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Who is going to hit that big 50th Anniversary Orioles Home Run for riches?


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John Martin and Nestor discuss the Home Run Riches promotion with The Maryland Lottery and the Orioles recent homer binge turning fans into winners.


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John Martin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive as we always say around here makes you’re setting your dial and am 1570 As you drive around for the Orioles magic or tragic over goes together NFL draft a couple of weeks away and the Lamar and the obj all that stuff going on. I am wearing my Pappus worldfamous crabcake shirt because we are taking the Maryland crabcake tour north of the border as I would always say up to Harford County. I’ll be giving away these instant lottery scratch offs here. This is old school, even though I have some school school stuff and I got Frogger stuffing and all sorts of stuff. These are the ones who are going away on Thursday we’ll be different two of the five former Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, my guest. Tim is going to be there from Pappas, we have some other local people and I did give a shout out on the internet I had a guest cancel and I was hoping to get a really good guest and then Mickey Kitchel invited himself so Mickey will be there with me on Thursday bringing his special brand to comedy and our lifelong relationship. So it’d be great to be up in Harford County all the brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at window nation. I got the floppy hat on make Mickey wear the floppy hat. He’s gonna love that. John Martin joins us now John, you know a lot of times I don’t know what to say to you last week we got together you brought an army of different people and wheels and giveaways and fun and crabs and crab cakes and stories in the cost is family and we can go see all of that. But this week I got to tell you this I was getting my my ROFO coffee and McColl roofing mug, and I was at the wn st commissary with my wife. And this was 30 seconds ago before I came on the air and she yelled at me. Nobody won. No body won. And I’m like, Okay, I’ll let John know nobody wants So John, this pot this My wife saw stops she was mad at me. We drove past the royal farms. On the way back from yoga on Tuesday night. We got just past you. She’s like, I didn’t play. I’m like, You know what, you’re not going to win. And I know John feels that way too. Right.


John Martin  01:59

Well, you know, there’s a couple of things a lot going on there. First of all, good morning to you into into lovely Jennifer, you know, I’m thinking this may be an opportunity. We’ll just record her screaming, nobody won. And we’ll put it on our website the day after the draw. What do you think

Nestor Aparicio  02:14

nobody won this or she nobody won? And I’m like, okay, nobody won. Like that. I like that a lot. You know, we don’t always talk jackpot fever here. And we do in regard to my wife and we do scratch offs. We do sports wagering, there’s news, there’s all this stuff. But when the pots get big, my wife’s get people talk about it. And it’s, it is a part of sort of modern culture that 50 years into the lottery, that it’s gotten to this point where it really is, it was just hoping to win a little bit of money 50 years ago now, it really is life altering if you win,

John Martin  02:42

and it does sneak up on you. I mean, back in the day, you know, much smaller amounts got much more attention. So now with the fact that to quote the expression, nobody won. We’re up to $476 million as we speak, on the megamillions up over $200 million on Powerball. So that’s

Nestor Aparicio  03:02


more than Lamar is gonna get I just want to point that out. I just got to throw that out right now. That’s a wow, sports reference, but maybe not more than Adley rutschman is going to get but we’ll we’ll pin them down later on. But hey, man, you know, right I mean, it’s a lot of money it’s Lamar money it’s Adler it’s real it’s a lot of money. It is life

John Martin  03:18

altering by by a longshot. So we hope people have some fun with it play responsibly as always, you know, when you get to these rarefied numbers and the significant triple digits and beyond, excuse me, it’s always fun to get Excuse me. I’ve got a frog in my throat.

Nestor Aparicio  03:37

Well, we need coffee here. Let me let me Oh, you got a frog. You know what I because you guys are giving me the tickets. You know, just a sample. I’m not giving this one away. But but you do have the games. But for you guys, when the jackpots go up, it brings attention to what you guys are doing. And I know you really sort of want the attention on all the 50th anniversary stuff is one of the reasons you were out last week so how’s it going? How’s it the 50th anniversary roll out other than being stuck with me over Dundalk hanging out eat delicious crab cakes was a pretty good kickoff and a pretty good start last week.

