Crab Cakes and turkey picks for Thanksgiving weekend

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Christian Horton of Hollywood Casino Perryville shares a Pappas crab cake and the heavily slumping Nestor Aparicio makes his NFL Week 12 turkey picks. Now 83-79-4 on the season, these 5-9 weeks are adding up to lousy selections as he tries a holiday rally.


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Christian Horton, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back. WNSG Tas Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are wrapping things up here but just getting started, I should say with our friends here at Papist in Parkville Christian origins here from the Hollywood casino folks up in the beautiful parish and we’re gonna be there next Friday. We’re here at Pappas. We had Steve on Genie on John Eisenberg came by we promoted rock and then we talked a lot about the Maryland stadium authority and about this Oriole deal and public land. We’re gonna be talking more about that with Tom Kelso up at Hollywood casino so I’m brought to you by the mayor of Atlanta. We’ve got some winners here. I have a handful of ravens tickets left. Ross is gonna freshen me up I might have to send the tickets by the time I get up the Hollywood casino, the peppermint and the gingerbread make my car smell like a like a bakery. So I’m going to be digging that also our friends in winter nation 866 90 nation I’m gonna wear the bucket hat because I got my Warren Moon jersey on I’m hanging out here now warmer warmer Moon Jersey because it’s rocket man’s Warren Moon black quarterbacks here. Also our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care. They gotta get me a bucket and I got to talk to Pete and the folks that Jiffy Lube about that. And Rasca global lead Raskin empowering people to choose their financial future and giving me a finish a fantastic crab claw mallet that makes me feel like Judge Judy, if I were judging my picks, I said I can’t pick my nose right now. Five, nine, last week, five to nine the week before. I want to roll the tape back to October when I was getting all cocky. I was 20 games over 500 As I was making it rain in a casino, you know? And you will tell me as a sports book manager in Hollywood that some darkness does come upon, you know, over the hills, you can’t win every every bet, right?

Christian Horton  01:44

Yeah, no, no, no, definitely for sure. Like I said, you have your hot weeks in your co weeks and you like It’s like we said before you run into the matchups on problems where there’s a bad week of matchups and bad teams versus each other. So, you know, that’s kind of what’s hurt you in the past, but um, you know, there hasn’t been great game so, but we’ll see. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:02

can do something about Pixar. I mean, we’re to bar we got to be Pappus by the way, take great care of us hear the sentence of crab cakes over. So we’re gonna have a crab cake. I mean, I can’t have you. You live in the neighborhood. You go up the Perryville every day since you’re like a neighbor joint man. Yeah,

Christian Horton  02:16

no, no, no, definitely. I actually have never been here before. This is my first time so well. Today’s your day. Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve never had

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:23

a Pappas crab. I’ve never had a purpose to change and next 20 minutes. You have to hear you’re gonna know. Alright, so I got my pics. You got your pics? Show me how you do your pics. You show him the paper you do your pixel?

Christian Horton  02:34

Yeah. So um, obviously, you know, as we said, we’re on week 113

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:38

Patriot shirt.

Christian Horton  02:39

Yeah, we’re Patriot out. You know, of course, he

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:45

will decide who’s number one, whether it’s me or you. I mean, I got Warren Moon going on here. Why would I? So I do my picks. This is my worksheet every week. So everything I do in my work life I keep on one sheet of paper. I make my picks as week 11 All that this is all I gotta accomplish the all these things I got done when I scratch them out. They get done. So this is my task list. So you can see I’m putting my task list together here. I just created this this morning. This is my handy dandy sheet the way I really do it. I am at 379 and four on the season. I was really lousy five and nine here you can see i i hit on a huge thank God for Philadelphia. I mean I fell asleep in the third quarter woke up in the fourth quarter. I was feeling better about things. Thank God they hooked me up I wouldn’t have gotten the five i i really stunk at Wiley one one and one o’clock game. I mean my one o’clock was a good thing. I wasn’t in the casino. I would have been very upset with it but I’m gonna I’m gonna rally this week we’re gonna make our pick. How did you do? You did okay last week?

