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Coming back from Patagonia and chilling with a crab cake after Chile

Local realtor Shannon Toback joins Nestor on the Maryland Crab Cake Tour at Captain Larry’s in Federal Hill to renew their radio friendship and to discuss travel, hospitality and hiking the rugged mountains of Patagonia.


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Nestor Aparicio

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Welcome back wn S T tasks Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively to the Maryland crabcake door. All of it brought to you by you know what I gave a non winning ticket to my former guests. I have a stack of tickets here I’ll be giving these away here today at capillaries tomorrow at fade these on Friday on draft weekend and then next week we’re going to be on Thursday in Middle River at MC falls all brought to you by the Maryland lottery second I can get my instant lottery scratch offs together and offensive and win donation 866 90 nation bringing it together. And you know, I’m a captain Larry’s I’m trying to get this thing together for weeks and months. And I thought who can I bring down to Federal Hill who is familiar with the city knows the city somebody really wanted to have on the show somebody that’s been doing some traveling and I’m literally I was sitting on the beach in one layer on Monday morning in Maui. And I’m like, Who am I going to? Who do I want to have on the show who and I’m thinking I need to have Shannon on the show and I thought to myself I’m gonna have Shannon toe back on the show to talk about her Patagonian adventures and backpacking and all this stuff. But then I realized like you’re a veteran on my show. Yeah, like you’ve been coming on my show for how many times did you drive food for the rusty scupper with Alyssa out to the studio only to be flirted with by me as he wasn’t even married. That’s how long ago this was. Yeah, turn of the century. When was that?



That was sometime in between the years of Oh, four and oh nine because that’s what I was there. Every

Nestor Aparicio  01:31

Friday. You brought me scallops and crab cakes and fish and all the producers would fight over the food, right? Yes,


for sure. Yeah, it was like it. But we had so much fun doing it. We had a blast. It was like get to know each other. Yeah, we get to know each other and look. So you know, I look forward to it all the time. And I think I told you I just had a listing on heart Road, which remind

Nestor Aparicio  01:49


your station Absolutely. I saw I drove by and I saw your name. And I said, I gotta get her on the show. Yeah. So I hit you on Monday from a mountain and you’re probably like, me, why me? And I’m like, because you know things and you go places and you do things. And I am more than that. I know you from this sort of neighborhood. I mean, I know you’re from Ross, the scalper, I know you’re from being override. Yeah, Baltimore Peninsula. I wouldn’t wanna get the name wrong. And all the port Covington or anything like that. But but your background is in hospitality in restaurants. And it seemed like a perfect opportunity to talk a little real estate as well as love of the city. Because as much as Chris is pimping the city, yeah. And I’m pimping the city of Baltimore positive. You put the city every day to


I do. I do. I love it. I live in the city. I work in the city. I I love the city. It’s like a part of me. And it’s been a part of me for a really long time. You know, I started. I grew up in Maryland. I grew up in Howard County, and I started working here shortly after college came into the city. As they say I did I did. And then you know, I worked here and I just realized I was like, you know, I’m spending all of my time in the city. So like I work here. And then on my days off, I come here and I see my friends here and I go out here. So eventually, of course I moved to the city. And then I bought house in the city. So I’ve done all of the things and I’m still here and I love it. And it’s it’s amazing. Well,

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part of this is being a realtor after being involved with people you had sort of the change of life thing. And my dear friend Gigi calls you I call her Papadopoulos was my guest over at a Costas and she’s doing some Zumba stuff and different things. But the real estate space for so many of my friends who did other things in life, I don’t know. I told Chris, when I’m done doing this, I guess I’ll be a tourism director because I like traveling. And I like doing the insert of you. Yeah, but the thing about people and real estate, what what, what was that connection when you left the restaurant industry?


Yeah. So I think that, you know, I didn’t intend to leave hospitality and the restaurant world, it was not something that I had necessarily planned. COVID threw a little wrench in, in my career. And my and I would say my plans not that I had too many, but I really did love. It did. I did and I loved what I did. And I didn’t have any intentions of leaving. But all of a sudden, like, you know, I’ll one day I was like, This is my career. And the next day I was like, oh, there’s a lot of question marks around this. So I was like, You know what, what better time though, to explore something that’s different than I’ve ever done. And so real estate felt natural for me. I have family that has worked in the business. My uncle is an appraiser. And so we might need your uncle. Yeah, you just let me know. You just let me know. But yeah, we have. He’s kind of been in my ear the whole time. And I and I had, you know, been in my involved in my own real estate transactions and kind of just like had this desire. I just was like, I can I do it. Can I do it? I want to do it. And I was like,


