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Coming off the top rope with Luke Jones and the Sting of ‘rassling history

In a month of professional wrestling nostalgia and an upcoming Wrestlemania with The Rock involved in a changing industry, our Luke Jones joins Nestor to wrestle with Sting history and his AEW and WWE lifetime fandom and the allure of the squared circle of sports entertainment.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home, we are W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore, na a 5070. We’re Baltimore You know, the folks out on YouTube telling me I should click here and subscribe here. So I’m going to be working on all of that this month, we have a whole bunch of things I’ve been doing sort of off the field. In addition to our incredible cup of Super Bowl week, our friends at the Maryland lottery, we’re gonna send me back out with the 10 times the cash tickets, I only have a handful of these left, we might have a new scratch off might be I don’t know it might be something spring related. By the time we get the crabcakes we’re back out on the road, pick appreciation, win donation, our friends, Jiffy Lube, multi care, as well as liberty, pure solutions. And I am wearing my my curio, a Baltimore Oh, with the orange biologically correct bird. We’ve seen new uniforms down in Sarasota, Luke and I are potentially plotting a little grapefruit tour here. But dude, as this thing gets going, and we begin a week here, I think back to I’ve been doing a whole bunch of like, media kits stuff, there’s gonna be a friend of mine approached me about doing a documentary about the history of what we’ve done for 25 years. So we go through pictures, and then we lose Chris Mortensen over the weekend, and just sort of the relevancy of sports and where we are in the underwear Olympics last week and the Terps playing like crap over the weekend. And this young lady out in the Midwest, doing Michael Jordan kind of stuff, or Larry Bird, sort of Magic Johnson kind of stuff for women’s basketball. You know, just a whole bunch going on. And then I, I get on with you. And if you and I were doing radio this week at 6am on Monday morning, and I’m like, Hey, how was your weekend? How was your niece has your sister what’s going on with your brother? Hey, How’s your mom doing? You’re like, Oh, I was kind of up all night watching rasslin. And I’m like, rasslin And you’re like, yes thing and I’m like, yeah, he’s playing with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra on Friday and Saturday, I’ll put the cable Center in Philadelphia. I hope he plays every breath you take.


Luke Jones  02:00

Not that sting. But oh, long time long time. All the fame pro wrestler into a 60s. Mind you that sting? You know the stinger with the blond hair and the face paint from the late 80s into the early 90s. And

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:15

I found pictures of him over the weekend that I took at the Baltimore Civic Center with Kevin Act back in, I don’t know 8788 89 like Sting was a guy that would show up at hammer Jacks after the matches. So Sting was in hammer jacks. There are plenty of people that would tell you that they saw staying in hammer Jack and not Gordon Sumner and Trudy and Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers, my good friend Andy Summers, not that thing. But that the wrestler sting became a thing in WCW. He wasn’t really a WWE character was a you’re on my losing my mind. He

Luke Jones  02:51

had a run in WWE about 10 years ago. And but he

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:55


was not born events. You know, he’s a rare star that was born, not a Vince.

Luke Jones  03:02

Absolutely. I mean, you think of the individuals that are on that list, just about all of them had a run in WWE, or in the case of Ric Flair, a couple different runs in WWE. A sting about 10 years ago surfaced in W WWE. It was I think anyone who was a sting fan, anyone who was a WCW fan hated that run. For one he jogged out to Triple H at WrestleMania. And also seemed like it was going to be the end of his career at

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:33

I believe it was spinal stenosis and look like you know, given his age given that he was taught he had concerns like just knowing I don’t stay up with wrestlers and I see Hulk Hogan running around and I see Ric Flair doing his thing at the end, you know, and I, dude, I went through pictures this week of everything, and I found my pictures of Hulk Hogan and Harley Race at the Keele Auditorium in ita three, I found all my old wrestling pictures from Georgia Championship Wrestling, because they’re in a stack, you know, and they’re kind of they kind of all come together. And like, I think of the health issues for those guys. And we sit here and talk about radio row. And, you know, we would see I found a picture Conrad Dobler the other day sitting on my set, you know, of all things in Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones and guys that had been gone a long time and I think about these wrestlers like, was he active in the ring Sunday night, or was it was he just sort of bumping around what was going on?