Christian Horton  03:42

No, no when I went to nine to five so I did pretty well. You know, like I said I back the um, the big numbers with who would Las Vegas you know the giant you know things like that. So I kind of got went with those and you kind of went to a restaurant. So that’s where I gained up on you numbers moving

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:59

with the quarterbacks was Cincinnati Cleveland. We went out last week. I think we had two or three games from the time the morning began. And I you know, I keep my line right right. I have I’ll pull my blinds out here right now. And you know, I’ll say this. Things may have already moved but I’m gonna walk right but lines move. Yeah,

Christian Horton  04:19

no, sure. Like I said, you hear news injury news, guys signing guys sitting you know, it’s a lot a lot that happens. You know, we had Shawn Watson be announced out Wednesday morning

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:31

I was sitting down at MGM casino with the Geddy Lee thing on Friday. Pappas. crabcakes and I’m just in the bar having a beer like I am right now. Look up Burro gone. I’m like, What? What? You know, and it paves the way for my team. So let’s get to the pics here. My pitch stunk last week, and I have some rationale on some of these games. Thanksgiving if you’re hearing this on Friday or Saturday and my picks are wrong. I’ll die on that hill. You know the Ravens dope. Late on Sunday night, so we’re going to pick the Ravens last Detroit, seven and a half Green Bay. I have theory here on these Thanksgiving Day games. I’m going to take the better team. I’m going to help you damn with the points. I’m going to take home teams, okay, until I get to Seattle. I’m taking Detroit. I’m taking Dallas early. I’m spreading the seven and a half. I got 10 and a half on Dallas. I’m good with that. Home teams.

Christian Horton  05:22

Okay. What are you doing? Yeah, no, no, I’m gonna. So we’re talking to Dallas game now, right? Oh, no, no. So that’s first game. No, I’m Going Green Bay on this one. I’m going on with history. You know, especially on Thanksgiving. Detroit kind of squeaked it out at the end. You know, this was to lose last week. You know what I mean? They came back at the end and in one day, but um, Green Bay, you know, is on the ride right now. And they beat the Chargers last week. So I like

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:43

circled in red when he picks him red for Bill Bella. Check. So there you go. All right, Dallas 10 and a half Washington second game on by this point. I’m second helping of kielbasa shower crowd. Turkey. I put my wife’s cranberry up. Oh my god. Do you cranberry? Regular you Ilana Can

Christian Horton  06:04

I don’t eat cranberry. I’m not I’m not a big fan. But my mommy tonight can when she whenever she does it. She’s a can person.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:11

Oop, yeah, no, no, no, we got good credit. So by the time I get to the pumpkin pie, I’m hoping Dallas has beaten the Washington command was like 31 to 310 and a half’s a lot to lay a little bit of water. Oh, you know, I mean there’s there’s some other spreads in here too that I’m like that much. Kansas City nine and a half 110 and a half. I’m gonna lay it there. I’m gonna take the home team.

Christian Horton  06:32

Okay, now I’m gonna go to Washington on this one. Even though even they killed me last week and I didn’t see that coming and you know the Six turnovers but um, I like watching on the comeback game. I think Dallas I’m kind of has you know a that not a great game. And you know what the Thursday night game are in everything. So I like Washington on this one night

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:50

game in Seattle. The twelves are alive. 40 Niners are playing as good as anybody maybe I’ll give the Eagles credit the other night as well. They helped me get my fifth victory last week. Six and a half here on the road. tough place to play. Boy, he seems to like each other. I mean, this, this, the fact that they’re playing this on Thanksgiving night, Pete Carroll Stovall. It’s become a little bit of the Steelers ravens for the league, right? I mean, it’s become like the matchup. I just think San Francisco is ready to answer the bell and step up. I mean, I liked where they’re playing right now. I’m going to spread the six and a half and take that,

Christian Horton  07:23

ya know what San Fran with you on this one to Seattle. You know, Geno Smith’s hurt at the moment. They don’t know what his elbow if he’s gonna play or not, I say he doesn’t play. So I like San Fran with the six and a half and I spoke this line to move especially with Geno Smith. The injury news of him being out. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:37

yeah, and we’ve had this happen those couple times last week or two quarterbacks begin the week the line moves. The short games. He’s three days off on Thursday night, Thursday nights hard enough Thursday morning that the lions are playing. The fans are used to it. I don’t know if the players are used to Friday. We have a Black Friday game. Have you heard we have a Black Friday game