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a real estate class. I took a documentary college. Yeah, I have in 1987 88 That was a fallback for me. Sure. Before I had a radio careers when I was a journalist. I mean, that newspaper job was gonna be for life. Yeah. I believe that back in 1987 but For me, I went and took the classes and I learned about all I forgotten so much 35 years later, but about the law at the time, and I took the state test, I failed it. And then I took it again and passed yet to get to 70. I got like a 69 or something. And I went back and I got to 78 or 80, or whatever it was, but I, I literally went to the front door of getting I never a bit of this on the air. I don’t think I’ve ever told anybody this literally, I went to the front door of getting a license when I worked at the at the paper, I was covering the Skipjacks 1988 89. Yeah, I was 2021 years old. Okay. And I thought it’s an open door. It’s something that could be there. I haven’t thought about that in 30. I mean, if this whole thing all fell apart, I don’t know that I’d be a real threat. I think your job is really tough.


It’s incredibly hard. And I will be honest, that test that they make you take and the class and of course that they make, they

Nestor Aparicio  05:47

don’t really it’s like a driving test. Drive it is literally


like the like I have no I couldn’t tell you what I learned in that class. And nothing applies to like, actually being a realtor, like so what I have really like you learn along the way, you know, and you learn along the way, like how to generate business, how to grow your business, how to run your business, and at the end of the day, like, you know, I run my business different than another realtor might because it’s my business and I can do it however I want. And I can do it. How, like what works best for me, you know, and what’s

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amazing thing I sold my place last year like videos and the ability to sell a home is very, very, there’s there’s so many possibilities. Now, you should just be well, you put a sign out front. Yeah, right. You make a listing, right? It’s way more than that. It’s a


lot different. And it’s it’s also like navigating the different markets. I mean, I’m, I’m still what I consider a newbie in this industry, like I’ve got, it’ll be three years in August. And and you know, there’s a lot of agents out there who have years and you know, 2030 years in this business, and they’ve seen lots of different markets. Just in my two and a half, three years, I’ve seen different market five markets. Yeah, I mean, and it’s been an every time that something changes with the market, I have to like relearn, like how to work with my buyers in that market, how to work with my sellers in that market, how to ease their concerns, ease their hesitations and help them like guide them along whatever their journey is, and whatever it is that they need. And it’s ever changing.

Nestor Aparicio  07:19

one percentage point changes a lot for a lot of people. Economically it does,



it does. And you know, it’s hard, because if you, for example, have been a buyer that has been searching for a home for a year, well, a year ago, interest rates are at 3%. And then all of a sudden, if you haven’t found your property, and now you see Oh, interest rates are at 6%. Well, you have lost some buying power. And now we need to figure out how to how to work through that. Like do you have more money? Do you want to spend more money or do you not? And are you okay with your

Nestor Aparicio  07:52

losses? The monster now when I left? Yeah, and I have no regrets because we just didn’t want to own a share. We just did not want to make attend. We didn’t know. We want to live there for 10 years there. Because I’m old enough to know like, what feels good for five minutes? Yeah, new car smell goes away, right? And we didn’t have a permanent thing. So we weren’t able to take advantage of that. And now that I look at it 15 months later, if I were to come to you or Gigi or Greg’s panic any of my friends that do Realty, you know, we would be in a totally different economic circumstance for what we could have bought last year for what we could buy this year. And we’re qualified to share mortgage. So we just didn’t want to dive into Kingsville or into downtown or in the Towson or into anywhere from a buying perspective. And I’m 55 And that’s, that’s not frightening. It’s liberating for me. I just got rid of a place I was stuck in for five, six years longer than I want it to be. Yeah, at a very high ticket.


Yeah, well, and here’s the thing, and this is what I tell all of my clients, buyer sellers, whatever the right time to buy, is whenever the right time is for you to buy, and or the right time to sell is whenever the right time is for you to sell. Right. So like real estate, like people are always moving like it’s based on sometimes it’s based on financial decisions. But a lot of times it’s just based on life, like you’re moving, you’re ready to experience something new. You don’t want to live in the same neighborhood, you need a bigger yard, you need a smaller space, like there’s but if you’re learning

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to do all of that you better think that’s that’s Pleasantville for a good period of time. You don’t buy just to buy you


Well, no, but here’s the thing real estate investing is an another world and you know, I tell a lot of lot of my buyers and a lot of people like here’s the thing, you can buy the property and you you can think of it as like, I’m going to be committed to this property. I’m gonna live in this property for the next 10 years. Or you could think hey, I’m gonna live in this property for the next few years. And I don’t know what’s going to happen in my world or in my life, but I know that when I if I decide to move or if I decide to leave, that I can potentially rent it out or I could sell it at that time. I can take whatever equity I have. Either way, like it’s going to be a decision that is not met. It’s really a bad decision. Like even if you buy right now, right? Like, prices are high. Like, if you own that property for 20 years, whether or not you live in it or not, you’re, you’re still in the positive. I’ll give you an example. So I bought my first house when I was 24 years old. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  10:18

