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Going back to Summer Camp with Hootie and The Blowfish


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Sure, they’ll always be known as a South Carolina band, but Hootie and The Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan is always quick to point out his Maryland roots for home and sports. He catches up on Orioles Magic, thirty years of friendship with Nestor and the not-so-cracked rear view of a life in making music that is currently making fans happy on the road with all the hits.


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Mark Bryan, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01


Welcome home, we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive always doing good stuff around here. This is gonna be a fun one because like, this thing is going on all summer so I could promote my lottery tickets in my shows and all of that. But you may hear this in June, July, August, because one of my favorite bands in the land, they put the band back together again, and I honestly thought this band was on tour. Was it like two years ago? Three? No, it was five years ago. My hair was short. It is now long. He will be shocked when he sees me at some point on life’s highway, Hootie and the Blowfish it put the band back together. They’ve got the summer camp tour going out here. And quite frankly, Mark Brian and I were like boys going on 30 years now he’s in my phone I’m in is I texted back and forth. And I knew you were doing this mark. I knew like I knew all about and I put all the dates in my calendar when the tour dropped whenever it was back in the winter. And I’m like, Alright, we’re gonna do her. She can’t do that Philly show, because it’s mainly going to do Merriweather. So I’m looking at all the dates getting all organized and all this and I thought I’m gonna reach the mark. And then next thing I know look up it’s like June. And I’m like, Oh man, I wonder when the tour starts. And I’m like, Dude, you guys have already dropped like a 10 shows I got setlist. I know what I am excited. I’m really more excited. You’re taking a little break and coming on. So how was the tour going? I get to ask you that in the middle of the tour. Great,

Mark Bryan  01:33

dude. Great everything you would hope for just packed houses of people who are really excited to hear our music, which is all you can ask for. And then the band sounds great. We fit feels great. We everybody’s tight. It’s just all you could ask for man. I’m like I it’s even better than I hoped it would be so far. So I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:54

gonna be the Jackass fanboy with you and do what I would do if I only met you once in my life or met Darius once in my life instead of bumping into on Fells Point years ago. But I’d say Do you realize all these years later how much your music means that people 30 years late, you know, I year hold my hand what it means to me? You know,

Mark Bryan  02:11

I don’t have it’s hard to answer that question until you see people reaction from the stage. And you can tell that the song you’re playing is affecting their life, life deeply. You know, sometimes people are crying or they’re just overjoyed or whatever it is. And so I’m starting to get that, that that you know, starting to get it.


Nestor J. Aparicio  02:32

Did you get that? Did you get that? I mean, Chris, you’re saying was meteoric like after struggle, biggest band in the world. And then there’s that we’re playing a smaller place and there’s some empty and then there’s and then and then Darius does his solo. And then all these years later to come out and just see nothing, but effing joy. I think it’s gonna be the highlight of my summer. My wife broke her ankle last week. So I don’t think she’s doing her she and a couple. She was trying to get her better. She’s looking forward to Merriweather thinking, like, by the end of the summer, we’re good. And do this Charleston thing. She’s trying to drag me down to Charleston. I go to Charleston. But but you know, the joy that you’re the highlight of my summer and I one of the highlights of my summer was you return the call today and saying I’m home let’s hang out you know.

Mark Bryan  03:14

Thanks, buddy. I appreciate that. Well, yeah, I always think of the O’s when I think you you and we’re having such a good run right now. Lately Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It’s it’s just nice to be that have the team be in the place that we’re in right now with the with the new ownership and and the direction we’re headed in the players are so fun right now. It is really really fun. My son and I and my son Kenny is out on tour with us this summer working hard doing merch and all this stuff. How’s your kid? He’s great. He’s 24 and and so he said to me Hey, Dad, you know can we split the Major League Baseball package so we can watch the o’s and I’m like absolutely buddy so for the last two seasons he and I’ve been really keeping up with it together and it’s fun that he’s he’s didn’t even grow up in Maryland and it’s still pick the US as his team

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:07

did you dalliance with that or did you not your nationals

Mark Bryan  04:09


got so you know, I I would still call them my National League team but you know after talking with my boys Scott Van Pelt he put it very, very clear, clear and cleanly. One man one team and so you know I’m OHS all the way and if if I’d love to see an OHS nats World Series at some point, I think it’d be fun. But you know, I’m Oh, so I’m going to be written for those. If

