How good can the Ravens be?

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After the complete domination of the upstart Detroit Lions, Luke Jones and Nestor wonder aloud how good this Baltimore Ravens squad can be as all aspects of the roster have seemingly come together in October.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W n s t, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive celebrating 25 years of this madness and the 25 year stories of glory countdown will begin. This week. It’s finally getting a little bit of our sea legs under us. No London, no baseball other than if you’re somewhere in the state of Texas or elsewhere. Maybe our friends up in Philadelphia can figure that out before the week is over. But we asked football here on Sunday and we’re getting Marilyn crabcakes we’re back out on the road a full schedule into November December Governor West Morris checked in Mayor brian scott has checked in many other folks have checked in November December check the website. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. We’re giving away the Ravens scratch offs but a pretty lucky batch. Once I get back out on the road to Costas and Coco’s and Pappas and other places we’re going over to state fair as well. Later on in the month, give you a chance to win also our friends and win donation 866 90 nation you buy today you get to free 0% financing five years, beginning this month and our friends, of course the newest friends Jiffy Lube, multi care, my little orange light is off because I had my oil changed and you can do that at a Jiffy Lube. Multi care. I’ll be telling you more about that. Luke, John’s gonna be telling you about a game on Sunday that dare I say one for the ages to some degree like we we’ve wondered how good the team can be. I think you and I in the offseason heaped enough praise upon Eric to caster and offseason acquisitions, and all these number one draft picks in the wide receiver room and how are we going to throw the football? Looking it looked like that in week one. We all would have stood up and applauded and said it’s fixed. It’s perfect Good job all summer doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way on injuries doesn’t work that way. For the Buffalo Bills for the Kansas City Chiefs for the Philadelphia Eagles. Anybody seems to think they’re going to be really good. The Ravens finally went out on Sunday, and put the piece of tape down as I wrote my column this this week that will quiet things for a while we now see how good they can be that they need to be that good January kind of sort of that good between here and there. But for one day for three hours against a quality opponent, a big boy, adult quarterback in the league, a veteran quarterback who’s been a quarterback in the Super Bowl, and a team that we heap tons of praise on last week, because everybody else in the NFL was heaping praise on the Detroit Lions Sunday coming out party for the Ravens some kudos well done well done by the whole organization. Yeah, I agree with


Luke Jones  02:27

everything you said other than saying it’ll Quiet everyone for a while because No, that’s not how the NFL works at all. If they’re kind of meandering through a sloppy choppy win against Arizona on Sunday. And I’m not saying they will. But if they do, people will come back out questioning things and all that, but it probably will

Nestor Aparicio  02:45

because they don’t look because other than 1091 It looks like this for about 10 weeks in a row. Nobody in the history of the game does this goes out 28 Nothing first, like that. That’s not realistic, not even against the browns, you know? Right? Right. I

Luke Jones  03:01

mean, you don’t that’s why you never take blowout victories for granted. Nor should you really expect them on a week in and week out basis. But everything you said I agree with in the sense of this was very much as I wrote it, Baltimore, as ro Quan Smith alluded to when he was asked about this Detroit Lions team earlier in the week, and was asked if this was a measuring stick game for the Lions, but I think it also applied for the Ravens. He said, This is a show me business. And after all the talk of the offseason, as you just pointed out, and they’re all the talk about the ravens, well, they’re four and two, they should be six and out. Well, that rings hollow if you don’t go out and have the kind of complete performance against a high quality opponent. And I still think that Detroit Lions are a good football team. This isn’t going to be oh, well, the lions were fraudulent now, they were terrible on Sunday. There’s no question about that. But the Ravens had a ton to do with that. Right. So I think this is a reminder, this is a glimpse at what this team can be. And we acknowledged leading up to this game that it hadn’t exactly been a murderer’s row of opponents that have faced even Cincinnati and week two, while the Bengals seem to be maybe finding their way a little bit over the last couple of weeks. They certainly haven’t looked like the team that went to the Super Bowl a couple years ago. So you can talk about the opposing quarterbacks they’d faced up to this week, all those different things. Detroit was legitimate across the board. I mean, I can I can rattle off all the stats once again. You know, they were a top five offense they were playing like a top five defense, Jared Goff was playing like a top five quarterback going into this game, and the Ravens not only beat the Detroit Lions, and every phase of the game, they throttled him. I mean, this was not close from start to finish. I would say the Ravens played a complete four quarters but they didn’t even need to do that. It was so bad, so ugly after three quarters that John Harbaugh was able to call off the dogs a little bit and replace Lamar Jackson, late in the game replace some of his best players on either side of the ball to keep them out of harm’s way over the last half of the fourth quarter. So really, really impressive in that regard. And yeah, this was what the Ravens had been talking about what the they had been envisioning what they believe themselves to be as a football team, and they’re firing on all cylinders. And it was really, really impressive. Now, it’s a week to week league. And we understand that just because you do it one week doesn’t mean that that’s what’s going to it’s going to look like, week after week after week. And it’s not going to be that easy, but boy, they really made it look easy on Sunday. And that was the kind of performance I think everyone was waiting to see, to really look at this team through a different lens of not just a team that has looked like a playoff team, which they had through the first six weeks at four and two. But on Sunday, I think that was the kind of performance that the rest of the league takes notice and says, Hey, Baltimore’s, for real they’re a team to be reckoned with in the AFC.