Christian Horton  07:58

I just saw I just thought actually I was shocked every NFL ad blue

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:02

Friday game. Jets are playing big deal. 10 points on this one. Dolphins going up in the cold in the swamp jersey. I don’t like the way the Jets are trending right now. I don’t like the way they’re playing. I think expecting the dolphins to score 70 points every week is ridiculous. But this line was nine and a half this morning. It’s 10 Now, so we’ve in and out. Yeah, the winds move to 10 I’m gonna make you want to play 10 Or you attend. You have 10 I’m gonna give 10 I’ll give 10 and I’m gonna go Miami 10

Christian Horton  08:34

Yeah, no, I’m right there with the with the Miami with 10. Like you said the Jets are not trying to turn them in the right direction. They’re on the downward. You know, they Zach Wilson, the third string quarterback now not even the start quarterback. You know, so um, I just don’t think the Jets can score with them. I liked the dolphins to blow them out even though they didn’t play well against the Raiders. You know, they kind of had a dud out there. But I like him to respond away.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:54

I had jets fans on my Twitter. And they shared this video of Zach Wilson at BYU and what a great leader. He was like what happened to that guy went to the NFL Christian orange here from Hollywood casino and Parafield will be there next Friday. Kurt McEwan span is gonna be the next Friday. I’ll have my wacky hat next Friday. We’re also going to Tom Kelso with us next Friday for the former chairman of the Maryland stadium authority talking about money talking about what’s going on. I’m looking forward to that as well. Amy’s gonna be joining us Jonathan’s gonna be joining us up at Hollywood Perry Ville as well. Talking about the casino you got specials all the time right we could get a Black Friday special in this game or what are you got? No,

Christian Horton  09:31

no, I’m not sure what we have going on a big weekend. Yeah, no always promotions going on, especially on the weekends, but I’m not sure what this weekend especially with thanksgiving. What we have going on. They might have a brunch or something going on but not not too not too confident in that. Well. I’m gonna

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:45

get the salmon BLT and a crab cake next Friday. I promise you that. All right. One o’clock games on Sunday regular. regularly scheduled Sunday get by the way no buys this week. Everybody’s playing Miami or excuse me, Jacksonville and the huge In Texas, Jacksonville in Houston Texans two point favor Jacksonville underwrote Houston. This began at one. It’s now at two. I’m sort of buying what Houston selling for some reason at home. I’m gonna take Houston especially gonna give me two points. I was gonna take them at one point. Jacksonville is too inconsistent for me. We’re gonna see them in a couple of weeks. Houston has surprised me and this is a real show up game for them at home. This is a chance for them to sort of show their own fans. They’re real. I think they’re real. I’m betting on CJ Stroud, not against him.

Christian Horton  10:34

Ya know, for me, this was a tough one for me. Um, as you see, I originally had Houston but then I thought about our Washington play a little bit against Arizona last week and the red circle Jackson’s you know, he turned it over a few times in the endzone and I think you know, the NFL is a copycat League. You know, defensive coordinators are kind of going to play the same defenses, especially in the red zone that he threw the interceptions. And so I’m inclined to take Jacksonville they have a tough defense, and Trevor Lawrence played well on last week even though Etn didn’t play too well. But um, I like Jacksonville to cover this one on the road. Pittsburgh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:04

Cincinnati. I find it funny that the Bengals quarterback commits the verb that we’ve committed to Brett browning. Browning used to be a verb for what Cleveland does, right. So now he’s their quarterback. I mean, I’m taking Pittsburgh on Tomlin even though he spit it up over the weekend. I mean, poor coaching decisions by Tomlin cost in the game to me, but I’m going to take Pittsburgh this week to bounce back. I think Cincinnati goes into a black hole here. I think that is they just they drift away without the quarterback.

Christian Horton  11:36

Yeah, no, no, no, I’m definitely with you on the train with Cincinnati on they kind of been in this this funk all year long and they got out of it went back into it and now they lose burrow. And they have a backup QB right now and I don’t think he’s necessarily answered Pittsburgh fire dome. You know, my candidate offensive coordinator. So I like them to be rejuvenated. So I like Pittsburgh, took action. Yes. Yes, they did. Yeah. Poor Matt.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:58

Canada man had been the same since he was in Maryland. Carolina, Tennessee. I had three and a half on this in Tennessee. There’s a team like I’m down on the Jets right now. I’m down on Tennessee right now. So I’m just gonna pick against them because I don’t like the way they’re trending. Carolina. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a team’s second half of the year. The quarterback got feisty. And you know, he’s also a guy there’s a lot of expectation on him that they would be better in the second half of the year. I think this is a spot I’ll take care of wine and get three and a half points here. Ya