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:33

that happens. Your kid has national stuff in his closet or No, he’s 20 No, no, he’s

Mark Bryan  04:37

he’s all he’s all Oriental Studies. And he’s, he’s, he’s all oriels do

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:42

like his background as a old now a man. All of these years have slipped away for us. You know, you’ve had a much better 30 years in the Orioles have had, I’ll just say that, you know, over the course of time here, you know,


Mark Bryan  04:55

ya know, it’s sad because as a kid he came on In my teens were the skins and the Orioles and the Terps and everything in terms, one that natty and oh two but he was like three years old. He didn’t get to experience that forever. So all the teams he sort of supported behind his dad have just been it’s been a nightmare for him until the O’s have finally come around. So this this has been good. And we actually went to a couple of games last summer I got back up to the yard for the first time in years and and he and I went to a couple of games it meant a lot. It was really cool. So it

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:27

back to the beginning of our relationship and you guys singing national anthems at Camden Yards and playing at Merriweather and the you know, the first album into the fairweather and like all of that, when I met you, and we would do right here together. You had the good football team, Joe Gibbs if it did, and we share the Orioles and we shared like it’s been a decade or whatever. Now we’re 40 years time why you punish me? Three years into this right? And we haven’t won and there’s something about like my kids. 39 You don’t know. I mean, 39 You didn’t know Right? And there’s this thing for this year for even people like you Joan Jett calls 98 Rock and whatnot. And people be listening and they don’t know if you’re Oriole background. A lot of people don’t know he’s got like, roots firmly planted in what used to be Oriole soil and certainly former commander Redskins soil down but you’re you’re a Maryland kid, you got I mean, Silver Spring by him, you know, but by and by law or by and by.

Mark Bryan  06:26

Yeah, I remember when the O’s went to the World Series against the pirates in 1977 I believe it was and I was 79

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:35


I want to get it right for 79 That’s right.

Mark Bryan  06:37

Okay, so I was 12 years old. And, and one of the games was like October 10. And my dad got us tickets and took took me down to Memorial Stadium. And it’s no doubt Nestor I remember that he gave snowed out on October 10. And so I did the only World Series game I was ever gonna get to go to the kids snowed out, which was kind of cool. But it was it was I just how long I’ve been a fan and how long I’ve been a part of it. And so this is a really special time right

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:08

now, in Richmond or Henderson who they gotta give the 250 million to first or 500. Well, at this point.

Mark Bryan  07:15

You take your pick, they’re both great, dude. How do we keep them both? Let’s go. All right,


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:20

let’s get to the band. Let’s get to the tour. Let’s get to the house in the wise, I swear to you on my life. I thought you went out and 21 or 22. And I’m thinking now I don’t remember the mask part of it. And then I found the picture. I saw you guys up at Saratoga, I saw you. So I get eight times on the last tour. But I swear, months are becoming years and years of becoming decades quickly. It’s been five years. So I shouldn’t say how why or whatever, just sort of time to put it back together. But I think all of this really revolves around Darius and all of you at this point. But Darius has like this thing that’s grown. And he still rock’n’roll to me. I’m still Donnie, he’s Marie, but this country thing, but But putting the band back together is a major thing for all of you. And I think for all of us, we’ve been five years. Let’s go I’m gonna shake my ass. Come on now. You

Mark Bryan  08:11

know, you know me, I’m always in. So like, I love to play. I’ve always been that way. And music is my passion always has been. So I’m usually in on anything that makes any just modicum of sense at all. I’m in

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:28

Cancun, let’s do a thing more in Yeah. So but it really comes

Mark Bryan  08:31


down to, to all four of our, you know, schedules and lives coming together at the right time to be able to do something like this, not just Darius is but certainly Darius isn’t. And the fact that he still has the desire to do that. This is exciting for all of us, too. So you know, why not? Why wouldn’t we take advantage of it every chance we get when you say

