Holiday winners and the scents of the season

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With the Maryland Crab Cake Tour doing a tasty holiday stop at Weis Markets at Honeygo, it was a great chance to visit with Maryland Lottery Executive Director John Martin to discuss all of the games of the season and stocking stuffer do’s and dont’s as Santa is bringing winnings and the scent of gingerbread to the season.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back and W n s t TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively out on the road we are at wise market celebrating Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Festivus and a raven playoff berth. The mayor lottery sends us out here with these fantastic unwrap the cash prizes. I got some oh snap gingerbread sniffers in John Martin did like when I call them sniffers, but they smell the peppermint smell like the gingerbread because it gingerbreads been rubbing up on the peppermint. We’ve had winners out here been given these things out. I’ve got kielbasa and sauerkraut out here as well as a crab cakes because it is the Maryland crab cake tour. They don’t have these in Ohio John Martin they do not.


John Martin  00:39

No they don’t but they have plenty of that. capacity and sour crust there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:43

They do have good pasta in no hot How are you happy holidays?

John Martin  00:46

Well, you know what if you happen to drop one of those tickets in the sauerkraut it’ll smell like sauerkraut.

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:50


You know what if we were going to do center tickets and I were the executive director, which is why they’re never gonna make me the executive director. What are the other options for sniff kid? Can you can we do an eggnog dissenting one I love the smell of eggnog. Anything

John Martin  01:03

that that creates a scent. And I’ll let your imagination stop right there. We’ve had it within the lottery industry bacon scented tickets. Oh, yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:14

I did not know this. Yep, yep. Really? Yep. What else? Well, those

John Martin  01:20

are the ones that really food products go well so bacon, you know, the peppermint the the ginger bread. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do you know freshly cut grass. i Well, it’s very distinctive in its scent. doesn’t go well on a scratch. So


Nestor J. Aparicio  01:35

for holidays, my wife and I lived in a condo for a while we had a hallway like a common hallway. And our neighbor would put up a wreath in the hallway. And I liked the smell of that. Winter green evergreen smell of a Christmas tree. Pine is the word of the kind Okay, pine, whatever that would be. But this was not that. Oh, I smelled it. And it’s out a hallway and I said to my wife was smells like the cat peed out here. And she’s like, not Captain pee out here and a cat in our cat and pee like that. And I’m like, smells like cat pee. I didn’t say it just like that. But it said it’s I get the I say cat urine. And I said and and it turns out the Juniper, Juniper ro juniper and the little. It’s got a it’s got a little rancid edge to it. So I’ve learned that I like smells in the season. I don’t like fruitcake either. But juniper and fruitcake are the two things I don’t want to smell this time of year. I want to smell ham. I want to smell cookies. I want to smell biscuits. I want to smell cool Boston sauerkraut, but I do not want to smell Juniper this time I

John Martin  02:45

get that. No, no

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:46

no Juniper scented tickets right now. You got that down. I got executive director in their lottery. John Martin is here. He’s wondering why we’re wise markets. We’re in honey go. We’re celebrating. I never get together with you in person. It’s only when you have a 50th anniversary or I have a 25th that we get together. Yep, yep. Christmas time and holidays for you. You live in this area. What’s your favorite Christmas thing? What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Other than the Christmas tree balloons over your head?

John Martin  03:13


Right. Right, right. Well, you know what, uh, yes. Other than coming to wise for all of our Christmas needs. You know, for me, I am so old school and my family mocks me my my co workers mock me. Every Christmas Eve tradition. My wife and I sit there and watch. It’s a Wonderful Life. Oh, Jimmy short. My wife is asleep. By the time you remember the scene. Of course you do. Where Jimmy and Donna Reed are dancing and the floor splits and they’re gonna fall in the swimming pool type thing. That’s only

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:42

half an hour in Yeah,

John Martin  03:44

she’s out. She’s gone. Okay. Yeah. And but I sit there and I cry at the same time. Every I know it’s coming. Well, Jimmy, get you. It is that for me? It’s that it is Christmas right there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:57