Luke Jones  04:27

Oh, he was very active. He let me give you the short I’ll give you the thumbnail of what Steve has been up to in Aw he showed up in AWS during the pandemic. At that point in time they were running their shows at a Daley’s place in Jacksonville basically, you know, the Jaguars headquarters for lack of a better term as you know, Shad Khan Khan, his son, Tony Khan, owns Aw,


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:50

used to sit three down for me in the press box every time we played the Jaguars. Yeah, nobody would just be like walking in front of me and hanging out in front of you. And you know, There’s more of as over, they’re figuring it all out with the wrestling thing, but you know, right,

Luke Jones  05:04

right, but what Steve showed up and I think at that point in time, the the assumption was going to be that sting. Again, he’s into his 60s was going to be a manager, you know, he ended up managing and kind of befriending Darby Allen, one of the younger wrestlers in Aw. And lo and behold, he wrestled now, let’s be very clear what we’re talking about here. tag matches, typically gimmick matches, street fights, things of that nature. They did a couple of theatrical type matches. But he, about a month and a half ago, after an undefeated run, as a tag team partner with Darby Allen, they won the Tag Team titles, and the young going up against the young bucks in aw revolution on Sunday night, one of their big pay per views. It was a tornado tag, so not really a tag more like a 202 versus two. Anything goes kind of match. Sting went through a couple tables, he went through a plate of glass at one point in time, our pane of glass at one point in time. And he and Darby Allen retained and it was you know, it’s been bells and whistles. And he’d be the first to tell you, it’s not him going 45 minutes with Ric Flair like he did in the late 80s, or going up against Hulk Hogan or Bret Hart in the late 90s. But it was crazy for someone who’s accomplished everything he’s accomplished, done everything he’s done over the course of a 40 year career. But someone who’s still very much loved the business. As I mentioned, someone who did not have a very gratifying WWE run in the eyes of most fans. And I think if he’s being honest, he’d say that himself, but boy over the last few years, you know, I’m a lifelong wrestling fan. And I think back to being a kid in the late 80s Sting was one of the very few non WWF guys that I knew as a six, seven year old, right? Getting back into wrestling when I was in high school, and that was the Monday night wars and the NWO in WCW and WWF Attitude. Sting was one of the biggest stars on the planet at that point in time, and I’m 1415 years old getting back into it. So to be 40 years old, and to still have one of those guys still performing, albeit

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:21

good grip can go out and get some ground it feels to some grounders. And it’s

Luke Jones  07:26


it’s just it’s it’s funny. You say that because I was just saying this to my brother of my childhood athletic heroes are long since retired and minor

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:38

dead dude. I’m Tony Gwynn. You know, I mean, so it’s great in in our business, Peter King retires last week Chris Mortensen dies is right, I got to thinking about John Clayton, you know, and like, I’m like, alright, you know, we’re, we’re at a point where things move on and sting gives way to whatever the next thing is, right? Kind of sorta,

Luke Jones  08:02

absolutely. But I was just, you know, I was even saying this to my brother before the match, you know, as we were kind of watching the Pay Per View card that, you know, I’m 40. And this is this is someone I remember when I was six or seven, and to have the opportunity to see him do something, he still loves something he still has an aptitude for. I’ll be it in a different way. And for him to do what he did the craziest thing about this Nestor. So like, like I just described, it was very much a hardcore wrestling match with tables and panes of glass and blood and things of that nature. They retained. I was a little surprised that he won, you know, they won, they retain the titles, I assume they’re going to vacate the titles because he’s retiring. This is legit. Like I said, he’s in his 60s, he can’t keep going on especially doing what he did Sunday night. But he did an inner interview after the match. And, again, this wasn’t a 45 minute, one on one with Ric Flair like he did in his prime. But this guy talked and he wasn’t out of breath. I mean, if nothing else, it’s like, wow, the cardiovascular health of this individual going through this into his 60s, and he’s able to talk to the crowd, and he’s not sucking wind. I mean, it was impressive. But, you know, to the point that you just made, as we all get older, and we all face our mortality, or we see it you know, in the case of talking about someone like Chris Mortensen, you made the reference to Cal Ripken, the taking ground balls if I’d like to see that now. After growing up him being one of my heroes, to be able to see sting, do what he did and to go out in the way that he did and for him to have this final run in Aw, that was so unexpected. I even posted on my Facebook page. It’s one of the more surprising delights that I’ve enjoyed as a wrestling fan for something that five years ago I would have laughed at the concept of sting having one more run, let alone it being so Fun and successful and exciting and gratifying for everyone and every one and that is

