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Does your bullpen have the right insurance for a catastrophe?


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Sometimes we just talk about sports and the Orioles and the Ravens. And other times, our financial advisor Leonard Raskin offers some wisdom on what we can learn on the field and bring home so we don’t feel the pain of not having a closer for the postseason of life.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about w n s t Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive celebrating our 25th anniversary of our new logo in front of the old Camden Yards picture in a little first place baseball. We’re gonna be Papist this week on Tuesday the 29th celebrating 25 years doing it with the Maryland lottery and our friends giving away these instant lottery scratch offs for their 50th anniversary. Of course the Ravens scratch offs are all readily available now as well and I’ll have those when I get the fade these on the 15th Our friends are when they’re they should 866 90 nation with a floppy hat. I’ll be putting that one on as well at Pappas on Tuesday. As well as it fade these on the 15th and around the county executive Steuart Pittman will be joining us if you haven’t heard, we had Calvin Paul from Howard County on we had Johnny o last month. We’ve had Mayor Brandon Scott on as well as both of our senators, all of that stuff up at Baltimore The one thing I do have and I took this down let it I want you to know that I held this with lots of state leaders at Mako the Rascon global crab mallet where we go your opener Where did where does one get one of these because is this special? Does someone have to know you


Leonard Raskin  01:07

got to know me gotta be a Raskin global fan you got to reach out and say I’d like one and there you go. Here we go.

Nestor Aparicio  01:17

Well, you weren’t like on like a delay for these right these rollin like order back.

Leonard Raskin  01:21

Oh, it took it took forever. They couldn’t get the pieces they need and nobody else you can’t get it from anybody else. So she

Nestor Aparicio  01:29


doesn’t have a chip. Senator Cardin Senator Van Hollen about that you know, so chips,

Leonard Raskin  01:35

chips chips, just just crabs and beer opener.

Nestor Aparicio  01:39

Yeah, so my Well, I should say this my wife was really hankering making crab soup. It’s something she does and this summer she did some years ago at the end of August because every August I’ve been eating crab cakes. This is the one month and I’ve been ordering crab cakes. I got these delicious little stuffed shrimp crab things at the wise markets. I mean, I’ve been eat crab cakes. I’m going to be a Pappas, as we put my wife made this giant giant vat of crab soup also. So this summer, hopefully

Leonard Raskin  02:09

it’s got a lot of meat in there can’t have crab soup that can’t be Maryland and be Cenci on the crab. They’re


Nestor Aparicio  02:15

picked up one pound of fresh Merrill’s and we $23 a pound it’s back down to reasonable reasonable price. And look at that, man, how much of that whole product cost is that $80 pot of soup. What’s that thing? You know? What he put in there? Gold. So I mean, the Oreos in first place and the Ravens are on this slowdown. You know, they don’t play for a week, week and a half. I figured I’d give you the logic now. I’m going to talk 25th anniversary. But more than that, this field is Petite The thing is really, like good. It’s not good because you have a hard time winning a World Series without they’re closer, no matter who it would be no matter what year what team, you lose. You’re closer September 1. And you’re great to begin with. Right?

Leonard Raskin  02:56

Well, they’re they’re steady, they’re strong, but they have their nights and he only had a few bad nights they have a few more bad nights but you got to step up make it happen the problem is boy watching that his face just said it all it was that oh, I’m in pain face and man they took him out. walked him off. And all I could start to watch right it was hard to watch hard to watch. We watch football injuries all the time, right? Yeah, but they’re expected they’re expected football injuries you expect the guy to get clocked or you know legs

Nestor Aparicio  03:32

or we don’t put a baseball game on thinking you’re gonna see a guy

Leonard Raskin  03:36


you’re gonna see an injury right I guess there was a there was a guy over the weekend got hit in the back of the head by a thrown ball to third base that was pretty ugly looking.

Nestor Aparicio  03:45

Every time he’s hillbillies get together on weekends and watch the cars run in circles they’re really watching for the crash right

Leonard Raskin  03:50

well you know you saw saw car flip 10 times this weekend IT guy rolled 10 times walked away went to the FBI didn’t walk away they rolled in

Nestor Aparicio  04:01

would you be talking about it today? Yeah.


Leonard Raskin  04:04

Roll it was bad. I don’t know if you saw it never rolled once and that would be neither many times one one would be more than

Nestor Aparicio  04:13

way in the snow and gotten better and that was enough add on.