I was 18 when I bought my first house. Amazing. Amazing. I bought it for 48,004 28 King Street. I sold it for 46,020 years later. Okay, that’s not good. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. But it was paid off. Was it paid off? No. Well, mostly, I mean, this is a long time ago. Yeah. But my point was my more my percentage was eight and three quarters. Yeah, eight and three chord right. So compare that to like the 6%. Now, right, and my monthly payment was only like $420 a month or something I could afford


so so when I bought my first house, like I was determined to buy a house by the time I turned 25. That was just the goal. It didn’t matter. Well, at the now I’m going to age myself, but this was in 2005 not exactly the best time to buy a property but I didn’t care because I just needed to buy a house. And so I basically took a loan out and it was a five year interest only arm at like 8% Like something crazy interest only I didn’t even understand what that meant. Obviously, I get it now. But you know, so for five years, I just gave someone a whole lot of money to make money. Yeah, I gave the bank money and I didn’t pay anything down. So I refi it after my five years got into a better loan. Anyway, I still own that property. I have had a tenant in that property for coming up on nine years. They I’m cashflow positive, paid down the equity I get a tax benefit on it. So for me, even though it was a horrible loan, and I didn’t touch the principal payment on that house for five years, that house is a massive investment for me now. So I’m just saying that like just because like you, whatever interest rates are high or prices are higher like whatever it typically it can work out in your favor. Well like it’s been we’ve lived


Nestor Aparicio  12:00

through the hardest times other than war. We’ve had plague Yeah. Yeah. And people all the rise living like my eyes were stuck in a house for six months. Like I remember this like it was yesterday. It was three years ago, as we move further away from that people like you new career, right? Lots of things about life changed because of that, and anything that you had planned and 16 1718 Hey, thanks, change day my wife got cancer, right? We had plans and then then life happens. Yeah, I think that’s one of the things that made us feel a little bit skittish about, do we really want to live somewhere for 10 to come? Do we have the place that we want to be? We didn’t and therefore we didn’t buy and I feel like that was a good decision even though 3% was there. I you know,


at the end of the day, like it’s it has to be the right decision for you and your life and your surroundings. And if it’s not right then by all means rent, you know like by all means like you rent and if you decide tomorrow that you want to buy then you call me and then we find you house

Nestor Aparicio  12:57

backs here she’s a local realtor. I want my queen belt buckle my pacifical Queen because you’re the queen. She used to come to the station and hang out with me when she worked at rusty scupper on Fridays and brought us delicious food all it was brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. This is yours I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad one I don’t I don’t control the winners. I just hand the tickets also friends and when donation 8669 donation you buy to you get to free five years 0% financing at some point I’ll get to use my Raskin global crab mallet I’m gonna go Costa soon and bang on it and open beer here Mr. Mr. Costas, let me open my beer at the bar with that I want to join for real estate but I also want to join for like the Baltimore part of what you love about the city. Yeah, and because you’re even though you have a place in Towson, I know you still live and make the city your home. What do you love about Baltimore these days?



Well, geez, what do I love about Baltimore? Somebody says I want to

Nestor Aparicio  13:49

buy a house in the city. What do you say are the good things about the city sited about that?


I’m like I said I live in the city I’m over in right in between Canada and fells. And that’s right, but here’s the cool thing. I don’t do that much partying anymore but I have my moments but the water is great right like for me I’d like you know look I take my dogs out we go we walk along the water we go down can’t waterfront park, or we go to Patterson park we walk around the park like these are just like chill things. And there’s a lot of like, bark social is over in Canton and take the clearly I love my dogs, but a lot of times,

Nestor Aparicio  14:25

well my wife and I were gonna move last year she paddleboards Oh, yeah. So she’s paddleboard in front of the harbor.



Be more as up.