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:51

he has the desire. You don’t have to peel back the onion here is is it that behind the rock star and all that, but when you guys do get together, there’s money, but there’s logistics and there’s playing and physically that you don’t have a sore arm or a broken shoulder raspi for you know, all of those things that make it happen as I get older, and I only bring this up because you guys are old like me, but you’re not that old. I saw the stones two weeks ago, and I’ve seen mick out here doing this thing, right? I mean, Willie Nelson and Dylan are going out. And for some people, it’s oxygen. I mean, I saw sting with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra a couple of months ago, I’m seeing bands go out and now solo artists in different ways redoing their music when you guys go out, man. It’s a hoody show. And it’s you know, when you put that together I don’t know what the negotiation of that but getting together and finding a reason to go do this for six months. I think that’s hard for any for people to do for any fan. It stays together to do it. But

Mark Bryan  09:51

it’s the truth is we really don’t need a reason we’re doing it out of love. We’re you know, we’re brothers and friends and we have created this special thing together and we still get to do it, you know, and I think we all have that approach. We all have that feeling about it. And not once has it ever come down to like, we need to do it financially or we have to do it because of somebody’s career or something. It’s just like, hey, this this feels right, let’s do it. And it’s been like that was like that five years ago. And it’s like that this time, too. And so because of that everybody’s enjoying it for all the right reasons.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:24

Edwin McCain running around with you guys, you bring it bring it all your Oh, geez. Right, exactly.


Mark Bryan  10:28

Dude, it’s like the it’s just like the old days. And even we even named the tour again, summer camp with trucks, which he came up with back in the 90s, which is a genius name. And so yeah, it’s, it really does feel pretty full circle. What’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:43

the most fun about this? You know, for being with God, people you like being with families, your kids on the merch, like a

Mark Bryan  10:51

combination of everything. It’s there’s a warmth out there, around the fact that we’ve no all including Collective Soul. We’ve all known each other for 30 plus years now. And, and, and so there’s a warmth around the friendships. And then but I think the the biggest warmth you get in all the friends field is to is from the crowd and from the like these packed houses. And you go out there at 7pm when Edwin starts, and it’s still light outside. And there’s even the lawns packed at that point, like everyone’s there even to see Edwin. And so there’s this giant warmth that every show, everybody in the music gives that gives you that nostalgic feeling and adds to it. And it’s just this all encompassing thing. And it feels really great to be back on tour.

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:37


I know you write your own music, I’ve had you on talking about solo shows, you come out and do all that. And then when I go to your website, I’m expecting golf, I’m expecting charity and sports and all the things that I’ve been seeing it hoody world forever and ever and ever since you guys were one of the first bands to kind of have a website and move your music in that direction 30 years ago, covers and you know, you guys have albums of covers that that you’ve turned me on to songs. I mean, I think it used me and I think of different stuff like that, that you guys covered 30 years ago that you were always a band that loved playing bar songs, right? Like, I mean, maybe that was even the genesis of how y’all met each other and became friends. But for what for what it’s worth. You’ve done a Buffalo Springfield, song and Steven still song. me guys, you were drowning 30 years ago, long before Trump. Thoughts about picking covers and picking songs. You guys were doing Stone Temple Pilots songs in your prime in theirs at the end of shows when you could have should have been doing your own songs. But Pearl Jam was another one of those bands always doing cover songs. You guys just loved music. And I think at this point, I would say well, you’re working on some new material. And you guys are working with covers all the time to keep me kind of fresh.

Mark Bryan  12:52

Yeah, we actually recorded this a couple years ago when we were in the studio and never released it. And so we figured the timing of it is as good now as it’s ever been for the song and we’re going on tour. Why not? So that was our release for this year. Is that cover for what it’s worth by Buffalo Springfield, but I did go ahead and make a whole album anyway. Even though he didn’t this time, I just had a bunch of songs as usual. So got a new album coming out this fall. I’m dropping singles all summer long. Second of which comes out this Friday. So the album’s gonna be called popped prpp ed? And I’m really excited about it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:33

Well, are you gonna go out and do what you usually do it? This is a long summer for you. But I mean, you’d love to go and support, especially your own music go out and play it right.

Mark Bryan  13:42

How about next year, you know, put together a series of shows next year? Yeah. Like I’d love to come up and play a good Maryland DC show, thinking about the Fillmore in Bethesda or something cool like that, and, and maybe do some dates like that to support this release? Yeah, that’d be great.