Christian Horton  12:31

know, this was a like I was saying in the beginning, you know, a team that are a matchup that you don’t want to pick, you know what I mean? That can make or break you but I like Tennessee on this one. You know, Bryce Young has not had out he has not done for me game at the game. I’m rooting for him, but he just not showing much for me. I like Tennessee, Derrick Henry to kind of run crazy and kind of have that Breakout game that we’ve been waiting for.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:49

So if you’re listening and you’re wondering, this guy keeps picking against that he was nine and five last week. I was five nine last week. So I know he’s trending in the right direction. I’m trending last year. New Orleans. One point favorite. Excuse me, Atlanta. One point favor. Did that move.

Christian Horton  13:06

It didn’t I have to pick them as I pick them now.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:09

I got one point Atlanta. Okay. That means it moved two points.

Christian Horton  13:15

So it’s this morning so the saints were favored? Yes. Okay. Yeah, that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:19

what I had. Yeah. The Saints were favorite on the road now. Falcons are favorite. Let’s call it a pickup you’re gonna pick to pick them. I’m taking New Orleans, New

Christian Horton  13:28

Orleans to just Atlanta. They went to hi Nikki not no more Heineken at the back to Riddler. You know, they don’t really know what they’re doing. figuring it out. There’s a

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:38

half the leagues that right now, right? Yeah, no, no, you want a patriot? Yeah, yeah. Know where to tighten Scherzi? I guess I mean it’s not really a tight Yeah,

Christian Horton  13:47

yeah. But um, Chip man is just like it’s warm patch on it right that it’s official. It’s official. Yeah, it was back in the day. It’s why I bought it No, I like to say it’s on this one. I’m gonna take the saints just because of the pedigree in the defense all right.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:01

I got saints two in the pickup Indianapolis two and a half point favorite Tampa at home for Indy. I don’t like the way Tampa is playing. I I’ve watched a lot of redzone last couple of weeks and I’m getting the chance to like sort of vibe in and flow in on these teams see and mistakes they’re making. I was never Baker Mayfield guy. I mean, I don’t think he’s coming to the rescue. I think he’s a quarterback of sort of a lousy team and that’s what I think they are I’m taking Indianapolis and I will spread the two and a half points at home. Ya

Christian Horton  14:30

know what I’m with you on this one I like Indianapolis to just just because their home Tampa Bay Yeah, they’re not a great team. You know, they didn’t play too well against San Fran you know they had a backdoor touchdown and kind of got them with the cover. But um, ya know, I like in the with the points here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:44

You’re younger than me Christian Horton here from Ohio. Because you know, when I was a kid, this was like, like having an iPhone. You had a four color pen. So I have the red that I usually use all my pics. Christian. No, no, he didn’t know I do this every week. Right. So this is this week’s page here. It’s actually the back page from my Hope Lodge script. That was the secondary script from when I did the American Cancer Society. So I reuse paper. So this is my thing. So I get the red pen out New England and the Giants. I know I don’t need to write, but I’m taking New England.


Christian Horton  15:19

Okay, no, I mean, like I said, I have to be on New England on this one. Really? Because it’s a giant. Yeah, they don’t have anyone you know what I mean? Neither do we. You don’t I mean, it’s kind of the distinct bowl in my eyes. It’s gonna be a tough watch, but I’m just gonna take New England just off the pedigree. And hopefully, Mack Jones gets together and they get us back on a winning winning travel check hates

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:38

everybody, but I think he hates the Giants most because they didn’t really hire him. You know, I mean, and they had that jets job for 30 minutes. You google that? You know, remember that? No. So

Christian Horton  15:46

I was I was finally three at the time. I know the story, but I wasn’t.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:50

