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Putting and playing golf for Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital

Leonard Raskin and Nestor go golfing for the kids at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital with Mike Bordick at Hayfields on a beautiful spring day in Hunt Valley.


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back, WN S T, Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive, positively beautiful summer like week around your heels coming home this weekend, we are taking the Maryland crabcake tour out on the road with our friends at the Maryland lottery, there are a bevy of dates, I have the commercial on the air, everything’s up at Baltimore positive, I could start spouting them all out, including our 25th anniversary on August 3, we’re gonna be doing that over at drugs and it’s all brought to you by our friends at weathernation 866 90. They should you buy two you get two free two years 0% financing, no better time to now save some money on your your your air conditioning bills as it gets a little warmer, had runny air condition much. But it’s nice to have new windows, the cat loves the new windows, I love the new screens. I like the ease of cleaning to take pictures of the birds, big appreciation window nation, we have great spots render all all over the place. And one of the really cool parts of all of our sponsors is all of them do cool things in the community as well. And on Monday, I had a chance to go out and participate in something that I don’t do. Everybody that knows me knows I don’t do it for sport. I don’t do it for pleasure. I’ll do it for charity in the community. We went to a golf course we were up at hayfields on Monday spending the day with the good folks of the Mount Washington pediatric hospital. It is the second time I’ve been out to participate. But Len Raskin has been a longtime sponsor, not only of their golf tournament, but of all of the good deeds that they do when you drive down 83 Leonard and you have to slow down because you know, Brandon’s gonna give you a ticket down there by WP al you look up on the right. And there it is the Mount Washington pediatric hospital, appreciate you inviting me out. And I know this is this is one that hits near and dear to your heart. It’s your big thing every year that you do. And we ordered just perfect weather up


Leonard Raskin  01:44

in hot Valley didn’t we? Monday was a beautiful day all around the golf course was lovely. The grass was green, the breeze was brisk. The balls were flying, and the cash was rolling in. And that’s what we care about a lot of money raised for a great local hospital that does great work, and sold out, sold out sold out. And I think I mean, we’ll we’ll get the results in a week or so I don’t know exactly when they come out with all the dollars come in. But I will bet that it was the largest money raised the hospitals had from a golf tournament ever. And we’re very proud to have been the presenting sponsor for that event. It is an absolute joy, great charity, great hospital, they do great work for kids in the Baltimore area and surrounds. And I think the majority, certainly the majority, I don’t know if it’s the vast majority, but the majority of kids that end up in Mount Washington families aren’t able to afford the care. And so our dollars go a long way to pay for care for kids that need it so desperately and don’t have the wherewithal to fund it. So

Nestor Aparicio  02:57

we saw this in the hospital and Jennette cancer, you know, where people couldn’t afford to be there and couldn’t afford drugs and their insurance wouldn’t pay for the right drugs. And Lord knows if this happens to a child and your family and you don’t have the means

Leonard Raskin  03:10

wipe, wipes you out, wipes you out. And and so financially, it’s something we’re we’re very blessed to have. We talked about Matthew all the time to have a very healthy child. Now 21 year old child, I hear your healthy dog to hear the healthy dog. But a lot of people unfortunately don’t. And we have the wherewithal to support and to give to a cause that we care about helping kids get well and helping help helping families have Well, kids. And so we step up and we support the hospital. And as you

Nestor Aparicio  03:47


meet the people that are success stories there to people who’ve been through that journey parents, now young people who survived that journey and made it through Mt. Washington pediatric hospital. They’ve had generations now of doing this new leadership coming in as well. At the hospital,

Leonard Raskin  04:02

a new CEO, new CEO with 100 and first year, Shelly Stein, who was the CEO for the last I think 28 years. Wow, retired last year. And we’ve got a new leader coming into the hospital. So we’ve got Scott Klein coming in from New York. Dr. Let’s make it clear Dr. Scott Klein coming in from New York to be the new CEO of the hospital President CEO. He was out of the course hitting the ball. So he got to spend some time with some benefactors for the hospitals some some people that gave money some people that were guests to people that gave money and he hits a good golf ball so that’s good too.