John Martin  04:10

You know we’re having a great weapon a lot of fun, more fun than we should be allowed to do with a 50th anniversary. I apologize. This is not your audio system. This is me. Water


Nestor Aparicio  04:22

you know what it is just my chance to say to you do what the Orioles are doing, you know what I mean? You need to be properly I need to get don’t start that that’s gonna be they’re gonna make the home or host go away too much. And that is that is that’s a whole thing that these aren’t having that much fun, John?

John Martin  04:41

Well, a couple nights ago. It was good. Early, early in the season. It’s the second week

Nestor Aparicio  04:45

of April. It’s betting on the race right now. It’s happened

John Martin  04:49


lot of fun. And you know, well seven fun people who are playing our second chance contests on our 50th anniversary and there are many of them. For instance, we have a second chance contest. Are our $2 Instant lottery second chance, which is something that you know and love very well, Kim Knox of Baltimore 110 $1,000 In a second chance contest.

Nestor Aparicio  05:12

Wait, let’s explain. You just roll through these things. And I got. So this is somebody that gets a ticket like this. Yeah, by the way, we had a $40 winner it fadeless I had nice small this. I gave these away fadeless Friday, we moved the show and the crappy was opening day, you know, things are crazy. It was mob. And I had a lot of winners. And I said to all of them, some people didn’t win, and they had a whole table didn’t win, and how dare they do a table that doesn’t when they came, I said, Listen, go don’t have a second chance. And now you’re telling me that like, somebody wants 10 grand this way? That’s not that’s, that’s a big deal. It gets better.

John Martin  05:46

Are you sitting down? Probably not. You’re standing up. I’m standing up next. But the point is, it gets better. We have our 50th anniversary cash bash, which will run from now through the State Fair in September, where on a monthly basis, we will award cash prizes. But the bigger deal on our second chance is we will be beginning actually this. This last month in March, we began selecting two lucky finalists for the next four months. A total of 10 Lucky finalists will all be eligible to come to the state fair in September, and one of those 10 will have the chance to play for up to $5 million live and in person at the Timonium fairgrounds. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  06:28

the gold tickets it says $5 million. At the top is what it says


John Martin  06:33

absolutely does, absolutely does. And two of those lucky people here that have already gotten their entries stamped for the State Fair, Belinda Parsons of Salsbury, and Virginia mail Hollen of Berlin, I’m sensing an Eastern shortcut. So

Nestor Aparicio  06:48

hold on, the two of them are in the drawing. I bet they’re coming to the fair in September. They got a room in Simonian. Right. So how it’ll be the two of them, and one of them,

John Martin  07:02

and eight others. So a total of 10. So in April, we’ll pick two more in May two more and throughout the spring and summer, so that we have 10 finalists, these two lovely ladies plus eight others. And those 10 folks will all be at the Timonium fairgrounds in September. And we’ll talk about it all but 1000 times between now and then. And one of those 10 will play for up to $5 million dollars.

Nestor Aparicio  07:24


All right. Well, that’s, well, that’s still it’s not as much it’s not as much as tomorrow, but it’s a lot. It’s life altering. John Martin is here from the Maryland lottery and gaming. The sports wagering side of this, John, we’ve been watching baseball, and I want to give you some oxygen talking about homerun riches because that’s another I explained that to my wife, I said to her, I really want her to be a contestant, and you know, be on mass. And to have that McDonald have to say her name and like the whole deal. But the baseball part of this is they have this home or hose, right? I mean, they’re hitting these homeruns. They’re celebrating with proper hydration h2o. We know this. We’ve seen this on the broadcast. But when they hit homeruns, for you, and for the Maryland lottery and for a player each and every night, this is available as well. You see it on the broadcast, you say, Well, man, it’s April 15. How do I play this? This is the time where you want people like my wife to say, Hey, you want to be in the June or July and Adley rutschman is gotta hit one for you or Reus or whatever. This is the way you get into the contest. This is the time to get into the contest. And then

John Martin  08:25

time is running short to get in for the $50,000 tied to our 50th anniversary promotion. See normally when we have our homeland riches game a year in year out lucky fans again submit their tickets that you get selected to be the contestant of the game. They get $500 for that and should an Orioles player hit homeruns during that game or multiple homeruns as the case has been recently, they’re coming in bunches here they get $500 for each homerun yet so for example I don’t have the final Telugu they had three yesterday. Yes. Okay, so three yesterday means some lucky Steven bully senior matter of fact of Windsor mill one then $2,000 He had a good night mountcastle had a better night