Nestor Aparicio  05:59


Luke Jones is here. He will be there all week and Owings Mills, as the Ravens prepare for another West Coast trip. We talked about trips, and we’ll get into Arizona later on in the week. And they stunk on Sunday at four o’clock because I watched a lot of that game. And one thing is it’s been afforded for me, I watch a lot of football these days, because I’m on the couch. I’m not in airplanes. I’m not in taxis. I’m not Ubers I’m not rental cars, I’m not in hotel rooms. But they are and they get three West Coast trips left. And you say well, how good can they be and where will the travel will be and I know, Harpo was the one that brought up the London thing last week, he said you were the guys that brought it up or whatever. I mean, they were the ones that opted to play. They played well enough they got back they got rested. I mean, I I don’t know where their complaint would be this week in regard to the organization of the offense other than how did you lose that game to Pittsburgh? How did you lose that game to Indianapolis because what we saw out there on Sunday was certainly as good as promised for months and months and months. And to think that schedule travel home away. I don’t think that had any effect on Pittsburgh or Indianapolis or anything. I would like to think the first month was more about injuries in practice. And you know, guys not really being ready to play around the league because they don’t play in August. They don’t like we’re in the football season now. And you’re starting to see what the Chiefs look like you’re starting to see, sadly, what the bills look like to some degree, or what the better teams are supposed to be the chargers, like pretend. And then other teams that have fallen from grace in a big way like packers Raiders watching really bad teams. But the Ravens have a schedule here that feels like keeping guys healthy. There’s just a ton of winnable football games in there front. They really are. I mean, there there’s no reason is like the Orioles we sit back in May or June. Hey, they’re gonna be a playoff team for real like not, there’s no reason to think this team is playing in January.

Luke Jones  07:52

Yeah, I mean, I didn’t. I wasn’t really thinking that even before Sunday’s win. I mean, this has looked like a playoff team from the beginning. Now,

Nestor Aparicio  07:59

to win. If you lose to the upstart lions, all of a sudden, three threes, you know, their foreign two or three, excuse me four threes a whole different place, then they get about five and two and coming off a win where I don’t know if they’re gonna be at the top of everybody’s Power Rankings. And I make fun of that all the time. But that is the way we measure. We don’t measure these things by five and two or six and one we measure them by if the Ravens heading to play the Eagles this week, how would they look? Well, they look pretty good against the lions, if you’re or if they had to go play the Chiefs this week because they don’t or the bills, which they can’t. So they only get what they get in front of them. And you say, Well, if you can beat the lions that handily. You might be the best team in the NFL. Maybe?

