they’re going to be able to make some steam two weeks from now that they’re going to have legitimate pitching out there that they’re not going with the Verlander situation, right. Like, they’re going to win some matchups. Rodriguez against whoever is there pitching if there’s a by and he set up the pitch, and there’ll be on their third guy or fourth guy, whoever would be whoever’s available depending on the cat fight they have in the three games they have that. I feel good about game one, Grayson Rodriguez, Camden Yards, alts. I, I’m I’m willing to put a nick I can’t even bet on it. So yeah, maybe I would be willing to bet on it.

Luke Jones  21:48

Well, yeah, I mean, he has a 2.59 era since being recalled. I mean, that’s 11 starts at 66 innings. That’s not an incident. That’s not a massive sample size. But that’s not an insignificant one, either. I mean, so he’s pitched that well, and, and look, let’s give Carl Bradish is flowers as well. I agree with you. Grayson Rodriguez has a higher ceiling. But Colorado to me this year, has proven he has a higher ceiling than initially thought he’s been that good all season for them. Really. Since returning in April. It was choppy as first three starts something like that forced through that great

Nestor Aparicio  22:20

game last year. Right? He threw he threw that one great game in the beginning, that you you flashed, hey, maybe you know, but hey, maybe and the consistency of actually being that kind of a pitcher over 30 starts is it’s a long bridge. And you’re You’re right. I’m not down on Bradish.


Luke Jones  22:39

I’m not saying you were right. As a game one starter. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  22:41

not intimidated by him. Yeah,

Luke Jones  22:44

I mean, and look, let’s let’s be let’s have enough self awareness here. I’m not sure other teams are going to be intimidated by Grayson Rodriguez just yet because, okay, other than knowing he’s been a top prospect around baseball the last couple years, this is still a small sample size. However, I agree with your point in terms of him going up against. Take your pick. And look, there are plenty of great starting pitchers that we’re gonna see in the postseason here and the Orioles offense, as good as it might be, despite this week’s Drought, they’re gonna have they’re gonna have their hands full. There’s no question about it. But your point is well taken. And I agree that you feel good about Grayson Rodriguez, potentially going toe to toe with name, name, name your guy. Same with Kyle Bradish. Dean Kramer, not quite as much. But again, Dean Kramer has pitched well, more often than not this year, and we’re gonna see what that fourth spot looks like. I mean, Kyle Gibson’s the vet, you know, he doesn’t have extensive postseason experience. But he has some, and to me, John means is the fascinating wildcard here. Now, he wasn’t overwhelming against St. Louis. But he didn’t look like a guy. He didn’t necessarily look like a guy who hadn’t pitched in the major leagues in 16 months, either. So let’s see how it looks this week. Let’s see how he looks in the next start after that, let’s see how this shakes out. To your point of clarity at this point. I mean, he’s he’s fighting just to be on the postseason roster at this point. I don’t know. He would have to pitch incredibly well over these last couple of weeks to be in the postseason. What would the role be? Well, yeah, exactly. Well, but I will say this, what the role was, they’re still trying to figure out the bullpen. You made mention. I mean, Jorge Lopez. That’s why it’s been curious to me, for Brandon Hyde to use him in some of the situations that he has, quite frankly, not even because you have all these guys in the bullpen that you trust because you don’t I mean, you have to know that you feel really good about you have Danny kulambu you feel really good about Fujinami recently has been more good than not, although they’re still that that Jekyll and Hyde flip a coin kind of feel when he enters a ballgame. But again, he’s pitched well, over the last month or so he’s been much better than he had been. But it’s not as though you have all these established guys in the pens. But for me, it’s just been strange to see. Hide use Lopez the way he asked because he’s not eligible for the postseason. Remember. So, yes, you need to win these games. And yes, you’re still trying to figure this out on a nightly basis just to get to where you want to be, which they had the postseason spot clinch. Now, they want to win the division. But they’re still searching. You know, I mentioned Tyler wells five minutes ago talking about this. So there

Nestor Aparicio  25:41


isn’t isn’t eligible. I mean, I know we’ve talked about this, but I just find that pick somebody else up off the end of the roster. And that seems like why he’s not he’s your property, why wouldn’t he be eligible? I mean, that that seems like a weird rule to me.