Nestor Aparicio  09:12

you get about as if you’re playing this game. You’re probably Steven from Windsor most probably already an Oriole fan, right because that’s why he bought to kind of and you know, and now he knows ahead of time it’s his night right? So if you go to

John Martin  09:25

MD they can go to MD And they will they will see the through the month of April. Which lucky fan has that game. So


Nestor Aparicio  09:33

again, that’s new like on May 28 to June 15 is one night. You have a couple of weeks to like say to friends Hey man, there’s gonna be an inning in the game against the twins that like I’m gonna have a chance to win some dough. Let’s go you know.

John Martin  09:50

And what makes it more exciting this year. Is it tied to our 15th anniversary we decided to go back in the in the vaults here at the Maryland otter headquarters and we have scrolled away, not one, but 250 $1,000 prizes for homerun hit. So that when that 50th homerun is hit, and you know what they’re in a pace Now, that may come before the end of May. And if you want to be a contestant of the game for that potential historic event, you need to get your entries in by April 24. And it’s pretty close to that now. So you have less than two weeks to get your entries in to be potentially a candidate for that 50th homerun, and then we’ll have another $50,000 prize. Should you miss that game? At the end of the season, so all season long, you can be collecting entries, and some lucky fan will get the chance to be selected for the game. Actually, the after the season’s over to win another second and $50,000 top prize. That’s pretty exciting stuff.

Nestor Aparicio  10:49

Were you a math major? I’m just asking because I don’t know.

John Martin  10:52


I was the not unclaimed that people’s champ. I was fourth and fifth grade flashcard champ elementary school.

Nestor Aparicio  11:03

Okay. All right. So you get the same brain I had. I was 12 times 12 The whole year. So you learn this stuff for a lifetime. But it’s really because you are a baseball fan. We’ve gone through this with the Guardians, legitimate and baseball lead itself and my father taught me math with Box Scores and averages and what three out of 10 would be a 300 hitter and like all of that, right, how did you era which was always weird, because involve division by nine, right? So like all of these baseball things that you just rolled through in the last month if I were to replay this, John Martin says in March sometime in early June, the Orioles are going to and then John Martin says might be June 1 Last week, you said now you’re backing up in the May because you’re following the box scores, you know, the origin, a lot of home runs, you’ve done the math in your own mind as the dude who runs the lottery, you knows a lot about math that you’ve done the math that this thing’s backing up, because the Orioles are muscling up on your promotion. Well, a couple things. We all can’t play the Oakland A’s

John Martin  12:05

every night. As much as we would all like to do that. So in this schedule even out

Nestor Aparicio  12:13

it really does even out this year because


John Martin  12:15

you don’t play your own division show. You don’t get to play all the pipsqueaks in the central anymore. The Indians play no one guardians we both said it thank you like that from the record. So that the yeah and that’s the beauty of selecting these these contestants of the games in advance. So again, you can look at the the game you happen to be the contestant the lucky contestant for and, and look into pitching matchups ahead of time. And you know, depending on homeruns hit, you may be a big winner, you could be a $50,000 winner. All right. So

Nestor Aparicio  12:43

listen, I’ve admitted this to you. I’ve admitted this to my partners at Hollywood casino to anybody I’ve been on the radio 31 years. I’ve really never been on baseball. So I don’t really like when the during the games now they come on and give updates and I really don’t even have a primer on it. But I know you’re reporting some numbers here and a lot of this is March Madness Super Bowl things. February, March were really nice months. But this is first tally. First year mobile second year sort of soft open. You’re in charge all that we went through all the lottery stuff, the sports wagering side of the business and where are the revenues coming for Westmore? Who I saw shotgun and appear on opening day God bless him. All of this is sort of leading itself into some normalcy. You know, I mean, I’m normalized on the baseball betting at some point, maybe I’ll understand what plus 380 on parlays means somebody I’ll explain it to me. But in the meantime, there are plenty of people having fun with this right. We knew that

