Christian Horton of Hollywood Casino joins Nestor to pick Week 7 and talk NFL matchups

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Now 50-40-3 against the spread for the season, Nestor Aparicio and Christian Horton of Hollywood Casino in Perryville try to figure out teams like Philadelphia and San Francisco after tough losses and how Ravens will fare against stout Lions defense.


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Nestor Aparicio, Christian Horton

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W and st Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive it’s been a pretty good week Ravens won I mean last year the Orioles losing was so last week ago. We’re gonna get to Maryland crabcakes we’re back out of the row presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery I gave some ravens scratch offs way up at Hollywood casino in parallel on Sunday we had a nice party. Also our friends at window nation 866 90 nation you buy to you get to free 0% financing in October as well as our friends at Jiffy Lube multi care my little orange light went on that’s not the orange shirt that I have on from curio or the orange light in my car. It said any loyal so I gotta get over to Jiffy Lube. multicam sending my wife over to mirror Boulevard. Take care of that here this week as well. All right, my picks have been good. I’ve got Christian Orton here from Hollywood casino Perico, who was not there on Sunday because he’s on vacation, so I didn’t get a chance to sort of hang out with him. But I did get a chance to hang out with Jonathan and a whole bunch of 100 plus other ravens friends early in the morning breakfast french toast, had some sausage had some bacon had some eggs and all that stuff. But boy, my pig stunk. Last week, I was seven and eight. That’s thinking to me below 500 As John Harbaugh would say, that’s below the bar for me. Christian Ortiz feeling even worse because he had a worst week but, Christian I’ve done the seasonal math on this as we enter weeks. First of all, how was your vacation? Everything go We missed you up there on Sunday, man. Yeah, yeah,

Christian Horton  01:21

no, everything was good. My vacation was really good. I’ve been enjoying myself watching football games clean the house a little bit. But um, everything was good. I enjoyed the Ravens game on Sunday morning. And it was fun to watch on the ceiling. You missed

Nestor Aparicio  01:33

out on a Sunday, not only just the Ravens winning and I picked against them the whole deal, but you missed out on getting a scratch off and the Ravens lottery mere logarithm scratch off. So I think give those out. We have winners that people raising their hand scream and we had a competition going on wing eating. We did all of that stuff up there. But it did not help me with my picks. I guess I got off on the wrong foot by picking against the Ravens with the four points. You know, Tennessee kept a close right? I mean, you know, no doubt about it, backup quarterback, all of that. The Ravens at the goal line were messy. But my picture even messier. So I want to get off on the right foot here this week. Get Thursday go in the right way. But I don’t know who these teams are. What am I supposed to know when the league were? The Browns can beat the 40 Niners or the Eagles could lose. I mean to the Jets, right? I mean, that’s, that’s why this is hard to do.

Christian Horton  02:23

Yeah, no, no, it’s like like I said, it’s Any Given Sunday. That’s why they call the NFL that any team for one, you know that was shocking. When by the Browns I did not see that coming at all. So yeah, it’s interesting to see week by week.

Nestor Aparicio  02:36

So I am 5040 and three. So you know, I mean, I’m doing okay, I’m hanging in there. We’ve had the reason for the three we’ve had some weird by week some teams get to some teams for this week. We have the we have a six team by this week, so I only get 13 chances to embarrass myself here this week. Christian you ready? Pick these games? Yes, sir. All right, here we go. It’s Thursday night Jaguars at the saints. Saints are a point and a half favorite at home. Man the Jaguars already see the lottery were given away this trip. Their big grand prize is a trip to Jacksonville in December. I mean, I believe in that kid a quarterback. I really do. Maybe I believe in him too much.

Christian Horton  03:19

Yeah, no. It’s a tough one. I like the saints at home unfortunately. I do like Trevor Lawrence a lot too. He played well against the Colts you know, they brought him out. But I’m gonna take the saints at home with this one. I think they’re their defense is gonna call them a few problems.