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:05

incredible as a wrestling fan, can I ask you that? What makes it because I was a wrestling fan and I, you know, I don’t laugh at it. I am being used by a 40 year old man who follows it the way you do, Kevin so one of my best friends in the whole world dedicated literally his life to it like after journalism and all the things he did, he will always he’s my age older than me. Always be a wrestling guy. And I see people involved in it. And I like I get Ric Flair, I get the social aspect of it. Like I don’t know what Vince is up to, like, it doesn’t come to me anymore, right? Other than you and I getting together in Wrestlemania. I know it’s coming up because it’s March it has to be coming up. And I know you want to do the Hall of Fame thing and like all that, and it’s a big weekend for wrestling fans. But what what makes it credible, what makes something sell and not sell? And honestly what makes aw still exist other than being a rich guy doing it? Because it felt like no one wanted to go after events. But I know Vince had all sorts of legal issues, his wife the whole deal. There’s going to be a next thing. I don’t know what it is. But it’s somebody else. Drawing this up. That isn’t Vince anymore. Because Vince really was the puppet master for the entire industry for 40 years. He literally he Oh, he controlled it all. No


Luke Jones  11:22

question about it. And I mean, Vince, that’s, that is a totally different segment for another day. I mean, if we want to talk about that, because I mean, he’s resigned from the TKO board which now own you know, they bought the same company that owns UFC bought, WWE, for lack of a better, more distinctive description, but he’s out of the picture, you know, Triple H, and it’s kind of running the creative for WWE. But to go back to your question with Aw, and with Sting. First of all, aw is not catching. WWE. WWE is Disney as it pertains to the brand for what pro wrestling Sports Entertainment has

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:58

been paying me, which is what I’m asking you to. And actualizing you I’ve literally, you want to go down this rabbit hole in March and talk about wrestling for half an hour. I’m totally down. I just need to learn because I could get marvez Maybe to come on, but he’s a spokesperson for the company. Sure. And I’ve thought of aw is not being minor league. And maybe it’s because some of the names are there. Because you follow because I see aw shirts and hats and I see stuff when I walk around more than WWE. And I’m wondering, is WWE a tired brand now? Or is it as strong as ever? Because it doesn’t come to me in that way. It’s it’s

Luke Jones  12:35

as strong as ever. And frankly, if I’m being totally honest about this mean, aw. Five years ago, was white hot. Four years ago was red hot was exciting. I think there was more of a question at that point in time. Can they put a dent in WWE at the very least? answer’s no, if I’m being honest. But but I’ll say this. It’s an alternative to the machine right now. You know, it’s kind of thinking about what

