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Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the Orioles pitching concerns and the realities of a legitimate World Series run at Camden Yards late into this summer and fall.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W and st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. These are the happy days you got to happiness. This week. It is our 25th anniversary. We’re going to be unveiling the 25th anniversary Baltimore positive logo. We’re going to be giving away scratch offs in the Maryland lottery. We had a $100 winner over Coco’s pub two weeks ago. We’re hoping to have some more at Costas on Thursday. On Friday we move to drug city it’s also brought to you by our friends at window nation will be a cost this from 11. Before on Thursday on a drug city 11 to four on Friday. I’m gonna say this I have t shirts hats, see Kristoff signs swag books Purple Rain, one Purple Rain, two tapes, video, audio all that on the cost isn’t get it on Thursday because I’m not lugging up the stairs on Friday drugs city. It’s a little bit more of a tighter space upstairs in the tasting room. So on Thursday, we’ll be there and another great reason to come is this guy will be there. And I know he will be here too. I am 1570. You hear him on Thursdays from three until 536. Last week he went to overtime because he went away. And then he was back on from eight till noon on Sunday with the Sunday Sports forces that is closers. He’s over kuj Baltimore Ford selling off 2.9% financing. My wife seen the ads. Dennis, I’ll tell you that right now. He’ll be with us on Thursday over Costas is celebrating 25 years as well. How are you? What’s going on, man? Nice Oreo madness. Wait till they go to the West Coast next week. And we all have to stay up to one in the morning. I’m


Dennis Koulatsos  01:32

having a hard time with these rain delays and the late games nestra. So I’m enjoying the ride. Loving what you’re doing love the first inning against the Yankees the other night. So Sunday night, Sunday night. Baseball right then the announcers they were a bit off their game with the name pronunciation and also, oh, no, just a very uneven broadcast. But that aside, the team was doing real well. And now with the trade deadline, just the only thing remains to be seen. Well the Orioles add some some help to their pitching rotation.

Nestor Aparicio  02:04

Well, I mean, and we’re going to talk about this before, during and after we’re taping this before, give me expectations for you, you, you and if you’re and look talked about this, your player on this team and they tap mountcastle or Westberg on the shoulder and say, go play for the Mets and we’ll take Verlander whatever, it’s gonna happen, right? There is an obligation for them, not just for you and me who’ve waited 40 years or Luke who’s never seen it or for the fan base or the paying customers. And I saw John drinking his beer up in the up in the up in the sky box on the clouds with Mike Elias, no one else around them because they’re sequestered on their phones. And like it’s all a show. It’s all the Desperate Housewives of Camden Yards. But I would say this, there is an obligation for the players to say, you know, Cal Ripken never got a chance to get after 83 his second year like Adley rutschman, right? Like you got to kind of go all in when you’re in first place and you’re beaten up on the Yankees. And I don’t even know what all in feels like. But that alias is like, well, we’re not going to break anything for the future. Well, I don’t know at what point do you have to go all in when you’re in first place? But they said well, it’s down. It’s obvious they have a need, right? Like to me, there’s there’s a missing ingredient for their pitching that they have to address in one way or another. Maybe that’s John means and grace and Rodriguez are getting wells together. But from a commitment to the fan base where they haven’t made a big deal. They haven’t signed anybody they have no payroll. This is a little bit of a time have a step up to say what are they doing? And are they and if they don’t win in October, did they do enough?

Dennis Koulatsos  03:42

Nest I think what Mike Elias has to balance and not just trading away the future of the team but there’s definitely a salary cap that he has to stay with underwrite just parameters of ownership has given him he’s he does not have a blank checkbook like the San Diego Padres or the New York Yankees. He just can’t go out there just sign whoever he wants so much like the Ravens have the right player at the right price. Mike Lise has handcuffed at this point, if you will, by having to. I guess dumpster dive is the best term that comes to mind. When it comes to adding help for that rotation.