Nestor Aparicio  14:35

I know her well as well. Yeah. Making Babies Jessie. Yes. So the patible we saw the paddleboard thing in Hawaii. When my when it came time to move. We looked at a little rental place down a fort Smallwood road and one of the little tributaries down there was a little house Cute, cute little rental place. That was a block and a half away from where my wife could paddleboard. Yeah, right. So like that man. There’s things like that what your we moved into the city because I covered the Orioles before Angeles throw me out and oh six yeah so three the Orioles the harbor concerts pier six near the airport we had our reasons and things that we wanted to do. But the city offers so many of us mentioned one thing water and my dogs in a park great. But


we’re which are all things that I just randomly do like on any given day. But you’re right. I mean, like I’ve actually I’ve been before oriels games this year already. And we’re only a few weeks into the season, which I think is actually more games than I’ve probably been to in the last like three years. More people that have that experience. Yeah, no, I mean, and I’ve had such a blast going to all of those games like they’re all They’re winning. They’re they’re winning. They’re so fun to watch right now. I’m like, I want to go tonight, or can we go back to

Nestor Aparicio  15:47


bring her on? Queen right. I didn’t want to talk baseball. We’re sorry. I’m sorry. I’m gonna get a cute one yet or no, you get an old for that. Right.


Oh, you know, there’s still you know, they are a little young for me now. I mean, they’re cute, but they’re young. No, I wouldn’t say I think they’re all super fun. I will say this is not because I think that it’s attractive necessarily, but I really enjoy watching a yes or no. Okay, the pitcher they’re really catcher. He’s like, I guess they call him the rock nose. Yeah, hurt so.

Nestor Aparicio  16:19

But he’s a young guy myself. You know, I’m just,


I mean, look, I really enjoy them all. Like, they all have their different personalities. And I feel like it takes me back to like the old school O’s. Like when I make them every I mean, I couldn’t the last few years like I didn’t even know the lineup. But now I’m like, Oh, I know everyone and I know how they’re hitting. And I know how they’re playing. And it’s super fun again, but anyway, but it sounds


Nestor Aparicio  16:40

like you’re coming in from rusty scupper back in the old days. I’m forcing you to talk about the football game. No,


I mean, no. Well, there’s nothing to talk about there yet. But yeah, no more thoughts. I’m sure I’m sure. Aside from that, like the food and beverage scene in Baltimore. i This is where it’s different than 15 years ago, or however many years ago that was is like the food and beverage scene is is like a thing now in this city. Yeah. I mean, like, there are amazing restaurants in the city that that like you can really have a top notch experience. I mean, how many James Beard? You know, nominations. Did we get you know? Accubond I

Nestor Aparicio  17:17

was afraid to wreck ekiben before I get Steve Chawan. So yes. Oh, yeah.



So I mean, has he been on? Yeah, no, he’s avoided me up, Steve.

Nestor Aparicio  17:24

Tell him he’s talking me up James spear but he’s stalking me. So I’m at the Baltimore magazine. I had never met him and I’m such a fan. Yeah, I mean, I will tell you that I had I walked in here with a banana bread from Leo’s I still have the box. So here it is right here. Leo’s This is a free plug for a place a 10,000 miles away. leodis kitchen and pie shop and all the Walu the best coconut cream pie. I mean thing was like sex in a dish. It was insane. And but I’ve had such good food lately. Yeah, but the foodie part of googling a place and finding a place. And I found the place. It’s in a fish shop in Maui. And I even said, this is sort of like the ekiben of you know, that it’s its own thing. You can’t even sit in there and eat. Yeah, but it’s so good. And the broccoli tempura. When people come to town, I take them usually to me cheese because I love me cheese, and they’re my people. But I would tell anybody if you haven’t had the broccoli to pour at ekiben Yeah, it’s just go spend 12 bucks and go get it and put it in your mouth and eat it.


So and you have to do it right. Like you can’t learn away. You

Nestor Aparicio  18:29

didn’t car out of the box and you’re like walk outside of the door. You don’t take it


home. Yeah, you know, at all eat it right away.

Nestor Aparicio  18:35

But there are things like that, that I would say, Well, that was something that didn’t exist 15 years ago. Yeah. And I could I could send you to a dozen places with amazing crabcakes I’m here capillaries today. I’m about to have another one. Yeah, but but the experience of Mexican food or the experience of tacos or experiences just going up and down Eastern Avenue and Highland town and trying places. Yeah. When my wife and I lived in the city. That’s what we did. We’d be like, we’re on a taco hunt today. Yeah, and we’re gonna go to five places we’ve never walked in. Yeah, and just get one taco. Yeah. And see whether we like you know, our car bomb, ya know?


And like, now you can do that. And there’s so many like more places that are serving really delicious stuff. And there probably were back then too. It just I feel like it wasn’t as long when

Nestor Aparicio  19:19


I see an auffenberg Bakery pop up and I’ve had him on the program too. Right. And they’re making these Morning Glory muffins and these incredible pan atonia at the holidays yeah, these are the things I’ve been bringing on the crabcake tour that really were extension of you bringing in scallops Ross the sculptor me saying yeah, damn, these are good. Why does my mom making the taste is good. Yeah, right. Raisins in there. couscous.


