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From OBJ to Lamarathon to The Adley Rutschman Show, Baltimore sports is very alive this spring


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Luke Jones and Nestor bring praise for the emergence and star power of Adley Rutschman and plenty of questions for OBJ as the Orioles and Ravens share the spring spotlight during a busy week for Baltimore sports.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W en st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into a beautiful spring weekend here. Orioles are blooming. Ravens are hopeful I guess I certainly had a great kickoff to the weekend. spent the day with a lot of dear friends of ours up in Bel Air at Pappas Miki, Coachella dropped by Barry Glassman dropped by a big turn for the Chesapeake feline Association and our friends up in Cecil County. We’re gonna be broadcasting from Adams Jeep on May 6 as well. Mariela crabcake tours out on the road. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. I got tickets around here somewhere, I definitely I got it, I got a cat shirt, I got my chsp catcher. I’ll be giving these away on the 27th We’re gonna be captain Larry’s, that’s Thursday, that’s Draft Day, Lucas will be ready for the castle and everything is gonna be going on. Who knows what’s gonna happen on draft day around that period of time. Then on the 28th of next morning. I’m wearing my favorite t shirt. Because we’re going to be at the market at the old market. Maybe the last time I’m trying to put a nice show together to honor CFG bank and everything is happening downtown and the Hippodrome that is the 28th That’s Friday the 28th It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery and I didn’t get a chance to where the the window nation, floppy hat 866 90 nation you buy to to get to free five years 0% financing a lot of things and I’m gonna talk to Harley and everybody. They don’t keep the answer. You gotta you gotta get pesar to do that. Because it’s springtime. And I got ants. I need uncle’s. I tell you what, Adley rutschman He’s somebody’s daddy, because like this, this kid can play baseball. Luke, you had quite a day and I just before you get going, I want to go on my little 32nd rant and say what the Orioles in the Ravens do to our company is is horrific and running you around the two events when clearly, you know I could have should have been at one and you couldn’t have been but you were at both. Do tell how was your Thursday other than very, very active.


Luke Jones  02:01

It was very, very active. And I think the funniest part of the day was I left Owings Mills. Right shortly after the Odell Beckham press conference and the Oreos were just entering the bottom of the third that that bottom of the third where they scored runs and knocked the starter out all of that it was a long bottom of the third inning. So I left Owings Mills, which with no traffic, you can get to the ballpark in I don’t know 20 To 23 minutes, something like that. I pulled into lot a at Camden Yards, as the third route was being made in the bottom of the third. But I left I’m thinking I hope I get there. By the fifth. You know, I don’t want to be rolling into the ballpark in the sixth inning and you know, only seeing a few innings. So that was probably the funniest part. But as I joked on Twitter to kind of wrap up the day, so much Odell Beckham discussion and we’ll get to him. But I don’t know if it was the money or Lamar Jackson as much as maybe Odell Beckham just wants wants to be closer to Adley rutschman With what he did on Thursday afternoon, and let’s face it, kind of saving the Orioles in a even though a series win a frustrating series because of just how poorly they’re pitching by and large. So, but we’ve set it We’ve set it going back to what late June of last year when he really started to get going after a slow three weeks to begin his major league career. Scott is their best player, and he continues to just look like he belongs and I think Brandon Hyde said it best when he was asked after Adley rutschman hits the walk off home run and the eight seven win for the Orioles. He just said that. Hadley just looks like that guy who wants to be up at the plate when the game’s on the line in that situation. And certainly he delivered with his first walk off home run as the Orioles got the win and the series went over Oakland on Thursday.

Nestor Aparicio  04:00

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know where the superlatives are for the young man. And again, they don’t pitch well. I mean, they hit the ball, and they made the ballpark bigger and I had a lie is sit in front of a bunch of executives and really talk about recruiting pitchers. And I don’t know that I really heard them talk that much about recruiting pitchers. I know I talked about it the day that they moved the fences back, but even moving the fences back and where they are, they hit the ball and in this ballpark, when it’s 95 degrees, they’re gonna hit the ball. So health aside the sluggers they have the Hendersons that, and my goodness. I mean, man Seanie was a part of this five minutes ago, you know, they’ve lost bats in the way of all of this as well. But this guy, I don’t know where the top side is, because we sat here and watched weeders I saw Johnny Bench at Thurman Munson and Carlton Fisk and guys who were great offensive players. I mean, I think we’ve all seen Mauer and and bust and Buster Posey and you know, the modern De Cal Ripken of catcher’s right. You know what I mean? He’s the Cal Ripken catcher is kind of sort of around here at least. I mean, he,