I used to be that we were like Rudolph when I was a kid or like, you know, I mean, the television shows are part of it. Yeah, I think for me school Boston sauerkraut. I mean, I’m not lying to you. This is one of my favorite things. This time of year. I can eat it anytime. My wife always says they have 52 weeks a year wise once you get it? And I’m like, No, I’ll get the sausage that time you know time of year. kielbasa is a it’s it’s a Thanksgiving thing. It’s a Christmas thing. It’s an East Baltimore thing. Crab cakes are anytime and these little these stuffed shrimp that they do with the crab. To me that’s a Christmas appetizer that is a Christmas appetizers is that that’s your version of it or that’s in our neighborhood. This was we couldn’t afford lobster and we weren’t going to do steak because we were doing ham. This was our premium. Okay? Because that has to advertise that is unique. We’ve never had a stuffed shrimp, crab. I mean looking like that. No, no, it’s delicious. All right, well, we’re gonna have one in a couple of minutes. I’m gonna eat them up for you. John Martin is here. We’re giving these things away. They are scented lottery tickets. And you came in as the executive director here and you sell your tickets. why’s you even mentioned the placement of the machine be a little different like all that. You’re in? You’re everywhere. It’s my job. It’s


John Martin  05:09

what I do.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:10

What is your job? Can you tell us what your job is?

John Martin  05:13

Well, I tell you what, no Juniper said oh, well you’re in charge you’re in charge of that took that note. Yes my smell good because of you. I’m giving you full credit me but especially the purple ones this time. People make decisions all day long without me thank God for that that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:28


called an organization is this I mean it’s um, so even as the executive director you don’t know what Senate tickets we’re going to have next year. But yeah,

John Martin  05:35

there’s a lot I don’t know. As Executive Director Don’t be misled by the title. But no, it’s it’s it is different thing. You know, we as you’re well aware, we’ve talked about before we regulate sports wagering, we regulate gaming with the casinos, we run the lottery, and day in day out that’s, that’s a full day. It’s an all day suck. We

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:55

had all this before you had sports wagering. I’ve gotten I’ve known mutated over 10 years, but like this last couple of years with what’s going on in the state with wagering, and I would think it’s created a nice little windfall, it’s gonna be more money. I had Tom Kelso here. And I didn’t want to talk to you about this. Because the news of the Angelo steel and the stadium authority even you knew today, the vote was going on, as we sit here on Monday doing this, that lottery money is going to be a, you know, a huge part of how this gets done for these two teams. And this isn’t to you are new to you. This was what it was back in 1986, when they figured out, we’re going to help keep our baseball team by having Camden Yards. And we’re going to launch our football team and keep it and they’re going to be 11 and three Christmas 2023. Playing on Christmas night. I just want to point that, but but the lottery sits behind how sports happens here. It sort of powers the engine and a lot of ways

John Martin  06:55

it does. And it’s all happened way before I got here, and I had nothing to do with it. But you’re right. The the folks in Annapolis, the men and women who who put the laws together who put legislation together early on several years ago decided that in terms of what they’re looking for, and I understand it, they’re looking for a consistent revenue stream. And the lottery was on a shortlist of things that could do that. So when you’re going back to Camden, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and you’re looking at m&t Bank Stadium, and you’re looking at all the things that, that keep sports tied to this area, the lottery was a logical choice. So run that forward to now. It was only a year or two ago when the legislation came in that said, Yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna put in place two pockets of money $600 million each for the two sports franchises to modernize and update their facilities. And so while it’s not directly the lottery handing them $600 million. It is us behind the scenes working with various bonds and working with financial experts to fund this process over several years. So, yeah, to some small degree, we have a part of that. And all of our players have a part in that right. I mean, they sure they’re the ones contributing day in and out. So I think it does, it does link the locals, the population with the teams and everybody can benefit by things. Somebody