Nestor Aparicio  03:33

This is this worries me because I’m taking Jacksonville on this one. Don’t ask me why? Maybe because I’m getting a point and a half on the road. I feel okay about that. But I’m taking Jack’s with you and I don’t disagree much. We usually pick two or three, maybe four games different. So we start right off the bat on Thursday night. One of us is going to be in the toilet on Friday morning. Probably like Arizona used to before it’s all of Western baseball. All right, Sunday, one o’clock. There are no London there’ll be some Frankfort games coming up in a couple of weeks as well. Indianapolis and Cleveland in Indy, this time, browns two and a half point favorites on the road. I mean, I don’t even know who their quarterback is. I know their defense played boy Schwartz. He’s got them all worked up. I’m taking Indianapolis at home this week. And give me two and a half points at home with the Colts. Yeah, no

Christian Horton  04:17

I’m right there with you. I like Andy at home. I think Mitch is gonna have a spell for that game. He had a few turnovers last week. Like you said I don’t know who the Browns quarterback is who they have for weapons necessarily. I think they kind of tough that one out and get SanFran so I’m gonna take Indiana home with the points

Nestor Aparicio  04:31

I’m gonna give you a nice chance nice and early here to pick against your patriots. Okay, playing the bills there at home. I mean it kind of stinks the Patriots I mean they like and I love rubbing this into you because you had all that fun before I got to know you all the parades all the January’s all the February’s all the Tom Brady but the rings and all that boy feels like a long time ago. Eight and a half points on the road for the bills. The bills don’t love blowing teams out i I don’t know, but I don’t like anything about New England right now. So I’m gonna go ahead and spread these eight and a half points. I think this thing I’m shocked this thing’s not 10 Yeah, no,

Christian Horton  05:09

I when I when I seen this spread, I thought it would be 12 or something of that sort. We like you said, we just think we’re not a good team and others are unchartered territory. You know, like I said, I’m 30 So I’ve never realized this. I’ve never had a bad season before. So I’m gonna stick with us. I think Bill’s going to get us together, you know, keep us competitive. So I’m gonna I’m gonna take the eight and a half when no one was

Nestor Aparicio  05:29

on 30 I’ve never had a bad season. I grew up here with the Patriots stunk with Patriot Pat going in the head going from Shawn Han and Santa BAM Cunningham, that I went up to Salomon stadium back in the 90s in a fog and, you know, I watched the Steelers get eliminated up. I like the patriots who never anything. And then all of a sudden, they draft that kid in the sixth round, and it changes everything right? Something about the 40 Niners with 30 right now, like how are they winning with a seventh round draft pick? Like, it boggles my mind. But I’m gonna take Buffalo and spread the points. Are you going

Christian Horton  06:00

to take the winglets? Yeah, no, I’m only going one on this one. Yes.

Nestor Aparicio  06:04

Are you ever going to pick against them? Is there anything? No,

Christian Horton  06:06

no, no, we’re just we’re just going to No, I can’t do it. Every time I think about it, I just

Nestor Aparicio  06:12

worst nightmare in a sports book, but as a manager, doing exactly what you have no business doing which is betting. Right?

Christian Horton  06:20

Exactly. No, you gotta go with the numbers, but I’m gonna stick with my heart on this one. But you wouldn’t put money on it? No, no, no, no. No, not. Not at this point. No, no, I’m okay with the Patriots

Nestor Aparicio  06:31

Christian organization. Short suffering Patriot fan. But suffer enough being honest. I mean, Boston sports fans haven’t suffered. Like these Philly fans get excited about the Phillies like I don’t really feel bad about because they have the flyers they had the 76 today you know the Eagles finally won and maybe they’ll win again and who knows but they’re having some fun up at Philadelphia I don’t really mind that at this point. Because the Boston people aren’t and then New York people are down and out which I love. All right, keeping going here a Vegas at Chicago. The Bears fans don’t even like the bears. The Raiders who might watch play for three hours on Sunday. I don’t think they’re very good but they’re they’re given up three points on the road in Chicago to be cold out whatever there’s nothing to recommend the bears for me I’ll spread the three points here I’ll take the Raiders

Christian Horton  07:17

ya know I’m right there with you on both teams are kind of there they’re both teams are bad you know death appeals got hurt this past Sunday. So he’s going to be out. Jimmy Garoppolo also hurt so they’re down to their backup QB so it’s kind of it’s a tough one but I’m gonna take the Raiders that are defense just better overall talent so I like the Raiders otter roasts

Nestor Aparicio  07:36

backup quarterback even the Ravens have had a field day you know get the foreign to with mainly backup quarterback this time of the year I mean if your starters not performing as in New England you have a problem right? Are the Giants or other places the Jets where they’re like we don’t have a quarterback right now and then if you have a quarterback and your quarterback you think you do and feels I don’t know if he’s won or not but then the backup comes in I mean you in Indianapolis your bet no Gardner makes you because like the back of veteran starter in some cases it’s weird