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:05


you said Disney. I mean, universal comes in, they have a lot of money. I go to Orlando and I haven’t think about going to universal like I just wouldn’t. And because there’s not enough bandwidth like I don’t watch the NHL anymore, right? Like you’ve known me my whole life. I’m 55 years old once Leone’s this kid got me on the phone and spoke to me like a cockroach. And I saw what happened with Barry. I haven’t watched a hockey game and seven years six. I’m not proud of that. It’s just sort of like I’m doing other things. I’m building a business. I’m talking to politicians about fixing the city. We got an election coming up this year. That’s very important. I got a business to run. It’s sort of like people pissing on the NBA All Star Game Two weeks ago, right? Like 204 to 180. And like you’re laughing about it off camera like, like, I I’m trying to figure it out what this is people watching f1 and cars going in circles. And I’m like, that’s some boring issue right there. Like that’s something I’m 55 I apparently have time to get Netflix on I want to watch this. We are the world movie with my wife. We’ve been talking about it for three weeks. I haven’t done it because like, we don’t have enough bandwidth to do everything but you love wrestling. People love wrestling. And it’s much like being a baseball fan. Even when your team stinks in his last place for 14 years, which we’ve experienced here. You stay into the soap opera, somehow you you know you’re you’re into something else. But wrestling you don’t have a home team or a bay. But it also doesn’t have an off season. It doesn’t take the summer off. It doesn’t have a draft season. It doesn’t. There’s no break in it. And it felt so mafia esque to me, right having worked in it, and I have pictures of me and Lawler and all that. It felt like Vince did some really really dirty stuff for a lifetime. And in so many ways going back to the Aryan and drugs that I just you know, I didn’t find it compelling or interesting any moment guys. We’re going on Foot cages and because I saw Jimmy Snuka do it. You know what I mean? So for you, you love it. You’re in your brother love it. I just I wonder what the next thing is because after we hit everybody over the head with a chair or a baseball bat at this point,

Luke Jones  15:12

well, a lot of what you just described, I mean, it is like following a team from the standpoint of it has its peaks and valleys. It has its times where it’s really great. I mean, think of just look at WWF slash WWE. You had the mid 80s Rock and wrestling, right MTV, Cyndi Lauper all that the

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:29

wrestling eras whether it’s x Hollywood this that forward, like and they’re all that’s, that’s like saying Luke and Laura on General Hospital or you know, I mean, literally, friends episodes,

Luke Jones  15:40

yeah, but you go through those periods of time where everyone’s watching it Attitude Era in the late 90s, Monday night wars WCW versus WWF. And then you have other times where it’s a little more of a law, it’s a little more of a valley. It’s a time where it’s not as cool to watch it. And then you’ve have nerds like me are the only ones who are watching it at that point in time. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:59

if the Orioles when they lose 15 games, exactly.

Luke Jones  16:02

I mean, really, it is so you know, at this point in time, like aw is not WWE, it’s not anything close to that and doesn’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:11

know that I saw this thing up and kind of like, but that doesn’t

Luke Jones  16:16


mean it won’t survive. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t survived. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for it. But everything you just laid out as you just talked about hockey or f1, whatever it is, everything other than the NFL when you’re talking about sports and the sports entertainment realm is its niche. You know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:32

plenty of people watching the Cavs win the Stanley Cup out are not watching them right now. Right. But a handful of people still go down to games and they show up my time and I’m like, Oh, the caps they still play look at Ovechkin his hair says Silver’s John Angelos was next to David Rubenstein the

Luke Jones  16:47

other day. Yeah, so but you have that and you’re gonna have certain things that are going to spark interest at certain points in time. And then other times, it’s more of an afterthought, but to bring it back to what you said because your original question, you know, what makes it credible? What made Sting’s run in Aw so fun? Yeah, the nostalgia was a huge part of it, right? I mean, anyone who remember sting from the late 80s, on through the, you know, even the early 2000s, when he moved on to TNA and was part of that brand with when it was at its, you know, kind of in its infancy and kind of ascending and trying to become what WCW had been to WWE. Not getting to that point, but being close for at least a minute, let’s say. So, you had all these eras of wrestling that Sting was involved in and for him to come in, at the end being in his early 60s. And doing this end, if you knew nothing about him with the face paint and the persona. And yeah, they protected him but don’t misconstrue when I say they protected him that meant he wasn’t going one on one in 30 minute matches. This is a guy that was jumping off of balconies and going through tables and doing crazy stuff where I don’t think

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:01

his thing ever been in the on the ground. Right? When I think of a picture of sting, he’s in the well, I mean, he wasn’t really


Luke Jones  18:08

a high flyer but he would do that. You know he do the the Spirit the stinger splash into the corner and things of that