Luke Jones  25:56

Yeah. I mean, it’s been, it’s been a quirky part of how baseball roster rules have worked for at least as long as I can remember. So you know, I mean, there was a case Heston curse that gets called up and someone else goes on the 60 man roster, which allowed him to go on the 40 or sorry, 60 day I L. And then that allows him to go on the 40 man roster makes him eligible for the postseason if you want. So it is quirky, it is weird. The thing I’ll point out, and again, that’s why I’ve been trying to belabor the point, but Jorge Lopez had really struggled this year. It’s why he was available. That was my point. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So so so it has, it’s a little bit strange, but, I mean, that’s where that’s where they are right now. They’re trying to figure this out. In the, in the meantime, Felix Batista is throwing and threw a bullpen on Sunday, and it’s been throwing even on back to back days. So

Nestor Aparicio  26:51

that would be a miracle. You know, like, if he’s pitching in the ninth inning a game for a month from now, and getting guys out and blowing 101 mile an hour smoke. The my eyes have seen something.

Luke Jones  27:05

Yeah. I mean, let’s be clear. I am not trying to sell that as something that I still believe to be likely. But if you would ask me a week ago, I would have said 1%. But he’s now to the point where he’s throwing bullpens. And it seems so far, so good. So I don’t know. Maybe, maybe I’m at 5%. Now, I don’t know. I mean, it’s still he still has quite a ways to go here. I mean, keep in mind, he’s coming up on what, three and a half weeks since he last pitched. Even if he gets to a point where he’s throwing bullpens. And you say all right, it’s feeling good. His elbow feels good. His mechanics look good. So we’re not worried about him, you know, further injuring his arm. But then there’s the question of, okay, how hard is he throwing? How effective is he going to be? What’s his command going to look like? We’re talking about a power reliever here. Who hasn’t been on the bump for close to a month at this point in time. So there’s a lot to that. I want to be clear. And again, I don’t want Orioles fans to expect that or get their hopes up. And I think everyone’s being realistic about it. I think everyone’s got curiosity about it more than I think I got


Nestor Aparicio  28:08

as much chance of seeing him as I do. Don Stan house come out of the bullpen. Right. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s that I wouldn’t go that far

Luke Jones  28:15

because he has been throwing for a week and a half, two weeks now. I guess it is something like that. But he still has a long ways to go. And it’s still a case of how’s he going to feel? How’s it gonna look? How effective can he be so we still have a couple of weeks to monitor that situation. But in the meantime, Brandon Hyde very much still looking to see how this bullpen how the starting rotation is going to shake out for October but the good thing is they officially know now that they are going to be playing in October baseball and again, fun celebration on Sunday seeing that unfold.

Nestor Aparicio  28:51

No champagne in his hair. He was busy watching football, baseball doing his job and working hard. I was busy rockin with kicks and Child’s Play on Sunday night. What a weekend. We’re gonna get a ton of football in here. We have not forgotten about Lamar Jackson and this amazing win in Cincinnati or how stinky Joe burrow and the Bengals looked like that they were overrated Oh into. We’re going to continue on. I got my Coco shirt on because cocoas is our newest sponsor. We’re going to be with Marcela on Thursday from two until five. Looking forward to seeing everybody over in Lara Ville received is going to be coming by my man John Morgan, who wrote a book at the Baltimore Sun 30 years ago about the football team and the stadium and stadium very, very timely guest from Bloomberg News. He’s gonna be in town this week. We’re gonna have a crab cake with him on Thursday. So I’m looking forward to that. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We have the Ravens scratch offs, they were lucky the other day and fade these we did have a $3 winner at my table. I fade these on Friday you’ll hear our conversation with Coppin State President Dr. Anthony Jenkins as well as head coach Larry Stone. We had a really nice visit. Let Raskin join us down at that fade these on Friday, which began a beautiful weekend downtown for Oriole baseball. I participated in a couple of games I got my orange shirt I’m going to win the orange jersey. I don’t know. I’m going to try to break it back out this week but I may have to go find the white jersey which was no luck at all. I’m old to 30 years and won a damn thing. So I’m at least I’m trying to change things up here a little bit. So if you see me out and about I was at a conference this week as well. Had a delicious crab cake and steak brought that home throw it on the grill Saturday night while we watch some baseball so life has been planned around sports here again, it’d be planned around the Indianapolis Colts this week as the Colts come to town. All of our stuff will be out of Baltimore positive all week long. You can find Luke anywhere the internet sells you’ll be able to know he’s Mills waiting for the ravens and watching the Orioles out on the road as they continue to try to bring home the Al East crown two weeks to gain lead. Let’s see how it goes. My fingers are crossed. I’m Nestor he’s Luke we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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