Luke Jones  05:08

quite frankly, He’s everything that Matt weeders was advertised to be in. Look. And I don’t say that as much as a jab at Matt Wieters. I mean, you’re still talking about a guy who went to multiple all star games, you talk about a guy who won gold gloves, you’re talking about a guy who was still very much a plus catcher. But he wasn’t that. I don’t know if generational talent is too strong. But he certainly wasn’t that game changer where you’re like, oh, my gosh, this guy is their best player. He’s their best player. And it’s not even close. And look, apologies to Ryan mountcastle. And what he’s done to start the year, because he’s been fantastic. But Adley rutschman is our best player when you look at what he does across the board. And he was last year being voted most valuable Oreo as a rookie. But it’s just everything he does. And it’s the presence. You pointed out, they haven’t pitched well, I think they’ll reach their ceiling from a pitching staff because of him, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to turn bad pitchers into great pitchers. But I think they will get straightened out at least to be as good as they’re capable of being. And we saw that last year with the way that they pitched from the point here arrived in late May. So he just, you know, you don’t want to put too much on him to start comparing him to some of the names that you just threw out there. But it really is uncanny just how good he already is. And well, that shouldn’t be a shock, considering he was one of those rare college baseball players that I don’t want to say every baseball fan had heard of, but his name had been mentioned for the better part of a couple years leading up to that 2019 draft and, you know, coming out of Oregon State. So, you know, he just he has a presence to him. He’s got fantastic ability, you see the power. I mean, this year, and we talked about it last year after those first few weeks, you know, he walks as much as he strikes out or close to it, which in today’s game is very rare. I mean, it’s very rare. So, you know, this year, he’s hitting for average, early on, acknowledging it’s still very early. He’s swinging the bat better from the right side, which he had not done last year. I know that was a major point of emphasis for him in the offseason to be better from the right side against left handed pitching.

Nestor Aparicio  07:23


And you just shift on him anymore, either. Right? So that’s something that they would have gotten a real good book on him and moved around. And that’s how the game has changed a little bit, that it opens it up for a guy like him.

Luke Jones  07:34

It does, but but he also, you know, he shows ability to go the other way. So even if the shift were still being employed, I don’t think it impacts him as much. But certainly, when we talk about the ship, they would impact left handed hitters. And he swings from the left side most of the time because you know, you’re facing right handed pitching, but you have to but the only thing he doesn’t do is he’s not fast. I mean, he’s a catcher, but

Nestor Aparicio  07:58

he runs the base as well. Matt Wieters is being particularly slow when you when I think of all the things about weeders. And now that I see a kid with this incredible enthusiasm, right? Like that you saw right away this sort of, you know, chatter, you know, old school Bad News Bears kind of thing from the beginning when he came in. I mean, the team got good the minute he got here, it’s not an accident, right? I mean, there’s there was an energy involved that I’d like to see in the stands, quite frankly, because it’s kind of sucks watching him. It was also an afternoon game. So it looks like there’s 5000 people there. But the enthusiasm that he brings draws people like me to want to come and watch him play. And then when you come and watch him play hits, walk off home runs, you know, that’s peep Ruthie kind of stuff in a reason to go and watch him play and a reason they sort of get on the train early as Capps fans did with Ovechkin in the beginning. You know, I’m just thinking of phenom. I mean, Lamar is a phenom. I mean, really eager to call it what it is. Nobody’s ever played the game like him. And that’s a fact. So that we had that going on in the beginning. But, you know, this is different for baseball, and I think different for comparisons across eras and what the catcher position is, and that the catcher position affects every part of the game. And that was one part and I’m not ragging on weeders either, but he never, you know, he wasn’t like a leader of men or an infinity. You know, he was a he was a really good player, but I was he was demure, but he wasn’t. You weren’t the first guy to get into a pile in a scuffle. You know what I mean? He I mean rutschman feels like they’re gonna put him on posters in front of you know that you’re not going to screw with the Orioles because he’s behind the plate. He’s gonna He’s a he’s gonna be a manager by the time he’s 28 Like a major league manager by the time he’s 28. Yeah, I

Luke Jones  09:46

agree. I agree with your sentiment with rutschman. I think leaders had a little more of that than maybe you’re giving them credit for but who do


Nestor Aparicio  09:51

you think leaders is going to be a manager? Right? You’ve said that I think out loud.

