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John Martin of The Maryland Lottery and Nestor discuss new summer scratch-offs and playing to win during the big 50th Anniversary celebration.


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John Martin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Looking back at W n s t, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively enjoying this weather we’re enjoying some baseball summertimes happening right now in the Maryland crab cake tours back out on the road. We have a dozen Mariela crabcake tour stops this summer. They’re all up at wn St. It’s all brought to you by our friends to Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away these 50th anniversary instant lottery scratch offs might give you some lucky sevens before it’s all over with also our friends at window nation 866 90 nation putting us on the road for our 25th anniversary as well. We’re going to be celebrating and John Martin is about to come on. I don’t want excuses for anybody to lie to you Ross dog any of you August 3, it’s our 25th anniversary. We’re going to be a cost this I know you know the way there because I’ve seen you there. And then on the fourth we’re going to be a drug city. So we’re going to kick it off and Dundalk on the third and the fourth with some cool programming some old stories and 25 years of wn st then we’re gonna go eat 25 oysters in September to celebrate John Martin joins us now from the Maryland lotteries director all things gaming and casino overseeing and sports wagering over casino and more than that this 50th anniversary, and it’s summertime and you guys are just like back into like some normal stuff for the first time in a couple of years. But there’s nothing normal about this 50th anniversary thing because you guys have stacked extra little things all summer long where people can win money like Barbara did with the Orioles a couple weeks ago.

John Martin  01:25

There is nothing normal about me or what we do here. When you look under normal idictionary My picture is not there. Wow. I

Nestor Aparicio  01:32

don’t know about that you got pretty normal office right now, but not a normal gig. But you’re rolling stuff out here. And we are diverse, we talked about this. But these plans that you laid start to you start turning the cards over, as they say, as a spring in the summer comes with new contests, new scratch offs, new things, but more than that just a year where you’re giving away more money than you’ve ever given away.

John Martin  01:53

You know that that is that’s and having more fun than anybody should be allowed. I always add that that’s my that’s my my trailer on that. But yeah, we have every seems like every week, something’s happening, something happening, whether it’s a new game, we’re launching a new promotion, a new scratch off. And of course, you can go to MD lottery.com. And see all of the things we’re doing here and our 50th anniversary year. But the fun part about it is when we get a chance to to announce winners. And when those winners have Second Chance drawings, or we’re big cash prizes. This week, we had a we had a run on our second chance winners. And these are people these are men and women who may not have won on their initial ticket but they submitted into their mind ladder rewards account. And regardless of whether it’s a Corvette Second Chance promotion, or a homerun riches promotion with with the O’s. These are people that are having some fun and I’m going to name a couple of people right here now who are really having a lot of fun. And these are people who are our finalists, for our 50th anniversary cash bash, which is already won money, right? They’re already on the good side of this right? Well, yes, but they don’t know how much they’ve won yet, because they’ve been selected to come to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in September for a live event, there will be 10 of them. And we have selected six people so far, we have four more to drawings of two weeks to get our pool of 10 people and they will all win cash money when they come to the fair and one of them will have the opportunity to play for up to $5 million. I keep saying that every time like as sad

Nestor Aparicio  03:31

as this work you go to the fair on this day the winners there’s two but there’ll be four more they’re gonna be there. I want to come out I want to see the look on somebody’s face when because somebody there is going to win a whole lot of money right? Well, that’s a

John Martin  03:44

good point. And as we get closer we’ll finalize with our friends at the fairgrounds as to what the time and the place and location will be for at that event but it will be at at a live event at the

Nestor Aparicio  03:55

event right like the absolute was gonna beat the bring their friends, because I know what you do with the ravens and given away the price that kind of happens on the field. And there’s a couple of people there and but but this is this is a this is in front of everybody that somebody could win 5 million is that the right number