Radio. It’s kind of like, I remember Bill Belichick. No. Yeah, so and it had all to do with tuna. But we’re gonna have crab cakes here today. We’re Pappus and Parkfields. Brought to you by the Maryland lottery window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. We do this every week. Chris and I get together and make our picks we put them out on the internet. They’re good for me in September and October once the weather changes and we change maybe it’s daylight savings. It’s grown my picks up I’m five nine the last two weeks. I stink. I’m taking New England, Denver, two and a half points, Cleveland. There’s nothing to recommend Cleveland except for defense right now. And I picked against Denver against Denver against Denver. The thin air is a thing I respect Schwartz but I don’t know my boy Joe Flacco showing up back up in there. The DTR guy I don’t believe in that. I love Joe. Everybody knows I love Joe even in a Browns jersey. I’m going to take the Broncos here. You probably right about Ernest Byner. So when I think of Denver, Cleveland in Denver, I think Ernest Byner not such a good way, Denver two and a half. I’m picking Denver I think for the first time this year, ya know

Christian Horton  16:53

you I’ve been saying this all year that Denver was finally gonna, you know, establish on Payton’s culture and now you’ve been getting down on me about it. But um, you know, the past few weeks they’ve been shown

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:02

so Wilson’s like looking like he belongs. Yeah, no, no, I

Christian Horton  17:05

thought he would get it together. Like I said, it takes a certain coach to bring it out of you. You know, that brings the superstar out. He was hard on the other coach. Yeah, yeah. You know, he was he was in you need that guy. That’s gonna be you know, blatantly honest with you. You know what I mean? Rather than that’s beat around the bush. Yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:19

Yeah. My pig stunk last week. That’s blatantly you got Devery, get club on Denver. I put my red pen away for you on that. Rams in Arizona had this at half a point ran but still do. It’s in Arizona. Talk about teams that suck. I mean, when we pick this game, and we talked last week that if I had a real budget on this, I wouldn’t let this game I’ll take in the ramps on the road. I mean, I’ll spread the half a point I think the rams are the better team. But I don’t like the abuse Stafford’s getting right now. I don’t I don’t like the Rams, quite frankly.

Christian Horton  17:49

Ya know, they squeaked it out against the Seahawks. You know, that kind of shocked me, but I’m with the Rams too on this one. I like the Rams just because of the pedigree. Like I said, Aaron Donald can ruin any game if you really wanted to. He got to the Geno Smith few times. So yeah, I like the sorry, you know, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:06

people that Pappas are like they’re afraid to jump in on the set and Brenda crabcake on the set. So I’m like, we’re gonna have a crabcake tour. We’re gonna have crabcake gonna set ladies and gentlemen the Pappas crabcake. You’ve never had a Papist crab cake. I never had it. I’m gonna I’m gonna let you enjoy that. Okay, it’s got the little four put a little lemon on it, you shouldn’t. They’ll bring you tartar, okay, because you’re from New England, right? And they’ll bring you cocktail. That’s fine, but you don’t need all that. I mean, that’s jumbo lump. You know, we’re gonna do this right. So the crabcake tour is now taken on a new dimension with Christian working here from Hollywood casino in Paris. We’ll make sure he’s getting scrapped. All right, Philadelphia buffalo Philadelphia bailed me out. I would say last night because we’re here on the Tuesday but Monday night they bailed me out. I mean, Kansas City I mean maybe the Ravens really are the best team in the AFC at this point I they’re gonna play Buffalo and I guess the flavors better on buffalo beaten up the Jets. They had a little Mojo at home going on. This game’s up in Philly. This thing’s three and a half points. I don’t know this thing shouldn’t be at five or six. I feel like there’s a lot of value in Philadelphia three and a half against buffalo maybe a little shorter rest this week and but everybody’s playing on short rest Thanksgiving week. I’m on Philadelphia. I am shocked that the line that buffalo is getting this much respect. Yeah, no

Christian Horton  19:24

me too. Definitely. I think it should be in the on the five scale but um, you know, Phillies on a short week, you know what I mean? They played a tough game in Kansas City. That’s probably why the league is putting it that way. But I’d like Philly to I don’t think buffalo is the team. Everyone thinks they were in the beginning of the season. So Philly played it played a tough game last night you know, they they squeaked it out and beat Kansas City even though the guy dropped it at the end. But um, yeah, like Philly to bounce back. Kansas

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:47

City and the Raiders. Last for 25 game. We’ll get to the Ravens game in a minute here. Nine and a half is what I got on that game. Now get to nine and move backward to nine. I’m I’m ready to take the Raiders at Nine and a half. Now take a minute I’m thinking either way I’m worried about Kansas City right if I’m if I’m a cancer person, rainy night nasty out, Timi beaten the Super Bowl. Let them come back on you like that. I mean, that was that was not a good look for the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s certainly not for the wide receiver mahomes All you want you can put them on a cover rocket man. He’s the other guy on here with Warren Moon, this good looking jersey, but he throws it somebody’s gonna catch it. Right. I mean, right. That didn’t happen on Monday night.