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

Well listen, I am far be it for me to smooch on you even though you are sponsoring we’re partners and friends but I had no idea you had any golf game right like I have no kid about your your lack of athletic prowess that yes, okay. Just go on money and take care of the American dream. Take care. Global fine. I go out, I ride on a car with you for a couple hours and you have a putter with you. Yes. And like I’m not taking you seriously and I didn’t go with you. Two years ago. We all had masks. I remember 21 It was cold. It was chilly. It was in April. I was out there with Shirley from Radcliffe jewelers a couple of it, but I sat on one hole and help judge the hole in one so I didn’t spend the day with you. And this time around. We spent a few hours together and you’re taking a little Potter out. And I’m like And you talk all this issue about Ocean City and old pro golf and you know all the putt pucks down on the coast

Leonard Raskin  05:35

with the windmill in the clouds mouth baby. Lots of


Nestor Aparicio  05:38

really good Potter. Like I was shocked at how good you put it.

Leonard Raskin  05:42

I can put with the best of them. It’s a putt for dough. So I’m the dough. I’m all about the dough.

Nestor Aparicio  05:48

I could not take you see you would have shocked me had I you know, gone.

Leonard Raskin  05:54


I’ve gotten to lots of these charity tournaments over the years. And some niche. That’s right, as long as

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

Are you an executive one of those will fake all things in your office.

Leonard Raskin  06:06

Practice nothing look like you practice practice. Yes. Monday was the first time out hitting the stick. I own one golf club. It’s a putter and and quick story on that. This goes back. Oh my god. 35 years, maybe 35 years. He tells me if I picked up a text and hit him with a number. But a best friend from college was best man at my wedding in his wedding. So he’s a golf guy. He’s lacrosse guy. He’s a Baltimore guy through and through. And he gave all of his groomsmen a putter you know, you give the gift for the guys that are in your writing.

Nestor Aparicio  06:50

Right, right. Which, at the time beer probably,


Leonard Raskin  06:54

you know, I don’t know what you give or get. I have no idea these days. They probably give him iPads. I don’t know. But he gave each guy that was in the wedding a putter. And so the putter I use is 30 some five years old. It’s the only cutter you’ve ever swung with. That’s right. It’s not one of these newfangled everything directly. Whatever. And, and I’m the guy who takes his own puttered mini golf. I use my putter at mini golf. So I bring out the putter.

Nestor Aparicio  07:28

So there is something about this, that you’ve been swinging the same putter for 35 years that you have gotten decent at putting

Leonard Raskin  07:33

Yes. And so I bring it out a couple of times a year, especially for Mount Washington when we do the charity golf tournament. And since we are the title sponsor of the tournament, I feel I have the the right to impose on foursomes that I will put with them. And what’s funny is, every every not every one but at least half at least half of the foursomes that I wrote up on and putted with, they say so, so you’re gonna put I’m like yeah, I’m gonna put they said, and if it goes in, it counts for us. Like yeah, I count.

Nestor Aparicio  08:10


I sponsor the tournament. I make the rules I

Leonard Raskin  08:12

count. It’s like if you have if you have the guy who some of these tournaments they have the long hitter, the long driver you pay 10 bucks and this guy drives the ball, and he crushes it and you can play his ball.

Nestor Aparicio  08:25

It’s cool like you’re out there you were putting for birdie on a couple of holes, right

Leonard Raskin  08:29

eagles. Eagles couple birdies.