Luke Jones  08:42

Maybe? Sure. I mean, I don’t I don’t. I guess the point I was trying to make is, there’s a difference in this league between being a playoff team, which the Ravens looked like a playoff team for the first six weeks and being in the top shelf in terms of legitimate serious Super Bowl contenders. That was the point I was trying to make where you know if you want to be in the same breath as Kansas City, and beyond that in the AFC who knows, because as you pointed out me Buffalo has looked great. Certain games and other games. They’ve looked like well, how they looked against the Patriots on Sunday, or how they looked against the Ravens seven


Nestor Aparicio  09:19

weeks to look great, I guess is what I’m saying to look as great as they could look where you say, well, they were injured. They didn’t have after players on the field last month. It was I dare I say preseason. I use that analogy. I mean, it feels like a season turned on on Sunday, because you’re talking about elite teams in the league. Oh, when people were talking about that at 11 o’clock on Sunday. Oh, you’re talking with the lions being more elite than the Ravens in regard to how they look for a body of work to the first six weeks of the season. And the Ravens went out in less than an hour between By two o’clock you looked at the ravens and thought okay, damn, they’re they’re cut above the rest of the league when they can turn it on. And as I wrote my columnist Harbaugh gets you get five press conferences a week with our ball and every one, we’re working to get better, we’re working it, we’re going to be better, we’re going to be better, we’re working to be better. It doesn’t mention injuries, it doesn’t mention the offense, like, we’re going to be better. We’re, well, Sunday, they went out and they did it. And for that, for that, it buys me a month or two of thinking, they can be that good. Even if they’re, they go on sleep walk in Arizona, which, as I wrote, they’re going they’re gonna lose more games, they’re gonna lose ugly games, they’re gonna win ugly games. But for one day, we can all look back and say, remember how good they were? Remember what we saw them do against a really good team. And um, that’s how good they can be. I needed to see that measurement loop. I really did. Like you and I sit here and fight about Lamar, Lamar, the offense running Lamar, like, I need to see it. And I finally saw it this year with this team with a very healthy, as healthy as they’re going to be. And I’m impressed by it. I stand as impressed by everything they did in the offseason, which I was impressed by. But it wasn’t making its way to the field the first month of the season. It really wasn’t.

Luke Jones  11:04

Yeah, I’m not disagreeing with that. I mean, I think you could look at the Cincinnati game. But even then, I mean, the Bengals at this point in time, what are they? I mean, are they they’re better than they looked when they were one in three, but they’re still not a team that you’re necessarily viewing and saying, Hey, that’s a Super Bowl contender. I mean, again, to your point overall, for these teams, show me and, you know, I don’t think this buys them a month. I think this again, it’s a week to week league. And as every time you think someone’s building something, then they’re knocked off, right, or something happens, or you get an injury at this spot. I mean, it really is week to week. And I think, yes, you’re trying to build to something, yes, you’re trying to be in a position where you’re playing your best football in November in December. And you made the point about, I think what the schedule looks like over the next month or so although I’ll remind December and early January doesn’t look quite as easy when you look at that. But they are in a position where you can build your plan at home a lot over the next month, you get to late November into December, you’re going to have a time period where you can rest and you’re not going to be playing a lot of football as they’ll have their bye week in early December. So it’s late by you know with so much talk about them not having a bye after this Sunday that Cleveland

Nestor Aparicio  12:16

Cincinnati for a period of time that’s as significant as they’re going to have in a season in regard to the division and taking care of their own business in the division because you don’t think the Steelers are coming to get you till they take 50,000 people out to LA and when you don’t think the Browns are coming to get you until you know, they win and and they they’re not one five, you know, I mean they’re still hanging around and they still have what they believe is a punch against the Ravens. I would say this bring any version of the Bengals to Baltimore you want if the Ravens can go out and now I sound like hardball now. If the Ravens can go out and play like they did on Sunday they compete they’ll beat anybody they’ll beat any