Nestor J. Aparicio  08:21

comes in here spends a buck on this, or two bucks on this or three bucks on this. You say well, we’ll win Yeah, we’ll win 10 bucks when we’re 20 bucks when 500 bucks, whatever the and it feels good. And the money’s gone. If you lose what you’re thinking, well, where I wonder where the money goes, you know, you’ve played the game. But there really is something behind this that sort of powers, people and education and all sorts of things behind the lottery. Because I you know, as a spokesperson of the lottery, I hold them up so people were like I anti gambling, this or that penny or 50 years. I would love one day to learn all the things that it has built over 50 years, in a way and I speak to this all the time very frankly with you about bookies and sports and all the years of illegal gambling, not only how do you settle those bets and there’s an HBO series did you see this? I just saw it last night. There’s an HBO series about a bookmaker in California where it’s not legal, and the shenanigans that could go on with organized crime and sports wagering, right that really going on from the beginning of time until now the last year your that we you can gamble on sports and find creative ways to do it. Even if you took Lamar and over to 15 on the passing the other night, but the money is now in house that this is going to be part of what makes the stadiums better and what makes a lot of things better with this money.

John Martin  09:46

Well and playing it forward. It’s I don’t want to get too far into today. We’ll have ample opportunity in the weeks ahead to talk more about it but the new legislative session in 2024 in Annapolis, there will be quite a spirited discussion about additional gaming opportunities in the state of Maryland and and with that comes always the conversation on the black market the illegal markets. I mean, years ago when we started talking about recently talking about sports wagering, the whole idea was, well, let’s legalize it. Let’s take the illegal the black market, the quarter bookies out of the mix, you get a lot of benefits. We could play your protections, you get a revenue source for the state.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:25

It’s on the up and up, it’s on the up and Nuff said. I

John Martin  10:28


mean, but but it doesn’t, it doesn’t eradicate it. I mean, while we’ve had a good start, and we continue to grow, there’s still an illegal market and sports wagering I mean, it’ll never go away, you hope that it did shrinks, you hope as people get more comfortable with the known entities and that the word gets out that they migrate that play. But now you’re looking at it, again, a variety of gaming options out there, but still a strong illegal market with some of these, these, these benefits can’t be can’t be captured. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:59

just think from the stadium perspective this week, a lot of people interested, are we going to lose the Euros? I never believe that at all right? But how do we keep them? How do we make it vibrant again, and not just winning? They’re winning. And that’s great. The football team’s winning. And that’s great. How do we make it something experiential. And I’ve been talking at length about that. And I don’t know that anybody has the big idea, other than look at what they did in Atlanta, and it’s working out, that’s great. That’s fine. We’re talking a different acreage, different city, different history, different all of that. But I just as a 55 year old now, knowing at some point, there’s going to be different sports owners of these franchises. But we’re still going to be a part of that. And what that facility in that Tom Kelso, you’re in link for Memorial Stadium authority Chairman, I know, you know, just talking about how important that is. And he was very candid about saying it’s not anti Westmore, or pro larry hogan or any political thing. It’s about what’s going to make the city great 1015 20 years from now, in the way that when these stadiums were built 30 years ago, they’ve been maintained, nobody goes to the stadiums and thinks, well, they’re falling apart, or they’re substan. They’re none of the above. They’re world class, and we want to keep them world class. And I thought it’s kind of interesting, that lottery kind of sits behind that. And I don’t think about that every minute, or we remind people that, but that as they go to vote on this, and as they give $600 million, when we say where are we getting this money? It’s it’s this and this is part of how government sort of does it makes good decisions to fund things like this?