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:58

How does that work in a creative way we’re Darius goes off has his own very successful thing. You’ve been doing your solo thing the whole time. I would think that’s almost you don’t write it that way when you’re in the band, and you’re 21 and trying to make it but almost the best of both worlds at this point that you get to do that thing, this thing. And you could do anything all for

Mark Bryan  14:20

sure. I sure wish that we were making hoody record this time around. Certainly I do. Like it would be my first choice. But you know, again, like I was saying your earlier that everything has to line up and all four of our lives for something like that to happen. And so the fact that that didn’t happen this time is okay. And so I’m not going to just leave it as I’ve always said to everyone Nestor, I’m not going to just leave all the songs sitting around on the floor of my studio. So that’s why I’m making my fifth solo album, or releasing my fifth solo album because I’ve got to find a place for the music. And so that’s what I do. And if, if, during that time it gets to be a hoody project that’s even better. But either way I’m gonna make the records because it’s what I do it’s what I love to do it’s what I feel like it’s what I’m here to do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:05

I never would have known about one of the songs that I have fallen in love with all these years if you had not made scattered smothered and covered now almost 25 years ago you made this album song called I’m over you by a band called the silos that I never that I’ve gone back I’ve heard your version so much your version is the version for me because I never really heard the other version driver eight and the other songs that you did that that or I hear them both ways including Zeppelin songs I hear both ways now well with you guys and I guess it’s because it Darius is tonality as much any but I’m over you and picking those kinds of songs. And I guess this was you guys being a young band and here’s the people are not familiar that song. It’s one of the best songs I’ve driving song that I’ve ever heard. And I hear your version. It took me 20 years to find it to hear the original version on YouTube. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, I heard the original version of like, yours is different. I like yours better than the original. I wouldn’t tell Walter that you know.

Mark Bryan  16:08


I mean, it’s it’s a great song either way, like that. Half of scattered smothered recovered as us just playing our favorite songs from college like that, like, you know, like I’m over you and Aerobie and stuff like that. And then the other half was stuff where we were asked to do certain projects like the Roy Orbison song that we did dream baby was for whatever John Travolta movie was out at the time, I can’t remember but we got asked to do that song for the soundtrack. So we cut it you know and so some of those kinds of things ended up on scatters further covered and then it’s others were like besides like I said of our favorite college songs and I think it’s a cool record.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:43

Well, you guys always covers and I had to figure out will the circle be unbroken? And where’s that go? You know, I mean, I grew up in the South you know what I mean? So you introduce stuff away above and beyond hold my hand a lot of people

Mark Bryan  16:56

Yeah, I didn’t grow up in the South either. Other than Maryland is south of the Mason Dixon Line technically, but you know, that was one of the songs that Darius started singing when we were doing like acoustic stuff we were doing like acoustic bluegrass sessions with a mandolin and all that and it’s a Darius brought out that song as a spiritual that works really well in that setting you know, and then we all start harmonizing and the next thing you know it’s we’re bringing it out on stage right you still do that’s how we yeah that’s how we intro the song from musical chairs that we do got captured me to send me free Desert Mountain show that we intro it with with circle circle be unbroken Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:40

I can’t wait to get out on the road holding the plug fishes out on the road more Brian the a fantastic guitar player and he’s him grew right here in the in the state of Maryland Dan is Silver Spring even though I’m so Boston his balls about as bad football team down there. Does that ever gonna get fixed? I mean you’re still a fan right? You got W Hey bought the new beer the whole thing right


Mark Bryan  18:00

we’ve gotten new ownership there to both of my squads now up there the Orioles and the skins are headed in the right direction now we’re headed in the new and right direction feels great so I feel really good about the skins I’m still calling them that I have not accepted the new name yet. I still think there’s a chance they might change it at some point but I guess it’s not going to be for this year or we would already heard about it. Maybe not you never know maybe it’ll pop a surprise on us here in the next couple of weeks. But anyway, that’s so much squad always will be. I’m excited about the future J Daniels I mean what uh we’ll see where that goes but that it has a lot of promise so we

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:39

don’t talk about them up here. It’s all purple up here. We have Lamar at the MVP you know we’re pretty good here

Mark Bryan  18:44

same thing same thing is baseball man the Ravens would be my AFC team I would definitely I don’t know why there’s so much hatred between skins and Ravens fans but maybe it’s healthy for the league that to have that little robbery there whatever, but I like the Ravens. I have no problem with the Ravens.