Luke Jones  09:55

I think he could. I mean, I don’t know if he will. And again, when you’re talking Not these guys, when they get out of their playing days mean baseball is tough. I mean

Nestor Aparicio  10:04

$100 million? Let them go live, right. I mean, it didn’t even manage baseball, right? Literally,

Luke Jones  10:07


we I don’t think leaders made that much money, but he made money he made he made some real money. Sure, sure. So, but, you know, I think with Adly, he does have an orator. And what’s what’s interesting about that Nestor is, you know, from a media standpoint, I don’t get the sense that he really enjoys that part of it a whole lot. And I don’t say that as a criticism, like, No, I’m not saying he has to enjoy that part. I mean, he, he fulfills his obligations in that way. So I don’t think he necessarily likes the spotlight in that way. But I think when it talks, when you’re talking about him, with his teammates with his team, he’s so comfortable in his own skin, you know, even at last year, when he when he’s called up at age 24. He just from from a very early position, just he felt like he belonged. And that was his job. And this is his team. And he’s not going to say it’s his team, because that sounds boastful, right, that sounds like you’re making it about you. But it’s his team. And I think his teammates follow that they follow his lead in that way. And you know, whether it’s really but

Nestor Aparicio  11:16

you run the team when you hit the home run, right? That that’s you win everybody over when you do that, even if you’re Albert Bell, literally, we are sure,

Luke Jones  11:24

yeah. And we’ve and last year, we saw other guys do that. So yeah, I mean, you’re not gonna hit the walk off every single night, you’re not gonna be the hero every single night. But when it’s your team, guys take cues from you, as far as preparation as far as being ready to play. You mentioned, you know, if you do have some kind of scuffle or anything like that, I’m not sure at least really been involved in too much of that at this point in time.

Nestor Aparicio  11:47

I don’t mean like that. I just mean, like, Are you sure? Sure sure. You want that guy there with you? And that’s, that that’s what a leader would be about it. I mean, dude, it’s, it’s baseball, it’s going to be you know, that’s going to happen, I promise you and the catcher’s involved always


Luke Jones  12:04

no question no question. And you know, I mean, we see the the little chatty has with the pitcher every time they retire the side. I mean, what other catcher Do you see doing that? That other than what the Little League or high school level right and,

Nestor Aparicio  12:17

and it’s not performative as, whatever, Odell Beckham, whatever you left, there’s a lot of performative going on out knowing smells, that you know, they’re performing rutschman Just playing ball, and there’s a part of that in this town that’s going to play. Yeah. You know, I mean, he’s done the right things of being a decent kid so far, not you know, knock on wood, but it it’s going to affect change. And when there are nights this summer, when there’s 2030 40,000 down there, getting the bobblehead doing the fireworks bring, like he’s gonna be a reason to come he’s gonna be a reason to get a 35 Jersey it doesn’t seem as seen on it, which still weirds me out by the way.

Luke Jones  12:52

Yeah, it’s definitely strange. I mean, you know, the potential to have to unlock again, long way to go for Adley rutschman. But the potential to have two players of a special ilk certainly Mike Mussina you know, he’s a Hall of Famer, even if you don’t think of him as one of the core Hall of Famers that we’ve all come to to know and love over the history of the Orioles. Mike Mussina belongs in that category in terms of just how great he was how really good he was for really

Nestor Aparicio  13:20


interject on behalf of the Messina family and say he never would have left Baltimore had I understood, yeah, he owned by screwball. So like, you know, we rewrite that, that that he 30 fives available, and that there’s not a statue of him out on the pavement. This goes back to Lamar Jackson and that, and this cheapskate there was no salary cap, he had plenty of money, it screwed the entire franchise up and had everybody lose faith, which should be a cautionary tale for Adley rutschman. That is forever for any reason. I mean, dude, I was at an executive meeting the other day, and they’re asking about locking them up already. Right. So this is where these organizations intersect, and where one has had so much success, and the other one has had so much awfulness that it led to a one one and that they could get an Adley rutschman. The Ravens better hope they’re not in the situation three years from now falling down the mountain and winding up with the number one pick in the draft, right like that. All of this is cyclical, but you got to hit and they hit on this kid and they hit on a couple of kids. And I think they hit on Elias quite frankly. Right. So I think over the next five years, there’s going to be more opportunity for you to have fun in the summer down at the ballpark that may be in the fall at the stadium.