Nestor Aparicio  04:18


You will you will use that term poverty franchise all the time, right. And they’re The Little Engine That Could and they pack the yard and a lot of Yankee fans and Eddie came home. Adam Jones is podcasting. Every like all of that. All this momentum that’s there where most of us are sat around here and watch this emptiness for 30 years and empty promises and lies and bad bad faith. They’ve been a bad faith franchise, right? More than anything out there. That’s the if I were to sum it up in nice terms, not liars, not scoundrels. Not you know, money grubbing like I could come up with all sorts, but just, you know, you said poverty franchise. You know, I would leave dumpster dive and none of these are Are are nice terms. But what does that mean when they say we don’t have enough money to x, and they haven’t spent any money? It really is a time to say Are they, you know, where is the level of commitment. And that would mean signing rutschman or Henderson or whatever these pieces would be. But watching the broadcast on Sunday night, I found that fascinating. It was it was David cone. I don’t think it was Perez. And yeah, I think it was Cohen’s voice. He’s like, Oh, it’s nice to have the bank next to you when you’re Mike Elias. Right, right said that. And John Angelo’s is the bank. And I guess that’s the way the fan base would have to consider it. Right? It’s his thing. He can do whatever he wants.

Dennis Koulatsos  05:43

Well, if he’s the bank, and he has boy, are we in trouble and for optics from an optical standpoint, it’s okay to have Michaelides there and in the suite, but I would have liked to have seen Angelo’s meet perhaps his family there right. So let’s let’s have the family in there. I’ll give them some airtime and make it more of a family atmosphere. But I don’t know I didn’t like I didn’t care much for the optics, but I can’t see them doing much and free agency. I really can’t I think this is this is the model going forward. And the rubber meets the road when they have to resign some of these players and when you

Nestor Aparicio  06:18

say you, you can’t see them doing anything in free agency. Well, how about this Dennis, the greatest baseball player we’ve ever seen. unquestionable, and he taught Michael Jordan all you want to talk Secretariat, you could talk about Gretzky, your wee babe ruth. Pick any guy you want Brooks cow Palmer. They didn’t do what Otani is doing. He’s the greatest baseball player ever seen. And before it even begins, you say, too rich for our blood. We can’t have good things to match. Can

Dennis Koulatsos  06:49

you imagine in the rotation of Camden Yards and the fan excitement just not just for the local fans, but just fan to Philadelphia and DC and fan? World? Oh, yeah. Anybody within driving distance of Camden Yards? He has mercy. You said he’s like he’s a greatest of all time. If he’s not, I don’t know who he is. And you mentioned some great athletes.


Nestor Aparicio  07:11

In any other sport. You wouldn’t say? Well, nobody would want LeBron because they couldn’t afford him or Shaq and his prime, or Steph Curry became available like that the wizards wouldn’t be able to afford him. You know what I mean?

Dennis Koulatsos  07:22

How many? How many? How many Fannie’s are so tiny put in the seats? How many jerseys does Otani? Sell? How many beverages and? And food?

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

How much is Mr. Moreno adding that up right now? And is going all in? Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  07:38


Why wouldn’t he? Yeah. And you can’t blame them. You can’t let a guy like that get away from your franchise. He’s he’s got to retire an angel. He really does. But that’s just the way it is. Now. We have some some great players in our in our farm system, we have some rutschman. And also Henderson and several others on a major league club. They have a glut of young players. And is this just what we’re gonna see in the future? Are they not going to be able to keep their stars and just keep developing this farm system and put you’re not picking first overall every year either now they’ve gotten better, the team is ready to compete. It’s competitive now got the best record in the Al East? And to your point, if you’re not going to go all in? When are you these windows very fast. They don’t stay open forever. You know that? I know that. And hopefully Mike Elias and company they also know that as well. Well you

Nestor Aparicio  08:27

also get an opportunity if you were to deal with Westberg or a Kaos. I’m not saying they should deal any of these guys. But if if that is what you’re going to do to try to win right now. Let’s get me a pitcher that’s going to be here next year, too.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:40

Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn’t do a one year rental or a half a year rental, for sure. But as much as they’ve invested in these middle infielders, they should have invested in some arms, right. Defense and pitching isn’t that what Earl Weaver said and then you get the occasional three run homer that’s what win ballgames for you. But for them to be as efficient as they are with the starting rotation that really jumps out at you and when you have I guess, the ace of your staff and Dean Kraemer, when he’s that when he’s struggling in

Nestor Aparicio  09:09

90 pitches in in the fifth inning and has to go you know, good night I’m Yeah, and a seven


Dennis Koulatsos  09:13

run lead six, run lead five, run lead. You don’t feel safe. I don’t know that any one of us felt safe. Until the

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

lead, you should get six innings. And if you’re the starting pitcher, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  09:24

The lead didn’t feel safe to any one of us that was watching. I was on Twitter or x now that it’s called and which is another story for another day. But the lead didn’t feel safe and the Yankees started to chip away. I started to chip at him and he got himself with some jams. He got himself his credits out of some jams. But until they got the extra two runs an extra to make it nine to three. I started wasn’t feeling good about the outcome.