Christian Horton  08:07

no no you’re 100% right And though some backup are better than starters you know some starters are struggling you know so it’s it’s a it’s a weird league this year you know week the week it’s tough to have guys wouldn’t consistent weeks

Nestor Aparicio  08:20

no great teams either Washington at the Giants Washington to two point favorite on the road. I can’t stomach that and I’ve watched the Giants play and they stick there’s a lot of teams that stick I mean there’s 10 teams I can tell you right now they’re no good and I don’t know what’s gonna make them good more draft picks maybe you know better use of the resources in the capital in the offseason but the commanders in the Giants I can’t get down with either one of these but I’m gonna get take the Giants and give me two points at home in New York. I’ll take the division game.

Christian Horton  08:48

Yeah, no, this one shocked me when I’ve seen it on myself. It’s been two points. I think command is just a better team right now. Like you said Dale jobs. He’s also well, you know, they got Tyrod Taylor was starting for him. I liked him how you know, you figured it out. They kept it out in Atlanta. So I like Washington on roads.

Nestor Aparicio  09:04

I like route for Tyrod because I love tie rod. I know Tyrone so they’re chucking a duck in at the end of the game. I’m like come on. That’s my dude world champion. Tyrod Taylor. I also want to point that out Atlanta Falcons at that Tampa two and a half to make you laugh the Buccaneers at home cream SEC was look goods and play good. I still had the Falcons there’s nothing for me to like the Falcons here on the road. I’m gonna go ahead and take Tampa Bay and spread the two and a half points.

Christian Horton  09:34

Ya know, I’m right there with you. I like Tampa Bay at home for about five game Baker Mayfield, you know, didn’t play as well as he should have gets the lion. So yeah, I like the Tampa Bay.

Nestor Aparicio  09:45

I’ll be watching the lions and the Ravens at one o’clock. There’s a list of work like it was kind of a strange week because we get six teams off this week. So there’s some teams we’re not going to talk about Carolina, Cincinnati, Dallas and I went to the star last week but said last time we talked I or the star in Frisco, Houston the jets and Tennessee after the London trip the Ravens chose to play this week. We’ll get to that lions game in a minute. Christian Orton, here he is in Hollywood Casino. He’s a sports book manager. He picks the games with me not as well as I pick him lately, but I’m 5040 and three on the season. Do you want to say where you are in the season? Are you

Christian Horton  10:18

I am 4050 and three so it’s

Nestor Aparicio  10:22

okay, good enough at least we we’ve got to match. You’re going to try to pick up games by picking the Patriots we’ll meet this week but you have promotions going on up there in addition to a this weekend awaken playing on Friday night. The Olivia Reynolds band I know the drummer they’re playing on Saturday. They’re coming back to play in November as well. bleaches there in November 4 Beatlemania on the 10th of November for those of you who want to go listen to The Beatles music. Here’s a band I know surreal on the 22nd We’re getting up on Thanksgiving, the Unity reggae band, know them well on the 24th. That’s Thanksgiving week as well in Oracle and 25th. Lots of things going on up there, including a new chef new menu, great food, I had a delicious salad had a delicious he did a cheesesteak with with crab. And it sounds a little weird, but just go with it. The cheesesteak was delicious. And I had a nice cold refreshment there as well on Sunday morning while I watched the Ravens survive a game against the Titans. But what’s going on up there you got promotions going on all month long Hollywood Casino.

Christian Horton  11:18

Yeah, we do at the sports book. So it’s, it’s our losing streak promotion we have going on. So you come to the sports book, any losing wages that you have with the NFL, that has the NFL on it, you can play snare drum drum, we draw 10 guests and the 10 guests when 10 Play promo tips, whatever different words that we have at the time, so kind of gives guests a little incentive to bet with us. And also like if they if their ticket loses, they don’t have to throw it away. They can place it in their drawer and get some get some money.

Nestor Aparicio  11:49

Example I come up this Sunday like it came up last Sunday. foolish enough to bet 10 bucks on the Patriots, right? They lose cash my ticket. I’m crying like Bill with that look on the face. Like the whole deal that look of I bet on the Patriots don’t they win every week? So I lose and then I put it into the hopper and what can I mean? Credit?

Christian Horton  12:10

Yeah, pin play, slot slot play free slot play. So the different prizes that we have that we offer, and you get to pick what we’re working on.