Luke Jones  14:31

Yeah, I mean, I think you’re getting a little ahead on the Ravens. I mean, let’s see how that plays out. Let’s at least see how it plays out over the next year or two.

Nestor Aparicio  14:41

Yeah, yeah, I’m not downplaying the Ravens. I’m upselling.

Luke Jones  14:44

No, I. Yeah, I think that’s fair. I think it’s definitely fair. I mean, still, we’re going to have to come back to the pitching. You know, we’ve talked about Grayson Rodriguez, he’s here. I want to see him continue to be in the starting rotation. You know, the indications are core, Ervin, who was one of their offseason acquisitions is being optioned, because he’s, you know, even going back to the spring, I think there’s, there’s something off, you know, this is not what they acquired. But with him struggling as mightily as the as so, you know, he has options. So, you know, do you send them down for a little bit and see if you can get something straight now, whether it’s a mechanical flaw, whatever it might be, but that’s the pitch better. And the one thing you can say about Michael is and I agree with your overall sentiment, and certainly you look at the positional talent in this organization, top to bottom, you know, it’s, it’s second to none around baseball. I mean, that’s where the strength of their system is. It’s all their position, player talent. The question is the pitching. You know, it’s one thing to talk about Grayson Abbey guys, who, by the way, was the final draft, first round pick of the Dan Duquette era, talk about DL Hall is still building up his innings and his starter, you know, kind of routine at triple A Norfolk or an offseason back issue. But you know, after that, you got some other guys, you know, that they acquired I mean, the pitcher from Tampa Bay that they acquired in that three way deal where they traded Manzini, Seth Johnson, but he’s coming, you know, he had Tommy John surgery late last summer, so he’s not an option this year. You have some other pitchers they’ve acquired that are interesting, but that’s the big question. And that’s the big question about the current team. They’re hitting the ball, there’s no question about that. I do feel optimistic that they’re going to straighten things out defensively, but we continue to see defensive miscues, which is just weird to me, because this team was very sound and strong defensively last year, but I still have faith that they’ll that part will get straightened out the pitching. We had questions about that going into the season. And look, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get better. That doesn’t mean that it ultimately won’t be good enough to be in the playoff race and maybe grab one of those wildcard spots. But as it stands right now, a lot of pressure on Adley rutschman in the rest of that lineup to produce because they’re just not pitching very well. Save for a few guys. You know, you feel good about Gibson, Tyler. Well, what’s his pitch better, more often than not early on? Felix Batista, certainly, Danny coulomb, who they picked up at the end of spring training, he’s he’s been a really nice addition to the bullpen. Baker, since his first outing of the season has been really strong after that, you know, it’s kind of a crapshoot, what you’re going to get. And that’s probably the nicest way you could put it about most of their arms. So they have to pitch better. There’s no doubt about it. And that’s where you look at the series and say, okay, they took three out of four from the A’s. That’s what you want to do against an inferior team. But you had looked at Oakland’s offense coming into this series, and they were struggling to score runs, they didn’t struggle to score runs very, very much over the course of that series. So, you know, you’d like to, you know, I understand you’re not going to beat teams nine to one every night, but you got to be able to pitch better than they have to this point. So you give them credit because they’re seven and six going into the Chicago series and you know, they’re certainly staying afloat although Tampa Bay looks like they’re winning the Al east in 84 Tigers style at this rate. But you know, the Orioles are certainly you know, they’re they’re doing enough to win win games, you know, win as many as you know, a little more than they’re losing but they’ve got to pitch better because you’re not going to be able to count on Adley rutschman Hitting 373 and mountcastle having nine RBI games so you have other guys in that lineup will start hitting and you know, Gunnar Anderson is one of those guys off to a slow start Mullins as well but in the big picture sense they certainly need to pitch better than they have through the first couple of weeks this season. I think any even the most optimistic Orioles fan would acknowledge that


Nestor Aparicio  18:45

dude I love when a kid your age mentioned the 84 Tigers because yours truly was part of all that so you know they used to sell the lower reserve ticket the general admission they made them lower reserved in 84 when the Tigers Yankees Red Sox came to town so you had a reserved ticket out on the on the tin and I’ll never forget seeing Lance Parrish it bombs out there. I mean, there was a weekend in June and they were 35 and five That’s how good they 35 and five and I remember it vividly but I they played a series here June 8 910 11 Like a four game or anywhere else got their ass kicked and it was just it was over after that, you know for the Orioles at least as defending champions. Of course it was the wild card and all that stuff but But what Tampa is doing should have everyone take note in the division about playing for second place or whatever you would call it at this bag. And also the pitching. Look, I want to get some football and Lucas here. It’s weekend time. We’re gonna be around next week. get you ready for the draft? Bring me just give me five minutes on Odell Beckham we’ll do more next week because we did more last week and you did some with that. But just the press conference itself other than what questions you couldn’t couldn’t ask, and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to go and it’s the first free agent press conference in the History of the franchise that I haven’t attended.