Christian Horton  20:31

No, no, no, definitely. I think they’re in trouble too. You know what I mean? Especially on like I said, it’s a copycat league they struggled to they cannot score in the second half. You know, I think it’s been like the past four games. They haven’t scored a point and a second house kind of thing.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:41

It’s gonna bring them to Baltimore January right. You know, they’re gonna have to go on the road. Yeah, it might be worse than that. I mean, I don’t I don’t think gonna win games. They’re there they they played themselves back into they have no comfort level here. missed a couple of weeks. Some goes wrong. Now they’re fighting to make the playoffs. Really? I mean, I don’t think they’re that good.

Christian Horton  21:01

Yeah, no, no, I’m right there with you. But I like the Raiders on this one. You know, I mean, I like I said I like Antonio here. So the team’s kind of establishing his culture so um, yeah, they they played the dolphin stuff last week so I like him with the nine and a half

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:12

I’m gonna give you nine and a half to even though the lines move the nine up I there’s some Kansas City money coming in here a Monday night game I’ll get to that and then then we’ll do the Ravens game last Vikings three and a half at home against the bears. Dobbs is such a great story I mean I you know I want to take Minnesota because I just want to root for him. I honestly three and a half to half makes me you know a little nervous weather Chicago outside all of that Chicago’s played a little better I guess kind of like Carolina a little better. We’ll get to the Chargers not playing a little better. I’m taking Minnesota I’ll spread three and a half

Christian Horton  21:46

on that. Yeah, no, I want Chicago on this one just because of how they played Detroit red pen out you know they cause a few turnovers a defense is always tough but um you know Ella check pin out ya know they got Justin field back you know he’s he’s always on fun to watch so I’m taking Chicago on this one even though Dobbs is being magical you know in playing well but yeah, like on the three and a half and three. Last

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:07

but not least, Sunday night football. Ravens trending in the right direction after stubbing your toe against the Browns Chargers were what they were which is really inconsistent team Bosa got hurt again the other day coach is losing his mind. You know, I said to Luke the other day it’s good thing Chad steel threw me out of these press conferences after all my life because I would not sit there and have a coach speak to me Tell me what questions I can ask and not try to intimidate me you know they intimidate we’re at the intimidate the media point for charges coach with no fans with a quarterback he’s got more commercials and he’s got wins I hope that God the Ravens can go in there and clean their clocks but I’m also of the mindset of churches have had some backbone they played better at the end of years than they have the beginning still a handful of guys that were around the beat Lamar a couple years ago. Four and a half is the number I have on this game and move to three and a half at four and a half. I liked the Chargers at three and a half I don’t know I’m inclined to think that the Chargers are gonna keep this game close and that’s I guess where I’m gonna leave my official prediction at four and a half or three and a half because the line move the point because the Chargers are this inconsistent and I don’t know if the line doesn’t go a different direction. The Mark Andrews lost to the Ravens concerns me ravens a long rest. hardball usually does well with long rest are about to have a buy so you hope they don’t sleep right? They’re had they have this advantage that as a raving guy and I’m looking at Jacoby Jones his autograph right here behind the picture. The ravens are never in this Catbird position but they gotta go 3000 miles and win a game oh you know national spotlight is going to be on them Sunday night. This is a big coming out party for the ravens to say like they did against the Rams four years ago go out there and beat the Chargers ass I don’t know that they’re gonna do that I think the Chargers keep it closer at four and a half I was inclined to take the Chargers at three and a half. I may be a little more Misty about the rate I think the rams are gonna win. I just don’t think this is an easy game. I think it’s a really tough game

Christian Horton  24:09

ya know? I thought the Bengals would be a tough game too but the you know the Ravens kind of show what that was even with the injuries and stuff but um you know, I like both days

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:17

and Pearl got hurt broken throw the ball. I mean, we have a chance to come back Yeah. And have a chance to blow it against Browning

Christian Horton  24:23

really not not I didn’t but I mean that’s kind of how the game goes you know what I mean? It’s it’s hit or miss and like you said, half the league quarterbacks out you know, injury riddle. So I still like Baltimore in this one. The premier team. They played well, like I said against the Bengals. So chargers haven’t been playing well all season. I’m not a big fan of Herbert. So I like Lamar to turn it up on it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:43