Leonard Raskin  04:18

I slid off the road I am not interested in rolling my car 10 times to see if it will keep me safe while I’m in there because I undoubtedly would not be

Nestor Aparicio  04:27


able to go up see Nickelback on Sunday and Hershey done the super duper duper. You know if you want to do that.

Leonard Raskin  04:32

I’m not even into that. The Lord did not mean my butt to go over my head did not mean for me. I don’t even do handstands. I do yoga every day. It’s fun. I don’t even do handstands so forget that. But yeah, the Felix thing back to that really difficult to watch. More difficult after on the next day when they was it Saturday, Sunday when they came out and said You see l 15 Day ADL I posted out to the world, no more Felix 2023. I can’t imagine he’s going to come back. And unlike shohet, he’s not a hitter. So he can’t keep hitting doubles and triples while he can’t pitch. He’s just not pitching. And, you know, as as, as we sit here and talk about money all the time, along with sports and politics and everything else. This is a cautious reminder. He’s not

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

paid. By the way. If you know Tommy, John, you’ll come back two years and then I might be right. I mean, he was a kid in April two years ago. Right. I mean, for right lights go out. We’re giving away bobbleheads and right I don’t know, his contracting off him on Saturday. Then he’s made. Yeah, I

Leonard Raskin  05:42

don’t know his contract status. I don’t know what what he has or had. But most of the baseball players are at least getting paid if they’re down there. These guaranteed contracts. IE, Stephen Strasburg. Who, the Netscape What $200 million, and he never pitched again. Or he pitched like one year or one game. And never again, I bet there’s Davis. Davis, isn’t he still getting paid? He’s still getting paid as he was an injured he was just, it was horrible. But but but the point is with an injury in the real world, not the fantasy land of professional sports. In the real world, you get disabled, you get hurt. You ain’t getting paid. And you look at your earnings potential. Let’s do a simple 30 How g 25? Is he 26? Felix, you know, he’s young.


Nestor Aparicio  06:38

He is he’s old for a pitcher that does, right. But

Leonard Raskin  06:41

let’s say he’s very, let’s call him let’s I don’t know, but you’ll find him. But let’s call him 25. And let’s say he’s not a pitcher. Let’s say he’s a manager at a company, General Manager, some company, whatever. And he’s 25 years old. And he makes 100 grand a year because I want to make my math easy. And this guy would have worked for 40 years. So 40 years, at 100 years, $4 million. By the way, he just turned 2727. Okay, so it’s $3.8 million lost income. That assumes you never got a raise in your position, you never upgraded your position, you never got a higher pay. And no inflation on that money and no earnings on that money, 4 million double that $8 million of potential wealth that would have flowed through your hands, that is lost. And there are guaranteed contracts in the management world, in the doctor world and the lawyer world and the radio announcer world in the any world except the fantasyland of pro baseball used to be you couldn’t even get that in pro football. Now we see you know, Lamar getting to 60, whatever with 180, guaranteed

Nestor Aparicio  07:58

contract, right? It’s what you can get at signing that is the guarantee I’m

Leonard Raskin  08:03


saying 180 180 guaranteed of the 260 still still fetching a nice sum if he gets hurt, but but the average person that you and I talked to and meet on the street doesn’t have that. And whether that’s Johnnie Oh, or Calvin Ball or the governor or the Senator, you get knocked out, your health is gone. Accident, sickness, disability, you’re out. And so that can be protected that can be insured. And in baseball, and football often, the team that signs the player then ensures the contract.

Nestor Aparicio  08:41

Well, it’s I’m glad you brought that up because it gives me a chance to promote the Peter principles. My book on Peter Angelos because the next chapter that’s coming out next week, is about the whole Albert Bell fiasco. And part of that fiasco was Angelo’s did everything he could do legally to try to soup. Remember, there was a fan in the outfield. Albert gave the middle finger to just happen to be a friend of the Angelo’s family and from Philadelphia to His heaven for beers, you know, I mean, what I mean when you go read this, this not 25 years later about what happened, but they insured his contract. Peter didn’t. And this is not urban legend. This is like what I know to be true. There was a guy there named Bob Eames that worked at the Orioles Who was the guy who was the Raskin guy. He was the one that made sure if you want to insurance had insurance, whatever. And apparently, urban legend has it to me that Peter that never got back to anybody on anything. And Bob Eames when that deal was done, asked Peter, do you want this insurance or not? And Peter never responded. And Ames bought the insurance. There you go. And when, you know Albert Belle couldn’t play anymore, and he was incapacitated, they had to run him out in spring training and have him limp around so that

Leonard Raskin  10:01

they can claim they can make the claim exactly

Nestor Aparicio  10:04

played along Albert Bell played along with the Orioles to get all of his money as opposed to litigating which the Angeles family would never litigate anything. Not anything about any, when you’re talking about insurance on a player, I cannot think about any other player other than Albert Belle, which is the only scenario I know of I’m sure there have been other ones. Yeah, where another organization, somebody got hurt or something happened or whatever, where they had insurance to cover it. If the player could never play again.