Nestor Aparicio  09:48


That is go on. So says here he’s a guest on my show. He’ll be back on my show this weekend on the 25th anniversary overcast this weekend. I mean, us six guys you don’t come to Dundalk much right? I mean, there’s so This is there’s a thing going on as an EBT Dundalk thing that summery and loosen cost that some people would say that Sparrows Point it’s certainly on the Patapsco side of Dundalk even though we celebrate them, but But you haven’t been to cost this is just going to be a treat for you. They never are. They’re doing now so for whatever

Dennis Koulatsos  10:18

reason, I’ve never been to cost us and I’m looking forward to it. I know the family. Mike Catholicism taught his son his daughter Sunday school many many years ago and they’re good people and I can’t wait to to rank their crab cake because I have my favorite and let’s let’s see what what the what they’ll roll that for us.

Nestor Aparicio  10:38

Well, you know, I got crab mallets from Leonard Raskin here to open beers. We’re gonna have like, one of those. Oh, this is patented. Look at this man. This is

Dennis Koulatsos  10:47

are you going to have enough of those to give away or do I have to steal yours from you? What’s going on here?


Nestor Aparicio  10:51

Give me it’ll be like bubble gum in third grade. I only have enough for myself. I will share I will open your beer for you. How about that? Oh, I had my mallet if you had the generosity of me being able to open the beer for you, right?

Dennis Koulatsos  11:04

I had. I had crab Sunday and I was thinking about that melody that was mallet as I was cracking them open and and also up opening up my non alcoholic beer. Right. I was athletes can’t drink the alcohol but but I was thinking about that Maillot that’s one of the kind Well,

Nestor Aparicio  11:20

I will have it with me on Thursday. We’re gonna be back at drug city on Friday celebrating 25 years. So I want to we you and I did a segment on your show last week. Oh, by the way, you can listen to Dennis Thursday from three to five while we’re celebrating Dennis to be on the air here and again on Sunday all during football season. But that has taken some time now to go through a lot of our swag and I have found many sort of old school here’s a black free the birds in a purple free to birds on the other side. We had to fix the team and I believe in Steve that that by the way that’s not steep or shoddy just you know that’s a Steve McNair sign for 2006 The free to bird signs well disclosure. Yeah, I’ve got autograph Joe Flacco autograph this wacko for Flacco signed autograph on there to see Joe throw. You know signs here got a couple of those autograph. I have the remember the east the fufu flax Of course, of course Joe autographed a couple of those. So we’re going to be giving those away as well. Here’s sort of a legendary member the Defense Science. Yes. Everybody says if I stopped but I bet you don’t have one autographed by Ray Lewis. So that was autographed by Ray Lewis. You can bet I don’t. I just found these in a pile wacko for Flacco on the other side of this one. But there’s a lot of really like old school old school. So this is a Baltimore loves cow. This is a 2007 sign that also had free the birds on it. We gave these out in Cooperstown. If you were Cooperstown the day that Ray went and this is an old Christmas card from the from the 90s from our team. This was everybody that worked for me all the producers that sort of six six work yet we’re seeing your Christmas card. Well no that anywhere yet restricted a little Santa nasty Christmas card thing here for us. Nice. So I got to believe in Joe. You probably had this site if you were in New Orleans and did the march these were the signs. Absolutely New Orleans march back. Yes. Very valid of us. If you can see here and this is the most important thing. Koons sponsored this you see in the black here. I do. I do. It’s that’s Khun sponsor 2014. We were there. You were there. old school, old school for free. For Pete’s sake. Read the Byrds. These are the original 2000 and sixes. This is another 2006 defense signed kept the defense used to put this on the back. No way or say this is this was a dark day. This is that.

Dennis Koulatsos  13:34


But you know what I think the people of Indianapolis was saying it today and now given his latest outburst on social media, but it’s by Jonathan Taylor. What an idiot. I mean, my God. What just be quiet.

Nestor Aparicio  13:45

Yeah. That you’re running back,

Dennis Koulatsos  13:48

right? Yeah. What do you think the morale is on this team now coming off a four wins this year.