John Martin  04:11

$5 million. And this week, we welcomed the two latest contestants, Connie Plater of Oxon Hill, Maryland, and Benita Klein of Forest Hill, Maryland. Now those two will join a Anita carkey of montgomery village and Jacqueline Cayuga of Arnold. And they will be joined by Virginia male Holland of Berlin and Belinda Parsons of Salusbury. So so far six I believe they’re all women. If I go through my roster here lucky women. Wow, wow. Wow. Wow. So we have a four more people to go. And those 10 people will all show up on a Saturday at the fairgrounds and we’ll we’ll get from 10 Down to five will be like a semifinal round. And those five will select one. And that one person will have a chance to win up to $5 million. And it all happens live,

Nestor Aparicio  05:08

where you’ve been a lottery business a long time back to before it was like completely digitized with apps and like all of that that people can do. My wife downloads the my lottery words, and I chose placed the jackpot she checks her tickets with the app, the second chance part of this that you guys have really stressed all right, you know, when I give these away all the time was given away at the local last week, I’ll be giving away Pappus in a couple of weeks down in Glen Burnie. And people, some people went a couple blocks and people don’t win. But all of these are immediately eligible, what percentage of people and tickets do actually wind up in a second chance? Because everybody could do it. But not everybody does do it, I would almost think like your odds are almost better in the second chance to some degree, because not everybody does it. I just think that would be that would just go without saying not everybody knows about it. Sure, try to get everybody to know about it. But not everybody takes advantage of it. And there’s a lot of money to be made, even if you lost

John Martin  06:06

well, and not only money, but experiences and I’m going to share with you another fun thing we do from time to time. This is on our mind lottery rewards. portion of our of our website, we are offering vacation trips when and choose your own vacation. But other than not just a vacation. They are special events, you have the choice of going to the ESPY Awards, okay, the American Music Awards, or the Primetime Emmy Awards. And all you have to do is if you’ve been saving up points in your My lottery rewards account is 50 draw points, we’ll get you one entry into this drawing. And you then select which of those three destinations best fit your appetite. American Music

Nestor Aparicio  06:55

Awards, I’ll tell you right now because I like music and there’s live music there and bands come to play. Yes, I would. So what I would do.

John Martin  07:00

Well, there you go. Then if you do if you were to choose that let me let me give you the deets on that as the kids say,

Nestor Aparicio  07:06

let me give you the DE LA or is that in Nashville was that in Vegas? Where is that?

John Martin  07:11

That is in beautiful Los Angeles. California. never rains in Southern California. Oh, no hit don’t. What the the four day three night stay in Los Angeles. I don’t know why we need to have this breakfast daily, which is a good thing I suppose. Yeah, to orchestra level tickets to the 2024 American Music Awards. The date is TBD. And it includes roundtrip airfare and $500. Spending money. Okay, if

Nestor Aparicio  07:45

it’s in the middle of the Orioles World Series, I can’t do it. But other than that,

John Martin  07:49

and nice, nice. But let’s say let’s say No way. Let’s say you’re not the musical aficionado that you are someone says now you know that’s not my bag. You can do the Primetime Emmy Awards. Also in Los Angeles, also watch a lot

Nestor Aparicio  08:04

of TV so that guy wouldn’t know all the celebrities there and the ESPYs I would know all of them. But like, you know, I just I’m in a sport. I’m I’ve done sports for enough. I want music. Your music for 200. John?

John Martin  08:17

Yeah. This sport, you’re not wowed by sports. You’ve seen the other side of the sports. Have you seen some things? Nestor?

Nestor Aparicio  08:23

I know things I do. Yes. Thanks. SBS is also always like in July, right? It’s always the day after the all star game is it? I don’t know. I don’t know when these things are. And that the ESPYs are my Am I losing my mind was that is that after that, hey,

John Martin  08:37

I’m just the man with the trips. I don’t know if somebody else worked out all those things. But you know, those those are fun things. Because when you think about Maryland lottery, you think about cash. Hopefully think about entertainment, you think about playing responsibly. You don’t think about the American Music Awards, the ESPYs or the primetime Emmys,

Nestor Aparicio  08:54

no one ever thought about is getting my wife a Corvette. And you’ve been pitching that to me, my buddy, one of my childhood friends, he his whole life. He’s my age. You always love cars. He bought himself a 67 of that, you know, like literally the other day. I saw it online. I said gotta take my wife for a ride. But I can come in and I’m thinking hey man, lotteries. We got Corvettes happening all summer. It’s Corvette summer, man.