Luke Jones  12:55


yeah I mean that’s that’s what you want to see it you can’t and that’s why for me it was getting tiresome to hear well they they should be six no they shouldn’t be six to know until you play like a team that you would think of as a six and AAU team which is what we saw on Sunday then that brings hollow you know as I wrote a Baltimore to me over the last few years and I I don’t even say this to be disparaging it’s just the reality of where they’ve been the last few years I think they’re the ultimate shoulda woulda coulda a team of the of the NFL over the last two or three years because of injuries to Lamar injuries elsewhere, this run of inexplicable losses where they’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I mean, they’ve been that team where you would say, okay, they’re good. But can you really buy into them as better than that? Can you buy into them as playing in deep January? Can you buy into them going to a Super Bowl winning a Super Bowl and the last few years, because of what I just laid out. They haven’t been convincing. And that way you can try to talk yourself into it. But going out Sunday, beating a high quality opponent, I still think Detroit Lions are going to be one of the better teams in the NFC, I still fully believe they’re going to be a playoff team. So it happens Kyle van Noy even laid that out postgame. He said, Look, I’ve been on the other end of some of those. And don’t think for a minute that that team stinks are are that they’re fraudulent or anything like that. It does happen sometimes. And we’ve seen that over the years. So, you know, that is what it is. But it’s really a compliment to the Ravens because, again, it’s tough to talk about what your schedule should be this or it’s tough to talk about. We think we can be a great offense or we think we can be a Super Bowl contender. If you’re not going out there and putting together some really complete performances like that. And again, this notion, let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that anyone should be expecting them to do this to this magnitude to this degree every single week because that’s not how the NFL works. But it was good to see that as you said. The Ravens needed to show that especially on the heels of such choppy performances offensively, even the defense which statistically had been among the very best in the NFL. Let’s consider who they had gone up against to this point rookie quarterback. Joe burrow on one leg, Gardner Minshew, a backup quarterback, a third string rookie quarterback and Cleveland now as things have played out Pittsburgh with the offensive limitations they’ve had a Tennessee with with Ryan Tannehill and then Malik Willis coming in that after him It hasn’t exactly been a murderer’s row of opposing offense as opposing quarterbacks. So even the defense as much as the focus is on the offense. When you score four touchdowns on your first four possessions. The defense made a serious statement that okay, we’re not just a good statistical defense. Go take a look at what we did against a Lions offense that everyone’s talked about their coordinator being a future head coach, Jared Goff, say what you want about his history, he was playing like a top five quarterback going into this game, all the skill position, players have really good offensive line, while we sacked Jared Goff five times, we picked them off. We held them without a first down until what midway through the second quarter, it’s pretty impressive statement from the Ravens defense as well. So again, just a complete performance, dominating effort from start to finish. As you said at the beginning of our conversation, you know, there’s only so much you can say so many different ways you could say, Wow, that was outstanding. That was excellent. That was really impressive. That’s what the Baltimore Ravens were on Sunday. So what it means moving forward, not a whole lot other than you’ve seen them do this now. It’s not Well, we were really dominant in the second quarter against Cleveland, or, well, we beat the Bengals even though Joe burrow and their offense wasn’t really right. In week two, no, there’s no caveat here. They were dominant against a team that a lot of people were tabbing to be maybe the best in the NFC, although certainly Philadelphia and San Francisco would have something to say about that. But certainly a team that was right there with them, and for the ravens to do what they did. Really, really impressive. And I think the other thing that I just chuckled in watching Lamar Jackson play at the level that he did on Sunday. And again, he wasn’t alone, he be the first to tell you that offensive line was great, wide receivers, made plays, running backs, made plays tight ends, made plays with Mark Andrews, of course, having a great day. But it was one of those days that you kind of take a step back. And you look around at so many of the teams around the league with quarterback deficiencies. So many teams around the league who, and I don’t want to get into it all again that we talked about for months and months and months, but showed no interest in pursuing Lamar Jackson. And then you see again, a day like Sunday, and you see what he did. And what you see what so many of these other inept quarterbacks, quite frankly, couldn’t do on Sunday. And you just kind of chuckled when you say, this was one of those days where it’s a reminder that Lamar Jackson or any other quarterback that you want to throw into the top tier or the top two tiers, or whatever you want to, you know, however you want to classify today where, yeah, now you, he reminds you of why you make the investment you do. And you put the pieces around him that you did and you bring in Todd Monken. That’s what that’s what you want it to look like, or that’s what you want it to be able to look like at its absolute very best. We saw the Ravens play their absolute very best football on Sunday, and it was really really impressive.