John Martin  12:24

Well, we’re proud to be a part of it in some small way. And again, it’s the programs the ideas, the concepts, we today may not at all be what gets eventually built. I mean, you look at the look at Camden Yards, you look at the warehouse, you know, behind right field there. What does all that land mean? What does what does that building mean? And and

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:42

what is the train track on the tunnel underneath of it mean, exactly. You’re talking about a significant project. And also the first thing you see when you drive into the city? Literally, when you come in all 395 It’s these giant stadia you see them, but what’s the next thing you’re gonna see? And you’re in Ohio in and I know, you go to Cleveland, go to Cincinnati, these other places, no offense, things have changed dramatically in 30 years, when you go to downtown Cincinnati now and see the new baseball stadium or the football stadium. They’ve created a community down there that did not exist. Baltimore hasn’t done that long time other than the stadiums themselves. Yeah. I mean, I’ve been here long enough to remember there were no stadiums there. There there. And now we got the casino and the other part on the south side, but it creates a new footprint, and it takes money to do that. And it takes partnership between the government, the city, the owners, and where the money comes from. And I guess that’s where it all ties together. Right


John Martin  13:38

takes a vision. I mean, you know, you talk about those cities. When alto, Pittsburgh in the mix, remember, you know, back then when they built three rivers, and they built riverfront stadium and these were now in hindsight, the ugliest looking thing

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:50

circle. Yeah, ashtray toilet bowl look in.

John Martin  13:53

And we thought, oh, let’s do another one of those and somebody else did somebody architects

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:57


put that together in the 60s. World?

John Martin  14:01

No, I don’t like that. And then lo and behold, Camden Yards came in Newbury, said, Yeah, that’s what I want. And then it went to Cleveland, and then went to Pittsburgh and West, Texas. And then and now you look at the parks today, and they are all marvels, they are all

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:18

very well have some element of Camden Yards. They’ll want yards in some way. Absolutely.

John Martin  14:23

So you know, I applaud the vision that people who are able to do that. If we’re able to help and we’re proud to do it, then then we can but I think the future is bright and we’re anxious to see what happens over the next 30 years. Build


Nestor J. Aparicio  14:35

it and they will come John Martin is here. He’s executive director of all things Maryland lottery gaming, the peppermint payouts, not as peppermint tea, especially when they’re next to the Oh, you don’t like when I sniff on the air? Do you like to work sniff do you see your anti sniff? No, no, I

John Martin  14:50

am not anti sniff. I’m anti calling them sniffers. They are scented tickets. And you’re I’m sniffing when I sent them. Yeah. And you’re sniffing sauerkraut? I told you to move them away from the sauerkraut

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:01

it’s one of these that the Christmas trees do not smell like Juniper thank God for the hell but pine would be okay for you with jackpots and all the stuff going on Do we have any news we have any winners we have anything you want to tell stories you want to tell?

John Martin  15:14


As we speak it could get changed daily you know these these things happened we’re have over a half billion dollars $540 million plus on the Powerball now that’s that’s somebody’s nice lots of good Christmas that’s that’s a couple of Christmases I think yeah, yeah, that would be real money dreaming

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:33

man you get me thinking like that’s what the lottery does. You’re You’re Mr. Big you’re gonna write me Mr. Big check. What am I going to do with Mr. Big aside from taking care of children and animals and all the things that you know I would do? Because I’m a good human. Yes, you are. Myself. What would I get myself? Yep,

John Martin  15:49

yep, yep. But you know, speaking about things you get yourself you know, here we are talking about the day after the Jacksonville game and we had remember our lucky not one but two lucky lottery players who went on the team plane and saw a pretty

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:02

good game. They did now. I’m glad you reminded me of that. And they they came they came in weather on Saturday. I’m not gonna lie to you. The weather was not great. No, but the football game worked out. Okay.


John Martin  16:13

Yep, yep. So so the next evolution is for those of you tracking our, our ravens Second Chance contest, I know you are, is that just this week, we had our fourth finalist, Elizabeth Esposito of ocean pines, Maryland’s almost Ocean City, but we work the pine and see if they’re right here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:33

I got it. Yeah, never juniper. So

John Martin  16:36

Elizabeth Esposito is the fourth of our six will pick two more finalists on January 2. And then probably after the Super Bowl, all six of those people will come to m&t Bank Stadium for a final residual life. Is that what it is? One two years tickets for 20 years to get money to? Like a few bucks. Yeah, okay. Well, your lottery you can pay him to Yeah, they get a little bit of money. They get 10 grand. That’s not a little, you know, a

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:04


little money. It’s not 540

John Martin  17:05

Little ones when somebody wants 10 bucks will pay out. But other fun things are left you said right. We have we pick for two more on January 2, those six finalists and you go to MD To check out who those finalists are see if you know any these people to get yourself lined up for particularly a game in the next 20 years. But we also had tickets for life. It’s 20 years. Well, I don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:29

for you, I’m gonna let it

John Martin  17:32

might be for life. So I don’t know. Yeah, you gotta fight. You got to figure out where you are in the timeline there.