Remember Ovenbird is great

Nestor Aparicio  19:42

love skinny, but I eat a lot. You know, I really do.


I did too. But I workout so it’s fine. Yeah, let’s


Nestor Aparicio  19:48

get to your muscle thing in a minute. But for the foodie part of this and where the scupper was and no disrespect to any of the Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s or Girl Yeah for a cap girl where I know you listeners there hi Alyssa Hi Nate let me some beer dude you know those kinds of places and the harbor and what that represented Cheesecake Factory and those things even when ESPN zone came into different places to me Baltimore is Captain Larry’s NLP steamers been and a meat cheese and and no offense to you know any of the Atlas guys and I’ve done their crab cakes and stuff and they’re a big little they’re a little big engine I guess is what they are. But the small places where you could say I know the owner I know Mars is going to be here I know who’s going to be behind the bar. Those are the kinds of things not touristy for the rusty scupper and again nothing against that none of what small places and family owned places that I am a small am radio station. I you know I want to shop here that’s what I want. And Baltimore offers so much of that


they do they do I mean my favorite restaurants are not big restaurants you know and

Nestor Aparicio  21:03

Soho cafe I want to give a shout out to and I saw him I had her on the show. But this is the best part of this is I can go get Steven ekiben and try to drag him onto the show or call Mar and see I want to come down each crap you can tell your story. Yeah, because every one of these people



they have a story story and that’s what I love about I mean my I’ll be honest, my two favorite restaurants are in are both in Fells Point. The team shoot Oyster House who by the way has a fabulous crab cake.

Nestor Aparicio  21:28

Everybody tells me the lobster roll there’s the jeans I’ve never had it


is definitely the jam but they make a really fantastic on first of all, I really

Nestor Aparicio  21:36

do a crab cakes who are side by trade teams, it’s team street Thames from London game


Street. They I’ve never actually had a bad thing there. But they do a great job. Their food is consistent. And they’re one of those places where like you know, sometimes you go to places and you get the same thing every time because you just know it’s going to be good. People do that a lot. I think with Oyster House they get the lobster roll because they’re like oh my god I’m at the the the always

Nestor Aparicio  22:02

that’s what I feel like I’d have to get when I went there.


Maybe I guess I go there maybe often enough that I like I get something different. Every time I go I have my favorites but I do get something different every time I go and they do have a really fabulous

Nestor Aparicio  22:15


card. I’ve never I’ve never eaten it. And the reason yeah, okay. You’ve never eaten. I can’t eat everywhere. I’m skinny. Oh my gosh, I have clients and sponsors and I go to my place. I mean, I feel like well, sometimes I actually the reason we moved out of the city people are like hey you you ruined for me your city. My wife and I had never had a grill. You live downtown for all of our marriage. We didn’t have a deck. We didn’t have any outdoor space after 19 years old we have Windows my cat had never seen a bird like literally my cat had never seen another moving creature there wasn’t a ladybug or a bee literally yeah so the grilling out part and eating our part I’m enjoying that yeah and taking some steaks wise markets and chopping them over so we eat at home a little bit but I come out and do these two or three times a week yeah I want to give me your second place yet another place because Peters in really yeah haven’t been there let’s go to spots that


you have these are my these are literally my two favorite restaurants in the city. There was that what am I getting Peters so Peters in you are definitely getting their garlic bread. Okay, they’re known for the garlic bread. So Karen and Bud own Peters in it’s fabulous not

Nestor Aparicio  23:29

a great date thing if you’re going out with Shanna the garlic bread not each slot


I mean unless you see other music garlic bread is like a big hunk of garlic bread so you can share it you can definitely share it aside from that their their menu changes weekly. It’s a handwritten menu they get all of their produce all of their meats and everything from like farmers market and local local purveyors. They put a lot of effort into like making sure the quality of their food was really top notch now the cool thing is is that you if you walk by Peters in or if you glance inside it, it like it’s an old biker bar. So it’s like super tiny. I mean, it’s like it’s like this I know like what it is super tiny. But it’s just it’s a it’s a really cool environment. Like I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s it’s just a really cool


Nestor Aparicio  24:18

I love hearing people’s favorite places. Yeah, yeah, I was just


I was just there on site. They were only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I was just there on Saturday had a fabulous meal. They do take reservations. I think you have to email them but ya know,

Nestor Aparicio  24:31

I will find that out. She’s taught me how to find you in the real estate space other than Adenhart row with the sign. Yeah,



exactly. Um, so the easiest way probably is Instagram. Instagram handle is tobac s to be a c k s. Or you can find me on Facebook,

Nestor Aparicio  24:48

or the gym, or the gym. You’re back in the gym. What’s up?