Nestor Aparicio  08:32

Okay, a couple of referees get the ball up there. So I watched you do it. You almost sank one. That was a I mean, it was a 28 foot down. Crazy pot. And I thought it was because I grew up with you all day and right when I were sort of cracking as I was drinking some Powerade cracking some we don’t golf why we don’t what right you’re, you’re from the wrong side of Reisterstown off on the wrong side of Dundalk. We did. We didn’t golf and nobody in our neighborhood golf. parents didn’t go like so I get an honest look Billick shad upon golf here on the air for 20 years. And now Dave’s life right. You know, once you turn 65 The light went on for him. Six I watched him swing a golf club and I watched Kyle bowler and Todd heap laugh at him. You know like literally if you’re gonna him what I did with you the other day is to ride around on his golf court or on his on the golf cart with him all day serving beer and laughing at golfers for taking it so seriously. But then I saw your pot and I mean this like I didn’t. I mean you and I are friends but we don’t do like lots of stuff in the real world but I noticed that you really like putting like you’re a guy that if you go to like my wife every time we go to Ocean City, she wants to go play pot pot. And I I don’t dislike pot pot like I’m fine with pot pie decent, right? But it just feels like in Ocean City. It’s really hot out in the afternoon. It’s 18 holes are screaming kids.

Leonard Raskin  10:00

Go to the dinosaur. Hey, go to the indoor dinosaur. I think it is. I will be

Nestor Aparicio  10:06

really honest with you. I don’t love it. It’s something I would do I figure if if I have grandkids, like there’s gonna come a point in my life where I’ll get back out onto the putput thing. And I told you the story. I told my audience the story because I bet nobody knows this index at North Carolina in the 90s. My son and I went down and Next it was very like it was horses dunes. Like Reagan White Marsh, you know, it’s crazy, right? But back then we pulled in on the bridge to Nags Head, and on the left side, I’ll never forget this. My son looked down. And we saw a puppet course and he was 11 years old at the time. And it it did not have dinosaurs. It didn’t have windmills didn’t have clowns. It didn’t have anything. It was literally 18 bikini wax greens with little lakes and little like it was a and some of them were par fives and they literally were at 100 It was a big golf course. That was a green putt putt course without gimmicks or it’s great now it’s a condo when you’re 40 years later you gonna see but I I love that like that would be fun for me more fun than being on the coastal highway McLeod’s hit the ball. Yeah, yes. But like, I saw a love of something like, oh, it’s really you get out there and you’re serious and you joke about it but like you’ve hit the golf ball, like putt putt is something that you do it every summer, right? Yeah, we

Leonard Raskin  11:34


go we go absolutely. We go at least once a summer we go to places and Fenwick we go to places in Ocean City. We go to places and Bethany. As a family three of us probably hit every course down there at one point and just have fun. Just get out and spend an afternoon a couple hours wasn’t even your kids bucket list to hit every pot pot not I don’t know about bucket list, but he wanted to hit every mini golf courses and down at the beach. So we’ve we’ve done our share we’ve gotten to just about everyone

Nestor Aparicio  12:01

there are between the and let’s say from Dewey Beach, or Rehoboth even

Leonard Raskin  12:07

got to be 50 they ought to be easily and some of them are tucked away. One of them’s tucked away in Bethany in the inland of Bethany, inside of a building there’s this little teeny 18 hole thing that’s I don’t want to say it’s dreadful, but it’s just no fun. But we played there to

Nestor Aparicio  12:27

play Tom Mitchell because you were on the west Yeah, Tom Mitchell’s it Perry behind were like the Popeyes in the Starbucks across from like the wise market. It’s seven quarts there was on chopper road at Joppa. And like we’re seven quarts like there was a mini golf course there for all of my childhood. And then when I moved to Whitemarsh, my son went to high school right so we’re talking at the turn of the century. That course was there my son and I would go down there and play putt putt i that a putt putt hater just at this point in my life, when my wife and I were in Ocean City for a day or two not a week, we never had that long they’re like it’s something that if I’m there 48 hours she wants to spend two or three and I’m more like the beach or do something else in Ocean City that’s I get