Nestor J. Aparicio  17:37

Once a week I have him on the show no matter what. It’s it’s good.

John Martin  17:41

No matter if anybody said to their site or not. Do this. We do this because we can. But no, lots of things going on with the are loaded snow promotion where players for picking pick three, pick four, pick five tickets on a random basis when instant cash vouchers of $2 or $5. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:58

this week, right? Does that end through the end of the year? Okay. All right. A

John Martin  18:02


couple of Christmas couple weeks of that. We also have our holiday cash. Second Chance contests. Quinoa sprinklers. So trying to engage players as we always do this time of year with fun opportunities to win little extra cash. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:15

nothing’s more fun than giving away these Oh, snap tickets and tell people they smell like gingerbread. Yeah, they do. They’re smelling not sniffing just so you know.

John Martin  18:25

There you go. Hey, you didn’t have fun. You’d ask me how my team did list this weekend.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:30

Here’s, I’m gonna admit something to you right now. I had the Euler guy over here because the Oilers were wearing I want to call it a were my collars, right? It’s It’s so dirty. It’s so awful. It’s Houston. It’s just tacky. Makes me not an oiler fan anymore, even though I’m gonna wear their fan for


John Martin  18:48

I didn’t realize it was against Texas.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:49

It was a sticker to you. That was that was a nice that wasn’t. That wasn’t nice. It wasn’t it that that would be like us. We’ve been wearing your uniforms against you. Wow. Right. Wow. Do you imagine that that if the Ravens had stolen your jerseys and come back to Cleveland, it would almost like be like when the Colts come here. Ya know, and that feeling that all that? That angst. So it was an ugly experience. So that game was going on. But I’m home alone this weekend. And you know, I’m working on the business and working on this incredible crabcake row it I have and it’s chaired the biggest charity initiative. And the coolest thing we’ve ever done. We’re going to do in February of stay tuned. Stay tuned. He knows some of the details. I know nothing good. It’s gonna be no no, don’t ask him anything. Let it tell you didn’t know. So that I’m working all morning was Sunday. And like 1250 I’m like, I’m gonna put the I hate the pregame show. I wish I love pregame shows. They’re just not any good. I wish they were good. So 10 minutes. I want to put the games on like alright, what’s happening? And I sort of remember that the Oilers, were sticking it to Houston. So I worked for the game, and the Patriots game was on The Patriots and I’m like, where’s my Joe Flacco? I need my browns? You know, nice, pretty good bottom right? So I really wanted to watch Joe play. And you know I love Jim Schwartz I don’t talk about at all yet Schwartz used to call this show every Friday for five years. Do an hour with me every when he was the Tennessee Titans coordinator all those years. We’re friends. We’re family. We love each. So I can’t. Even when he was the Eagles guy I couldn’t hate on him. You know what I mean? Like it’s my friend. Yep. So I’ve always sort of like pulling for them more than let’s say the Bengals or the Steelers because Jim’s there. Then they bring Flacco in three weeks ago. And I text with Joe the other night and I you know how I feel about Joe. So I can’t get the purple at him. I can’t take that smile off his face. I’m I’m rooting for the browns. I’m just gonna say that out loud. I said that earlier who heard it? I admitted it to you. I had found myself when they were losing by 10 points. Right saying Joe’s got this in him. I’ve seen this before God Joe has this in him and seeing all these happy yet miserable because they’re miserable forever. They’re Browns fans, they except for you that are that took a nest more miserable. How did we get here because I’ve been to Cleveland for 30 years and I’ve had the fans beating on the glass in front of me showing me their individual fingers at a time it didn’t mean we were number one. Now it’s Cleveland, you know, it’s who they are. But I’m I’m pulling for your people. And I want you to know this and that that’s his Jimmy Stewart a moment is I’m gonna have it that doesn’t make you cry. Then I’m pulling for your football team that we