I’ve always been in the gym. I’ve never left the gym. Okay, yeah, I trained in Olympic weightlifting doesn’t mean I’m going to the Olympics. It is by definition that

Nestor Aparicio  24:59

it helps you carry the backpack through southern Argentina though



it did it well, Chile but yes, yes. Chile so I was on the chile side. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So yeah, we did a we did the AAU circuit in the Toria del piney National Park which is in Patagonia. It’s like, almost as far south as you can relate do.

Nestor Aparicio  25:20

Jason Seaman was on the Argentina saw. Okay. All right. Write up a couple of weeks before you


take a picture from there. Yeah. Oh, my God.

Nestor Aparicio  25:28


All of your experiences look the same. It look like the same place. It’s the same area.


It is the same area. Yeah. Argentina and Chile that gets all Patagonia.

Nestor Aparicio  25:35

Argentina. I’ve never been to Chile and my wife and I it’s a really big joke between us. It’s like the it’s a friction thing for us. We were in Buenos Aires in March of oh six we flew to Rio to see the Rolling Stones to kick off carnival. Amazing. We went from there to Sao Paulo to see you too. And they played the National Stadium in Sao Paulo 150,000 people. Yeah. And then we flew down to Buenos Aires to see the stones again. And in they played the river plot dates River Plate, as we would say, right. We’re in Buenos Aires and YouTube was playing in Chile in Santiago and Germany. And Bryan Adams we’re playing up in the wine country, Vina Damar Tamar is a beautiful, it’s their wine country. And


Sheila Yeah,


Nestor Aparicio  26:25

I’m at the airport with all my bags in Buenos Aires and I went up to the United counter, and this is my wife and I were newlyweds for three years in our marriage. I’m running the company, you know, all that stuff. And it was going to cost like maybe 678. And it was reasonable amount of money to change the flight to go over to Chile and spend four more days yeah. And then go home. We didn’t have a cat. We didn’t have anything. We didn’t have responsibilities. And she was little tuckered out. She’s like, now I’m ready to go home. I’m like, It’s Chile. Yeah, it’s just over there. I mean, we’re here we gotta go there. And we didn’t go So now anytime we eat a bowl of chili Oh, or Chili’s on the restaurant menu or Yes. Or, or I have you on the show. And I’ll go home and I say Hey, turns out no, it turns out Shannon didn’t go to Argentina. She went to Chile. I’ve never been there. So it’s really hard to go back to Chile. Yeah, well, I’m the earthquake happened. She said See, that’s why we don’t want to go there.


Well, it isn’t a it’s an amazingly beautiful place. I highly suggest it and the experience that I had was pretty amazing.

Nestor Aparicio  27:33

Oh bless you all. poquito poquito. Yeah, okay. Masada you know



what I should have? I’m gonna say this in English. I should have brushed up on it a little more than helped you and I did it definitely would have helped me. I don’t

Nestor Aparicio  27:45

know when I went to Brazil. I speak enough Spanish to be dangerous in a place like Argentina. Yeah, fluent by any stretch. Yeah. But I was raised gringo in a Spanish household. Okay. My gringo parents didn’t want me to speak Spanish because, you know, yeah, it was Archie Bunker’s Dundalk in 1977. Okay, so it is what it is. That’s why I’m not fluent. But I’m close enough to be able to get what I need when I need it. Yeah. And everybody told me you go to Brazil. They you know Portuguese Spanish they’re close. Yeah, they’re not close. There’s nobody in Brazil understood a word I said in Spanish and my Spanish doesn’t stink. It’s good enough to donde style banyo and they don’t know what you’re talking about. Then they then Portuguese and Spanish not not nearly as close. Yeah, but I want to help you. So you did a backpacking thing like I did in one of the most beautiful, rugged, remote parts of the world that’s available to do. It’s not like snowy or whatever. But you did seasons. You had some seasons that oh,


we had seasons. We had seasons throughout the same day. Right, man there was I’ve done

Nestor Aparicio  28:40

that in southern New Zealand. I’ve done the fjords and yeah, doubtful sound. Google the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve been there. And we had four seasons. We also had dolphins whales. Yes. All of that amazing.