Luke Jones  20:02

Absolutely, totally. One quick factoid I want to give you on the race because it’s that incredible. Through their first 13 games, they have hit more home runs than they’ve allowed earned runs. Go look it up. Incredible. That’s crazy. Odell Beckham and their pitching bettors what you’re telling me yeah, there are more. They’re mashing the bait smashing the baseball and they are not allowing very much of the smashing of the baseball but Odell Beckham press conference, okay, this was about what I expected it to be. I think the ravens are excited about Odell Beckham they should be when you’re giving them $15 million guaranteed, I think you saw an individual who, let’s face it, having played in New York, having played in LA, having received big time free agent or, you know, big time contracts, let’s say, you know, and go back to Cleveland and what you know that I’m acquiring him and the money they paid him. This is someone who’s used to the spotlight. And from that standpoint, I thought he came across as very polished. I thought he came across as sincere, at least from the standpoint of what he’s been through the last couple years physically, look, no money in the world is going to make it easy to rehab from the kind of injuries that Odell Beckham has had and having to have an ACL redone and knowing that you go from maybe being Super Bowl MVP to not finishing the game when your knee collapses on you in the midst of that rams Bengals game. So you know, from that standpoint, I think he came across Well, I think everything that was said about Lamar Jackson, and the tone, very much reverted to what we had seen pre pre draft press conference as far as Eric and John hardball talking about Lamar. But But Odell Beckham, no assurances, you know, he said, Look, I my plan, my hope. My expectation, if I’m being honest, is Yeah, Lamar is going to be my quarterback. But the Ravens that haven’t given me any assurances, Lamar hasn’t told me that 100%. And even if he and Lamar in private, talked about the strong likelihood or maybe maybe even a near certainty, it depending on how you want to view it. It’s not official until it’s official, until Lamar at the very least signs this franchise tag, then we are talking about uncertainty and you are still talking about some nonzero chance of another team get getting involved, whether it’s right before the draft right after the draft, whatever. But with that, Come, look, he talked a lot about the Ravens showing them love. He talked about Steve Ashati, having talked to him, but sorry, keep coming back to they overpaid for him and look, this deal could work out great if he’s truly healthy and back to where he was physically, three years ago. This will be a plus addition for the Ravens in terms of his ability, and they certainly needed it at wide receiver. And it would be disingenuous of a guy like me, who’s taken them to task quite often over the years about wide receiver to say that they shouldn’t have taken a big swing now, could I have said they could have taken a big swing on say, trading for DeAndre Hopkins? Sure. But that’s not what they did. And that maybe that wasn’t something that was an option for them. But I think with Beckham, you keep coming back to it’s real easy for everyone to sound so excited. And for him to say they showed him a bunch of love and that it wasn’t that much about money. But you got $15 million. And also remind you that is tied for 21st in average annual value for wide receiver. So this is the Ravens kind of getting with the modern day, so to speak. This isn’t a top five paid wide receiver or anything. This is a guy who is making more than he probably should or should be based on the last couple years and the injury but it’s not as though they’re paying him top of market money. So you know, the expectation time will tell Eric Decosta said they’re very comfortable with where he is physically. We’ll see. You know, there’s there’s a lot to unpack there in terms of what he’s been through physically the last few years. And to think just how far removed he is from his days of being an absolute elite of an elite wide receiver for the New York Giants his first three years. I mean, that was seven years ago at this point in time, four years since his last 1000 yard season. So this is quite the expensive gamble. But as Eric Decosta said, he felt that they were in a position where they needed to make this kind of a move to take their offense to the next level. Guys like us have talked a lot about Lamar Jackson and his passing or the passing offense in general and taking it to the next level and moving on from Greg Roman and all of that. So we’ll see how Odell Beckham Jr. fits into that picture. Now the upside I think is you know, not a 1300 yard receiver like he was in his early days with the Giants but you know, can he be a 900 to 1000 yard receiver coupled with Rashad Bateman stand on the field. If you do that But you do have a much better passing game. Under the assumption Lamar Jackson is back, at least for this year. And again, until we see any evidence suggesting otherwise. I think that’s the assumption we have to go under. You know, if the Indianapolis Colts or someone else comes calling, maybe the commander’s under new ownership, then we’ll have that conversation. But until something like that happens, we’re far enough into we’re deep enough into the offseason where I think you just have to pay for this year. I have no idea about next year or long term, but for this year, this move to me, as I said, at the start of the week, when we talked about this reinforces Lamar Jackson, most likely being here in 2023. We’ll see how it all works out. But as the press conference went, again, nothing earth shattering. It went about how I thought it would and you had a happy player and a happy general manager and a happy head coach, all talking about a quarterback that well, they’re hoping he’s happier after the Ravens made this move and time will tell because you were allowed