Nestor Aparicio  13:53

I’m gonna keep this for you because I know how you feel about the RSA family. So you need to sign this is a sign right here. But this is an O six. So this is now 17 years old. These were the signs and like the bait Manning betas, and one of the dark dark night i blubbered. After we lost that gap, see Joe throw it got some see Joe throws here, but not more than that. That I got some really really old school ones here. From before went WNS. Remember this guy nasty nationwide. Remember good looking guy. Good looking guy. They’re looking young man. They’re literally Stomp them saints. This is from 1996 97 These are the original get nasty signs. We also have some dump Trumpy signs here from oh six. I have some old nasty newsletters. From back we had the nasty van that was a Ford by the way just so you remember that. I remember the online van is what that was for that. So we got some memories around here and I got t shirts a couple of just a few were handed stuff out. So if anybody wants anything for your man cave, your woman cave basement gave your purple gave your orange cane You know I have some bad some clobber Cleveland’s I have some spank the Yank signs from back in 96. So we’re giving it all the way down it’s it’s a fun feeling to have all these years and look at all this stuff and think about how heavy these signs were,


Dennis Koulatsos  15:14

ya know how many papers lots of paper cuts and lots of autographs on those sides as

Nestor Aparicio  15:20

well I tell you what you’re gonna be here on Thursday. You’re gonna be joining us, for you with the Ravens because it’s very, very rare that I would talk to you in the month of August at length about nothing but baseball. You have anything on the Ravens you want to say anything? Why it for you and praying that there’s no Joe burrow or what happened to Jalen Ramsey over the weekend? Yeah,

Dennis Koulatsos  15:43

you know what, when Joe Berg goes down, you have to go and look at the roster to see who’s back in a month. Right. Trevor sent me in and a couple other guys. And yeah, at this point with the ravens, no news is good news. And they start they put the pads on this week. And that’s when I really start paying attention because, you know, other writers to their credit, they have to write stuff and put stuff out there in regards to how the teams do and how the guys are looking. But this is when you separate the wheat from the chaff. This is when position pedals are one offensive line left guard, wide receiver the first second, third, fourth guide cetera, tight ends all the groupings defensive backs. Master this is when you separate the wheat from the chaff was when the pads come on. And this is when I really start paying attention to the Baltimore Ravens.

Nestor Aparicio  16:24


Well, I think there’s something really important going on within the installation of an offense. Right. And that last week, I heard Lamar, the wristbands going away. Right. We’ve not seen them or without the great the wristband, right? Where every where are you and your bunkies on your show on Thursday. And when I open my mic at Costas on Thursday, or drug city on Friday, and this is pretty typical, because I’ve been looking through 25 years all these pictures and stuff, and I have all these signs and some are dated steeping. There’s been dead for tenure, like there’s all this stuff’s old. But when I see a picture of Matt Kavanaugh, or I see a picture of cam Cameron or I see a picture even of Rex Ryan, I think of all of these coordinators that were here whether it’s the bilik administration even going back to March or Broda. I found a picture of of Don strock back in the day running the office like literally right I and I have I have pictures of of me with the the Iowa coach. Now the three Decker three decades of Kirk ferentz, he sat at the barn with me back, you know, like so all of these coordinators, and when you think about the village idiots, right, whether it’s cam Cameron, I mean, Kubiak did hang around long enough called well, but it’s amazing that Greg Roman leaves here with this sort of he was the reason we lost right and now monk is going to come in, there’s going to be this whole thing. Monk is gonna have more toys, right? I mean, he’s already called ze flowers that I think monk is inheriting a really good situation here with an allegedly happy quarterback, a wide receiver with a lot to prove another wide receiver. You know, comm is the number one pick to number one picks and obj and Aguilar and mark a like they have it’s an embarrassment of riches, if they can figure out this left guard and keep Ronnie Stanley healthy and the center steps up. But it’s amazing that that this offense and this installation that we’ve made Roman the idiot, I don’t know, I want to see what mungkin is going to put in there. That makes him smarter than Greg Roman having worked here, besides having better players, because I do think they had better players this year. I think Greg Roman would look at this and say, I would have liked to have had those toys. Well, I think