John Martin  13:39

March Madness was going to be a good month for sports wagering, we didn’t know how good it was going to be. It ended up being our best month ever. In terms of the transfer of contribution to the state’s education fund, specifically the the blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund, over $5.3 million in the month of March 2 best was the Super Bowl month of 2.8 million. So what this means going forward is you’re right there will be some normalcy. It will not be $5 million for every month going forward. Matter of fact that roller coaster it takes a little dip down over the next five months. The spring and summer are not historically strong wagering months in this business, it really won’t pick up again into the two to $3 million month range until we get to the beginning of the NFL season. And based on that, and again, we’re still playing our first several months, we need a full year to really find out where the cyclical ebbs and flows are. We’re still optimistic. We’re in the 25 to $30 million annual range. Once this thing gets Sunland and it won’t really get suddenly until January of 2024.

Nestor Aparicio  14:48


Well, and the other part of this and you explain this to me, but I won’t explain it to the audience and you do better than I do. Is that with all those crazy promotions that they all have when it kind of came out of the gate. The tax part of that was not involved because it was sort of free money that was given to the customer as an incentive to play that that’s a first time gate opening offer that whatever that was, it’ll never be like that again, because it’ll never be a grand opening in that way. That’s people are coming online and giving offers, but it won’t be $200 for the first fight, whatever that thing was around Christmastime that everybody saw that was measured in, I don’t say losses, but revenue that the state knew it wasn’t getting in you admitted that long before it ever went online. Yeah, I

John Martin  15:33

don’t know. It’s funny money. But you’re right. I mean, that’s really what what happened to that point. And thankfully, the sports books have eased back significantly, on the promotional spend, we knew they knew it was not sustainable. It was that initial month or two to get things going. Yeah, through the Super Bowl, maybe a little bit in March Madness, and you will see promotions and not they’re not going away. But the amount of spend, it’s a simple equation, simple teeter totter, the less money spent on promotional spend by sports books, means more money that comes to the state in their taxable contributions, month in and month out. So the fact that we were able to generate $5.3 million means the promotional spend was way down in the month of March. And, again, going forward, you’re not gonna see a lot of promotional spend when the calendar doesn’t support it. So again, April, May, June, July, August, not a lot of promotional Hey, bet five get 150 bucks, not a lot of that going on because there’s not the the juice if you will, you know, to get people involved, not until the kickoff for the NFL and, and again, then we’ll see a trend back up September, October, November, December huge playoffs January huge playoffs, Super Bowl, March Madness, and so that that cyclical nature tends to be the same regardless of where you are in the country. That’s not unique to Maryland. That’s just the way that the sports wagering marketplace works.

Nestor Aparicio  17:01

John Martin is here he is the director and the educator of all things bear the lottery gaming, which we do here in Baltimore positive each and every week. We’re going to be up at Papist doing the Maryland crab cake trying to give a full schedule out everybody. We did a promotion with families last week with me Dave supposed to be on Thursday and Friday and got moved on. We’re gonna be back at Bally’s on the 28th We’re gonna be captain Larry’s downtown, never had their crabcake legendary and Federal Hill will be there on the 27th so we’re we’re doubling up when I get back 2728 draft weekend. The ravens are throwing a party. We’re gonna have new football players who knows what’s up with Lamar. You got anything on Odell Beckham Jr. Were you shocked as everybody else was?

John Martin  17:37

Yes, probably for different reasons. Well, you were


Nestor Aparicio  17:40

proud. Yeah. And again, I

John Martin  17:41

mean, it’s everyone knows Odell is a diva and and it’s not that he’s a cancer in the locker room far from it. If anything he’s probably well loved by players in the locker room. It’s just it’s all about him all the time. He’s coming off of two significant injuries and not having played at all last year. I think the whole New York Jets thing was a was a ruse to get the ravens to maybe cave a little bit there’s no way he was gonna be the number one threat now when you’ve got Wilson and already is in the second year being the stud that he is there and then they he wasn’t gonna get a lot of playing thought him here. He’s going to be the top dog by default. He just needs somebody to throw it to him and he doesn’t know who that’s going to be yet.