Leonard Raskin  10:37

That’s what they’re there for Albert Bell,

Nestor Aparicio  10:39

they it’s a one time I’ve seen it happen, where they put them out on the field, they prove he couldn’t play, and Angelo’s didn’t have to pay that $65 million, he got 45 50 million are from the insurance company.

Leonard Raskin  10:50

There are companies that insure extraordinary risk. We work with companies that insure athletes that insure musicians that insure all kinds of wild occupations, for instance, life insurance, another side, but you know, it’s pretty easy there. Can you fog the mirror? Or Can’t you fog a mirror? It’s not a What If, however, there are pilots, for instance, that have a tough time getting life insurance, getting disability insurance, there are companies that specialize in insuring pilots, because they understand the risk and they price it accordingly. So undoubtedly, baseball players are insured and hopefully for Felix at least, he’s going to be paid something. But for the average, Joe Crabeater in Baltimore that has a job that gets injured or disabled is not going to be paid. And I always

Nestor Aparicio  11:42


wondered if the guys were hanging from my windows on the 23rd floor, the window cleaners that window? Yeah, that would you tell that to pilots like high risk? I’m thinking you’re hanging from buildings all day like Absolutely.

Leonard Raskin  11:54

Very difficult, very expensive, very expensive. How

Nestor Aparicio  11:59

would you ensure relief pitchers? UCL you probably wouldn’t, right?

Leonard Raskin  12:03

Well, some company does. Okay, as the question is, look, insurance is nothing more than a pooling of the risk among the many to pay for the few occurrences that actually happened, and actuarially, that’s measured look, baseball measures everything. So no question there’s a measurement that will say what percentage of pitchers will blow out a UCL and never pitch again and cost us that contract? And that actuarial calculation is undoubtedly done measured against the number of pitchers and an insurance policy is offered and it says it Felix can’t pitch will pay because the expectation you’re not insuring Felix it’s almost like a paramutual pool at the at the horse track right? It’s all insurance is that’s exactly what it is. So you’re not insuring Felix’s arm you’re insuring every pitchers arm Felix’s happens to be the one that had the claim and that risk is spread amongst the masses of however many pitchers on however many teams across however many leagues with whatever level of contract and I can promise you this when it’s all said and done the insurance company makes money on the insurance a letter


Nestor Aparicio  13:21

honestly letter asking you’re asking global I will hold up the Rascon global you can’t have this one because the only one I got but it does open beer and crack crabs will will get out to cost this in other places a crack some crabs here. We’re gonna be Pappas this week. We’re gonna be fade these couple of weeks now during the Maryland crab cake tour. What percentage of people listening right now in our audience is or is not insured in any way or like when you meet you. You took my wife disabilities last year like Verizon she’s got she almost died twice and all of that right?

Leonard Raskin  13:54

You’re talking about for disability for just proper insurance when you owe proper insurance when I meet people on the street when people come in and are referred to us for consulting 0% have full proper insurance when we meet them zero. What that means is we go through the

Nestor Aparicio  14:14

nuts in paranoid like the football coach for the ravens, right? Like you’re not trying to ensure in case my cat bites me, right, like you know you’re not okay, and