Dennis Koulatsos  18:38

you’re right in many aspects Nestor and the one thing we’ll have to see is did Greg Roman putting Lamar Jackson in the box, hinder his career versus enhancing his career? Did he? Did he keep him from hurting himself? Did he save him from himself? Or did he box him in and this is this is where mungkin can make a difference, right? If he can take this great space player and actually put them in space and give them all the weapons, then this year is no excuses, right? They won’t have you can’t blame Roman this year. If this thing doesn’t go the right way. You can’t if if perhaps Lamar is accuracy doesn’t improve if his throws outside of the numbers don’t improve if his reads on improve turnovers, etc. So we’ll be able to assess even if the wide receivers aren’t what, what? They don’t stay healthy, right? They still have enough more than enough. I mean, they’re the loaded a tight end. They’re a little runny back there a little bit every word, the offensive line that you mentioned coming back almost intact entirely. So

Nestor Aparicio  19:41

well. They’re installing new language to them. You know what I mean? And like, you remember when I had Jani on and I said hey, we say it’s all Greek to us. What do you say your Greek you know, like if I say this, my wife all the time I watch these Spanish speaking players, Felix Bautista in the broadcast and what a difficult thing that is and being a reporter around Russian hockey players around Hispanic speaking or Japanese you mentioned Otani here, but learning a new language for all the players on the offense for Lamar and the returning. This is the time that you don’t hear why right. 41 if the new cadences Sure, green 16 left, you know, I mean, like hearing a different language and you say you think math wise in Greek? You told me that last week, you

Dennis Koulatsos  20:29

remember, but do you remember when Ray Lewis and company went down to Miami, the faces Wildcat offense that not many people had success stopping and the Ravens stopped Ray Lewis said it’s still football, right? So no matter what you call it, it’s still football. And that’s to me, you can call it whatever and I get there might be some confusion with some calls, but it’s still football blocking, tackling execution. Right. So to me really, there aren’t any excuses for this team this year. They have a lot of players that are pro bowl all pro caliber that have one winter show for the last four or five years in the playoffs. And to me, that’s their driving force, whether you’re Marlin Humphrey, Ro Quan Smith, Ronnie Stanley, etc. They’ve got to show up and they got to put up numbers almost right away.


Nestor Aparicio  21:12

Or they got the patch or queens playing for money and you got Bateman playing to get back and bet you know, you got look hard playoff games here 10 years, right? Like since I printed the signs, so like there is

Dennis Koulatsos  21:25

gloves gloves are off. And from every every aspect, front office, the players etc. They’re pissed off for greatness, for lack of a better term, and hopefully that’ll pay dividends on the field. You gotta stay on cotton. Yeah, right. And they’ve got it right, and they’ve got to stay healthy too. That’s the other part of it, too. They got to stay healthy. If they’re not healthy, then all bets are off. But you can say that for any NFL team out there, too. You mentioned Joe burrow going down. And how that adversely affects the Cincinnati Bengals. Ravens have to have a measure of going to help this year to be able to get into playoffs and advance.

Nestor Aparicio  21:57

Well, I know one thing JK Dobbins not gonna get hurt this week holding in. Nobody’s saying anything. I love these press conferences. Even though I’m not a part of the one thing I say 10 with Luke going out there and sweating it out. And you know, the Chad steel thing. It’s it’s insane with the Orioles and the Ravens not allowing me to work because Luke’s been doing double duty. But you know, this period of time when you go out there. And if you’re a fan and you get a ticket and you go out there and sweat it out. And you know, your kid gets knocked over and Odell Beckham straightens them out and Pat’s him on the head or whatever. There’s a lot of hard work. You know, I mean, the respect I have for covering this for the first 27 years, so they threw me out that I would go out there on a hot day. And watch guys that have no chance to make the team right like literally right like, but they’re laying down tapes at the saints might see them. And they might be that guy that gets a chance that gets an opportunity to play that everybody’s out there with a dream. Everybody’s out there working hard. And not everybody out there has recon Smith’s money or Lamar Jackson’s money or they’re just trying to make it. They’re just trying to make the team and follow that dream. And I that that’s always been the compelling part of it for me.

Dennis Koulatsos  23:07


Yeah, without a doubt, and there’s still some moves to be made that there’s still some veteran players hanging out there some defensive ends, some cornerbacks, and this team isn’t done yet. So we’ll have to keep an eye out on the waiver wire and what the Ravens do with it.

Nestor Aparicio  23:21

I love how you mentioned left guard right away, because I do too. I’m like, That’s the mystery to me. I am most of this. And the mystery to me is how the symphony conducts, you know how Lamar is going to look into new offense with a new offense is going to be but more than that out of this campus. Who are your players? Who are the guys on that oh line that are going to tear it up the way Marshall yonder and a young Ronnie Stanley and those guys did back in 19. And quite frankly, the way the 13 team tore it up for that whole era. Once Matt Burke got in here and Flacco put his big boy pants on and they say you know what that offensive line represented to me the offensive line is going to dictate the season for them in the health of their offensive line.