We have trends here. He’s anti Herbert. He’s pro Bella check. I got all that. Alright man, you want to get six games you disagreed on your peppers, green bay, Washington, Jacksonville, Tennessee. The Ravens and Chicago are on your side of the spread. spreads are available you find them Hollywood casino up at Berryville Christian is usually Got the sports but what has been the sports book manager there get you besides free crabcakes your Pap is so you’re there eight hours a day people come in I would think some NBA action now you get some some college football action for sure some NHL action people bet on different stuff like yeah I’m sure you take some more esoteric bets right

Christian Horton  25:20

yeah no no for that right yeah no that’s that’s probably our biggest sport that’s bet it’s a golf and it’s um it’s it’s a big moneymaker. You know what I mean? I didn’t I didn’t know anything about golf. Yeah, you can really flip flip your money but I’m like I said, it’s interesting. Like I said that right now is the best there’s a lot of value in golf. If you like a golf exactly is that are multiple golfers, you know what I mean? You could choose 10. Guys, and if one of them hits you make your money. You know what I mean? And you’re cashing out for a big, big amount. But um, yeah, like I said, it’s a busy time in sports, you know, you have football, basketball, college basketball, coming back. So that’s really exciting, you know, so it’s a great time in, in the sports betting industry, but like I said, it’s everything’s fun. You know, we have a great great casino up there. Constantly promotions, different promotions going on. And um, yeah, it’s fun, really fun.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:06

So I’m gonna hold this Papist crabcake up Christian’s killing this thing. You’re gonna be having the Hollywood casino aperitivo crabcake as well as the saying that BLT because it’s delicious. Christian is our he’s our insider here. What are you on the season if you face 7982 And five, you’ve managed to crawl within four of me on the season and nine and five last week five and nine last week, but I got a cool warm Moon jersey on this year this year. This is your man as a Cam Newton can

Christian Horton  26:36

do in five minutes. He was he was then we had Matt Jones. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:41

Cam Newton did the Torrey Smith used to do a basketball event down here at the CFG Bank Arena. When it was the royal farms arena. Shout out to you ROFO I love you for the fried chicken on my birthday. And Cam Newton walked into the arena and he had a Rolling Stones 1981 tattoo you dragon the same shirt that I got at the Capitol center on December the eighth 1981 When I saw the stones play at the cap center. And he was wearing this shirt and a cowboy hat. And he took part in a charity basketball game here in Baltimore. So I like cam knew because he had a stone shirt on so you gotta Cam Newton shirt. I got my warm moves. You get two black quarterbacks jerseys. How about that? Rocket Man John Eisenberg, the book. I want to get your copy father now. He signed this one of me certainly can’t give this to you. You can get to John’s book anywhere good books are sold. John is a mentor and a friend of mine for four decades now. It was an honor to hang out with him. Steve for Pappas, Jeanne Madhu Christian Horton, who I finally got to elbow up with we had our Pappas beer here. And we’re having a crab cake and enjoying ourselves as well. I would say good luck to you. But I wish you good luck last week and you beat me so I don’t want to be too nice to you. Next week. We’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re going to be at gertrudes at the BMA on Thursday but Dan Rodricks, Friday we’re going to be with Christian as well as with Tom Kelso, former Maryland stadium authority chairman, we’re learning, learning about our tax dollars where they go. How not to create welfare for billionaires. I’ll get into all of that. This guy here you know, given the Gillette Stadium thing up for the Kraft family back in the day. Just got to keep a watch on this. We got to keep things into perspective here. We’re all trying to earn a living here in Parkville. Today, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with window nation. I got my fun hat on at some point Jiffy Lube is gonna give me some fun to hold up. I gotta call Pete and get working on that and our friends over MIDI works as well. Which if you do multi care, take great care of us out on the crabcake tour. My thanks to everybody here. Parkville Pappas, Justin, Steve, the whole crew making it comfortable for us. We’ll get back up to Bel Air. I have not forgotten you Cockeysville and Glen Burnie as well, but we’re going to crabcake tour out on the road. I am Nestor. We are WSD A and 1570, Towson Baltimore. Whatever you do, do not listen to my picks right now. I’m in a slump in

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