So yeah, we had I mean, it was it was extreme weather extreme conditions. We were you know, camping out at night. It was 80 plus miles over essentially nine days of hiking which lifted all those weights Yes, yes, I actually was I mean I you know, I’m in decent shape but I was a little bit nervous just because like the hiking and the cardio and all of that is not something that I really do everyday but I got out there and I was totally fine. I was like, I mean you know, he did 80 miles

Nestor Aparicio  29:22

of hiking Yes. With a backpack with like a


20 pound pack Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  29:28


However how many days nine she did almost 810 miles a day ish it were but they’ll mountains.


undulating undulating was the word of the trip because our guide would just be like we’re undulating today just constantly, there was nothing that was flat so we were either literally climbing or we were coming down you know, whatever was steep, which you know, the down the decline is actually in my opinion harder than the incline

Nestor Aparicio  29:52

backpack on for sure. Yeah, yeah. Cuz it’s


just like all of like the force and everything. If it’s windy,


Nestor Aparicio  29:56

coming down, you’re


and it’s windy everywhere. So But it was it was amazing and and, you know, the experience that I had was, I try and explain it to people and there’s no way to even put it into words, but it was just my admirer

Nestor Aparicio  30:10

it anytime any of my friends do these that and I, it makes me want to bring them on the show and talk about Yeah, because like there aren’t many people to choose to do that.



Yeah, I mean to me like travel. There are, there’s travel for vacation, which is just like, I’m gonna go like, Yeah, it sounds like it. I’m gonna go lay on a beach, right and just show for like how many

Nestor Aparicio  30:31

coconut cream pie and banana bread every day. There absolutely


is a place for that. But in my world, like more of what I really enjoy is like travel for adventure. I like

Nestor Aparicio  30:41

sitting. Yeah, I don’t want mountains. I don’t want to die on a cold Hill and get eaten by wolves. That’s my wife’s into that. Yeah. So she’s going hiking in Asheville, North Carolina with her family. And you know, that’s her thing. Yeah. Like, nah. Yeah. Put me at the Holiday Inn and put me down. I’m good. Yeah, that’s okay.



Like, as long as you recognize what you need, like, that’s fine. You know, I recognize that I need I just need all of the adventure. I love the nature part of it. I love the difficult part of it. I love the physical part of it. But here’s the thing, like I booked all of that and I did I traveled by myself. I met a group of people that I didn’t know there to do the hike. We did the hike and then after I had very strategically booked two nights in Porto virus in Chile, which is basically in between Santiago and where we were on this little like lakeside town, and it’s summer they’re a fancy hotel. It was going into fall. Okay, so it was like, a cooler Yeah, August September ish. Yeah, so it was getting cooler anyway, but I booked two nights at this at this fancy hotel in this, you know, place parts of Iris and I just totally unwound and did nothing for two days. And I need that just as much as I need all of the Advent but you didn’t

Nestor Aparicio  31:54

do Buenos Aires you didn’t go to Rio you didn’t do anything. Santiago you just did the


I mean, I would argue that what I did was sexy. But no, I didn’t do any of that mainly because the trip already was two and a half weeks because I mean just getting their traveling to their traveling back. I spent two days where we were meeting up with a group in Punta Orion Yes. And then I spent like I said two days after sleeping they were normal you were just all tents right? It was majority it was tents are their towns there are no no no there’s no you’re literally in the wilderness. So there’s no we were in tents basically the first like I said it was nine it was 11 total days with the group nine days of hiking the first four days were tents and then we gradually got better and accommodations into what what is called review heels which are essentially like dorms like they were like bunk bed rooms. It’s kind of like they had small rooms with there was be like four six people in them in like bunk beds. Like what it’s not a tent. It’s a place to sleep. That Correct. That was like a building right? But the first the first for like the first night was actually first of all, we hit hiked in like nine miles of just rain. Like all of our rain gear got tested at the bottom. We knew what rain

Nestor Aparicio  33:12


sounds like hell, to me. This doesn’t sound like Argentina, Chile, Chile, I was going for this Juliana was going for was like some seafood and some wine and


but they have earthquakes. But we finished that day and we’re pouring and wet and cold and the tents were like, little and tiny and whatever. But then we went to eat and we’re in this like, I don’t know, we’ll call it a mess hall whatever. And, and they were selling they had beer and they had boxes of wine. El Gato was the name of the wine. And it was literally like this like box it was like you know the

Nestor Aparicio  33:47

fumed up after you gotta you gotta walk 10 miles with backpack? Yeah, but


like I mean with for it to have a couple glasses of wine with the meal that we were having like it was


Nestor Aparicio  33:56

a sativa more than you needed a glass of wine. I mean, come on, maybe


but the glass the glass of wine was helpful. And at that point in time we were you know, look, we were just going to sleep and then get up and do it all over again the next day. It was amazing. 10 days

Nestor Aparicio  34:09

in the jungle. Shannon throwbacks you want to want to bring these guests on? I met her at the rusty scupper. 20 years ago bringing me food out she is a realtor in not just house in downtown around everyone loves the city and loves the Orioles anything you will say Lamar I’ll give you the before I show you the gate here on the program anything you got on Lamar no



man I’m let’s just get the deal done. Can we just can we just be in Baltimore like

Nestor Aparicio  34:34

we’re we’re giving him what he did he wealthier wealthier either way. Yeah.