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:15

his arms always up in the air show in his biceps in his face painting is,

Luke Jones  18:19

but I think, but we’re so crazy about this. Ron, if you didn’t know too much about wrestling, or if you liked wrestling, but you knew nothing about its history. And this guy showed up. You would you would say okay, he’s on. He’s on the older side. Sure. But you never would have guessed he was six. What is he 63 years old, whatever, whatever he is. I’ll look up his exact age here in a moment. But you never would have guessed that you would have said okay, this guy is on the older side. But he can still go and it’s still believable. And it’s fun. And you can tell he’s having a lot of fun with this. And you can tell when you do get into his background and everyone being familiar with him that you can tell that the other the other wrestlers enjoyed working with her,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:59


by the way. Yeah. And it’s his birthday was Sunday apparent. Yeah. I mean, he’s, you know, two weeks from now.

Luke Jones  19:05

He’s coming up here soon, but that’s what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about someone in his 40s. But if you didn’t know

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:11

it, Borden, I’ve never known his name. cbord. Okay, thank you.

Luke Jones  19:15

And just you know, just to put a bow on it because I don’t want to belabor the point too much for those that aren’t big into wrestling. But his his final match on Sunday night. He had his two adult sons involved his his entrance. His one son came out as the colorful face paint. Blonde crew caught sting from the late 80s. His other son came out as the NWO Wolfpack sting with the red face paint. And so basically it’s like oh, it previous versions of sting, and then the


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:51

kiss his Taylor Swift heiress tour. Yeah, basically, basically. So

Luke Jones  19:56

you know, he had them involved. His sons were actually involved I’m in the early stages of the match was a no DQ tornado tag, like I said, and it was just, it was fun. It was brutal. And there were a couple of moments I cringe. I’m like, Please don’t kill this guy and his last match. But he had so much fun with this run. It’s been one of the best things going in. Aw, and I have some WWE fans and non Aw, fans will mark that comment, look, aw hasn’t been perfect with from a creative standpoint or a popularity standpoint by any stretch. But the sting thing has been awesome. And it’s been fun to watch them. And, you know, dynamite which is their flagship, it’s their Monday night rods or Wednesday night show dynamite on TBS. He actually came down from the rafters in the way that he did back in the 90s. Complete with aw getting approval from Martha Hart, the late the late Owen Hart’s wife, she actually has a relationship with the company, they do a tournament. So they weren’t doing this to to be in bad taste. It was something sting did back in the day in WCW. And he came down from the rafters last Wednesday night and his last TV appearance. So just fun. It was nostalgia. I get it. Some people will say it’s ridiculous. Why is the 64 year old man doing all this stuff he wanted to and it was still really entertaining. And guys like me and even younger wrestling fans got a chance to see what Sting was all about. And it was a lot of fun. It was a long night. The match got over it was probably shortly before midnight, you know. So it was a long night of watching wrestling, but it was a good show and cool to see sting go out the way that he did. And like I said, on the heels of what was a an underwhelming run in WWE 10 years ago. was cool to see him have this final run in Aw, no question. We

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:46

don’t do enough wrestling around here. Especially because we do want to hear in March usually Dennis and I’ll do something like about Bob Backlund and Ken Patera or somebody will die. We lost Billy Graham last year. I mean, you know, crazy stuff goes on right? And because you click on our Facebook and our Twitter, a lot of wrestling crap comes my way. And when I say the word wrestling out loud to my phone and Siri hears me. It’s like the dark side of the ring shows up all the time on my timelines and dusty roads. I never hear the sound or Ric Flair where they have those little eight second little mini clips that the kids all apparently like, no context dusty pops up for me. And you know, I tried to tell my wife about the power of dusty roads in my life, but she doesn’t understand if I ever told you that once when I was a boy they had a thing called channel 13. As before, I tried out to be a sports guy they were John beuran. But they had a write in it was sort of like make a wish but you didn’t have to be a sick kid. It was like a Make A Wish thing for regular people that you you know you wrote the channel 13 to the sports guy. And it was before Pyrenean though I wasn’t Nick Charles and might have been Randy Blair, the late great Randy Blair, but there was a promotion that they did. This little master when he’s 12 years old. 11 years old. You put on the note card, you sent it to channel 13 You want to meet a star it was like it was like meet your hero kind of thing for kids. And I wanted to meet Dusty Rhodes I never heard back from them. But I but I never met Dusty Rhodes and so for that, but I feel like I know dusty. You know what I mean? To your point with like wrestling? It’s a lifetime ago Dusty Rhodes probably dead 15 years, right? Like, like while like, it never leaves you and Ric Flair comes up and Hulk Hogan comes up although I never was a Hulk Hogan guy. And anytime anything happens with a wrestler passes in the way when we lose an athlete or we lose an actor, it sort of pops up in my world. So I’ve never far from it. But I don’t ever think I want to put it on. And like once a year my wife will skip through it. We’ll leave it on for a minimum we’ll chuckle a little bit. Yeah. Like, how does Luke watch this? But no, no offense? No offense, I’d say that about a lot of things. But but a lot of people love it still to this day. And I know you’re one of them. And I love to give you oxygen when it’s slow out because you are an expert about what is going on with WWE. I mean you just like sort of short shrift, but you still watch it right? Yeah, yeah.