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:01


Eagles right. Do you agree on that? Oh

Mark Bryan  19:03

yeah. outstand some eagles. Only team I hate worse than the Eagles is the you know what? Texas team that team from Texas that I will not name? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:11

we play them Week Three down in a big place. They’re good for you with sports and you know our relationship over 30 years. You guys came to town you were coming band. My producer loved your album. You’re playing the one theater. Next thing I know you golf, you’re into the Orioles I find at your local ish kind of band and you lay like so all of the sports sports sports. There is a singing about the dolphins and then somehow you fell in with Dan Patrick and the ESPN group. You were sort of the ESPN band you know at that particular time from a rock standpoint, but also the golf and the fact that I mean I remember when and all you would a soccer match at RFK Stadium and talking to Sony and Dean and Beckham was playing I think that day, your sports band to some degree what sports don’t moves you I mean, are you you’re watching the Orioles ever know what golf used to still go on your golfing every year at the Masters? Yeah,

Mark Bryan  20:07

watching the Orioles pretty regularly and then golf is the main sport that I play still, you know, once once or twice a week. Once the tour comes around, we get a little busier and play you know even two or three times a week, Darius tries to play every day before show and I do every day that I can. And so that’s really the main one and I do follow golf too. I have not been following the Live tour but I still love following the PGA Tour can’t help myself I find myself on Sunday afternoons you know looking for an exciting finish and that happens almost every week.


Nestor J. Aparicio  20:44

So you guys get on a bus in Columbus and then get off to Boston wherever name some other place and then you go play golf and you come back and you tell off and then you go out and you jump around like a hyena for two hours sing any songs you get back on another bus is that’s what you you play golf on the road seriously all summer Yeah 100 degrees in Atlanta you’re out playing golf somewhere.

Mark Bryan  21:05

Well, we try to play early try to get out before it turns 100

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:11

bed early or up gets out of bed that’s

Mark Bryan  21:15


why I don’t play every day because also I have soundcheck and 230 every day so I’m trying to get it in before soundcheck and before it gets too hot and then I can rest after soundcheck and before the show and that’s the schedule I’m on right now. Two weeks into it and it’s pretty fun

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:30

summer camp there’s you play Rock and Roll all night you play golf all day somebody else drives the boss once in a while some guy like me you got to deal with me come on and talk about your music but your other pretty good summer Mark good for you.

Mark Bryan  21:42

I am I definitely am and I’m working myself hard to with having the solo album out with pop coming out and I’m doing a lot of work to promote that. And then I also have a beverage that I’ve been involved with called high seltzer ahi Seltzer, and I’ve been doing a lot of work with that to try and spread and spread the word about that it’s a it’s federally illegal Delta eight infused Delta eight and delta nine infuse THC, you know, seltzer? no alcohol, no sugar, no carbs. This is really healthy approach to catching a buzz. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:14

am checking this out right now I never heard. So you know, I’m sponsored my shirts from curio wellness in foreign daughter. And we do and a whole educational series on where all these products come from and how they’re different. And look, it’s like I say every time I have one, we all got hammered and drank this and drank that during shows in the park. tailgates I spot Budweiser, millet is selling booze here for 35 years to get whatever booze gives you, right? Certainly this is a different, just a different thing we’re talking about here


Mark Bryan  22:44

it is, it’s the future. You know, it’s a refreshing change is what it is. It’s it’s a really healthy alternative. And I’ve been involved with about a year and a half. And it’s done nothing but back itself up the whole way the taste, the flavor profiles, everything we’re doing is just right. And I’m really excited about it. We’re in about 20 or 30 states now with distribution and getting bigger as we go and I you know, no offense to a lot of the other brands out there. But it seems like my partners have come up with the right formula for us that beats every other brand. It’s five milligrams for can to very approachable and it’s not going to knock you on your ass. And the most impressive thing we’re doing is that it’s water infused, not oil infused like a gummy. And so it hits you in real time and gives you no brain fog afterwards. It’s a really clean experience. It pours clean and everything I call it the drinkable instead of the animal to drinkable.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:38