Dennis Koulatsos  24:01

Well no more after the the next 10 days Nestor they put on the pads and guys like just a matter BK and Michael Pierce and company and those cats, they’ll have something to say in regardless who’s to who started for the Ravens. Let’s see what left guard can move his cat out of the way.

Nestor Aparicio  24:17

Most importantly, was selling cars. My wife is still my wife is so fencing. We had an extra hour on the west side of town the other day, we were in Gainesville going over to the El Guapo they opened this beautiful new basement bar. It’s a bar cat. I didn’t know what a barcade was. You’ll like barcade


Dennis Koulatsos  24:33

several times I haven’t been in a while but

Nestor Aparicio  24:36

you know, like things in the basement games golf simulator in the basement underneath El Guapo. So we were over there gimme 2.9 My wife seeing the ads like what what can you do for her in regard to what the government’s not doing at this point, which is you know, I mean, when you when nobody’s paying cash, I shouldn’t say nobody people come in some days and pay cash. But if you’re not paying cash, you’re borrowing money. accrediting, this is a tough time to be in the credit market like that. No,

Dennis Koulatsos  25:03

yes and no, because right now high yield savings accounts. I’ve got several of those and they’re paying 5%. So to me, yes, the rates are up. But you can also offset that by having your money in the bank. And if you can get 1.9 or 2.9, to certainly those deals are out there. On new vehicles, it’s smart to use a manufacturer’s money at 1.9 or 2.9. While your money money earns 5% Plus, these high yield savings accounts that they’re not CDs are not IRAs, you can it’s your money, you can take it out anytime you’d like there’s no penalty. So that’s what I’ve been recommending to our, our clients, our customers.

Nestor Aparicio  25:37


So what do you have? So there are 192290 Yes, There

Dennis Koulatsos  25:41

absolutely are okay. We don’t have too many leftover 2022 But there’s 0% for 60 months and some leftover 2022. So the deals are there to be had for astute buyers and we have us to customers and sales reps when we make deals all day long.

Nestor Aparicio  25:56

You need to make me an astute buyer.

Dennis Koulatsos  25:58

You’ll I think I think I think Jen to various dude buyers, so we need to talk to her get her on the air. All right.


Nestor Aparicio  26:04

Yeah, you know, whenever she’s ready, you know, she wants that Bronco. I mean, you know, I keep saying to her whenever you’re ready, you know, so

Dennis Koulatsos  26:13

I’ll have to send another one to the house I

Nestor Aparicio  26:15

have to I have to deliver know what she’s gonna be ready. It’s not these 100 degree days. It’s on a day when she might need four wheel drive cuz she’s in New Hampshire. There you go. You know what I mean? So she’s thinking more like when tree and more like family roadster, you know that after being in a sedan life for a period of time and living the good sedan life because we haven’t had a lot of snow here lately. I don’t want to talk like that 100 degree week, but I said to her, you know, we’re gonna get a two foot or two for one of those. You know, we’re way overdue. Yeah, that’s why she said before we’ll drop that is go out so she can put you into anything sporty, efficient, gas efficient, and certainly will find the right deal for you. They have plenty of inventory out there as well. You can find him out at security Boulevard. You can also find him here at am 1570 on Thursday, between three and five and you can find them at cost. It’s for the first time ever. around lunchtime on Thursday, we’ll be giving away the scratch offs in the mirror lottery. Our friends from window nation will be there. I’m going to have the one and only rat maybe let it as another one. I don’t know. These are the crab mallets for Lenin Rascon Rasky global celebrating 25 years. We’re giving away everything that’s not nailed down. So all those great quotes about RapidSSL and cotton and all that purple rain to you know who’s got it better. No snow body, all of that stuff is all in Purple Rain wanting to and I’ve given that stuff away as well too. So come out, get a free book free ad free shirt. I promise I’ll give you free something. If you come out to Costas on Thursday. Between 11 and 425 years Oreos in first place. Ravens are healthy, Mike Elias on the phone making deals. John Angelo’s drinking beer world Sunday Night Baseball Kenny Albert’s in town Rosenthal’s in town. Big week around here we’re wn st am 1570 Stay with us. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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