John Martin  21:44

stole it it is a story that if it is fiction, if it is a wonderful life, then then then let it play out because I may never see this again.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:51


Did you have any Joe flag Do you have Did you ever meet Joe when you’re here at the lottery? Do you have any show do you like Jody not like Judy hate Joe because you’re a Browns fan and he was a ravening good we what is your vibe on Jonah? I tell you what, because I never liked Roethlisberger.

John Martin  22:06

Thank you. I know I hate Ben Roethlisberger. And yesterday yesterday, Joe Flacco tied Ben Roethlisberger for most wins in the new Cleveland stadium. I love it now. It’s interesting because that’s not a Cleveland quarterback. That’s in either case, right sort of Baker Mayfield and talk about from the dead happen there. Wow Baker Mayfield

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:32

least better than I think he is right he’s a one one overall bad situation. Like he just did a lot and then rams he won he he came in off the street and won a game. He’s a he’s a really good quarterback. He’s better than it may be the commercials and and being sort of a little bit of a jerk. A little bit of a premium. A lot of a lot of jerk makes you not respect how good he is. Yeah,

John Martin  22:55

but it’s gonna be a fun next three weeks.


Nestor J. Aparicio  23:00

sprint to the finish line and we’re number one, you know, Christmas night, San Francisco, Miami and then Pittsburgh from this perspective. Browns have an easy schedule by the by. But the Houston game, this is a huge game. There

John Martin  23:13

are no such things as easy to get around spend your Clevelander there’s no such thing as an easy schedule, as evidenced by yesterday’s incredible finish to the game. Do

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:23

you like Joe Flacco? Now,

John Martin  23:24

that was the question cleaver loves Joe Flacco right. He could be the mayor of Cleveland tomorrow. Yeah, and it wouldn’t be close. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:33

looking at unicorns here and I’m thinking to myself blown up. You know what I’m thinking, you know, life Life is Strange. There’s money back, you know,

John Martin  23:41

life is strange. Yeah, yep. Yep. No, that’s that’s the way it goes. Hey, we’d be remiss. What do we have a rundown right here. Please, during the holiday season,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:48

don’t do what Mike did you want me to tell a story about my my family’s illicit background? You don’t need to embarrass anybody. That’s not necessarily for us, my wife and her sister and her parents who law breakers. up in New Hampshire they they gave my sister in law a lottery ticket and they did what? No good Marylander or sane adults should ever consider doing. Putting a scratch off ticket in a minor stocking. It’s just it’s wrong. Don’t want to get a million things or you buy a balloon. You know, you can put some eggnog or some kebabs and sauerkraut and stocking don’t put these as an inducement to wager for kid but as a cautionary tale. I’m going to tell you a little story. Because he did tis the season and we have economic story and you already give me some Jimmy Stewart. Hear me story. Let me tell you a story. John back in the day. So my sister in law got a ticket illicitly when she was like, literally like eight years old. She was a little kid. And she took the ticket and realized she won and didn’t tell anybody in the house, went to the local store and no vendor the Merrill allottee would ever do this. But this is 1980 review.


John Martin  24:58

Am I going to be ill because I don’t think I’ve heard asteria

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:00

she had $100 winner on a scratch off. They gave her the 100 Oh, good. She’s a little girl. She spent the money and then came home because her sister can’t keep a secret trust me and told her parents this is 40 years ago. So my wife tells me this story. Like, two years ago when I start holding scratch here, my wife’s like, let me tell you about my sister back at Christmas back in 83. She spent all the money my parents were pressed, and I’m thinking they shouldn’t have put the ticket in the stocking. All right, is that,

John Martin  25:38

that that is that? That’s interesting. She

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:41


want 100 bucks. It’s true. But 100 bucks, 100 bucks. Yeah.