Give me on the VIP backstage for the show, because I need to try something like a pineapple real cherry, lemon lime, tropical pack, and you got to be 21 to go to the website. So I saw that on the way in but Hi h i seltzers stLt seltzers you know how to spell seltzers, Hootie, the blowfish, they’re out on the road all summer long. I’m gonna see some of the shows most of the shows. And this thing for your solo. There’s a finite end to this summer camp tour at some point. So I’m not selling anybody on hey, we’re getting into studio next year. This is for fun and for this summer and come catch it while you can with Kevin McCain. Exactly

Mark Bryan  24:17

right. Yeah. Like I said, I’d love if we were going to make a new record. But that’s not happening right now. Not saying that won’t ever happen again, just not happening on this particular tour this year. So we’re just enjoying the tour. It’s the 30 year anniversary of crack review on July 5, and we’re having a blast playing with each other and getting out in front of all these awesome fans.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:35


I gotta give you one more thing before I go because I wrote this down because I was on your website. You got some some vinyl thing you’re selling on the cracked review and the 30 year endeavor. And I’m thinking to myself, lately, lately lately, like the last five years because vinyl was a pain in the ass it melted. It was hard to store as heavy as hell. I had friends that had stacks of them. And then we went to CDs. You were very much a CD band. I mean how you were getting ripped off by the streaming be quickly I would think with the Napster’s during your era, the vital part of all of us who loved Led Zeppelin and if you see my belt buckles I got all my Pacific belt buckles from 78 and 79. Here finals like coming back and I’m I would be the profile 55 I love music I love for the sound grade. Like all of that stuff. I don’t understand the vinyl thing and I certainly don’t understand the kids getting it. But it’s like a real thing. Right vinyl. Look at you show me your show me your turntable.

Mark Bryan  25:33

Yeah, I’ve got this this new Wilco album. Oh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:35

you’re dropping Wilco Are you on? And

Mark Bryan  25:38

there’s that’s a cool little piece of memorabilia. I’ll pick there. Alright, so giant pick. Yep. All right. But yeah, so I love vinyl. And I think it’s cool as hell. And you know, it’s, it’s sort of like you said, it’s, it’s old school. And it gives me a feel, it gives you that vintage feel of like, hey, you know, the crackles Come on, and everything. And then you have to flip it when the side ends. And I don’t know, there’s something about that. It’s a different way to listen to music. You can’t do that in your car, you know, everyone’s in your car, everything you listen to, like I can’t get around the music. You know, this is kind of nice, where it’s like, it’s the old way to listen. It’s really cool, man. And also, well, I am an art through artist, but I’m also a big fan. And so I think there’s a whole thing of the package that comes with vinyl for the fan where you have more notes or over Yeah, and so I think that’s a big thing for vinyl, where you can still do all of that the only platform that you can still do all of that. You know,


Nestor J. Aparicio  26:38

I got Thomas Dolby didn’t show this we Thomas, that she blinded me with science 80s He lives here in Baltimore, he came on and we got to talk. And he’s like a real serious music do too, right. And we got to talk about how we listen to music. And I will say to my wife, this is my phone. This is not an apple, where I’m getting interrupted with notifications, like, music to me is a separate thing. And about a year and a half ago, I sucked it up Christmas time I went online, and I bought an iPod Classic with a friggin cord. It has a hold on here. It’s right here. I got it right here because I carry this is it this is my this. So and it took me a long time to get to this because I carried CDs everywhere. Because I was never a Walkman guy. But there is something about how we find our music and where we get it. That is incredibly, the reason I like this is albums are heavy, I can’t take them with me. I can take this anywhere I want to go it’s not Bluetooth, I don’t have those little wet things in my ear. I don’t have any of that. I’m old school, but it’s almost new school. Because this is an old school I love