I mean, like let’s just go play football like dude, just just take guidance from people who know what they’re talking about. That’s mine wouldn’t

Nestor Aparicio  34:45

buy a house without a realtor. Why would you negotiate an NFL contract?



Exactly, exactly. I mean, like, would you go to like would you do your own like dental work? No, you go to a dentist. You go to a specialist for these things that amazing part

Nestor Aparicio  34:57

for him and I’ve said this out loud Many times and I’ll continue to say this he didn’t get representation because he didn’t want to get ripped off I’m not gonna hire Shana had been a realtor she might rip me off or realtor might rip me off great okay so I don’t hire one and then you get ripped off anyway because you didn’t have one right so because you don’t have a shot to caster have already they’re 25 million they have his money that he should have gotten last year had he had anyone negotiate that he would have that money in the bank It’s It’s It’s unfathomable but here we are and it’s created incredible havoc for the franchise in the offseason, even if it winds up happy ending and they wind up winning next year and they wind up trading for DeAndre and whatever they wind up doing


so a little tainted at this point. You know, like the whole

Nestor Aparicio  35:45


asking out makes it tougher for any of us to say to get on board. Yeah, you know, if you ask out ask our acquaintance up on Twitter asking out of the trade, right do your business spot but that’s part of having an agent to the face majors gonna do business behind closed doors not out because the thing about Baltimore


is that like, you know, we have loyal fans, you know, this, I know this and you know, our fans are they are going to support the guy that is loyal. And so even that’s, if that’s not the best player, they’re gonna support the non best player who’s loyal to the team and to the city and to like what we’re, you know, we’re pouring into you pour into us, you know, and it

Nestor Aparicio  36:22

same thing I asked you the ownership as well, by the way, that’s, that’s my eternal Sure. You know, yeah, screed on that. All right, well, listen, tell me how to find you again on your Instagram. Yeah, if you need a realtor Shannon’s great person, she can help you out. I have other friends that are Realtors I tried to bring them all on talk about the this the state of because it’s the biggest investment you’re gonna make it it was a terrible black hole for me over 20 years, sir, from an investment standpoint, but but also understanding that I gotta dust off right? I’m gonna try again at some point, just not right now. Yeah. I need someone like you. I need someone that knows what they’re doing.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so you can find me on Instagram tobac s to be a CK s or on Facebook. Shannon tobac. Yeah, that’s, that’s the best way to probably get me. But yeah, I’m around. I’m a I am a solo agent. I work by myself but have a massive team of people if I need it. And I work just about everywhere in Maryland. Of course my focus is kind of the city I grew up in Howard County. I do work the beaches and I’m licensed in Delaware as well. All right, well,


Nestor Aparicio  37:26

if you need to go to Patagonia, the sheep will give you that recommendation to talk me out of it. The cold wet day.


Okay, then don’t go. Yeah, if you’re not if that’s not your thing, then don’t go you can just go to Chile and and let your wife go

Nestor Aparicio  37:37

and eat chili. Yeah, go to phenol Domar and drink. The wine is delicious. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the window nation. You want to wear the funny hat. This is the funny floppy hat, Windows 8866 90 nation epi to get to free. I’ll let you hit the Rascon global beer gavel here as well. The Maryland lottery is put us out on the road we’re here at Captain Larry’s today we are in beautiful Federal Hill we’re on Fourth Avenue. I passed this place 100 times I’ve been in a couple times had some beer. My wife always loved the Narragansett sign because she’s from New New Hampshire in New England. So they clearly have a New England I always thought was like a Red Sox joint but it’s not it’s total Baltimore join crabcakes Chris pike as highly recommended crabcake here and he lives down the street. I’ve also had other friends of Victoria August, the purple orange fan girl who cannot be with us because she’s preparing her liver for a weekend in New Orleans. I’m sure we’re all familiar with that. So we’ll get her on at some point. Mountain water sends us out for all this. We’re capillaries. Today we’re going to be back at fadeless on Friday morning. And then next week out in the county and Middle River. We’re going to be at MC falls. The new MC falls down on the water in Middle River down paths pizza John’s back river neck road. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery we get scratch offs. John Martin did the show. We have a draft going on. We have a baseball season in progress. And I am back from Maui. Free plug for leodis st coconut custard pie. I am Nestor we are wn st am 5070 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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