Leonard Raskin  14:22


we’re not sharing your cell phone. So as a first instance, okay, start there’s just basic four basic areas we look at liability insurance, if you’re sued. Do you have an insurance company that stands behind you so you don’t lose your wealth? Number one, liability number two, disability, what we’re talking about you get hurt, you get injured, you get sick. You got to make sure your income is replaced for as long as the rest of your life number three, medical health insurance. Making sure that if you’re sick and need care, that the doctors the nurses, the drugs, the hospital stay whatever are paid for and you don’t have exorbitant out of pocket expenses that you can’t afford. And number four life insurance, you die prematurely, you leave a family that is a financial mess, and you don’t have to look for far to find out who’s not insured. Because what ends up happening in 2023, sadly, is when somebody’s not insured shortly after the incident, accident, death disability, you see on the internet, Nestor set up a GoFundMe page for Joe Blow. And that’s asking the world at large to to be the insurance company after the fact, to put the money in a pool to help Joe because Joe’s family, Joe and his family didn’t provide in advance for the what if something happens. And we see it too often. Too often. And insurance of this type is something that costs pennies to ensure catastrophes. And that’s what people should use their insurance dollars for. Now, I will tell you this also, having said that, the insurance industry is not your friend, when it comes to buying insurance, they do not advise people to buy proper insurance. Because you in the insurance industry or at cross purposes, you want maximum protection of all types at a minimal cost. And the insurance company industry wants you to have minimal protection at a maximum price. Because to the insurance company maximum protect protection is risk. It’s where they lose money. Premium is where they make money. So if you’re relying on an insurance agent, your company’s HR benefits, any of those things to satisfy your insurance desires, and to protect your current and future opportunity and wealth. The insurance industry is not your friend. That’s why you need somebody independent to look at it. And and give you a picture of the reality of what could happen. If This Then That. If This Then That. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of dollars to ensure that that if you qualify for the insurance, now you’re talking about your wife, you know, she’s had some major health issues, could she go out tomorrow into the free market and get health insurance or disability insurance that would pay if she got sick again, it couldn’t work? Highly unlikely, and if so at an exorbitant price, which is why we tell people all the time, you have to get the insurance you want when you’re young, healthy, a good driver and don’t need it. Because none of us are getting healthier or younger. Any day now, the only thing that you don’t get better insurance younger is that car insurance for those 16 year old boys who that cost goes through the roof because the data shows until we’re 25 we don’t have our brain developed properly. We do stupid things and cause bad accidents and they pay out big money. And that’s why people

Nestor Aparicio  18:07

are needing car insurance. So I do not change I’m sure

Leonard Raskin  18:10

and I recently had to pay for and I recently had to pay for a 16 year old to get car insurance and it is not cheap.

Nestor Aparicio  18:18

Let’s say you got your gray hair. Linda Raskin is here trying to keep us on the up and up in the aftermath of you know you say catastrophe right. In the case of the Orioles. Their insurance policy has to be your Cano and has to be the next man up and as the right deal.


Leonard Raskin  18:34

Who’s the minor league closer? Was DL Hall The closer into minors?

Nestor Aparicio  18:38

Well, they were grooming him to be a bullpen guy. I mean, they don’t need literally closer when they have Felix Batista was that guy five? No, my point is

Leonard Raskin  18:47

my point is our minor league teams are number one in the in the industry. I guess that’s the word. I don’t know what the word is. In baseball, we’re number one. So do do we have minor league closers or do they just pitch and

Nestor Aparicio  19:00


wait a minute, you’re good enough to be in the big leagues, you get brought up and then they groom you to be closer. So I mean, listen, so

Leonard Raskin  19:07

you got bow Teesta and you got Cano, and you got deal Hall? East anymore. But you know, my point. My point is he’s gone. So now you got to fill that hole. And that imagine I imagined screws around with the sixth and seventh and eighth inning to because you got to anticipate what’s going to be

Nestor Aparicio  19:25

that’s looking I said it’s not it sounds like a ninth inning problem. Oh, I get a pitch 1012 innings this month. No, no, no. It’s kind of like, well, my knee got screwed up. My knee atrophied. And then my other side went down and then you know,

Leonard Raskin  19:38

it affects your back and then you’re all out ration. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. You


Nestor Aparicio  19:43

lose a guy that could have been the Cy Young this year. And it’s the innings in October that I’m worried about. It’s not great from here till the end that they lose a game or two between now maybe cost them but it’s not going to they’re not going to not make the playoffs because of this. Not not win two games in a week, they would have won in October. And that’s really what they have to figure out in the next four or five weeks. That’s

Leonard Raskin  20:05

that’s all on the management team, Mike Elias and his crew to say, who’s going to be on board so that when it comes time to need it, we got it. And then it’s up to hide to bring the right guy in at the right time. And, and I was watching the game Sunday and I’m not a manager, you know, there’s always hindsight 2020 But as I was watching that game, I was thinking on Sunday after the first guys on second base and first base is open, I’m thinking walk that guy. Walk that guy, put two on get a double play. We’re good at that. Let’s move on. They don’t walk the guy he hits the ball they score the run and you know the rest is history. That’s not on Cano he pitched a good inning but they were quite Henderson they were right right. They were fighting all day Sunday to to pull that game against a pitcher who’s not good but was thing I love about this