Luke Jones  24:19


And it’s funny you mentioned Dusty Rhodes because Cody Rhodes his son, you know, the natural Dustin Rhodes is still active. He’s he wrestles in AWS gold dust now. Yeah, that was gold dust. Correct. And Cody Rhodes, who had had a run in WWE got up to the to being an IC champion Intercontinental Champion. But third kind of been a thought that that’s all he was going to be right and dusty passed away. I think it was 2015. So we’re coming up close to 10 years. Yeah, so but Cody was the one who left did the Japan thing did Ring of Honor. He was actually one of the founders of aw and then return into WWE two years ago. He’s the face. He’s the top babyface in the company now and he’s going to wrestle Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. And, by the way, as we’re talking about wanting to get back into rock is back right now actually to bloodline with Roman Reigns, you know, part of the, you know, the Samoan family dynasty, the rock is actually back and he and Roman Reigns are going to wrestle Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, in a tag team match night one night to is Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns, who has been Oh no. WrestleMania is two nights now. Yeah, yeah, that that was something that that started with the pandemic, they they kind of went to two nights. It was

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:40

tough to pay for both nights or is it a package deal

Luke Jones  25:43

as well, the way it worked. I mean, obviously if you’re going you pay night one night to WWE Network is on peacock now you know, the streaming network that had the playoff game, you know that the NFL playoff game, but if you subscribe to it, you get you get all the pay per views, you know, that’s part of the streaming service. So So basically, it’s a

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:08

you don’t have to pay for Wrestlemania anymore. It’s like getting the Super Bowl if you bye for now,

Luke Jones  26:13

for now. Now I know that WWE Ra is going to Netflix next fall, or next year, I guess it is. And there’s a lot of talk as far as what that’s going to mean in terms of their pay per views, things of that nature. But, but as it stands right now, if you subscribe to Peacock, you can watch WrestleMania and peacock. So that’s part of it, but WWE after, for, in my opinion, a very underwhelming period of time, which is kind of where the opening came for AW to come into existence. WWE is it’s gotten his fastball back, there’s no doubt about that. You know, and they’re, they’re still king, they still win the ratings. Big time, you know, aw is closer to the rest as it pertains to other wrestling companies in WWE as Disney as I, as I described it, but But yeah, I mean, Cody Rhodes, as someone who left made himself into a star, being elsewhere, and then the prodigal son returning a couple years ago, and I assume he’s going to win the title at WrestleMania you’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:18

talking about wrestling? The first thing I think is well, will Vince only let him go? So what like, it only goes as far as Vince will let it go and people will you know, that was kind of the thought. Yeah, well, now

Luke Jones  27:28

it’s the way it’s been my whole life literally. Yeah. And now he’s he’s no longer in the picture. And a lot of that’s because of stuff happening away from the ring. You know, and he was

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:37


done. Let’s get him on. I gotta get some locals on. We got we got some locals random,

Luke Jones  27:41

but it’s you know, it’s exciting from the standpoint of where wrestling is where WWE is, you know, aw,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:47

selenia Is it is it? It’s not, is it? Easter weekend, and it’s opening? It’s the following weekend. Follow April like six seven? Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. Where is it this year? Philly. Are you going?