John Martin  25:44

And back then that was some real money. It’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:46

a lot of law breaking going on there between the parents, the kids kids don’t know better. So the

John Martin  25:50

moral of the story, don’t do it is gift responsibly.


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:54

Thank you. And play responsibly. Certainly

John Martin  25:57

play responsibly. But gift responsibly. No one under 18 should be gifted a lottery ticket.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:03

I had some people with the tour the other day, and they were underage and I had to go to the table and give one to the parent look at the kids and say, sorry, Santa is not here right now. You know, boy, why we never kids. I couldn’t get a ticket. Of course. Of course. Mom said if we win, we’ll share and I’m like, What’s my parents do it John Martin is here he shares with us these lottery tickets and we’re giving away we’re wise markets. We’re in honey go. We’re wrapping up for the holidays. I think this is one of the last segments that I’m gonna do. We were curio wellness and foreign daughter last Friday and a lot of winners there. We also had a great conversation with Michael Bronfman and Wendy Bronfman. We had Gina shock from the Go Go’s, we had there’s a product called a hex ATX the best part of doing the Marilyn crabcake Turin and to a Baltimore positive. My clothes stink when I do hot yoga and I go to Planet Fitness soaking wet. And I thought it was a sauerkraut Do you this no different different things. Okay, this is sweaty, stinky, garlic more like that. But so active wear when you get like Under Armour, made of like a plastic it’s made of a different material. And the detergent you’re all temperature you’re off doesn’t really wash it. And then it smells and smells bad. And my wife was like vinegar and water and doing all this stuff. And then I discovered this product. I did a yoga class and someone gave me a sample H E X all cap like put an X on you. And they sent it to Baltimore company and I’m like I looked over some manufacturer in Baltimore, Maryland. So I’ve been using this stuff kind of on and off for a couple years and I ran low on the bottle. And we were going out to buy some we couldn’t find it anywhere wise does not have it. It’s only in some spaces but on the on the on the on the net, and I was low on it. On Tuesday night. I put out an APB. I’m like, Who’s this guy who’s the people to run this? Who are these people? Turns out I’m first connected to Drew Westerfeld. He’s a lacrosse player from UMBC. He’s like nasty. I know. I’ll come out do yours. So I know the guy. He come in. He did the show. We did a crab cake tour. And I got the whole story about how this lacrosse player from UMBC got tired of his stuff smelling. He was in the regular private sector had a real job like you wear a tie not as good as that santha you have a good oh dye. But he decided to like get into science and detergent, and trying to understand the science of this and creating a product with chemists to basically to make this product that gets a stink out. And he’s now got a product. It’s a Baltimore company, which I thought I think is awesome. They’re called hacks. He came in and did the show. So these are the kinds of conversations we’re having during the holidays. Baltimore stories, good stories. Absolutely. Joe Flacco.




Nestor J. Aparicio  28:40

you win a Super Bowl and clean with Joe Flacco remember Baltimore guy did it that’s all you know, to blame. We’re gonna get shorts.

John Martin  28:46

I would, I would be thrilled to say that. Wouldn’t that be something that would be more than something? That’d be a couple of something’s,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:53

I’m going to ask you this. Okay, we’re gonna get together next week. You’ll have a couple of weeks to either be right or wrong. Or the Browns making the playoffs? Oh, yeah. Okay, I see. See, make How many times have you been asked that in your life? You’re like, Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Your Browns fan. Especially


John Martin  29:10

last yesterday was what is the little touch and go there that may or may have changed it. I would expect them to say they’re going to just run the table. This point might be a little optimistic. one game at a time. coach Kevin Stefanski will tell you we want to go want to know this week. Every coach says that he’s a decent guy. Steph is a decent guy. He’s a decent guy. They just need to stick with him.