Mark Bryan  27:43

about that what I love about new school listening is listening on my phone is the ability to jump around from song to song or not even finish the song and just like make a playlist. Yeah, like ever make a playlist and I want to hear the songs back to back or hey, I only want to hear 30 seconds of the song. And that’s not what I was thinking was gonna be I’ll just jump to the next one or whatever. I love all of that about digital listening. And then what I love is the opposite about that with analog listening, nobody’s going over just skipping tracks on the record, you just let the record play. And so you end up hearing everything that that artists wanted you to hear that and otherwise, I’m not going to hear it I’m going to skip if I’m on my digital and I’m looking for the songs I want to hear and I end up skipping when I listen to a record, I ended up hearing the songs that I never thought about or didn’t know I was going to hear and that to me is real listening. And that’s what when I was a kid that’s how I found all these really cool songs and deep cuts and how I fell in love with artists was from listening to the whole record. So that’s one of the things I like about vinyl is you put it on and then you go about your day around your house doing whatever you do and it’s on the whole time and you get to hear everything that that artists want you to hear and I think there’s something to be said for that. Not a lot of people listen like that anymore.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:49

A Oh our album oriented rock right album The whole our Pink Floyd the whole thing rush to get past Tom Sawyer and you get redboard shadow you know, you get what you get the camera on and you get vitals. So So you hear what I’m talking about? Well, but you know for me, I didn’t have that with you. You were not that bad for me. You were CD band for me. So I hear your songs in order from the first one. Like I’m waiting for the next song at the ending of one like you didn’t know the name your own song a minute ago because it all kind of runs together. So right here I have 116 songs that are hoody songs just because you showed me yours I’m showing your mind that I have this does it piss you off that I have from 30 years ago? A bootleg CD that some really good quality? I don’t you open with Hannah Jane and it’s a Letran you did Hannah Jane only want to be with you. I’m going home hold my hand I go blind let her cry look away time drowning and then there’s three acoustic Hannah Jane hold my hand only want to be with you. I bought it from bar over final discoveries. It was a boot in the 90s I’m sorry. Um, so I feel like rewriting Dwayne on what’s happening. I’m sorry, but I still have it on my iPod and it’s still friggin awesome. You guys do an acoustic for was the Anna Jane for me from back when you were kids?

Mark Bryan  30:03


I’m calling the cops that this is just way too far. This

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:06

no you’re not getting a high seltzer before the Hershey show. It’s

Mark Bryan  30:10

like rerunning rods when they were sitting with the Doobie Brothers which do be up ah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:17

taking it to the streets. That’s all I’m talking about. Mark Bryan is here he is not scattered, covered, smothered isa smothered love the hoody tour. They have the boys to put the band back together. Dean Sony, Darius is Holsapple out with you guys know


Mark Bryan  30:31

Peter is he’s he’s still doing music, but he’s not doing it with us right now. He’s done in North Carolina doing his thing

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:38

with his band, right? He’s going out with the DVDs, right? Yep. You know, I have a crush on him. You know that right? Oh,

Mark Bryan  30:45

yeah, who doesn’t? Man, he’s so awesome. And we stay in touch and talk to him right before the tour. And I’m hoping that we’ll see him when we come through North Carolina. And so for support now on keyboards, we have a guy named Lee Turner that was doing this in Darius his band when he when he tours, and He’s great. He’s become a great friend. And it’s cool. A lot of these Nashville guys do two jobs on the road. It’s really it’s really cool. Like, you know, our fiddle player also will drive the bus. He’s a co driver sometimes and and Lee Turner our keyboard player also does the VIP experiences for the fans and stuff like that. So it’s kind of a cool Nashville thing where everybody’s just it’s an industry thing. They’re all real willing to work really hard. It’s good being involved with these guys.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:26


shoot a video backstage. You guys play and do some B roll because it looks like you guys are having a good time. I can’t wait to get together. Can’t wait to jam with you guys. Hershey. Philly, Camden. They’re coming up Monascus they’re clean everywhere. Come on out. Mark will not be bringing his turntable with him. He’s just gonna bring his guitar and his mandolin and pile in and play on. Love you guys. Thanks for making my summer you guys all tour this summer. I’m sitting here with a wife with a broken ankle. I’m gonna scoop her up dinner on a wheelie and we’re gonna get her up onto the lawn so she can she can go blind with you guys all right,

Mark Bryan  32:01

I like it Nestor Thanks buddy. Always good connecting with you my friend. Mark Ryan

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:04

can be found He can also be found on the interwebs he has a solo album coming out and that usually brings him back to him which is a little south and and McHenry County kind of you know PG County kind of area but he calls the Orioles his and that’s that’s all that really matters around here. I am so we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore. Positive

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