Leonard Raskin  13:13

it. The reason we’ve done it it’s not because we ventured down to do it. It’s because we have a place and Bethany and we’re there and so when we’re there it’s just home kick was 12 and 14 It’s not vacation it’s just we were there and hanging out and he would have a friend down with him and we would go play for the day and hang out we have the wife sister lives down there so they have kids and we would just go out for the day and play a day apart but we go bowling you know we go up to the bowling alley for a day we go to a movie It’s just like being home except we’re not home. So home up here doesn’t have a lot of courses or at home down there does so we play but I’m not super serious. But I want to I have a good time I roll up on people and shock them. And since I’m sponsoring the tournament I introduced myself and Minnesota Raskin is what I’m going to go there you go, Augusta. Let’s go Augusta Augusta Ross Oh Guster asking what they say? They say putt for dough. So I watch these people and half of them. You know I roll up at the at the tee box and they offer me a shot with their driver. I’m like no, I don’t I don’t hit the driver. I don’t hit the iron. I couldn’t. I’ve never I won’t hit the putter, that’s it.

Nestor Aparicio  14:32

My back’s such at a point where like watching guys torque and make a move that really would probably wouldn’t go well for me if I did it. So I put it a couple of times but like I can hit the golf ball I kind of enjoy hitting it well with a three you know, boom, you know, yeah, take off. Go to 25 Try to I mean, I like I like that part of it. I just don’t like anybody that knows me would know five hours of me driving around on a car just it was just not in my purse was

Leonard Raskin  15:01

a long day. It was about a little over a five hour round a golf and I wrote up on, I don’t know 20 I don’t know how many were out there, but I think I hit with every foursome on the course. So I posted a bunch of holes a couple times where I was I was one for the day. You psych one one for the day, but I Oh, I was so I understand how frustrating golf can be literally just from watching and putting because I stood over a few putts that absolutely were right on target. And then at the last inst off to the left off to the right when it hasn’t rained the whole you know, everything’s terrible, terrible, but it was. It’s so frustrating. And to see these guys out there, you know, making birdie at one hole. They made an eagle it was beautiful. So it was a great day it was it was I said again a gorgeous day we had compliments of of you. We had Mike bordick out there for the

Nestor Aparicio  15:56


talk about that because I want to we haven’t said Paula brags name. So let me just get Paul’s name in Paula. I’ve known Paula forever with Big Brothers Big Sisters from 25 years ago. And she puts the tournament together and she’s doing awesome. And it was just it was a really lovely, perfect day for Mount Washington. But I would also say for you know what they do year round. I mean Paula’s in on this, and I want to make sure she gets some love. And she reached me and you reached me a month or two ago and said, hey, you know, Brian Billick is he and I said Brian’s in Minnesota. You know, like literally it’s, it’s what he’s golfing. Yeah, he’s golfing today. He’s in Minnesota on a on his lake house that you saw in hard knocks 100 years ago. That’s where he spends a lot of his summer up by International Falls. And I said, You know what, I’m going to ask Mike bordick and Mike bordick. I just want to go on record because I don’t talk enough about this. And borderstan the show and often he’ll do the show anytime I asked. And he’s, you know, working over to competitors doing all that but he did a just big feline Association. Adoption with me up at Adams cheap was wonderful last month, and I reached the mic and I don’t even have to call Mike I text Mike and say, Hey, buddy, I got a golf tournament on Wednesday. What’s it from at Washington, Chick kids chum there? And that report he is. And I went back and forth with Paul because I was going to the yoga studio when bordick was showing up. I was there in the morning. He was there in the afternoon. And he hit me and I hit him back. And when it’s all over, they hit Paul Mike, how did it go? Knowing it’s gonna go great with my board. Right, right. And she and I got into this back and forth about what a incredible human he is. And to the community, great guy. And I said what a legacy that the two of us are gossiping about what a great human. Mike bordick is. So give me your mic board. Because you and I have talked about this at all, because I know I taught him to look for you and look for Paul. Yeah, yeah. He was happy to be he’s just such a good man, Mike.