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:32

You got a lot of decent guys man. I’ve known half your coaches Mike Patton and I family Mike was here for Yeah, I mean, Mike’s my guy and we swapped together at Jacobs field or progressive whatever they’re calling we did our baseball tour. So Phil savage George key is always good people out there. Nobody better Joe Flacco and Jim Schwartz so well. We bless you Browns fans, that’s all I can say. You know

John Martin  29:54

what? We’ll take it we’ll take all the blessings we can especially the holiday season. Christmas

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:57


night the eggnog will be good. kielbasa sauerkraut will be tasty the ham from wise markets free because I have my Rewards app once I figure out my password if I’m a password, but I don’t have enough points. John Martin from the Maryland lottery here. He joins us on a weekly basis sometimes set this year. We always have these Oh, snacks. So am I allowed to give these out like after January 1 would absolutely

John Martin  30:18

okay. Absolutely. Those will be running well after the holidays. All right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:21

because Roz gave me a whole bunch of them and I won’t feel guilty. We’re going to be at fade Lee’s next Wednesday morning. That’s the 27th I don’t want to be morbid, but it’s gonna be the last time we’re going to be fadeless in the old market. We’ve already got our date set for the new market in February and we’re excited about that. But come on down, get a crab cake, get some fried oysters, get some of the mac and cheese. You know the party we had for our friends and clients out of the BMA. I had six trays of crab cakes there that night. I’m sure you have one of the delicious crab cakes, John over at the gertrudes that night, the mac and cheese disappeared like oh, we’re like the mac and cheese went before the crab cakes. And I’m like, how’s that possible? It’s really good mac and cheese is very good.

John Martin  31:00

So how many of those six trays did you have to take home?

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:04

I took home five crab cakes. Five I took them five crab cakes at a 60 there were 40 guests. I took five crab cakes home. The first three went with my wife the next morning to New Hampshire, one for her one for her sister and one for father. Okay, and the other two stayed back with me as they should and I enjoyed them during Sunday night football. I had one crab cake during the second quarter. And then one crab cake during the third quarter of the game last week. And then we were done. And I already had more crab cakes because I did the crab cake tour again the neck. It’s a crab cake tour. They give us crap. What happens? It’s like they just appear. Yep. I’ll give you a couple of takeaways. John Martin is here for the Maryland lottery. He’s Executive Director. Our friend Linda Raskin joins us today talking about while you’re getting together with your family. I know it’s weird and it’s awkward. It’s never a bad time to discuss money finance futures, the only time your family gets together. I know it’s a weird topic, but it is a time of the year where know your situation with your family. Get together with people don’t be don’t be morbid, but learn things Leonard ask that as a person who untangles messes when families have messes so it does come from the right place empowering people people to choose their financial future a letter asking our friends or window nation sometimes where the fun floppy hat in front of the Executive Director of the Maryland lottery 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free 0% financing. I need doors they do doors and window nation so all I’m asking Santa for other than a raven victory over the 40 Niners is door so when donation 866 90 nation to buy to get to free last but never least my little orange light is on when I gather all this equipment. And I take one of these points at his home. We’re going to we’re going to be getting an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Multi care because it’s that time it’s my 3000 miles or so. kielbasa sauerkraut, crabcakes, John Martin, Tom Kelso, Derek Martin, John wrestlers and eggnog and ham and Jeep fruitcake. Now, yeah, they got it here. Nobody eats it. That’s why it’s still here. I did have somebody I went to the bathroom after the first segment. And I was given these tickets away liberally at the front. As people were leaving. I walked through and I gave a woman a ticket. And I’ve given other people tickets, and a woman looks to me Baltimore accent I swear I knew I could tell you your shortage tickets from last year. That’s what she said. And I’m like, lady would I be standing in the middle of wise markets looking like this? And I give you what I’ve been giving everyone last year’s tickets. I see what he said. Dorsen smell they smell. There it is John Mark from America lottery. Kidnapped here on behalf of the middle of the lottery window nation are friends at Jiffy Lube multi care. Happy Christmas TV man Merry Christmas. chestnuts roasting by the open fire and me talking football. Stay with us.

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