Nestor Aparicio  12:18

Well, it’s good you give me a second chance to undo my doings but don’t do it. Okay, I’m 5043 on the season, Christian I gotta pick them up. This humbles you you can’t get cocky being a sports gambler, right? I mean, you’re a cocky sports gambler I think you’re lying to me because you gotta

Christian Horton  12:36

ya know you definitely get humbled week to week you know you know streaks happen you know you get in the hot spring in a cold streak. You know you kind of can’t find your niche or what you want but yeah, I think it takes a long time to become a good sports gambler.

Nestor Aparicio  12:48

I’m working on it right now working on these four o’clock games Arizona at Seattle Seattle eight points but they’ve watched Arizona play which on my bad teams we play in Arizona next week four o’clock game ravens go out i i watched them play and I hope the Ravens don’t lose their and I think it’s different going out to the desert playing there and all that they’re going on the road up to Seattle eight point underdog I mean Seattle didn’t look right last week. It’s a lot of wood I mean it’s a lot of wood I I almost want to take Arizona but I think they stink I’m gonna take Seattle but I don’t feel good about it. This is not not a game I would bet on

Christian Horton  13:27

Yeah, no I’m right there with you. This was a tough one for me because I didn’t I don’t know what Seattle teams are gonna show up. You know they think in Cincinnati they played okay but they’re they’re off the line and held up they took too many sacks and Arizona’s just like I said, just a bad team. You know, they’re they’re injury riddled. Also, you know, they have a bunch of backups in there and really not backups. They’re more free agent guys, you know, because they’re just kind of taken. So

Nestor Aparicio  13:48

I think they’re gonna be the number one pick, right? They’re playing for the one right?

Christian Horton  13:51

Yeah, they’re playing for them and the bears you know, they’re paying for one too, you know, so but I’m gonna take Seattle home like eight.

Nestor Aparicio  13:59

Yeah, took Seattle to say some of this. I should just fit get your pick first and then just pick with you just so I can run for me now that I’m 10 ahead. But I’m not playing it straight ahead. Christian Horton here he says sports book manager up in Hollywood. Go goes missing him go see the casino up there. It’s a great place up there. Free parking always friendly folks up there and great food, great TV. So it was a great place to sit. For all the people that were up here. We had a lot of listeners. I gave away about 50 books and it was just it was an awesome day up there. So I I just want to make sure everybody knows about that. It’s a good place to watch the Steelers lose anywhere is Steelers are three point Dogs Gone West Coast. It’ll become a home game for them because it always does. They’re playing out in LA. Hit the roof open the roof close. The damn thing had a roof on it. It’s in LA. My wife’s like, yeah, they got the roof for the smog. I’m like it’s 78 degrees. Why do they on the game? The rams are playing the Steelers. You know it’s sort of fun for me to pick against the Steelers and whatever but I’m not gonna do that this week. So you’re gonna give me three points with the Steelers against the Rams. I think the Steelers

Christian Horton  15:01

okay? No I’m with the Rams on this one like I say I’m I’m not big on East Coast teams are going on to the west coast. So I’m with the Rams on this one. I it’s gonna be a tough game. I like you said I wouldn’t bet on this game but I like the Rams to cover the three. All right,

Nestor Aparicio  15:16

so we got we got at least a difference in opinion. Does that mean you have to root for the Steelers or just? Yeah, it does. Well, thank you. Okay, all right. 2019 rams over Steelers. That’s what I’m calling it right now. If that comes out, you’re gonna say you should have bet that you could have made a lot of money on that. packers at Denver four o’clock am here with nothing to like the Broncos and the Packers trying to find their way in the Mile High and you know, Denver looking for real quarterback instead of what they’ve this investment that they’ve sunk in him. I mean, I’ll take the Packers I if I don’t feel good about taking bad teams on the road anywhere and I think the Packers were bad teams.

Christian Horton  15:59

Yeah, no, that’s that’s another game. I probably wouldn’t bet either. You know, it’s just too Too bad teams figuring out their way, but I’m gonna take them we’re going to my house stadium. I like them at home they go what the what the pucks one way I got New

Nestor Aparicio  16:11

Orleans New England the Rams in Denver for you. I’m watching you shorter. And the chiefs. Yeah, you think the Chargers are good. You think Herbert’s good then you watch him play for a couple hours the other night you love the jerseys. But I think they’re not there yet. And this is a road game for them to not get there that yet. The Chiefs don’t lose a game like this and it’s a six point game and the Chiefs don’t blow teams out and I’ll hear all that but it having watched that I want to like the Chargers more than I do before they go off to Frankfurt or London or wherever they’re really going to play. But I can’t get on board with this. I’m taking the Chiefs