Leonard Raskin  17:46

Absolutely. Absolutely. And he played. He played in a tournament just two weeks ago for the Boy Scouts. Okay, so he was out there playing in that tournament. And, you know, I look we’ve talked about the Ravens. We’ve talked about the Orioles and the way they handle their business. And this is a case of what the heck are they thinking? You know, as as we’ve seen with other things, but the Orioles have so many great, great legacy asset. It’s hard, horrible to call them that but players that played for this team that are so involved in the community, community asset right. So giving of their time and willing to step out and represent the organization. And yet the organization has just dumped them overboard if you will, and said we don’t we don’t really have a use

Nestor Aparicio  18:42

for I saw BJ surhoff. I was at the down at Lexington market for the crap. Yeah. PJ one button and BJ he talked about competitive to the beach is really competitive. They all are like it very soon they would they would kill you if you beat him in checkers. Like you said the crab race. Told you once to ask Dan Charles if I’m competitive, you know, yes. My competitors if I’m competitive. Yeah. I’m not competitive. Crab races. J anything.

Leonard Raskin  19:12

Pick That’s right. These guys go at you from from start one. But Mike is is such a cool guy. We were there we chatted for a little while. He he strolled around the dinner the evening dinner. He sat down at almost every table with with the with the people with the players. People were taking selfies. He’s I’m sure telling stories. People were talking about how great he was and how great it was to watch him. How great it was to listen to humble individual. He is


Nestor Aparicio  19:43

civility you and I may not be on the higher arc of all of that because we like ourselves. But you know, Mike bordick never tells you how good a play baseball player he was. That’s right. People tell him and I just I want to go on and on and on board because I haven’t done a lot of that I do in front of him and I Tell him how special he is. But he really especially I my great,

Leonard Raskin  20:03

great guy. And it’s a shame that the that the organization doesn’t use its community assets, better to pray

Nestor Aparicio  20:11

and Macavity asset for the ball team if they my last name is Aparicio. Yeah, right, I’m not going anywhere, despite the I still be here when Peters gone.

Leonard Raskin  20:19


That’s it. But to utilize these guys better in the community, I mean, he could have been there, not just as your guest as my friend, but he could have been there also with an Oreo hat he could have had, he could have had the new, the new Baltimore, community jersey, right?

Nestor Aparicio  20:40

Well, here’s an amazing team to send a guy like him out to that kind of a tournament and all and if he had a pocket full of tickets and just gave everybody a two pack or a four pack for something, they’re not selling out that they’re not selling out on a Wednesday afternoon, give some outfield tickets away and let some people who invite people with some money back, go to a stadium there’s maybe get get given given the call about

Leonard Raskin  21:07

marketing, talk about understanding marketing. And like I said two weeks ago, he’s played in a Boy Scout tournament. Monday, he’s out at Mt. Washington pediatric hospital and he’s representing Mike bordick. And who he is and it’s fantastic. He was not representing the Orioles.

Nestor Aparicio  21:24

board. If anybody in my audience sees Mike bordick Tell him what I said about Mike bordick Mike Ward is a special guy he


Leonard Raskin  21:33

ran and and pick up the phone and call the Orioles and ask him what the heck they’re thinking. You know, he was he was summarily released. How do

Nestor Aparicio  21:41

you pick up the phone? That letter? This is I’m gonna get I’m gonna get I’m gonna get nasty yesterday. And you’re right now but yeah, you’re the fifth guy, including a bank president in the last two weeks that said to me, can’t you just pick up the known? Like, no, you cannot. So someone emailed me and said Why Why can’t you fix things with the Orioles and right. Greg Bader and Chad Steele Have you met John Angelos and Steve shotty? Like me, are you serious? Right isn’t

Leonard Raskin  22:13

fix that way. I’m talking about fans calling the I’m talking about like I your immediate

Nestor Aparicio  22:23


letter Raskin, your piston Esther’s thrown out your piston board. Go ahead. You look down there. And you can even find anyone

Leonard Raskin  22:32

know that I’ve sent the Ravens emails about things in the past that I am a club level PSL season ticket holder and have gotten no response.