Nestor Aparicio  26:01

to talk about Lamar, I just want to make that clear this week, you were allowed those questions where we weren’t allowed this week. Okay.

Luke Jones  26:08


They were and then they there were several lasts, and they answered them. And you know, Eric, he leaned back on not disclosing specific details of his conversations with Lamar, which I respect that. But yeah, I mean, it was something that was talked about. And, you know, Beckham said that, look, he’s optimistic, I think. I think we all assumed Yeah, he wants to play with Lamar Jackson. But the $15 million, made it an easier gamble for him. Knowing that Lamar is not

Nestor Aparicio  26:35

102nd Place was for him what anybody else was willing to offer him in regard to incentives in their offense and putting him in an offense where he knew he would get the ball more often and knew who was quarterback would be. It’s I don’t say this is not a fascinating play for him. He took he took maximum money. I mean, as Andrew Brandt would say, he’s winning at the game of football, at the business of football. And, and you know, Darrell Revis has done a lot of guys have done this Dion did this bounce from place to place, he took as much money as he could get every year. I mean, so there’s a track record for this. But the ravens, this is a curious move for me, I, you know, I just, I’m not going to urinate upon it, because he’s a world class athlete, he may be that, but I think the buy into it for him to buy in, if they’re standing in the winner’s circle, this would be one of those moments where they really took a reach, and Bashar has had moments like that in his life. I think he thinks this is a moment of inspiration.

Luke Jones  27:32

Yeah, or a moment of desperation. If we’re, if we’re being honest. I mean, yeah, that that word has come to, to mind a lot. And look, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Sometimes desperate moves do work out, you know, but it certainly fire cam

Nestor Aparicio  27:45

camera and won the Superbowl eight weeks later, finally,


Luke Jones  27:48

somebody that did that. They they drafted Lamar Jackson, which a lot of teams did not want to do. And, you know, it’s fair to say that worked out much better than a lot of people anticipated, you know, regardless of still chasing playoff success. But, you know, I think, you know, several days later, I’m still going to go back to the word that I used when we talked about it shocked, because it’s just that on raven like, but again, I will, even if this move doesn’t work out, I will applaud them for taking this kind of swing at the wide receiver position, which they just frankly had not done in a very long time. Gotta go back to when they traded for Bolden and extended him, you’ll go back to signing Derek Mason back in oh five. And look, the dollars for this is way more than that. But I’m talking relative to the time relative to the salary cap at that moment in time. You’ve got to go back to those moments for the ravens to be in this kind of, you know, on this kind of pay scale with a wide receivers. So we’ll see.

Nestor Aparicio  28:47

Better hope that this time next year, he was worth 15 million and they want to sign him up for two more years for another 24 You know what I mean? Like if that works out great. But if it doesn’t, you know, they took a swing and they can say they’re trying and that’s what I said a week ago. They’re trying and I’m okay with that. So that being said, We’ll take a break. Luke is never taken a break because he never stops chasing the Orioles and the Ravens Randall though the Orioles getting out of town to give them a little bit of a break. Draft coming up on the 27th We’re doing the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with wind donation. I will be doing it downtown twice. Yes, it’s Baltimore positive in the city. We’re going to be at the captain Larry’s on the 27th in the afternoon, two of the five and then on Friday morning we’ll be fadeless on the 28th that is draft pre and draft post and Luke and I will be up late all night who knows how that’s gonna go on the 27th to 28th but I’ll be looking forward to that while we watch the Orioles and while we hang out it’s easy to find me NASA Baltimore positive you can find Luke at Baltimore positive as well and Baltimore Luke out on the interwebs we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stopped talking. Odell Beckham, Orioles baseball and Adley rutschman for the Hall of Fame.

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