John Martin  09:18

Yeah, that’s that’s fun. And you know what else is fun? When people when go to MD lottery.com. You can hear the story of a young man. I say young, maybe relatively speaking. He’s got a beard that kind of looks like me.

Nestor Aparicio  09:31

You’re younger than mine. And they’re young.

John Martin  09:33

He was on our new hot sevens. You talked about the sevens games are new hot sevens. tripolar game he won $50,000 goes by the name of Greg. Whether that’s his real name or not, or maybe it’s just as his lottery winning name, I don’t know. But in rockville 150 $1,000 He’s having fun with that. We also have people that have won Fast play $100,000 fast play winner young lady just before she got married I mean literally not just before but in advance a week or so before he gets married decides to buy a fast play ticket $100,000 winner

Nestor Aparicio  10:13

and makes a nice honeymoon. It does it does. here here’s one that’s interesting I can

John Martin  10:19

I can picture this around the F ratio household husband and wife scratch off team. Okay. You know they apparently their routine in Carroll County is to get get some scratch offs at the end of the week. And they sit there I guess if that the kitchen table ones on one side ones on the other. They use a

Nestor Aparicio  10:37

scratch or they use a nickel or a penny. I would never use a quarter or a dime because it has that edge on the you know what I mean? Like? I don’t like to I was always afraid of scratching off my winnings. Yeah, scratching too hard, you know?

John Martin  10:50

Wow. Wow. Wow. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s an interesting debate.

Nestor Aparicio  10:54

I will debate this many times. It’s the what people used to scratch their thing. And I’ve seen I give these away and establishments John you know, this, you know, you sanction this. And everybody’s got a different technique about how they’re scratching off. And they all hold to me that I when I’m like, check the app get the that’s what I tell them to do. So everybody’s got a different scratching thing they really do. So they went

John Martin  11:17

and bought a an equal number of tickets because you know, they both have the same number I imagined ready said go and they start scratching feverishly. and Mrs. Wins $100,000 on the money big multiplier, instant scratch off ticket. No report of what Mr. One. But Mrs. Lucky here $100,000. But that’s a fun time,

Nestor Aparicio  11:43

you know, gifts. That is I gave a ticket away about a year and a half ago it cost this and someone won 100 bucks. And they they jumped up they screened it. We took pictures. It was a good time. But I’m thinking 200 bucks. It was a lot of excitement for 100 bucks. Right, but 100 grand. Wow. You know, like, I mean, it really is. It’s I’m saying life altering, but it certainly changes. If I wake up with $100,000 more tomorrow it would change my perspective on things for sure. Oh, sure.

John Martin  12:12

Absolutely. What Why wouldn’t it right. I mean, it certainly are some problems, right? Yeah, yeah, jackpots are rolling, they continue to steadily climb there. We’re now at this point. And we seem to be doing more of this lately. Whether they’re real close, they just kind of go up like one over the other. They’re both in the the mid to upper $200,000 range the or $200 million range rather Powerball when as as we are having this conversation is up at $285 million. And the jackpot for tonight’s megamillions is to 18 should no win win tonight. It will be a 240 and hopefully they’ll both kind of run because last year about this time, the megamillions really started to distance itself and we had a billion dollar plus jackpot and Mega Millions last July. I remember it well. So well. We’ll see accelerates more

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

as it goes up. Right like Oh, absolutely. Like my wife get crazy. Once it gets to four or 500 million. It feels like it gets to seven or eight a lot quicker then it goes from two to three.

John Martin  13:13

Oh, yes. No doubt, no doubt there’s absolutely a lot more enthusiasm for it. As the numbers get higher up the food chain. There’s no doubt about that.