Nestor Aparicio  22:44

So if you write to them and say what are you doing throw investor out they do what nothing, they don’t even talk about that’s an arrogance that’s on a different level. They don’t even do that managing people’s money. I can’t do that. Only the front facing

Leonard Raskin  23:01

at the Orioles. But but the fact that Rick Dempsey is thrown to the side Mike board is thrown to the side, you know, these are assets that the community loves. And there is just no reason for these guys not to be like I said, we said not representing themselves in their honor and their dignity in the world. But representing this team. You know, Where’s Adam Jones these days? Ah, you know, the guy was phenomenal for how many years?


Nestor Aparicio  23:32

Well, I mean, what it’s really going to take here and I probably should speak up about it. It’s gonna take a new owner. It’s gonna take a different family on the front of it for everyone. And look, we’ll go into this next week and we will because I got add a hell of an email. I woke up to it and I am on Monday morning that day, your golf tournament. I woke up a longtime fan wrote me this passionate letter. I put it out on Facebook and said, I don’t know what to do with it. Right. I’m here every day. I’m accountable. I’m in the community. John Angelos is not Steve shotty is not Chad Steele lives in his little castle up there and makes friends with executives and then throws people out and stands up at press conferences, no questions about my quarterback and has his general manager and coach look at him with a side eye. But Steve loves him some chats deal with some Sashi Brown, we’re Sashi Brown, you know, you and I were out with TJ Brightman. Hey, I get TJ a hard time about having my face on. A dartboard went back 25 years ago when he worked at the competitor. But TJ Brightman brought Mike Elias out to a community endeavor at a golf course. Right and and sat and had a meal and talk to questions took real questions from real people. And so I’m seeing the baseball team do stuff that the football team isn’t doing anymore and it’s really challenged the both of them. Angelo’s name and what this represents and the money that Steve’s already taken for the stadium and the fight that John’s having with Westmore. Now about everything over my shoulder literally neighbor in the parking lot the casino housing what what we can own what we can get our hands on to keep the team you’re not moving to Nashville, and now they’re winning at a big clip, right? Yeah, this is where you saw major league the movie, right? Yeah, this is where if John is trying to move the team to Nashville or even leverage to get a better deal and not really move, but at least a bidding war going. The same way that like Lamar Jackson never really wanted to leave Baltimore. Right, right. He wanted to try and get a bidding war going. I would say to you on on the baseball side of things, that this summer, if people don’t come back, like bobblehead night, fine, whatever. But if there are meaningful games in August and September in front of 12 14,000, not good. They look like the rage. You know what I mean? If they look like a sick franchise, it really opens the door for the major league movie of, hey, we’re winning, and nobody’s coming to the games, right? Like, tell me what the future of the organization is, over the next five years if we can win 100 free games. And, you know, we’re not really drawing, right, that’s when they’ll pull that we’re not not that their television networks. Ish because it is It’s garbage. Like everything. They’ve done spring training, they’ve been a garbage brand they’ve been they’ve been a dumpster franchise for all of our adulthood. Since you know, like, literally they’ve been a dumpster

Leonard Raskin  26:21

franchise one one playoff year, in, in my son’s lifetime, but this summer,

Nestor Aparicio  26:27

so it’s crucial. And I want to let people know, they don’t have a lease. And if nobody comes, this is what opens the door. So now I have to stand here and say, Give these million billionaire frauds money so that they’ll keep the team here so we can make our city and keep our city hall. Like that’s a hell of a message but I don’t they picked a good time to win. But it’s it’s it’s not a good time to win if nobody comes because right and it looks like we’re a derelict city for baseball. And that worries me that really does worry me.