Nestor Aparicio  18:26

It’s about to get louder around here. Oh, yeah, no yeah, I mean, even though they want me quieter i It’s gonna get louder around here. As we get up on draft week. Lots going on. We’re having fun. You can even bet on whether Lamar is literally I put the thing out what Where’s Lamar gonna be next? All of that available. We encourage everybody again play responsibly here it is. A lot of things that are available we want folks to have fun with this. I know I am having fun watching people when it fails and it cost this last week. Man the lottery mean everybody was at the wheel spinning there’s prizes going all sorts of places. By the way the gals it costs us we’re all fighting over the the lottery pen giveaways because they give away to sign checks. So pens are gold inside. So we’ll be a Pappas on Thursday Captain Larry’s tent back of families and moving along into your neighborhood into May and June we’re gonna be doing the oyster tour as well in conjunction with our 25th anniversary, all sponsored by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at winter nation. John’s gonna cover all the bases your electric to get.

John Martin  19:28


The last thing we kind of joked about before is I just wanted to give a quick shout out on this new Frogger tickets a $3 scratch off ticket and it plays just like the frogger arcade game and matter of fact, our second chance a

Nestor Aparicio  19:39

logo I hear that right? Like the video game and we made all that noise you know, the second

John Martin  19:44

chance contest is pretty cool tool. We give away three Frogger arcade machines. So if you ever who I

Nestor Aparicio  19:53

had the sound they might I just want to make sure did you ever play Frogger Are you are you the right age to play Frogger


John Martin  19:59

you It is no it’s Frogger you

Nestor Aparicio  20:01

went there was your fraud, they crossed the highway and cars would come in like and when you would get when you would get killed, it would make this squish sound. It’s really, you know, so you just want to make sure when you’re a big winner here that you don’t make that sound that’s all but in my mind, I hear the sounds which is why you ran with Frogger right

John Martin  20:18

literally we have we have as an homage to Frogger we have adapted it for our Keno drawers. And so if you’re lucky enough to be playing Keno you may see a Frogger skin where the frog actually crosses the highway just like the game. And when he gets the other side, the Keno number appears so we have some fun with that as a scratch off as a keynote game. And some three lucky winners have the potential to win of entries between now and May 22 on MD MD You can win one of three arcade Frogger machines for your personal use.

Nestor Aparicio  20:54


You know I’m looking at the ticket and I forgot that you had logs and alligators I totally forgot that part. You got eaten is what happened there. John Morton is here. The Maryland lottery is up. We hope that somebody takes a bite out of that jackpot that’s there. My wife is scheming up our her next trip to wiser royal farms to pick up some tickets. So we’re gonna be up in Harford County this week back in the city for draft weekend on Thursday capillaries on Friday, we will be at f8 Lee’s again have, I’m gonna be crabcake I never get crap kicked out. People say you ever get tired of crabcakes I put this image of John, you’ll appreciate this on Easter Sunday. And it was for crabcakes and it says what Baltimoreans eat on Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving New Year’s Eve and I’m just crabcakes. So we hope everybody’s shipping it. It’s Greek Easter this weekend. I’m doing some Greek crab cakes this week. So I’m really looking forward to that. So well Musa cosmetic company for lochia to everybody out there. I’m not Greek I just have the name of the Greek god of wisdom. You can Google that Martin, I’m telling you it’s true. Nestor was the Greek god of wisdom. Nestor is also just as true. Nestor is also Nestor Cortez nasty Nestor the new nasty Nestor but Nestor is also the biggest band in Sweden right now.

John Martin  22:09

You Wow, there’s gotta be a t shirt somewhere.

Nestor Aparicio  22:12

Do they look like Abba doing spinal tap doing rock heroes you know? Oh, man, any STLR go Google it. I’m not the number one Nestor that pops up anymore in lies about me. It’s a band from sweet. Yeah, and it’s a pitcher with a funny mustache in New York. So I have jumped the shark me and poor Nestor Torres the flutist. We’re we’ve moved to the bottom of it. So it’s great. John Martin is at the top of everybody’s Maryland lottery search. He is here each and every week and at the front of Baltimore positive showing the front leaning accountability that we like from our foreign state officials. And we it was great having you out last week too and seeing the kickoff on the 50th anniversary for what’s a really really special thing and I’m having a lot of fun giving these away. And I think these tickets are loaded with extra winners. I don’t know how because we had a lot of winners last week of failure. I am Nestor we are wn sta a 5070, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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