Nestor Aparicio  13:21

I remember a time when I married my wife 20 years ago 100 million would get her to play. Now you start talking mid twos getting up one three. I don’t know what the difference would be because my tastes aren’t like I’m done doll John, you know me, if I win, I’m, I’m not gonna eat more or less crabs or lift differently, but I would change my perspective. And every time my wife buys a ticket when it’s 600 $800 million. It It definitely changes things in regard you can when you can be lucky as well. We’re gonna be doing the Maryland crap before we take it out on the road. Brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I’ll be giving these away in a dozen different locations this summer. The crabcake tour moves on and then the oyster tour our 25th anniversary all happening this summer. Any casino sports wagering updates any news that I need to know about because you’ve talked about it inching closer to football season? We have the mandatories Luke’s gonna be out knowings Mills all week as well. And then football shuts down and then football rubs up again. And it happens very, very quickly. And that really is we’re finding out and I guess here two and a half now of sports wagering here that it’s football Sundays that really the reason it was built, it’s the it’s the the linchpin of all of these things is getting things ready for football season.

John Martin  14:32

Last week, we quietly relatively speaking, quietly, sanctioned, authorized licensed I guess is the word I should use licensed another mobile sports book fanatics and the phonetics folks were licensed originally, or initially as a retail operation at fedexfield. The first sports book with In the confines of an NFL Stadium was right there in Landover at the anywhere in the country, right? Yeah, anywhere in the country was here at it fedexfield. And that was under new ownership.

Nestor Aparicio  15:11

I just want to put that out. I’m just throwing that in there. Washington football fans getting ready to get back on a bandwagon, you know. Former fan said, Hey, man, one year, they’re gonna start the year eight and two, and it’s just gonna be like, it was in 1985. And I’m like, This is me. This is a salty Raven fan. And me just like, I’m not mad at those folks. But they did have the first casino inside the excuse me

John Martin  15:36

sporting the first sports inside a football stadium. Yes, it was, what is that that’s something they can’t take away from them. That’s what they had

Nestor Aparicio  15:44

cheap shots, it gets the fans in there now is what I would say. Yeah.

John Martin  15:47

And that was back in January. But just last week, they completed their, all the paperwork, and they’re successfully launched their mobile app for fanatics. So that now brings us up to 10 Mobile sports books and 10, retail sportsbooks. So that gives us again, tenant 10, I can do that math, we have 20 sports books in operation today, we’ve got another 10 to 12. They’re in the pipeline. And that pipeline has slowed. And I feel like we don’t know why except for the fact that, again, the calendar is slow, there’s, there’s no incentive for someone to run out and open up a sports book, quite frankly, in the middle of June, July, you know, when when the when, when most of the betting folks are are really looking very heavily at it at the at the calendar. And you’re right, it will pick up again in football season. And so I expect a couple more people to come on online. But we are certainly way off of the initial numbers of licenses. And I don’t think we’ll ever, you know, there’s no reason for us to get to 100 licenses, which is what we had authorized in legislation. But you know, when when we get to the end of this calendar year, and we’ve got this No 2023 Full year under our belt, we’ll see a more normally normalization of leveling off of the wagering and more importantly, the revenue to the state and

Nestor Aparicio  17:16

offerings just to bring bring everybody up to speed. We talked about this for a long period of time, there’s initial, give us $1, we’ll give you $200 in value and all of that, that’s going to dry up right that that that was a first time out of the gate kind of thing. And part of that was it sort of skirted the tax situation. And and it was it was an initial offer, but after that full on, because that’s how the state makes its money. That’s how your agency it’s one why it exists, right?

John Martin  17:45

Absolutely, that’s why it exists. And I dry up maybe too, too strong a take on it, because I fully expect when the season starts, I expect the the big boys to again, throw some money at it just to to steal a percentage point of market share from the other guys, but it’s certainly not going to be as as wild and crazy as it was. Because in 2024, that number of spend that money they spent in 2023 will really be the the leverage point for what they can spend in 2024. So if they spend all this promotional money in 2023, they won’t be able to spend hardly anything in 2024. So there, they’ve already started to come way back down, which is good for both them and in the industry and certainly good for the tax revenue. So that’s why I think you know, 2024 will be a much quieter year with the volatility of these offers, but you may still see people read more so I’ll get into a little bit of a market share war, as certainly things on the calendar heat up and that most notably is going to be football.