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

Lucas here, you know, it’s such a choppy league in September, right? Because they don’t practice and hardball if I was still allowed to talk to John because I’m not allowed to talk to John. But if I could talk to John about this, John’s whole offseason thing is we don’t get enough practice. We don’t have our players in, we’re not prepared to play. Then in August, some guy like Dobbins wants to hold out we don’t get to look at what what we’re going to or other guys are hurt. I mean, Humphrey was hurt. We didn’t get to see even what’s on the field. We’re not going to play him in the games that people pay for so you don’t get to see it then. So you see to get to the Houston Texans and even when you get the schedule out, you look at the Houston you’re like, alright, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, you know, all these teams depict in the top five, right? Like, you know, you’re not going to be tested against them and you better damn sight not lose to the Colts, you better not lose to Kenny Pickett, whoever that is from your big Ben’s gone, you better not lose those games. And then it feels like for September for so many of these teams. And that goes for Kansas City lose into Detroit, the first game of the season on kickoff that goes for how bad the bills have looked at various points or how good teams have made the Jets backup quarterback look like or any of these upsets that are out there. I do feel like the league and all these years are covered. And all the years the Ravens have been here. It’s changed since I want to say the plague maybe even before then. We’re the September games that they’ve added a game and eventually they’ll get to 18 games they just will they’re not going to do 17 forever. That’s a ruse, and a scheduling problem as well. They’ll get one more game and Mexico City and Frankfurt and London and all the stuff they want to do when they get the 18th game but Once they add another game, it’ll probably level this thing out to be like the season kind of starts in October, kind of like ice hockey starts around Christmas. First 1520 games don’t really matter. I don’t say they don’t matter. They matter in regard to the standings. But you cannot put your best football team on the field in September, in most cases, and if you do, by December, they won’t be the best team anymore. Because if you’re out there playing that way, it’s such a long season. And to see them round in, I’m thinking about this differently. Luke is a 55 year old my expectations the next 10 years for the league will be what I see in September. It’s like watching an APR baseball team. It’s a little bit of an indicator, but it really is spring training. We never felt that way that 16 gauge can’t give them away. Can’t lose that game to the Colts can’t lose that game to the Steelers. Everybody’s sort of sleepwalking in September, to some degree figuring out their parts and what they’re going to do. It is nice that the Ravens found a day in the middle of October. Other than Dobbins they pretty much got everybody on the field, right? I mean, it’s a question about Humphrey and his illness before the game, but like a full complement, other than Dobbins of the players, you got his running records run in they got the kid Mitchell run and Anthony Mitchell’s kid keep Michals running. All the wide receivers are out there. All of them are involved. Lamar doesn’t look gimpy, does it look like Joe burrow doesn’t look injured. Ronnie Stanley’s out there looking and talking like Marshall yonder. It was a full complement of the team to go out there and play. I think that’s what makes it so heartening is they got everybody on the field. And it looked as good as they wanted it to look.

Luke Jones  21:36

Yeah, I mean, especially on the offense now defensively, Marcus Williams wasn’t out there other than we Geno’s stone continues to play. I as I even wrote late last week, that’s starting to remind me a little bit of when Chuck Clark stepped in for Tony Jefferson, four years ago, and suddenly you’re like, wait a second, you already had this guy in the in house. And you see how he’s played? I mean, it’s been really impressive. But you’re right. I mean, save for a couple guys. And it’s not and we even talked about this back in week three, week four, week five, the saving grace when you had all those injuries was what? It’s not as though all these guys are lost for the season. So can you just weather the storm? Can you get through? Can you keep yourself afloat, don’t be in a position where you lose three out of four, four in a row or something crazy like that. But again, the schedule didn’t set up that that it was going to be that big of a bear for them, even if they were playing on the road. But now they’ve weathered that they have gotten healthier. You knock on wood, cross your fingers, say a little prayer, whatever you want to do that to hope that good health continues, or at least not. You know that it doesn’t turn to an extreme the other way again. But yeah, I think you look at this team right now. And you’re feeling good about it. And you know, your your points well taken, but at the same time, I mean, everyone’s in the same boat. I mean, everyone, you know, even the teams that are playing their starters in the preseason, is anyone really doing it so much that you’re coming out crisp and polished? And week one, week two, week three, not really, you know that and, and it’s probably, it’s probably been that way, all along to some degree. It’s just more magnified now. Because you have teams that are saying, Nope, we’re not putting our starters out there at all. So it is a little more magnified. But you know, it’s a week to week League, you have six, you had 16 data points, now you have 17. And it really is all along has been, the goal should be to that you’re playing your best football come November in December. Now, that doesn’t mean you, you go to and seven to lead up to that point, you obviously have to do work early in the season, to maintain to stay within striking distance. But you know, if you do that, and you stay relatively healthy, and if you’re building, and you have a group that buys into what you’re doing, and there’s conviction in what you’re doing as a coaching staff, chances are you’re going to be rewarded for that. And I think we’re starting to see that or at least this you hope, this is the start of really seeing that. So again, you go out to Arizona, you try to play good football game, are they going to win 38 to six again, I’m guessing probably not. And that’s with not thinking very highly about the Arizona Cardinals whatsoever. It’s just how the league works. But you try to focus and compartmentalize and, and keep your your eyes on the task at hand every week. And you look up in December and you hope you’re in position. And I think this is a team that now being five and two has put themselves in really good position over the first seven weeks of the season is we’re now in late October and you just want to keep going keep rolling and you pointed out the stretch that’s coming up in a few weeks where you know, they’re gonna be home against Seattle and then Cleveland and Cincinnati and those Cleveland and Cincinnati home games, they’re gonna be within five days of one another so they’ll have an advantage of playing those games at home. But certainly that’s gonna be an important stretch for them. So you know, it never stops. You’re never We’re at a point where you say, okay, they’ve arrived. I