Nestor Aparicio  21:00

team is that it really is like the song and 79 every night there’s a different star. Absolutely. You know whether it’s O’Hearn, whether it’s McCann whether it’s matteo whether it’s real, but he’s got somebody’s gonna do it. Somebody in the bullpen Webb’s look good on certain nights star earners I mean, Gunner hitting a home run in the eighth and beating up Cole Irvin he’s a six starter Grayson was no good. Now he’s back and, you know, Gibson’s getting it together again and even Flaherty did Okay son, you know, so I’m still bullish on this we have a foot next week right no Marlon Humphrey to start the thing Lamar is gonna throw left Lamar is gonna throw right there big favorites against Houston next week. And I’ve got my and this is for you. My 25th anniversary is kicking off here. And what we’re doing is we’re doing 25 stories of glory. And I want to share with you number 2525 is first things first September 1 1996 is the day that these signs were born. This is a free the birds the actual first sign I don’t know if I actually have it here. This was actually the second sign this was the spank the Yank sign came in later the next month right? Dump Trump he signs were the first signs after barbers say I hope I have one earlier. The dump Trump he signs were the first one I gotta go get one of those Klopper Cleveland came kind of early to you see the early signs. Were all all. Oriole relators of course, but these signs have become like what we’re famous for, you know, over the course of time. So this is number 25. Do you have any? You’ve gotten these signs of games?

Leonard Raskin  22:33


I’ve gotten them? I don’t have any I don’t. So I unlike you. You’re not a doctor? I’m not a collector. Okay, I am I am a perjure I lived with two collectors forever. No, you wouldn’t get to like, you know, you wouldn’t go away or say sign. Oh my goodness. So so let me tell you quick or say I don’t know if I relate this to you last week? I don’t think so. I happen to be flipping through the dial. And watching the Colts preseason for like two minutes. Okay. And in the booth, or say was in the booth talking to the announcers. And he had the unmitigated gall to talk they were talking about the is it the 40th anniversary? Yeah, no way or say the 40th anniversary of leaving Baltimore and how proud he was to come into the room and tell the guys that were in the room that the trucks were coming that night. And they were moving to India The deal was done. And they were having a celebration of 40 years in India this year and I was ready to puke on my television. And I well I’m

Nestor Aparicio  23:40

celebrating on September 1 which is Friday our 27th year of stealing the Browns right right. Screw you dunk Trump he signs which basically the same topic right sport right build build a museum build a museum now I have that too. But that was tangley a boo boo did the Orioles don’t realize we actually printed go Oriole science back in the day to Yeah, we did. I even have some Go Terps signs here that way. So people people need to be reminded of stories of glory is what we’re saying. So the theme for the 25 stories of glory that that are going to be released the next 25 weeks is time will not dim the glory of your deeds because it’s the people that made these happen that that’s right Andy signs out so time will not dim the glory of your deeds. We appreciate a tall 25 years and wait to get the number 24 And the shows at the bar and number 23 Our community charity

Leonard Raskin  24:42

barn still there is the bar is Das beer Haas right the barn has been gone by

Nestor Aparicio  24:49

18 years yours There’s no barn.


Leonard Raskin  24:51

How can that be? No bar. Yeah, I remember the days. So here’s a classic for you go ahead. I used to belong to A maryland baltimore crap Baltimore Maryland crab club. This This was such a great idea and I tried to resurrect it and I just couldn’t get enough people

Nestor Aparicio  25:11

to start a club so maybe listen, this is club.

Leonard Raskin  25:13

This is what we should do. We got to get this rolling. I’ve tried it just doesn’t let me hold up your crab mallet. Yes. Yes. So every friday from May June to October. Okay. A group of about 5060 Guys every Friday.