Luke Jones  28:01

I probably not. But well,


Nestor J. Aparicio  28:05

listen, one I was just considered a legitimate media member analysis. You know,

Luke Jones  28:11

I know. But I’ll probably I like watching it at home. I’ll be honest. And you know, it’s one thing to sit what you’re saying

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:19

to me is you’ve been to Philly. My brother in law. But no, it’ll be good. Even Tommy karma would laugh at that. Yeah, that was yeah, that was good. But

Luke Jones  28:32


it’s fun. Wrestling is fun. I still love it at age 40. I know. Other people aren’t gonna get it just like any other TV show. Yeah, what do you like 30

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:41

minutes. wrestling today appreciate and like, No, I just I feel like I learned something Triple H is running it. The rock is back so I get my rock pictures back out now. Being the Rock School.

Luke Jones  28:54

He cut he caught up. He was in the ring with the bloodline Roman Reigns on SmackDown Friday night. I kid you not they there was like a promo like a interviewed. Segment lasted 40 minutes, but it was good. It was him and Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, who’s still around as a manager. But yeah, it’s the build for Wrestlemania we’re about a month out so the road to WrestleMania is certainly heating up now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:22

Well listen to rock gave me two people’s eyebrow wants and he called me at your brony right here. Yeah, airwaves, live radio. He did. And there’s nothing I could do about so here’s Luke Jones. He’s Baltimore Luke. He’s a true wrestling fan as opposed to me who wrestles around with the history of wrestling amongst other things. Hey, you know I will do more wrestling gear. If there’s a calling for it. If people say I need I need a Luke wrestling reportedly, hey, I did this with Kevin Eck. For years. We’re you know, like, come in bring Axelrod and we’ll sit here and we’ll catch everybody up on what’s stings doing this week and how Harley Race is feeling amongst other things. I I will put up my pictures. I’ve gone through all this and Rick Emmett from trial on two weeks ago, and I haven’t even put up like all the memorabilia and old school stuff that I have. It’s gonna be a hell of a month around here, because it’s kind of quiet. And then it’s not going to be. We have NFL free agency. We got opening day coming this month, Easter’s in March, I didn’t realize that till like it got into March. My dad’s birthday is Tuesday of this week would have been like dad’s 100 And fifth birthday and to honor him. And to honor the fact that David Rubenstein was hanging out down in Sarasota. It looks like he’s actually going to own the team. Sometime soon. We hope I’m going to be re tapping, replaying and regurgitating a 90 chapter book I wrote on my father’s love of baseball, my love of baseball and why this whole thing happened. I wrote it 18 years ago, so I’m kind of going through it. Some of it. I’m kinda like mildly editing and I’m updating some pictures and I’m putting in some relevant videos the storyteller a little bit. So if you do see that out of Baltimore positive, the book on how my pops sort of love baseball, I don’t have a name for it. I’m sort of working on some sort of weird title, but it’s 18 years old, and some of it’s a little dated, but it’s okay because it sort of lets me know how much I love baseball as I wear my Baltimore orange curio shirt. American lottery is gonna send a homerun riches our way it apparently they have a Grand Slam idea John’s feeding it to me, but I’ll get it, get it go and 10 times the cash will be given these out our friends at winter nation 866 90 nation, Jiffy Lube, MultiCare Liberty pure solutions putting us out on the road. A crab gate tours are common. I set up one Coco’s and got one it cost us but I’m gonna go to some new places in April and May in June. We’re gonna be a faith lease every Friday when the Orioles are home live from 2005. It’ll all be brought to you by the Maryland lottery. So we’re doing lots and lots of stuff. There’s a little documentary film coming out about 25 years of wn St. Our stories of glory. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that I’ve left out, I think that’s it. We’re going to talk some baseball. We’re going to talk some football. It’s March. I’m Nestor. He’s Luke. Stay with us.

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