Nestor Aparicio  25:06

arrived, at least this week, you know, felt like they arrived. But that’s the press conference.


Luke Jones  25:10

Oh, no, let me be clear, it was wildly impressive. My point is that’s very fleeting, if you allow yourself to get caught up in that, if you start smelling yourself, right, I mean, and that’s what, to me, that’s what was so impressive about that 2019 team that this was right around this time of year when they started hitting their stride. And then they just boat race teams week after week after week. And that went on, until they were knocked off in the divisional round by Tennessee. I mean, that’s tell impressive, they did that for the better part of three months, it’s really difficult to do that. And I’m not even suggesting that this team is about to go on that kind of a run. But when you do it once, and you do it against a quality opponent, which I still believe Detroit is, at the end of the day, then that you take some heart in that. And I think even for the players and the coaches, that it gives them some validation, they’re not going to say this publicly, because you you know how coach speak and player speak is in terms of talking to the media and putting those things out there publicly. But I think for all of those guys in that room to a man, there was definitely a sense of alright, you know, we’ve talked about this, we’ve believed in it, you know, we put in the work going back to OTAs, it felt good to go out there and do that across the board, you know, to to not just win, not just beat a quality opponent, but demolish them, quite frankly. I mean, that’s what they did on Sunday. So I think that’s how can that not give you some confidence moving forward. But again, it can be very fleeting, if you allow it to be. That’s why you enjoy it. You move on, get yourself right physically, and you turn the page you really do as much as we make fun of those cliches. It’s really how it has to work. The best teams are able to do that. You know, you don’t, you’re not too satisfied with yourself. And that’s why I was I was kind of impressed with how Lamar Jackson, you know, his demeanor after the game. hardball even joked about it a little bit that Lamar is not not even all that happy. And now he lamented some of the, you know, they were very few. But he lamented some of the mistakes they made. He lamented the fumbled handoff between him and Justice Hill, which looks like for a moment if Detroit was going to have any semblance of trying to get back in that game. That was their pathway. If they had scored a touchdown, at the end of the first half, they get the ball to start the second half, they score a touchdown again, suddenly, you know, it would have been a two score game at that point. But, you know, obviously it didn’t work out that way. But you had a quarterback who didn’t seem satisfied, it was much more like, Hey, this is what I expected us to be. This is what I wanted us to be and you know, to have your quarterback you know, kind of set that kind of tone after the game. I think that bodes well for this team. Moving on from this performance and trying to do it again here. Next week and the week after that, and the week after that,

Nestor Aparicio  27:58

after the desert here this week, you’ll get some best stuff this week as well as some relevant conversation as the Ravens sent out to Arizona watching baseball all week. You can find Luke Luke at Baltimore, Luke and Luke at wn St. dotnet as well as myself on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, social media. Anywhere I go you’ll be going along with us including the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation as well as Jiffy Lube. And our friends at Hollywood casino have installed the Ravens I thought it would be a 10 point favorite nine point favorite on the road out in Arizona but that thing will bleed up to 10 because ain’t nobody bet in Arizona, especially after seeing Lamar boat race the lions on Sunday. Look at I talked more football around here. It’s big week, Halloween Week Halloween week for our friends at the Maryland lottery as well. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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