Christian Horton  16:49

okay know what the charge on this one they have to have a bear there bounce back game and they always play the Chiefs top year to year so I’m gonna take the charges on this one possibly and the upset you know, the the Chiefs haven’t had that that upset loss besides weak ones so I think the charge is given to him this week. You bet

Nestor Aparicio  17:04

on that right now if you’d like them to to not only cover but when you get a nice play on that is six points on the road, right? I mean, yeah, what are you getting back on that? Well, it’s what you bet $1 $100 on that you said you’d like him to not just cover but to win that’s that’s a nice

Christian Horton  17:23

there plus 250 So yeah, if you put $100 on it you went $250 So yeah, that’s a good that’s a good bang for your buck.

Nestor Aparicio  17:31

If you feel that strongly about it, you know Yeah, you gotta feel that strong and which you know on the road six point dog you should get paid on that eight o’clock game on Sunday night. I’ll be watching that as well as some baseball maybe oh, these things might be over by Sunday. The way the early part of West dolphins at Eagles is pretty good game two and a half point. I mean, the Eagles it feels might be in a World Series by then right so it might be full focus. craziness, right lights Philadelphia Miami on the road it’s trying to throw the ball around the ad this offense. The Eagles fans are going to I like the eagles to bounce back and it’s it’s very hard for me to like the dolphins on the road. I I’m not big on to their pedigree. I’m surprised this number is a bigger two and a half of this thing about the three and a half or four maybe think differently about it because of the way the dolphins score at two and a half where we are right now. Give me the eagles on this one.

Christian Horton  18:22

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. This is a tough game. It’s gonna be a really good game. I originally told Miami but after your insight, I’m gonna flip my result to Philly. Miami doesn’t play good on the road against buffalo they got blown out when they did go up to Buffalo. So I’m going to take Philly on this one to have a bounce back game because they stunk up the the the game last week.

Nestor Aparicio  18:42

You know if my last name were fights that I had more, more like bro cream in my hair. And I had a 900 number that’s just my locker a week. It’s my locker a week. You know, I would I would do all of that the Eagles at home to spread the points. So if I were to do my lock, that’s what I would do. Is that good? Okay, you know, that’s great. Tell I was alive in the 90s USA Today and had the 900 numbers around there. Christian ordinates here they do it on the up and up up at Hollywood casino in a pair of really great bands. Great sports book there Go on up. You know, the positive vibes only up on the wall. I like all that Monday night 40 Niners go into Minnesota. I think Minnesota stinks. I think it might be a little late to think they’re gonna turn this around and sort of turn the swell and chase the lions who are coming here. We’ll get to that in a minute but six and a half points on the road in Minnesota. Cafferty you know, D but you’d like the whole thing the other night wasn’t good. You like the Niners because of the defense. It’s a lot of wood on the road. It’s a Monday night football game. This is the fast this is a game I’d stay away from I’m going to take the Niners on pedigree and I guess that tells me that I think the Vikings think and I’m more going in that direction that they might just think

Christian Horton  19:58

yeah, no, I’m I’m I’m gonna go with Minnesota on this one. Um, like you said, they’re kind of in this middle ground of figuring out who they are, if they’re going to turn it around or if they’re just going to completely, you know, throw in the towel, but I like Minnesota at home. But the point is right here, San Fran going through a lot of injuries where McCaffrey and debo, I don’t think they play necessarily. So I like Minnesota with the points.

Nestor Aparicio  20:19

All right. I’m gonna get to this again, I’m not making this a trend. I mean, but this does speak to my level of confidence in the ravens, right, coming back from London. short week. Really good team coming in here that I don’t think the lions are pretend good. I watched them play against the chiefs. I don’t I don’t think I think they’re really I mean, like where the Orioles were in May. We’re like, Are they good? Are they not good? What are they going to be? Either lions are going to win 11 or 12 games, right? I mean, certainly looks like they should win 11 or 12 games. I don’t know if this is one of them or not. I mean, this would tell me a lot for them to go on the road. Come out to Baltimore early in the morning. Maybe you get in a tired version of the ravens, the Ravens were in quicksand at the goal line. You know, all the problems that the Ravens have had with consistency and offense and health and all of that. And the line, there’s everything you recommend the lions, including getting three points. I’m gonna take the three points, I think close game field goal, whatever. Maybe the Ravens really need Tucker to hit a 49 yard. They needed to hit an all time record the last time they played the lions, right. So you know, as we go back into this, I’m going to take the lions with the points this week, because I just don’t know who the ravens are. And I feel like the lions are good. And I’ll be shocked if the Ravens win. I mean, I I think this will tell me, the Ravens have burned up here and said we’re better than you think we are. If they beat the lions this week. So give me the lions in a couple of points.