Nestor Aparicio  25:31


What’s your didn’t have wives? You didn’t have

Leonard Raskin  25:35

these guys? Yeah, jobs. response. I saw. I saw a great meme. Great meme on Facebook this weekend. Wait. I got I digress. Yeah, back in the day. To get together. Go to wait, wait, wait, wait, hang on. Hang on the meme. The meme was two guys sitting on the dock with fishing poles. You got that picture? All right. Gotcha. And, and the little bubble over the guy’s head said. She said tie me up and do whatever you want. So here I am. So anyway, these guys had wives. These were attorneys, and insurance guys and investment guys and accountants and doctors and everybody and at one o’clock on Friday afternoon. In the downstairs of the barn. There was a crab club, and we would go on Friday at one o’clock and from one to three. All you can eat crabs.

Nestor Aparicio  26:32

Quick. Did you hear bots everywhere? No.

Leonard Raskin  26:36

at the barn. The barn? Well, they


Nestor Aparicio  26:38

had great crabs. I mean, I’m not right about that. Right.

Leonard Raskin  26:40

And the point is, it was a group that got together you sat with different folks, you sat around and laughed and talked about the Orioles and, and the Ravens in the early days and and what was going on in the world and Baltimore and it was just a Hangout. And these were these were successful folks. And everybody used to hang out just have a good time he grabs. And so from that sprung a Second Club. The Second Club used to meet at Mike’s on the South River. And that was once a month. That’s way down there. Yeah, yeah. So I was looking to get a group of people that that would do once a month Friday. You don’t need to do every week. Once a month Brian I can guarantee

Nestor Aparicio  27:24

you the stomp them st sign this is from 1996 97 that this was in the barn and we could you could probably smell the crabs if

Leonard Raskin  27:33


you go Yeah, but but now they’re gone. It’s dusts dust German house sauce. Yeah, dust pretzels. DOS, DOS October fest.

Nestor Aparicio  27:43

Over there, as anybody knows, Scott, I’m trying to do a crab cake tour stop over there before old times sake to celebrate my 25th anniversary. So I’m trying to show together there in the fall. It’s just me Miss miscommunicate. He’s got two places on Bel Air. So I am trying to

Leonard Raskin  27:56

get to know I mean, what happened with the BART like Jimmy and Joe.

Nestor Aparicio  28:00

Well, you know, I don’t want to indict Joe. No, it doesn’t matter. I got a phone call in San Francisco in 2005. And he said I sold the barn and that was the end. Right? Right. It was literally in we did a show there and four or five at a place called southpaws, that name that that for five minutes. And I the last show I ever did there and I think this is true. Zeus, the original Orlando round was bad, right? The team and Oh 304 When before we had after the I thing that Cleveland, he I have a picture of me and him at southpaws. That kicker that kick forever gram canal was for a minute and a half. I had him at southpaws so there you go. It’s been a minute it’s been a minute


Leonard Raskin  28:47

wasn’t wasn’t a joke about him that this is terrible that he tried to kill himself. But he couldn’t kick the chair out from under him when he was gonna

Nestor Aparicio  28:57

cram get A’s kicked in elite 20 years and I know he’s, he’s, he’s a stud.

Leonard Raskin  29:01

He’s a stud. But when he was with us, he had like a terrible, terrible run. Yeah, that’s why

Nestor Aparicio  29:06

I mean, he was a he was a guy that Gary’s honor. When Gary’s honor was the special teams coach, one of Brian’s best friends. Yeah, I still follow special teams, kicking coordinator kind of guy and kicking game specialists. I think he brought him in so but hey, we’ll be we’re gonna be at Pappas this week. We’re gonna be at fadeless two weeks now we’re doing the Maryland crabcake tour. It is all presented by our friends at Rascon global I’ve got the crab claw our friends, window nation 10% off Labor Day 866 90. Nation buy to get to free and 10% more they’re doing that right now when their nation 866 90 nation and of course our friends at the Maryland lottery with the scratch offs Tuesday at Pappas with Anna Rhonda county executive Steuart Pittman, our 25 stories of glory are coming your way you can always find letter Raskin, Raskin as well as at the front of Baltimore positive makes you get your insurance together. That’s us wagging our finger at you On behalf of Felix Batista I am Nestor we are wn sta and 1570 Towson Baltimore we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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Yankees beat writer Pete Caldera of The Bergen Record talks all things of the summer winds of an amazing baseball pennant race in the American League East – and singing Sinatra show tunes off Broadway with Nestor at Faidley's on…

Let Luke Jones take you to Ravens summer training camp

Luke Jones takes Nestor to an early camp prep and attacks the Ravens summer offensive line issues in Owings Mills. The Maryland Crab Cake Tour includes a cameo from Leonard Raskin as our football and baseball passions converge in Baltimore…

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