Leonard Raskin  27:00


Yeah, I don’t I don’t want to see him leave. I’ve been a fan my whole life and love it. And we were talking to some friends out of the golf course Monday. There we’re talking about nothing finer than listening to baseball on the radio. And you and I as kids had that. Didn’t have that iPhone. We had that little little transistor radio. In bed. Listen into the game with it with an earphone with a little look like a hearing aid. earphone wired to the radio.

Nestor Aparicio  27:30

I clean the station, the one of the little white Yeah, yeah.

Leonard Raskin  27:34

So your parents didn’t know you were listening to the game. I think it was the same

Nestor Aparicio  27:37

thing they use with fix the shove it up your nose


Leonard Raskin  27:42

looked exactly the same. That’s great. Mix up your nose. Oh, we are old my friend. We are old.

Nestor Aparicio  27:49

Alright, listen, I want to wrap things up here. Linda Raschke is here asking global sponsored the Mount Washington PDF. And I don’t know we meandered and that’s fine. We’ll talk about football next week. We’ll still have a full wide receiver room Todd Monken by the way, the Todd Monken thing I talked to Dennis about this this week and Luke like everywhere I’ve gone I had crabs Acosta to the three people mentioning Todd Monken. I haven’t heard a name like this forever when they put Billick on the billboards, learn to the zoo go without any three bunkin you know so genius offensively right next week we got we got mandatories coming up. So things are happening around here. Let Raskin manage his money. He manages the American dream. He tries to help people this week was the Mount Washington pediatric hospital next week, it’ll be the putput a world so everybody about what you do and how to get in touch with you because I sort of take it for granted. But you never know.

Leonard Raskin  28:36

Somebody says Absolutely. Absolutely. We are someone with integrity to manage their money. That’s it. We are I am America’s financial physician. That’s what we’re about. We are about helping people get the right prescription for their financial wealth to make sure that they’re doing the right things, from budgeting, to saving to investing to protecting your wealth ensuring, understanding how your beneficiaries are structured your estate plan, we make sure that your money is doing the right thing insurance, insurance, investment, tax, you name it, we do it. And that’s what we’re about. We’re about helping people get on the right track with their money. And too many people don’t do it well, they think that because you earn money, you know money. That’s not true. A lot of people that earn money don’t have any money. It’s a sad state of affairs. So we help people that earn money understand how to keep money, use money, enjoy money, and while they’re here and then pass it on for generations to come.

Nestor Aparicio  29:36

I love that when you say enjoy money that’s an absolutely absolute every we’re spending it on that you’re enjoying it. Let her ask and we enjoyed our day on Monday and at some point we’ll get to a ball game you can find them at a Rascon globing Find him in front of Baltimore You will never find him on a driving box or a driving range but you will if they if you got it looks like letter asking an old pro down on one or 39th Street it probably is let it I’ll see you next week. We’ll talk some football All right, you got it. Let Rasky join us here at Rascon global. We are doing the Maryland crabcakes. We’re all summer long I am crowing. I have not yet begun to crow as a raven. August 3 is our 25th anniversary. It’s wn st really proud of that. I’m going through a bunch of archival stuff I’m going to be presenting that. Take a little downtime next week to sort of go through some things around here. It’s all brought to you by our friends at window nation, 866 90 nation and our friends at the Maryland lottery as we take the Maryland crab cake tour on the road, and I am in search of and I’m gonna give a shout out to everybody. I’ll be doing this all summer, your favorite oyster dish at your favorite oyster place. I know the Peppermill is famous for an oyster still. I’m gonna go over there. Check that out. So there’s some places I’ve never been or places I haven’t been in recent times. places I might have been too young to go and other times to go eat some oysters, raw oysters. If there’s an oyster Rockefeller that you know about or a special way, a char grill that are delicious. Let me know we’re putting it on 25 oysters and 25 days to start the football season. And it’s because September has an R in the month. I am Nestor we are W nsda and 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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