Christian Horton  21:46

You know, I’m right there with you. I like the lions with the points. Ravens they kind of were to me last week, they couldn’t score like said click kept kicking still goals. So the lions score a lot of points. You know, they’re they’re up and down pat face team, so I’m gonna take the lions also, I think they possibly upset the Ravens also.

Nestor Aparicio  22:04

Yeah, I think it’s one thing to go over to London instinct the way they did six years ago and just mail it in. Not many good. The Ravens didn’t stank once. I mean, they moved the ball up and down the field against the bad team. Then they got a backup quarterback and they’re running around trying to beat him. I mean, if Tannehill played all four quarters and stayed upright, I think he would have made a player too late. I mean, just he made it sort of pick to but like would have given them a chance. I mean, the ravens and everything that you do to let the titans in the game, and they didn’t play poorly. And you feel like you feel pretty good about the Ravens defense, I think in general, but but I am worried how they’re gonna match up against a starting quarterback, a one one, a guy who’s playing the Super Bowl. I mean, it’s just golf gets kicked around the waist. Africa kicked around before we went out there. I’m not ready to kick off around this week. I’m worried about golf as a Ravens fan.

Christian Horton  22:52

You know, that’s as you should be. Their offense is like I said it very explosive. The Ravens do. I think this is where the three comes into play. David Montgomery being out for a few weeks and they have Jamar getting Jameer Gibbs out so they kind of don’t have a running back right now. But I think the lions will figure it out. But their defense is also good too. You know, their their picks, the top picks have have come out great for him. You know, so the Ravens. Like I said, I think it’s gonna be a really good game, but I think they’re gonna have a tough times score.


Lines. Christian origin

Nestor Aparicio  23:20

is here. He’s up at Hollywood casino in Paris. Go visit him. See the bands. It’s food, watching football, watching college football on Saturday, watching baseball playoffs, you can bet that as well. Get the lowdown on the casino and tell people why they should come up there and visit with you. Or you’re right inside the door there. You can just grab a sandwich and make some bets right there with you.

Christian Horton  23:39

Yeah, no, we’re up 95 exit 93 As I said, it’s just a lively place a small place but very lively, welcoming, great staff. Great restaurant that we have there are table games sports book. You can it’s it’s a one stop shop and it says you don’t have to walk around and do a bunch of things. We have a bunch of promotions going on. We have live bands on the weekend. So we have a lot going on for our great property.

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

Well, I’ll tell you what, we had a good time up there and it was great seeing so many of my listeners and people that have been on road trips people that are my facebook page like all that up there all in one room. We got some winners in the mirror lottery as well. A big appreciation anybody came out we’re gonna do it again. We’re gonna do the crab cake tour. They have crab on the menu up there now so I’ll be stopped by from the crab cake tour as well. It’d be fun maybe that cheese the crab thing that they did upstairs chefs it was pretty good. I gotta take came a little Remy ally came you know came with a cane with


beer cheese and beer cheese to

Nestor Aparicio  24:38

go get the cheese even if you don’t want to get it today. But if you don’t want the crate, just get the cheese steak bad beer cheese. Thumbs up. Thumbs up. I’m not much for runny cheese but it was delicious. I kept dipping it into there and the more I dip in there, the more steel goes the Ravens kick. Christian orders here from Hollywood casino at Berryville. We do appreciate him. We’re going to crabcakes we’re back out on the road whole new was to date whether it’s Pappas Coco’s a State Fair. Gonna be back at Faith. He’s gonna be back at Costas. We’re doing it all month long November into December. The governor is going to join us down in Annapolis later on in the month as well. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery and a rabid scratch offs as well as when donation 866 90 nation and our newest friends at Jiffy Lube MultiCare my little orange light went on we got to get the oil change. I’ve sent him my wife over to Merritt Boulevard German Hill Road, going to send it out to drug city hit the liquor store to I am Nestor. We are wn st am 5070, Towson Baltimore. We’ll see if I can improve upon 5040 and three on the year in a Christian and I had to five differences this this week. So we’ll see how it turns out you can find it all at Baltimore

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