Nestor Aparicio  18:53

John Martin is here from the Maryland lottery. They’re celebrating 50 years of these lottery tickets in winter, so I’ll be giving these away on the Maryland crab cake tour. All summer long. Anything left on the 50th anniversary want to throw in here because I know every weekend it was wine in the woods couple weeks ago, you guys were out at the Preakness you’re doing all of this stuff. We’re gonna be at the Maryland fair. But summertime heats festivals it means getting out and doing things and I know your team’s gonna be spinning wheels. Don’t we couldn’t do it. 21 and 20 and, you know, promote the Maryland lottery out on the street as summer is here. And it’s time for crabs and crab cakes.

John Martin  19:27

Yeah, just about every weekend and again, people can go to Mt lottery.com and see where we are specifically. But coming up here in the month of June. We have a hunt Fest this weekend. A fan favorite in the Hampton neighborhood. We’ll be out in Westminster on the 17th and we’ll also believe we think we’ll be at the O’s mariners game. June 24. So we’ll be out and about you can find us just about every weekend through the summer. At some event of course the the crown jewel is The Maryland state fairs I mentioned where we pay off on our big 50th anniversary cash patch. But other than that, I mean there are things now it’s it’s all the products really had been launched. I mean, the scratch off tickets are in the marketplace. The promotions have come and gone. We are big, May 24 50th anniversary day celebration worth over a million dollars was one bag. It was played really

Nestor Aparicio  20:25

off that day or the numbers. I mean, that was like a soup. It was.

John Martin  20:30

Yeah, it was a good thing for for players for the lottery. And yeah, we were

Nestor Aparicio  20:36

one day all in weird Wednesday, you didn’t pick the day the day picked itself because it was the fifth anniversary. Right? And I know you guys promoted the heck out of it. I’m thinking that’s a day we’re like, Yeah, go on playing the moose a lot of bonus to play on that day and that they only right.

John Martin  20:51

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, people had a lot of fun with it. And, you know, I don’t know that there’ll be another one next year. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t count on that being

Nestor Aparicio  21:01

51st anniversary.

John Martin  21:02

I don’t know about that. But yeah, it was it was fun. It was good. And people had a good time. And we’re pleased that it went so well.

Nestor Aparicio  21:11

John Martin is here. He will be back in a couple of weeks. There’s a rumor that he’s going to have a whole new motif behind him. Seth Elkins gonna be joining us next week to talk all things Maryland lottery. Make sure you’re setting your dial in your dates for everything we’re doing with our friends at the Maryland lottery to get out have crab cakes all throughout the community. We’re gonna be spirits West, which is right around the corner from the Maryland lottery location and Wilkins Avenue. We’re also going to be chant. It’s probably later on in the month with Baltimore County Executive Johnny oh, we’re moving around. We’re going to be Pappas and Glen Burnie with Anna Rondo county executive Steuart Pittman. So we are moving the crabcake tour around it’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation as well. 866 90 nation always pleasure to have John on the program. It’s summer. I’m here. You’re here. We’re here. We’re there. But we’ll get together again in a couple of weeks. Always good to visit with you, John. Thanks for coming on. Thanks, Nestor.

John Martin  21:57

Talk to you soon.

Nestor Aparicio  21:58

John Mark for the Maryland lottery pitting a du loup challenges at Oriole Park at Camden Yards all weekend long. We’ve had great conversations here with Will Graves and Jeff Montgomery and others in regards to the royal series as well as the Orioles or excuse me the Ravens making their way out onto the field in Owings Mills for real next week. So mandatories Lamar Jackson will be heard from everybody in the organization you heard from so make sure you’re tuning us in for sports as well and setting a place on your dial at am 1570 We are wn st am 57 he vows to Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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